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Thursday, June 21, 2018

5 Republicans Kicking Christie While He’s Down

christie obama

As a perceived moderate and potential 2016 presidential candidate, Chris Christie has long been a target for some of the more vocal members of the Republican Party’s right wing. Many GOP pundits and politicians still blame the governor for meeting with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy struck the New Jersey coast, supposedly guaranteeing the president’s re-election. Following Christie and Obama’s bipartisan cooperation, the governor further angered Republicans by lobbying for federal disaster relief, which pitted him against more conservative Republicans like Rand Paul.

Unsurprisingly, Christie’s GOP adversaries have not come to his aid in this time of need. Some Republicans have used the George Washington Bridge controversy to further distance themselves from the embattled governor; some have used it to make fat jokes. Overall, there has been no shortage of Republicans skewering Christie while his presidential hopes are spiraling down the drain. Here are the top five.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons