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Friday, October 21, 2016

In both 2008 and 2012, President Obama’s opponents have attacked him for being a “celebrity.” It’s an easy case to make. He’s one of the most famous men in the world. And his supporters include George Clooney, Beyonce, Eva Longoria and dozens of the biggest names in the decadent, fuming wasteland of Hollywood.

Sure you’ve know billionaires who support Romney like Donald Trump—who is on his second foreign born wife. And you have the right’s own billionaire-supported celebrities the right nurtures like Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin who would support a large chunk of cotton candy if the GOP ran it for president. But the actual celebrities who really support Romney in some ways resemble the tea party—a bit hypocritical, somewhat delusional and desperate to find someone to blame for their problems.

Here are five celebrities who don’t care if Mitt ever releases his taxes returns. They’re voting Romney no mater what. (SPOILER: This list doesn’t include tea partying former SNL star Victoria Jackson. Last we heard, she thinks Romney is a “socialist.”)

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  • Like that woman yelling ” where is the beef” i feel like shouting where are your tax returns and places where you have stashed your millions , Mr. Romney

  • Good Lord, a bunch of jokers who hasn’t had a job in a while is supporting Misfit Romney! Unh Unh Unh! What a shame?!

  • Who cares what Hollywood “celebrities” think? What is important is to look at the qualifications, character, experience, and vision of the candidates and vote accordingly. President Obama inherited a horrible economy, on the verge of collapse according to his predecessor, and against tremendous odds managed to prevent the end of capitalism with his stimulus package, the auto industry bailout, incentives to first time home buyers and purchasers of energy efficient appliances, ending insurance company abuses and putting in place the Affordable Care Act, a piece of legislation that not only makes preventive medicine accessible to 41 million fellow Americans who currently do not have insurance coverage but reduce the operating costs of our corporations, making them more competitive, putt6ing in place regulation to prevent a sequel to the Wall Street debacle, and equal pay for women among other proggressivve initiatives. In contrast, Romney touts his experience at Bain, which consisted of recommending staffing and benefit reductions, outsourcings, and plant closures; he called the auto bailout socialist, before taking credit for it a few days ago; he has been hiding his money in tax shelters in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Switzerland; has been claiming every deduction available to pay as little taxes – or none at all – as possible (he is one of the 49% the GOP claim to be freeloading; the GOP blocked investment in infrastructure that would have reduce unemployment and improved our comepetitiveness; and a couple of weeks ago they blocked President Obama’s proposal to punish companies that outsource jobs and reward those that invest and create jobs in the USA. That, in a nutshell, is the contrast between the vision offered by President Obama and the one proposed by Romney and the GOP. If you want to go backwards your candidate is Mitt, if you prefer to move forward the choice is clear: Barack Obama!

    • Fantastic summary!

    • Agreed Its very simple folks Mitt Bagger run GOP works for the Robber Barons
      Obama works for ALL of us Bin laden top al qauda are dead US auto business is ALIVE 4 mil jobs created in 3 1/2 yrs Health care reform First in 75 yrs
      US is NOT losing 700 K jobs a month as it was under Bush
      Obama Stimulous/ middle class tax cut did work Bagger led GOP blocks everything that could help US economy – to crush Obama
      Thats all I care about

      • dont know what planet your from

      • Even tho we added over 160,000 last month the unemployment rate ticked up to 8.3%. Very simple explanation, Remember the unemployment and the debt crisis republicans in the house held Americans hostage for their budget cuts? Those cuts are costing American jobs faster than Obama’s stimulus is creating. REPUBLICANS+ TAX CUTS AND BUDGET CUTE = LOST JOBS AND A SHRINKING ECONOMY!!!

        • That is so patently untrue it is laughable . It is a prime example of Liberal logic ..Im going to email this to everyone I know so they can all have a good laugh

          • ricpent

            Bloomberg TV: The actual change was very little! The number was “Rounded Up!”
            Unemployment Was 8.24% rounded down to 8.2% in June!
            In July, it was 8.25% rounded Up to 8.3%!
            So the Actual Change of .01% was magnified 10x to .1%
            I’ll see if I can Google it!

          • Jason Jones

            There is a problem. Maybe not a problem. But maybe the beauty of this country. How to explain it is very difficult as we see things completely different. I want to laugh at the comments on here but applaud people on here for there passion, and their devotion to their side of the fence. But the one thing I see this Presidency doing (and the right wing in office is guilty too) is driving us both apart to hate the other side. There has usually been a (somewhat) balance for our beliefs. We have our libs, and we have our conservatives, and then we have our budget. Everyone in their right mind (with a conscious) would love to take care of everyone, but simply put, there is not enough money in the budget to do so (this is where the argument begins!). There is a liberal type that says we must take care of all in this country. But then there is a fiscal side that says well we can only afford to do so much. Now I know it is much more complicated than this, but really it boils down to this basic thing.

            Now Obama in his first two years had the tide in his favor. He could have passed anything he wished to improve “the quality of life of all”, BUT didn’t. Now because of his indecision and bad deficit decisions, a conservative block was elected to prevent him from doing any more damage, or at least slow him down. Fiscally the things he wishes to propose just can’t happen until we start putting money towards the banks from which we owe (The fact that they may be unconstitutional is another story).

            I remember a time when we used to admire the rich or better off, and listened to them and learned from them, to try to do what they did to become better off, because here we have the chance, no matter who you are. This is what I did and teach my children to do. DO NOT despise the rich. Figure out how they did it and follow. You may have a different idea, but follow what they did to make it work. Instead we have learned to despise them and are jealous of them, and try to find a way to steal from them “To spread it around”. What a joke.

            I don’t believe for a second this president has a clue about any type of economics. I’m sorry I just don’t. A business is (at least mine anyway) is meant to make a profit. I have been a part of many different businesses (large and small) and know how they act to keep afloat or stay in the black. My business is a small one employing about 60 people. When times got hard we had to lay off some people (please know that this was something that was extremely difficult to do, as all of our employees were friends). Most people don’t know or get to see the stuff that happens behind closed doors. All they get to see is their friend, or them, or both laid off and don’t know why. It is terrible when it happens, but it is something that sometimes is for the greater good. The greater good being that 50 people get to keep their jobs,verses the whole thing tanking. If we have too many employees, and sales are down, production is up, and we’re losing money, do you just keep everybody on? Do you cut everyone’s pay and ride it out? These are a minuscule amount of questions we ask before we start cutting jobs. These are things that happen all the time and decisions must be made, and unfortunately things must be done that are extremely unfavorable. But when things start to pick back up we hire again. Its business.

            Romney understands this and has been a part of this his whole life. Obama has not and knows nothing of it. You see a candidate that is doing nothing but trying to profit off of being president and making more money, but I see a man who knows how the way things work from the inside and knows how to make them work more efficiently. Do you think he will stress about money if he loses the presidency. 😉 no.

            Its not about money sometimes…..but yet it always is. You don’t call on certain people to help out in a business unless you have seen their record, especially if it is tanking fiscally. If I wanted my business to succeed, who would I call Romney, or Obama. The presidency at this point is a business. If you want economics to prevail the solution is simple.

          • Tom_D44

            Oh my god Jason! Thank you for your sane words – and without even one nasty jab at anyone. It’s a pleasure.

            Can I add a couple of things? I also own a small company and have about 7 employees. I often look at the decisions I have to make and compare them to larger companies with respect to scale. Right now I desparately need to add 1 employee to the payroll to handle what needs to be done so that I can sell more. But it would cost me money because the revenues are not there to support that person. I would have to invest money from savings, or borrow money to put that person on, in hopes that it will help us close more business. So with the climate in politics, the negativity towards businesses, increasing costs looming due to inflation, and the possibility of taxmageddon starting in January, I am hesitant to invest the money because I don’t have any confidence in what the future holds. If I look at my one employee need and compare that to larger companies 10, 100, and 1000 times my size – you have just figured out why unemployment is stagnant. It’s common sense – but you have to sit in these shoes and face these kind of decisions to understand it. Mitt would know this and Obama just doesn’t show that he does.

