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Sunday, October 23, 2016

If history is our guide, tonight’s debate will probably help the challenger — Mitt Romney — yet it will not go on to affect the outcome of the race. However, as we learned from the election of Barack Obama, history isn’t always the best guide.

Much of the media would love to see this race — which dramatically favors the president’s re-election — tighten, driving high ratings/views/clicks for the rest of the month. So the stakes are high and every word will be carefully scrutinized.

Of all the highlights of the 2008 campaign, few took place in the presidential debates. President Obama famously quipped “You’re likable enough, Hillary,” in a primary debate  — which has come to be regarded as a gaffe that made him seem dismissive. Against John McCain, the then-senator from Illinois managed to come off as less removed and more presidential. But his answers were long and his persona wasn’t as sharp as it is when on the stump.

Mitt Romney’s debate performance in the primary race improved after he picked up Michele Bachmann’s coach for the Florida debate. Facing a suddenly subdued Newt Gingrich, who was dreaming of moon bases, Romney punched hard and seemed sharp. That performance combined with a monstrous financial advantage helped the former governor of Massachusetts recover after his loss in Florida and successfully marginalize Gingrich.

Here are 10 things you can expect tonight:

1. The president will try to force Romney to do something Romney has been reluctant do since he lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994: Be specific.
Romney has teased out specifics on his tax plan and immigration over the past few days. But huge question marks remain about what government programs he’d cut, which — if any — deductions he’d eliminate to pay for his tax plan or how his foreign policy would differ from the president’s.

2. No zingers.
This weekend the Romney campaign leaked out that Governor Romney had been trying out zingers on his staff for a month. This was probably a smokescreen. For a candidate who desperately needs to improve his likability, putdowns are a terrible idea. Ronald Reagan could get away with zingers because of pure charm. From Romney, they’ll feel like unnecessary insults from your boss.

3. You’ll hear Romney say the word “failed” a lot.
The Romney campaign has not yet given up the narrative that began when right-wing pundits started calling the stimulus “failed” even before it was fully implemented. Even as the housing recovery has finally begun and the country has recovered all the private sector jobs lost since the president took office, the Romney campaign has stuck with this premise. Expect Romney to stick to attacking the president’s record while only offering vague platitudes about the “freedom” he’d offer in the future.

4. Romney will repeatedly reference Vice President Biden’s latest “gaffe.”
Republicans clearly think that Joe Biden’s recent remark that the middle class has been “buried” in the past four years is a political winner for them. Romney will quote the vice president in an effort to paint the Obama administration as a failure, and he’ll probably do it more than once. If our second prediction is wrong, and Romney does bust out a zinger, this will likely be the topic.

5. Debunked lies.
Romney has had no problem repeating lies that have been debunked by any mainstream outlet that bothers to debunk lies. You can expect to hear the lie that the president apologized for America, cut $716 billion from Medicare and took the work out of welfare. These points must focus group so well that Romney is willing to take the heat for repeating them.

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  • The media is desperately hoping the race will remain tight for the remainder of the campaign, and they are doing everything they can to ensure that illusion is maintained.
    The challenger does get a boost from sharing the stage with the President, but that does not mean he will win the debate, let alone the election.

    • highpckts

      let’s hope so!! I know a LOT of rabid Republicans that just can’t wait to see Obama fail!!


      • There are a lot more registered Democrats than Republicans. The key is to make sure fellow Democrats vote!

    • middleclasstaxpayer

      The “media” is downplaying Obama’s success because they know he has so many lies afloat that he’s bound to be caught. Let’s see: The Libyan assault was NOT a terrorist attack. Our security was “adequate” for Libyan embassy (despite a dozen requests from our brave ambassador for MORE help & security)….He doesn’t believe in “redistribution of wealth.”…And the best one…”the economy is getting better.” Have you checked gasoline prices lately (more than doubled during your administration, Mr. president.)

      • WhutHeSaid

        It will really infuriate you to see Mitt Romney forced to acknowledge President Obama’s legitimacy on national TV, yes? Well, don’t throw your TV out the window yet: you will have 4 more years to enjoy Obama. And not only that, but….

        … he’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!


        Have a nice day!

        • DukeDacat

          I Love It………


          Have a nice day!

      • Gas was $4.00 under Bush…redistribution of wealth happened under Bush tax cuts when the disparity between rich and everyone widened…Libya has been a mess for centuries. How did you get so stupid? Sorry forgot that Rush is on everyday at your house!

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Since Libya “has been a mess for years” I guess it was perfectly OK to ignore a dozen pleas from our brave ambassador for more security. And of course, the VERY DAY after his brutal murder, Obama has much more important things to do running the country…Oh, he went to a campaign stop??? How inconvenient that the lives of our brave public servants in far off lands had to be sacraficed on a campaign eve?????

