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Saturday, March 23, 2019


While Republicans are busy comparing everything President Obama does to Watergate, they’re not only showing their complete lack of historical knowledge, they’re also ignoring the remarkable decline of their party.

In poll after poll, the percentage of adults who identify with the Republican Party continues to decline. (See the red line in this chart.) Today 3.5 percent fewer Americans identify with the GOP than in November of 2008, when the incredibly unpopular George W. Bush was still in office and President Obama had just been elected in a massive landslide.

A new CNN poll also finds that the Republican Party now has the highest unfavorable rating in the 20-year history of that poll.

There are a number of explanations for why the GOP is getting less popular every day. The most positive spin is that the party is experiencing growing pains as Republicans in Congress are making progress on one of the party’s top “outreach” priorities — immigration reform.

But the reality is that when the Oakland Republicans in Michigan are honoring unrepentant birther Donald Trump — who recently blamed sexual assault in the military, which mostly affects men, on women being allowed to serve — with invitations to speak, it’s clear the Republican Party of 2013 is the Republican Party of 2012.

The same self-destructive GOP that elected Mitt Romney to run against Mitt Romney’s health care plan is further purifying its ranks, driving away anyone who isn’t absolutely committed to denying climate change and/or opposed to compromising with President Obama. Instead of broadening their audience, they’re speaking only to themselves.

While the media is finally buying into the GOP’s scandal narrative, Republicans sound as angry as they did about the IRS controversy as they did about health care or the stimulus. After five years of attacking Obama, they still haven’t put together any positive message that can grow their party.

Here are five signs that they’ve learned nothing from 2012.

Photo credit: Gerald Herbert/AP

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65 responses to “5 Signs That The GOP Learned Nothing From Losing In 2012”

  1. sigrid28 says:

    In the Oklahoma AG’s uncanny turn of phrase, the E4 tornado that leveled Moore, OK, cut down the town and its inhabitants “like the blade of a mower.” Likewise, the GOP has executed a complete leveling of American society–but in painstakingly slow-motion–demolishing everything in its path. Since Obama’s election it has targeted the security of the middle class by undermining the economy. It has sought to callously endanger the lives of the working class and the poor by standing in the way of necessary stimulus; and destroyed the chance of a robust recovery, by blocking the American Jobs Act, by setting up endless impediments to the Affordable Care Act, and by interfering with needed legislation to reform the finance industry and banking, through which GOP deregulation swept away the foreclosed homes of Americans as surely as if these dwellings had been decimated by the force of the tornado we witnessed yesterday. Today, we are in the phase during which all Americans pull together, racing to complete the urgent tasks of rescue and recovery. But tomorrow and beyond, the residents of Moore and Oklahoma City will know that their own Senator Coburn is intent on blocking federal aide unless even more of the nation’s social safety net is picked away–this after help has poured in freely and generously from all corners of the U.S. in the form of blood donations and financial contributions. Surely, after their shattering experience and close escape, survivors in Oklahoma will have little patience for wealthy ideologues in the Beltway seeking to take some political advantage from their calamity. Though these residents of Moore, Oklahoma, had not thought to share so instantaneously the life-shattering hardships that have been systematically visited upon the rest of us, the gradual elimination of all we had held dear is a situation with which, I’m sure, they will not fail to empathize.

  2. robertblair3174 says:

    In short, the Republican party continues to shoot themselves in the foot, by continuing to act like Republicans

  3. Lisztman says:

    Despite the fact that Citizens United declared corporations to hold the rights of persons — even should a corporation somehow obtain the right of a citizen to vote — there are insufficient votes available to help the GOP win, when they consistently pursue policies which favor only corporations and the 1% rich folks.

    Sooner or later (preferably the former), they will either change their stripes or go the way of the Federalists and the Whigs. They don’t “get it”. The government in which they participate is not only of the people, it is also for the people. As long as they treat We, the People merely as a voting vehicle to a position of power, they will continue to lose support.

    • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

      With any luck, if President Obama or a Democratic successor gets to appoint replacements for Justices Scalia and Kennedy, “Citizens United” will be overturned. This could be based simply on the following: Can a corporation vote as a single body in an election? Can a corporation serve on a jury? Can a corporation be subpoenaed?

      • plc97477 says:

        Can a corporation do jail time?

        • sigrid28 says:

          They can go bankrupt. A fifties marketing campaign for pasta made Wednesday dinner “spaghetti night.” What if every Wednesday were a Walmart boycott. No sales at all on one day can deal a blow–especially if it’s one day a week. Target refused to join legislation to improve working conditions in Bangladesh. What if every Tuesday were a Target boycott?

    • plc97477 says:

      Well said.

  4. Jon Steward’s “Senior Black Correspondent”? It’s obvious the correspondent is African, and if he has to announce the obvious, doesn’t it appear kind of narrow minded? Wow.

