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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


On Monday, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) announced he would lead an effort to defund Obamacare, in another desperate (and almost certainly unsuccessful) attempt to unravel the law. Lee’s plan involves blocking any continuing resolution or appropriations bill that would provide funding for the Affordable Care Act.

As of Tuesday, Lee only has 11 other GOP signers backing his effort.

Despite most Republicans’ desire to repeal Obamacare, most are not signing Lee’s letter. Actually, many GOP senators are doing more than simply not signing; they are completely rejecting constant urging from top conservatives like Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY).

Some are even speaking out against the effort publicly.

Read on to find out which GOP senators stand against Senator Lee in this latest GOP civil war.

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15 responses to “6 GOP Senators Who Won’t Shut Down The Government Over Obamacare”

  1. 4sanity4all says:

    Finally, some Republicans are showing courage and doing what is right for the country. They have actually considered the end result of this proposed action, and realized that it would shut down the government, and further, that shutting down the government would be bad for the country. Bravo! Now if more Republicans will think their proposed ideas through to the end result their ideas would bring about, they will see that many of their ideas would hurt, not help the citizens. I am very encouraged that some Republicans can now see that walking in lockstep with the far right will lead to nothing but anger. Gridlock is seriously ticking people off. People cannot understand why the elected officials keep NOT dealing with important issues, and they keep going on recess. People cannot understand why Congress is not doing debate and compromise. I am very encouraged by these smart men, for finally acting with integrity.

    • JDavidS says:

      Courage? Or is it sanity?

    • Ford Truck says:

      Not one of these 6 GOP senators is “showing courage and doing what is right.” If it was courage and doing what is right, they would be working to refine the weak points in the affordable health care law, and finding ways to truly make health care affordable.

      If given a chance, all 6 have stated they are opposed to the HCL and would get rid of it IF THEY COULD.

      Instead of being courageous, these 6 simply realize they do not have the votes to do what they ALL want to do, and they have the common sense not to waste time voting on something they have no chance of passing.

      • CrankyToo says:

        A very astute observation Truck Man. Doing “what’s right” is not the same as “not doing what’s wrong”. If any of these Repugnican dirtbags thought there was something to be gained politically by standing with Lee, Cruz, Rubio and the other extreme scum in the Senate, they all be doing a circle jerk in front of the cameras by now.

        These 6 rats, and the other two who’ve had a “come to Jesus” moment and rescinded their support for Lee’s plan (Wicker and Kirk), haven’t an ounce of courage between them. They’re just a hair smarter than the others in the Republican caucus – which makes them just smart enough to avoid committing political suicide. They’re just biding their time; waiting for a better, less risky opportunity to pump our rumps.

      • cpbis says:

        First off the ACA has already shown that it will save money. Look at the insurance rates in New York (50% lower), California and Maryland (20 to 30 % lower). Others to follow except for the Republican Governor states who have refused to participate fully. Most will see the insurance go up. You think the Senators referenced are not courageous, well maybe not but they are not stupid either. The House will be the problem and it’s about time the members on the right stop playing with fire by using ACA as a means to disrupt our Federal Government (again?) and put us all in a terrible place economically. Wake up, please!

        • Independent1 says:

          ACA has been saving Americans that have been paying for insurance money ever since it was enacted. Studies show that the yearly increase in healthcare premiums slowed to the lowest levels in almost 50 years over the passed three years. This means that without even knowing it, ACA has already been saving Americans money and in some cases lots of it. Insurance industry analyst have predicted that insurance premiums today would be 25-40% higher than they are had ACA not been enacted; this means people who are paying $500/mo for insurance today, could be paying as high as $700/mo; that’s $2,400/yr more in premiums without ACA’s rate reducing affect. And as you pointed out, come Oct 1st, in the states that have had the foresight to implement the new insurance exchanges, ACA will start saving people even more money – as much as 50% or more in some states.

          • cpbis says:

            You are quite accurate. Assuming an employer has 500 employees in New York for example and used Aetna the employer would save over 9 million dollars. Why would he/she have to have employees drop to part time work? No way! The public is just not attuned to what is already occurring throughout the country, thanks to ACA.

        • 4sanity4all says:

          I saw a guy on Fox last night claiming that Georgia’s medical premiums will go up 198% due to the ACA being implemented. Mind you, he had no facts to back up his ridiculous statement, and the host was nodding her empty head in agreement. Most likely, Georgia is one of the states who refused to go along with the ACA, so it may be a disaster for their citizens, but it won’t be because of the ACA; it will be due to their pig-headed legislators.

          • cpbis says:

            It is quite possible that those in Georgia will face an increase due to their state’s refusal of compliance with the ACA. They have no controls over the insurance companies as do those under ACA. Some experts indicated that many of those states could face large increases. And, yes, the plan for the GOP is to blame the ACA. Naturally, most of the GOP citizens will believe it is Obama’s fault (ACA) as they seemingly always do.

  2. Lynda Groom says:

    It won’t be very long before the RINO bus is up and running again. Of course these folks are making sense, showing a sense of commitment to the Senate and the country. So they must be destroyed and targeted by the real nuts in the next cycle.

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    It is becoming increasingly evident that some Republicans are breaking ranks and trying to find compromise on issues such as ACA and immigration reform. The reason for this change is anyone’s guess at this point. I suspect they concluded that once ACA is implemented and people realize its benefits, public opinion will change and they don’t want to be on the side responsible for all the obstructionism. It is possible that some may be taking a more pragmatic approach and decided that the best approach is to make adjustments or changes as we learn more about the new program.

    • 4sanity4all says:

      I believe it is self interest. They are finally realizing that most Americans are sick of the gridlock. They may be looking at a list of what has been accomplished in Congress, and they are finally getting that their legacy will be fiddling while Rome burned. When they consider the long list of urgent issues this country is facing, they realize that a solution will never come if all they do is try to make Obama look bad. As a policy, that does not pass the smell test.

  4. latebloomingrandma says:

    Our elected representatives have an enormous responsibility to their constituents and to the country at large. Talk of shutting down the gov’t smacks of recklessness and treating their office as some kind of a game. the American people are not chess pieces. Many people will be hurt by a shutdown. This is not about their individual power, though they are making it so. Shame, shame on them! These are people with no conscience.

  5. commserver says:

    It seems that the threat to shut down the government is just that. It generates much press and publicity, and doesn’t help the country get out of the problems it is facing.

  6. FT66 says:

    I just say to those Senators who want to shut down the government of over 300 million people, go ahead and do it. If you haven’t learnt from history, then you will learn it once you make the government at standstill and hanging up on suspense. If you think your ego will overcome that one of 300 million people excluding yourselves, please proceed and dismantle each and everything. You are at liberty to do so!

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