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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Following the release of a campaign video Thursday morning, former Texas governor Rick Perry took the stage at a rally in Dallas, Texas to announce his entry into a Republican field already congested with candidates, and declare that he is running for President of the United States — again.

In his video, he vowed to provide “leadership that transcends the petty partisanship that we’ve seen in the last few years,” which is to say, in the years since Perry’s troubled and failed run at the Oval Office in 2012.

During that campaign Perry memorably flubbed in the middle of a live television debate when he forgot which federal agency he intended to cut and got the numbers “three” and “five” confused. In an interview with CNN last year, he described the campaign as “a very humbling experience.”

But his story neither begins nor ends with that memorable “oops” moment. Here are five other things every voter should know about Rick Perry.

1. He wanted to decriminalize marijuana. So he said.

In January 2014, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Perry spoke at a panel on the “drugs dilemma,” and expressed a desire for individual states to have the flexibility to determine their own marijuana laws.

After 40 years of the war on drugs, I can’t change what happened in the past. What I can do as the governor of the second largest state in the nation is to implement policies that start us toward a decriminalization and keeps people from going to prison and destroying their lives, and that’s what we’ve done over the last decade.

Despite his voiced wish to see marijuana decriminalized and alternatives to incarceration for low-level drug arrests introduced, Perry didn’t do much to that effect during the decade and a half that he was governor of Texas.

2. He started wearing glasses after his disastrous presidential campaign in 2012.

The “oops” moment heard around the world didn’t do Perry’s image any favor. The people generally want their president to be able to count to three.

Not wishing to appear unscholarly, he began wearing his now-familiar black intellectual-ish-looking frames shortly after he ended his campaign. “He bought glasses,” noted the Texas Observer, “and fashioned himself into the kind of man who wears glasses confidently.”

All eyes will be on Perry’s to see if they work this time around.

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  • angryspittle

    6. He’s a fucking idiot.

    • drdroad

      I fully understand that you must have a very healthy ego to decide to run for President. But this guy, along with Carley, must have an ego that fills the State of Texas to think he has ANY chance at a nomination. But as a Democrat, we can all wish hard for this guy to be the GOP candidate. I might even send him some money??

      • I’d rather waste my hard earned money investing in toilet seat heaters.

  • Scooter Livingston

    7. Cameron Todd Willingham.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    Perry would be best suited as an “oil” diver…jumping in and out of oil slime is what he knows best.

  • Rick Perry has severe memory problems.

  • jmprint

    He must have come in his senses, but senses never came to him.

    • FT66

      Senses are never molecules moving around in the air in order to stick somewhere. Perry can never come in his senses. If he was, he wouldn’t dared to toss himself in a presidential bid again.

    • Dominick Vila

      I would not waste too much time on this guy. His candidacy will fade away faster than a mirage the moment the White Supremacist wing of the GOP finds out that he extended in-State college tuition benefits to children of illegal immigrants.

  • Stuart

    There’s only one thing you need to know. He’s from Texas. That is an automatic disqualifier.

    • Clifford Terry

      Hey, I would be happy to vote for Willie Nelson if he ran and he is from Texas!!

      • yeah, but there’s one difference.. Willie nelson ISN’T a crook.

        • Clifford Terry

          So, my point is that yes, Texas has produced some incredibly disgusting people, but it also has produced some in the middle way (I would put Lyndon Johnson here because when you measure the good and the bad, he does seem to balance slightly to the good), and some great ones. But this is also true for the country as a whole. Unfortunately for Texas at this time in history the most salient are these incredibly disgusting politicians like Perry. Remember however, they are a reflection of the philosophy and culture of the body politic.

          • Well I was born and raised in Texas (deep in the heart) and there’s a lotta good people tthere but when the blue turned red it disgusted me then when this bobble head came on the scene I had to take a break (a looong break).. now that he’s only a bad taste in our mouths I’m still not so sure the rodeo clowns have stopped touring the circut.. I guess it’ll be a wait ‘n see situation but what I’ve heard about so far, crazy is still the word of the year there.