            And when it comes to demonizing businesses for shipping jobs over seas – people need to remember that the companies play by whatever rules are laid out for them. And some will manipulate things, and even push the limits of ethics and legalities in order to maximize their profits. But it is what it is and that is how the game works. And rather than complaining about it we need to understand that we have to compete for these jobs as a country. States do it all the time. They create incentives for companies to relocate to their cities all the time. And if a company looks at reduced costs in a right to work state where they can eliminate the costs mandated by the unions then they will do so. By the same token if China is making it very attractive for these companies to relocate then we need to acknowledge and respond. I know a friend of mine who works for a manufacturer in the US. They are opening up a new facility in Japan and he is going to manage it. He is relocating from the mid-west. He said that after being in Japan for a couple of weeks scoping out the new job, he couldn’t believe how hard these people worked. They show up early, stay late, and never sit around. They take pride in their work and their productivity is so much more than his last facility. The facility in the mid-west was a union shop where the workers make much more money and because of the union protection they don’t appreciate what they have in their jobs – so it is reflected in their attitudes. It is a shame. And the company’s response to this is to relocate to another country. I now see how this happens, and rather than demonizing these companies, it would be better to find ways to compete for their jobs to keep them here. And it needs to be an effort by this whole country if we want our jobs back. First the government needs to make it less costly to operate here. They need to keep their taxes low, they need to fix their regulations to be sure they are sensible and not ridiculous. Then the workforce needs to respond by, working hard, taking pride in their work and showing these businesses that we can produce better than any other country. And until that happens we will continue to lose jobs to our competition.

          • LVSUNSHINE

            You are correct we all have our ideas on what we would like to see happen in our government. We have tried the trickle down approach for 8 years, it has not worked, time to restore the taxes back to what they were in the Clinton Era. Clinton got us out of the red and we were on the road to recovery when Bush took over and put us back in the red with his trickle down theory. I cannot see cutting entitlements and still giving the tax breaks to the rich. Of course when you have a Republican Party that say “our number one objective is to make Obama a one term President” rather than “what can we do to help President Obama to help the people of our country”.

          • iam4light

            Accept America isn’t a business. It is a country; a Nation of real human beings that are extremely disillusioned and disappointed in the way their government leaders are playing games with their lives and their children’s future. This disgusting display of partisan politics has gone to the extreme and is proving to be detrimental to our economy; to our people; and to our country. Mr. Romney is good at investment managements and share profits. Just because he is good at that does not make him the best candidate to be a President of the United States. I question his honesty and his integrity based on his past record of profits above all things. I don’t care that he is very wealthy; we all aspire to be that. I question his integrity when we know he has off-shore accounts for which he is very secretive about; that he refuses to show more than 2yrs tax returns; and that he never talks honestly about anything private; shows constantly that he has no true feelings for those less fortunate than him; shows that he truly does not understand working class Americans or minorities of any kind; and has no international/political experience or knowledge and has leanings toward another war with Iran. I just plain don’t trust him due to he is pretty much bought and paid for by those with extreme wealth and would most likely be their puppet president. This is people’s lives we are talking about here and the recovery of our economy will take time and careful planning. He has no specific plans other than to tell us to trust him because he is a business man (and that the Tea Party approves of him over President Obama). Again; I think the majority will eventually see that he is so used to living in this wealthy world; that he has no understanding of anything outside of it; especially what we the people and our country need. I say…give the President the same amount of time to build a stronger and more solid economy than President Bush had in his 8yrs to tear it down and push it into a severe recession. I trust the President to continue to fight for our economy; our people; and our country. It’s that simple.

          • lkreu

            Instead of emailing your “friends” why don’t you post some facts the repute the facts that are stated here.

        • We Can Thank Romney And His 2% So Called Businessmen For Shipping Jobs Out Of The USA For Profits And Cheap Labor!!

    • What a crock of SH_T, you are definite dumb on the facts & in denial. If you can read then read the FACTS!! WAKE UP you SOCIALIST go to Europe a failed SOCIALIST COUNTRY, who pays for this socialist scheme? money doesn’t grow on trees!! A PREVIOUS DUMCRAT!!

      • I am sorry for you….

      • T Baggers speak again Same old same old tune No facts just lots of Fox Rush Hannity blather

      • CPANY

        Marv R:

        Europe is not a country, you clod. It’s a continent.

      • 12voltman1

        Marvin…Please man,get a grip.

      • gary1943

        What country did you live in 5-6 years ago ? Please don,t tell me the USA, because if you lived here during the Bushwacker administration and did not know what was happening to our country,you were either in a DEEP COMA OR YOU WATCHED THAT COMMUNIST FOX ENTERTAINMENT STATION and thought it was a big joke back then. WAKE UP YOU DUMB SH–T,or else this country will be in real trouble. A PREVIOUS REPUBLICAN ,WHO FINALLY WOKE UP.

        • citizenmb

          Oh, Gary, I just finished commenting unfavorably to Marv R for doing the very thing you just did–using invective and “shouting” to answer a right-wing response with capital letters and name-calling.

          Yes, the things the R’s are saying and proposing elicit my anger and frustration too, but your method of disagreement is very….um, disagreeable. When we have the facts on our side, invective is not the answer in a dialogue.

          • citizen: You said it very well: “When we have the facts on our side, invective is not the answer…” What you did not specify was what IS the answer when, as it happens with you liberals, you DO NOT have the facts on your side?

          • citizenmb

            Oh, I am so relieved. I thought your angry, furious, fact-less rant was from a member of “my side”–and was stunned and disappointed that a liberal would stoop to that level. I should have known that the screaming person is actually another…no, must not stoop to your level Eduardo, though that seems to be the level you understand best. Now read Dominick Vila’s post below. Lots of facts…and he says it better than I could, I admit.

      • SaneJane

        Marv R, Europe is not a socialist country, it is not a even a country. Europe is a continent consisting of several countries. Money doesn’t grow ON trees, that is true, but the US is monetarily sovereign and the sole creator of dollars. What is the socialist scheme you mention? Details please.

        • Tom_D44

          Yes the US is monetarily sovereign……..until the rest of the world decides that they are no longer going to accept our currency anymore. And don’t think that can’t happen. Then we will be up sh$t’s creek without a paddle. And if we continue to print money we will succumb to massive inflation at some point when we can no longer keep the interest rates artificially down, and we will be looked at very poorly by our creditors like China if they feel like we are doing it to pay off our debt. Our dollars are based on nothing anymore and the world knows it. Careful how you think Jane.

      • TheSkalawag929

        Marv you didn’t pay much attention in school. Europe is not a country. Whether or not we have ObamaCare or not you are going to pay either for yourself with ObamaCare or for yourself and all the slackers that don’t have health care and use the emergency room as their health care provider. Think about it. Which is more fiscally risky?

      • Thanks for that incisive reply. Now, go back to stuffing your face with fried chicken and hate.


        Mary, why is it that Republicans cannot write with any intelligence? Your comment only shows how stupid you are. No one else seems to need to use the language you used to comment.

        • Maybe you are looking past all the gay comments 1conceredsenior keeps making

      • Wow, you are so angry. But, you still need to look up the definition of socialism. You really don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s your anger that makes you say such incoherent things. Maybe you should get some therapy and then go back to school. By the way Europe in not a country, if i’m reading you correctly, it is a continent.
        A common mistake made by most Tea Baggers is that the healthcare plan is based in socialism. Here’s the thing, it’s not the government supplying the insurance or the healthcare. For the most part it is private insurance and in most cases private hospitals and doctors. There is some government programs medicare and such…Oh, I bet you already know all this stuff, don’t you. Did you know that the whole idea of driving business to private health Insurance companies, was actually a Republican idea as an answer to the single payer issue. Single payer could be a government run, not for profit, program. The idea is you pay a little more in taxes but get free health care for everyone. Kind of like highways and bridges used to be in this country. You pay a little in taxes but get to drive on free roads and your kids get to school pretty much for free. One of the reasons the reps. don’t want to invest in infrastructure is because they would rather sell those things off to the highest or more likely, the bidder of their choice, to build and maintain those things. Making the whole country one big toll road, kind of like China. Where only the ultra upper class can afford to drive. Oh, but I digress. But still, I wonder if that is their idea for health care and schools.

        • LVSUNSHINE

          Left, All I can say is fantastic!! Could not have said it bettter!!!