  5. Man, Elizabeth Warren is a warrior. The more I see this woman, the higher her ratings goes up to equal Hillary Clinton’s. I really hope it doesn’t cause a problem in 2016. I hope it’s still CLINTON/WARREN 2016.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you. I too want to see Clinton/Warren run successfully in 2016. But three+ years is a long way off. What we Democrats have to do is get out in 2014 in sufficient numbers to change the make-up of Congress. If we don’t get a Democratic majority in Congress, then, when Clinton/ Warren are elected in 2016 (and they will be ) they too, along with the American public, will continue to be held hostage by a neanderthal republican Congress.

      • Robert if you can support a POS like Clinton (I voted for BIll twice) that left Americans in a foreign country to die you are a true IDIOT.

        • Sammy boy, you have a short memory. How easily you glide over your presidents( bush, of course) record of starting a war with Iraq, as a present to his daddy, who blew it when he had his shot at Iraq. Also for the billions of dollars he made for him-self and his cronies with their war profiteering. All the while the American public about W.M.Ds. Too many things to list, and too little time, but there is legitimate reason why your party is now called the party of stupid. It fits

        • Sand_Cat says:

          You couldn’t be more right. She should have donned her mask and cape and flown over personally (at super speed, too) to remove them rather than troubling those whose job it is to handle such things. Just what exactly do you think she should or could have done?
          What did she do to become a POS? Hard to believe you voted for Bill unless you were on drugs then or are now.

      • you are absolutely on point, my friend.

      • Daniel P says:

        Well, Clinton is only following Reagan’s example when it comes to leaving American diplomats and military personnel in Middle Eastern countries exposed to terrorists. 4 down, 237 to go until she catches up with your hero.

    • Warren is a socialist just like BHO and another pos too.

      • And you’re a traitor, a cowardly yellow dog turn-coat. You’re anti-American, anti-government, anti-American people, neo-Confederate. You should turn in your green card and relocate to Antarctica. America doesn’t need dead-weight losers like you taking up space and putting a drag on our progress. We love our country. We bleed red, white, and blue. We respect our president and we respect our government because WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, idiot. If you’re so disgusted with America, don’t let the door knob hit you in the ass.

      • JSquercia says:

        Interestingly enough Tennessee’s Senators are staunchly opposing privatizing the TVA and seem to have NO objection to Socialism when it helps keep their constituents Electric rates low .

  6. This POS Jackson castigates the Democratic Party, but he is sworn and pledged to a neo-Confederate Tea Bag Party. Jackson uses those old Alan Keyes cliche, parochial terms of Africans being bought out by the Democratic Party, but the Kochs have their hands so far up his ass, he could taste the dirt from the money in David Koch’s fingernails.

  7. TZToronto says:

    It is evident that the Fox polls are biased in some way. Perhaps they ask the question about party affiliation like this: “Do you consider yourself to be a slimy Democrat, a noble Republican, or a wimpy Independent?” Even so, people would appear to be willing to consider themselves slimy Democrats rather than noble Republicans.

  8. The G.O.P. proved themselves irredeemable in 2008 when they decided, rather than accept the shortcomings of the Republican platform and modify it for the 21st century, to delude themselves into thinking the problem was that Bush and Cheney “weren’t conservative enough,” to start pandering to extremists, and to devolve into anarchists for as long as the President’s tie was blue.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that they’re doing this after losing again. This is a party solely devoted to power for its own sake and that will do anything to get back in power, EXCEPT admit that they ever made a mistake.

    The G.O.P. will only be officially dead once the Democratic primaries start attracting more voters than the actual election. But make no mistake: It’s dead.

  9. JDavidS says:

    Normally, when you find yourself in a hole, the first order of business is to stop digging. Apparently the vast majority of RepubliCONS didn’t get this memo. In fact, their answer seems to have been to hand out more shovels. As for Bishop Jackson, that ranting fool has less credibility than a mumbling street drunk.

  10. A Muslim( Obama president of USA) shows that he can do it . The economy is up and USA is doing better then before but this was the case long time ago and I see the trade boom not just one person doing the lift up. We assume too much too fast that Obama has lifted the economy. The Middle East still bleeds and no one seems to care. BRIC is coming up fast and the all of a sudden indices sacre many. We have never ever seen these so fast go up. Is it possible that we are going too fast to fall back? I await some one to tell me that I thank you FirozaliA.Mulla DBA

  11. Let us re-look at the leaders ” According to the survey, 51 percent approve of the way that Obama is handling his job as president, while 44 percent disapprove. These numbers are nearly unchanged from the researchers’ previous poll in April, which found Obama’s approval at 50 percent, with 45 percent disapproving.

    That the president’s approval has held steady is somewhat surprising, in light of the public’s receptive attitude towards the GOP’s claims that the White House is trying to mislead the public with regards to two “scandals.” Respondents agree that the Obama administration is trying to cover up the truth about the IRS’ scrutiny of Tea Party groups by a 45 to 42 percent margin, and they say that the administration is covering up the facts about the Benghazi attack by a 55 to 33 percent margin.