          • Clifford Terry

            Well, now we have it. You can look at people such as yourself and Willie, and so many others, as being part of what may build into a massive cultural change towards the positive. Remember, Texas was not always like it is now and the one thing that you know you can count on in life is change.

          • That’s true, but once you contract cooties it’s difficult to get rid of them and turning into a ‘red’ state was, in my opinion, a disease. A couple times they tried to make it purple but the red just kept coming through. Austin is Texas’ capital, it’s relatively blue and because of it hated by most of the rest of Texas.. Don’t know if it’s jealousy or average conservative biasness.

          • Independent1

            I think LBJ takes a lot of bad raps. Are you aware that he may well have ended the Vietnam war during his term had Nixon not sabotaged the Vietnam peace talks? Had LBJ been able to get a 2nd term on his own, he would have had Nixon tried for treason.

            And with respect to our economy, LBJ did well in having run our country in a way to create jobs and drive up GDP. Since 1929, Democrats have BY FAR been the best at creating jobs and running the economy (outperforming every Republican during that time) – and during that time LBJ ranks second behind FDR in leading our country’s economic performance – and you may be surprised to find that Carter was #3 and Reagan was really mediocre and boosting the economy and in job creation.

            See this graph:

          • Clifford Terry

            I completely agree with you that Johnson did take some bad raps. But he did entangle the US in Vietnam. He did choose to raid the Social Security trust fund to pay for the war as opposed to raising taxes. And while his ‘War on Poverty’ was a good idea he did not go anywhere nearly far enough.

            Still, the war did have the effect of overshadowing his many real achievements that did go far in helping people, even today. Programs such as Medicare/Medicaid and Head Start, not to mention his civil rights legislation and his ‘War on Poverty’ all contributed to what could have been a very successful Presidency – but for the war.

            Comparing President Obama’s achievements to those of LBJ, Obama comes out a poor second.

          • Independent1

            You need to be careful what websites you’re getting your info from. The SS Trust fund HAS NEVER BEEN RAIDED!! And certainly not by LBJ.

            The trust fund is comprised of government securities which fund gov. operations and earn interest. When Obama took office the fund had a balance around 2.3+ trillion. Today, the interest income still exceeds the monies that have to be deducted because current receipts during a somewhat down economy are still running short of payouts, but the fund is now at 2.8+ trillion – it’s grown 1/2 a trillion since Obama has been in office.
            See this from the website:

            Q1. Which political party took Social Security from the independent trust fund and put it into the general fund so that Congress could spend it?

            A1: There has never been any change in the way the Social Security program is financed or the way that Social Security payroll taxes are used by the federal government. The Social Security Trust Fund was created in 1939 as part of the Amendments enacted in that year. From its inception, the Trust Fund has always worked the same way. The Social Security Trust Fund has never been “put into the general fund of the government.”

            Most likely this question comes from a confusion between the financing of the Social Security program and the way the Social Security Trust Fund is treated in federal budget accounting. Starting in 1969 (due to action by the Johnson Administration in 1968) the transactions to the Trust Fund were included in what is known as the “unified budget.” This means that every function of the federal government is included in a single budget. This is sometimes described by saying that the Social Security Trust Funds are “on-budget.” This budget treatment of the Social Security Trust Fund continued until 1990 when the Trust Funds were again taken “off-budget.” This means only that they are shown as a separate account in the federal budget. But whether the Trust Funds are “on-budget” or “off-budget” is primarily a question of accounting practices–it has no effect on the actual operations of the Trust Fund itself.

          • Clifford Terry

            For the most part you are correct. However, the way the system has worked since 1969 is that the Social Security funds GO into the general budget and the trust fund is given an IOU. These IOU’s are then used against the annual budget to pay for the Social Security services. This system of borrowing money should work out as a general rule except that Republicans have taken to use those IOU’s as a device for claiming that Social Security is an unfunded liability since the funds disbursements appear to derive from the annual budget. Granted such are the moves of charlatans but people do believe the nonsense offered them through propaganda.