        • You dont have a clue how ObamaTAX is going to work do you ? 1st the projected costs have already tripled as per CBO projections . the Dems counted taxing for 10 years for 6 years of benefits as static and double counted the ” Projected ” savings from gutting the Seniors Medicare . The best Private breakdown done by the WSJ shows that the bulk of it will be paid by the middle class 77% of the projected TAXES will be taken from the MIDDLE CLASS . While they are paying for the ObamaTAX entitlement program that HIS welfare voters will benefit from they will probably Lose their own coverage. Let me break it down in common sense terms . The law states that a Co with over 50 employees will have to offer coverage for their employees of face TAX penalties against their Co’s taxes . Ok the TAX penalty is between $750 to $3000 per employee . Stay with me now because logic is hard for libs to grasp …To cover their employees is going to cost them about $8000 to $25,000 /per employee . Now just what do you think these Companies will do ? Ok still having problems with that ? They will take the Tax Penalty hit as it is more cost effective . The Dems know this . Any thinking person would see this . Of course when private Co’s do exactly what the Dems designed into their Tax Law Libs everywhere will get their class warfare talking points . That these companies are just dropping their employees because they are greedy and dont care . When In reality they will have to do it to stay cost competitive with their competitors and also because this is exactly what the Dems want . Ok now that your Company has done what they must to stay cost competitive as they are not a zero net gain operation like the Govt …You as a worker you now have to buy your own insurance . ObamaTAX for the 1st time in American history compels / FORCES Americans to buy something . So can you now afford 10 to 30 K for Insurance ? If you can’t maybe you can get in one of the State pools ? No , don’t qualify because you make 30K ? Shucks.. and you cant afford the 10 k to 30 k ( depending on family size ) to pay for your own insurance …wow that sucks . You then get the priviledge of paying a TAX PENALTY and having NO coverage . But that’s ok , your Tax Penalty is going to pay for all your fellow Dem Voters to recieve a free benefit at your cost ..So you are Ok with that right ..Oh the Illegals will get that free stuff too ..Hooray . Meanwhile you pay for it and have no coverage because you work …Look a lot of people will scramble for the State Pools . Those will be overwhelmed and the citizens will cry for Govt releif …and walla single payer is born . Anyone with any basis in economics or business can see this clear as day . That includes even Liberals who aren’t lying to themselves

          • Tom_D44

            Micheal, and lets not forget the wonderful tax on plans that are deemed by the government to be “too good” – the cadillac plans. Cadillac plans aren’t even determined by the benefits they provide but rather by the dollar amount of the premiums. So if your premiums are higher for whatever reasons, and you have the cadillac plan as it is defined, the insurers can be taxed as much as 40% of those premuims. Meaning that your benefits will likely be reduced or your deductibles will likely be raised in order to drop the premiums below the threshold. Nice.

          • Except if those Cadillac plans are for Govt employees . let’s also not forget who is getting exemptions from the ObamaTAX law . Over 1400 exemptions have been given out . Most to Unions that support the Dems and Co’s that do likewise . Fully 20% of the exemptions have gone to donors in NAZI Pelosi’s home district . She said we have to pass it to see whats in it . Well it seems her Dems took a look and didn’t like it so they opted out . Think any Republican Co’s will get that same option ? Look it’s clear America hates the law and just wait until the bulk of the middle class has to start paying to cover Obama supporters who don’t work . Of course they timed all that to happen as well as the Tax bomb to come after the election .

      • citizenmb

        Welcome Marv R (must stand for Republican!) for upholding the values of your party: name calling, capital letters, exclamation points and whoohah! No facts, just frothing at the mouth when confronted with the facts-based reasoning.

      • tampajim

        What a vile display of poor-loserism. Obama is the only choice for people who are making less than a million per year. Do you think that you are in that catagory? I think not. Dick Cheney said that deficits and debts don’t matter. If the do-nothing Repubs in congress would go along with some of Obama jobs plans we’d have more workers and more workers would be paying taxes and more taxes mean that the debt decreases. Simple!

        • Tom_D44

          You assume that the government will actually use those additional tax revenues to pay down the debt and not spend it? Based on what precedence?

      • 1concernedsenior


        • Most of the KKK were DEMOCRATs . They even had a SEN BYRD who was an active memberof the KKK in their Party . While a Republican President , Black Volunteers , and Northern Whites fought for the slaves freedom Dem Congressmen were Lynching Blacks in NYC . Once again you talk about White Hoods when you don;t even know American History . Or your Party’s Illustrious History with the Clan . Take off your HOOD . Please 1concrenedsenior if you can’t add anything stop being so intolerant of others you are Ill equipped to debate ..No one needs your racism .

      • country?that a fact….?

    • what you and dianrib said!!!!

    • 1concernedsenior

      Dominick, I agree with you 100%. I also believe if the President didn’t do the things he did do –> some of us would maybe standing in food lines. The food banks have been stretched to their limits!! People are looking for the quick fix, the economy is slowly but surely getting better. People who are impatient would do anything to make a change (whether good or bad) –>>LIKE VOTING IN TEABAGGERS –>>WHAT A SORRY CHANGE (FOR THE WORSE) !!

      • iam4light

        1concernedsenior; I agree with both you and Dominick 100%. Also; the more Tea Party politicians voted in the more we will be headed towards a severe depression. It is the truth that the more tax cuts and funding cuts the GOP party does; the more Americans loose their jobs. They are cutting jobs; not creating jobs as these tea party politicians promised; and faster than the private sector can create them. I will always remember the words Mitch McConnell said to Congress that their number one priority was to make President Obama a one term president. This is their only priority; no us; the people; not the country. So; they were never going to work with the President; nor were they going to acknowledge anything good that he did; or pass any bill he proposed. Therefore; the GOP party (not the President) has failed in their leadership roles and their service to their constituents and our Nation(with forethought and purpose willfully obstructing the recovery of our economy for the political gain of their party)! They have and continue to hold our people hostage.

    • catball

      thank you I definately will!!!

    • You’re right about outsourcing. Obama isn’t doing that, (not too much anyway), he is just letting the Chineses companies come HERE and take jobs away from Americans. I mean billions of dollars worth of infrastructure jobs. Better check this one out. As far as Obamacare goes, 80% of Americans are against it. Do you know what is in that bill, because your representatives sure don’t. They didn’t even read it before voting.

    • Please verify your sources and facts. One can’t believe that one man is perfect, the other so damn imperfect.

    • well said

    • iam4light

      I agree with you 100%. Let us always remember that the GOP/Tea Party Republicans’ number one priority from day one has always been to make President Obama a one term President. Therefore they have and will continue to obstruct, block, and prevent any and all positive offers, bills, plans from the President or the Democratic Party so the recession will either deepen or continue slowly; even to the peril of this nation. With malice and forethought they (the Tea Party Republicans) are responsible for this country’s credit down grade and so much more. They are insidiously taking over what used to be a moderate conservative party and forcing it into an extreme hard-line party. Woe unto this country if they are allowed to take over Congress! A severe depression will ensue with their extreme cuts and austerity program. They should scare the heck out of normal working class people…the middle class will totally disappear and there will be just the rich and the poor….A Plutocracy for sure. If you want that; then vote for Romney who would be their puppet president. Otherwise…stay strong…and vote for President Obama; the man who actually has had more jobs created during his term than President Bush had during his 8 yr term; and has enacted many laws that benefit THE PEOPLE; and has solid plans to bring revenue into our country; reform our tax laws; and get those jobs bills he proposed voted on and passed which will create more jobs; and continues to keep us safe from foreign terrorists.

  • 12voltman1

    “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”
    This should be Mittens new campain slogan.
    Is Jameson trying to torpedo Romney on purpose or is she really just the dumb Blondie she portrays?

    • Both…

    • He is possibly the only living person who’s publicly adopted more positions than she has.

  • clarenceswinney

    When the majority awakens to flushing sound of $$$$ to top 10% and Jobs
    to China and Mexico—buy America–increase minimum wage

  • clarenceswinney

    It takes Revenue to operate a govt so why are we #2 on oecd list of least taxed nations
    Tell the voters why
    2000–Revenue 20%–Spend 18% GDP
    Revenue fell 30% while spending increased 33%=Debt=6000B by Bush in 8

    Tax cut fatten wallets and starve government

  • This is a very funny article when you consider that most of Hollywood bends to the bullying and blacklisting coercion of the Liberals there . A lot of Hoolywood will say they are Lib just to stop fromm being blacklisted . It is the smart play . The others are truely uninformed libs like Matt DEMON . He is a class warfare twit until it comes to his own money . A lot of the other Lib elite 1%er actors like horse face Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clowney have held 36,000 /plate fundraisers for Obama …Seen Romney hold any of those ? Meanwhile most of the libs that support Obama are Socialist like him who live abroad and spout Socialist wisdom to people who live here . Such American Patriots Like Clowney Johnny Dipp , Leonardo Decraprio , Brad Spitt , Angelina HOlie , The list is long …They are twits and are supporting a Community Organizer bent on destroying the American Economy and turning us into a Socialist Nation while they live in Socialist Nations themselves . His 1%er Rich Celeb friends are holding big fundraisers for the foreign Communist ..Mitt doesnt get involved in that . And Liberals say he is out of touch with the common man

    • Mitts really big money comes from hidden sources that was laundered thru GOP Super Packs etc Thanks to Citizens United We know who gives to Obama and we saw his tax returns

      • Still havent seen his school records , passports , visa’s , Comm Soc Sec # His forign student loans and where he clained he was from to get them or the fast and furious papers . Gee I reealy dont care what Mitt did legally to maximize his own money . You see unlike Obama Mitt gives about 20% of his wealth to charity . Obama less then a % and Biden .0005 % . you would think Liberla would appreciate that . What I and most of America are more concerned with is not what Mitt did with his own money but what Obama is doing with ours .Also Obama is getting 98% of Public Union donations . That is OUR money . He is getting a lot from obsenely rich fundraisers thrown by European ex Patriot Celbs liek Clowney who want to tell us how to live while they live in Tax Shelters . Also why wasnt this an issue with Kerry who is way wealthier then Romney and hid his yacht in a Republican State so he wouldn’t have to pay high taxes in Dem Mass . Not a word on Pelosi’s off shore investments . Not a word on all the Tax cheats in the Obama admin . When the Liberla media gets forced to cover the bad economy Obama is toast

        • 12voltman1

          Hold your breath and think pleasant thoughts………………………………… Now let me tell you the truth…..Even though the Republicans are trying win in 2012 in any way they can even to the point of forcing a voter suppression agenda (a” poll tax”)…………………………………..Are you ready?……………. Obama wins by a landslide.
          Mittens has a snowballs chance in Hell.He will lose as bad as Mcgovren. The media is only hyping the election to sell advertising.