          • BTW, thanks for acknowledging the contributions, commitment and bravery of our civil servants. That’s a nice change after months of demonizing government workers, demanding their salaries and benefits be cut, and calling them parasites and other invectives.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            I have never demonized government workers…only their “benefactor.” And now HIS words are coming back to haunt him in the 41 minute taped speech he gave in 2007, of which the gullible media edited initially to hide the very crude divisiveness he pandered to his all black audience. You won’t hear about it here, but it’s been on every radio & TV sataion nationwide today. Listen in and learn!

          • The “benefactors” that pay the civil servant salaries and benefits are the U.S. taxpayers. If you have not complained about their alleged high salaries and the benefits they enjoy you must not be a Tea Party member.
            Senator Obama’s 41 minute video highlighted what should be obvious to everyone with an ability to think, as devastating as Katrina was the reason for the pain and suffering endured by so many people in New Orleans was the result of the financil schism that separates the super rich from those who can not afford to buy a bus ticket to flee a city when a huge hurricane is approaching. Calling expressions of dismay over the financial and social divisiveness that exists in the USA divisive is classic GOP strategy. Unfortunately for the GOP, it only convinces those more apt to react to a cute retort or the usual disinformation tactics. I doubt too many people with an ability to rationalize thought and think logically will fall for it.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            The “benefactor” I was referring to was Obama… you know what area of the US had the HIGHEST INCREASE IN PAY LAST YEAR??? It was the Washington DC metro area. These people produce NOTHING CONSUMABLE…nothing to increase the GNP…they simply write rules & regs (ALWAYS EXEMPTING THEMSELVES) and the rest of us are told to “do with less.” Wonder, for example, WHY all of congress AND OBAMA FAMILY are EXEMPT FROM OBAMACARE? If it’s so good, I ‘d think THEY would also want to participate, don’t you????

          • youmustbejoking

            Do you not yet understand what the so-called “Obamacare” is? That no one who has insurance will have to change their insurance? That people who don’t have insurance will be able to obtain the same coverage as government employees if they buy into the pool of insurance? For those who can’t afford to pay for it, they will be able to get subsidies to help them. But overall, those higher costs passed on to us because of those who do not have coverage and end up in ERs for care that could be had much cheaper will no longer be added to our health care costs. People will have preventive care that is much cheaper than treating the illness. The right has been trying to smear what the HCR act does, but Romney thought the program was wonderful when he instituted it in Massachusetts.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Your first point is the most incorrect…..At least 25 % of businesses ALREADY have stated they will cancel ALL EMPLOYEE INSURANCE COVERAGE once Obamacare is started, SO 25% of employees who currently HAVE INSURANCE THEY LIKE, will LOSE IT UNDER OBAMACARE….and this is only the beginning…as more companies see the writing on the wall…the govt is providing insurance, why should I, the more employees will LOSE THEIR INSURANCE and be FORCED INTO a govt program instead.

          • DurdyDawg

            …. And you actually think this will change under yet another Pub leadership? How naive.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Obama has had almost 4 years and accomplished nothing except dividing the country more than ever….it can’t get any worse since we are starting at the BOTTOM OF THE LDDER…the ONLY WAY TO GO NOW IS UP!!!!!

        • Yeah, the tighty righties are experts at sidestepping all the indicators that their candidate is exactly what he seems; an out of touch, greedy, sleazy business man who seeks to make absurdly rich people even more absurdly rich at the expense of the common American. Period.

      • The Obama administration never said the attack against our Consulate in Benghazi was not carried out by terrorists, what was not clear was whether it was influenced by the inflammatory film released on the eve of 9/11 or if it was a planned attack that would have taken place regardless of provocations. The Embassy in Tripoli has the usual detachment of Marines, and there are other security means available to protect our diplomats in Libya and elsewhere. Some were with our Ambassador and were killed during the terrorist attack.
        BTW, the economy is getting better. Unemployment is going down, new jobs are being created, companies are posting record profits and hiring, the stock market is at record highs, house construction is starting to pick up, home sales are going up and all this has been accomplished in spite of Republican obstructionism.

        • Come on Mr Vila, you know the GOPers can’t do FACTS and TRUTH!!
          But bless ya for tryin’…….

      • irishgirl1224

        You don’t really believe what you wrote because no one is that stupid and uninformed! The President doesn’t set the gas prices either. Maybe you should listen to the experts before you post your crap. President Obama has done the best he could working with assholes like J. Bohner, M. McConnel, P.Ryan, etc. God help us all if Romney and Ryan are turned loose on our country. VOTE OBAMA!!!!!