            So, YES, you are literally correct, but the pattern of funds usage as set by LBJ gave Social Security opponents a chink in the ‘armor’ by which to attack it.

          • Independent1

            That is not true!! Sorry, you’re very mistaken!! No such things as IOUs

          • Clifford Terry

            Sorry, but here you are completely wrong. Please check it out.

          • Independent1

            The way it’s working is, the monies collected by the payroll tax go directly into the SS trust fund, FROM WHICH, all SS payments are made. Since payroll taxes do not cover all SS payments, the trust fund is depleted slightly, but because interest on the balance is greater than the monthlyl shortfall, the fund is currently still growing. It’s Medicare that is dipping into the general fund to cover costs, NOT SS.

          • Clifford Terry

            Perhaps I could be wrong on this, but – your sources please?

          • Independent1


          • Clifford Terry

            Thank you. I will check it out, though not now though as it is now time for sleep.

          • Independent1
          • Max_

            If you’re truly dumb enough to believe all that BS I really feel sorry for ya… You have been rendered unable to discern between fact and propaganda… Money has become no more than a belief system, backed by nothing but blind faith, like any religion, Or party politics..




          • Independent1

            Wow!! I was wondering why you were so mentally disturbed and now I know!! You’re actually idiot enough to go onto Youtube and suck up all those lies and propaganda that was contrived and posted to Youtube by no other than the likes of Timothy McVeigh, Ted Nugent, Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh and the like!! You are the dumbest numbskull I’ve ever encountered!! Go bury your head in the sand somewhere DUMBkOFF.

            This is the last time I’ll respond to any of your mindlessly idiotic posts!!!

          • Max_

            Ha ha ha I bet it isn’t, You can’t help yourself, you’re a obsessed freak, Besides you will just respond under one of your many alternate persona’s.. And come on Timothy McVeigh?? Ha ha ha.. He was working under cover to frame up patriot groups until he found out that the government was really going to blow the buildings then he became their patsy.. Its all out in the open now if you care to look, I mean pull your head out your @ss…

          • Independent1

            And with respect to the ‘war on poverty’ I’m not sure I can think of another past president who has shaped America to the extent that LBJ did with the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and more other than FDR.

            I’m not certain what more you think he could have done, but I think like many, you’re grossly underestimating the impact that the War on Poverty has had on poverty in America.

            There’s an article in the Huffington Post you should read, that blows holes in the right-wing lies about how effective the WOP has been. Here’s a brief excerpt:

            In 1966, a year after [President Lyndon] Johnson expanded Social Security and enacted Medicare and Medicaid, elderly poverty was 28.5 percent. By 2012, it had fallen to 9.1 percent, a decline of about 68 percent.


            The Columbia researchers found that, using their model of the SPM, the poverty rate fell from 26 percent in 1967 to 15 percent in 2012. Ryan only cites data from 1969 onward, ignoring a full 36 percent of the decline.


            While the House Budget Committee report rightfully points that an unacceptably high “21.8 percent of children live below the poverty rate” today, how is it they completely ignore the roles played by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in reducing poverty among senior citizens by 68 percent? Since Social Security, Medicare are the two largest programs in the federal budget and could not be simply overlooked by the House Budget Committee staff, is it simply because these success stories runs counter to their overall conclusion? Major success simply cannot be acknowledged if your point is that government does not work.

            And although juvenile poverty still remains high, most Americans ignore one big thing: back in 1966 kids in poverty were really in poverty – they were starving and many of them were homeless. Today, although the juvenile poverty rate is still high, the vast majority of these kids have a roof over the heads, get free meals at their school, and their parents get the benefits of SNAP.

            So for kids, living below the poverty level to day, is in no way comparable to what living in poverty was like 50 years ago.


          • Clifford Terry

            Again, you are correct. I think, however, the Kerner Commission Report should have been taken more seriously and its’ findings used as a means for further addressing the issues around poverty. The big issues of civil rights and poverty led to most of the riots that wound up occurring on his watch. I remember them.