          • maybe you didn’t see Wisconsin or the Chic Fil a thing ..We the people are coming

          • 12voltman1

            I was probably at that OWS thing,

          • 12voltman1

            The overweight ignorant evangelicals are coming?

          • If you are referring to Voter ID ACORN and the Black Panthers prove we need it . As well as all the people both dead and illegal Florida is scrubbing from the rolls . To say Voter ID disenfranchises blacks show the esteem and respect that DEMs and Libs have for them . What you are saying is that because of their color or maybe their intelligence they are less capable of getting a FREE ID .. That is racist . I’ll let my black friends know what Progressives think of them . Judging by the voter registration ACORN has sent out in the past to peoples dogs I would think any fair minded person would say it’s time to have a better more legitimate election . That is unless of course you like the idea of manipulated elections . Boy you need an Id to get food stamps and Obama has put record numbers on the dole so Id’s should be no problem . His voters already have them as most are on entitlements now and you need an ID …You should know that right ? Don’t you get a check ?

          • Are you talking about the manipulation of the election in 2000?

        • LVSUNSHINE

          Michael, Get an education, then come back and write something intelligent!

        • karinursula

          Romney gives his money to the Mormon church. I say it again Romney had fundraisers in London and Israel. Kerry’s Wife was rich. Why should the President show his school records or any other documents. I have not seen Romney’s either. Have you seen Romneys SS #?

    • I would much rather live in a democratic socialist state than one based on your idiotic half assed moronic misconseptions. And pleased stop beating that totally bogus birther dead horse.

      • Didnt say anything about his birth certificate . There is NOTHING Democratic about Socialism ..And America is a Representative Republic …


      Michael, are all Romney backers this stupid or just the one commenting on this article? You can spell, get your facts straight, and can write without using bad language and adjectives. Don’t you know how stupid it makes you look and shows what an Idiot you all are. Please get some education!!!! You are embarassing me!!!!

      • Did I use a colorful word ? Or are you refering to a few mispells . Sorry my keyboard is acting up a little , plus I was in a hurry to go bike riding . It was a real nice day here

      • It sounds like you need an education , because rather then have an honest discussion or refute something I said you would rather try the Sal Alinsky tactic …You probably know it by heart ..I paraphrase ..When you can’t debate on merit try to demean with name calling and ridicule …I’m sure it’s one of the only books you’ve ever read .

      • You wrote ” you can spell ” I assume you meant …you can’t spell ..HA HA

        • LVSUNSHINE

          You are correct. Oh my not as stupid as I thought.

    • karinursula

      No Romney just has fundraisers in London and Israel. Did he not just had fundraisers which cost 50.000 ??

  • joceandre

    This is still a free country ok. You are free to support whoever you want. There is good and bad publicity, to tell you the truth until I read this article I had never heard of a Victoria Jackson. So it served her purpose.


  • If she backs Romney, then I am voting for Romney too. Porn will be liberated everywhere….

    • 12voltman1

      Porn is a 1st amendment freedom that I do not believe is being attacked. Only regulated.

    • Joseph Hemphill

      that’s funny because robme is on record stating he wants to severely limit access to porn.

  • Clint Eastwood, Victoria Jackson Bruce Willis ,Chuck Norris.Didn’t they lose on soul train?

    • 12voltman1

      When was Soul Train a game show?

  • What an array of specomes to be proud of romney. OMG if they are what is backing romney he is one pathetic representation of our country/ this country has receeded to the backwoods mentality for sure. If they aren’t scary representatives of the repand reomeny ub party backers this country is is REAL trouble – the good ole boys – romey – mr hi clsass is a sad rep of what this country has to offer – what a pathetic representation of this country’s class of people – talk about scary!

  • oops – sorry about the typos – re specimines spelling- retard partys repub backers – but if romenys backers are reading this they wouldn’t notice the mistakes – – just didn’t want to insult the Dems and intellegencia in the Dem/liberal groups –

  • ObozoMustGo

    Here’s some history on Obozo…

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=l-HqHSkYG-Y&feature=related

    Have a nice day!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
    — Winston Churchill


      Was that you and Romney doing the pole dance on youtube? Have a nice day and keep putting those dances on youtube!

      • ObozoMustGo

        LV… truth about Obozo hurts those of you who revere him like the messiah, doesn’t it?

        Have a nice day!

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
        the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
        its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        — Winston Churchill


    Let’s take a look at Romney backers – HMMM – Koch Brothers , big oil (Romney against stopping tax breaks for the big oil companies) Casino billionaire (Romney for keeping taxes low for the Million-billionaires) Jameson – Queen of Porn (Oh, My! wonder where she fits in with the Romney picture?) VERY INTERESTING!

  • Don’t watch there movies they star in they are nobody’ in my eyes they probably losers anyway

  • onedonewong

    Yea I would much rather be surrounded by the IQ pool of Sean Penny Barabar streisand, and Michael Moore

    • Their combined IQ’s add up to a negative number

      • onedonewong

        I agree

  • tampajim

    By the anger and vile talk from the Repubs in these posts it is easy to see how Obama became president and how he will be reelected to another term. Too bad there is a 2 term limit; when we find a good one we should be able to keep him.

    • Tom_D44

      Tampajim – The anger by the repubs? Really? Please go back and read these posts serisoulsy for a minute. It’s post after post of name calling, and race baiting crap.

      And it all starts with the headlines in this e-mail from the Memo-
      “Piggin out on “Biblical Principles” – that sounds respecful
      “Washed up celebrities for Romney” – No disrespect there?
      “Study: Romney’s economic plan could kill 360K jobs next year” – not one fact in the article.

      Oh and this one:
      “Stand with President Obama! – Join Barak Obama in supporting loving families across America” – Why am I not surprised.

      • Tom_D44: Don’t blame THEM for the hatred. I think it’s Calvin Coolidge’s fault.

  • Jameson,the Queen of Porn. “When you’r rich you want an Republican in office.”

  • 1concernedsenior

    Mitt, sounds like a dogs name !! That jerk thinks common (middle class) people are stupid. You don’t even need truth serum to see thru his flimsy mask. Like I’ve said before –> I sure wouldn’t buy a used car from that phoney!!!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Well said – LEFT – I think some of the right wingnuts commenting get their info from the rightwing websites that can’t be debunked!! Any knuckle head can put trash on those websites, then others copy it to reliable websites !!!

  • 1concernedsenior

    gary1943, it’s great to hear from someone that seen the light. If mitt romney, the right wingnuts and teabaggers have their way –>> this country is really going to be hurting. President Obama wants jobs to stay in the USA, mitt r doesn’t care –> all he’s interested in is the AL-MIGHTY BUCK !!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Vasant Desai, I like what you say about romney stashing a good deal of his $$$$. Being it’s hidden off shore, more than likely it’s hands off (privy info) to outsiders. Why do you think he refuses to come clean –>> I would say it’s because he doesn’t care if it causes him to lose the election. I believe he’s taking this election of President of the United States as a BOARD GAME !!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Jonny D———–>I agree !!!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Right on Tampa J.

  • 1concernedsenior

    Bozzo the clown, where you been you jerkweed, haven’t seen your trash bunk on this site in a while. copying more info off the right wingnut websites that can’t be debunked?? Crawl under a rock, preferably in the ocean !!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Michelle Stoll, I can tell you have anger issues, and are very ignorant! You better wake up and smell the coffee, if you don’t dudette –>this country will really be in a bad way. Save voting for those who really understand what’s going on!!