        • The most prevalent characteristic in a Republican is amnesia. Gas prices reached record highs when George W. Bush was in office. BTW, don’t expect Republicans to praise President Obama’s policies now that they are going down. I paid $3.58 a gallon yesterday.
          You are correct, gas prices are influenced by the law of supply and demand, OPEC decisions, the willingness of emerging economies such as China’s to bid higher prices, speculation, greed, disruptions caused by civil unrest or natural disasters and other factors that have little to do with what a U.S. President does or wants.

        • NO! I will NOT vote obama! I want him voted OUT!

      • The President does not have power over the oil companies. And more security in Libya probably would not have stopped any attack. If you vote for Mitt, I expect you will be disappointed in what he does to pay for his tax cuts.

      • YOU ARE SO HYSTERICAL!!! I have to laugh every time I read your comments.

        First, Romney will ABSOLUTELY lie tonight about his stand on representing all Americans. The fact is that he cannot even define “Middle Class” families. (According to Mitt, middle class families make between $200K and $250K per year. On which Nation is he referring? Certainly not America.) Never mind his now famous comments about the 47% of Americans that he will ignore.

        Second point, you have some “sort of” facts correct. Beefing up security for ALL embassies is crucial. However, why were they never given more protections since 9/11?

        As for the price of gasoline, the President has no ability to manipulate the price of gas. That depends on many factors, such as futures contracts, worldwide supply, worldwide demand, etc.

        Mitt may claim that he can bring gas prices down, but the reality is that promising to do so is strictly a political ploy to win over gullible voters who have no understanding of why gas prices increase or decrease.


        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Get YOUR facts straight…it was president Obama who set the Middle class at $250K, a grossly overstated amount. I’m certain Obama did this to ally any fears that “average Americans” would get a tax increase. But of course this is IMPOSSIBLE based upon Obama’s current & projected spending. ( and 16 TRILLION DEFICIT). Thus, I postulated that, under Obama for 4 more years, he will have to raise EVERYONE’s taxes. He will do so by “adjusting” the bar for earnings DOWN, possibly to the 100K rate for a family of two working stiffs making $50K apiece. That will include MANY more Americans. Can’t see any way around it, and when it happens, no one will be able to stop it (or Obama).

      • Parisgirl

        Well do you know who owns the refineries…the Koch brothers…who so they support…any republican who will put some more money in their cayman bank accounts. They make sure the gas prices are high, they make sure job bills never make it to the house floor…they do whatever it takes to make the President look bad so they can substitute one of their mouth pieces and it does not matter how much damage they do to this country. Like Romney their businesses and their money is not vested in this country. If you want to see lies start fact checking Romney, Ryan, and the rest of these bums. Oh that’s right…even when they are proven to be liars they keep repeating the lies and people like you help them.

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Oh, it’s the Koch brothers fault…and all the while I thought it was Bush’s fault! Live & learn!

          • Parisgirl

            Bush is in the mix along with Rove and a whole gang of “I am rich enough to own the White House and rule the country big shots. All they have to do is mention race or religion and they have a whole mob following behind them getting their pockets picked. Bigotry is an ugly but effective weapon and they use it well with race, religion, and even gender. But one thing is for sure, the white, middle class male with a high school education is fast becoming the minority. They have excluded all others. If not this election then the next. But the days of white male supremacy is numbered.

      • youmustbejoking

        Since when did the president control gas prices? He doesn’t. However, speculators that are more likely to be in the Romney camp have a great deal to do with the price of a barrel of oil, which in turn causes gas prices to rise. I remember when the price went over $100 a barrel for the first time and the guy who did it just “because he wanted to be the first”.

      • ralphkr

        You are certainly correct about gasoline prices skyrocketing, middleclasstaxpayer, but your math is a bit suspect. I was in town last week and gasoline has skyrocketed to $3.799. I did check my records and I paid $4.109 before Obama was elected so prices have to go up another $5.80 to have doubled since a Republican was president (I am sure that Romney shall be able to accomplish that feat by drilling and exporting even more of our oil)

        • middleclasstaxpayer

          Check again…gas price was $1.80 when Obama took office!

          • ralphkr

            Fascinating, middleclass, I am now wondering where on earth you live since I went all the way back to 2005 and lowest price I paid for regular gasoline was in 2005 when I won a 20 cent per gallon discount and paid $2.139 which means that the posted price was $2.339 at that time. In 2008 I filled up at Costco (discount gas) for $4.109. The reason I asked where you lived is that in the Chavez paradise regular cost $0.12 a gallon and $0.25 a gallon in Saudi Arabia in 2008 (and it cost over $88 a gallon in another country that I am unable to pronounce and have never heard of other then in the world wide listing of gasoline prices). Chavez is able to do that wonderful thing by seizing all the drilling, refining, and distribution companies and using the profits from selling oil to the US to subsidize gasoline sales. By the way, did you know that we are pumping more oil out of the ground and exporting more oil today than we did during the Bush era?