            LBJ was, as I said, a President whose successes will always be overshadowed by the war he dug us into. Had it not been for the war I should guess he would have ranked just behind FDR in greatness for the twentieth century presidents.

            Think about the successes beyond his attacks on poverty and his outreach for civil rights –

            The US reached the moon with astronauts thus building on a vision from the world of ‘Star Trek’,
            The anti-pollution campaign began which later led to the first ‘Earth Day’ and later still to the creation of the EPA
            The minimum wage was set for a living wage in that period
            And on, and on, with many successes that most people are no longer aware of today.

            BUT, from that time, my greatest remembrance was the war.

          • Independent1

            And I’m not sure I agree with your last comment either. The accomplishment of getting ACA passed equals or exceeds Medicare given that ACA includes significant improvements to America’s overall healthcare for the entire population just not seniors.

            And here’s just a sampling of more than 30 significant accomplishments that have taken place under Obama:

            1) Obama has presided over the longest stretch of continuous
            positive jobs growth BY FAR in America’s history – more than 65 months and counting; with more jobs created in the 3 month period ending January 2015 than had been created in any 3 months period in the past 17 years.

            2) The stock market has virtually tripled during the Obama
            administration (from a low of around 6,600 to well over 17,000) with it reaching levels NEVER SEEN BEFORE which has improved the lives of millions of American retirees such as myself!!

            3) The Obama Administration has managed America’s economy in a way that has allowed its energy sector to
            expand during his presidency to the point that TODAY, America is the largest distributor of energy on the planet FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!

            4) The Obama Administration has rounded up and deported more troublesome illegal aliens that have been costing America billions than any previous president.

            5) Obama following through on the auto bailout has resulted in
            reinvigorating America’s largest manufacturing sector, the Auto Industry, with it recording profits the past couple years that hadn’t been seen since Clinton was in office. And in that process arguably saved 1.5 million Americans their jobs and kept America from falling into the GOP’s 2nd created full fledge depression.

            6) During Obama’s time in office, deficit spending has come down FURTHER and FASTER than under any previous president IN HISTORY (from a 1.4T deficit in Bush’s last budget to under 500B for 2014 – reducing deficit spending by more than 2/3rds – T/yr in 5 budgets)!!

            7) During Obama’s time in office, the unemployment rate has come down further and faster than under any previous PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!! (From 10.1% when the freefall Bush created turned around, to below 5.3% in just over
            6 years. While Reagan was only unable to reduce a 10.8% unemployment rate to around 7% in that time frame; and even in 8 years could never get the rate down to 5.3%.)

            8) The Obama administration started a war on fraud early in his 1st term, the spring of 2009, focusing on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors which has resulted in bringing more fraud-related crooks to justice and recovering more illegally gotten government money than the last 3 presidents combined.

            9) Obama pushed for a stimulus in 2009, that not only helped keep America out of a depression, but also invigorated the alternative energy sector to create alternatives to fossil fuels (solar, wind, hydro, tidal and plasma) that has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and will greatly reduce demand
            for oil and coal in the near future; greatly helping the world’s efforts to combat global warming.

            10) Obama was successful in getting legislation passed that
            revises the rules health insurers must follow in providing insurance to Americans (ACA/Obamacare); which has not only already saved more than 75,000 people their lives who would have died prematurely, but is also now saving hospitals and many states billions of dollars; even including in the red state
            of Arizona, billions of dollars in reduced costs because there are millions fewer Americans that are now uninsured.
            And Arizona State University predicts that its expansion of Medicaid will create 15,000 new jobs by 2016, add 1.5 billion to Arizona’s economy in 2015 and 2.8 billion to the state’s tax revenues over the next 3 years.

            11) Obama has presided over the economy during the best year of jobs growth (2014) in America since 1999, when another Democrat was in office!!!

