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Friday, October 21, 2016



In 1996, the government closed twice for a total of 24 days, costing taxpayers $2.1 billion. At that point in history, America was as close to full employment as we’ve been in decades, as productivity soared.

The New York Daily News celebrated the main personality behind that shutdown — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich — by depicting him as a baby after reports came out that Gingrich was acting out of spite over a seat he was not given on Air Force One.

The main personality behind this latest standoff is the honorary Speaker of the House, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). However, the Daily News chose to focus on current Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) for its cover marking 2013’s shutdown. Purposely or unconsciously, they made a crucial point. Boehner could end the shutdown today by simply putting the continuing resolution that passed the Senate up for a vote in the House.

Hence, the News used an allusion to the Netflix hit series House Of Cards to make a point about the Speaker.



If you enjoyed that, you might like this House of Cards parody Democrats put together based on the misadventures of Boehner’s House.

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  • Dominick Vila

    The circumstances between what happened to Gingrich and the predicament Boehner is in are completely different. Gingrich was dealing with a GOP controlled House and Senate, and his caucus was 100% loyal to the GOP. Boehner is dealing with a Senate controlled by Democrats, and his caucus is split and following different agendas to achieve goals that are far apart.

    • stcroixcarp

      But Boehner is still a turd.

      • progressiveandproud

        A drunken turd–the worst kind.

    • alphaa10000

      Good points– the consensus is Boehner’s mission to keep the GOP on its consistently demented course to defund ACA will cost him his job.

  • option31

    We have 536 turds in D.C. 536 is NOT a type O President should be included.

  • mah101

    The Gingrich shutdown was very different than the current one. It involved disputes over funding and was led by a unified republican party that held control of Congress.

    In the present case, it is led by a small radical group of extremists within the republican party who have managed to wrest effective control of the House from the weakest Speaker on record. This radical group is intent on extra-constitutional control of our government, and acceptance of their methods spells the death of American democracy. If allowed to succeed, their methods mean that a small minority group can overturn majority rule, destroying the role of compromise and gutting the constitutional process of government.

    Our form of government will never be safe if this is allowed to work. These people are sworn to uphold the constitution, yet they are subverting it in the most dangerous and damaging way possible.

  • Arvid Noreen

    The longer the shutdown goes, the better for anyone running in the next election against a Republican. Keep it up boneheads.