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            The increased oil output we are pumping in the US today is coming from PRIVATE BUSINESS WELLS on PRIVATE LAND, NOT from government sponsored projects, which are actually DOWN! Nice try!

          • ralphkr

            I do not recall saying anything at all about where the oil was being pumped from, merely that more oil is being pumped now AND more oil is being exported now than when Bush was president which brings us to the undeniable fact that more oil available in the US does not mean lower fuel prices in the US. Everybody ignores the fact that oil is a commodity and shall flow to where the price is highest. We could put a well in every acre of land and ring our beaches with rigs but if the world price for oil is $100 a bbl then it shall be $100 bbl in the US. The only way the president can lower the price of fuel is by using tax dollars to subsidize the pump price and I certainly do NOT want to see my taxes used for that.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            Fact remains that it took private exploration WITHOUT govt help to get more oil. When the Keystone Pipeline needed govt support, IT WAS DENIED, also denying many thousands of construction jobs to a very waek industry. Killing of Keystone Pipeline also reduced the availability of more US oil access. Thanks for your reply.

          • ralphkr

            According to the company behind the Keystone project all the oil was destined for a refinery in a duty free zone in Texas and then to be loaded on tankers without any taxes paid to either Canada or the US. The prospectus from that same company stated that they fully expected the Keystone project to raise the price of oil in Canada by at least $10 a bbl and to also raise the retail price of fuel in both Canada and the US. Independent sources pointed out that the pipeline was being built with Canadian steel much thinner than usually used in pipelines which makes it especially hazardous since the Keystone oil is extremely corrosive.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            So MORE OIL available from non-mideast sources from a pipeline built with US workers in the USA means HIGHER oil PRICES??? Does that make ANY sense??

          • ralphkr

            What on earth makes you think that pipeline shall be built by US workers other that those transferring back from whatever pipeline they are currently working on in a foreign country? The company states that they expect to raise oil prices in Canada by a minimum of $10 a bbl which shall raise the price in both Canada and the US because we import a lot of our oil from Canada. Just because we have a lot of oil flowing through pipelines in the US shall not make any difference to us since the majority of that oil shall be shipped to foreign countries. Considering all the oil that we are importing from all over the world I agree that it does seem odd that we are increasing our oil EXPORTS but it is obvious that certain companies see more profits by exporting rather than selling domestically. As I said, oil flows to where the price is highest.

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            We still seem to be ignoring the law of “Supply & Demand”…MORE oil on a world market, especially from a non-mid-east source, would result in a lower price. And this idea that a Canadian project in the US would NOT be built by US contractors is questionable at best. What proof source can you reference that details this plan??

          • ralphkr

            I judge by the Alaskan pipeline (which should have gone to Canada and then by pipeline all the way to the US instead of to Valdez and loaded on tankers to be shipped to Asia) which was built by international contractors with pipeline workers brought in from all over (many of those were Americans) but there were very few jobs available for locals. I expect most of the workers on the Keystone shall be brought in from the work they are currently doing on pipelines in Africa. Pipeline building is rather like skyscrapers or bridges. There are certain people who specialize in the work and they travel all over the world (you certainly won’t find someone hired off the street working steel on the 100th floor). No, we are not ignoring the law of “Supply & Demand” but I am acknowledging that the “Demand” is world wide and that the “Demand” is growing far faster than supply can. I fear that even though they are able to kill 80,000 per year in traffic in India alone that the rapid spreading of demand for vehicles in countries such as India, China, and the Eastern Block countries shall continue to increase demand for oil far past any foreseeable increase in supply. (and that is why my energy stocks have the best return)

          • middleclasstaxpayer

            OK, so you agree that demand is growing faster than supply…..SO, ANY additional SUPPLY will STILL help reduce prices…it’s certainly better than LESS supply, right?

          • ralphkr

            You would think so but… keep in mind that the company behind the Keystone expects that the pipeline shall INCREASE the price of oil in Canada by at least $10 bbl over the estimated price if Keystone was not completed. Of course, this was just one of the ways that the company expected to profit by shipping the oil to Texas and then across the oceans since they were also going to avoid taxation by both Canada and the US. If you want observe the strange ways of Capitalism at work I would like you to observe truck loads of wood chips driving past the paper mill in Port Angeles, WA, to haul the chips down to a paper mill in Central Oregon trucks are hauling chips from Southern Oregon past that paper mill to deliver them to the one in WA. You shall also be fascinated by observing all the semis hauling tomatoes from Southern California to canneries in Northern California and passing semis hauling tomatoes from Northern California to canneries in Southern California. The odor of ripe tomatoes is very heady on I-5.


