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Monday, January 16, 2017

Abortion restrictions in Texas are hurting low-income women in the Rio Grande Valley, which is proof positive that the U.S. needs to think about human rights locally, not just internationally.

Last week the Supreme Court decided to leave in place a Texas law that has essentially closed a third of the abortion providers in that state. On their own, the abortion restrictions are devastating. But in the context of three long years’ worth of family planning and women’s health cuts that violate the human rights of women in that state, they are catastrophic.

Over the summer Wendy Davis launched Texas into the national spotlight when she filibustered the same sweeping anti-abortion laws that were upheld by the Supreme Court. But long before that, women’s health advocates were sounding the alarm bells about the impact of massive family planning cuts that dismantled the state’s health infrastructure, on which millions of low-income women relied.

In order to understand the full implications of this week’s ruling, one must consider the current state of women’s health care – particularly for low-income women – in Texas. The Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH) recently released a must-read report that illustrates the devastating human toll of family planning and reproductive health cuts on women living in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley.

The Valley is a marginalized region inside a state with some of the worst health disparities and the highest percentage of uninsured adults in the country. Many women in the Valley live in colonias, unincorporated communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, which often lack clean water, plumbing, electricity, and public transportation.

The report profiles women whose health and lives have changed along with the landscape of health infrastructures and systems in their communities. Women who detected lumps in their breasts four years ago but cannot afford the mammogram to determine if they are cancerous. Women who received mammograms months ago but cannot get results because of exorbitant doctor’s fees. Women with ovarian cysts and cervical pain who risk their lives swimming across the river and traveling through towns rife with violence to access care in Mexico.

These women – and the thousands more they represent – must decide between paying rent, giving their children food and a roof over their heads, or having a mammogram, a Pap test, or contraceptives. “It’s one or the other, but not both,” they say. They live with a constant din of anxiety and fear, not knowing what disease is or might be growing in their bodies, where they will get care in emergency situations, or what will happen to their children if they become sick (or worse).

These women are living the consequences of calculated decisions made by conservative lawmakers to dismantle the state’s health safety net. Over the last two years, they cut the state’s family planning budget by two-thirds, from $111 million to $37.9 million. They established a tiered system and forfeited $30 million in federal funds so they could exclude Planned Parenthood and other organizations affiliated with abortion providers from receiving state or federal resources.

The 2011 policies shuttered 76 family planning clinics across the state (including 9 out of the Valley’s 32) and caused 55 more to reduce hours. Publicly funded clinics served 77 percent fewer patients in 2013 compared to 2011 (202,968 and 47,322, respectively). In the Valley, public clinics went from serving 19,595 in 2011 to 5,470 in 2013. These trends are particularly troubling when you consider that even before the cuts, publicly funded family planning programs were providing care to less than 20 percent of the population in need.

As the CRR/NLIRH report describes, women in the Valley – particularly Latina women – experience the grave consequences of living at the intersections of race, class, gender, and immigration in the United States. They are 31 percent more likely to die of cervical cancer than women in non-border communities. In the rest of the country, rates of cervical cancer have been plummeting thanks to early detection and treatment, but among Latinas in the Valley the rate is increasing and cervical cancer deaths among Latinas is nearly twice that of non-Latina white women.

The report exposes the lesser-known consequences of the cuts and regulations on clinics that are still open. Remaining providers have reduced hours, laid off staff, increased fees, and stopped providing the most effective family planning methods all while managing a rapidly growing demand for their services. The average cost of a one-month supply of contraception and the fee for an annual exam has increased three- to four-fold since 2010. Ultrasounds and mammograms, once accessible thanks to subsidized rates, are no longer in reach of most women. Wait times often exceed several months.

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270 Responses to Abortion Restrictions Are Harming Women’s Health And Human Rights In Texas

  1. Still confused as to when babies became health risking “diseases…. When did killing one save the other…as a standard health issue? I’m just trying to remember the last time a doctor told a woman to kill two babies and call me next year…you know…as part of a “health plan”… But hey…I love how you will run out with your “Stop the inhumane Death Penalty” signs every time a murderer is executed…. Makes so much sense…

    • Maybe it’s because Conservatives only seem concerned with the life of the Unborn. Otherwise why do they abandon any pretense of concern once the child is born?

      • The larger issue for me goes beyond abortion, and involves the deplorable state of our healthcare system in red states. It is almost inconceivable that some of the things mentioned in this article are happening the richest country in the world, and most Americans remain ambivalent to it or continue to support the status quo.

