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Thursday, March 22, 2018

With a presidential election year coming, it’s tempting to call 2015 the Year of the Crybaby. Everybody’s a victim. Judging by TV and social media, roughly half the nation believes it’s being oppressed by the other half. Everybody’s throwing themselves a pity party.

There’s an awful lot of self-dramatization going on.

Everywhere you look, somebody’s getting fitted for a hairshirt.

I was first moved to this thought by an extraordinary “Voices” letter to my local newspaper the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. A fellow in Siloam Springs was offended by columnist John Brummett’s criticism of “extreme evangelical professed Christians in Iowa.”

Brummett thinks the Iowa GOP primary gives undue attention to people who think “that God forgives everything but liberalism.” This infuriated the reader, who proclaimed his constitutionally-guaranteed right to oppose “abortion, divorce, gay marriage, etc.” regardless of Supreme Court rulings. Should he lose it “these United States will cease being America.”

Sorry, friend, the First Amendment definitely guarantees you the right to obsess about other people’s intimate lives. But not to regulate them. Here in America, you can interpret God’s will any way you like. You just can’t make anybody obey.

That doesn’t make you a victim. It makes you a crybaby.

Ditto Donald Trump’s whining about “political correctness” while directing coarse insults toward his rivals. A woman using the bathroom is “disgusting,” but poor Donald’s the victim.

For most Republicans, it’s an imaginary threat. “In the telling of people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly,” notes Paul Waldman, “conservatives live their lives in fear of the vicious mobs of liberals wielding political correctness like a nail-studded club.”

Poor little things.

Also on the subject of faking, check out Paul Farhi’s Washington Post article “Six Ways Donald Trump’s wrestling career previewed his campaign,” particularly the embedded video showing the pompadoured billionaire in action.

If that doesn’t open your eyes, they must be sewn shut.

Elsewhere, upwards of half the people in America tell pollsters they’re afraid they’ll be killed by terrorists. This time last year it was Ebola.

Yo, America, quit lying to yourselves.

Alternatively, you could try emulating Grandpa, who went off to fight World War II with no good expectation he’d be coming back. And you’re scared witless by a ragtag band of religious fanatics in pickup trucks?

No you’re not. You’re just titillated by the melodrama. Which is why CNN and the rest keep feeding it to you.

Of course where I live, cows are a bigger threat than terrorists.

No joke. A friend almost got himself killed recently after thoughtlessly entering a stall with a newborn calf and its normally placid mama. He escaped with a broken and dislocated shoulder.

Storms blow trees across fences, black Angus cattle wander into dark highways, and bad things happen. Just not on CNN.

Of course the cultural and political left has its own share of melodramatists, whiners and scolds, many on college campuses. Rather like the fellow in Siloam Springs, student “activists” see themselves as morally incorruptible, and their opinions as graven in stone.

Have you seen anything about the great Oberlin College food fight? Students on the Ohio campus decided their cafeteria served “racist” food. Because the sushi was no good, protesters called it “culturally appropriative,” an insult to Japanese-Americans. Things got very heated. If Oberlin kids got their way, you’d have to hire a Neapolitan chef to order a pizza.

All we ever worried about was saltpeter in the mashed potatoes.

An insult to my Irish ancestors, come to think of it, for whom a boiled potato and a six pack constituted a seven course meal.

But there I go, making light of something grave. Normally, I take my cues from the critical race theorists at, where they celebrated Christmas with an article entitled “The thought of a white man in my chimney does not delight me”: Let’s stop lying to our kids about Santa.

And no, I couldn’t possibly make that up. Along with meditations upon the orgasm, tirades against white folks are pretty much the formerly-serious website’s entire stock-in-trade.

But the real holiday bell-ringer was a Christmas Eve essay in the New York Times entitled “Dear White America” by Emory University philosopher George Yancy. The professor offers his own struggles to transcend sexism as a model for white men in their efforts to comprehend black lives.

“As a sexist, I have failed women,” he confesses. “…I have failed to engage critically and extensively their pain and suffering in my writing. I have failed to transcend the rigidity of gender roles in my own life.”