      • There are only two things you need to watch for . Will the Liberal Moderator point out that every excuse Obama makes for his own record is a LIE …and that Romney will be telling the truth . Vote Mormon over Moron . vote Mormon over Muslim

        • mrbluesays

          Romney wants to kill your son’s in his war with Iran stupid

          • sons, not possessive. but otherwise, you are correct sir!

          • Romney’s war? Are you crazy? Iran is not Romney’s war. Can’t believe the ignorance in your statement.

        • Your comments are proof positive that the writer of this article knows his Tea Party. Jim Lehrer is one of the most respected newsman alive today, he is not a liberal. There will be real fact chechers available on line during the debate and afterwards, my guess is that Mr. Romney will be called on misrepresentations (LIES) three times as ofton as the President. While Mr. Romney is a Mormon, the President as a cum laude graduate of Havard Law is in no one’s definition a moron. The President is a Christian and has attended Christian church services for many years prior to running for President, not a Muslim.

          You know who does appear moronic, don’t you, Michael Stoll. Just my opinion; feel free to call me a liar, a moron and go ahead and throw in Muslim if it will make you feel better.

          • You are freaking blind with your head in the sand. If you want to know who the LIAR is, look no further than the POTUS. He’s been called out on MANY lies he’s told throughout his 4 years of destroying our country.

            Here’s one he told during the debate: “Social Security is structurally sound.” This is an outright LIE and he knows it! SS is in DEEP trouble and medicare has been RAPED of $516 BILLION dollars!

            Have you done ANY research at all?

        • Be careful what you say about my former Governor, he is the father of Obama Care. During his term in office in Massachusetts, the state was 47th in job growth. The only reason the states unemployeement rate stayed low is thousands of worker left the state. (You can do this in Massachusetts because there are six other states within commuting distance.) He also did us the favor of essentially leaving the office two years early to start a run for president. Now he is so well loved in the state, the last poll showed him trailing Obama by 26%. Some fovorite son!!!

        • President Obama is convert to Christianity and is baptised into The United Church of Christ. The same church as two of our founding fathers, John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

          • NO, he didn’t convert to Christianity. That would go against his Muslim beliefs. Don’t know where you heard that, but the information is WRONG!

            He was born in Kenya, is Muslim and knows NOTHING about being Christian. If he did, he would not be FOR abortion!

          • irishgirl1224

            Are you for real or is it just you ass talking?

        • ransomwright

          Do you honestly think it is that simple? You may not realize it, but white males are a minority.

        • Romney wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked him in the face.

        • Stoll: You are ignorant. You do not do any favours for the Church of the Latter Day Saints by saying “vote Mormon over Moron”, or “vote Mormon over Muslim”- (Especially when President Obama is a practicing protestant Christian who wss baptized as a Christian as a child and who grew up as a Christian, even in the few years when he was in an Islamic country – Indonesia. ) Secondly, many scholars believe that the Book of Mormon was really penned and engraved on “golden looking” bronze plates by the eccentric British poet-artist – occult dabbler William Blake, and found by a young Joseph Smith in a field after some American purchaser of the same- buried them. (Mor mon is the cockney British dialect for More Man, and things like that were typical of William Blake in his later period when he was preaching polygamy and claiming the U.S. native Americans were the lost tribes of Israel.)
          Serious Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran scholars would also agree with me that the teachings of the L.D.S. are clearly a revival of certain early gnostic teachings considered “heretical” by all mainstream branches of Christianity – with the classification reference being “Contra Heresäsus” by Syrian born, Aramaic Christian, and later Bishop of Lyonn, St. Ireneus, who reacted against the gnostic teachings of the Valentineans and the Origenists. There is much in the L.D.S. which resembles the “heterodox” teachings of the Valentineans. The L.D.S. teachings are considered heresies by other branches of Christianity.

          Now let us move on to the modern day. Romney is a Stake Bishop in the L.D.S Church. Theefore he should know that his religious body is also involved and organized in something called CESNUR, an association of “New Revelation Religoins” started out of Italy. Other CESNUR members include-
          The Unification Church (founded by the “Little Brother of Chris) Rev. Moon. (clearly gnostic in many of its teachings as well.)
          The Reformed Davidians. (remember the siege of W’aco, Texas) again, clearly gnostic.
          The tiny, episcopally organized General Church of the New Jerusalem (based on the works of Emanuel Swedenborg- scientist turned “revelator) – (exception to the general gnostic tone of the rest of CESNUR members- clearly anti-gnostic, but very “modalistic” in its approach to Christology
          Scientology – founded by L. Ron Hubbard- very gnostic “space age- New Age” New Revelation- on the watch lists of many European countries as a cult which stalks and harrasses its break away members. Clearly gnostic in its teachings and approaches.and manipulative “mind” manipulation techniques. (And 70% of Americans look upon it unfavourably.)
          How could Romney explain that formal alliance of the L.D.S. with L. Ron Hubbar´s Scientology in CESNUR to the American people?)

