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Monday, February 20, 2017

How good are Mitt Romney’s recent poll numbers? Republicans even believe them—for now.

Mitt Romney has definitely received an unprecedented boost from the first debate that has erased the boost the president received from the Democratic National Convention and the release of Mitt Romney’s ‘47 percent’ tape.

But the fundamentals of this race have not changed. Mitt Romney is still Romney. The Republican Party is still the Republican Party. And President Obama is still President Obama.

Both campaigns said this race was going to be close and the media has been hoping that would be true. In addition to huge spending from Super PACs and outside groups, Republicans have undertaken a huge effort to stop Democrats from voting in key states. The courts have mostly blocked these efforts, but voters may have been intimidated. We won’t know until Election Day.

What’s clear is that President Obama will probably still be re-elected. Here’s why.

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384 Responses to 5 Reasons President Obama Will Be Re-Elected

  1. Mitt stick this up your yellow nose

    wall street journal 1-9-09
    Per Year-(Rounded)

    Carter—– 2,600,000
    Nixon—– 1,700,000
    Ford——– 745,000
    Ghw Bush– 625,000
    Gw Bush— 375,000


    • Great post, if you look at increase in deficit, you will find that the three Democratic Presidents on your list added less to the deficit than the Republicans. Everything they claim is just the opposite. It is us Democrats who are the more fiscally conservative and produce the most jobs.

      • I thought that tonight watching the VP debate – as well as many times before – There’s a code to understand what republicans are doing. Listen to what they say the democrats are doing. That will tell you what the republicans are doing. Ryan said that attacking the other side is what you do when you don’t have a record you can run on. Romney has been attacking everyone from day one – including the primaries. Ryan didn’t really want to talk much about the R/R plan for anything – he just wanted to lie about Obama/Biden. Thank goodness Joe didn’t let him get away with any of it. He was on hand with the truth and it got out. It may not affect the election, but I sure hope a lot of people were watching.

    • I think Reagan had by himself about 8 milliom and the jobs form Clinton and Carter. Thats how the Federal Government grow to a big fat cow. LOL


    • WHat most people don’t understand is that with the GOP you get nothing at all but the same diatribe and policies that have continued to screw that vast majority of the populace and all in the name of capitalism and freedom. Right….. the freedom that the government and the faceless oligarchs want to continue to have to rape the taxpayer,( ie; the 99% of us) that sink us deeper and deeper into the morass of indebted slavery to these fascist, elitist scumbags who run and own everything. It NEVER ceases to amaze me the oftentimes fairly reasonable people will vote against their own best interest simply because of ideology that fools them into believing something that is inherently untrue. So, beta go ahead, pitch your vote for what you believe, like many of us will. It may behoove you to think for yourself, if you are able, and make a rational decision about what is best for the great majority of us. It probably wouldn’t hurt to think that maybe, just maybe the current president is doing just that, looking out for the greater good as opposed to the same old rhetoric that the GOP spews simply out of fear that when the majority of us finally see the light, their party will fall by the wayside and so will the failed policies of the past. Ignoring the past without learning anything from it will continue to lead us the divisive baloney that keeps the GOP going strong, just what the corporate oligarchy wants, to keep us divided so nothing positive (for the 99%) will ever get done. WHile they reap the rewards and the rest of us get schtupped without so much as a kiss. I do after prefer to be kissed when I am getting screwed.

  3. President Obama is in a position to lose supporters from 2008. I have talked to numerous friends and acquaintances over the past few months, not millions, of course. Some voted for Obama in 2008 and some voted for McCain. While some of the Obama voters say they will vote for Romney this time, not one that voted for McCain have said they will switch to Obama this time. What group of voters that supported McCain will be compelled to vote for Obama in 2012?

  4. Rommey and ryan had better not win or we , the 47% are sc–wed. All his rambling about not increasing taxes is a fraud. If he does away with home morgage interest, student loan interest, changes medicare,,,on on on it will increase taxes, not the rate! You will have a larger net income, the tax rate will be the same, so you pay more.
    As for his “PLAN” to get America moving again, he will tell you after election. Not what honest, open business man, as he says he is, ask you to buy a product, pay for it, then tell you what you bought? Why is it you never know what he is for/against, minute to minute, day by day, week by week.
    Promote wars/conflicts/police actions and not even in office! Oh he dosent comede”, out and say “invade”, “occupy” or take over but listen to his “threats”,”promises”, policy.
    The White house will have to be painted green to make the rommey feel at home

    • Everything you wrote all describes your messiah very well, yet you project that on a man who is NOT president. You do realize, of course, that your messiah has already raised taxes and blaming Romney for it? See your new tax bill come January 1, 2013. Courtesy of your LIAR messiah. He raided medicare for over $500 BILLION dollars to pay for his psycho obamacare. Romney didn’t do that, your god king did.

        • don’t bother reasoning with far lefties. They know NOTHING about economic matters and have the financial IQ of a gnat.

          • You demonstrate that so well with your cogent arguments and stellar logic. Of course, you did overlook the fact that many liberals are quite intelligent about financial and economic matters. In fact, you may want to try the math yourself on the Vulture/Voucher plan for the budget and their ‘free lunch’ tax cuts.

      • Betta, you are just a tad heavy with hyperbole. Why take a few moments to collect your thoughts and try again to explain your views. Messiah and god-king are indications of a personal problem dear.

      • obama is not our god king as u put old nut head romney thinks he will all of well of old that old fart r missing a lot of brain cell REMEMBER it was that old bush that got us in the mess we were in obama has done well except for those dicks in washington the .repugnants dicks that is

        • still four years later you are still blaming Bush for the mess obama got us in. Bush didn’t add 6 trillion to the debt or raise taxes or the unemployment rate. for the first two years in office obama had whatever he wanted at his fingertips because he had a democratic controlled House AND senate. Voters voted inRepublicans to stop the nonsense spending and passing of dumb laws that harmed our economy. You cant keep blaming things on Bush 4 years after he is out of office. You Dumbocrats believe anything your little media feeds you. Get a life and your own thoughts

          • If you want facts, here they are – liberal bias free:
            I’m not sure how you define a majority, but it’s to my factual understanding that the Dems never had a supermajority in the House (the balance at the start of the Congress was 257 – 178, which is a Democratic share of only 59 percent, not 67) and they only had a filibuster-proof majority (including two independents) in the Senate from the time that Al Franken was finally seated (July 7, 2009) until the point that Teddy Kennedy passed away (August 25, 2009). That’s only seven weeks – not two years…
            I will not argue that the debt has risen 6 trillion under Obama; justly noted. But one thing to remember is that Bush’s last budget, with his spending and revenue numbers and with Bush’s signature on the authorizing legislation, was active for Obama’s first year of administration. The national debt by the end of Bush’s term was $10.626 trillion – with the deficit near $1.5 trillion. And as long as that figure didn’t change – then OF COURSE the debt was set to increase by astronomical proportions to over $16 trillion today… This is just simple “arithmetic” as Clinton puts it.
            Now, for anyone to expect the deficit to just evaporate in a time when congress is so divided that it has assumed a worse approval rating than even “switching to communism” (I’m dead serious with that point) – then certainly a reality check is severely needed. What will be needed is a long term plan – and that just won’t do if you want to immediately reduce the debt (can’t reduce debt without first having a surplus; again, simple arithmetic). If you want immediacy, then the quickest way is to raise revenue – AKA raise taxes. Since no one wants that, the former will have to do. So again, the deficit become the issue (it’s projected to be down to $1.3 trillion this year, so I guess that’s a plus; not ideal, but indeed better).
            Furthermore, there are three ways to add to the deficit: reducing revenue, adding spending – or both at once. What we are seeing now is both: the Bush tax cuts gave us historically low revenue counts, and spending in the wars over seas that Obama had trouble ending (the one from Bush in Iraq) also contributed. Therefore, neither party is fully to blame for the problem at hand since BOTH of their policies have contributed together to set the stage for what is now (Republicans being against raising revenue, and Democrats being against cutting spending). There’s no point in playing the blame-game like kindergarteners, so we might as well accept what is now and deal with it. As of now, neither one of these factors (revenue and spending) is more important than the other – and to solve the issue of the deficit (and subsequently the national debt) we will need to utilize BOTH (to both party’s dismays).
            Party politics has been the bane of this country for far too long; demonizing each other is not necessary and only adds to it and the problems it causes – whether from liberals toward conservatives OR vise versa. I’m a liberal – but I don’t listen to just the media for information; there’s a whole slew of it at my fingertips this very moment. As it is with yours.

          • You can keep saying that, but Obama did not have complete control of both House and Senate. These days, it takes 60 to control the filibuster and we all know that there are always Dems who cross the aisle (unlike the current crop of republicans who are pretty much lock-step robots).

            What happened, happened. The fact that four years went by doesn’t put the blame on a new guy. Don’t you get that? Voters REGRET putting republicans in charge of the House. They caused our credit rating to go down, nearly brought the country to a debt crisis with their childish obstinance. Why do you think they enjoy a 7% approval rating in this country? I bet you don’t hear that much on the little media you prefer to be fed by.

            Bush didn’t put his wars on the budget. When Obama did, of course the numbers would look worse, but we couldn’t just suddenly NOT be in the wars Bush got us into. Do you want to talk about nonsense spending? Let’s start with THAT. Not to mention the cost in lives, it cost the treasury untold billions – and I think it was possibly a trillion over the 10 years. And it was for no good reason. If you listen to Romney, he sounds like he would just do more of the same. Talk about dumb? Hello???

          • People are just saying Obama walked into a crisis, and i think he is doing the best he can. We are defintely better than 4 years ago. Now you want another republican to come in and screw it up again. That’s insanity.

          • Who caused that crisis? We should not keep blaming Bush, but I don’t think that’s what people are doing, just reminding you how bad it was when Obama took office. And repeating what Bush did is nuts. And believe me, all Romney wants to do , is go to war with Iran. The joker Ryan all but said it.

          • Well, history is history and you cannot stop blaming Bush for this global financial disaster, nor stop blaming the 30 odd years of Republican policy that started the financial bubble and betting by Wall St. Outsourced manufacturing jobs were replaced by idiots who when asked could not even explain what a credit or derivative swap means simply because even they know they built an industry on pure BS. They have near destroyed the future of our children around the world. Financially, emotionally this is a financial holocaust of global proportions. One can no more absolve Bush by your logic because it was “4 years” ago than one can absolve any other atrocity. I use this metaphor to include Bush going to war illegally in Iraq indebting the US further through that illegal war and Afghanistan where thousands of American and Canadian men and women have lost their lives. He is a war criminal, a fraud and engendered a financial system bent on making obscene amounts of money by betting on everyday people, companies and entire nations to pay back loans they full well knew could not be paid. They made their money betting on that failure. They are criminals and Bush and Cheney war criminals. Were they anything other than American, they would already have been brought before the Hague on charges of Crimes Against Humanity. That is how history will remember them and the Republicanism of greed: you are all far, far away from the party of Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

      • please god send this man back to chicago,,,sure you have paid for lots of votes if all the money spent on these on this election. sure it would help all usa. just think what we could do with the money usa sends to countries these countrys that we give billions…. and they hate us>>>>>>>>>>the budget could be lighter then it is now…wake up america ………

        • I don’t care what you believe or who you are voting for but if you are asking God for help, have respect and capitalize the G. Do you know how to write sentences, they all run together. I can’t even understand what you are saying. You are asking God for something, but can’t even capitalize his name. Just isn’t right. And remember this Mary, God loves us all, even Obama.

      • Betta, you are almost laughable. You have a big problem for sure. What country do you come from? In America we have respect for our President of the United States, even if we disagree.

      • Dear, dear- poor Betta. You seem like a lost child. Please, let me point you in the right direction. I’ve chosen you to share some very enlightening wisdom. But first I have to ask, will the “REAL MITT ROMNEY PLEASE STAND UP”. I know “JUST WHO HE IS”! I’ll let you discover that wisdom for yourself. He’s pretending to be a “CHRISTIAN”. The real truth is, he is not! JUST A FACT -Darlin. However, I’ll let you discover this for yourself. GOOGLE the “Golden Tablets and the Book of Pearls”. These are the false teachings about “OUR” Lord Jesus the Christ”, that the Mormons teach. If Jesus has a Brother named Satan and Mr. Willard can produce the Golden Tablets, (Which its been proven that the tablets don’t even exist) then I’ll vote for him. Until then he’s the true false “Messiah” that the Book Of Revelations warns us of. Now then this is true “Wisdom” for “ALL”. Please take a few minutes and visit Google……

      • You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Get your facts straight before you talk nonsense. Listen to me now, Obama did not raid Medicare the strenghtened it for you. He took the money out of Advantage care which no one needs and put it right back into medicare. Check the facts if you have time. Abviously you do, since you had time to type this crazy nonsense on this page. Prove me wrong after you factchecked me. Another thing are you willing to give up Medicare and Social Security? You must be since you don’t know what is happening.

      • Pinocchio’s nose is growing. The false claim that he ‘raided’ medicare has been thoroughly addressed. To continue with the claim when, by now, you should know better is actually inexcusable. Why are you name-calling ‘messiah?’ Which taxes are you talking about that Obama has raised? I don’t think he can do that on his own. It takes Congressional action. You did know that, didn’t you? There are republicans who will now vote for President Obama because they LIKE the medical coverage they are getting, courtesy of Obamacare. There’s certainly nothing psycho about it. I think you just got caught up in the hate wringer the so-called conservative media put you through. Get out. Get fresh air. See the world for what it really is. You’ll find it refreshing.

      • Ummmmm in case you didn’t know this, Obama is not the Messiah, and when you write Messiah and God , you should always capitalize it. Shame on you. Why don’t you or anyone tell me how Romney will do all he says? Why won’t he tell us? Anyone?

    • if old numnuts romney of course he will destroy our whole country he doesnt even care about it i believe he is just plain out to destroy it i also think he is incohoots with all the terrorist and they r just waiting forhim

    • Hey slick ! Barrack just hit you with a $1,600 dollar a year tax increase ! You been asleep or what ??? OVOMITCARE IS A TAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111

      • Wow. I’ll bet you put a lot of thought into that comment. It must have taken hours to ponder about it and lay out all the arguments and debate the pros and cons of each position. Then of course you would have to evaluate those factors and come to a conclusion based on some kind of sound reasoning. Gee. Such a thoughtful comment.

      • Maybe It would not cost as much, if you cut out the insurance companies. I am a canadian and I thank our government, for giving us the system of healthcare we have. I know they tell you, that we have long waiting lists. When I had my hip replacement I waited 3 WEEKS. My grand-daughter got badly burned, in a fire. After many skin grafts she looks the same as before. We never see a bill. They go directly to the health plan. I know we pay more taxes, but no one will deny us the care we need. All the money goes to health care, and not to some middleman Insurance company. They love for you americans to keep it that way. they are making millions. By the way, we pay an extra $600 a year on our tax return for medical.

        • Brava Mme. Luyten! I too am Canadian and as such, know that the American people are being lied to by the lobbyists for insurance companies. They have been duped into thinking that government medical insurance will cost more, is a “hand out” (we pay through taxes) and that the government will tell you what doctor you can see, what procedures you can follow and whether it’s time to pull the plug on Gramma. Lies, lies, lies. They are 37th in the western world in terms of quality and affordability in healthcare yet think they are no. 1. Sad. The ACA is a transition to universal healthcare and we hope that the President is re-elected so Americans can come into the family of civilized nations who do not worry about healthcare destroying their financial futures.

    • Very well said Hugh. Why is it that he dosn’t tell us exactly how he intends to do these things.? Oh he will tell you, after, pray it dosn’t happen, and I don’t think Romney has a chance, but if he wins, we will all know then. And I’m pretty sure you won’t like it.

    • Romney loves the USA so much, and has five sons. Their family seems to birth expert bullies but none wants to serve in the military. They have to hang arround and bully poor people while enjoying their trust fund. These people have no respect.

    • Like you said he is a business man. You say he is and then you want him to put all his cards on the table. If he did tell you. The big money would not come in because he is going to do what he can to keep his word and he don’t want to offend the people who are giving him money to fight the big Obama Money Machine. But mark my words down he will get this country back on track. And you better be ready to take responsibility for yourself like a Good Patrotic American should. Cut all the spending so the lazy cradle to grave people and all the gravy jobs that Obama hands out for his vote buying are going and you better be ready to climb on board. Because the train will be moving fast. Good Luck. I have already purchased my ticket.

  5. Let Republicans celebrate now that they are leading in polls, but I can assure you all, that I know a lot of Dems when polled they declare they are republicans, and that they will vote for Romney while it is quite the opposite. No one needs to glance at the polls, the numbers of folks who attend rallies to these 2 candidates tell the whole true picture. Come Nov. 6 it will be a surprise of the year 2012.


    All of this nonsense is nothing more than a distraction away from what a loser and failure Obozo has been.


    abcnews dot go dot com/International/attack-benghazi-consulate-unprecedented-state-department-official/story?id=17438780#.UHWBtRXLSSo

    [Replace the dot with a period. they dont allow links on here]




    You people that are supporters of Obozo had better wake up. He has been lying to you and playing you for a fool. This scandle is disgusting. Obozo has blood on his hands and he is lying to you.

    Have a nice day!

    [click image to enlarge and read the quote from Thomas Sowell]

    • More creativity from one of our most consistent psychotics! This is the third article that I’ve seen where you posted this exact same comment.

