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Monday, October 24, 2016

Mitch McConnell

(Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking a “wait and see” approach to Hagel’s nomination, although on Sunday he cryptically warned that Hagel’s views on Israel, Iran, and “all the other positions that he’s taken over the years will be very much a matter of discussion in the confirmation process.”

Had that discussion happened in 2007, however, it would’ve been quite positive. Then, McConnell gushed “Chuck Hagel is one of the few genuine foreign policy experts in the Senate and an independent, serious voice on many of the most challenging issues we face,” adding that Hagel is “one of the premier foreign policy voices… in the United States Senate.”

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  • nobsartist

    All you have to do is look at who the traitors are and that explains it, the John Birch Society wing of the republiCON party.

    • cats33

      Saul Alinsky was a traitor and he was H Clinton AND B Obamas’ leader

  • bpai99

    The reason for these GOPers’ change of heart on Hagel is simple: opposing him now equals opposing Obama.

    Hagel’s qualifications and positions are now completely irrelevant to the GOP, except when they can be used to defeat his nomination and thus deal a blow to Obama. That’s all that matters to the GOP and its rabid base of Obama-haters.

    “I don’t care what it is. If he’s for it, I’m against it.” – US Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (R), speaking of then-US President Woodrow Wilson (D).

    • Your are absolutely correct. Well put.

  • The usual Republican hypocrisy on display again; nothing new here, just the same old anti-anything that Obama proposes…. It’s getting tiresome, it really is.

    • When you maybe finally understand all the debt & freedoms you are losing by Obama’s Big Federal Government Control, you will be glad that there was a responsible Republican Party there to stop many of BO’s terrible & faled policies. Your Grandchildren will be extremely grateful, if you even care about their futire, and Americas.

      • Your need to understand that hidden behind your lunacy is a bigotry. Obama prevented this country from sliding into a depression. Get real! The GOP’s mantra is “you own your own” and they forgot about keynesian economics.

        • cats33

          Obama has had 4 years to dig us out and instead he is digging us in deeper. He said raising taxes would only happen to 2% , the wealthy, instead 77.1% are see their taxes go higher. He lied to everyone and he’s hurting everyone

      • Replying to Plznnn –



        • cats33

          How is your paycheck looking these days???

    • rl

      Maybe, just maybe this will be one of the last nails in the coffin of the republicon/TB party. They are already not relevant to the United States of America except as obstructionist and a hate group. I am not saying I wish to only have a one party government. While I agree absolute power breeds absolute corruption, we, as a country can certainly do a lot better that the party of tired old ANGRY white guys/gals. Bush (the younger) put us into a worldwide depression for his own fun and games, he ordered people to their death for the same reason and to show his machoness to Dad. The sooner they are gone from the scene the better this country will be. My only fear is, is that they will destroy what they can before they go.

    • Please keep a record of these so called Legislators. 2014 is right around the corner.

      • CPANewYork

        Fear not. They’re all on my list of people to vote against.

  • Annemb

    These GOPers don’t care about their constituents or about America. In fact, they’re too immature to serve in Congress or in any public office. They’re still in diapers!

    • Tyler

      Annemb wrote: “… they’re too immature to serve in Congress or in any public office. They’re still in diapers!”

      You believe in the adult equivalent of Santa Claus. Who the hell are you to be deeming anyone “immature” and/or “still in diapers”?


  • The excuses being put forth by the Republican obstructionists in Congress against Chuck Hagel are among the most ridiculous anyone could conceive. He is being maligned because he said the Jewish lobby has too much influence in U.S. policy making; and because he said that diplomacy should be given a chance to solve our differences with Iran before resorting to lethal force. Wow!
    Seems to me those two statements should be enough to appoint Mr. Hagel immediately on the basis of uncharacteristic wisdom and courage!

    • jointerjohn

      Correct again Mr. Vila, and we are seeing now how frightened the republican leadership is of wisdom and courage. That party has proven that they want no part of anyone who is calm, rational and follows his conscience. My Gosh can you imagine how disastrous a man of conviction and conscience must appear to today’s republicans? These are the guys that politically lynched Indiana Senator Richard Lugar in order to replace him with Murdouch! There is no place left in that party for decent, honest integritous people.

  • Catskinner

    The nomination of Chuck Hagel is the first thing Obama has done right since he took office.

  • tman000

    “Hate, Fear and Divide” is still alive in our Capital… Gosh, it’s amazing that some of the Congress / Senate can’t except their election lost, Americans seem to be much smarter than than these guys…

    • These Republican boys, particularly Senator Graham, are bedrock RACISTS. I wonder if they still belong to the KKK!!

  • I still think McConnell looks like my granny with a bad hair cut. Does he
    have any teeth? If so, it looks like he forgot to put them in.

  • amazonfan

    If Lindsey Graham thinks he’s a friend of Israel, he is deluded.