            12) Obama used an Executive Order to cut the banks out of the student loan program which has greatly simplified the loan application process which has allowed hundreds of thousands, maybe millions more high school graduates to afford college than under any previous president. More Americans are getting college degrees today than at any other time in our history.

            And if those aren’t enough, here are some more incidental accomplishments:

            -Cut fuel use and carbon pollution for median and heavy duty vehicles.

            -Raised minimum wage to $10.10 for workers on new federal contracts.

            -Reduced carbon pollution from power plants by 30% by 3030

            -Reduced HFCs by 700 million metric tons of carbon globally by 2025.

            -Made historic announcement with China to reduce carbon pollution.

            -Capped student loan monthly payments to 10% of income.

            -Acted to help women fight pay discrimination among federal contractors.

            -Launched ConnectED initiative to connect 99% of students to next-generation broadband.

            -Secured more than $1B to invest in early childhood Education.

            -Launched “My Brother’s Keeper” to expand opportunities for young men and boys of color.

            -Designated the largest Marine Reserve in the world.

            -Protected Alaska’s Bristol Bay from consideration for oil and gas drilling.

            -Launched “Made in Rural America Initiative”.

            -Prohibited federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees.

            -Spurred progress to raising minimum wage across the country.

            -Launched 4 new Manufacturing Hubs in 2014.

            -Acted to protect and conserve 260 million acres of ‘treasured lands and waters’.

            -Started FAFSA Completion Initiative to help students applying for college financial aid.

            -Permanently protected the first shoreline addition to the California Coastal National Monument.

            -Released gainful employment regulations to protect students from unaffordable college loans.

            -Launched the Climate Data Initiative.

            -Awarded $100 million in grants to redesign America’s high schools.

            -Called for an end to our veterans’ homelessness by the end of 2014.

            -Announced a 100 million Competition for Apprenticeship Grants.

            -Created Pollinator Health Task Force.

            -Laid out a plan to strengthen America’s Teach Preparation Program.

            -Designated San Gabriel Mountains National Monument to Los Angeles County.

            -Created the first five Promise Zones in San Antonio, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Southeastern Kentucky and the
            Choctaw in Oklahoma.

            -Released a strategy to reduce methane emissions.

            -Held the inaugural College Opportunity Summit.

            -Announced $500 million in community college grants for job-driven curriculums.

            -Held the first White House Maker Faire expanding access to tools to launch businesses and learn STEM skills.

            -Announced steps to strengthen native American communities through education and economic development.

            -Took new steps to address wildlife trafficking and to combat transnational organized crime.

            -Launched new federal actions to combat the rise of anti-biotic resistant bacteria.

            -Supported the Treasury Department’s decision to rein in corporate tax reversions.

            -Took Executive Action to improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries.

            -Pledged $2B to the Green Climate Fund to reduce carbon pollution & strengthen resilience in developing countries.

            -Released troves of data and tools on water and ecosystems as part of the Climate Data Initiative.

          • Clifford Terry

            Because the list you offer is so long and much overlaps I will be more brief than simply answering you point by point.

            As to job growth – most are now jobs that pay at the federal minimum wage level which is not a living wage. People are now required to work longer hours and receive less benefit than before

            The stock market is not a good indicator of jobs. For example, a company may lay off a quarter or more of its’s workers and its’ stock value will soar. Meanwhile those workers are out jobs and incomes

            The major part of the energy increase has come through fracking which is already beginning to produce long term, incredibly negative effects. Instead, he should have pushed much, much harder into renewables despite the lobbies

            The ACA is a major payout to the insurance industry. Instead, Medicare should have been expanded to cover the population – a much better solution that would have incurred much lower costs

            Yes he has deported more undocumented than anyone else and in doing so has broken up many families, he has had many families put into prisons euphemistically called ‘family detention centers’, loaded the borders with very aggressive ICE agents – AND why do you call these people seeking refuge from violence and poverty in their own countries that was brought about by US political manipulations in those countries ‘troublesome’? What kind of a person are you?