      • Yeah, but they, the Republicans, will make sure their constituents know it is all Obama’s fault so they will get elected again.

        • Yes. They’re quick to play the blame game but refuse to come up with intelligent solutions to health care and unwanted pregnancies. I know the words “intelligence and republicans” is an oxymoron but if they would just use what little brains they have to resolve these dilemmas, we would all be a happier and healthier society.

          • “Intelligent solutions for unwanted pregnancies.” How about keeping your pants on..and zippered. Having studied copulation techniques from antiquity, I believe even non republicans can come up….sorry. With a solution. Also fathers seem to help…mine said “if you become pregnant , do not come home.” …seemed to have worked for many. My father was hardly ever seen but his words were impregnated into our psyche, additional my grandmother had a large wooden spoon for corrective reinforcement of wayward thoughts. We all turned out normal ??? and enjoyed life.

    • i like how they have wrapped up baby killing with mammograms and pap tests, tugging at our heartstrings because they have to choose between eating and getting a pap smear and since they can’t go to an abortion clinic to get regular health care, they and their 4 children will either starve to death or be left orphans because mom couldn’t get tested early for cancer and died….. what a crock! Why is abortion tied into regular health care? it is a “man/woman made disaster”. that caused the unwanted pregnancy. Health care and cancer screening clinics are quite different than an abortion mill.

      • They “wrapped up” abortion with cancer screenings because the services exist under the same roof. It’s more cost-efficient that way.

          • Great, can’t wait till Obozo’s girls have access to that kind of care at the local whole foods……… that is, if they are punished with a baby

          • why? I just reacted to your stupid comment that that was the plan….. so isn’t that good for the obozo girls? right? you do remember your stupid comment?

          • I’m guessing you get laid alot during fleet week…………….now, see? that was just as stupid as your comment……..right? now try to say something that might make you sound like you have a brain.

          • callous? which comment on your talking about? and what should my mother have done? there are several people in this thread saying different things to me… so what are you talking about?

          • no, just replied to a stupid post saying abortions were added to “women’s health care” to be cost effective .. so.. put them in the grocery store .. one stop shopping….. next to these items

          • well ,you guys feel that abortions are simply health care and you can get flu shots at the drug store so why not get an abortion at the butcher counter at the local Publix? why is that a callous thought unless you know that abortion is not simply another little medical treatment? hmmmm ? riddle me that?

          • Abortion is a health care procedure and is done routinely when needed to save the life of the mother, if the fetus is malformed or un-viable or if continuing a pregnancy can cause serious health issues for the mother. It is not the only health care procedure women receive but it is unique and applicable only to women.
            If you are not a women you should have no say so concerning abortion. It is not your body and you could not possible understand the woman’s viewpoint. Furthermore, the Supreme Court has ruled that women have the right to an abortion if they so wish until the fetus is 24 weeks old. What part of that do you not understand?
            No one ever said that an abortion is a simple procedure and in fact does have serious consequences if not done correctly. Women do not take having an abortion lightly but it is still their decision to make and not yours. We are not going back to the days of abortions being done in back alleys and under unsafe conditions.
            You can pass all of the laws you want but it is not going to stop abortions because women will do what they think is best for them.
            Why don’t you worry about yourself and leave women alone?

          • You assume much and know little. I can speak on whatever subject I want anywhere. You cannot silence someone just because you don’t.agree with them The reasons you have mentioned for abortions are not the reasons for the majority of abortions. It is not a form of birth control. And whether I am a woman or not does not matter. What matters is a human life and anyone man or woman can comment on that You just have a different opinion. That’s all . Doesn’t mean it’s wrong or right it’s just different. You live with your opinion and ill live with mine Just don’t tell me I can’t have my opinion and speak on it

          • Comment all you like but it is still not your body and you have no say so in what a women does. The Supreme Court ruled and there is nothing you can do about it.

          • Thats fine but I was commenting on how easy it is to obtain birth control and the fact that I dont think it is the best option. I dont think it is simply another medical procedure You again assume much and act like I am the one locking the doors of those buildings And when I am paying for it either financially or with the effect it has on my community I do have a say in it Just as obozo has a say in what health care plan he forces on me . So we will see what happens. Bottom line is that it is a woman’s body but if she chooses to hook up with men who will not take responsibility if she gets pregnant than that responsibility is all hers to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Sad but true . Contraception is available and cheap. Those are the facts

          • And you know this how? Many health insurance policies do not cover contraception and it is not as cheap as you think it is. But so what, some families can not afford another child and the maybe the women thought she could not get pregnant being an older and experiencing menopause symptoms.. Further she might have been advised by her doctor not to go through with the pregnancy because it could have serious consequences for both her and the baby and she may be the only person in the family that has a job because her husband has health issues himself and has been laid off. Not everyone lives in your perfect world where everything is just rosy.
            Besides, who the fuc do you think you are to tell this women that she should go ahead and have a baby when she was advised by her doctor not to. You are just another meddling bastar% that can not mind their own business.
            You have a lot of opinions but not a lot of common sense and damn little experience with the real world.