      Haven’t you any real thoughts? Did someone from Fox (or worse) dictate this to you, and you’re afraid to change it?

      • If you have read it three times now I would think you
        could take some of it in instead of being a hard headed Lib
        that never listens to the FACTS!!!!
        It doesn’t matter how many facts you show the libs
        they don’t listen!!!!!

        • Reading comprehension fail.

          SandCat did not say he/she had read that psychotic screed — he/she only said he/she had seen it.

        • Gee – I’ve heard that somewhere before…. Oh yeah. That is the republican trying to throw off what rightly belongs to them. Who can trust a republican to provide factual information? I don’t. Not. Ever. This is all being investigated and I think it may be good to wait and see how that works out.

          Issa has wasted most of his time in Congress trying to do witch hunts on every possible angle against the Democrats. In some cases, years were spent and came up with a big fat ZEEEE-RO.

          We know who lied to get us into wars that have gone on 10 years. NOW you’re upset? What about the thousands who died in Bush’s so-called “preemptive” war? That’s OK? NOW you’re upset with lying? So you’d vote for Romney? Who can’t wait to take us into ANOTHER war and see thousands MORE die? Romney? Who wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up and slapped him in the face? THAT Romney?

          You must be joking.

    • Thank You —-Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Everything you say is soooo right!!!!

      These Libs wont listen.

      The Islamic people are trained to do anything and say anything to make the IDIOT people believe in them so they can destroy them. All they pray to is ALLAH!!! ALLAH!!!!!!!!
      Islamic believe —DEATH TO ALL AMERICANS—-The Islamic bible is the Quran.
      They are slowly coming to the U.S. to take over!!!
      The President of the United States of America that you alllll Love and have been hypnotized by is an Islamic and pray’s to Allah!!!!

      • You are welcome! I am here to help. 🙂

        Have a nice day!

        “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” ― George Orwell

    • You cannot say that Obama’s lies are a good reason to vote for Romney and keep a straight face. That’s just absurd. I hope they do dig into this as Joe Biden said this evening they would do. I don’t know why Ryan would have voted against funding security for the diplomatic corp if it was of such concern to him. I think ‘just say no’ was his guiding principle which isn’t very smart.

      But who can really take one seriously who calls himself obozo anything?

      • LA… how much of a brain dead moron are you? Do you really believe that Congress votes on security requests every time they are made? Are you that stupid? Come on, you cannot be that dumb. Then again, you’re an Obozo supporter.

        Biden and Obozo are only trying to blame their failures on the Republicans.


        You have been screwed and lied to by your messiah. You Obozo supporters are like battered women… getting beat up and going back again for more. Don’t be a fool.

        Have a nice day!

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” – Joseph Goebbels

        • Um – the entire world media thought it was a protest resulting from, of course, an American idiot defaming Allah in the video. Have you watched it? Perhaps not, but if you do, imagine a Muslim who put our a video about JC in the same context…don’t think you would enjoy it. Back to my point: even in Canada, and to this day, the details of the attack on the US Embassy are not clear and all media reported spontaneous riots across the Arab world in response to the offensive video. Perhaps read outside new sources other than Fox for a more “global” perspective. The Right’s ability to jump to forgone conclusions with no factual back up is truly tiresome.

          • nico… I ordinarily try not to respond to absolutely complete idiots like you, but this one is needed.

            How much of a fool are you to believe that the video had anything to do with this? They new this was a planned and coordinated terror attack as it was happening. The communications to the WH from inside the compound during the attack proves this. The narrative the press begins to get and follow is the narrative that the Obozo regime puts out as the cause of the attack.

            * You would have to be a stone cold moron of massive proportion to ignore that fact that it was the anniversary of 9/11.
            * You would have to be a stone cold moron of massive proportion to not believe Libya’s own leader that said the attack was planned and coordinated on TV just days after it occurred.
            * You would have to be a stone cold moron of massive proportion to still believe that a 2-bit YouTube trailer that had been out since July had anything to do with this.
            * You would have to be so blind and such an Obozo zombie to actually believe the narrative that Obozo put out in the media about the video still has any credibility to this day. You have been played for a fool because you must be a a fool.
            * You would have to be so blind and such an Obozo zombie to actually believe that the Obozo “investigation” is a real investigation, and not recognize that it is a cover up operation.

            I love it how you idiots love to ciricize the source of news when you have no ability to criticize the facts of the news. You think CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC or MSLSD are objective? You must be on crack if you think they are going to do any reporting that could potentially harm Obozo in the public eye. There’s only one TV news source that will be critical of Obozo, and that’s Fox. If you had a brain to think, you would want at least one news source to be critical of political leaders. What the hell is wrong with you? You want a media that only gives you pro-government news? I don’t want pro-Republican news and I don’t want pro-DemonRAT news. News should be skeptical of all politicians of all parties at all times. Unfortunately, the media today, with minor exception, are not observers in this election, but are participants instead working for Obozo.

            By the way, the conclusion that you claim was “jumped to” was, in fact, completely correct. You don’t like it because Mitt Romney showed up your boy who then had to bold-faced LIE to Americans for a month to cover up what really happened, and why the Ambassador was in the most dangerous place in the Middle East with almost no protection. Why was he meeting with the Turkish Ambassador just prior to being attacked? What are they doing with the arms that are being shipped from Libya to Turkey and then to Syria? Where are those arms coming from? Are they US supplied arms we gave to terrorists to overthrow Khaddafi?

            All of those are legitimate questions that only a few investigative journalists have been pursuing as they are stone-walled and prevented from finding out any more information.

            Nico… you must be a young kid in leftist indoctrination camp (called college) with no real world experience or understanding of what is going on. Please don’t be such a fool for the left. There’s still time for you to realize that the world is NOT what the left has been telling you it is. If you get out of school and get a real job where you must provide for yourself, your perspective is likely to evolve. If you go work for the government in some capacity, you’ll never learn and are likely to be doomed to a life of stupidity.

            Here’s to hoping you grow up!

            Have a nice day!

            “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.” – Mark Twain

            “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

            “Democracy extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it. Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number. Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

          • I enjoyed your rebuttal with the exception of what has become typically Right wing language: insults. If you defend free speech, you can defend your point of view without resorting to childish playground bullying tactics. Firstly Sir, I am a Canadian and if you would call our nation socialists then you are an ungrateful bully. Never forget we shed our blood and continue to do so along side our American compatriots so careful with your bluster. We are a social democratic, parliamentary democracy and proud small “L” liberal society. We consider that to be a virtue and so should you. If we are good enough to stand as allies then you should be more respectful. I offer a perspective outside the bubble of American political rhetoric. We have every right to critique because of our lost soldiers and because our economy had to stand up to the Bush debacle, as does the rest of the world.

            How interesting you seem to have inside foreign intelligence information! You must therefore work for the State Department or a diplomatic mission since you seem to be so forceful in your exertion of your “facts”. My news sources are CBC/Radio Canada, CTV, BBC Worldwide, Globe and Mail, La Presse, Reuters…or are we all in the so-called “left-wing” media pocket. In Canada, news is reported, not made up….the likes of “Fox” are not considered news reporters, but political spin and conjecture. CRTC banned them from attempting to create a so-called new network here. We prefer facts, not spin. The facts are that no full conclusion has yet been reached on the incidents in Libya, neither by Canadian foreign investigators (we too have an Embassy there), nor by the State Department. The fact is that the GOP Congress blocked additional funding to beef up security in certain volatile areas, including Libya. Now you scream scandal. Then again, the GOP still have not stood up to the American people and apologized for two illegal wars and a recession that has endangered all our children’s futures. They have no credibility in the eyes of the world and that matters, whether you wish to acknowledge it or not.

            You feel education is the downfall of man: rather ignorance is his downfall. Even Mark Twain, who had no money to go to university, educated himself in libraries, adored science and was granted an Honorary Doctorate from Oxford University. The dichotomy is that you rant against those who are educated, yet have no problem quoting great minds who would have railed against the ignorance and bigotry shown by much of the GOP supporters. You have the right to believe what you wish: that is democracy and I support you in that vein. Spreading lies and insults do not help with your credibility. The loudest bully does not win anymore. Canadian blood and lives lost deserve better than your hubris. You would do well to not assume that a more “liberal” view is an immature one. Our banks did not fail, our housing market had no bubble and we are proud that we place higher value on life, our precious environment and social safety than on corporations and war. You should really take a step back and consider that your comments do nothing to enhance America’s image in the world.

          • What is it with you leftist freaks from Canada coming on here? I know what form of government you have, and frankly, I don’t care. Nor do I care what your image of us is. Really, I don’t. America owes the world NOTHING. The world owes us everything. You have what you have, but we have a Constitutional Republic which is quite different. It is NOT a democracy. Our founders were smart enough to know the difference, thank God. It’s odd listening to a Canadian talk about rights of free speech on the one hand, yet supports a government that does not permit freedom of speech, unless it agrees with them. See the irony here? You won’t find the American government shutting down any business from starting a news agency, no matter what the political perspective is. You can have your government controlled political speech in Canada. I’ll take unfettered and completely free speech any day, even if I disagree with it.

            By the way, I don’t argue against those that are educated, just ignorant, and anyone on the left IS ignorant because the first assumption they make is that people like me that are committed to the principles of freedom, limited government, and fiscal responsibility are NOT educated. Here’s some proof of how stupid you dummies on the left really are. You leftist freaks blame Bush for the wars that were “unpaid for” like it’s a mantra at one those leftist freak group meditation gatherings. But in light of the facts, it’s not true. Here are the facts about Afghanistan from the DoD budgetary numbers:

            Total Cost of Afghan War sinc e 2001 = $557B
            Total spent since Obozo took office in 2009 = $385B


            Here’s some more shocking numbers about Afghan that the media just ignores:

            Total casualties in Afghan war from 2001 to 2008 = 2,638 Americans
            Total casualties in Afghan war from 2009 to 2012 = 14,000 and change


            Here’s some more for you:

            Total dead in Afghan war from 2001 to 2008 = 625 Americans
            Total dead in Afghan war from 2009 to 2012 = 1,474


            You say you like facts and not spin? There you go! Almost all of the spending and all of the death and injury BY A HUGE MARGIN has happened on Obozo’s watch, not Bush’s. But you morons and ignoramuses on the left keep on echoing the most stupid mantras and blaming Bush when nothing that falls from your moron pie hole is even accurate.

            Finally, I do like our Canadian friends and have huge respect for those of your brave men and women that put themselves in harms way. But we are 2 different countries, and I am glad for that. A great idea would be for you guys in Canada to take all of your leftist freaks and socialist supporting knuckleheads from the DemonRAT party and let them move in your country. Us conservative Americans will gladly endure a 1-time tax that will pay for their relocation that one time and for the admin needed to revoke all of their citizenship papers. You can have them. You’ll be batter off with a more free and prosperous America.

            Thanks for the discussion. You have another leftist indoctrination class to go to now dont you, nico?

            Have a nice day!

            “The difference between being stupid and being a fool: A stupid person at least has an idea about their own inadequacies. The fool is oblivious to them, and is more inclined to believe their own fantasies and lies as truth.” – ObozoMustGo

          • Wow – “Finally, I do like our Canadian friends and have huge respect for those of your brave men and women …..” Really? If this is how you treat your friends….Your entire rant is disrespectful and entirely unfounded in calling us names like leftist freaks. You know nothing about Canada, our laws and system and have clearly demonstrated that along with your massive disrespect for our blood shed by your side. Shame on you. News is not a business here: it is a moral and social obligation to report the truth. Free speech is not free when it promotes hate and incites hatred and violence. After interacting with you I am now more convinced than ever my best friend’s life was lost in vane in Afghanistan because of people like you. I am ashamed we are allies: you owe the world nothing? You owe Canada a lot. Remember 911: 30,000 Americans on re-routed planes housed and fed in Canadian homes. Remember Iran under Carter: your Embassy saved by Canadians. You owe Canada and other allies a lot. This is the problem: you feel you owe nothing and the world owes you. All you can do is insult and bully. I’m done but leave you with this: we “leftist freaks” in Canada are respected in the world for being peace keepers and people who build communities. What respect do you have? Your country starts war under false pretenses, but hey…it’s good business despite tens of thousands of lost and destroyed lives. You need to show respect to gain it and you Sir, are not worthy of my friend’s ultimate sacrifice, nor of the thousands of others because you feel we “owe” you something.

          • not all of you Canadians are leftist freaks, just you and your ilk. I have several friends in Canada and they refer to you all as leftist freaks, as well. News IS a business everywhere. Only a leftist freak cannot see that. The difference is that in Canada, some politician has the power to label opposition news and opinions as promoting hatred and violence. That is NOT freedom of speech. That is political control over the opposition through control of the media. There are many American conservatives who are threatened with jail if they speak their opinions on Canadian college campuses. Can you imaging a place where learning and independent thinking are supposed to thrive that political opinions are threatened with jail? Do you see the irony here? You just simply do not get it, do you? I don’t expect you to because you are a stupid leftist freak. Go on your own blogs in Canada and stay the hell out of our politics, you international troll. You are right. I have no respect for you or your leftist freak politics…. you’re a brainwashed moron that believes in Marxist philosophies and ideology. You’d be speaking French all over your country, or German, or Russian if it wasn’t for America protecting your a$$es. And I have tremendous respect for Canadian soldiers that fight side by side with Americans, but lets face the facts: it’s always the Americans at the front lines. I am sorry for your friend’s death. That sucks, even for a leftist freak. 🙁 And you are not building communities, you dope. Only leftist freak thinking believes that nonsense. People who actually go to work everyday and those that risk failure starting businesses are the one’s building communities. Not you bureaucrats that like to take credit for the work of everyone else. Now STFU and go home!!!!

            Have a nice day!

            “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

  7. While I am encourged by this article it will still be up to us to VOTE. Congressman Ryan needs to have his budget hung around his neck till he chokes on it. He needs to be exposed as the fraud that he is. He is no more a “numbers wonk” than I am. The intellectual giant of the Republican party has a BA from Miami University in Oxford, Oh. His only jobs not in the political sphere were at McDonalds and Oscar Meyer. He is currently one of the richest Congressmen because he married well, into Ok oil as a matter of fact.

    Wonk? Intellectual? Please!

      • Jerald, Ryan and Mitt have dropped all the poor and middle class and only promotes the wealthy. This is the Republicans legacy.

        • Hey Einstein:

          When was the last time that you checked into your heroes

          criminal background, (the Moron that currently resides in the

          White House) to observe that he is hooked at the hip to George

          Soros, and if you know anything about Soros, the ex-Nazi

          collaborator in his native Hungary during World War Two whom

          assisted a Nazi enforcer in evicting Jews from their homes and

          confiscating their belongings. And asked after the war, how did

          this affect his psyche, he replied, “I LOVED IT, I WOULD DO IT

          AGAIN.” The Moron that currently resides in the White House, but

          not for long, in cahoots with George Soros, is planning to destroy

          the U.S. and its economy and capitalism as we know it. In addition,

          Soros is a Socialist while the Moron is a Communist and a Marxist

          and both maintain the idea that the government should maintain

          the responsibility for its citizens, from the cradle to the grave,

          which will ensure eventually, a government dependency of the

          masses to carry out the theme expressed in the 1949 novel, “1984,”

          written by George Orwell that depicts the complete loss of individual

          freedoms and that “BIG BROTHER (the government) is watching

          over you, even in the bedroom. Therefore, you need to to do the

          research concerning your hero and George Soros and realize that

          Soros is running the government through his “THE NEW WORLD

          ORDER,” and “THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT.” You do not believe

          that the Moron is smart enough to be president, do you? What

          Black that you have ever met, maintained the smarts to become

          POTUS. Therefore do yourself a favor and the U.S., and vote for

          Mitt Romney. The Moron is a closet Muslim and does not maintain

          the interest of the United States, but rather, he maintains the

          interest of his hero, “ALLAH.”

          • This is the most rational, fact-based, and intellectually sound response I have read online in years…. NOT! I would be laughing harder after reading your little conspiracy theory rant, but I’m too saddened by the fact that there are so many sheep like you out there who have bought into every wacko theory that the far-FAR Right has put out there during the last four years, too. Have you tried independent thinking? It’s amazing how liberating thinking for yourself is. And who is it that taught you to hate so deeply? Your parents? Your friends? Your pastor? Because none of us are born with such hatred in their heart. How very sad. People like you are NOT what makes our country great. Out country is great IN SPITE of people like you.

          • and you Meredith are a tool.
            Our country was great until Obama started forcing me to kill babies by giving my tax money to Planned Parenthood.
            After signing an executive order to prevent it.
            Is that a conspiracy too?
            How about Fast and Furious – was that a conspiracy? How about the Libya terror attack – and the deceipt that followed – was that a conspiracy?
            How about bowing to the Middle East and ignoring Israel – is that a conspiracy?
            How about attending only 50% of scheduled briefings – is that a conspiracy – or just laziness?
            How about robbing America of its own energy production – is that a conspiracy?
            Or Solyndra, GM, Chrysler, student loans…isnt that MARXIST – or at least crony capitalism?
            Do you really think you will get to keep your doctor? Or medical expenses will go down? or your taxes wont go up? cost of living (energy) will stabilize?
            Its sad that so many uninformed people go walking around making fun of people who disagree with this president.
            Meredith you are a traitor and a disgrace to this country.
            Thanks for sharing.
            Jim Jones and Obama – SAME CULT FOLLOWING!

