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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Few would have predicted after the Tea Party brought the GOP to power across Ohio in the fall of 2010 that the state would be fertile territory for a Democratic comeback in the 2012 elections. But a combination of overreach by Republican Governor John Kasich and an improving economy have quickly remade the political landscape.

Public Policy Polling’s latest numbers show what multiple surveys have been hinting at for months now — the successful campaign to overturn Kasich-backed Senate Bill 5, which would have killed most collective bargaining rights for public employees, has energized the progressive community and put Republicans on the defensive in this key swing state. Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 49-42, which would represent the biggest blowout in the state in decades. Likewise, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown doesn’t sport great approval numbers, but is nonetheless poised to clean up against his opponent, State Treasurer Josh Mandel, whom he leads 47-36.

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  • greedywaterrabbitt

    Dems are lazy and live off gov handouts

    They believe the repubs have the answer
    1. Do away with S.S.
    2. Do away with Medi Care
    3. Do away with Medicade
    4. Do away with minimum wage
    5. Do away with unions
    6. Do away with child labor laws
    7. Do away with Wall Street regs-and corp regs)
    8. Give huge tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations
    9. In repub eyes this is a boot up (when in reality it’s a boot in the rear
    10. (A poor man voting repub is-is (like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders

  • Sleipnir

    The Democrats should use your slogan on their bumper stickers. Love it.

  • jimmyags

    Kasich has done more for the democrats in this state than anyone thought possible. The good and bad news is , Ohio has no provision in it’s laws to recall the governor. So the good news is he will continue to destroy his own party(he has the worst approval of any gov in the u.s.,but acts like he has the highest), the bad news is we can’t get rid of him. If we had a recall law he would be gone by a mind blowing margin.

  • jimmyags

    Was appointed by Kasich to his current post,3 weeks later he declared for the U.S. senate. it went over like a lead balloon here.At least act like you wanted the job for more than name recognition. He has run for 4 different offices in the last 4 elections, talk about a career politician.

  • rustacus21

    … should be a good year 4 Dem’s!!! As we’ve witnessed, ALL Republican/tea bagger candidates that won in 2010 have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for their constituency!!! Oh, let me correct that – ONLY those constituents making above $1 million/yr. Granted Liberal/Progressive voters are lazy (dragging down midterm voting %’s under 40% EVERY cycle), they aren’t STUPID!!! When they vote, they vote the winner, according to the very BEST candidate in the field. The best example of late is Bill Clinton & President Obama. In 8 years, Clinton erased a $290 billion deficit to a nearly 290 billion surplus, created 22 million NEW jobs, had the longest wage-growth period (for hourly wage-earners) in over 30 years & as a result, initiated the highest home ownership rate in American history (as more Americans were WORKING & qualified for loans from a transparent & properly REGULATED banking/mortgage industry!!!), expanded technological innovations across the workplace, medicine, education & in-home, closed the poverty gap in the shortest timeframe in over 30 yrs, by LAW, eased the work-home life stresses on families (which led to delinquency & family disentegration), but even more importantly, avoided war & lost NO soldiers, as a result & created a world-wide peace & Democratization effort, which reached even the most war-torn & dictator-ravaged nations across the planet. President Obama, on the other hand, has had the awful chore of undoing the 1st national rescue mission since the civil war, w/Conservatives (between 2001-2009) returning the workplace to near slave-like conditions, robbing the elderly, retiree’s & the poor of savings & economic mobility opportunities, creating another Depression-era environment in every quality of life indicator, initiating not 1, but 2 unnecessary wars, costing the lives of close to 2 million human beings (on all sides!!!), instituting the most corrupt & disfunctional govt, since Nixon & B4 that Hoover & plunging the nation from surplus to trillions in deficit in under 8 yrs!!! Obama has done admirably, in spite to the fact that Conservatives have blocked, stonewalled & bribed (weak, compromised) Democrats into resisting the prez’s efforts to pull the nation out of this recession. So those saying “do away w/” regulations that create a more safe, prosperous & “LAW ABIDING” domestic landscape in INSANE!!! The rich & corp’s have protections (called hi-priced lawyers) hourly workers do NOT (called unions, or democracy in the workplace!). B/c the president didn’t clean house immediately, upon taking offc., the job of recovery has been that much more complicated & harder to implement, but he has made strides & now, 4 yrs later, we see inklings of daylite. The nation hasn’t seen anything yet, until this years election, w/a nation energized along Liberal/Progressive principles, values & initiatives, the prez will finally be able to proudly announce he in fact is a proud Progressive Liberal – w/backup to prove it!!! That is, if Democratic & Liberal Republicans & Independants cower & stay out of the battle for the rescue of the nation – AGAIN…