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Friday, October 28, 2016

5 Conservative Pundits Who Ridiculed And Shamed Tragedy Victims


If there’s one thing conservatives are good at, it’s eschewing “political correctness” (what decent people call “sensitivity, compassion and manners”) and launching scathing attacks on people who have experienced devastating losses in tragic circumstances. And conservative pundits — who have a stranglehold on the public airwaves, despite the “liberal media” myth — have made it their stock in trade to appeal to the basest, cruelest depths of human nature by ridiculing anyone who has suffered… which is dripping red meat to the cold, heartless and unsympathetic masses who make up their audience. All under the guise of “telling it like it is.”

Lately they’ve been having a field day mocking the families of the victims of the mass shooting in Newtown, CT that killed 20 children and six adults this past December. As the president shows these grieving people some humanity — humanity shared by normal people everywhere — conservative commentators sneer and mock both the president and the families, rolling their eyes and wondering why these attention-whores can’t just get over it already.

Here are five of the most shockingly merciless attacks conservatives have perpetrated on people who had already suffered enough.

 AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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  • latebloomingrandma

    Ann Coulter also made fun of the children at Newtown, mocking, in her whiny voice—“oh, the children, the children”—. These children were butchered by war-grade bullets. They would not let the parents in that room. Two different Sundays as i scanned the Sunday shows, George Stephanopolous had Ann Coulter on in a round table. That he could invite that low life on an actual news show, told me he was no longer a serious journalist, and i wrote him off my list. Secondly—all those people outlined in this article, I’m sure, are ardent anti-abortionist people. What a skewed vision of what “pro-life ” means.

    • Lovefacts

      Republicans are only pro-life prior to birth. Once the baby’s born, it’s on its on–no support of any kind if needed, including food stamps, medical care, and a roof over their heads.

      • wesley rasmussen

        Right. Force the babies to be born, and then make sure they end up in poverty. When the kids grow up and ask where their evil fathers are that won’t help support them, Mom will just say “youf daddy is the Republican party in Congress. Love them appropriately.”

        Then they become Democrats.

        Funny thing is, for all the whining about welfare, on a per capita basis, the heaviest welfare burden is in the Red states nationwide…

      • Whatever, lovefarts. Nice to see you regurgitate the same tired empty-headed liberal talking points we’ve heard a million times. Do you guys ever come up with an original thought? The liberal echo machine really needs new material.

        • Lovefacts

          Interesting. I always use the correct name of an individual and political party. I never resort to name-calling, like you did. As my Texan Daddy always said, “You’ve lost the argument the moment you name-call or curse at someone, because it proves you don’t have the facts or logic on your side.” So, Marv, you go right ahead, it just tellls me that you can’t discuss an issue fully because you don’t understand because you don’t LISTEN to any views but your own.

        • Why new material when the same ol’ truth still fits the bill. You need to wake your sociopathic butt up and get yourself to a shrink. No insult, I am serious.

        • I did not know that empathy, compassion and respect for your fellow man was a “liberal talking point.” I was under the impression that those were Christian virtues. The hatard for themselves is apparent on the faces of the GOP hate talkers and I wonder if that is the reason you have no picture, Marv

      • angelsinca

        This just isn’t true. It’s astonishing how the entitlment mentality has infected our society the past 20 years. G’bye self reliance, hello gov’t freebies. At least you haven’t demanded free abortions….yet.

        • Sorry, but as usual, IT IS TRUE. You just do not want it to be true. Big difference! You just have no empathy, much less sympathy for the average person or common decency. As well, these are words these people really said. Why can you not understand?

        • Video and audio tape does not lie. What “entitlement mentality?” You mean children thinking they are entitled to grow up? Shame on them for thinking that our fore fathers really meant “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” I mean really, I know they were in elementary school but how naive can you be. You notice that they put life first? thats because without it nothing means a darn.

  • docb

    The usual white male ignorants and the coat-hanger coulter…Despicable rubbish!

  • JDavidS

    Five of the most ignorant pieces of shit who ever drew a breath… Where’s Palin and her “cross-hairs” when you need them?

  • Regarding Ann Coulter, it’s amazing to me how you can wrap up such evil, vile and ugly hatred in such a pretty shell.

    God help anyone who actually could love this piece of trash.

    • neeceoooo

      But because of the ugly inner person, the shell is distorted and definitely not pretty.

    • debzp

      she has a legit adam’s apple

      • jsimmy

        I’ve been told by sources not cleared to talk on the record her adam’s apple isn’t near as big as her penis.

    • angelsinca

      The hatred is flowing pretty freely here.

      • Yes, you showed up! Truth causes you to writhe in pain.

    • A “shell” with that much evil, is not pretty. It shows through.

  • These people are disgusting and worse because they pretend to be Christian. Hypocrites all. They are vicious, hate filled scum. If they were Christian they would follow Christ’s teachings, not hate. Matthew 19:16-30,Luke 18:18-30, Mark 10:17-31, Luke 14:13.

    They’d be the first in line to persecute him if he came back today.

    • rustacus21

      Notice how, over the last several years, how they’ve stopped talking about religion, Jesus or anything remotely holy or ‘righteous’. ‘Hypocrites’ is about the nicest thing that can be said about conservatives in public forums such as here. THIS is who they’ve ALWAYS been…

      • Hypocrites…like Democrats calling themselves the party of tolerance? They’re joking, right?

        • Give us some facts not sourced to the very right-wingers we are referring to.

      • angelsinca

        Yes, I have noticed. And no, it isn’t because of imagined hypocrisy. The reason ‘they’ have stopped talking about religion is because the progressive left, like a vampire that cowers in the sunlight, can’t bear to have religion mentioned anywhere near our schools, in public places or on the media. You can’t even handle the words Christmas or Easter mentioned without fearing the morality represented.

        • Are those actually pagan holidays stolen by Christians?

          • angelsinca

            Whatever you want to believe, Joey.

        • LAME EXCUSE, religious bigots have no fear when it comes to burdening their fellow man with their malarkey. More likely, the Satan within these people is so stirred up that it has cast off that hypocritical veneer of false piety.

    • angelsinca

      Laura, if you are going to use the bible to support your altruistic demonization of the wealthy, perhaps you could pay particular attention to Mark 10:18 with emphasis on ‘bearing false witness against your neighbor’ or even the coverting of others’ goods. Play by the rules or don’t play at all.

      • Back at you. Why are you here again? You bear false witness on nearly every post. And you have used the Lord’s name in vain by intentionally misinterpreting our meaning AND the meaning of scripture. We are not coveting. We want a FAIR share, we want the rich to have a more (emphasis here) FAIR share, and we want the rich to contribute to society to a FAIR extent. It is not like the rich will ever get a FAIR share. If they did, they would not be RICH! You, for example, covet the paltry “goods” of the poor. How Christian!

        • angelsinca

          Russell, we missed your craziness. Here’s a gift; your very own box of Cocoa Puffs. Now please just sit in the corner and finish weaving your basket. The adults will take care of things.

        • DefendingCommonSense

          Seriously? There is no misinterpretation if you simply read the words instead of trying to “interpret” them (buy yourself a dictionary and look up the definition if necessary). To covet what belongs to someone else is to break one of God’s commandments, plain and simple. What exactly is YOUR fair share of the fruits of MY labor? Who are you, or anyone else, to determine what my fair share is, or what a fair contribution is? For that matter, who are you to decide what constitutes “rich”?

          If I’ve worked hard in school to earn good grades so that I’m given a scholarship, or my parents worked hard to pay for college; or if I’ve worked hard to advance in my career; or if I’ve made smart investments….however I’ve managed to advance to the degree that some liberal points his finger at me and calls me “Rich”, how does any of that equate to your “right” to take money out of MY pocket?

          And these comments ” It is not like the rich will ever get a FAIR share. If they did, they would not be RICH! You, for example, covet the paltry “goods” of the poor” may just be one of the most ignorant phrases I’ve ever read. Nobody is coveting “the paltry goods of the poor”, those with enough intelligence to be conservative would simply like for the poor to stop reaching into our pockets, using the excuse of their misfortune to justify theft. We would like for them to discover the initiative and drive to better their lot in life, whether through more education, harder work, or smarter choices. And the biggest majority of us have no problem offering help to anyone willing to put in the work to better their life, our problem lies with those who believe, as you do, that we somehow OWE it to you, that it’s fair because you think it’s fair.