          Fancy that – the LDS is formally associated with the Moonies and Scientology.
          Of course, there is something else- it is the U.S. constitution which does call for a separation of church and state. Were it not for that separation, all of the above New Age, New Revelation cults would not even be permitted to exist.
          Get your facts together, young man. Yóu yourself really don´t seem to be too bright when you write – “Morman instead of Moron.”. I mean, were you familiar with their teachings you would realize one of their main Angels has the typical Blakeian name of “Moroni”. LOL
          Your comments indicate why I as a “,mainstream, eucumenically minded Christain” could never cast my vote for Mitt Romney. If oyu inject religion into it that way, I defend my faith by voting Democrat- thank you.

      • Tuanhh

        Yes, you are so stupid that you can’t even spell the word, heh heh !!!!

        • ransomwright

          He said stupit.Hehhehhehheh!

      • when you type in caps, and spell it ‘stupit,’ i pretty much think you have already sunk your own boat.

      • Yes We Will!! Romney Really Have Lost His Mind Now He Declared War On Sesame Street PBS Is Now One Of The Only TV Station That’s Educational That Kids Can Watch!!

    • Breaking News …ABC CBS NBC MSNBC CNBC CNN and NPR Declare Obama winner of first debate . Whitehouse said to be livid that they leaked this before the actual debate took place . Jay Carney heard in the hallways screaming ” those idiots don’t even know when the debate is …they just report everything we send them without looking at the time stamps …How can they be so stupid ” To which Joe Biden was heard to say ” what do you want ..they vote Democrat what did you expect actual intelligence ? They all cant be as informed and sophisticated as me “. When asked to comment on all the Obama Liberal media outlets calling it for Obama ..Sean.Hannity of fox News asked if they were going to actually watch the debate or were they setting up for the next party at Jay Z’s

      • Parisgirl

        This must be a Fox News Report…it sounds like the tripe and fiction that comes out of that infested den of yellow (gulp) journalists.

      • ChristoD

        Michael, could I respectfully request that you use ONE, just ONE non-FOX news or talking head verb, noun, pronoun, adjective or whatever just to prove you think for yourself. I know this may be near impossible but just give it a try. This ‘liberal’ this and ‘liberal’ that is getting very boring. How about this, write SOMETHING, ANYTHING that proves you have a brain that is not awash in FOX talking points or propaganda. I bet you can’t do it. My guess is that since you have taken the bait, hook , line and sinker, you are INCAPABLE of ORIGINAL THOUGHT. C’mon, prove me wrong.

        • ChristoD

          Oh, by the way Michael quoting Sean Hannity having made ANY kind of a quote PROVES you are as a dumb as a post. That Dude hasn’t said an intelligent or unscripted thing since he has been on the air AND if he tells the truth about anything, it is an accident. So if you want to establish ANY kind of CREDIBILITY, I suggest maybe quoting Gingrich (oops wouldn’t do that), Santorum (nope), Bachmann (nope), Levin (nope), Miller (are you shitting me), Coulter (yeah right), Perry (are y’all kidding), Trump (Mr All Time narcisist)….fugedaboudit, there are NO credible names or quote to use.

      • DukeDacat

        Hey Stroll, you are a Troll climb back in your hole…….

        Have a nice day!

    • The election is all but over barring some really unexpected event. The media is trying to keep this thing going to keep the money flowing and ratings up. On November 7th they will all tell you that they told you so a month.

    • We Pretty Much Know Where They Stand So The Election Is What I’m Waiting For!!!

  • bcarreiro

    Obama to be Profound is the only thing to accept tonight. and to all a good nite!

  • roskodog

    Zingers defined. Thats when Romney asked a question Mr Obama can,t answer cause it would incriminate him. Zinger

  • WhutHeSaid

    Expect a significant boost in profits for the electronics retailers when the bitter, vile, despicable Tea Bigots throw their wide screens out the window in frustration. As much as it will infuriate them to see their candidate acknowledge the legitimacy of President Obama on a national stage, they will be drawn to their TVs like bigoted moths to a burning cross.

    This may be the first time in history that the Tea Party EVER did anything for America.