            And you left out he has expanded the US empire abroad more than ever

            Used more drones to kill more civilians than ever

            Drones have been used in his watch to target American citizens thus depriving them and their families of their due rights as citizens

            Drones have been used to target children, even those who are US citizens

            He has expanded the operations of electronic oversight over ALL US citizens (again against the Constitution)

            By not prosecuting those involved in torture he has made real the possibility for future torture programs

            He has gone after whistleblowers as has no other president attacking them with malicious prosecution

            And on, and on, and on, . . .

    • FT66

      You are quite right Stuart. All damaged goods come from Texas.

      • jmprint

        Ouch, most are imported.

      • dpaano

        Wait a minute!!! I was born in Texas, and I’m not “damaged goods.” Of course, my parents were smart enough to move us out of that wacky state when I was 3 months old, and we’ve been in California since (another wacky state, but not quite as bad as Texas). I used to be proud and brag about being a Texan…, not so much!!!

        • FT66

          Sorry, I was referring to those politicians we know.

          • dpaano

            Okay, you’re forgiven…..yes, there are a lot of idiot politicians coming out of Texas. It must be that oil-contaminated water that they drink or the air they breathe! There’s seriously something wrong with Texas and the some of the people who live there that believe in these politicians!

  • johninPCFL

    Odd:”he explained that all moral values Americans need to live by can be gleaned from the Boy Scouts”. Does he know that the British founder of the Boy Scouts was a homosexual spy?

    • Independent1

      Rick’s not too bright. He doesn’t bother keeping up with the details. The fact that the voters in Texas re-elected him a number of times, doesn’t say much for Texas voters. (Of course, Texas has the lowest percentage of its voters taking part in elections, of any state in the nation.)

      • Grannysmovin

        The people voting for him repeatedly hear little voices in their head and don’t know if they turn off Faux News the voices in their head will be silenced.

        • jmprint

          It is really hard here it Texas, between the NRA goobers and the religious zombies, nobody else can get a break, most of those that don’t vote are really uniformed and the Democrats really do not know how to market themselves. It was so refreshing hearing Hillary call out Texas government on voter ID, redistricting and their lack of usefulness.

      • FT66

        Independent1, you are polite to Rick Perry. Myself am not. You mentioned Rick is not too bright. I say he is dumb. We all witnessed him making blunders in one of 2012 debates searching for an answer and he never got it, just only ending up with Ooops. I watched one night this week in one of Rachel Maddow segments, which reminded me of him and I couldn’t stop laughing.

      • dpaano

        And that might be a GOOD thing!

    • Hell, he doesn’t even know when it’s next Thursday.

    • dpaano

      Wait….he has to put on his glasses to think about that one!!!

  • …Perry switched parties in 1989, and never looked back. “I came to my senses,” he said.

    Came to his senses? Let’s hope we all ‘come to OUR senses’ in 2016. Remember, just because he pled ‘not guilty’ doesn’t MEAN he’s not guilty.. the indictments are still on the plate (waiting until short term memory kicks in no doubt) but in the mean time nothing has been resolved concerning the charges and like all politicians, they never admit to guilt no matter the evidence otherwise.

  • Bob Eddy

    I’m not sure why he’s running. Is it possible they brought him in to make Cruz look smarter? Number three says it all. His standing among Republicans went up after his indictment. The Republicans do like their bullies. Oh well. Just the Republicans needed — more dumb in the Republican primary.

  • FT66

    I can now make my prediction: No single candidate who ran in 2012 will emerge as GOP nominee in 2016. Here am talking about Perry and Santorum. It seems these two have nothing to do, just passing time.

  • James Davis

    Perry and glasses. An interesting scheme to disguise ineptitude. Palin and Perry make the perfect presidential pair. Blind leading the blind, both bespectacled to validate their intellect.

  • dpaano

    In his picture, he appears to be saluting….this offends me immensely as a veteran. He doesn’t have the right to salute since he was never in the military!!! As for “coming to his senses,” did he have any to begin with??? Just another clown in the clown van!!