Yeah, well me too.

In theory, I’m totally against “objectifying women,” but Jennifer Lawrence still makes my ears buzz. Then too, my wife kind of likes me that way.

As for renouncing my putative “white innocence,” a modest demurral:

Give it a rest professor, I didn’t make this world any more than you.

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70 Responses to 2015: The Year Of The Crybaby

  1. Back in the early 70s, when I attended College, we reveled in discussion of our differences. The only way you could understand where someone came from was to listen to what he or she said. You didn’t shut them down because you didn’t want to hear them. You listened, then you brought forward your own points. How else can you explain a campus where both Yassir Arafat and Meier Kahane both spoke (Different times and locations)? How else can you explain a campus that held forums of both Democratic and Republican political candidates? How else can you explain how a heterosexual black woman could relate to a heterosexual Jewish man how opposing funding for the campus gay rights group could negatively impact their own groups funding requests?

    Try that today and the political speeches would be cancelled before they started, the black student would scream racism, the Jewish student would scream religious prejudice and the gay student would scream the rest are intolerant! I feel sorry for my daughter when she will be old enough to go to college in 5 years. By then, every student will be expected to remain in their own bubble of security and not be allowed to be exposed to things outside their beliefs.

      • It happened when college students started expecting campus life to be as safe as their homes were, instead of challenging everything they thought, which is what my college experience was. Remember that student screaming at the professor who supported the wearing of offensive Halloween costumes? She kept yelling that it was the job of the college to make sure they were safe and didn’t hear anything that would offend them. I learned more by listening to people who offended me, and it solidified my thinking about why i was offended and how to live in a more non-offensive way for myself and toward others.

  2. The year of the liberal crybaby. The democrat who can’t come to grip with the fact that Conservatives have had enough!

    ‘Washington is the Liberal left IDIOT cess pool

    Great ‘Breitbart’ post by the way.

    • Howdy Joe, as poignant as your comment is, I hope you are enough of a critical thinker to consider that libs and cons, repubs and democs, left and right are all the two faces of an evil game of chess with the earth as the prize. They are all in it together, partner. One boss gives all the orders, if you think his name is Soros, or Soetoro, or anything other than Satan, you are truly dead wrong. These current happenings were prophecized for the past thousands of years in ancient scrolls so to watch is more important than trying to change the outcome. It is here, now, Joe, and you need to prepare for the horrors that are knocking down your door, even as we discuss this. One clue for you: remove the veil dot com (start with the statement of faith and research these truths)
      Peace in the Name of JESUS the Lord!

          • Fundamentally Jesus stood for the concept of giving by grace.
            Salvation we can’t possibly deserve, granted to the undeserving. But also Jesus stood as the example of God’s granting of that salvation as it relates to us, one to the other. That we freely share of ourselves, our bread, our shelter, and our love of our fellow man, so as to follow that example of grace when treating, and dealing with others. And He stood for doing this not only for His followers, or people like ourselves. But with an inclusiveness that extended to even our enemies. Now you tell me what was so, “poignant,” and Jesus like, that you felt the need to invoke His name in response to Joe’s copying and pasting a hateful lying Breitbart rant? Complaining as it did about the possibility of a poor kid, perhaps from somewhere else, but not necessarily, getting a plate of food, or a warm bed, or God forbid, a home in the only Country that kid knows. And advocate this mingy spirited hostility in the name of Jesus Christ? Of Christendom?

          • He did not however condone decadence which is what you people are trying to proclaim was his intention:) He would try to convert…..

          • Feeding the hungry, or treating the indigent diseased, is exactly what the Right considers promoting decadence. The idea that
            if we in any way attempt to address these conditions in a collective way, well, we must be encouraging dependence, or the sin of sloth. To me this lie, this turning the words of Christ on their philosophical head, is no more than a thinly veiled attempt to make greed, and selfishness, a moral imperative.
            Greed is good they preach, therefore the greedy are excellent role models. Not a traditional Christian tenet at all.