          • You know nothing about my experience I am not a Democrat and I believe in personal responsibility and paying my own way. You disagree with that and treat people as special interest groups to be pandered to for votes in exchange for just enough to get by and kept down by telling them they are entitled and can’t do anything for themselves so if they vote dem you’ll take care of them Then you pat yourself on the back for being such a swell guy. You once again put words into my posts. I stand by what i actually Did say. All these little what if scenarios you speak of ste not the majority no matter how mych you want it to be true. . You are the ones meddling gaining control of every aspect of our lives. Obozo has grand schemes and he wasn’t so incompetent we’d be even worse off than we are now . Do not reply to me again if its to see your own rants You continue to say I believe things I never said. It’s impossible to bother taking you seriously when you make things up that aren’t there

          • Stop lying. Everyone knows that you right-wing redneck goobers are the biggest freeloaders in the country. And just because no sane woman will ever let you near her body doesn’t mean you get to accomplish with bad laws what you can’t with good manners.

            My apologies to your sister if she is offended by this.

          • Have you ever gotten birth control for yourself? If not how would you know how hard it is or how much it costs.

          • yes, I have. I am self reliant though. I don’t need someone else to tell me what kind I need and I don’t expect someone else to pay for it. It’s not to hard to access birth control or find out how much it costs.

      • It is not your decision what a women does with her body. The Supreme Court made that very clear many years ago. How about you mind your own business, raise your own family and let others do the same?
        That is the big problem with the right wing they want government to dictate what a women does with her body while telling all of us how they want government out of our lives. What a bunch of hypocritical bastar$s

        • How bout someone take responsibility for things they can for the most part control and pay for the consequences themselves instead of being a burden on others? Health care is one thing, abortions are not health care. You are the hypocrites, saying you don’t want the gov’t telling you that you can’t have an abortion but you want us to pay for them. Man up!

          • Well, don’t be anymore dishonest here than you already are.
            Tax dollars do not pay for abortions. There is an honest
            intellectual objection to abortion, if you’re willing to allow
            the government into the what most people think of as their
            personal decisions. The law, once it’s in force, is the law.
            It’s to be enforced, and that requires doctors to report, and
            release medical records. Offer explanations, and face the
            punishments for not properly reporting the pregnancy in a
            timely manner. Or, in the case of a miscarriage, reporting
            that as well as the probable cause of the event. The
            possibility of abuse, once that door is opened, is real.
            You’re advocating for ideologues here. And I don’t believe
            the GOP has ever explained just what they have in mind.

          • you’re saying these women cannot afford access to healthcare and abortions, then you say tax dollars are not paying for them.. who is?

          • They or their families come up with the money. It is by
            law, not a covered procedure. And, as you might guess
            closely regulated. In fact in many states they are attempting
            to regulate them out of existence. But, this is directed at the
            poor. Wealthier families could, and do obtain abortions
            in these same States that are closing clinics near poor
            neighborhoods. It’s very difficult for people of little means
            to travel, pay for hotels, because of waiting requirements.
            Pay for unnecessary medical procedures, sonograms, and
            even vaginal probes. And sorry, just maintaining they should
            have been more careful, or whatever, just don’t cut it. It’s
            not an acceptable position.

          • No one, and that is the problem and neither is anyone paying for regular health care for women because of the defunding of Planned Parenthood and other facilities for women.
            Read the article!

          • Exactly. I don’t approve of multiple-embryo pregnancies, where 5 of them are crammed into a single uterus. It’s obscene, and it’s a huge danger to each of them. But forced-birthers like this “infadelicious” jackass doesn’t give a shit about that. And those pregnancies, by the way, are HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED by tax dollars.