          • Wow, how smart you think you are. Now tell us , and if you say nothing , then we know you don’t what you’re talking about. Tell us, what is Romney going to do about the mess the Republicans put us in, and how is he going to do it. Because Romney sure as hell won’t tell us. I was a republican until a short while ago. The statement Romney said about almost half the nation he believes, it’s obvious because he didn
            t know he was being taped. When Bill Clinton left office we had a surplus, now how did Obama put us in the mess we are in. I think it was a republican who put us in this mess. You are one scary person. Get the facts.

          • Why don’t you get the facts. It doesn’t matter if the 47% statement came out or not. It’s a fact, courtesy of this administration. What Romney should have said is that he want to reverse that upward-moving % that Obama has in large part created by his failed economic policies. The Pres has ranted incessantly that Romney’s 5 point plan won’t work. The President hasn’t come out with one of his own. I wonder why? Because it’s the same old crapola of the last 4 years. Over 5 trillion that the young people will be on the hook for when it comes due 10, 15, 20, 25 years down the road, courtesy of their rockstar president. Yes, Bush was just as bad. But,you must be living in an alternate universe if you think this Pres knows what’s best for the nation — other than redistributing wealth and demonizing business job creators.

          • You have bested the world’s record for an incoherent fringe-right rant, despite close competition from Dennis Habern. How about that?

          • Can you explain to me exactly how my comment is treasonous? (I’ll accept the disgraceful label as your opinion.) But I would like to hear from you how engaging in civil discourse is treasonous. Please support your opinion with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I anxiously await your answer. (If you have time, I would also like to know how calling someone a “nigger” improves our culture, country, and democracy, since you seem to have a pretty clear idea of how things are and how they ought to be. Is “nigger” a term that you would like to see used more often in society? If you are able to not give such a rage-filled response, I really do want to try to understand what your vision for America is.

          • Meredith Smith,

            I get to my feet and salute, in awed respect for your attempt at rational, fact-based dialogue (as befits a democracy) engaging the Tea Party crazies. I hope it will work. I do not expect it to.

            It did not work with the Nazis in Germany whose hate-filled, war-mongering beliefs’ archaic social agenda; and delusional belief system were very similar to those of today’s American far-right.

          • You don’t even know what the TEA PARTY is for. All that other bull S… you wrote. You people are so original. Someone from the TEA PARTY has 3 points of view. No handouts/subsidies to the lazy and people who will not help themself and no handouts/subsidies to the Rich also and inturn you keep the government on BUDGET. 6,OOO,OOO,OOO,OOO Trillion over budget. I bet you think money grows on trees. Maybe you do live on another planet. Are do you just like all the free handouts or like getting payed to hand them out. Only you know. Still LOL.

          • MISTER PIED PIER?

            You’ve got our attention already!!! What is your point(???) Are You A Hater of President Obama’s Skin Color(?)!’ ***OR*** Are You Part Of The “Tea Party” Hiding Behind The “Old KKK”(???)….

            I Say Both. ***AND***You ARE NOT (A):
            1). Christian…
            2). A “True Child of Jesus Christ…
            3). A Faithful Friend of Friends or A Loyal Son to your Parents?
            4). Are not a Person of TRUE CONVICTION!!! For Yourself or “OTHERS” you sit on the fence of “Indecision”!!! You Are A Lost Soul-“STILL REEKING HAVOC”… You Haven’t ANY PEACE…
            ?). Please Wake Up My Friend. Get A Grip On Reality Before Reality “GETS A GRIP UP ON YOU” … (70×7) (ttt)…….

          • What is my point? You sound like all the other Liberals when Mitt Romney told everyone his 5 point plan for the last 3 months and they still want to know his plan. If you get 10 to 12 million people working you have more Fed. tax money coming in and then you have sales tax in the states with that money. You can use that money and hire your teachers. And you write all that Bull S……. about who I am just because you are too stupid to figure how economics work or you really do know you just want the hand-outs or just want one of the Gravy Jobs untill you die and to hell with the other 270 million people in this country. You sir are not ignorant you sir are stupid and you know where stupid comes from the Bible says you are so LAZY that you act STUPID too try and cover up the fact that you are THAT LAZY because the definition of stupid is you know better but you don’t want to do the right thing because you rather act stupid then get off your LAZY ass….UNDERSTAND…DID YOU GET MY POINT?

          • Everybody with a different view hates. How original. You are on the side with someone breaking the Constitution. Guilty of association. You don’t even know or don’t care.

          • Please read Mr. Habern’s post again and convince me that it is not a hate-filled, emotional, off-balance response. I absolutely do not claim that anyone with a different opinion than mine is a hater. Quite the opposite. I LOVE to discuss politics and public policy with people who have different and opposing viewpoints as my own; and as long as they are as respectful to me and make an honest effort to listen as much as they talk, I believe that it is constructive, civil discourse that benefits our society. Conversely, in my opinion, hate-filled, racist, jingoistic speech, while protected by the First Amendment which cannot and should not be prohibited in the public square, does not build up our democracy but cheapens it and does very little, if anything, to improve our political process or our lives. Just because someone shouts louder does not make him/her right.

          • Look for my response. Starting with. Well if you go back to the other responses that were written. I wrote in the response box and not to you and I am not rewriting it.

          • Hysteria, lies, deceptions — what rock do they find these crazy people under??

            Are they maybe from a different planet from the one I live on seven days a week ? Maybe the Mormons’ Planet Kolob ?? But that one is of course imaginary; delusional.

          • Separation of Church and State, Roe v. Wade guaranteed a woman’s right to choose: President Obama has not taken away anything. Freedom of choice, civil rights, universal healthcare, accessible education, hate laws, gay marriage and full rights guaranteed under a Constitution…these sir are the hallmarks of a civilized society. What are not the hallmarks of a civilized society are 2 illegal wars, deregulation and ponzi schemes of Wall St., outsourcing military contracts to corporations above the law, wire tapping American citizens, calling universal healthcare an “entitlement”, imposing your beliefs on the rest of the world when you cannot live up to them at home. The only reason any of us who are not American take an interest is because the Republicans under Bush have near destroyed our children’s futures and sent our brave sons and daughters to their deaths in supporting a so-called ally in illegal war. The rights I mention above are the realities of life in a modern, democratic and civilized society: Canada. The blood shed following the war criminals Bush and Cheney: Canadian. America has been hijacked by a dark underbelly of society, ignorant of the world as they home-school their children into intellectual oblivion. Each and every point you bring up is an untruth…not a glimmer of fact in any one of them. You are blinded by racism, ignorance and a deep-seated need for instant gratification. Eight years of the Bush debacle and the abyss W dug was so deep your President has pulled you up and away and now, if given 4 more years, he will continue the growth. Having said that, stop thinking he can control the price of gas and Arab Spring. Stop thinking you control the world. This is part of the Great American Lie. Your country starts wars it cannot finish successfully and has cost the nation its bravest flower of youth since Vietnam:the youth of your nation and mine. Enough. The world is getting fed up with bluster and baloney spewed forth from the Right. You have no moral leadership in the world: Bush saw to that.


          • If you have time, I would like to know how calling someone a “nigger” improves our culture, country, and democracy, since you seem to have a pretty clear idea of how things are and how they ought to be. Is “nigger” a term that you would like to see used more often in society? Why?

          • Some “Christian”, huh ??

            Never mind. The mortality data show that his demographic group (ignorant, bigoted whites who never finished high school) has lost 4 years of life expectancy since 1990 — mostly due to drink, smoking, junk food, no exercise, and ignorance of health matters.

          • You go Donald. You should stand up as a proud Republican and state your case using exactly the words you used in your last post. Nope, it wouldn’t offend anyone. People will admire your honesty.

          • And here we have the flowering intelligence of American Right Wing Radicalism, racism, hatred, ignorance and what it means to be a true Christian in their delusional world. As a Canadian, I find your words sir as offensive to the entire world. Your rabid hatred and racist profile show clearly in a fully capitalized rant. America is a myth: you have clearly demonstrated what the Founding Fathers sought to eliminate, but obviously did not succeed. You also have no concept of Christianity based on JC’s teachings of love and acceptance. You would have done well during the 15th century and relished the Inquisition no doubt. Either way, people like you make me ashamed to share the same continent. Although I support free speech, this is pure hate, not freedom of speech. Your comments are a disgrace to the essence of American democracy, the notion of equality, to the very nature of Christianity and as a human being.

          • I am ashamed that it is people like Mr. Thomas, Jr. who the rest of the world hears and thus the rest of the world assumes his attributes apply to the rest of us Americans. Unfortunately, President Obama is a minority race president who didn’t grow up in a white-bread America environment and instead has a larger global view of the United States’ responsibility as one of MANY among a brother/sisterhood of countries. As a result, all the blood-thirsty racists and hate-mongers have become emboldened and validated by appointing themselves as “protectors” of an America that only exists in their imagination. Their rallying cry is, “Take back our country!” Is this how a great democracy ends? There’s so much hatred, intolerance, and demagoguery here that I’m glad my grandparents aren’t alive today to witness it. What a sad time for our country. In our history, we’ve had many vicious presidential elections (John Quincy Adams suggested that Andrew Jackson was a canibal!), but our country has not been as torn apart since the election of Abraham Lincoln that precipitated the secession of the South to preserve their way of life. Didn’t we used to be the example that other countries aspired to?

          • We know better than to assume it is all Americans, but the extreme Right has hijacked American politics, both domestic and foreign. The world used to look to America, but that was in the aftermath of WW2. Since then, America in truth has done little that is truly altruistic: its all about what you will get out of it…sorry, but that is how things have gone since the ’50s. In an effort to increase the American sphere of influence in the world, your country has become a bully no less annoying than the old Soviet Union for imposing your “ideals” on the world. In the end, those ideals have become little more than meager justification to enrich your nation in oil or dominate hemispherical political discourse. As with all “empires” there is an expiration date. The GOP is the bully party of empire, of corporations and of keeping as much of the American people as dumbed down as possible. They have succeeded in making a large number of Americans believe that social justice, being a good global partner and civil rights are dirty words and anti-American. We are however hopeful there are enough Americans who see through the ruse and that President Obama will be swept to victory: otherwise, we are all in deep trouble.

          • Wow, Donald, some major opinionated spewing. Feeling angry and taking it out on minorities/different religious beliefs/common sense world that you got your soother/nipple pulled out too early? Or is it that you had to go through life being a junior?

          • Have you tried independent research into “the shadow government” and “the new world order”. You might change your mind from theory to fact. It is not a right wing theory. Neither right or left will do any good anymore due to “the shadow government”. But those unwilling to test theories never come to a conclusion, just like in a University science class, you get an “F”.

          • You are right when you say that “the shadow government” and “the new world order” are “not a right wing theory”. A theory is a rational construct based on factual evidence. The “shadow government” and “the new world order” are “not a right wing theory”, or and kind of theory. They are a sick far-right delusion.

          • I agree partially. For what reason have various politicians, POTUS included, been on TV (the all too familiar propaganda tool), and spoke of “a new world order” as being necessary? Not just US politicians, but from around the world. Besides, there are many other forms of information out there. But each individual is left to make up his/her own mind on the subject.

          • completely agree with meredith. stunned to read such bigoted commentry and am not even an obama fan. in fact am not an american or living in america. Think the USA is a great country inspite of pathetic people like the above who come across pretty dumb and moronic. To speak about your President who funnily has pretty high popularity ratings around the world and has been criticised within the USA as being too intellectual and professorial, in the bigoted manner that you do and disrespecteful at that, frankly is offensive and there are countries in the world where you’d be behind bars for doing that. Be thankful you got your freedom of speech because you certainly abuse it

          • You say ” hatred in our hearts” We get this hatred from reputation, actions, acquaintances and bowing to infidels. I bet you have taken your share of AMERICAS good fortune? Now you wish to kick it into the gutter of muslim, allah and a belief in rocking people to death, no freedom for women. Any one could go on and on about the crappy muslim life styles and beliefs. If AMERICA is so bad, why do you not get the hell out here and set up a liberal den in, say, bagdad? Dennis H. knows some dangers for AMERICA. soros is one of the dirtiest, nastiest bastards ever born. Anyone partying with him should leave AMERICA or be hung.

          • It’s simpler Meredith. Anyone who calls another person a moron, when it is perfectly clear that they simply espouse a different set of political beliefs, should not be taken seriously and is certainly ill-mannered.

          • I find it really sad that even thought our nation has gone through some of the WORST changes since I was born there are still those who think if 0bama is going to save them, Meridith, are you a poor working single mom? because I can tell you this, aside from handing out foodstamps (that don’t really cover the cost of food anymore) 0bama has done NOTHING for us!!! GAS prices over the moon, heating oil..OMG…I just got a 600 dollar bill and I only got half a tank!!(praying that lasts until Christmas) but that is what 0bama promised us in “08” I wish I had listened to what he was promising with “hope and change” then ….because what I have to live with today SUCKS…

          • Let’s say he is a Muslim and praises “ALLAH”. What’s wrong with that?
            That’s why we live in the good old USA..
            Our freedom of religion to worship whoever we please and freedom of speech to say even the dumbest things possible.
            The latter being one freedom you seem to exercise quite well.

          • its only wrong because he denies it.
            The manchild is a profligate liar. You cant believe a single word out of his mouth.
            All you need to do is look at his wedding ring – “There is no God but Allah” But – looks like the MSM missed that too…

          • Wow. I didn’t know that is what is inscribed on his wedding ring. What is your source of information? Has it been impartially confirmed? Not quite clear what “MSM” means…

          • Oh my! Your train of thought is so scary. You can’t be serious! My eyes are crossed from just reading most of your response, but “his hero, Allah.” is what caught my eye! Obama is a well known Christian. Or do you not remember the ridicule he faced when his ex-pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright kept coming with his agressive messages; which kept biting Obama in 2008; which also included the assertion that the United States brought on the 9/11 attacks with its own “terrorism?”

          • George Soros in Wiki..

            Between 1979 and 2011, Soros gave away over $8 billion to human rights, public health, and education causes. He played a significant role in the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Hungary (1984–89),[7] and provided Europe’s largest higher education endowment to Central European University in Budapest.[9] Soros is also the chairman of the Open Society Institute.

          • Soros gave 8 billion to human rights. Obama gave 6 trillion in 4 years to someone, who knows where that money went. Hay Soros did a measley 8 billion come from Obama as payback for all the money you donated to the Obama Campaign. Just wondering…..Obama should of rid the USA of poverty with 6 trilloion. But 2 trillion went to pay for the votes the local state governments bought with the lies about the penions and benefits they would recieve and who knows where the other 4 Trillion went. And George B. in 8 years 1 Trillion to our security. 1 T. to seniors prescriptions/medicine and about 2 T. to the tax cuts for the whole nation. We at least know where that money was spent. THE END

          • Billy Graham’s son, Franklin Graham, was just being interviewed by Pier Morgan on CNN. Pier asked Franklin if Mitt is a christian and he refused to answer whether Mitt is a christian, instead, he said he is not voting for a preacher n chief but a leader to get us out of this “mess”. What mess? President Obama has been fixing the real mess that he inherited. Franklin Graham continued to say Mitt believes as he does and as his faith teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman, that abortion should be abolished well aren’t these topic based on his faith then is he not voting for a preacher n chief? Why doesn’t anyone including Evangelicals want to stand with the Word of God. “…If any man preaches any 0ther gospel than that ye have received let that one be accursed” Galatians 1:8-11. Will the christian people sit by and vote for someone who practices a lie and believe a lie? Where are the true Christians. God gave us choices he said “choose this day…” God says “this is the way walk therein” God gave us choices putting our belief on others is not biblical. Voting for someone who has a complete teaching opposite to the Word of God tells me that you need to be saved. The Word of God said we must not add to the Word nor take away; adding Joseph Smith is completely distorting the Word of God. Lets have a conversation about the different Faiths; Christians, Mormons and Muslim.