          • Jesus’ greatest enemy is the devil, as you should agree, and to beat Jesus by proliferating the lie (pick any religion) that the Catholic Church or Mormon Church or Seventh Day Adventist Church or other churches purporting there is no salvation outside their church, is the only way to obtain salvation in Jesus.

            With that settled, the “LIE” is the actual vessel satan sails through our lives to utilize his unique and deceptive prowess to deflect and redirect men from the saving grace. If you won’t fall for one lie, he tries another and another until you do fall.

            So when I witness something and research the occurrence for considerations of truth or not, I can deduce whether it is real or fake. And Charleo, you are only one of many I have debated with regarding politics, religion, science, geography, et al., so let me thank you for your input, albeit we get testy with each other often, and for my sarcasms and such, I apologize having insulted or offended you.

            Breitbart, Snowden, Assange and the whole whistleblower party is as much a progrom as Bush’s WMDs were, and the chicanery by any or all of our leaders is too huge to imagine, but playing out before our weary eyes. If you still believe you can perpetuate good things through the efforts of the evil leaders, we are never gonna find common ground.

            Jesus stands for eternal life through GOD’s grace, you nailed that one.

      • Tex, I truly hope that you are employing a heavy dose of sarcasm there. I hate to think that you are sincere in making such an idiotic post! Did you actually intend the contradiction between the body of your post and your last line? Do you even see the contradiction?

        • Nahhh, but
          I do see your ironic mixture of blindness and deliberate misleading, revealing to anyone with true sight what a demon you are and what a devil you serve.

          • Don’t waste your sympathy on me, joe. I don’t want it, nor do I deserve it. I can’t help thinking it isn’t sincere in any case. While I am far from being an atheist, I do know several people who are and they seem to be be very happy and well adjusted folks, contrary to the impressions left by you and and your alter ego, Tex.

      • Tex, this thing has been going on since I was a kid. I was told about these prophecies by a brilliant Uncle and my Dad who escaped from communism eons ago. I get it! We see it. The liberals don’t get it! Conservatives and some independents who think outside the box know what is going on. I see it all over the web. The web the Leftists are afraid to roam around.

        Matthew 24:4-14 my friend:)

    • Where do you get your numbers and information? You do realize that our population is around 312 million people, so if 27% are below the age of 18 and 30% are over age 65, that would leave less than 140 million of working age and you somehow believe that 95 million of those are unemployed. Really?

        • I think you need to look a little closer, Joe. Those numbers are for the entire population, which includes all retired, disabled, students, and people who chose not to work, etc. Which means there are not 95 million unemployed, factually speaking.

      • VM Joe Schmuck is using data from the monthly Bureau of Labor statistics report. It shows the civilian noninstitutional population of 16yo and older along with civilian labor force #’s and the difference between these two categories is the “Not in the Labor Force” #’s. These include the people you reference – high school and college students, retired people, stay at home parents, etc. Ever since the U3 unemployment rate has reached the 5% level the right has tried to pass off the BLS “nitlf” # as people who are unemployed. The BLS unemployed # as of Nov. is 7.9 million not the bullshit 94 million that Schmuck is trying to pass off.

        • Thank you..It’s not the first time I have heard this coming from even Presidential Candidates. It’s ridiculous to actually be able to say it with a straight face, and people fall for it.

    • First of all Joe, why do you call a yellow rag like Breitbart, that prints anything they think you want to read, great? Then berate Liberals for being “too spineless to face reality?” It’s ridiculous. Then your pal Tex chimes in and calls your comment “poignant.” As if calling the Fed gov. illegitimate, or calling a twice elected President illegitimate, means anything. Excepting, that we’re fortunate enough to live in a Country where we have a 1st Amend, that prohibits the shutting down of lying propaganda sites such as Where they can say anything, true or not. And any idiot can salute it. So what are you Wingers squealing about today?

      • Well, what do you think the National Memo is? LOL At this point, our Federal Government is beyond corrupt. Too bad you don’t see it.

        Well, the same goes your way. Your dictator wants to put an end to the 2nd Amendment so I wouldn’t put it past a liberal craphole to put an end to freedom of speech on the internet. You do know what that precludes don’t you? Bad for u and bad for me.

