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Saturday, July 21, 2018


While Republicans are busy comparing everything President Obama does to Watergate, they’re not only showing their complete lack of historical knowledge, they’re also ignoring the remarkable decline of their party.

In poll after poll, the percentage of adults who identify with the Republican Party continues to decline. (See the red line in this chart.) Today 3.5 percent fewer Americans identify with the GOP than in November of 2008, when the incredibly unpopular George W. Bush was still in office and President Obama had just been elected in a massive landslide.

A new CNN poll also finds that the Republican Party now has the highest unfavorable rating in the 20-year history of that poll.

There are a number of explanations for why the GOP is getting less popular every day. The most positive spin is that the party is experiencing growing pains as Republicans in Congress are making progress on one of the party’s top “outreach” priorities — immigration reform.

But the reality is that when the Oakland Republicans in Michigan are honoring unrepentant birther Donald Trump — who recently blamed sexual assault in the military, which mostly affects men, on women being allowed to serve — with invitations to speak, it’s clear the Republican Party of 2013 is the Republican Party of 2012.

The same self-destructive GOP that elected Mitt Romney to run against Mitt Romney’s health care plan is further purifying its ranks, driving away anyone who isn’t absolutely committed to denying climate change and/or opposed to compromising with President Obama. Instead of broadening their audience, they’re speaking only to themselves.

While the media is finally buying into the GOP’s scandal narrative, Republicans sound as angry as they did about the IRS controversy as they did about health care or the stimulus. After five years of attacking Obama, they still haven’t put together any positive message that can grow their party.

Here are five signs that they’ve learned nothing from 2012.

Photo credit: Gerald Herbert/AP