    • Like you who can’t read or understand the CONSTITUTION ? You have to be gay to keep calling others dudette …are you gay ?

  • 1concernedsenior

    Michelle Stoll, enough of your whining, and sniffling. Shit or GET OFF THE POT!! Like I said before mitt (sounds like a dogs’ name). I believe mitt thinks the average person is stupid. When all the dust settles in November, and the American public puts the meat to the tea party, right wingnuts and mitt romney –> then the congress will be able to get some real business done!!

    • you are an ignorant person to have to resort to name calling but it is the norm for Liberals who can’t debate on merit . You show your lack of knowledge on even what type of govt you live under . The name is Michael little girl

  • Clint Eastwood also supports Romney, perhaps they’re both pals in “OFF SHORE BANKING”

  • 1concernedsenior

    12voltman1, I agree with you about voter suppression, but we can’t take President Obamas’ win in November for granted. We have to reall really put the meat to mitt —-> that way all the $$$$$$ the right wingnuts & teabaggers have spent will all be $ down the drain!!

  • 1concernedsenior

    Michelle Stoll, dudette you like to say the US is a represenative republic (because the word republic is in there) THE US IS A SOCIETY BASED ON DEMOCRACY —>> AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT !

    • I didn’t forget that . Most Libs don’t know that we are a Democratic Representative Republic . We are Not a Socialist Democracy and can’t be because that would be a contradiction in terms . If Obama has his way we will be a Socialist State or worse a Communist State . Remember you didn’t build that so why would it be a stretch for a man with that kind of attitude to seize what you / we built . Chavez did . Castro did . If you have read Obama’s Book he said he prefers the Commuist form of gov’t . His Policies have backed that up . Armed with this Knowledge why would anyone think anything else of him and his agenda …Go ahead have a Rachel Madcow and call me some names now . You know I’m right and can’t dispute what I said so go all Alinsky on me and have a nice day .

      • Gammaanya

        Please define Socialism, Communism, Democracy, Marxism etc. I dare you. SS, Medicare, Public Ed. and now ACA ARE SOCIALISTIC PROGRAMS and don’t you FORGET IT. You don’t like it, opt out of SS, Medicare and don’t send your kids to public school. It’s not for you.

        • Don’t have kids and I sure as Hell paid into SS that I may just get into under the wire . By the way thanks to the advice of Milton Friedman one South American country set up a Private Investment retirement fund for their Citizens and their return is much better the our SS and there is no big Govt Buearacracy to pay for …A win win

          • Michael: Gammaanya the CPA guy/gal? does not even know who Milton Friedman was (he is Googling him as we speak, LOL).
            He was the scholar who came up with the brilliant concept (again, don’t expect the Leftie Obama Libs to grasp this!) to the effect that governments should strive to provide their citizens with equal opportunities, and NOT equal outcomes. (I can already see the empty heads – read Libs – spinning …)

    • By the way the name is Michael ..I’m hetero so the dudette thing must be your personal preference . I also don’t hide behind a nickname pussy

    • You don’t even know our form of Govt do you ?

      • Michael: This guy/gal? 1concernedsenior does not have a clue, not even a notion, of what is our form of government.

  • Hughes Hunt

    This is a train wreck in graphic retroactive slow motion about deceitful, Tricky Mitt the Twit-an Epic Political Catastrophe.Tricky Mitt Romney thought his disastrous overseas tour would get the American voters’ minds off his taxes: Wrong. Fact is that Tricky Mitt comes out more each day as a deceitful flip-flopper than as a duplicitous, wimpy candidate who obsesses to takeover the oval office. When you are running for president, you should be an open book. Tricky Mitt is no different from Bernard Madoff and Tricky Dick (Pres. Richard Nixon). Senator Harry Reid is standing by his statement in going for the jugular with two evidence that Tricky Mitt did not pay taxes for 10 years which is why Sen. John McCain didn’t choose him for VP. Seriously, Tricky Mitt cannot wait to buy the Presidency with 32 billionaire donors. This tax-cheating flip-flopper cannot be trusted to run for President and does not even have the decency or integrity to admit mistakes even if all evidences are jumping out at him.

  • I guess if Clint Eastwood didn,t make the best and produce the best movies in hollywood as well as give all the lib actors jobs obama would not have any support there except the ones on welfare and food stamps and of course the same sex marriage couples, kind of sad for obama dont you think.With Romney and Clint on his side what else would the next president need, make my day libs.

  • Tom_D44

    For those of you who keep bringing up the tax return issue, exactly how long did it take Obama to release his birth certificate and put that whole debacle to bed? He let it go on forever. And when the right asked, or demanded, his college transcripts, did he ever produce those? No.

    Romney is not going to release the tax forms because he knows that the left will just take the information and distort it into more speculative stories. This is obvious.

    • Gammaanya

      Does Birthcertificate shows that he evaded taxes at birth?? He was vetted from the beginning of his run for Pres. Do you think that they would let any joe blow be a POTUS??? Use you God given brain and common sense, ooops, you don’t have one, you only spew racist remarks. Besides Mutts father started, because if HONEST MAN HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE WILL COME FORWARD.Birthcertificate and college transcript prove’s nothing. To be decent human being you don’t have to be from Harvard. Many people are not educated (YOU are the exception – totally blind) and have more brain and common sense that the educated one. The best teacher is LIFE it’self and the hard knocks of life. Guess what, Obama will survive very nicely. He will have free healthcare for life, will you under Romney Ryan??? You people scream he is a socialist, communist, Muslim but none of you even know what that means.
      “When Eagles are silent the parrots begin to jabber” W. Churchill. U R Parrot.

      • Tom_D44

        You know I really try to be civil here, and control my emotions – but you, my friend, are a real moron. What the hell did I say that was racist? Exactly what racist remarks did I spew? Nothing. I simply made a comparison between 2 very similar situations where documents were requested by the other side in order to verify or debunk any speculations about something that should not be. In the case of Obama, you can’t be president if you are not a citizen and many people questioned whether he was. Turns out he was not guilty of what they claimed and rather than squashing the issue right away, he let that go on for many many months before producing the certificate. This only fueled the right and allowed for more speculation and outrage. This is exactly the same situation that Mitt is in right now. The only problem is that it’s a catch 22 for him because it’s not the IRS looking for his returns – it’s the media, people like Joe Conawhatever on this site, and morons like you who will only take the information and twist it into some big scandal in an effort to trash the guy. And he knows this. The media belittled the people requesting the birth certificate but now they are screaming for Mitt’s tax returns.

        So if you think that Mitt is guilty of something, there should only be one group doing that investigation – the IRS. And they have the returns – all of them. They have them for all of the last 10 years that he supposedly has been cheating on his taxes – according to Harry Ried “paying NO taxes at all”. And guess what? They are not and have not prosecuted the guy for anything. That should tell you something if you had half a brain. So what exactly are you going to do with them? What is the media looking to do with them? And if he hasn’t done anything illegal than what would anyone be vetting about Romney by obtaining them? We already know he is rich. We already know he has used the legal avenues, allowed to him, to pay what taxes he needed to pay – no differently than any other american citizen. Obama has money in tax shelters for his kids as well. Did you know that? He is also worth millions. Shouldn’t he have forked over more money to the IRS instead of keeping it to himself and his family? No, he used the legal avenues that were allowed in order to pay only the taxes he needed to pay. And that is fine. If you don’t like the loop holes, tax shelters, and deductions then get together with other like minded people and change the system. That is how it works. But don’t demonize the guy for doing what everyone else is doing – legally.

        Exactly where was all of your outrage when Timothy Geightner was actually found guilty of cheating on his taxes – and he, my friend, is running the federal reserve. Talk about hypocrisy. Crawl back to your hole moron.

