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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

mission accomplished

American pundits have an unusual profession; it is one of the only careers in which repeated, catastrophic, and humiliating failures seem to do nothing to prevent one from continuing to find work. Just ask Dick Morris.

The media’s tendency to forgive blown predictions and provide airtime and column inches to guests with little to no remaining credibility has become particularly offensive since the Iraq situation rapidly devolved into crisis. Despite the fact that those who made the case for the war helped end thousands of lives and waste trillions of dollars, many of those who have been proven to understand nothing of the country have been welcomed back as “experts” on the disaster.

Here are five of the worst offenders:

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  • FireBaron

    One of the things that always amazed me about Paul Wolfowitz is whenever he spoke, you could NOT see Dick Cheney’s lips move!

    • adler56

      Wolfiwitz is the moron who touted Curveball as a “good” source.
      He was a good source- of misinformation. His bank robbing buddy thought he was going to be president of Iraq- I hope he got his by this time- at least he’s not in the news- Chalabi is the guy I’m talking about.

  • FT66

    There is no one who is expert in something, until and when their work they do produces something fruitful and be recognised by people. We are all experts in one thing or the other because of the paper (certificate) we obtained by learning something without doing anything. These people can call themselves “experts” BUT in the real sense they are not. Take for an example. Karl Rove call him “expert” or rather “the architect”. How can anyone carry that title on his head while those he guided like “W” ended up in failures. Or that time when he claimed that Romney is winning in Ohio while he was really losing. Even to make the matter worse, when he claimed Hillary is brain dead, while being interviewed last night with Unfair & Unbalanced News (Fox News), she has proved to all eyes of all Viewers & Voters, that she is 120% Capable, Physically & Mentally fit. Are these kind of people one should dare to call them “experts”? I once again mean here Karl Rove!

    • Moshulu

      The idiots W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Rice all thought they knew everything when they decided to illegally invade Iraq. Colin Powell, not so much, he went along to save his stars!!

  • adler56

    Feith? Feith had the nerve to voice another worthless opinion? Franks was right he is a dumb phu**.

  • ps0rjl

    If President Obama walked on water Fox News would spin it that Obama can’t swim. Bill Kristol has never seen a war he didn’t like. Of course he never wanted to personally as a young man participate. All the rest got their academic degrees about military science and war while scrupulously avoiding serving in Vietnam or Desert Storm. Check the Chickenhawk database and everyone of them is on it. I only had a BA from college and was a marine during Vietnam but I knew invading Iraq was the wrong thing to do. Now these same men are blaming President Obama for what is happening in Vietnam when Bush was the one who signed the statement of force agreeing to withdraw all troops by January of 2012. Without a new agreement protecting our troops which Maliki refused to signed Obama’s hands were tied. He was forced to withdraw the troops. Doing Vietnam we used to call men like this John Waynes because they were long on talk and short on walk.

  • adler56

    Kristol is another of the girly men that populate the higher rungs of the Republican party- like cheney and rummy and even dumbya.

    • B.

      What exactly is a “girly man” and why is that an insult? Talking like that you probably belong at the top rungs of the Republican party yourself.

  • adler56

    For those who don’t know, the “surge” was a period of large cash payments to the warlords- they were paid to stop killing our troops- and they did- until we stopped giving them suitcases of cash every Friday.

    • FT66

      Can we call it a “BRIBE”? because that is the definition of it. You give money to someone to do something which you can’t do yourself, and it benefits you in the end.

    • billd

      Another definition of a surge is putting in too few troops and instead of saying “oops!” put more troops in. I wish the term was “oh shit” as it would have more meaning.

  • annienoel

    You forgot Dick Cheney! Don’t you wish you could be riding in an elevator with one of these dirt bags and had the chance to tell them what you thought. Sure wish some TV (not journalists) pundit would have the nerve to challenge them.

  • Daniel Jones

    Let it be known that, despite their domination of and ruination of this nation, we have no ruling class..
    ..because they don’t have any.

  • billd

    It’s not only that those 5 got Iraq wrong but that they influenced both houses of congress. Left out Paul Bremer, Cheney who have
    Also recently added their 2 cents. Truly believe there should be civil and criminal consequences to getting soldiers killed for an agenda and wasting taxpayer dollars.

  • JDavidS

    How could they possibly narrow it down to these few idiots? There were so many arm-chair hawks in the GWB administration…and other neocons cheering them on, ready to put everyone else’s ass on the line. Just not theirs. No wonder most of America called them assholes…every time they opened their mouths, shit spewed out.

  • itsfun

    In 2007 then President George Bush after receiving letters from both Hillary and Obama telling him to get out of Iraq, he said if we leave Iraq to early, Iraq will be subject to exactly what is happening now. Maybe George Bush isn’t quite as stupid as many believe.