          • IbelieveGod (most christians walk in unbelief)
            You said, “God says, ‘this is the way, walk therein’. God gave us choices, putting our belief on others is not biblical.” I beg to differ.
            – Walking in His ways involves following His Commandments, for Yeshua/Jesus was the Torah made manifest and He himself said that He did not come to abolish the Torah but to complete it (put the final touches to it, mercy,grace etc.). True Believers will follow God the Father’s way. For Yeshua is the son of the Father and only spoke what His Father told him to speak. John 14:23-25 in fact read all of John 14 and 17. Yeshua also said, “Your (Father/God’s) Word is Truth” = Torah. Matt 21: 33-38 Father (God) sent His Son and said, “My Son they will respect”. Instead he was beaten and killed.
            – Also, “would christian people sit by and vote for someone who practices a lie and believes a lie?’ They most certainly would. 2 Thess 2: 9-12, ….When this man who avoids Torah comes, the Adversary will give him the power to work all kinds of false miracles, signs and wonders. He will enable him to deceive, in all kinds of wicked ways, those who are headed for destruction because… they would not receive the “love of the truth” that could have saved them. This is why God is causing them to go astray, so that they will believe the Lie. They will, because christians have believed the lies which have been handed down to them for centuries. Do some research, be like the Bereans searching out all things. Dig deep into “church” history and the so called “Church Fathers”, Constantine, etc. and see what you find.
            – Joshua said, “choose this day whom you will serve” – meaning – the “God of Israel” or the god’s of the nations. Your Choice.
            – In Deut 30: 19-20, “I call on heaven and earth to witness against you today that I have presented you with life and death, the blessing and the curse. Therefore, choose life, so that you will live, you and your descendants, loving ADONAI your God, paying attention to what he says and clinging to him — for that is the purpose of your life!
            – “putting our belief on others is not Biblical”……What did Yeshua say? Matt 28: 19-20, “Go and makepeople from ALL nations into talmidim/disciples, immersing them into the reality of the Father, the Son and the Ruach HaKodesh/Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything that I have commanded you. (everything the Father has told me to say)
            – In saying “Let’s have a cinversation about the different Faiths”, you have left out/forgotten the most important “Faith”, the faith that gave christians their Bible – the “Jewish” faith, faith in the God of Israel (Israel, which we as Believers are grafted into by the way) the others only have a portion thereof.
            With Elohim/God all are part of His creation, there is no distinction with Him. He chose one nation above the rest, yes, but we all have the opportunity to become one with His people. It is Our Choice whether we do so or not.
            So if you Really want to vote for someone/something – Vote for the “Truth”

          • Let me try to write this. Because you are all over the place. What mess was the first thing you said that let me know whatever you wrote after was going to be off the wall. The question that you said was asked, Franklin Graham answered it about what Romney believed in his faith and that wasn’t good enough. He said he was voting to get us out of this mess and then said what Romney’s faith was about the same as the bible. And that was not good enough. And then you go on and on and on about what the bible says and somehow that goes against Romney and then you have the nerve to talk about the lies. But you can’t bring yourself to compare the difference between Christainity and the Muslim faith. What a Liberal Agenda. How original.

          • You’re a sick, twisted man brainwashed by the Tea Party and all the other lies they want people like you to believe. You are proof that Republicans live on lies, hate and do nothing to promote America. Your kind is what makes this country hated around the world.

          • Dennis Habern, It must be that you did not take a second read of your article, because I’m sure that even someone as stupid as you are would have realised how stupid you were to have written such garbage if you had read it a second time. I could see you now, after reading your crap a second time, looking at yourself in the mirror and saying; hey you there, yes you in the mirror, I never knew you were so bloody stupid.

          • Allah what about the morons baptizing their dead and all the wives he would have been allow to take to the white house. (BIG LOVE). Wife swamping must be your thing. The world didn’t fall for the fraud and lies did they, plus can never get a straight answer only crap…..GET a life. You probably are barely making it and supporting Dummy Mitt at that, so that the rich can get richer. WAKE UP.

          • Dennis your right!
            To All of you who are thinking of voting for Obama NOVEMBER 6th you should read or watch the books and DVD’s that are out? Books like “Fool Me Twice Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed “and “The Amateur”and “Red Army” and “No Easy Day” and Gangster Government and the NEW Movie 2016: Obama’s America , all these people can’t be wrong about the most radical President in our history. His motto is to LEAD FROM BEHIND? Who leads from behind and calls themselves a leader? I’ll take my chances with a New Leader over what we have had the last 4 years! I didn’t Vote for him the first time and I’m not Voting for him the second time and I’m a Democrat,have been all my life.

          • your momma should’ve given you that pony when you were 4! the world isn’t responsible for your traumatic childhood disappointment

          • Oh. My. Goodness. Dennis Habern. You were obviously dropped on your head as a infant because your brain does not function properly. Poor guy. What have you accomplished in your life that makes you qualified to call Obama a ‘moron’? Or are you simply ignorant and wish to exercise your right to free speech? You resent Obama because of his intellect and achievements…… a bigot, and a dumb bigot at that, that is your right. But I have news for you Dennis Habern, he is smarter than you could ever hope to be. Every time you see him on the television, I bet it gets to you to see Obama holding court as the most powerful man in the world. Enjoy it. It’s just the medicine a moron like yourself needs.

          • Takes one to know one, Einstein. Got any other names for him? Or is the guvmint holding your brain down, too? Sorry, that thing in your head you call a mind. No, not the microchip. The smaller thing. Yeah … quit poking it! You’ll break it * D’oh Now you gone dunnit. I hope you kept the receipt! =)

          • @ Dennis Habern…sounds like your have been watching a little too much Star Trek and Faux News or forgot to take your medicine….lol. I’ll bet you go around claiming to your friends that you know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried and that you had coffee with Elvis last week. Get a grip and examine yourself to determine where your “hate and conspiracy theories” are really coming from. Obama/Biden 2012!!!

          • Dennis, I’m curious when Soros exactly collaborated with the Nazis. He was born in 1931 so when the war broke out, he was 8 and when the war finished he was 13. How exactly did 8,9,10, 11, 12 or 13 year old Soros betray anyone? Was he a Nazi officer at 8?

            Before you call the inhabitant of the White House a moron, you should take a look in a mirror.

          • two words for you, racist and a fanatic. its you to a T if your rhetoric is anything to go off of. Allah is God, retard. all religion is stupid but at least know your religion before you start spewing hatred and ignorance, you are SO republican and the reason the black guy will win. I hope you kill yourself on 11/07/2012

          • The liberal bias here is very annoying.

            Miami University is actually an excellent university which has recently boasted an economics program and undergraduate teaching staff 3rd in the country behind Princeton and Dartmouth… So saying he has a degree from Miami in economics I would argue is actually quite a positive.

            The unemployment rate in question which is now under 8% is still rather miserable all in all. There are actually less people employed today according to the US Census Bureau than there were when the president took office. There are also 8 million more people living in the United States today (legally) than there were in 2008. Granted employment has slowly begun accelerating over the past few months which is finally a good sign to the recovery of the economy, and for college students like myself. The job creation; however, cannot be used as the primary causation of the unemployment rate declining due to the slow job growth. Instead, the denominator being used has shrunk, meaning the number of Americans actively seeking employment has declined which is arguably a sign that we are not headed in the right direction.

            As to Romney/Ryan’s proposal of tax cuts and the specifics of their plan, it’s disappointing and annoying to know nothing about what their policy will be. Romney has one more chance to make that clear to us in the final debate. Also it should be noted that Obama has adopted a fair amount of President George W. Bush’s policies including his tax cuts during his term. He may very well continue using them in the future.

            Another thing to note is that both candidates have received more funding from Wall Street than any other candidate in the history of our country. So for anyone who says Obama is a champion of the people and Romney is a champion of the 1%ers, you may want to take a look at where their funding is coming from and what those perspectives may well be.

          • Awesome! Thank you Dennis! These Obama-ites are ignorant, I especially like the statement from idiot Michael above “would blow up the deficit (steadily coming under control with Obama) ” WTF? Where did this loser get that info,lol

          • Hey Dr Feel Good, you seem to be a biggest Bigot of all. I hlooking at you’re posts just to get a laugh at how stupid u r. U must a drug dealer who votes to not legalize them. Just so U can get you’re cash by robbing just like Romney. Do us a favor and Shut Up. If Romney is not like Bush why is Condi Rice doing out there with the Romney folks? I have served in war but none of the Romneys or Ryan ever served. I guess u think its better for a bunch of chiken shits become you’re president


          • Not that your insane comment merits an answer, but here goes: George Soros was 9 years old at the outbreak of WW2 and 13 years old when the Nazis occupied Budapest. He is a Jew. So your timeline is way off as your facts. Socialism and Communism are the sworn mortal enemies of Nazism: historical and political ideological fact. National Socialism (Nazism) is an extreme right wing ideology based on intense nationalism and race purity. Socialism is a left wing ideology whereas Communism is not a political ideology, but an economic one. Islam is anathema to all of the above. Pick one and stick to it in your fantasy world…one cannot be “all of the above”. Oh, and it is “President Obama”. Your post is as offensive as it is ignorant. Racists who manipulate soundbites and words they have heard in their lives to frame their hatred in a manner that appeals to the underbelly of American ignorance and racial hatred with no basis in reality, historical fact or even common sense are what is wrong with America. Shameful, disgraceful and unacceptable in a so-called democratic society. You would do well to educate yourself, or seek therapy.

          • Hey, Dennis,

            I believe your an old man, probably with insomnia, with nothing better to do but lie and makeup old untruthful stories about our country’s great leader. Obama 2012!

          • All anyone has to do to know that D. Habern has completely invented this information in his mind is google some basic biographical info on George Soros. First of all, he’s Jewish. When he was 14 in 1944, he got a job with the “Jewish Council”, which was really just the front for some Nazi organization who was trying to round up Jews for deportation. They gave him notes to deliver to other Jewish people asking them to report to a “Jewish rabbi seminary” the next day. Luckily, he showed them to his father, who realized what they were. His father told George to deliver the letters, but to warn the people that if they showed up to the meeting they would be deported.

            A more intelligent person would have questioned Soros’ past actions in the currency and stock markets. Soros lived and got his degree in London, and began making his reputation as a ruthless and wildly successful speculator on the free market. Thus, he is a confirmed capitalist (not a socialist), and was even convicted by French courts of insider trading

            In more recent years, he has shown more redeeming activities, such as donating to education and science around the world, joining the fight to end poverty in Africa, and helping his native Hungary to transform from a communist to capitalist society.

            D. Habern’s post is an uninformed, racist RANT and LIE. The man is inventing stories to delude himself and others like him.

          • HOw about those who can vent because they are obsessed with attention they never got…and are $47% do nothing parasites:
            never read from his own book by his buddy the bomber…Ayers..
            “””””””If the winds should shift I will go with the Muslim!”
            And too dumb to read daily news”
            National Prayer Day Cancelled…
            special White House invite to ALL MUSLIMS 57,000 showed up in WDC…for the new Amerikkaaa
            National Muslim Prayer Day…JIHAD to all Infidels..
            Amazing those who cannot see beyond themselves anything greater or larger…or intelligent or anything!
            The choice is theirs…eternal damnation…or stand up for One Nation Under GOD…if they even know what it is!


          • Responsible people are surely sides with the same kind of people, and the reverse is true. It doesn’t suprise me reading documents full of racism and disrepect of humanity from Republicans. Gov. Romney’s son nearly pounced on the president during the debate. How intolerant? Here, your problem with the moron is non but his color, isn’t it? LITTLE MINDS!!!. Above all, Mitt Romney ‘s already very afraid of the presidency. But I think him an honest man as he signals that he’s not able to handling the high office, while endorsing president Obama as the right person. However, the republicans are good in just one thing, and that’s war! and high sounding empty noises.

          • If you think that why you in the US? You can always leave! Oh thats right no other country you could go, to have the freedom to speak so stupid!


          • It’s people like you that make this country hated around the world. The brainwashing of the uneducated people that can’t think for themselves sure worked its magic on you and yours. Calling people names is the way childish, low life live and you are living it.

          • Are you serious, or are you a message board troll? Because it seems like you would be having a great time making ridiculous statements like this and then sitting back and watching all the people become upset.

        • Why are all the rich actors in Hollywood for Obama? What about George Soros isn’t he rich? Obama is rich too according to his last Income Tax return. Aren’t the rich supporting Obama?

      • Jerald, I did not know Ryan was “running around.” That is a serious sin in the Roman Catholic Church and speaks to Ryan’s moral behavior. So the White Knight is not really as pure as he claims. Another lie for that team. They ought to have a rule that disciplines liers. Like being impeached if they are elected!!! Did I say, “elected?” I really meant selected for “Junk Mail” and “Deleted.” If Mitt can change his position at a “drop of a dime,” so can I.

    • I’ve heard something about his own family having many government contracts which didn’t hurt, either. Geez. Are ALL these guys tied to oil? No wonder clean, renewable energy is such an uphill battle. They don’t like the competition. I agree on all the hype about this ‘numbers wonk.’ What a fraud. He is more dependent on the government than most of the 47% it seems to me. What would he do with that Oscar Meyer experience? Ha.

    • Is that all you can think of …..? being rich is just not Democratic it seems. Is it not worthwhile to learn from the rich of how they got there and keep themselves there rather than being poor and having had ‘four bad years’ and do not relish another
      ‘four more’ from one who really does not seem to care for anyone but himself and his family, neither his Duties as being President but only to stay in his place notwtihstanding . You must be ‘lacking’ ……

    • Thanks Joan. You said it better for me.
      In retrospect, I think that Sarah Palin had more heart as a running mate and human being than Paul Ryan. They are both unfit for office but the GOP has had the most dismal VP picks in this lifetime.


    • We are going to hang his budget around liberals neck and bring back prosperity to the United States. Obama has never ran a kool aid stand and he has failed as President of the United States. On top of that he is a is a lying fraud and that has been exposed. You need to educate yourself on the issues before you allowed to post. The only person that would want four more years of this destruction is a slacker that is a taker and not a producer.

      26 million unemployed. More women unemployed under Obama than the last five Presidents, as a percentage of the workforce, Gasoline price at a record high and will go higher. A totally incompetent idiot that has destroyed the image of the United States in the world with his bowing and scraping to a Saudi King. Stole 816 billions from senior medicare to support Obama care, Rationing has already begun for seniors. America credit rating lowered first time in our history, seventeen trillion in debt. He has destroyed the coal industry.

      If you want to live in a socialist country I am sure Chavez will take you. If you going to live in the states then be prepared to get up off your duff and become a producer. Put your hands out to work not take. That is a generic message to all takers.

      In the interest of full disclosure I intensely dislike Obama and ever democrat that has conspired to destroyed our nation.

    • Speaking of work, and I am sure Joan, you have no idea what that is considering you want to re elect a president who has more Americans with out jobs in the history of the United States. Why Hobama has NEVER worked a day in his life in the public sector, He also never got into ANY formal establishment of eduction on his own merrits. I thnk you should take this lynch you speal of and use it on your own neck or get off you high horse and go to work your self!!

    • Joan Maurer:
      I agree 100%. Get the vote out on Nov. 6th. . Your hearts desire has been fulfilled. Ryan has been “Exposed”! This is why Romney has him (Hiding) Campaigning in “Solid Red States” 9 Days out from Election!!!…

      Paul Ryan is just another “Sara Palin”. But, only in “DRAG” this time. He is not the Game Changer that Romney had hoped for! At least Sara Palin brought some “Colorful Enthusiasm” to John McCains ticket.

      That being said: Paul Ryan has erased Willard Romney’s Hopes/Dreams and “LAST CHANCE” of being elected President. Simply put- Because of his “Far, far, Right stance on “WOMENS RIGHTS”……

      Remember that “Ole Saying”: HELL knows no fury like the “Rath of a Womens Scorn”.
      Well, it has stood the test’s of time “AND” it will prevail this time ALSO…..

      However, it is Mitt Romney who truly needs to be exposed though! He’s the one who has “Literally Been The Wonky One” on every issue presented to him! Who is this guy and what does he really stand for? That’s the real question?….

      Once again I say: Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? OR at least remain silent so that progress can have “HER” own sweet way!…..

      Correct me if I’m wrong! Isn’t JUSTICE AND LIBERTY portrayed and symbolized in our society as “Women”? It was A-long “HARD” road for our Forefathers to realize this!
      They gained enough insight across the years to understand this “PROPOSITION” the “HARD” way. They learned through obedience the “Rath and Scorn Coming” if they wanted to be appreciated at Home!

      Behind every Great Man there is a Better Women… God Bless All Women…..

      P.S. Mr Romney. You would not exist but for them…. Amen….

  8. The Republicans are counting on VOTER SUPPRESSION LAWS to hold back a large section of the Democratic voters, all for the sake of “Protecting” us from voter fraud at the polls.

    HOWEVER, THE FRAUD PERPETRATED BY A REPUBLICAN OPERATIVE OF THE “HOLIER THAN THOU” REPUBLICANS HAS SPREAD TO AT LEAST 11 STATES, and is on a scale in the 10’s of thousands, possibly 100’s of thousands of fraudulent votes. Contrast that to the extremely low number of actual cases of voter fraud that has been found at the polls in over a decade of searching.

    And to the Republican leaders who claim that they had no knowledge that this was going on, I have one question.



    In all fairness, every voter that was registered by these criminals should be purged from the records. Every one who registered would then have register again.

    As distasteful as this seems, it is only fair to the people who registered, and had their registrations destroyed or modified.



    • Jim, seems as though you suffer from a malady that reverses everything in you pea brain as everything you penned was just the opposite of what really takes place at the polls. You didn’t mention the men in black intimidating the voters as they entered to vote or all the dead Republicans and conservatives who voted or those bus loads of them brought in from other precincts to vote for the nth time. Also, no mention of all the military votes that were delayed until after the election by the GOP. But answer me this, why did Johnson win over Goldwater with a landslide victory when all the bumper stickers, yard signs and banners flouted Gold water all over Texas and other Red states like now if you look real close, the blue states like Ohio and Pennsylvania are blanketed with Romney signs and banners, but in your feeble twisted mind they shout Obama. I hate to say it, but just as happened then, the biggest crooks in politics, the Electoral College will put Obama in since he will pay them more than Romney as with them, it’s “cross my palm with silver and you get my vote”. Maybe in your screwed up mental abyss if Obama wins you will think it’s Romney so to prevent that from happening, it’s imperative you vote for Romney so the right side of your befuddled brain will tell the left side you voted for Obama. Remember, be sure and get out there and vote Nov. 7th, 2012.

