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Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Republicans Who Are Critical Of The ‘GOP Autopsy’

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After Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee released a post-2012 election season “autopsy” of the Republican Party, some conservatives strongly criticized the report’s conclusions. The GOP still fails to realize that the issues facing the party are very much failures not of messaging, but their actual message. After losing the White House as well as a number of seats in Congress, some conservatives are in complete denial and don’t think the GOP has any faults at all.

Here are five conservatives who are completely divorced from reality on the subject of their party’s shortcomings.

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  • Conservative Outreach is a contradiction in terms, an absolute oxymoron.

    • So is “Compassionate Conservative.”

      • Independent1

        As is “Conservative Christian” an oxymoron. Jesus was no conservative, he preached strongly against being one. Conservatives by definition question how every choice they make is going to benefit them before even giving thought as to how their choices will affect others; when Jesus made it clear that we should be living first to help others before being concerned about helping ourselves.

  • Overtures to Latinos-Hispanics by members of the party that championed the crusades against Sonia Sotomayor, and now demonize the record of Mr. Perez to Secretary of Labor, are not going to get very far. Elephants are not the only ones with a good memory.

  • JSquercia

    They will continue to LOSE the women’s vote because of their POLICIES .Women see HOW the vote when they run things .They are passing new laws restricting women’s Constitutional RIGHT to abortion .While you might BELIEVE that abortion is murder you do NOT have the RIGHT to impose that belief on ME . That is what Freedom of religion is all about .

    they talk about being for the Middle class while constantly helping the 1% and the corporations avoid taxes . The latest Ryan Budget is the same one That the electorate voted against in the Past Election .

    • plc97477

      And the same one they will vote against in the next election

    • Anna Drake

      Your mother let you live. Take responsibility for your actions, don’t punish innocent baby with death at 4-5-6 mos into pregnancy. Life is a gift, enjoy it, or take a damn pill and prevent it. No religion tells you that abortion is OK – ALL don’t agree, but I do believe in PREVENTION of life than destruction. If you can afford to have nails done every 2 wks , U can afford to pay for pills. I will not pay for it so you and your ilk can just use abortion as a prevention. Abortion is not a choice it’s decision fatal for the baby and no responsibility for you. We show more mercy to serial killers than to your own child. SHAME..

  • The Tea Party is trying to rally a demoralized base. Their message and candidates in 2016 are very likely to be very different from what is being advertised today.

  • midway54

    The photo of the porcine blowhard whom the dupes and yahoos adore is revolting. His EIB lettering is all over his studio in his Palm Beach mansion. It is his proud slogan of Excellence in Broadcasting. Millions of us call it Excrement in Broadcasting.

    • The government should ship his butt over to Afghanistan, and let him find out what the front lines REALLY look like. Let him depend on the blacks, hispanics, females and gays to watch hi back.

      Maybe Bush, Cheney, Ryan and Romney can bring him ammunition and all the other comforts of home that he needs.

  • They failed to get their principles across? I think we understood their “principles” very well!

  • Pamby50

    They can’t help themselves. They will never change. The republican party is where we democrats were at the end of the 60’s early 70’s. We finally got our act together. It was a long and painful process. I don’t see them changing on anything. Women’s rights, gay rights, immigration reform or voter suppression. That is who they are.

  • Dana Es

    The mentioned five would NOT agree with any GOP “autopsy” that involved changes to the bad, actually vote-costing , sides of the GOP because it’s the mean, close minded sides that keep those five in business. If the majority of GOP members became reasonable, tolerant, and willing to compromise, Rush and the others would experience a serious decline in income, not to mention suffer a severe blow to their egos.

  • Stories like this spread across 6 pages might increase your page views, but with mobile users worried about our limited data pool it makes me want to quit visiting here, having to load your header etc 6 times just blows. Quit jacking off the users and just load the story already.