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Thursday, June 21, 2018

5 Conservative Pundits Who Ridiculed And Shamed Tragedy Victims


If there’s one thing conservatives are good at, it’s eschewing “political correctness” (what decent people call “sensitivity, compassion and manners”) and launching scathing attacks on people who have experienced devastating losses in tragic circumstances. And conservative pundits — who have a stranglehold on the public airwaves, despite the “liberal media” myth — have made it their stock in trade to appeal to the basest, cruelest depths of human nature by ridiculing anyone who has suffered… which is dripping red meat to the cold, heartless and unsympathetic masses who make up their audience. All under the guise of “telling it like it is.”

Lately they’ve been having a field day mocking the families of the victims of the mass shooting in Newtown, CT that killed 20 children and six adults this past December. As the president shows these grieving people some humanity — humanity shared by normal people everywhere — conservative commentators sneer and mock both the president and the families, rolling their eyes and wondering why these attention-whores can’t just get over it already.

Here are five of the most shockingly merciless attacks conservatives have perpetrated on people who had already suffered enough.

 AP Photo/Susan Walsh