      • Oh for pete’s sake. Two guys. The republican party has used those two guys as justification to take away the fundamental American right to vote from hundreds of thousands of people. After that, you just fell into a whole mudpit of clarity. It’s probably time to take your meds.

  9. like i have been telling everyone get out and vote encourage ur friends and family and everyone to vote nov6,2012 work to help the obama people in anyway u can they can sure use ur help anything u can do just find the closest democratic headquarters go volunteer

    • Hey Nancy, why don’t you contact all the black pastors who are telling their congregations across the country to stay home on election day and tell them that you are happy with an oreo ineligible bastard from a single under age mother that could not declare him as an American citizen. Also a single black communist newspaper columnist daddy that indoctrinated little Barry into the communist party along with Mommy. Tell All these pastors to install homosexual clubs in their churches that arrange marriages for the homos that would have outsiders believe they are straight to the ugliest female church members as is done by Jeremy Wright in his church. Oprah lucked out, with the money white women made for her buying her crap on T.V. she managed to elude Wright’s methods and find a man on her own. I take it you are afraid you would lose all your hand outs were Barry to lose. No more free Obama phones or Obama bucks, you might even have to find, ( GOD forbid) a JOB!!! Oh, that’s right, there are no jobs, this administration has sent all our jobs over seas where they get slave labor and still charge us just as much for products as had they been made here by Americans getting a livable wage. If your boy gets re-elected, just think, your husband can beat the crap out of you whenever he likes with no repercussions by the law once he has enacted sharia law as is in his plans for us all. I understand too that those burkas Muslim women wear get pretty warm and uncomfortable in hot weather, but you’ll get used to it.

  10. obamboo sucks. If you a$$ wipes reelect this ba$$turd you will be his slaves and America will be history. You traitors will be the first to die for betraying your country. As well you should.

    • Funny, I feel the same way about people like you. BTW: my ancestors were all here before the Revolution, many at the beginnings of English settlement on this continent.

      • Now, now Nico_20:
        Stay a leader. Nothing is ever accomplished out of hate…
        Stand your ground with a peaceful heart…
        Remember: Faith is the (Substance) of things “Hoped For”. (“Our True Inner Personal Convictions”). And, the (Evidence) of (“Things Not Seen) ………
        And, That my friend simply means: To Believe in “YOUR HEART” (Whole Heartedly) that every “PROMISE IN THE WORD” will manifest itself based on your own personal belief that (YES) Jesus is Lord and “Non-Other”…….
        He is the unseen, to those who do not have him in their “HEARTS”……..
        The “Evidence” will manifest itself in you and he will be with you…….
        HE Jesus is that Comforter… That Brings That Peaceful Rest….
        That Rest Is: Greater is He (Jesus) that is me than he that is in the World and We can do all things through him because He is our strength……….
        Rest Comes When: I admit that I can not do anything without his help!
        Now Rest Nico_2o, “knowing you have fought the good fight”!
        I’ll guarantee that “Jesus Got This”……… I can Bet that……… Because I Believe in every WORD of the “King James Bible——> Now Be At Peace—>REST…

  11. You can judge Romney from what he was at the convention and what he now stood for on the debate podium i.e complete Democratic Agenda. He self bowled himself and Obama was observing him to navigate into the open and contradict himself and the whole crowd was watching him on TV.Obama has no requiring to stop him. Finally this boils down to trustworthiness of Romney and I am sure the whole audience on the internet have already assessed him.He will really get into trouble in the next two debates how he will explain himself as the early voting has already started. In addition he stated himself to be a hawk to solve international problems by arguing for conflict and if so US will fighting fresh wars which will drag down our economy into further trouble. Voters should be careful before voting.

    • You are correct. When Romney talks foreign policy, it is indeed a troubling thing. How anyone would want to vote for more wars after 10 years of it, I have no idea. It has taken so many lives and changed so many others. Many of our military have lost limbs or have been disabled in many other ways. We should be investing in our own country and not try to take over the world and act like the big bully Romney seems to want to play. Too many lives are at stake to risk a Romney anywhere near decision-making ability. God forbid.

  12. “Mitt Romney supports extending the Bush tax breaks for the rich.”
    Romney called it a liar, 3 times during his dedate with Obama. Whoever wrote this article should have a debate with Mitt Romney them!

    I guess polistic love to lie!

    • Hey Sushi, you need go back to what ever school taught you grammar and smack that dumb teacher that instructed you on making up words. When you can find polistic in any dictionary, get back to me . Maybe you should write for B.O. ‘s teleprompter so no matter what he says , no one will know what he is talking about.

  13. Of course Obama will win because minority becomes majority now.
    95% of black will vote for Obama and 70% hispanic also will vote Obama.
    Why because Obma took money from the working poeple and gives to 47% of people don’t have to pay tax !

  14. WHICH ROMNEY ARE WE GOING TO SEE NEXT WEEK–THE “EXTREME CONSERVATIVE” OR THE EXTREME MAKEOVER? THIS MAN IS A JOKE–HE HAS NO CORE. Romney doesn’t stand for anything. How can any one call him a leaders? Those who do will do so at their own risk!!!

    • Dr. Sam you are right on point and YES- HE IS A VERY “BIG JOKE”. However, if by some unforeseen total brain fog by “Those Others”- Not mentioning any names (Republicans?) Choose to elect “Double Minded Mitt the Split Recall Romney”, Then that Risk you are referring to Expands to “All OF”….WE THE PEOPLE….. Not just the 99% or the 47% But, the “Whole Kit and Kabootal” – the FULL 100% of “WE “” .


    • Melba,
      Please go back to sleep Darlin!!! This whole thing is far to much for you to miss in your Dreams…….. Enjoy it before you awake…On Nov. 7th! Then it will be all over and you will realize it was your own worst “Night Mare”… See-Ya… Poof now open your eye’s. See: Just a really bad dream…………(ttt)…

  16. you people are pathetic. anyone who votes for Obama this time is ignorant of their own best interest. If you have even half an open mind, please try to understand this: The Democrat party has been hijacked by the Progressive Left. Everything they want to do is with the aim of expanding their power base, growing government, and diminishing your liberties. Conservatism is about restoring individual liberty and getting back to a strong but limited government. And don’t believe the propaganda that says Conservatives want you to fend for yourself – we definitely understand the need for a safety net. If a Liberal disagrees with a Conservative, the Conservative simply thinks that the Liberal is very wrong or misguided. But the Liberal considers the Conservative evil. If you are not afraid, listen to Dennis Prager or Michael Medved for a month with an open mind, and watch O’Reilly for a while, and just see how much you don’t hear anywhere else. See you in November.

  17. It is too bad that the Electoral college is the deciding factor because it has become as corrupt as the present administration and were it not for those jokers a new system would fall in place with my “PLAN FOR AMERICA” that received an immediate 4,509 “LIKE” hits on the Patriot page several weeks ago. Since as I stated they are the deciding factor even if I had the 140,000,000 write in votes pledged to me prior to Nov. 1st, my birth day the electorates would not let me win. Now were Al Gore to get 38 states to abolish the “college” by Oct. 25th thinking it would help Obama, there would be a new sheriff in town as I would hurriedly put up a web site for America to pledge their support and were I to gain the 140,000.000 by my birthday I would move forward, but if not, then by agreement , those who do pledge would be added to the leading conservative candidates voters roll. For those of you who have not seen my “PLAN FOR AMERICA” it is as follows and after reading it you will understand why the “College would not let me win as it now stands.

    No money, only guts
    I am not a person of wealth to butt heads in political debates and to openly declare my aspirations for putting America back on course and gain back the respect of other nations. To do this, I will need the American people to back me wholeheartedly. I am an honest man and as my ex wife once told me that I would be a very rich man if I were not afraid to step on others. I have served my country honorably in three branches of service and wear my Korea Veterans cap to remind people we are not the “forgotten vets” as the media has portrayed us. General George Washington was a write in candidate for the presidency so there would be no precedent on my part if I were to win that seat.

    Following are my plans for my platform, ” A much smaller and smarter government”.

    Alright America, as to my plan to bring our country back to an even keel and gain back the respect of other nations who have been Kow-Towed to by our change and hope so called president. His change is for a predominately homosexual government body and his hope is for tyrannical rule over us.

    As our forefathers instruct us in the Declaration of Independence to oust a form of government harming the people and install a new form. With your help we can initiate a form of selection, not election that will have no need of the electoral college, the biggest political crooks. In this manner, those in their peak both physically and mentally in the age group of 30 to 50, the first year may or someone else can submit their name to their district office where as thousands of names will be entered if not millions. Year two they will be screened by a panel of clergy to eject all undesirables. Year three tested by experts in all fields with process of elimination to arrive with one person from each state. These fifty in year four will enter a large chamber and each to a cubicle with computer and video-cam. Computer has another series of tests more stringent than previously taken, video cam is for eyes of world to pan cubicles to view facial expressions and body movements of those being tested. Highest scorer is new president with each lessening of scores to fill new government cabinet. The forty nine will have access to a large computer bank and they will be advisors and afilliates to the president. None will have a personal staff.
    Benjamin Franklin during those four years will, with out a salary put America back on course. First to obliterate Obamacare and since we are not in Russia dump the czars. Next we ” can” T.S.A., E.P.A., N.E.A. and any other agency not performing a real service. Everyone will be placed on a 13% flat tax. Make a million, pay 13%, make a thousand, pay 13% , no tax shelters or credits. If you are being paid a wage, you pay taxes. This will result in approximately an 80% reduction in the I.R.S. compliment with an option to continue working in uniform with U.S. troops returned from policing countries unwarranted to police our own borders against illegal entry.
    To countries the present administration has indebted us to for billions of dollars, inform them that what has been received is partial payment of what they owe us from WWII and to write it off. And, to those corporations that took advantage of us through NAFTA to utilize slave labor leaving minimal employment here that if they manufacture in other countries, they sell their products in other countries, not here and if they opt to return and pay the American worker a decent living wage, they are welcome. Where there is oil, drill and some of the more abundant petroleum properties are federally owned going against the constitution whereas the government is not to own property other than property deemed by the American people to be a National park or monument. All other such properties will be auctioned to the highest private American buyer, no foreign entities allowed.
    Upon learning that the United Nations are the issuers of social security numbers and have complete domination over the I.M.F. and the I.R.S. with American taxpayers picking up the major funding for it’s existence and that now it consist mainly of Islamic nations who would enslave us, I feel it time to pull the plug along with our hard earned tax dollars funding these Godless Idol worshipers and turn over to U.S. agencies activities that should be performed by them such as the issuance of S.S. numbers by the Social Security Administration. It is no wonder illegals are able to draw benefits with out ever having worked here. However, I do feel that those having lived here for a period of five years and are contributing to our nation to be schooled for a period of six months on U.S. History, cultures and our language and then sworn in as American citizens. Refusals to be deported with families.
    Welfare to be enacted by certain churches in each community with subsidization from the government. For those who are qualified by a physician appointed by the church, will receive supplementary assistance, all others advised to seek employment. (There will be some exceptions)

    Mr. Franklin will serve his four years (without salary as did President George Washington) to implement his plan and when his term has expired, put a petition on the internet for America to sign to end the two party system on a National level while maintaining on local and state levels to preserve a balance. This action will send the career politicians packing making way for fifty honest people being groomed to lead the people, not rule with salary approved by the people to a more abundant and brighter future and at the end of their four years receive a generous severance package making room for next 50 being groomed.

    What I have written here to be executed by the powers of the office will in fact cause all worthwhile proposals by other candidates to fall in place without the expense of a huge war chest. All that is needed is for America to wake up and head us in the right direction for a more prosperous and brighter future for coming generations to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    Taking note of the movie “Going Home”, that sometimes there is no home to go back to after returning from battle and no job. This has been ongoing for years, After returning from Korea I read in the want ads, “NO FEE FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS”. The man had a long list of jobs that I was qualified for so I told him I was a Korea vet with a wife and two small children, would that qualify me for the “NO FEE”? He said it would not and that the no fee jobs were for relations out of work. After a few choice words with the fat slob, I paid the fee. If elected, I will have congress put into law that when a person is absent from employment due to deployment to foreign soil,his position to be filled by temporary employment until he is fully reinstated.

    Benjamin Franklin

  18. What amazes me is how all the conversations about the Romney/Ryan tax cuts and changing positions end up in name calling and misplaced anger. The Obama campaign and all of the different News Agencies, not to mention Romney’s own words about how he really feels about people who are not rich, have given any rational person enough information about Romney/Ryan to be seriously concerned about what they stand for. The unemployment rates are down, money is being paid to reduce the deficit, and things are moving slowly forward. Why change now? Even Former President Bill Clinton who left office with a Surplus, said it took 8 years for us to get in the mess Bush left us, and it will take at least 8 years to get out of it. Romney is not saying anything new, he is saying the same things Bush said which got us in this mess, and is keeping his real plans a secret. I can’t beleive any rational person would fall for the Romney double speak because the man you think you are voting for in Romney the last time you saw him doesnt exist, because he will say anything and I mean anything to get elected. That is documented fact. Given all of that, I encourage everyone to take a second look at who you think you know. I dont think Obama is perfect, but at least what he says today, he doesn’t change tomorrow, or says somthing different to the different groups. Whats the harm in taking a second look into the facts, behind the hype? I have never heard of a candidate’s own campaign fact checking their candidate, and “correcting” the public record against the new things Romney has said, but if I were you, i’d really be concerned, and get the facts.

  19. What amazes me is how all the conversations about the Romney/Ryan tax cuts and changing positions end up in name calling and misplaced anger. The Obama campaign and all of the different News Agencies, not to mention Romney’s own words about how he really feels about people who are not rich, have given any rational person enough information about Romney/Ryan to be seriously concerned about what they stand for. The unemployment rates are down, money is being paid to reduce the deficit, and things are moving slowly forward. Why change now? Even Former President Bill Clinton who left office with a Surplus, said it took 8 years for us to get in the mess Bush left us, and it will take at least 8 years to get out of it. Romney is not saying anything new, he is saying the same things Bush said which got us in this mess, and is keeping his real plans a secret. I can’t beleive any rational person would fall for the Romney double speak because the man you think you are voting for in Romney the last time you saw him doesnt exist, because he will say anything and I mean anything to get elected. That is documented fact. Given all of that, I encourage everyone to take a second look at who you think you know. I dont think Obama is perfect, but at least what he says today, he doesn’t change tomorrow, or says somthing different to the different groups. Whats the harm in taking a second look into the facts, behind the hype? I have never heard of a candidate’s own campaign fact checking their candidate, and “correcting” the public record against the new things Romney has said, but if I were you, i’d really be concerned, and get the facts.

  20. I’m no expert, but I’ve lived long enough to see a few things. This yrar will be the 11th presidential election I’ve been involved with. I’ve voted for candidates from both parties. Like many Americans, I vote for the person over the party when it comes to electing a president. I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008 after working on the Clinton campaign. As of today, I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for. President Obama may have kept us from falling into a depression with his bailouts, but we’ll probably never know for sure. His health care plan was long overdue, but it was forced on the public with virtually no support from the Republicans, and is thousands upon thousands of confusing pages long. His Attorney General has been less than effective, his State Department has been faced with one foreign policy disaster after another, and the president himself could be accused of, for lack of a better term, flip-flopping– After all, our troops are still in the mideast, Gitmo is still open, his view on gay marriage has evolved, and it doesn’t look like The Patriot Act will EVER be repealed. It seems the president’s finest accomplishment has been the hunting down and killing of terrorists wherever they might be. Perhaps his method will one day be known as The Obama Doctrine. Americans cannot eat dead terrorists, however. And although unemployment has fallen, our standard of living has not really improved. Helping Americans through these hard times is all well and good, but people need to feel that problems are getting solved. The Democrats seem to think if we continue to tread water we’ll never drown, but swimmers eventually grow tired and sink. It’s fine to accuse Romney of flip-flopping because it’s true. His fellow Republicans were more than happy to repeat that accusation in numerous debates. Anyone who looks at Romney’s record as a governor, though, will discover a fairly moderate Republican who worked well with the Democratic Party. God forbid it dawns on people that he may be exactly that type of president. Trying to make excuses for a bad debate performance won’t cut it. Trying to smear Romney as an evil troll from the right wing of his party probably won’t help either. The best thing the president can do, is campaign against the governor as if he’s a moderate already out of the closet. Hammering him on the 47% comment will only be useful if those Democrats clinging to their guns and religion stay forgetful. Perhaps Romney will stick his foot in his mouth in a more useful way. The president needs to convince the undecided that his course is the best course. Getting every die hard Democrat, and all the president’s supporters, to turn out on election day is a must! Otherwise, the only thing Democrats will have to be happy about, is that Gingrich, Perry, or Santorum, never got nominated by their party.

  21. Pls look for more potent reasons to give. This article is too weak to convince unlikely voters. It is riddilled with subjective reasoning that will simply make sense to obama supporters, but not strong enough to woo voters. Just been honest.


    • Obama does not control gas prices or food prices. You can look to the wealthy who like to bet a bunch of their excess cash in the commodities market. Even the financial wizards on Wall St. will tell you that and they are hardly considered to be liberals. Your republican congress let you down. I knew better so I didn’t have any hope they would change anything for the better. They were a lot worse than I dreamed they would be, but now – with a 7% approval rating, I think most Americans have wised up.

