Paul Ryan Wants To Make America A ‘Tax Shelter’

Who stands up for those Americans who have to worry about which country will be the cheapest to outsource to? Who speaks for those patriots who can only afford one lobbyist for their beach houses? Who represents the top .0001 percent who must deal with the uncertainty that they may lose the tax credit on their private jet?

Paul Ryan (R-WI). That’s who.

Paul Ryan has always been a voice for the Americans who already have the loudest voice. When 9/11 rocked America, he knew that the only solution was a massive cut in taxes on dividends and capital gains. When the war in Afghanistan became the longest conflict in American history, he knew that the only solution was to cut taxes on the rich even more and ask future seniors to pay more for Medicare.

And when moguls like Mitt Romney have to search abroad for places to store millions tax-free, Paul Ryan has the answer. In another video unearthed by Mother Jones, we learn that Paul Ryan wants to make America a “tax shelter.”

Forget that tax shelters are typically tiny nations where banks dominate the economy. Forget that America’s biggest problem — income inequality — is only fueled by tax breaks for the rich. Forget that some people believe patriotism should be enough to make people who have done extremely well in America pay the taxes they owe.

Paul Ryan understands the plight of Mitt Romney — a man who seems to have spent most of his adult life avoiding taxes — and he wants to make it easier for him, even though taxes as a share of GDP are at a half-century low.

Growing up reading Ayn Rand has given Paul Ryan a keen sense of empathy that only extends to the rich and you can see why Mitt Romney chose him to have his back. But the rich had better recognize that Mr. Ryan needs their support too. Rob Zerban, Ryan’s opponent for his seat in the House of Representatives, outraised the congressman in the third quarter.

Imagine if Paul Ryan lost twice in November. Who would speak for the rich then?

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