        • Gammaanya

          I am a CPA and I know more about taxes that you will even know. If I am A moron in your book then you are the smartest Faux News advocate along with Rushie, Hannity . the difference between them and you is they get paid big bucks to spew their nonsense you get NOTHING. They pay less taxes and you fill the gap. Go back to minimu wage job (it’s not a good time yet – Mutt) and cheer how life is great. Watch your taxes next year. Courtesy of Bush the drunk. As for Obama is not as rich as Mutt Robmeofmoney and U R right there is nothing wrong making, having money etc. Case in point. Romney paid aprox. 13% on 25M income and Obama paid 21% on less than 1M – do you see the difference??? Then why some of my clients who makes 60K pyas also 21-22% and I am trying to get them best deal possible and get more in return with in the tax laws and MORAL aspect. Guess what – most of them say – don’t bother, few bucks won’t make or break me.
          So in your opinion , I guess you got Bush $300 or $ 600 stimulus check (Bush never paid for it either just like the wars – all on CC) and you think you won a lottery. Maybe for some, but the best stimulus was for ther rich – NO TAXES. if any it usually 1-10% max on millions or billiions of $$$$. I DO THEM. Now Mutt wants them to be permanent (heard him says at least 5 x and they want to give Vouchers – 5-6K for medicare. Can’t afford a doctor – go die .They ALL said so on debates. It seems to me that Republicans/Teabaggers do not understand term balance forward from Prev. Adm. that it was in RED but when they took over 8 yrs earlier the bal. forward was BLACK. Hmmmm. That means we don’t pay old bills just stick it to the taxpayer. I don’t care about Geithner, he is not running for President, So was a Snicky Ricky of Florida, scammed Medicare out of millions of dollars and MORONS picked him to be a Governor. So was Walker in Wisc. People don’t think, all they see and hearis, that black man is in WH and he must go. It goes for the both sides of the spectrum. One more thing. Every President shows his taxes while in office and his investment etc. If he had done something wrong , the Faux News would be all over him.
          If Geitghtner was guilty then why he is on the job??? Why Faux News is not harping on that?? Hmmmm.. Lot’s of people make mistakes and some CPA will do everything to get clients more money – and will scate around it, I DON’t DO that. I value my reputation and I don’t care if I lose a customer. Orange with stripes is not my color. IRS can’t audit everybody. I had only one audit in my 30 yrs in business. They found – NOTHING.
          In my humble, moronic from under the rock opinion the Muslim, impostor with out college transcripts and non US citizen, socialist, communist, marxsist, with fake birth
          certificate that it too long to show it and in tanked the economy in WH does pretty good job, it would be better if Filibusters work in his favor. All in one breath.
          Get your head from under the hood and look around. Will ya. God Bless You.I am crawling back to my rock – my common sense rock.

          • Tom_D44

            You failed, in your point, to differentiate between tax rates on income and tax rates on capital gains. Romneys taxes are on capital gains and Obama’s is on income – salaries and book sales. I believe that the tax rate for high income earners in this country is somewhere around 35% – in simple terms. Why is it that Obama only paid, as you state, 21% for the millions he earned in book sales, speaking engagements and salaries? It doesn’t work that way for us regular people? Are you ok with that? He uses the same rules that Romney does so why the rage on only one side?

            And as for Geightner, he was found guilty and had to pay back taxes, penalties and fines. The only reason he got off as easy as he did was because he had friends in high places – actually the highest of places. Once again, that wouldn’t have happened if it were us – but these guys all get special rules. The only problem is that he runs the FED and so if he can’t figure out how to properly pay his fair share how can you trust him with the federal reserve. It’s a matter of character and in Washington there seems to be less and less of that anymore. So you should care – a lot.

            The president, while he is a big part of our government, is not the only place we all need to be looking. Congress is corrupt. Those guys are being bought by lobbyists, they are making millions trading in the market and buying and selling real estate with inside information that none of us would ever have – and if we had that information we would be in jail for using it. And they don’t care. It’s on both sides. Geithner is a thief and if you had any scruples you would call him out on that and not play the “it’s ok for him”, or “I don’t care about that one” game just because he’s on your side. That, my friend, is hypocrisy. Call them all out – dems, repubs and independents. They all effect policy and they are all skimming off the top. There were at least a dozen possible appointees by this administration, who dropped out when they were called out for tax problems – and you would have thought that Obama would have learned to vet them better. I think his administration didn’t care because they all thought we, the people, wouldn’t care or take notice. Wrong. These theives in congress, running the GSA, running the FED, and working in this administration all need to be given the boot – with no pensions, and no lifetime benefits. The rest of us don’t get it – we just get laid off, or our businesses closed down because of their incompetence. And the ones who broke the laws need to go to JAIL. And you, and all of your friends need to care about this, regardless of partisanship, because whether you think so or not, it does effect you.

          • Tom_D44: Do you think Gamm will even UNDERSTAND your excellent points ?
            P.S. – The guy/girl does not even know the difference between income and capital gains; I am dying to find out how he “explains” Obama’s marginal tax rate …

          • Tom_D44

            Thank you for your sanity Eduardo.

        • Tom_D44: Don’t get mad with (let me see if I can get his/her? name right) Gammaanya. First, because he/her? claims to be a CPA who knows more about taxes than you will “EVEN” know (read it, he/she? said it exactly like that). Secondly, because, you see, these people are blind, unconditional Obama zombies who would never let facts stand in their way; so that means that they are incapable of logical thinking, deduction and discourse and thus have to resort to all kinds of name-calling (like you being a racist, good grief) to try to make a point. They live in another world in which they feel comfortable and “smart” spewing out simple-platitudes-news-at-a-glance-shallow “solutions” to complex (read beyond their CPA grasp) issues (Example: the inane, MINDLESS repetition of the one-percenters vs. the 99 percenters “concept” fed to them by the “news” media, as if our society could be divided into 1% – the “bad” – and the rest – the “good”.
          In summary, my friend, don’t waste your time with people like Gamm whatever. Just pity them …

      • he was not vette4d that is a joke . Anyone with his alliances to people like RevWwright , Bill Ayres , and Tony Rezko would have been laughed out of the process had he not been black and the media Liberal . If you bring that stuff up today the intolernat left labels you a racist . We dont even have a real Birth certificate nor explanations of his foreign student loans how he aquired them and which country he said he was from . We have not seen his passports and visa to see which country he says he was from . His school records are sealed . etc etc that is not a vetting

  • I used to think Ted Nugent, Gene Simmons and Chuck Norris were cool, but what the fuck man? Has Alzheimers or something got a hold of these guys? I mean Rick Schroder isnt a surprise at all, washed up and fucked up are nice words for that dude.Jenna well maybe Syphillis is got her,the porn industry is dirty.The Koch brothers, well they have been greasy dickwads traitors to America for years,no surprise here.Mitts just a leftover spineless money grubbing dickwad too.Elect him by fraund and the streets will be bloody from internal revolt. The people are not gonna take this fake shit anymore.I ant really an Obama supporter but I sure as hell dont want these assholes running things any more than they are.

  • Arakiba

    lol, a bunch of has-beens and never-wases!

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    Clint Eastwood just made Mitt Romney’s day.

  • rpgreenie

    Seriously! Get a clue, look around. The ‘baggers’ have sent our jobs overseas and done everything to stop the resurgence of American industry (in the general sense). If it can make them more money, the ‘baggers’ will do whatever it takes.
    Where are you in this? You a ‘bagger’?
    My bet is that you’re in the exact same boat as everyone else.
    How blind can you be?

  • She modeled for PETA? as a terrier or an Asian breed ?

  • Vintage SCIENTOLOGY material.

  • SEE what drugs can do.

  • Another neuropharmacological casualty.

  • Tea futures are up.

  • You go Gary! I agree with you 100%! And sometimes harsh language and exclamation points need to be used to wake up some of these STUPID people that haven’t a clue as to what IS going on in this country!!!!!!!
    SO THERE citizenmb!!!!

  • I can understand where Gary1943 is coming from. STUPID people “elicit” that kind of anger from me as well!!! Sometimes strong language is necessary to make “deaf” people HEAR, and “blind”people SEE!

  • 60LI__62

    If we have four more years of this President, we’re all but finished – When the money is gone, it’s gone!! This President has always, and is still, saying anything to get a vote – Raising taxes on the wealthy will run this country for ONE WEEK!! THAT’S IT! Does anybody not get that it also means
    small businesses that make $250,000.00?! That means the boss of that company who has
    5 employees may have to get rid of 1 or 2 employees! Does anybody know about the month the
    President said they put 85,000 more people to work? Yes, but he neglected to tell us that 85.1 thousand people LOST their jobs!! Better do Your Homework and listen to all before you make a
    decision – He talks the talk when he wants the vote!! Immigrants and gays, he has said the right
    thing for you just before voting, hasn’t he? Like I said, he wants your vote, but when the pot goes
    dry, there won’t be ANYMORE HANDOUTS!! And, don’t forget who his friends are – Communists,
    Muslims, Acorn associates, socialists, and people who hate America!! Check it out for yourselves
    from all sides before you vote – That’s all I ask – Don’t let this hippocrit get away with what he is
    trying to do – He has an agenda, and YOUR BEST INTERESTS ARE NOT ON HIS LIST!!! By the
    way, who cares if Mitt Romney or anyone else is lucky enough to be rich – Wish I was!! Not one of us knows the whole story about Romney’s money, and frankly, who cares?!! I do know Obama’s brother in Kenya doesn’t get a dime from his rich American Brother, I do know a lot about past
    Presidents and very little about this one, and how did a little known Senator who has done next
    to nothing in our government, get to be President of this great country?!! Who holds the purse –
    strings? There are a whole lot of questions and very few answers!!