    Although voters believe the Republican story about the Benghazi attack and its aftermath, the GOP is seeing next to no benefit — 45 percent say that congressional Republicans’ Benghazi inquiry is “just political posturing,” compared to 44 percent who say it’s raising legitimate concerns. Furthermore, voters seem to consider the investigations to be a distraction. Just 33 percent say that congressional Republicans are mainly concentrating on things that are important to them personally, while 60 percent say they are not. Now we see what we have 45% not happy very near the 50% but watch the index how does it deceive you You are talking of nearly 50% but we are told 46

    President Obama fares far better on this question; 51 percent say he is concentrating on things that are important to them, and 44 percent say he is not.

    The steadily improving economy is likely stabilizing the president’s approval ratings. The poll finds that 56 percent say the economy is on the mend, which is the highest number to say so in a Washington Post-ABC News poll since 2009. Furthermore, voters are now split at 48 percent on whether they approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling the economy, representing a net 9 percent improvement from one month ago. No sarcasm no pun meant only reading the numbers I thank you FirozaliA.Mulla DBA

  12. Ever notice that Bishop Jackson looks more like some antebellum plantation owner than anything else. Talks like one too.

    • Boy Russell if that was said about BHO some one would be calling you a racist…but since it is about a black conservative its OK… all are a bunch of tools with your hands out.

  13. Well?

    What do you expect from the GOP (geriatric old people). In a few years they will have all died off and this country can move ahead without them.

    • Het Victor feel free to move on now to a socialist country instead of trying to turn this one into one.

      • JSquercia says:

        I was about to suggest that YOU put on your Big Boy Pants and admit that MORE Americans favor “socialism” than the Unrestrained Unregulated Capitalism favored by the Republicans . We’ve had 30 years of THAT and watched the 1% grow RICHER and the rest of us grow poorer .As Warren Buffett said he pays a LOWER tax rate than his Secretary .

        Interestingly enough the party that wants the government out of the Boardrooms has no problem being in the Bedrooms as evidenced by their ongoing War on Women

    • Archie's Boy says:

      “GOP (geriatric old people)” LOL! Unfortunately, there are always plenty of replacements for all sorts of die-offs…

      • plc97477 says:

        But the (geriatric old people) are pissing everyone off. Doesn’t look like they will get many replacements the way they are going.

    • silas1898 says:

      That’s what I thought 40 years ago. Sadly, these wingnuts will be with us forever.

  14. You IDIOTS that are on here blasting the GOP look around you the leftist idiot has been in charge over 4 yrs and so far all we have gotten for that is more debt, higher taxes, more unemployed, more people on welfare and SCANDAL AFTER SCANDAL lies just role off thier tongues as easy as breathing yet yall are on here trying to BLAME the GOP…hey it is no longer Bush’s fault. The left controlled both houses and the POTUS for 2 yrs and still couldnt pass a budget that reduced the debt yet yall want to blame the GOP. Obamacare is fast running out of money and the secretary of the HHS is soliciting money from the big insurance companies to pay for (BTW that is illegal to and one of many scandals).. Get over youraselves and start putting the blame where it belongs, on the IDIOTS THAT REELECTED THIS IDIOT, there is a reckoning coming and 2014 will see both houses go to the right and POTUS will be shit out of luck to try and push anymore of his socialist agenda.

  15. I was watching watching Moyers or Democracy Now (I forget which one) and they made a point that all these climate deniers are jumping on the new ‘geo-climate engineering’ ideas to reduce global warming. By putting sulfur in the stratosphere you can reflect the sun’s heat away from the earth. Another method is iron sludge in the ocean to prevent evaporation. Yet another idea is placing huge mirrors out in space to reflect 2% of the sun’s energy back into space. I think this will be the new thing from the republican science deniers, suddenly embracing science.

    • silas1898 says:

      Pumping the stratosphere full of “sulfur” to counteract pumping the whole atmosphere full of Carbon Dioxide is just brilliant! We can clean the air by pumping it full of Chlorine too!
      Republicans embracing quack science.

  16. tinker12 says:

    Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results; ergo, that makes the Republicon party insane – but you already knew that.

  17. Sand_Cat says:

    Would the Republicans “notice” E.W. Jackson if he wasn’t dark-skinned?

  18. howa4x says:

    The problem with the republican party is that the base is now the tea party. Most thinking people have left. The base has only listened to right wing nuts like Glen Beck. This man was a comic a few years ago who mocked the right wing as stupid people. Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Hannity heap on unreality every day. It is like republicans live in a parallel universe, devoid of reality and are only are fed ideology 24/7. They can’t seem to think it through and have an orgasm every time the phrase tax cut is mentioned. Rand Paul has said he wants to get rid of FEMA and thinks everyone should have private insurance. Let’s see how that idea plays in Moore Okla.this week

  19. Constant Comment says:

    5 Signs That The GOP Learned Nothing From Losing In 2012: But I see this as a good thing. The sooner they totally implode, the better off the whole country will be…

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