    • You think the only time fuel went up is when Obama became president. WHAT!!!!! He has no control over the price of fuel. Why don’t you give him the same amount of time to fix our country as you gave Bush to mess it up? Noone could have fixed that mess in four years, NOONE. But he is going in the right direction. Now you want another republican so they can do the same as Bush. That is insanity. Mr. Charles, with all respect, get your facts straight. Romney wants to start another war. Will that fix our economy? Maybe you are the one who can tell me how Romney is going to do what he says without the middle class getting dumped on. He won’t tell us, WHY?

    • OOPS! BONK!!! Your Wrong – Gas Is Coming Down and Is Food Prices—-> Try Watching the news before you speak non-since….. Thanks

  23. This writer is on drugs ! What a shame ! Over 500,000 people voted in the News Max poll and Barrack got barley 25% while Romney got OVER 73% ! And that is a good indication of how the election will go !

  24. Considering the points offered in the article, I’m left to wonder whose really lying. Clearly a liberal blog meant to throw red meat to the “victims”. I’m moving on, there are far more credible sites than this – you all can stew in your groupthink.

  25. The National Memo, wishes this article would become the “National Meme”, but it won’t. And what’s with all the articles about Mitt being a” jerk” and a “prankster” from 40 years ago. Stay away from Mitt he’s the big bad butthead from Bain, and he’s rich too! you guys are well and truly pathetic.

    • President Obama is bar none ,the greatest president this country has EVER had.period. He is the only man who has the knowledge and drive to save us and the entire world from destruction. He will punish all those who oppose his will. Take pity on all those who do not follow his shining light of leadership. Jay

  26. Naturally the writer makes no mention of the Libyan embassy attacks and Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama’s massive COVERUP of the cause of the events.–

    The Libyan embassy attacks, which show that Obama is not only an incompetent commander in Chief, but a 3rd degree LIAR, will be Barack Obama’s albatross.

    The Libyan embassy attacks and the aftermath guarantees that Barack Obama will NOT ber reelected. In fact he will lose by a wide margin.

  27. Romney entertaining more cuts for the wealthy, starting another war in Syria and Iran is just like the Bush era politics that caused us to fall into the worst recession since the Great Depression. No thanks. Biden did a great job and told Ryan they (Republicans) do not support the middle class was right on!!!!

  28. The president is popular and the economy is improving what cool aid are you drinking, this is not a class president race at a high school, this is real life with real issues the president was elected mandating “change we can believe” there has been little if any change congress still will not work together and the president has not built a relationship w/ congress, the belt way is the same as 4 years ago

  29. Mitt Romney is basically a businessman. And he brings to this campaign his business skills and instincts. Part of which is to tell people what they want to hear, to have flexible positions and “principles”, and take opportunities as they arise – to hell with principles. The 47% statement told to a select affluent group is what Romney really feels about half of America. His belated verbiage about feeling for 100% of America is damage control and political fodder. This is also the reason why he changes position frequently, and the Romney that Obama met on stage for the Presidential debate, was not the same Romney spouting verbiage for the past 18 months. At best Romney can be described as flexible in character, adaptable to the present situation, and a very good actor to boot. I don’t think Americans want to have such a character for President.

    • Actually, Mitt is not a businessman: he is a venture capitalist, a huge distinction. Mitt made his money off dismantling businesses and restructuring people out of their jobs. Like America, his kind bet against the success of these companies and made a lot of money in the process. It is what Wall St. did to America and what they did to the EU: bet on losing and walked away with obscene amounts of money. Of all the US Presidents, only 2 have been “businessmen” Cleveland and GW Bush. The best and brightest have been lawyers and high level, well-educated soldiers like Eisenhower. This is not a game: this is not a business, but a nation with laws to define it as a civilization, defend and protect the weak.

  30. The job numbers are cooked to get Obama re-elected! The Obama campaign and the Democrats are so desperate that they are resorting to under handed tactics in cooking the unemployment number as well as not counting California in the jobless claims figure. These numbers all show a 5-year lows which is not only fictitious but statistically impossible!

  31. …any which way you want to see it – Barak Obama is still the most authentic President the USA could have – and have had for a long while!
    He talks TO the people – and not AT them…and they feel it!

    He is defintitely not one of the “arrogant stuck ups” of recently who have shown no REAL personality and no honest openness whatsoever !!

    It makes me feel quite ill to think that Mitt Romney would become President…
    and I don’t even live in the USA and am by no means a citizen..but live in the same world which might be affected…

    I trust the majority of American voters have recognised what Barack Obama purposely stepped into at the time…. where, how and what he has had to take them through during these last years!

    They can be proud of their President – he is a ‘mensch’ – I hope for us all that he will stay – he deserves more time to do more of what he has aimed at…. !

    • Finally, an open mind looking from the outside in. Making a non-BIASED- Political point of view. RARE! I could not have stated it any better myself. I will answer your comment “With/Of Mensch”. I say yes “Mensch’ but with “Loyalty”! Thank you Marion………

      I’m a Vietnam Era Veteran- 100%/Disabled. I was raised it the DEEP SOUTH. I’m of Scottish/Irish descent. And, I’m a “VERY, VERY PROUD AMERICAN”…….

      I have personally witnessed many Trials and Tribulations that this Great Nation has “PAINED”! Played a part in the Glory of Progress for all “Man-Kind”. I understand Confusion”!!! And, I know the Joy of Victory….

      But,However, Even as this is my future of then, We are still living in a society that has a great deal of contempt” Just” because of the color of ones skin…….

      • I believe you are so very right !
        Why?..because you have felt and that is why you understand.

        It would be good for most people to ‘feel’ first – then use their head to decide to keep in touch with what is actually the RIGHT thing….truth!

        I live in South Africa…and I wish we would have a candidate for Presidency standing in the shadows like you have yours already in place!

        Why change when you know what you’ve got…for something you know what you’ve ‘already had’ !
        ….because your point made in Number 1 is exctly what the majority of the rest of the world sees!!
        Going backwards is standstill, yes?

        I wish you and America well,

        • HAIL MarionMUC… You Truly have insight my Dear Friend.

          Those who sit on the fence, Hoping the ” GRASS IS GREENER ON THE THE OTHER SIDE “…… Have “NEVER” Felt Or Enjoyed The True Pleasure Of “(Being)” IN THE PRESENCE OF (Their) “OWN GARDEN”!!! Amen and Amen The (Trinity) (ttt) ……. (70×7) … IF NEED BE!!!……..

          • MARION: I’ve been on vacation for 3 days. I didn’t check this website for awhile… I AM BACK MY NEW FOUND FRIEND…. Salutations to you, with joy in my heart. I will set the record straight from here on out. I’m looking for more faithful followers…

            Follow my “BLOG” after this one…. It’s A Very Important Message! …….(To A Mister(Mr.) (???)—-> Mr. Pied Piper!

  32. This is yet another example of how the liberal media attempts to convince everyone about the inevitability of an Obama second term, instead using this type space to address the President’s shortcomings. Amazing, but not expected.

  33. Sorry but there are still Doubts, notwithstanding the 5 Reasons given that Obama will be Re-elected and the First one is the Democrat’s bungling of the ‘Banghazi Debacle’ in Libya about a month ago. Even the DIARY of the murdered Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens was found in which he claimed he had already asked America for more Security as the situation in Benghazi was dangerous and his domain more so. Where was President Obama at such a time…. where was he Obama much of the time except not where he had to be busy with his duties as President… but playing golf or doing whatever else he chose to do, thus earning the name of being the ‘laziest Presdent the White House has ever known’. Thus he earned his Failure during the First Debate … and being’ mean and nasty’ towards his Opponent Romneyduring the Second Debate may not succeed in giving him the results he is looking for… Are those lazy dazy days of Obama soon coming to an end…?

  34. You forget to mention the influence of the uncrowned king – Goerge Soros and his networks. He has proven to have the power to install governments all over the planet, including banana republics such as the US and various of its 51 states.

  35. It makes sense, if 90%of te people are middle class or lower, and we all vote, the 10%of wealthy people don,t have a chance for the millionaire Mitt to win, he will never help or think about us.the rich will be richer and poor have even less.. No one person is the cause of the economy problems, the world has problem, socially, economics, climate problems etc.. So much happened with 9-11 and we know how that war in Iraq was started..with false info about WMD…and as long as the war went on, the Bushes made money with ompanies and investments…

  36. President Obama will win for two reasons. It will become apparent to Americans just like it is to 47% of us that we do not want a flip flopping liar as President. All Romney has to offer is his capacity for duplicity. He flip flops over every issue daily from tax cuts, the deficit, pro choice, immigration, the auto bailout, TARP, welfare, Healthcare ( which he introduced to Massachusetts). Secondly the polls are not counting enough young, Latino or Afican American voters, demographics will play a huge role in Obama winning.

  37. With the stellar record Obama has achieved: 40+m Million on food stamps, Record debt, no Budget in four years, unemployment at an all time high for over four years, an administration that lies about almost everything: Fast and furious, four deaths in Libya, We didn’t know and it’s Bushs’ fault. With a record like that why wouldn’t we stupid Americans want him as our President for four more years. Romney will expose him at the next debate
    but will it matter…..Let’s hope so.

  38. some of the questions I want voters to ask Mitt Romney are:
    1. Why he chose to put his money, not one account but many
    accounts in foreign countries,
    2. How would he explain the reason behind not showing his tax
    returns if he is sure nothing is hidden in them and at the same
    time ask his running mate to produce ten years of his tax,
    3. If elected president and he puts forth someone for confirmation
    before the senate and the senate demands ten years tax return
    as they did for all Obama nominees, and this person refuses
    to give ten years tax return, what will Mitt tell the person,

  39. As a neutral from Europe, I’ve never heard of the National Memo before but assume it is a democrat publication. This article is so biased it lacks any credibility whatsoever.

    One only need to look at the face of Biden during the vice-presidential debate to see what a condescending fool the man is. His attempts to ‘mock’ Ryan were pathetic, immature and showed a complete and utter lack of any statesmanship whatsoever.

    As the one who would step into the President’s shoes, let’s hope that nothing happens to Obama whilst Biden is in office. It would be a frightening prospect for us all to have Biden running the world’s most powerful country.

  40. rawr. put as little as you can on each page, so you get more hits for your site, making a 2 column article into 7 pages. you couldnt put much less on a page. uck. everyone does it. i’m done clicking next next next every 3 seconds. this annoying process may bring back newspapers and magazines.

  41. President Barack Obama sat down with CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor Scott Pelley for an interview that will air in full Tuesday night. In a preview released Tuesday afternoon, Pelley points out to Obama that $20 billion in Social Security checks are supposed to be mailed out August 3, the day after the looming date the government could default on its debt.

    “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3 if we have not resolved this issue, because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” Obama said.

    Watch the clip below, embedded via CBS News.

  42. Some suggested questions for the President:
    As shareholders – and stakeholders – AMERICA DEMANDS ANSWERS.
    As journalists and reporters – YOU OWE US THE TRUTH! Go on – we want to see you ask some OBVIOUS questions…
    1) May we please see his NON-FORGED birth certificate?
    2) who funded his failures in college and why?
    3) Why are there doubts about the legitimacy of his Social Security and Selective Service registration?
    4) Why aren’t these 3 scandals alone enough to disqualify him from the office of POTUS?
    5) Why the cover up in Libya – and what is he going to do about that terrorist attack?
    6) Why did he get away with the outing of Seal Team 6 – and what exactly was his role in the assault?
    7) Why hasn’t he fired Holder over Fast and Furious and who all is involved in the cover-up?
    8) Why isn’t Holder’s decision in the black panthers case considered racist?
    9) Shouldn’t race-baiting be considered a hate crime?
    10) What is the legality of turning GM and Chrysler over to the unions – and still accepting campaign donations from them?
    11) Is it true that the Obama administration deliberately lied to the GM bankruptcy judge for political gain and expediency?
    12) Why does he persecute Catholics regarding the guarantee of life – in their own hospitals? Does he not agree with the Declaration of Independence either?
    13) He signed into law an executive order to prevent tax dollars to pay for abortion, and then increased funding for Planned Parenthood. Why does he not consider that a violation of his own executive order?
    14) What is his response to allegations of repeated federal election law violations?
    15) What is his response to allegations of repeated tax-payer funded Las Vegas junkets for his administration?
    16) Why is he suing Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and Utah – and how does he get away with selectively enforcing immigration laws?
    17) What is the legality of deliberately antagonizing Sherriff Joe with frivolous lawsuits?
    18) Who in his administration arranged the party at the now notorious Pley Club in Cartagena, Colombia?
    19) What agreements were made with the Columbian government during that meeting?
    20) What exactly are the American taxpayer’s funding obligations to the muslim brotherhood? Why?
    21) Does he really believe that the US Constitution is an obstacle to progress as he has often stated? Should Americans believe that too?
    22) How does he get away with deliberately maximizing the roles of food stamps and cell phones – while reducing welfare qualification requirements – on our tax dime and without our vote?
    23) exactly what happened at Solyndra? – and which of his bundlers profited? – and what is he going to do about it? Who knew what when???
    24) How much of our tax money did the DNC collect from Solyndra?
    25) Is John Corzine still bundling for him – and was MFGlobal money given to the DNC?
    26) Is printing more money good for the economy? Where is the proof – or concept even? When will it stop?
    27) What is the legality of arbitrarily shutting down Gulf oil production?
    28) Combined with Keystone – only green energy failures – and his stated assault on the coal industry – Where is the proof that he wants America to be energy independent as he stated in the last debate?
    29) Does $5/gallon gas make sense for the middle class in this economic environment?
    30) When has he ever been involved in bipartisanship? Didn’t he control all 3 houses of congress for 2 years and 2 of the 3 houses for the past year and a half? Can you please disclose 1 bi-partisan idea he has championed?
    31) Does he consider letting current tax rates go up – an increase in middle-class taxes that he promised to prevent?
    32) What is the American tax-payer’s portion of the budget for winning his re-election?
    33) Does he think campaign appearances on Leno, Oprah, The Morning Show, Mythbusters and other TV programs – or golf – is as important as attending intelligence and economic briefings?
    34) Does he think a true leader can get by just reading the ‘cliff notes’ ? (Is that why he flunked out of college?)
    35) Since he gained control, his administration hasn’t received a single vote for a budget. Why not? (and where is the outrage?)
    36) Why does he think he is more qualified than Mitt Romney to be President?
    37) according to Wikipedia “Forward” –Obama’s campaign slogan – is a favorite word of communists. Is he referring to them – or the fiscal cliff he has erected for us?
    38) Does the family dog always fly alone?
    39) Why does he believe that muslims are to share credit for making this country great?
    40) Does he really think his is the most transparent administration in history?
    41) Does he know how juvenile he sounds spewing the same lies over and over?
    42) Does he really think we will believe him if repeated enough?
    43) With the exception of wealth redistribution – hasn’t he broken ALL of his promises –
    a. cut the deficit in half?
    b. appease the muslims?
    c. lift up the middle class?
    d. heal the planet?
    e. close gitmo?
    f. Keep your doctor?
    g. No public funds for abortion?
    h. No middle class tax hikes?

    The American Vote is probably our most coveted privilege and many have sacrificed their own lives to protect it. Photo id is required to buy beer, cigarettes, drive a vehicle, get on an airplane, and attend Obama rallies.
    Why is he blocking photo id requirements to vote? And why isn’t the media pressing him on it???
    Finally, since we’re footing his bill – and he supposedly works for us – two more questions – if you can find someone with some spine to ask them:

  43. “Undone by Goodness! Strange, Unusual Blood,
    When Man’s Worst Sin Is, He Does Too Much Good!
    Who Then Dares To Be Half So Kind Again?
    For Bounty, That Makes gods, Does Still Mar Men.”
    TIMON OF ATHENS, scene II, Shakespeare

    • In what dream of yours did Jesus say that? It’s not in the KJV! Is that written in the Book of Mormon? Not there either. Your just like Willard- Open Mouth-Insert-Foot! Sometimes it is better to be thought of a “FOOL” then to open ones mouth and convince others. Thanks for your enlightenment? “NOT”………

      This is kind of Funny Too!!! Pied Piper/Willard as in Rat……..

      The Blind leading the Blind…….

      Pea Diddle Dee…….

      Romney is just a very short lived “Fairy Tail”!!!

      Once Upon A Time…….

      • “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me scatters”.

        Mathew 12:30

        so STFU ignorant beea-atch

        • Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

          The context of Matthew 12 is the Sabbath and hypocrisy. Idle words however, those untruths, those idle accusations of the Right unfounded in verifiable fact are a much graver offense for Jesus. Read all of Matthew 12 and do not take out of context what suits you.

          • Piss off you half-wit. I haven’t taken anything out of context. I directly quoted a statment from the bible.

            The assertion is that those words were not in the bible:
            Original statement: Jesus said if your not for me you are against me
            False Assertion:In what dream of yours did Jesus say that? It’s not in the KJV!
            Fact, proven by the quote: Those words ARE in the bible.

            If you are actually so stupid that you don’t understand what ‘taken out of context means’ , play somewhere else, moron

          • Et voilà: “le fleur” d’Amérique qui n’est pas capable d’avoir une conversation sans insultes, sans dénégration. Le moron ne sait pas lire. Vous avez lancé la balle, monsieur: trouve les couilles de vous défendre sans insultes. Vos paroles sont les paroles de quelqu’un très mal-élévé et sans capacité de défendre votre thèse.