        • In your World, the Central Government is totally corrupt. It’s President is a dictator that threatens to singlehandedly, by executive order, unconstitutionally separate 250 million people from their more than 300, plus million guns. And boo hoo on those Liberals out there who want to end freedom of speech. And you’re pretty sure this will all end horribly if your gang doesn’t do something really super drastic to gain control.
          Drama much?

      • Nada, it’s you loonies who are looking like idiots these days.

        ‘It’s now clear that progressives, lecturing the rest of us on how we
        ought to live from their bully pulpits in the media, academia and the
        entertainment industry, are terrified of the internet and don’t want to know what we have to say. Well,
        tough. In 2016, it’s time for the counterculture to go to war. Over the
        past year, I’ve seen people from all over the world stand up and fight
        back against the authoritarian, censorious world being built around us.’

    • Stop with the bullshit comment about 94 million unemployed Americans. That’s a number you are taking from the Bureau of Labor monthly statistical report. It includes 16 & 17yo’s who are in high school, anyone in college who is not working, stay at home parents, anyone who is retired and handicapped people who can’t work. Ever since the U3 rate went down to 5% the right is trying to pass the “Not in the labor force #” off as an unemployment #. The # you are referencing is the Civilian non-institutional population (16yo & older) of 251.75 million minus the Civilian Labor Force of 157,301 million. These people are not unemployed they fall into the categories I listed previously. Of the 157,301 million in the Civilian Labor Force 149,364 million are employed leaving 7.9 million people “unemployed” (5.0%). Using the “not in Labor Force #” there were 80.7 million people unemployed as of 12/31/2008 and not the 5.2 million reported by the GW Bush administration and the U3 rate would not have been 7.3%. You can’t change the rules in the middle of the game.

      • It’s true. I know tons of people out of work or working under the table while all the ILLEGALS have jobs. I live in CaliMexico. It’s all around us.

        By the way, I know veteran’s who have been mistreated for decades. The system needs a serious overhaul, and, yes, ILLEGALS have more rights than veterans.

        I don’t need your facts. I see it with my own eyes.

        Case in point. Where are you getting your facts?

        • For someone who claims to have a Master’s degree you are either misusing the BLS “not in the labor force” #’s or are lying. The “not I the labor force” #’s includes high school and college students along with anyone who is retired. They are not unemployed. The right crowed about the U3 rates during the Obama administration until they were in the 5% range then the bullshit of the NILF #’s started to,show up.

          You don’t know “tons” of people who aren’t working because the illegals took their jobs. That would mean 1,000’s of people not the limited exposure you have.

          You always seem to “know” someone in every situation written about on this site. I’m a veteran and have never been mistreated. I served with many veterans and have friends who also served. Some have used the VA hospitals as their health care providers.

          You don’t like my facts because they disprove your bullshit claim of 94 million people being unemployed. You are just trying to use BLS #’s in an incorrect way.

          • I think the Right considers anyone of any age, not on the job until they fall stone cold dead at the switch, “unemployed.” Yet they are divided in even this. The T-Party Wing wants the dead, who they claim Founders considered non-landed, and therefore ineligible to vote, also considered unemployed …and liberal.

      • The RRR (radical right religious) wing nuts have been spewing midnless BS since November 2008; that’s why President Obama won-twice! Nobody buys their line of caca anymore. THAT’S why the Libs and Democrats are winning so much in the last seven years!

  3. Yes Crybabies were Repubs and TPs. They did not know what was coming -Trump. GOPers expected GOP elites to be the only candidates. Then came Trump and trumped them. The crybabies were Bush III, Scott Walker, Christie, Dr. Carson, Ted Cruz and John Boehner who quit his job before he was voted out. What a year of the GOP fall!

    • It never ceases to amaze me how ideologues can turn a balanced article into a partisan whipping. Do you train yourself to overlook anything that doesn’t condemn your personal nemesis? You are exactly who Lyons is writing about!

  4. Great article! People have truly lost their sense their sense of humor and the right never had one to begin with, unless it’s at someone else’s expense.

