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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How good are Mitt Romney’s recent poll numbers? Republicans even believe them—for now.

Mitt Romney has definitely received an unprecedented boost from the first debate that has erased the boost the president received from the Democratic National Convention and the release of Mitt Romney’s ‘47 percent’ tape.

But the fundamentals of this race have not changed. Mitt Romney is still Romney. The Republican Party is still the Republican Party. And President Obama is still President Obama.

Both campaigns said this race was going to be close and the media has been hoping that would be true. In addition to huge spending from Super PACs and outside groups, Republicans have undertaken a huge effort to stop Democrats from voting in key states. The courts have mostly blocked these efforts, but voters may have been intimidated. We won’t know until Election Day.

What’s clear is that President Obama will probably still be re-elected. Here’s why.