          • 1. I’m not a Christian. That is a logical flaw that a half-witted moron would make. If you weren’t an idiot I would suggest studying logic, but you are not intelligent to grasp it.

            2. I didn’t ‘take those words at all’. Someone else stated them, someone else DENIED THEY WERE IN THE BIBLE. 3. I cited the bible verse. Citing a direct reference to something has nothing to do with the concept of ‘context’. You idiot.
            And now, to compound your stupidity, you continue to repeat. That is the real meaning of stupidity – unable to learn from your own mistake.

            3. When some Moron comes in from left field babbling about context over a direct reference that proves the quote does exist in the disputed text, that is not a ‘conversation’. That is a moron being told to shut up because he is stupid.

          • Thank You nico-20 for clarifying the content of his (Alistz and Pied Pier…) bogus claims? Jesus did make the statement though….

            But However, he was referring to the “Pharisee’s and Sudducees”. Not in the Context that Mr. Pier was referring to. As I took it (I.E.) Because they did not believe he (Jesus) was the “Messiah”. This wasn’t a choice for them to make. It’s a feeling that comes from within the Hearts of All Men!……… Amen..

            I just wanted to know the dream he had to believe Obama had taken away “Our Religion”…..

            Furthermore, when Jesus said that, the context of his message was to the leaders of the 12 Tribes Of Israel! (The Pharisee’s)…

            “WE” will all find the “True Message” to this situation that we are facing right now in James (1), Especially @ 6-8………

            James is pointing out things to avoid when making personal sacrifices and when in indecision……

            What is More Than Perfectly Clear is: Stray clear of Wavering Thoughts and Avoid Being Double Minded within in ones self or when being advised by others……..

            In this “ELECTION” there is “MUCH WISDOM” Needed!!! “NOT”
            Wavering Minds, Nor-Double Minded Candidates who can’t remember from one day to the next,there stance on “ANY-ONE ISSUE”. Continually flip flopping from one audience to the next telling them exactly what they want to hear-Just To Gain Their Vote!!!

            Romney/Ryan=No Core Convictions…Absolutely to Inner Substance Whatsoever!!!

            These are the ones Jesus said or was referring to that he would scatter… The non-believers, the Double Minded and those Wavering In Their Heart!!! And, the the Twelve Tribes where Scatter for there Unbelief …. (In Him)…….(70×7= If Need Be).

            My Sheep will hear my voice and they will know (My Name)…
            And, they “WILL” hollow me….. Amen and Amen (ttt)…….

      • I got to go with Romney.”I don’t know what your talking about.” You got to read more then a page to know what is in the Bible. But I see you have not. Why would you read something you don’t believe in. When Romney wins the election, are you going to be in the mass riots with all the other losers that don’t like how the country works.

  44. Debunked. All that Romney said. What a laugh, from what news agency. I am lol, talking about news bias. The election will be over and the Obama team will wonder why they lost. They still say that Romney will not lay out his plan and I have heard about a 5 POINT PLAN for the last 3 months. Like right after the debate and 67 million people saw the debate and Obama lied about what Romney said, “I don’t know what your talking about.” When it was about the tax deduction for taking jobs overseas and Obama said Romney didn’t know what he was talking about, about some other TAX PLAN. Obama lied thru his teeth to 3 or 4 thousand at his campaign rally. HE FORGOT ABOUT THE 67 MILLION WHO WATCHED THE DEBATE THE DAY BEFORE. Obama in his own arrogance will lose the election. He loves talking to his 43% of DIEHARD supporters and forgets about the other people who have a brain.

    • So you’re for starting another war. He will do the same as Bush. But no worries, Obama has this one, because alot of people are smarter than you. Be prepared, Romney will not be your next president, or even the next one.

      • Oh you know his plan and how he’s going to do it? Please share, do the math with us. Romney never lies, does everyone hear what she is saying. That’s a good one.What is going to happen to the middle class if , let’s say the so called truthful guy wins? Back it up and tell us what Romney won’t.

      • Could you please have facts and not wishful thinking. It would help a great deal. OUT with the government gravy train jobs and in with the Private Sector Jobs that are self sustaining and when you get the taxes from these jobs maybe you can stay on a budget.

  45. Economy is improving. LOL.. DEBT. $6,000,000,000,000 in printed and borrowed money. This country could of bought half of the countries in crisis with that much money. Is this new agency a JOKE. DEBT. How many countries printed that much money. We are doing better.. Who is doing better, government workers who got half of the bailout. State penions propped-up. And still over half of the BLUE/DEMOCRATIC states going bankrupt. ILL, CAL, RI, NY, the list goes on..What about the 25,000,000, million workers still looking for decent jobs. Obama closing down our energy output. We need to export something out of this country to get money coming in. Products of manufactoring but Obama wants to raise taxes and you can not compete with other countries at .53 cents an hour. Obama is shutting our energy so we can not bring in money and our money goes out. That leaves less to circulate in the country. Does anybody care about the WORKING MAN in the Obama administration.

    • The red states, except the ones with oil money, are also going broke. They also have less people to achieve that feat. Awkward.

  46. Republicans are all about spinning and propaganda… if anyone reads the truth they would discover this… instead of spinning it. Go Barack! You truly care about the average Joe vs. Mittens who cares about big oil and oh by the way – only cared about fame and money… look it up.

  47. This is so refreshing to hear thanks so much for predicting the future, wow… why do we even vote? You have it all figured out!
    Really sad that this is what journalism has come too….
    They are right when they say Obama’s camp is going for the moron vote…….

    • Funny enough, that’s the same thing Democrats say about Republicans (actually, they say Republicans are fishing for the Lowest Common Denominator Redneck Religious Trash Vote). Are all Americans morons, then? In my opinion, it would take a moron to believe that either party is hoping for a moron vote.

  48. All Romney has to offer is his capacity for duplicity, we do not want or need a flip flopping liar in the WH, Romney has no core and no values other than being an empty suit.

    • At least he is not an idiot who got where he is because of affirmative action, so stupid that he can’t recognize his own failures.

    • Yes-Yes-Yes you are sooo… Correct!!! This message is for ALL who are truly confused by these many-many False Polls….

      Enjoy some uplifting news: GO TO: (7-Eleven.Com)…See @ 7Elect…

      This is how the 47% are truly voting. Plus the 5% of those who taught the 47%. Then there are the 10% of the disgruntled Republicans who do not like nor trust The Romney/Ryan Ticket……..


      The Elders who want to keep Social Security and Medicade/Medicare Just The Way It Is-Students-Single Moms/Dads-Disabled Veterans-All disabled and unfortunate Americans-African Americans-Hispanic Americans-American Hebrews-True Christians At Heart-Mothers/Fathers/Brothers/Sisters with Gay family Members-Parents with Children with Pre-existing medical conditions-AND All of the Rest of us Folks who think it is “High Time” that the rich start Paying “Their Fare Share Of Taxes”……….on and on……..

      All of you who doubt this 7-Eleven Poll. Mark my words on NOV. 6th.2012…Remember (WWJD) Well Then= JC Got This*!

  49. Most people who aren’t your readers didn’t expect Obama to do well in the first debate at all. In fact, most expected Romney to destroy Obama (which he did) for several reasons: Obama has no record to run on; Obama doesn’t do well without a teleprompter; Obama hasn’t been challenged by anyone since he was elected; Romney had gotten significantly better at debating over the past year, where he was challenged almost weekly; Romney is very sharp and quick witted. Honestly, if 5% of the population sees it your way I’d be surprised. You are living in a bubble. I would ask why any of you would want this man to get re-elected, but I have to get on with my life.

    • Every liar I know is a good debater until someone catches them on their S—T! And some nice guy like me has to go pick them up off of the floor.

  50. I would like to know why Romney changes his stand on everything according to the polls. If you ask me people who say things behind closed doors when they think others can’ t hear them and then because he fell in the polls changed his views He is only saying what he needs to to get elected How can anyone trust this person who has changed his views on almost everything he started out saying . Really how stupid and nieve can some people be.

    • Some people are very “Naive”! Like those supporting the Romney/Ryan platform. Romney’s “Whole Campaign” reminds me of the Book/Movie=Lord of the Flies! We know how that turned out….

      Seeking Personal Power/Gain – over whats best for the “Group As A Whole “!
      It Lead to an Eventual Collapse of their Society………

      S–t draws a lot of Flies!!! And Vice-Versa!!! A Fly is the Nastiest life form on “Gods” Beautiful Blue-Green Earth”…. “Our Garden”……..

      We’ve got to keep the Flies out of the “White House”…….. Vote—-> “Obama”—> Nov. 6th….

      Google- “Lord of the Flies”@Wikipedia=It explains Willard Romney’s mind set very well…….

    • I would like to know why Obama can’t change his stand on anything, even as his policies do nothing but make problems worse. He appears to be the stupidest man to ever be elected President.

      • Perhaps in your own mind he is not intelligent. However, Romney believes your exact same view!!! We all discovered that when the tape about how he feels about the 47% of Americans was revealed?

        Now let us use some real math that add’s up!…….

        47% of Americans Romney in his own words; “Said He Knew”, HE would not get their vote. Plus 5% of the Teachers that have taught those 47%. Now= 47 + 5 = 52%….

        Plus-Approximately 10% of the remaining 48% who Just Don’t Like Nor Trust the Romney/Ryan Ticket Within Their Own Party?

        That My Dear Watson = 52% + 10% = 62% Looks Like A Solid Win For Obama … From My Point Of View!!!!…………***Case Closed***………(ttt)….

        • The matter of someone’s intelligence is not opinion. Mr. Obama could just open up those sterling SAT/PSAT/LSAT scores and prove/disprove. Since he doesn’t, they musn’t put him in a good light.

          You’re math is questionable. Mr. Romney stated that he couldn’t put resources into winning the 47% of the people who have been exempted from the cost of government and who are not interested in listening to a message of opportunity and personal responsibility. Teacher’s who receive pensions that are bankrupting the pension systems, because they pay out money well beyond savings/investments would be amongst that 47%.

          Regarding 10% that don’t like Romney/Ryan… it’s obvious the only reason for that is anti-Mormon anti-White, anti-christian hatred and bigotry. I know the left is filled with vicious hatefilled fascist bigots, but do you really believe it is 10%?

          • Well, to answer your Question about that 10% = Absolutely Yes!!! I wasn’t so sure of an absolute 10%. However, I strongly felt somewhere between 5 and 10%….

            That being said-Just today “Colin Powell” endorsed President Obama! That definitely is an indicator of just how disgruntled the “Real Republican” (Ole School) Politicians are Truly feeling about the Romney/Ryan Ticket………

          • Except that Colin Powell is black and appearing to be basing his support for Obama strictly on skin color as the overwhelming majority of blacks are doing.

          • Alrighty Then!!! Perhaps (WE) are narrowing the playing field now?

            As you and I Both know, the Polls out there seem to be Biased one way or the other.

            Some lean (Tweak) Republican vise-versa Democrat! Agreed(?)……

            That being said-Please take a look at the 7-Eleven =7-Elect Poll…Although not scientific most certainly non-biased nor tweaked…..

            Closest to a True Actual Vote that you will find thus far by any means…..By the People!!!…

            Besides, this Poll has been accurate for the Past 3 Presidential Elections……..

            When Politics and Politicians stay out of the picture-there trends to be a more honest opinion…….What say you?

  51. Any American that is so stupid to vote for Obama again deserves what he/she gets over the next four years, and that in a nutshell is the USA economy dead in the water

  52. Seems everything you stated here has flipped since the last debate. Does that mean Obama is NOT going to get re-Elected? We can only hope and pray that Obama is not Re-Elected; we simply cannot afford his ideas.

  53. Well I beg to disagree with you. MITT ROMNEY WILL BE THE WINNER. You don’t give the American people enough credit for their intelligence. You as the mainstream media distorts the truth at every corner. People are smart enough to research on their own and discover the truths. A simple fact that they will realize is that Obama has been in office for four years. The first two years, the democrats controlled all three houses of government and the last two years, they controlled two. Explain how he accomplished absolutely nothing when he had every opportunity. His policies are lame and they “don’t add up.” He is deceitful and a liar. Then we have Mitt Romney who actually has a plan that does add up and he offers us solutions to our devastation.

  54. eight years of Obanomics ??? If so, God bless USA. Here in Italy we’re sinkin’.
    Get rid of Obla-bla-ma and don’t ever bet on Italy. Take a tip from one who’s tried.

  55. 1. He does blow, as in cocaine.
    2. He blows men and moochel gets not much lovin. Yes he is in fact really a gay man. The marriage was arranged by his people years back in Chicago.
    3. He uses a dead mans SS#.
    4. The reason no one has actually seen a real hard copy of his birth cert, is because there is none.
    5. All his degrees and moving up in the world was by means of affirmative action and being an ethnic minority. One of the many reasons a lot of his files have been sealed by a team of attorneys.

    SO of course he’s going to win.

  56. Great article. I really think Obama is so great, that for god sake he is my new god. Not like a bad god, but a really really good and cool god. If I could I would marry him. I get turned on every time I see him. He’s so thin and cute too, or should I say handsome. He’s eye candy!!

    • Liberal bleeding hearts….just like the Founding Fathers who are spinning in their graves with all the delusional rubbish spewed by the extreme Right in American. You are the reason the world hates American arrogance; the reason why many Americans will don a Canadian flag when traveling abroad ’cause they are too afraid to proudly display their own. Hubris, tunnel vision, sense of empire and greed define the American Right today. It’s a shame: the idea of America was a good one, but people like you are anathema to democratic principles.

  57. Every thing President Obama said about Mitt Romney in their second debate is 100% true. It was meant for Mitt Romney to be expose for for all the lies and the deception hes been using to win this election, Lies and deception will always be expose sooner or later. Mitt Romney was expose 12 days later.

    • Everything Mitt Romney said about obama in their second debate is 100% true. Obama has lied so much that he even believes his own lies……………he’s being exposed in the debates where the media (except of course the liberal moderators who pander to him during the debates) cannot protect him. He’s exposed as a very angry, arrogant, thin skinned man who doesn’t have a clue how to run a company or govern succesfully.

      • You gotta be one of those stupid republicans with no brains, I have the facts that proves Obama told the truth you dumb jack ass.

  58. The reason I’m not going to vote for Romney is simple, his first act is going to be to attempt to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, (It’s not called Obamacare) This seems to be the only reason Mitt is running for President. It will cover all Americans, provide preventive screening which will lower healthcare costs in the long run and expose the majority of fraud going on in the health care industry today. I agree doctors deserve to make a decesnt living but millions a year for working a few day’s a week, gimme a break. American doctors make more money off the insurance system.

    Also. Mitt has made more money in the past four years than he made during the eight years Bush was in the White House; were is the incentive for him to want to change the current system to benefit the middle-class, if anything he will lobby to make it easier for people who earn well above $250,000 per year to pocket more of their capitol gains.

    I would also like to know why a person like Mitt, who has never been known as a person who is for the people, has all of a sudden made the welfare of the poor and unemployed his top priority.

    A person like Mitt doesn’t spend billions of dollars for a six figure job unless he has a motive designed to benefit himself and his backers. I can assure you that motive won’t benefit the middleclass.

  59. Don’t make us click on a hundred next links, give us the whole article on a single page.

    We’re adults, we can read!

  60. Obama will lose this in a landslide. The emperor has no clothes and he is exposed for the liar that he is.

    Twenty-six million unemployed Americans, Freedom of religion under attack by this would be emperor, he lied about the killing of our Ambassador and made America a laughing stock world wide, more people in property than in the history of our nation, more people on food stamps since the start of the program, no jobs for students, Obama is an empty suit.

  61. The only reason Obama would be re elected is more idiots get out and vote than common sense, constitutional minded, American Citizens do. If you dont or have not voted in the past and you love living in a free, non socialist country get off your yass and vote this time. Straight republican ticket!

  62. Obama crushed Romney in the second debate.

    Romney tried to shout down, bully and intimidate the President of the United States –and failed, utterly. A thoroughly contemptible performance.

    Thank God (I mean it) that Romney and Lyin’ Ryan are losing. What a staggering disaster they would be, if elected. More, endless, disastrous wars abroad, George W. Bush style (from the same old Bush foreign policy team Romney is now reassembling. Plus, in the ultimate irony, Taliban-style laws on social issues in the United States, giving the government, not individual women, control over women’s bodies.

    The new wars, plus even more huge tax cuts for the very rich, would blow up the deficit (steadily coming under control with Obama) to unheard of magnitude. Which would be the trigger for Romney and Ryan to do what they’ve wanted to do all
    along, but dare not admit:

    1. Doing away with the tax breaks (like the mortgage tax deduction) that ordinary Americans rely on while of course, obviously, leaving untouched the loopholes that save Romney personally millions in tax — notably the capital gains tax treatment of “carried interest”. Result: billionaires pay less tax than ever, ordinary Americans pay more. That’s why Romney and Ryan DARE NOT answer the obvious question: “you talk about abolishing tax loopholes. Which ones would you abolish?

    2. Trashing the social safety net: Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”), Social Security, Veterans benefits and services, and the rest.

    • As a true Indepenent voter it was sad to see our president get a live spanking on television the first debate. Thankfully The president came to the second debate and did better, a win no and not a win for Romney either as the polls do show it was NOT a win. Obama and Romney looked silly in the second debate.