  5. Trump doesn’t “whine” about anything, meanwhile while you shriek at everyone who laughs at Hillary for being a corrupt, senile, old bag.

  6. This is a very well-written, entertaining article that uses many valid situations to make a point that we are all wimps. Political correctness is a nice idea, but not a Constitutional decree. College students are kids. Their tirades on “food discrimination” and the responsibility of administrations to make sure the campus-world around them caters to their own sense of moral outrage – no matter how displaced and hypocritical, demonstrates just how childish they are. I’m with Gene – quitcherwhining!

  7. You asked for it you got Toyota. Do you GOP members remember that commercial? I guess you were too young. So GOP asked for candidate, they got him – Trump.

  8. How difficult could it be to rename traditional dishes an “inspiration” rather than calling it the exact food item. That would be truth in advertising and let the consumer decide if it suits their palate – or not. For instance, I know faux fur is not real, but I may choose to buy slippers that contain that substance having been informed that was what I was buying. That is not being a crybaby. That is just requesting proper respect.

  9. Many fine points made, as usual. But My favorites are: the dangers of cows. When I was eight, and staying at my grandparents’ farm, and had to walk by the cows in the neighbors’ field, I knew they were dangerous. Extremely large, and who knew what they were thinking? Luckily, I never ran into a mean one. And also, “A boiled potato and a six pack are a seven course meal.” How many columnists can write almost entirely in examples, and eschew the higher reaches of abstraction? Very few, and Lyons is one of our best.

    • Seriously? …And might I add who most of the crybabies are: Liberal minded individuals all around the world. Time for the pendulum to swing to the right.

      • Right? Those liberal crybabies, with their “Whaaaaaah, some people I don’t know want to get married!” And “Boo Hoo! Somebody said Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas!” And ” Sob Sob- They wouldn’t let me take my rifle into the Waffle House!” And “Squeeeeell!! That hussy doesn’t want the government to force her to give birth!” And “**Sniffle** the liberal media didn’t say ‘Islamic Terrorism’ and I had to bake a cake at my bakery, and Republicans got asked mean questions at a debate !!”

        • Thank you! The pendulum has swung so far to the right, it’s stuck in pointing right. I’d be happy just to see it swinging again, which might might clarify why the right wingers are always behind or late!

      • The pendulum has swung so far to the right, it’s stuck in pointing right. I’d be happy just to see it swinging again, which might might clarify why the right wingers are always behind or late!

    • Its a shame the republicans are moronic idiots like my Vietnam War draft-dodging fat slob daddy, who impersonates himself as a military veteran today. I will always vote democrat, and support everything from organized labor to ending global warming, and pro-choice baby!

      • Wow, what a disrespectful beeachl! As tough as my Dad was on me I would never say this about him. I wonder if you have told him this to his face. Guess what you stupid feminist? (I’m a woman so I can call you that) We ARE NOT taking your sheet any more! You seriously need to take this up with your therapist.

      • You have to understand Joe Schmuck. He/she (they claim to be a woman sometimes) is a gender confused person who knows everyone in every situation in every area of the world, so h/s always knows everything. He/she is always correct because they (maybe h/s has multiple personalities) have a Master’s degree and know best. Either that or they just bullshit a lot. I’m going with the latter.

    • But you are Dan M Ketter from Williamsburg VA, a Vietnam era military
      draft dodger who cowardly evaded serving your country with a college
      draft deferment, then couldn’t get hired for a federal job. Other than
      tracking down recalled car parts during your 30-years as a Ford motors
      clerk and a wannabe republican online, are you qualified to answer

  10. ….and it ain’t the Conservatives:

    ‘It’s now clear that progressives, lecturing the rest of us on how we
    ought to live from their bully pulpits in the media, academia and the
    entertainment industry, are terrified of the internet and don’t want to know what we have to say. Well,
    tough. In 2016, it’s time for the counterculture to go to war. Over the
    past year, I’ve seen people from all over the world stand up and fight
    back against the authoritarian, censorious world being built around us.’

    Your welcome:)

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