          Before you take the typical liberal path of accusing me of being uncaring, unfeeling or selfish let me tell you a bit about myself. I was thrown out of my home at the ripe old age of 16, became pregnant and married the father of my soon to be born twins at 17. In spite of being a straight A, honor roll student all through school I didn’t graduate with any scholarships, mainly because I hadn’t applied for any. I was 5 months pregnant when I graduated from HS and had the unrealistic plan of being a stay at home wife and mother. Within 6 months of the birth of my children I came to the realization that not only would I not be able to be the stay at home mom that I had envisioned, I couldn’t even count on my husband to keep a job (it was years before I discovered that I’d married a junky), so I finally broke down and applied for assistance. In addition to a monthly check that allowed me to pay rent and utilities, and food stamps, I was awarded a grant to attend community college and earn an associates degree in the fairly new field of computer programming. We received assistance for just over 2 years, the time it took me to graduate. Within 30 days of graduation I stopped all assistance and accepted full responsibility for supporting myself and my children, (I had divorced the deadbeat by then).

          So, as my story should illustrate, I have NO problem with offering a hand up to those who need it, and believe that nearly all of us will need some help at one time or another in our lives. If, (as in my case) we don’t have family to count on then we must get the help somewhere if we are to survive. My problem is with supporting those who do nothing to improve their lot in life, those who accept assistance and continue popping out babies every year or two to keep that assistance coming or even increase the amount they receive, and more than anything, those who feel as you do, that they are entitled, that my help equates to my “fair” share. When I was on assistance I never felt that I was entitled to it, I always felt as though I was taking advantage and made a vow to myself to become self sufficient as soon as possible, and I’ve spent my entire adult life grateful for the help and the opportunity afforded to me. How many of the so called “poor” today do you think share that sense of gratitude or feel an obligation to become productive members of society? I guarantee that it’s a small fraction of those getting “assistance”.

          As to Christianity, the bible teaches that you should have compassion and care for those less fortunate, but it also teaches that you should “teach a man to fish” so that he can always care for and support himself as opposed to “give a man a fish” which will only help him for that one meal. Conservatives (conservative Christians) don’t begrudge helping those less fortunate or paying their fair share but they believe in accepting personal responsibility and expect the so called poor and downtrodden to do the same (unless they suffer a disability that prevents them from being able to work and contribute to their own support). What’s more, I don’t need some faceless government employee to decide how much of my money is too much for me to keep, or who out there is more entitled to my money than I am.

      • My use of those verses were not from envy though I doubt you could accept that. I use them because of the hypocrisy of hearing what scum the poor are and that they aren’t deserving of anything because they are lazy and useless. According to the New Testament, Christ cared for the poor, the weak, the sick all the outcasts of society. These people claim to be Christian yet hate those Christ cared for. It is hearing people like you that turned me into a Deist.

        • angelsinca

          “It is hearing people like you that turned me into a Deist”

          People normally take responsibility for making such a deeply personal choice. Don’t feel alone; most liberals blame everything on conservatives.

    • Fairtax2012

      I know U Libbys are just filled with rage repent!

  • absolute truthiness

    I would like to add another dimension to the bright and insightful and funny comments by everyone here. First off, these talking heads are just entertainers selling themselves and their ‘product’ to their faithful audiences. Like any celebrity, actor, actress, singer, rockpop, writer, etc they must continuously produce a viable product or message that will be consumed (of course for money, advert bucks, contracts, whatever). Secondly, the true victims of an event like Newtown or 9/11 garner empathy, sympathy, and ‘attention’ from the masses. The audiences of these talking heads desperately want that ‘attention’ (to their own imagined plight). But aren’t getting it because the event didn’t happen to THEM. The audiences are JEALOUS of the true victim’s attention. So the talking heads give ’em what they desire…hatred to quell their jealousy. The audiences can connect their inadequate feelings and are fed more by their enablers, the talking heads. Either way it’s despicable. What a filthy way to make a living. And what a filthy way to be entertained.

    • plc97477

      I think you may be right about that and yes it does make the talking heads and their followers look pretty disgusting.