  • I got an invitation to a debate watching party though one of the national campaign’s headquarters. I’m going to wear my Halloween costume. I went shopping today and bought clothes. I got a pair of black jeans and a Wrangler light blue denim shirt with a crisp collar that is begging to have a tie wrapped around it but won’t because I want to look like I can identify with the common people. Under the shirt I’ll be wearing the Led Zeppelin tee that I borrowed from my running mate. He said I could wear the AC/DC tee but people might get the wrong idea about my sexual preferences. It’s OK to have a lot of wives as long as they are of the opposite sex. It’s too bad that today has been so warm because I will be wearing white long-johns underneath it all. I may wear the black waterproof boots I bought today because I think I may be wading through a lot of excrement tonight. Guess which campaign sent the invite. It should be interesting


  • William Heiland

    We need to stop making these debates about the individual, and more about the issue this country faces. Our republic is at a crossroads, and all of us need clarity about the direction this nation should proceed on. So, please every citizen get involved and vote to chose the path this nation should follow. For the young who will follow us into citizenship depend on it!

  • bf

    It doesn’t really matter to me who wins the debate. What matters more to me is whether America will win or lose come the November 6th election. Based on the bias coming from extremists from both parties, I am expecting America to once again lose! And from what I see on the Internet, there are a lot of extremists from both parties who don’t really care about what comes out in the debates. They are already sold on their party’s candidate. No matter whether you are for Barack or Mitt, you need to listen to the debates with an open mind. If you are close minded, you just may be responsible for the collapse of our country!

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    There are still thirty some days to spend political contributions on media ads. The media will not say its over until the last vote is counted. I call this “Green Journalism” as a spin-off from the disrespectful “Yellow Journalism” moniker of the past.

  • blueskies13

    The problem is not so much about who wins this election as the fact that this country is as divided as it was before the Civil War. There is genuine raw hatred between Democrats and Republicans, and a guy like Romney who is already dismissive of 47% of Americans is not going to do anything to unite the parties for the common good. We should be genuinely ashamed of ourselves for letting our society get this polarized. It will take compromise to make this the “United States” so we can move forward together, but when even the Senate minority leader states publicly that his mission is to make Obama a one-term president, instead of getting behind him (the American thing to do), I wonder how we got this far apart and didn’t see it coming. This country needs a serious wake-up call no matter who gets elected or we will very soon be the kind of third world country that used to look up to us in hope and admiration.

  • Why are people who are not millionaires voting for Mitt Romney, and against their own interests. Do they really want to give up a mortgage deduction so Mitt and his friends can pay a bit less ??m People, and I mean middle-class and especiallyworking class Republicans are truly stupid. They believe the lies.

  • middleclasstaxpayer

    The president is 16 TRILLION in the hole now, and taxing EVERYONE MORE is the only way out for Obama, because he won’t cut his spending and redistribution of assets. If you believe he will spare the middle class, you’re in for a surprise. He will simply “REDEFINE” who is IN the middle class….it started at $250,000, then hinted at $200K, but it will end up near $100,000, about the average take-home of two working parents. Just look at Greec’s default & rioting…..the people were used to getting everything on the dole, and now that OPM (other people’s money) has run dry, they are burning their cities in protest. Remember the LA riots, that will be nothing compared to what will come when the cash dries up here.

  • Breaking News …ABC CBS NBC MSNBC CNBC CNN and NPR Declare Obama winner of first debate . Whitehouse said to be livid that they leaked this before the actual debate took place . Jay Carney heard in the hallways screaming ” those idiots don’t even know when the debate is …they just report everything we send them without looking at the time stamps …How can they be so stupid ” To which Joe Biden was heard to say ” what do you want ..they vote Democrat what did you expect actual intelligence ? They all cant be as informed and sophisticated as me “. When asked to comment on all the Obama Liberal media outlets calling it for Obama …Hannity asked if they were going to actually watch the debate or were they setting up for the next party at Jay Z’s

  • mrbluesays

    USA is not ready for Romney in this time in USA’s history

  • Maybe it”s time to lighten up on middleclasstaxpayer. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the isle.

    With that said, I TRY not to judge people based on their political beliefs. Admittedly, I fall short in this area, but at least I try.

    HOWEVER!!!!! There is no way this great Nation will be better off with another Bush clone in the White House.

    We already found out that “TRICKLE DOWN” really means yellow liquid waste material “tinkled down” on those less fortunate than the one percent represented by Ryan and Romney.

    You know who they are. They are the ones who helped fund the FRAUD PERPETRATED BY A REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE OF THE “HOLIER THAN THOU” REPUBLICANS who are pushing the VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS designed to suppress voters who will likely vote for Obama.