    • Gammaanya

      OMG – what rock you live under. Do you support your brother/sister., uncle. Soon under Romney/Ryan you will not have SS, medicare and you will have to die. By the wasy it’s not the best time to raise the minimum wage (Mutt) it’s time to raise your taxes by 5% (3.8 for thr rich) and you are full of BS on the 250K. There other benefits for them to keep hiring, your. but a little scared worker can’t deal with it. Start a Church – or start being like Rushie – spew more nonsense and get paid for it big bucks and guess what NO TAXES for you. Idiot. U know NOTHING.

  • Liar That’s All You American Taliban Members Do Is Lie!! Romney Is Bush On Meth Or Crack, He Has Plan To Finish Where Bush Left Off That Is To Bring This Country To The Blink Of Destruction All For The Profit It Will Bring The 2% Money Grubbing ASSHOLES!! All Of You Dumb Ass Fools Needs To Quit Kissing And Sucking Wealthy People Asses Cause They Ain’t Going To Do One Damn Thing For You!!!

  • adler56

    Wackos and failures and of course the “lady” who makes her living on her back- what Presidential candidate would want that group anywhere near them. Chachi? A nobody.
    Nugent- a certifiable racist nut. Kid Rock? Never heard of him- maybe he needs a real name.
    Schroeder- just a failure at everything he tried. Simmons thinks the US is a business?- that tells me all I need to know about that doofus.

  • Chachi’s a talentless punk, I’d like to meet this square in person, he’d soon be straightened out, this punk would be come my valet and he’d like it, he would wash my car and cloths, and he’d like it, No brag just pure fact!

  • scat

    Disappointing that this blog would stoop to snarky judgmental comments about Romney supporters. I expect progressives and liberals to do better than that. And I am not a Romney supporter, but somewhere on the progressive-liberal continuum. I dont’ really care if some of Romney supporters were womanizers or otherwise lacking in upstanding behaviour. You can describe a porn star’s background without wading into the mud.

  • Obama supporters please do all your home work and not listen to the news… Here are a few things YOU may not be aware of that Obama has done. He gave 2 billion dollars to brazil for drilling and said we will be your biggest customer? google (obama gives billions to brazil) Canada was going to pay us billions to put the pipeline in? Every state in the US already has pipelines crossing it(50,000+ miles of it) so its not about safety and nature. Did you know that Obama cancelled the national day of prayer this year at the white house? siting it might offend some but allowed 5,000 muslims to gather of capital hill in 09 ? The media cant be trusted anymore,please do your own research into what someone is really doing and not what their saying.. If i have a business and need a good ceo,wouldnt i hire someone with a proven track record? Bain capital saved 80% of its investments and created profit and yes 20% failed. Romney also saved the Olympics that was in the red and create 100+ million profit for it. Well spoken and looks should not be what we judge our president on but experience and what they have done should be key. Did you know that a high percentage of the worlds foreign dictators are for Obama including Irans Ahmadinejad who 1 week ago endorsed Obama. Do you honestly think all these evil leaders are for him because they want a nice world? During the 08 election Europe was polled for who they rooted for Obama or Mccain ? 70+ percent wanted Obama but 68% of the same people also polled said they wanted a weaker America. No matter what side your own do your home work and look deeper in who you support. Politics is so much like people and their choices of sports team,they will disagree sometimes what their team is doing or being managed BUT will never admit that to anyone else like its some kinda game.. 250,000 or more being taxed isnt the evil rich they are the job creators that most of us are employed at,do you really think they will hire more while being taxed more and can grow? Did you know that Obama in Illinois was sworn in on the koran but magically switched to Abes bible while running for president? And heres the really REALLY big question that cannot be answered.. How come Obama’s ss # is a Connecticut originated #.. A state for which he has NEVER lived.. all my statements are searchable.. Please look past the daily news and find out whats really going on.

  • Americas is being secretly being taken over by the Muslim brotherhood. So the first thing you think when reading this is HA what a bogus comment right? Do the research and ask yourself one question. Why is Obama supporting them and bringing them one by one into our government when its a known fact that they have said they want the destruction of America in the past? I was liking Dominics post starting out about: What is important is to look at the qualifications, character, experience, and vision of the candidates and vote accordingly. Where does Obama have experience? He has never created one job and has NEVER been to Israel while Mitt has known their president for 40 years . Listen to what Bill and Hillary Clinton has said.. Hillary said when running against obama in 08 that shame on you Barrack for spreading untrue lies and spending thousands to attack opponents while Bill said that Romneys work history is “quote” sterling! google it this is what they said. Are you for gay marriage then why would you support a person that is? The housing crisis is the main fuel that caused our global melt down and did you ever google what Barney Frank said about it or watch the YouTube video of it? When Barney was asked to do a investigation into it his response of his findings was: I see nothing wrong with the low income affordable housing and IN FACT were promoting more of it! Well we all know what happen after that.. the trail of actual things done are searchable and not one single person is in prison today while familys whole nest eggs were wiped out.. But some how there is this false thing going around that Republicans caused the crisis and why do we want to return to that? The actual facts paint a diff story if your willing to look… I personally dont care what letter is in front of a politicians name D or R and just want whats best for our country to stay on top and for our kids. God bless and this time make a wise choice on your pick and dont be deceived by speeches of good intentions but rather by what they have already done and are doing(things hidden from you)

  • iam4light

    LOL! So you did a study on party racism and where did you get your facts from? Hope it wasn’t Fox Mind Control Network; they make up facts as they go along whether they are true or not. I mean; did you look under their hoods to see if they were Democrats or Republicans? Ha what a joke. Racism comes from intolerant and bigoted people everywhere and there is no “Racist” party.

  • iam4light

    Maybe your just a wee bit bigoted and racist yourself. They say that “it takes one to know one” and “evil is in the eye of the beholder”. Based on your responses; this seems like you.

  • iam4light

    Excuse me …but…one of the conditions of the companies allowed to come here is that they hire American Citizens; so they would not in fact be taking any jobs away from Americans. As for Obamacare…that 80% against number is for the Mandate part of it; not for the healthcare law in general. When numerous polls were taken about the specifics in the law (such as pre-existing conditions accepted; no cancellations when you get diseases; children being covered that have pre-existing conditions and children being covered under your plan until they are 26; etc); most everyone approves of those parts of it and more. Do you know what is in it…because it doesn’t seem like you do? They voted for it because it was the right thing to do so most Americans would be covered and because it would in the long run cut the deficit and save money for our country.

  • K3HY

    Romney agrees with Everything and Nothing.
    “abortion should be safe and legal”
    “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose”
    ”I am pro-life”
    Health care law with personal mandates:
    “If Massachusetts succeeds in implementing it, then that will be a model for the nation. I Like mandates”
    “I will repeal Obamacare.”
    Minimum wage:
    “I think the minimum wage ought to keep pace with inflation.”
    “There’s no question raising the minimum wage excessively causes a loss of jobs.”
    Campaign finance limits:
    “I would like to have campaign spending limits.”
    “The American people should be free to advocate for their candidates and their positions without burdensome limitations.”
    Auto industry bailout:
    “I’m going to take burdens off the back of the auto industry.”
    ”Let Detroit go bankrupt. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.”
    The bank bailout:
    “The TARP program… was nevertheless necessary to keep banks from collapsing in a cascade of failures.”
    “When government is… bailing out banks… we have every good reason to be alarmed.”
    Gingrich on Romney: Why nominate the ‘guy who lost to the guy who lost to Obama?’

  • Tom_D44

    President Obama does not want any help from the republicans unless it is to completely bow down to him and his agenda. Remember, he’s the one that said “tell the republicans to get in the back seat while we sweep up the mess”. That is really uniting rhetoric. Good job Mr. Obama – looks like you really cleaned it up well. And all by yourself. Really? Is the mess really gone with his policies? I contend that it is much much worse.

  • Tom_D44

    The 2010 elections were a referendum on President Obama’s policy and agenda. These folks are doing exactly what their constituents voted them in to do. So they are serving their people. The people saw how the democrats, in a completely partisan bill, shoved the healthcare bill down their throats and they reacted by voting in overwhelming numbers to put people in there that would stop the madness. Show me what Obama did to work with both sides? Nothing. In fact he belittled them and mocked anything they proposed as if he knew better. President Obama campaigned as a uniter and has done nothing of the sort.