      When casting my vote I myself am going to ask myself this on election day. Is this country better off today then we were 4 years ago. Is the debt coming down with a clear plan and is the president honest with the American people as far as libya and other foreign issues or do we want to “wait till after he is elected and he will have more flexibility”

      Our president is an EMPTY SUIT so I am stating my mind was made up in the last silly debate. Obama lost my vote that night. which he honestly had up until the last debate. I am not thrilled with my choices but Biden and Obama..need to go

    • 20 likes on this Liberal site, they don’t even know what your talking about. Where do you get all your information. From all the talking points that are in Obama’s campaign ads. I guess you didn’t watch the 1st debate when Obama could not stay on his talking points when someone else was in the room. WARS we are in a war now that Obama is now losing. I think you need to watch the 3rd debate when Obama will have to explain why 4 AMERICANS were murdered on his watch and tried to cover it up. Do you not watch the news or do you get your news from your friends that do not watch the news.

      • The Libyan incident and resulting tragedy are still new and under investigation. By your logic, we still have not had any justification for Iraq and Afghanistan from Bush: why is the US the only country exempt from charges of War Crimes? You grab a soundbite like a dog with a bone, but you have not used any critical thinking skills in presenting your argument on a recent international incident requiring a full investigation and judgement based on something called “FACTS”. I do congratulate you on the success of your propaganda: the spin and lies and jumping to conclusions with enough scandal in its tone that the most ignorant, the most prejudiced, will find a voice and a common battle cry. If the Right were the responsible patriots they proclaim themselves to be, they would insist on a full investigation with full disclosure of the facts to the American people. They would not invent the outcome’ s blame and use these deaths for political gain. Shameful.

          • Thank you Meredith…that is very kind. Although not American, we all have a vested interest in this election. We all are living with the consequences of an 8-year all you can eat GOP buffet and it will take many years to recover fully. Society has become used to instant gratification but the sad truth is that it took 30 years to dig this hole under GOP deregulation: it will surely take more than one Presidential term to turn it around. That one Presidential term has managed to ensure people have climbed out of the hole, now we need to fill it in and build a solid foundation. More of the same GOP bluster is not the solution and if people take away one emblem for that reasoning is their stance on corporations being people. It speaks volumes on how they see financial, social and international issues.

        • Your nothing but a sound-bite. I read this stuff you people write and it would be so much logic in it if you didn’t have to have any facts with it, but you do have to go with the facts and it makes so sad to read this and know they are more people like you out there.

          The facts. 1…. Bush was winning the war on terrorist. Obama kept the Bush policies in place for the first 2 years and that was good policy. Now he wants to tie the hands of the military and is getting them killed because they can’t defend themself and just waiting to be shot at. He cut back on the offensive to apease the Afghanistan government. So his people would not protest so much.
          2…. We have U.N. authority and now authority from the Afghanistan government to be there and also when we were in Iraq. We pulled completely out of Iraq because they would not give our military immunity from accidental killing of civilians and/or should I say Obama was out golfing and campaigning and did not try to get it. So we had to leave completely and now it is about to go up in flames. The killing increases there now every week.
          3….The next day after the compound was attacked the Libyan government said it was a terrorist attack but Obama said he would fight all terror against american but never said that attack was done by terrorist until 2 weeks or was it 3. That it was a terrorist attck. He then had to run to Las Vegas to campaign and be on the Daily Show The View. This guy does not even want to listen to his daily briefings unless he is up in the polls. How big of a fool are you.
          4…So are you 1 of the cradle to the grave handouts or are you 1 of the government jobs with the big salary and pensions and benefits they don’t even have the money for, so they borrow it from China and let the tax payer pay the interest on it.
          5… If I were President I would of got to the bottom of it in the next day or two instead of going to Las Vegas and found out it was terrorist and it was, and had a meeting with the Libyan Government and went in secured the area and got those bastards. But thats just me and Obama in President and he done something completely different. I think that would be nothing at all.

  63. To the author….or anyone else….now that we are 9 days after this ridiculous article isn’t it time to write another one, this time calling it “5 Reasons President Obama Will Not Be Elected”….i am waiting on it now….

  64. you left out the only reason Obama will be re elected…
    He(( froze over.
    get real.
    NOBAMA 2012….. not in any way shape or form likely.

  65. DENNIS HABERN is the exact reason why people hate Republicans, why a majority of people in this country are NOT republican and never will be because he mis -represents the normal Republicans thoughts and beliefs. I have spoken with many reasonable republicans who have a REAL problem with Obama, and you can’t help but to listen and hear them out. But too many of us see Dennis Habern and what he represents as the face of the Republican Party: Racism, Bigotry, Intolerance, Self-Righteous Anti-Social behavior, Astounding Narcissism, and a undeserved sense of self-importance. You want a better country all around? Get rid of men like him. He and tea baggers like him are a death sentence to the Republican Party..

  66. What complete and utter nonsense. The second debate was a draw at best. Crowley ran interference for Obama, interrupting Romney 28 times and Obama 9 times. She let him speak 4 minutes longer than Romney. She lied and threw Obama a life-line with his Benghazi comment–after the debate she said that Romney was actually right.

    She gave the final statement to Obama and gave him the last word on every question.On top of that, it was Obama that lied repeatedly and was not called out on it by Crowley. It was a disgraceful performance by a moderator.

    Also, the usual liberal talking points being posted here shows how truly uninformed Obama’s supporters are.

    Romney not only disclosed his tax records, but they showed him to be the most generous political candidate in history. The combination of taxes and charitable donations leaves him with only 42 percent of his income which speaks the lie to the Democrats’ assertions he doesn’t care about people. Obama by comparison is a complete tight-wad.

    Also, 45 percent of his employees are women, which shows he does have care and respect for women, or he wouldn’t hire so many (all of which, by the way, have nothing but kind and supportive words for him). It’s rather telling that not a single former female employee or colleague could be moved upon by the Obama campaign to bring accusations or negatives to smear Romney.

    Romney balanced the budget, each of the four years he was Governor of Mass. Obama balanced nothing before he was President and nothing since. In fact he dug the hole deeper with more digging to come if he is re-elected.

    The accusations that Romney has committed malfeasance with jobs overseas, or secret bank accounts have already been completely debunked by various fact-check organisations, even by one rumored to be biased toward the Democratic party.

    Voters are starting to wise up to the false narrative perpetuated by the Obama campaign and its helpers in the media. They are seeing that Romney is a likeable, kind and good alternative to Obama. And, that the media and the Obama campaign have done their utmost to smear his character.

    Obama’s performance without a teleprompter and with an even-handed moderator in Jim Lehrer, loosened the bag holding the cat. And as people have learned more about Romney, the cat has sprung free. Romney will be the next President of the United States. Count on it!

  67. Yeah, Obama care is fantastic…That’s why the Pesident, congress & the senate are specifically EXEMPTED from having to participate in it. If it is so good ask yourself why would they make sure that they didn’t have to be subject to it?

  68. You do understand that the government CAN NOT “create” jobs right?? Oh wait, maybe these are jobs that the president gives out like giving a position to the guy who was in charge of the failing mortgage company…Which by the way the Clinton administration was warned time and again that if something was not done there would be a disaster with the mortgage co.’s they chose to ignore it. And NO, we can’t still blame Bush for crap. Obama knew what he was inheriting and he made the statements of what he was going to do in his four years and he didn’t do it. Also said if he couldn’t fix it that this was a one term deal for him….what happened to that? First he was a christian…then he is a muslim, first he was for traditional marriage, now he isn’t seems like his stance goes along with whatever group of people he needs more votes from huh?

  69. HELLO! I think you made a typo there …you meant Obama right? I’m a christian, no now I am a muslim…I am for traditional marriage…nope now I am for gay marriage, I will solve the illegal imigration problem…no I think I will let them stay & give them drivers licenses I can’t believe how many idiots there are these days!

  70. Yeah like the kind of flip flopping liar who states that he is a christian then flips to saying he is a muslim. or that he stands for traditional marriage then oops now he says he is for gay marriage. or maybe that he will stop the illegal imigrants from coming here…oh wait that was then …now he wants to give them U.S. drivers licenses.

  71. For me it seems that Obama is more honest than Romney. “Might is right” is not the theme of this campaign. Capitalism and socialism should not either be the way to discuss US-matters. We all bowe to love the country we live in, help ourself and help others as well. We cannot live together discouraging other people. The greatnes of a people is the honest way they are living, in culture, in development and understanding. The immigrants to the US in the old days came to a country with little order, but great hopes. Be strong in the hopes for the future!

  72. From a Britons viewpoint here. Obama has mucked that country up beyond repair for the last 4 years and has gotten away with absolute murder. Americans can’t see it because they’re too ashamed to admit they’re wrong when they saw him as their knight in shining armour. The irresponsible spending, the healthcare reform which will actually hinder more OAP’s then it helps, Gangster-style Chicago politics that have no place in this day and age. You Americans care more about public image and how likeable the candidate is rather than their policies and that’s why your country is going in the toilet. You’re the laughing stock of the world and electing the person with the biggest smile and the funniest jokes got you that moniker.

    • You’re no Brit. I’m Canadian and I can tell you anyone who would knock healthcare reform when the London Olympics even paid homage to the National Health Program is no Brit. This President has faced more racism, obstructionism and had an abyss of an economy to turn around thanks to 30+ years of trickle down Reagan-omics brought to the brink by W and the cost in blood and treasure of 2 illegal wars, rampant speculation and gambling by so-called Wall-Street bankers, out-sourcing North American jobs. C’mon….don’t snow a Canuck…we know the Brits, our systems are similar and you are a fraud or so brain-washed you have forgotten America is 37th in the world in terms of quality and cost of healthcare. I think maybe you are on Fox’s payroll to publish controversial commentary.

  73. Well if you go back to the other responses that were written. Joan Maurer said she wanted Congressman Ryan to choke on it. She puts down Maimi University, McDonalds and Oscar Meyers. Like they don’t have the right to teach and to provide jobs and jealous of someone that might have money…Where you went to school and who talks longer/or writes the bigger paragraph does not make him/her right…One sentence..”what black that have you ever met, maintained the smarts to become POTUS” was the only sentence I seen with some hint of frustration. And if I am correct George Soros lives overseas and is pretty much spending millions of dollars to push an agenda that only 10% of the people on the USA agree with. It is sad that people call facts and information hate speech. Like I said before “its original, not.” It is a Liberal tactic that when they see facts and information that exposes the Liberal agenada for what it is. They call it”Hate Speech”.

  74. This is neither a conservative or liberal comment, and it is not meant to argue; it’s just an observation: isn’t it sad and appalling how people are so divided and not united by faith and how so many wars have been fought and how many people have died all in the name of God? There will be no peace on earth until there is peace between religions, in my opinion.

  75. If the Kenyan gets back in it will be due to VOTE FRAUD the only nation without Photo ID’s due to those who desperately want to put the final nail on the Coffin of the USA as One Nation Under GOD since they are godless or truly believe they are gods…and can do what they deem necessary for their own perverted degradtional existence…as fast as they can…ask Crowly why she LIED ask they can live with themselves…he and GW Bush Sr aided Communist Chinese to our National Defense System…Coward, TRAITORS WTIHIN…what a rise to the top of the pyramid scheme while sending others to die for the EVIL souls…HELL overfloweth…and the MUSLIM will do his deed as he claimed in his books that the ignorant did not read not pay attention to his existence…dedicated as it is nor his Senate Campaign…””””I am a Kenyan son” repeatedly…but the media cannot remember …LIARS…LIARS…Keep posting your PROPAGANDA do you really think you will be the last as an appeaswhore…?

  76. There are too many FACTs aka PROOF as to what the illegal in the White House is there to do…if you don’t get it I cannot waste my time on you…There is a book “You Cannot Argue with An Idio” People who are aware–of facts and live by the law…and contribute: let these do nothings, make their own choice…the Future is NOW..Stop USA Giveaway…Microchips in Texas HS kids; Trans Tx Corridor to make certain NO BORDER invaders will slay all of us…the DREAM ACT for illegals illegimates: while womb to tomb hispanics DIAL#2 NUMBERS degrade our choices…on and on…Black Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, Libya, Syria our US montized debt dollars, Soros $2 Billion White House to Treasury direct to drill iin Brazil at 2,000 feet no dRIL in GUlF too risky said the MUSLIM.

  77. The Facts and why Obama will lose.
    After 50 years of Pres. Johnson’s Great Society we have the following as shown in the online US Bureau of Statistics:
    Blacks make up 17% of the US population.
    Blacks consume 85% of all food stamps, government assistance and welfare payments.
    In spite of being eligible for 2 years of free post-H.S. education, they have the lowest rate of college education among ethnic groups.
    They have the highest illiteracy rate in the USA.
    The conclusion: They are irresponsible citizens of the US and will not show up at the polls to vote for their candidate Obama in this election.

  78. Wow, that’s no way to get your opinions across. I am voting against obama, I am tired of the excuses, and Benghazi is reason to imprison the man. However, nobody will gives two cents what you think when you call names and are so hateful. I am also a Christian, and I know I have never been taught to talk this way to anyone, your post is an embarrassment to Christians evferywhere

  79. Main Stream Media, don’t know if the inscription is there, but the ring was noticably missing during Rahmadan. Muslims do not wear jewelry during that time. He sail his band was “in the shop?” hhmmm

  80. President Obama will be re-elected because the majority of Americans will vote him back – he cares about people not money -he is a solid, church going family man with strong personal values, he was in New Jersey so fast to provide comfort and support and pulling out all the stops to get help for the victims of Sandy – he stopped Osama Ben Laden, he bailed out Ohio carmakers, he got universal healthcare of all Americans and he will work with the Iranians to stop them developing their nuclear program. What more does America want?

  81. reason#1: obama is getting minority and immigrant vote.
    2-osama is dead
    3-his background
    4-i will vote for him
    5-he need to finish the job

  82. Americans will make their choice through the ballot box on Nov,6 . In the democracy the choice of the majority prevails!

  83. Why should we give Obama another 4 years when he has accomplished very little during the past 4 years. Gas prices are higher, food is higher, the debt is higher, and unemployment is higher. It’s about accountability. If you do not meet your stated goals…you should be OUT!

  84. Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania …Are you, your friends and business associates (if you have a job) better off today than you were 4 years ago. If you have a job, are you working full time and making more money today than 4 years ago. We need leadership in the White House. President Obama had NO experience in business or anything else, except a law degree when he became president. To that end, he has accomplished very little. President Obama even stated during his campaign for president in 2008 that “we should hold him accountable”. The decision is clear, Mitt Romney will provide experience based leadership that will take us out of this mess and improve our standing in the world.

  85. Seen from Europe – (JP Diplomatic Consultancy is based in France. JP a former diplomat was trained as an economist)

    I hope that in these last critical hours many more American voters will wake up to the fact that this election is about – DO YOU WANT THE GREAT CORPORATIONS AND THE MEGA-RICH TO HAVE EVEN MORE INFLUENCE OVER AMERICAN DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN POLICY?

    Weird for us in Europe that nearly 50% of voters can even consider voting for a candidate who is a member of the 1% and who is massively financed by the 1% and big business. They’ll be voting against their own financial and values interests!

    Worldwide every government and its peoples would vote massively for Obama except Pakistan and Israel but even in Israel Obama might win the popular vote! Only those near 50% American voters are taken in by chameleon Romney and charlatan Ryan (whose financial nostrums are debunked by all independent financial/economic experts).

    Our final message – whatever your possible hesitations about Obama – for the sake of America, its allies and the world – please, please get out and vote!

    Don’t give octogenarian Rupert Murdoch – with his Fox news, Fox radios throughout the US, and his stable of newspapers – his crowning ahievement, the making of Romney as president!

    • Coming from europe you do not understand the freedoms that americans have you don’t understand small business unencumbered in europe government does so much for you we don’t want the government telling us how to live. look at the difference between the two nations don’t believe every thing you hear in the drive by media most tell lies about the business. Corporations are people who do you think make up corporations business wants to please you government wants to tell you what to do big government bad both world wars fought because of big government

      • Both world wars fought because of big government. That’s true.

        However the war in Iraq was because of big evil corporations (Halliburton, oil companies, etc.)!

        Anyway, companies are NOT humans…

  86. With repect all of us in Europe – 27 countries – enjoy at least as much freedom as Americans have (though since ‘9/11’ these have been shrinking!

    What you say about corporations being ‘people’ is typical of the strange views of so many in America. That may be so in American legal terms as decided by your Supreme Court but in normal parlance this is obviously absurd: they are certainly not humans! That decision – Citizens United – has gone a long way towards ruining democracy in the United States – $2bn spent just on presidential campaigns this year! Maybe IF Obama wins despite these corporate ‘people’ means can be found to return American democracy to something closer to and more reflecting the human voters!

    We in Europe – and throughout the world where the peoples of just about all countries except Israel and Pakistan – are backing Obama and the real will of the humans who live and vote in our indispensable ally, the USA

  87. I think that barrack Obama will the election he is the best president in this hole world so please for him and every one that wants him to win ,and mitt Romney should not be the American president he should be a home less person in the future (please god.)

  88. to Dennis Habern
    Before I read any further, may I comment that George Soros was born in 1930, that means he was 15 in 1945 when the war ENDED….

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