  • rustacus21

    … as we’ve known for years these ‘creatures’ of conservative monster world are exactly who they are, this should be no surprise to any sane, rational, thinking & feeling person anywhere. What is shocking is that people vote for in Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, etc., for ‘monster’ that are controlled by lobbyists who dictate their blood-thirsty inclinations. Somehow, conservative voters across the nation MUST realize the menace witnessed 2day in Boston is an outpouring of the degenerate sickness that is the Republican & T-bag mismits & that the ‘cleansing’ they’re always speaking of must come by way of we ‘YANKEES’ who INVENTED American Democracy, w/our Liberal/Progressive Constitution that existed (then) here & (NOW) still nowhere else on Earth. If U, American’s, love YOUR nation, it’s up to YOU to ensure to save it from these savages. We have the numbers. If they want war, they must remember, we already KICKED THEIR A@#ES ONCE!!! It’s shaping up like its time again, as they’re only COWARDS that sneak, slither & slime around in the shadows, but can’t meet in open debate OR battle!!! Big talk from little minds means their ‘tribe’ is filled w/fearful, gutless, spineless NOBODY’S!!!

    • You talk about being sane, rational, etc…then you go on the most idiotic incomprehensible rant anyone could imagine. Priceless.

  • katmoondaddy

    Liberal Thought is an oxymoron. This website is proof positive of that.

    • rustacus21

      … hmmm, so we have a couple of conservative comedians (Goble/katmoon) here I see. U talk down on Liberal/Progressives, but what have conservatives contributed to the nation? – EVER? I believe it was Liberal/Progressives who ‘invented’ American Democracy or am I wrong? While we fought conservative, elite supporters of the crown? Then, conservatives didn’t want to obey the laws, as laid out by the Constitution & after some 70 years, decided a Civil War was more preferable than being in compliance. Sound familiar? It should b/c Liberal/Progressives had to save the nation (& our Democracy) in 1865, freeing it from slave-labor institutions. Some 70 years later, U’r ‘cult’ would crash the nation’s & world’s economy (that Wall St speculation thing U guys love so much) & a Liberal/Progressive had to again re-tool society to save our Democracy. Conservatives thought the Civil War was on again (by the 1960’s) & by denying women & non-white their common human rights, Liberal/Progressives again had to set things the way the Constitution ‘commanded’. After Reagan, 2 Bush’s & a poisoned economic & political system later, we’re back to square 1, needing again to re-tool the nation’s institutions & economy. U comedians following all this? We’re very nearly, as a society, back to where we were in 1775, w/the rich & elites owning all the power AND treasure (money, in case that concept is too deep). If we go conservative, the rich will have it locked up. Is that what U want? Now U 2 comedian & the rest of U’r cult BETTER think long & hard about where U’r votes are going in the ’14 Mid Terms, b/c if it’s conservative, well we had 1 civil war already. Those who “don’t think, fight…”. I 4get who said that, but it’s obviously tru, as we saw in Boston yesterday…

  • But it’s important to remember from whom “right wing entertainer/talk show hosts” earn their keep. Big oil is connected to the military industrial complex is connected to Wall Street is connected to the N.R.A., big banks and telecommunications monopolies.. is connected to “Corporations are People” as surely as ‘the wrist bone is connected to the shoulder bone and the shoulder bone is connected to the neck bone’… Rush Limbaugh’s bread and butter depends on his skill at stirring up hatred and fear of democracy and elected government– by the people for the people. He’s no different than a mobster of old or some fly by night snake oil salesman. His role is to do the bidding of all those who benefit when government is weakened to the point that the most corrupt industries — from drug cartels to Monsanto to Murdoch, are writing the rules for all of us. Incidentally, doesn’t it make sense that someone like Limbaugh, who is not exactly of stellar intellect, but clever enough in the sense of P.R… would be the prop used by interests in and outside the U.S. with an interest in undermining democracy and playing Americans against Americans? You need someone who is just dumb enough but with an ego that makes her/him unable to understand her/his limits intellectually,.. to take on the role of “spokesperson” for Mr. and Mrs. middle America who is getting “screwed” financially at every turn whilst the “screwers” are represented by mouthpieces like Limbaugh assuring them that it’s their elected government that’s the enemy.

    • Fairtax2012

      Wacko Bird!

  • Holistic

    A nice article full of hate from the National. The left puts little effort into having a common sense conversation. They mostly just do the usual name calling, demonizing a those who believe get their jollies from it.

    • Yes, it’s full of hate only because it’s pointing out prominent -right- wing pundits.

  • Justin Napolitano

    I think the reason that republicans are against abortion and for guns is that they feel that folks with guns need all of the targets they can get.