  • Who Would Have Guess Romney Would Have All The Washed Up Has Been Lowlife Scum Of The Earth Hollywood People On His Side And Also Money Hoarders With Reality Shows That Is Far From Being Real!!! Duh?? LOL

  • joyscarbo

    Apparently, many republicans, tea partiers and neocons care about celebrities who support one candidate or the other!! When George Clooney and friends had a fundraiser for Obama afew months ago, many of those conservatives who visit this website lost their minds over it, saying it’s wrong!!!
    Frankly, I don’t care what celebrities are dumb enough (or greed enough) to support Mitt Romney.

  • I find this appalling and revolting. Porn Stars? Mitt has the bottom of the barrel when it comes to so called Celebrity endorsements. People need to know this now!

  • all celebs that have no existance in my world

  • Obama supporters please do all your home work and not listen to the news… They said that we could tax 100% of the nations total income and it would only run the Gov. like 12-14 days! Here are a few things YOU may not be aware of that Obama has done. He gave 2 billion dollars to brazil for drilling and said we will be your biggest customer? google (obama gives billions to brazil) Canada was going to pay us billions to put the pipeline in? Every state in the US already has pipelines crossing it(50,000+ miles of it) so its not about safety and nature. Did you know that Obama cancelled the national day of prayer this year at the white house? siting it might offend some but allowed 5,000 muslims to gather of capital hill in 09 ? The media cant be trusted anymore,please do your own research into what someone is really doing and not what their saying.. If i have a business and need a good ceo,wouldnt i hire someone with a proven track record? Bain capital saved 80% of its investments and created profit and yes 20% failed. Romney also saved the Olympics that was in the red and create 100+ million profit for it. Well spoken and looks should not be what we judge our president on but experience and what they have done should be key. Did you know that a high percentage of the worlds foreign dictators are for Obama including Irans Ahmadinejad who 1 week ago endorsed Obama. Do you honestly think all these evil leaders are for him because they want a nice world? During the 08 election Europe was polled for who they rooted for Obama or Mccain ? 70+ percent wanted Obama but 68% of the same people also polled said they wanted a weaker America. No matter what side your on do your home work and look deeper in who you support. Politics is so much like people and their choices of sports team,they will disagree sometimes what their team is doing or being managed BUT will never admit that to anyone else like its some kinda game.. 250,000 or more being taxed isnt the evil rich they are the job creators that most of us are employed at,do you really think they will hire more while being taxed more and can grow? Did you know that Obama in Illinois was sworn in on the koran but magically switched to Abes bible while running for president? And heres the really REALLY big question that cannot be answered.. How come Obama’s ss # is a Connecticut originated #.. A state for which he has NEVER lived.. all my statements are searchable.. Please look past the daily news and find out whats really going on. Negative ads and attacks are being putting out there ( like the movie star stuff) to shape your opinion.

  • Romney could end it all with one action! Ill show you my tax statements(which is private by law) IF you show us your college transcripts. Did you know that while democrats are saying republicans are for the rich that a higher percentage of DEMOcrats in the senate are??? Attack ! Attack! Attack! Its a true shame of what are country has become. How is it possible that so many people are ignoring Obamas background?

    Sent jobs over seas??? Bain capital saved 80% of its investments and created profit and yes 20% failed. These were companies that asked Bain for their help because they were facing closing the doors, and if their investments failed then Bain lost money. Romney also saved the Olympics that was in the red and create 100+ million profit for it. Well spoken and looks should not be what we judge our president on but experience and what they have done should be key.

    Did you know that a high percentage of the worlds foreign dictators are for Obama including Irans Ahmadinejad who 1 week ago endorsed Obama. Do you honestly think all these evil leaders are for him because they want a nice world?

    Forget what your friends and Media are saying and if you truly care about knowing the REAL truth then look at the things they have done or are doing. But keep in mind that some of those things are not being reported to you depending what bleachers you are setting on. Google Goggle Goggle or is it much easier to form your opinions reading others words on here and tv???? If YOU don’t take the time to find true facts then how can you expect others to respect and understand your words???

  • Did you know that a high percentage of the worlds foreign dictators are for Obama including Irans Ahmadinejad who 1 week ago endorsed Obama. Do you honestly think all these evil leaders are for him because they want a nice world?

  • I’m growing more and more to think that our 2 parties are one of the same. And its all for the sake of keeping our country from civil war. Why else would we keep switching sides every 4-8 years. If one party was so good then why don’t they stay in power??? The only thing that will make these politicians forget their greed is a great disaster.

    Why don’t we implement a panel that’s sole purpose if over seeing what’s best for their country and they will be POLICED from bribes and corruption by having to do like most sensitive GOV positions and have to have GOV clearance every 30 days with lie detectors tests? Or as those employs already know,you lose your clearance. Special interests and the biggest donors seem to shape what our Politicians do and that my friend is why were losing our status as the worlds #1 country.

  • those people who do not vote for obama is in real trouble because if romnet getin we will be worse then we are now our president came in a mess because the two bushs aand obama is trying to clean it up he cannot do every thing in four years after two presidents made the mess give him a chance you will see

    • Sorry for the LONG post but if you truly care about the truth and not lies then you will research all that i mention here so you also know the truth…

      The media has been spreading stuff that other agencys(including cnn) has been found to be false. Imagine this for a second. If you were taking over a new company and wanted to make it successful,wouldn’t you hire a real good proven CEO with a record?

      Bain capital would come into companies that were fixing to go under and try to make them work…. If they turned the company around then they would take a fee and make profit,if the company still went under then they lost all the capital they put up and would only reap back a portion but still be in the hole. What your not being told is that 80% of their investments were successful for companies that would close the door anyways.

      Bill Clinton said it and im sure you can find a youtube video of it when he said that Mitt has as (((sterling))) work history and even Hillary is on audio for saying that Obama attacks and tells lies against the opponent,then she says: Shame on you barrack Obama ! My sister and brother-n-law were fooled last time and voted for him and this time they said NO WAY! Use common sense and do your own research,the media is not reporting like they should….

      DID YOU KNOW? That during Bushes last 2 yrs as Pres. that he is on record for trying to stop the housing crisis TWICE? He was blocked because those last 2 yrs before he left the republicans did not have full control of the senate like Obama has enjoyed these last few yrs.These are on record and not tricks but they and the media has spreaded lies making the housing and financial meltdown appear to be Bushes fault. IN FACT,Barney Frank(dem) is on record for looking into the low income housing before it collapsed and his documented response is: We have looked at it and find nothing wrong and in FACT,were promoting more of it! Well we all know how that ended,that spread across and still effects the whole world. For some odd reason the politics world has turned really nasty.

      Every thing that you have been told is wrong and you will never find out the truth unless you check for yourself. This is why the camera shots at Obama rallies are showing only the closest crowds behind him and not panning out to show how many attended like the Romney rallies where record #’s are showing up.

      Those evil rich people Obama wants to tax of 250,000 or more income takes in our employers too,they cannot hire more and expand if taxed more. Your being distracted from the real issues with crazy things like. #1 Romneys taxes… Do you honestly think the IRS would let him away with it? Especially when there is more rich democrats in the senate than republicans? Not to mention Obamas own treasury secretary Timothy F. Geithner owed 10’s of thousands when Obama appointed him to manage our money,unreal. Use common sense at the attacks you are hearing. Obama never owned a business but they make fun of those who have done it successfully.

      DID YOU KNOW that Romneys back ground also includes staples, burger king,The Olympics and on and on??? The media wont tell you this because he has been excellent at fixing financial problems in companies and making them GREAT! LOOK DEEPER,did you know that Obama has a ss# from Connecticut a state he has NEVER lived? There is super wealthy backers behind him promoting all this and want a weaker America.

      KEEP IN MIND that during this debate everything that i mention can be checked out on your own and that’s the difference between speading lies and the truth.

      Friend,the media is deceiving you and if you would watch the new movie out,2016 The Movie you would learn shocking stuff about Obama just like DREAMS of my father? His fathers dream was to bring down America and this is why all the worlds evil dictators are supporting Obama. This movie covers 4 countries with research and interviews with democrats that were fooled last election. Obama is a Muslim,did you know that he was sworn in on the Illinois board on the Koran but magically switched to ABES bible for our presidency? If you look past the media you will be shocked!!!

      I like so many other Americans just want a decent future for the kids and for ourselves but creed has taken us over and the only thing we can do is make a educated decision on what we are being told and when we actually see and hear ( youtube and other sources) then which do we believe? Words or documented video and audios saying other wise? God Bless Ray

  • PA Running Woman

    “They both avoided the Vietname draft…” I don’t know about Ted Nugent. However, Mitt Romney was registered for the draft and had a draft card. Don’t make it sound like he was a draft-dodger.