    As for Bill Kristol, he is as anti-Semitic (and anti-Israel) as one can get. When Kristol speaks of “anti-Israel, pro-appeasement-of-Iran bona fides” he actually speaks of anti-Likud, anti-Iran war bona fides.

    Make no mistake. Kristol, an anti-Semite and a *homicidal psychopath, is not pro-Israel, he’s pro-Likud. He’s also not anti-Iran, he’s pro-war. He wants a war with Iran, even though that would be an absolute disaster, not the least of which for Israel. But then he doesn’t care about Israel. Not only is he disgustingly anti-Semitic, he’s also incredibly anti-Israel, and he only cares about Likud and about killing Muslims and Arabs. He’s a racist, an anti-Semite in the true sense of the word, and horribly anti-Israel (and pro-war.) He’s also a fool. Why do we give a damn what he thinks on anything?

    As for McCain, any authority he has on national security was eliminated when he spoke of bombing Iran to the tune of Barbara Ann!

    *I describe him as such because only a homicidal psychopath would speak of killing Julian Assange that way he has.

  • Any one Obama names ANY ONE will be rejected vigorously by the Republicans out of pure spite

    • Its time to get rid of the Republican children. 2014 .

    • cats33

      This process works both ways and you know it

  • Mem

    This is no supries. Isn’t the Republican motto, party before country?

  • daleinindy

    Independent thinking is not a valued political asset in the Republican party and apparently Lindsey Graham has become the grand chief priest when it comes to who is or is not a republican. The truth of the matter is that these men held many of the same views as Hagel or at least believed it important for a senator to have a more independent spirit. However, in order to be re-elcted, they’ve been willing to see who can go furthest to the right and at the end of the day which one was able to garner the most money from PACS that do not have to list their contributors. As for John McCain, anyone who disagrees with him about foreign policy must not be “very bright.” After all, who is on more Sunday talk shows than John McCain. He, therefore must be the wisest of the wise.
    All of these men are proud to have sponsored the grand war in Iraq, which they never figured out how to pay for and never had the balls to haul the culprits before congress or pass articles of impeachment.
    It has been demonstrated, twice, that they cannot beat the skinny back kid from Chicago in an election so they will just try and make life as miserable as possible for the president for no principled reason. All of them could be poster children for “old, white, men.”

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The GOP is self-destructing. They pulled the same stunt in 2009 when President Obama reached across the aisle to Republicans for jobs in his cabinet. McConnell, the king of 2013 racism wouldn’t hear of it. A white, male Republican supremacist working in a bi-racial Democrats cabinet? Absolutely Not!

    The reality is they got rid of Rice and now it’s Hagel. When you look at it right, they are denying this president the right of his position in the Executive Branch, a right they all too freely allowed his predecessor who just happened to be a good ole boi who fit their supremacist needs to a “T”.

    The danger here is that the Republicans are now becoming all too dictatorial under the guise of having their rights to vote as our elected officials. What they are really doing is dismantling this presidency any way they can. That’s sedition. Time for impeachment.

  • It is a shame that the right has lost all responsibility for their actions.

  • CPANewYork

    It seems that all William Kristoll cares About is Israel.

  • CPANewYork

    If there were a “responsible Republican Party”, you might have an argument. The present day Republican Party is irresponsible. It’s filled with a bunch of shills for the nation’s rich.

  • CPANewYork

    Make that “grumpy old white men.”

  • CPANewYork

    McConnell looks like he sucking on a lemon.

  • mccain we have serious issues with you when have you become a tea party actavist, since the kochs said they will not put money in your pot?

  • mcconell the same as nccain the kochs won’t fill your election pot.

  • Same old problem with graham the kochs filling his election pot.

  • Just another tea party republican.

  • kristol is that one of the kochs holding you up.

  • And, hypocrisy is alive and well in the GOP.

    • cats33

      Communisum is alive and well in the Dem party

  • does not making any difference not that many years from now all those so called pure ass—es they will faint away their kids and far down the road should wake up to see the true

  • Is this how the GOP reacts to everything
    The Whinner Party or This is how Fox would want us to do it

  • Can there now be any doubt about the RepubliCon position on anything proposed by the Obama adminiustration?

    “If’n it ain’t our’n, we won’t have none of it.”

    Consign all these senators towhite pajamas at the funny farm.

  • The 5 Creepers…the first 3 give me the shudders.

  • howa4x

    they are soooo fickle those republicans

  • Where does the GOP find so many people like these to represent their party?

  • Nothing will satisfy the animosity of these GOP leaders other than the extinction of Obama. They are all unprincipled egotists and worse, doing everything they can to block the will of the majority of the American public in favor of some hypocritical, chest pounding rabid dogs, invoking God and Christianity as their battle cry.

  • Jim Lou

    The real issue is that the GOP is still smarting from the re-election. Look at the fiscal cliff and now the March Madness – aka ransom of the debt.