    • Sand_Cat

      Maybe not. And maybe he got his advice from the tooth fairy. Or maybe god actually did appoint him president. And maybe the world is only 6000 years old, and all the evidence to the contrary was put there by god, or the flying spaghetti monster, or who/whatever.
      One thing we can say for sure is that you are reliably more stupid with every post.

      • itsfun

        Not only are you a jerk, you cannot accept facts when they are presented to you. The speech by President Bush was shown on TV twice today that I saw. You are living in a Obama fantasy world. You actually believe the world is how you want it to be, instead of how it is. The one reliable thing about you is your ignorance and inability to accept the truth. You are becoming as big a joke on here as Obama is to the world.

        • Sand_Cat

          Now, now. Watch that name-calling. Only a true moron like you could sit through a Bush speech twice.
          It’s a shame Bush didn’t apply his amazing foresight to looking at the consequences of his own actions. It would be nice if you – the true repository of “facts” could acknowledge the truth that neither this nor most of the other things that have gone wrong in Iraq would likely have done so had the “decider” used that marvelous brain of his to decide not to kick the hornets’ nest.

          • itsfun

            Just a typical response from you. You are proven wrong again, so you decide to change the subject and continue your name calling. Just amazing how you can have the guts to say something about being called a jerk, when you are the king of name callers. One thing George Bush didn’t do was to declare a war was over without telling the other side like your hero Obama did. You just can’t stand the fact that Obama is a failed president and has a scandal filled administration. I am sure you will defend losing 2 years of email by lying about losing them by a computer crash. Looking forward to seeing more of your lies.

          • Sand_Cat

            Imagine that: being “proven wrong” by two of the biggest liars on the planet: Bush and… well, I leave that to you.

    • johninPCFL

      Seems like GWB was the one who signed the “Status of Forces” agreement in October 2008 that stipulated 12/31/2011 as the date we would be gone. I wonder why McCain would have forgotten that?

      • itsfun

        You’re right he did. All politicians have selective memories.

      • plc97477

        I really think mccain might be well into dementia by now and not remembering much of anything.

  • ExRadioGuy15

    One of the 14 defining characteristics of Fascism is “Supremacy of the Military/Avid Militarism” (spoiler alert, in case you weren’t already aware: the GOP adhere to all 14 of those “DCs” of Fascism).
    Fascist regimes will use the military as pawns to forward their Fascist agenda. The pathetic propaganda campaign the GOP spewed to “justify” the illegal and unnecessary Iraq War shows us how the GOP are Fascists. That war was about just two things: money and oil.
    The fact that these Fascist and psychopathic GOP Cons are now trying to be “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” about the strife in Iraq these days is pathetic. It’s too late, ladies and gentlemen: too many people know the truth about it for your pathetic post-war propaganda campaign to work. STFU

  • Pamby50

    My head hurts just listening to all these nut jobs. They want to go to war, all right. We’ll have uniforms made up for you, give you guns & ammo and let you go fight. And while you’re at it, take your children & grandchildren.

  • dana becker

    It is the media now that is to blame for bringing them back. The media is owned by the very people who like to spread misinformation and this is just more propaganda for them to try and brainwash the stupid people who will fall for this.

  • charles king

    What? pissis me off is these so call people in charge suppose be selling Democracy to the people of Iraq and Korea. I wonder if Bill Kristol, Douglas Feith, John McCain, Judith Miller, Paul Wolfowitz knew that we did not have any Democracy to sell because we as a nation is being governed by (Greedy Capitalistic Pigs, Plutocracts (Commissioners) Do-Nothingiers Republicans and Democracts with MONIES, ETCs. Americans of all shades you better start doing some Critical Thinking about the country’s situation cause the rought necks are out of control. President Obama has been trying to get the American People to do some critical thinking cause he knows he would not have been re-elected if the People had not gave any thought to the problems of our Democracy. I thought that was very smart of him. The VOTE is still Supreme, You know Who? the cowards are, so VOTE their Ass-H**** OUT. Thank You are the magic words with me. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    • plc97477

      You nailed it that time.

  • plc97477

    Mccain will never get over the fact that he lost. He is such a bitter old man.

  • Colorblind

    Seeing all these people being mentioned together makes me even feel a little bit sorry for Bush. He had been duped by these shameless folks and he should know it more than anyone else. That teaches little kids a really valuable lesson: Always listen to your Dad.

  • Maybe these “brilliant men” would like the US to invade Israel. The Israelis really do have “Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

  • For the GOPites –if Dick Cheney and Bush hadn’t lied about
    Weapons of Mass Destruction, the US and the World wouldn’t be in this Iraqi
    situation. Dick Cheney was the leader of the liars about
    Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction. He is the reason the thousands of
    American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraq lives were sacrificed for
    nothing. I hope that Saddam helps torture Cheney in hell (although Saddam might
    have repented). Cheney was also totally wrong about monetary matters – when
    questioned about the Unfunded Illegal War in Iraq he said “Deficits don’t