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Monday, December 09, 2019

Late Night Roundup: Obama And Letterman — And Retirement

President Obama sat down with David Letterman last night, with the two discussing their plans for retirement. And it turns out that one of them wants to teach law at Columbia.

Jon Stewart and the rest of The Daily Show crew discussed the shooting in Texas, at an anti-Muslim group’s Muhammad cartoon event. And he also discussed another news story in Texas: The state’s paranoia about the U.S. Army’s training exercises in the state — which are meant to help protect them from terrorism.

Larry Wilmore looked at Ben Carson’s presidential campaign announcement, along with the reactions of Republican presidential candidates (or a lack of reaction) to the unrest in Baltimore.

Conan O’Brien also highlighted the Ben Carson announcement — and some of the unusual things about Carson’s status as a Tea Party politicians.

Ryan Seacrest told Jimmy Kimmel that the upcoming episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will focus on Bruce Jenner’s gender transition — including the meeting in which Bruce told the rest of the family.

James Corden did another great performance piece: Celebrating all of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movies, with the man himself.


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