    This fraud has been found in at least 11 states so far.

    In all fairness, every voter that was registered by these criminals should be purged from the records. Every one who registered would then have register again.

    As distasteful as this seems, it is only fair to the people who registered, and had their registrations destroyed or modified.

    It is truly sad that a political party has to stoop this low in order to “win” an election.

  • Who wrote this? Mitt Romney?? How can he win he’s STUUUPIDDD!!!!!

  • Your article my question about whether I could expect Romeny to lie. It is a shame that he claims to be a good Christian (as are most Mormons) even though his public actions speak to the contrary. The format in the debate favors the individual who is well-versed in the topics and can think off the top of his head. Obama’s cool demeanor under duress and his apparent integrity lead me to think the more open format favors him greatly. Romney is good only when everything is scripted, and if he tries to adhere to his tallking points, he will only appear to be the puppet he is.

  • Tuanhh

    I lost count of how many “stupid” words written by Obama supporters. Many others are “bigots”, “morons”, “lies”. My simple deduction is that name callings and insults are the trademark of Obama supporters. You can call me stupid, too. It’s OK.

  • Tuanhh

    Lutrell, you need to go to the corner and learn how to spell just one word, guess what that word is!

  • thank you, thank you, thank you! However, I doubt it will do any good. but good try, you’re my hero of the day!

  • graysailor

    The challenger always does better. Americans must remember the mess that this country is in and there are not any quick solutions. The GOP’s solutions would only make things worse as it is many of their policies that got us into this mess.

  • ridemybroom

    Obama certainly didnt do what i expected of him nor alot of others expected him to do…Mitt walked all over the floor tonight…left nothing out….thank you david plouffe OB needs to fire you like yesterday….what an incompentent man you are…

  • ransomwright

    Would anybody here wish to play poker with Obama? I for one would not.

  • How can Romney say anything about China? He shipped American jobs over and invested some thing like a 125 million dollars in companies in China. I wished the president had brought that up with”ship jobs to China then complain about the President not doing anything to get people back to work” Romney . I would love to see a list of the millionaires and billionaires who are investing in other countries instead of the country they live and start a boycott of their products that are made overseas.

  • sisterH

    How much does Dom get paid to post on this site???? Hey Dom, I am really enjoying watching the left wing media try to spin Obama’s disaster of a debate this evening. When the phone calls started coming in this evening from local Libs who had just been converted….I got that same shiver up my leg that Matthews got when O was elected.

  • Well, I watched the debate and Romney TROUNCED Obama. Even the lame stream media, Chris Mathews of MSNBC freaked out at Obama’s POOR performance.

    Oh and by the way, you were WRONG on points 1-5. None of your prophesies bore fruit. Romney stuck to the issue being discussed and threw Obama’s PISS POOR record in his face. If you noticed, Obama kept his head down most of the time. Romney kept his head up with a confident smile on his face. It was embarrassing to see Obama’s weakness in all its glory. He’s shown the same weakness in his non-leadership.

    And since you all love obama so much, I wish I could see your faces when you get hit with the thousands of dollars in higher taxes your “messiah” put on middle income families effective 01/01/2013. I’m sure you will love paying $2000+ more in taxes. Look it up and see for yourselves how your lover boy screwed you.

    Those with health insurance, I bet you are excited about your premiums that have ALREADY increased. Yeah, your king messiah is responsible for that. How about those of you who have received letters RATIONING your doctor visits? Feels nice…don’t it. I saw a letter that said the person could only see a doctor twice per month now. She has numerous health issues that two times per month will not cover. Her healthcare is now RATIONED!

    Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how your boy wonder STOLE $516 BILLION dollars from medicare to pay for his outrageous obamacare. It is this same obamacare that you will now pay taxes on your health benefits and over $2000 in higher taxes. All so that you can pay for his numerous extravagant vacations and other BS, such as paying for the absolute corruption that exists in our government. When was the last time you had a vacation? Where did you go? The backyard? Not obama. He’s ALWAYS on vacation at your expense, while you struggle and suffer!

    He told so many lies that it ain’t even funny. Romney put both his feet up obama’s ass and obama looked WEAK and unsure of himself. He even BABBLED as he searched his out-of-touch mind for coherent, credible and intelligent answers. He looked a complete fool.

    Next up: Foot in mouth disease drunk Uncle Joe Biden will spar with Ryan. I’m getting popcorn for that one.

  • Ndysay

    I saw the debate. I think Romney looked like a loud mouthed bully when he was yelling at Jim Lehrer. And at the same time he was etching a new sketchy position.

  • In las Vegas the beg on 47% of people house and won see you in Nov 2012 I got the gas to go to poll at lease 20 time login 1200 miles for our rural community