  • religion&politics

    Funny how all you lefties on here object to the far right fringe’s hateful rhetoric by employing the exact same hateful rhetoric. Have you listened to yourselves lately? Fighting fire with fire I guess.

    Although I also find it despicable the way that many of the right-wing pundits have approached this issue, especially in their direct disrespect for the Newtown families, using the deaths of these innocent children to push for unrelated gun control is equally despicable.

    If the Obama administration were pushing legislation that would actually have helped to prevent this type of tragedy (remember that Biden is on very recent record stating that the current measures under consideration would not have prevented Sandy Hook), then his approach would make complete sense. However, the right-wingers see him as “standing on the graves” of these kids to suit his own agenda. I don’t believe it myself, but one can certainly see where they are coming from.

  • howa4x

    All of these people make millions doing this so why change. We as thinking people have to hold the advertisers accountable for what these people say in their name by organizing a national boycott of any of their products. It worked when the gays boycotted orange juice during the 70’s to protest anti gay comments by their national spokesperson Anita Bryant. She was removed from the position. Chick a whatever’s CEO just had to recant his anti gay position. We in the blues states have all the money. We are subsidizing the dullards in the red states. That is who these people are preaching to. We need to find out who sponsors of these heartless fools are and tell them their products are not going to be bought, that is how you get action. I looked up who sponsors Rush and told them I’m not buying anything from them anymore. If all of us did that these people would be off the air.

    • Fairtax2012

      Silence those who disagree with you. Somewhere in Libtardia Adolph is smiling!

  • Tyler Anderson

    These mostly pretty ridiculous, but it is certainly possible for sympathy to encourage irrationality, a grieving person may care more than others but may not be in the best position to help with solutions.

  • AtomicData

    At Atomic Data we believe in respectful, civil debate and discourse but Bob Davis crossed the line. Bob’s comments trouble us greatly, and we are in the process of not only addressing the issue with station management but looking for alternative sponsorships.

  • TopView20

    “Absolute truthiness,” thank you for saying what needed most to be said about these sad souls. I am embarrassed that we (America) have not called for their permanent removal from our media: cyberspace and airwaves. In this regard, our American culture has failed our basic principles.

    • Fairtax2012

      Adolph would be so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

    • Another liberal espousing the ending of the first amendment to the constitution. You may only talk if you agree with the left. Can’t get any more Fascist than that. You people reveal your lack of tolerance every time you open your yaps.

  • KatMan

    This five collectively has the intelligence of a P+++ Ant and with each ensuing gasp of the far right we experience another of the last gasps of the republican party. There is nothing remotely amusing about the inablity of this nation to fix the stupid within and now almost half have learned to regurgitate the ignorance of fact these damaged minds spew forth for profit!

  • Eileen Brown

    Don’t believe much of what is printed in the media as it is often skewed to suit an agenda that borders outside of reality.

  • MeJustMe

    In the spirit of their virolent hate, I hope anonymous takes it upon themselves to hak their emails and computer records and steal their ideas, clean out their bank accounts and in Limbaugh’s case post his drug records. Once they are wiped out and their private lives exposed for the world to see then we express the compassion for them that they expressed for others.

  • jokerman

    I wonder what their momas did to them when they were young to make them so mean today?

  • Fairtax2012

    There are some parents of the children who do not support Obama’s gun grab. They were not allowed to speak and give a dissenting opinion. The meaness of the left to use a parents grief to support useless legislation is beyond words.

  • usnavy83

    And the lefts hateful comments? Well, they of course were NOT included. Naturally.

  • I am a republican. Always have been and always will be but I have never in my life followed this train of thought nor will I ever. People who listen to this kind of trash are trash. These idiots are entertainers and their followers are easily entertained. When a person is so bored with life that all they have to do is follow behind these fools eating their droppings life must be pretty much gone down the tube.

  • BH

    Listening to them (the victims) is one thing. Using them for crass Democrat political purposes is another. The talk is about the Newtown victims, but why did Obama not show the same concern for the hundreds of children being killed in Chicago? Is it because it all happened at once? Or was it because mentioning them would not have advanced his political purposes? I don’t see Obama as sympathetic or empathetic, I see him as cold and calculating with an eye toward advancing his own political agenda. (All one has to do is look at how he handled the Libya murders.)

  • And yet no one shoots them or their families. And yet they claim god.