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Sunday, February 17, 2019
AFP Photo/Jim Bourg
AFP Photo/Jim Bourg

Two weeks after President Obama moved unilaterally to protect some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation, Republicans still aren’t sure how to respond. They know that the president’s action must be a lawless power grab to give everyone amnesty (whatever that means), but they are divided on how they should fight back.

That’s not to say that they’re short on ideas. Here are five of the most outlandish ways that Republicans have considered stopping, or merely seeking revenge against, the “imperial president:”

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28 responses to “The 5 Worst GOP Plans To Fight Obama’s Immigration Action”

  1. Dominick Vila says:

    I would love to see the GOP pursue the first 5 options. Unfortunately, that is more likely to be wishful thinking on our part, than what senior Republicans will do, two short years before a presidential election. The people that pull the strings from behind the scenes are well aware of the fact that the circumstances that prevailed during this midterm election are very different from what they are going to face in 2016, when Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will fight for the presidency.
    Most rational Republicans, and there are many, understand that radicalism, revenge, obstructionism, and overt demonstrations of ethnic and cultural hatred will destroy their chances to control the WH, regardless of who the nominees are. I suspect they are also well aware that the chances of them attracting minorities in the aftermath of heinous murders such as Trayvon Martin’s, Michael Brown’s, and Erin Garner’s, to name a few; coupled with the usual expressions of hatred directed at Latinos and Hispanics, guarantee total reliance on white voters, especially males.
    As wonderful as it would be to see them shut down the government, impeach President Obama, parade around with signs calling a POTUS a Muslim Marxist (whatever that is), cancel or misbehave during a presidential State of the Union address, I doubt any of that will materialize, although insults and overt expressions of contempt are to be expected during the upcoming SOTU. What is more likely is an immigration law reform Bill so offensive that President Obama will have no choice but to veto it.

  2. booker25 says:

    All the RW has proven in the last six years is that they are a racist, obstructive, immature, do nothing bunch.

    • DAVE in VA says:

      How is the Rightwing racist? What have they done to be called racist?

      • booker25 says:

        Meeting before President Obama was sworn in and deciding to obstruct any and everything. Yes, they don’t like the black democrat in that WH.

      • JPHALL says:

        Do you bother to listen to many of their shining lights on the net? Pay attention the next time you are on Newsmax or

        • DAVE in VA says:

          When I am on those sites and if someone says something that is racist. I call them out on it, and you have stupid people who do that just for the fun of it, just to ster the pot.

        • DAVE in VA says:

          And don’t think that it’s only on the right it’s on both sides. The people that do it are idiots and need more than help.

      • stcroixcarp says:

        Aside from the overt KKK stuff, Just about everything.

        • DAVE in VA says:

          It’s your party that founded the KKK, don’t try to run from that, you own it, and are responsible for it.

          • sleepvark says:

            Come on dave in VA, that was in the good old days of the dixiecrats. They all moved en mass to the gop a few decades ago and retained ownership of the kkk along the way. So if you are a loyal right wing gop teabagger, the kkk is your baby and you are responsible for it. You and your good old boy buddies are the most likely active members of that distinguished group of thugs.

          • DAVE in VA says:

            Yes, Jun 28,2010 was like so long ago, When The Democratic KKK Senator Robert Byrd died. This is a small list of some of the other democrat KKK members.


          • sleepvark says:

            Dave, I know math may seem a little difficult, but think for just a moment how old that guy was when he died. The migration of the dixicrats happened within my own lifetime, and I’m not all that old, certainly not as old as the late senator.
            Your assertions make you look like a junior high student with no recent historical perspective. Are you older than 14? Immature youthfulness might be an excuse for your ignorance, but it still leaves you ignorant either way.

  3. DAVE in VA says:

    The Leaders of the Republican party(RINO,s) will not do anything to stop Obama on this Immigration issue. Their corporate sponsors will not let them do anything,because they want the cheap lower skilled workers. The big problem we have in our party right now; is that We The People in this last mid term election voted in the Republican leaders to stop Obama and his policy’s. If the people wanted to keep heading in the direction that this administration is taking America then the Democrat voters would have showed up in this last election.
    What we need to do is have our elected officials dress like NASCAR drivers so we can see who their corporate sponsors are.

  4. TMZ1928 says:

    Yes, it would be very bad to secure the border. It would be bad to make sure that US citizens had jobs before letting immigrants come into the country. It would be bad to stem the flow so that our schools were not overrun with children who don’t speak English. It would be bad to make sure our own citizens had housing, healthcare and food before allowing illegals to invade our borders. It would be bad for our government to tell us the truth about the numbers of illegals present in the country, because they have been using the 12 million number for over a decade now, and it is many times that. If they told the truth, then the American people would realize the massive costs in the future of allowing them to stay.

    • stcroixcarp says:

      So are you willing to get a jobs bill passed? Are you actually willing to work to get adequate, safe affordable housing ? How about making sure all our citizens have access to health care? and food? Are you willing to expand food stamps? Are you willing to raise the minimum wage? All this, if we just deport all immigrants? I think you are bluffing. You know that mass deportations will never happen, so that gives you an excuse to not do anything for the poor.

    • sleepvark says:

      Would you really want to work at one of those jobs they’re doing? No thank you! They can have those jobs with my blessing. Let’s just document them correctly so that they can pay their fair share of taxes and such. Then they are logically entitled to the bennies. All your problems are thereby solved.

      • paulyz says:

        Many jobs llegals are doing have long been done by Americans, but Illegals, even though payed less, are subsidized by taxpayers getting many benefits. Legal, migrant, (seasonal) agricultural workers are fine, but they need to be controlled for violations. Over 2 5 Million Americans & Legal Immigrants still remain unemployed.

    • Grannysmovin says:

      On my way to work I see men standing outside in the rain, cold and heat before the sun comes up and after it sets hoping that someone needs an extra hand, Funny I never say a white or black man doing that. How many are of our citizens are out there picking crops?

      • Lynda Groom says:

        Thank you for such a concise and spot on analysis. So many love to make the claim that illegals are stealing American jobs. Utter hogwash.

  5. James Bowen says:

    Nothing harms minority populations more than bringing in as many immigrants as we do and not enforcing immigration laws. They are the first to have their wages depressed and be crowded out of the workforce.

  6. Justin Napolitano says:

    How do you spell stupid assholes in pig latin? Republican.

  7. paulyz says:

    Sealing the borders MUST be the FIRST step. We have seen how worse this mess has gotten with all of the previous “comprehensive ” Amnesties, haven’t we? Had the enforcement provisions been actually enforced, this problem would have ENDED 19 years ago.

  8. Ann Droid says:

    Is today’s liberalism really any different than its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors?

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