          • The truth is, banning abortion for the Republican Party has
            much more to do with their political realities, of a dwindling,
            aging core constituency, than it is about morality. In short,
            to be a a political organization capable of winning elections,
            they need that Evangelical block, where overturning Roe V.
            Wade is by far their single most important issue. Maybe their only issue. Never mind it runs counter to other core Conservative ideological tenets, such as a smaller, less intrusive, government. No, in this instance, the politics dictates that the conflict, and contradiction, will just have to stand. Now, what they have started doing in the name of supposedly opposing abortion, is pleasing two factions of their base. One, by closing clinics that provide low, or no cost care to the poor. Which pleases the cut the social programs faction of their base. And they are doing so, under the guise of catering to the Religious right’s opposition to abortion. Meanwhile, the Religious Right has agreed to keep mum about the cutting of programs that
            help the poor. A subject that Christ advocated throughout
            as a fundamental duty of all Christians to be charitable.
            So, at it’s heart, the anti-choice position amounts to what
            is a trade off, between these two very different factions.
            What they never say, and what the Religious Right probably
            doesn’t care about, is the size, and scope, and costs of
            the new government, bureaucracy it would take to
            enforce the anti-abortion laws.

          • Who asked you to pay for abortions? You don’t want to pay for the living, and have made that very clear, so why would anyone expect you to pay for an abortion.
            Why don’t you just admit it and say that you just don’t care about anyone but yourself?
            Further, until the day you become a an Obstetrics Physician why not just let the professional decide what is health care and what is not?

          • How ’bout you mind your own medical decisions and I’ll mind mine. And your bit about “paying for it” shows your true agenda.

          • News flash, Einstein: Women have no option other than to “take responsibility” for a pregnancy. They have to gestate or abort. Unlike their sperm donors.

          • well then whine-stein! if women have to take responsibility then they need to take responsibility before they have sex with someone that’s such a ” great catch” he won’t take responsibility if a pregnancy occurs……Choose your sperm donors well…or pay for your own consequences………. for the love of pete! don’t have kids yourself,.,.,.,…

        • talk about a hypocrite??? sheesh dirtnappy, what the hell do you call the ACA if not a law that puts the government in control of your health… i.e. your body?
          Your photo below…

          • What total bullshi^. The government sets standards for what health insurance should cover just like they set standards for the equipment your car must have like brakes and seat-belts or how highways and buildings should be constructed.They don’t sell you the insurance private insurance companies do. The days of selling ineffective and useless health insurance are over. The health insurance industry had needed regulation for decades because it was cancelling policies when people got sick and refused to insure those with preexisting conditions. 80% of the bankruptcies in this country are a result of unpaid or un-payable health care costs. The problem had to be fixed and talking about it forever was not going to solve it.
            You can’t possible be that thickheaded without having brain damage.

          • LIAR!! PLAGIARIST!!

            Whose work are you passing off as your own today, liar?

            Time to admit your plagiarizing and lying to the National Memo posters You owe everyone here an apology.


      • What percentage of Planned Parenthood clinics are they lying and
        telling you over there, have anything to do with abortion? In your
        usual cynical zeal to root for the dumb asses, you seem oblivious to
        the increased regulations, paper work, and intrusive, big government bureaucracy, and added costs of poking around in people’s private lives, that will be necessary to protect the fetus from conception, to birth. You gonna provide her with excellent pre-natal care, of course? Doctor visits, vitamins, sonograms, and pre registration in the hospital, the works, right? This is a fetus, after all. With all the Rights a Corporation has. So, how long you gonna let her stay in hospital? If the baby has problems, or is early, as happens often with young teen Mothers. You’re not gonna complain later on, right?
        Write the check. Oh, but we’re just getting started here. There’s lots of work for Uncle Sam to pay for, if he’s gonna do this right! Form the zygote, to fetus, to bouncing Federal obligation, there is a big commitment taken on here. And, you know how us Socialist, and bleeding heart Liberals are going to hold you to every penny of it. Every step of the way!

      • Don’t let the truth affect your thinking because if you did you would have to become a Democrat? You obviously didn’t read the part about Texas stopping funding for Planned Parenthood, which did far more than abortions, causing the clinics to close, stopping all women’s health care, did you?
        Because of the abortion issue Texas decided that women’s health care is just not important. The truth is that Texas decided a long time ago that health care is not important, for any reason, evidenced by the state having more uninsured people than and other state in the union. Fact is that Texas really doesn’t give a shi^ and proves it every day?

      • There is an Unplanned parenthood clinic in Brooklyn, 44 and third…using preventive medical techniques, Many babies are however helped from ever having to be ill. It is set up as a regular Womens health care clinic…very young women…chuckle. Tis a sick world. What happened to all of the monies for condoms and morning after pills.

        • here’s how sick the pro “unplanned parenthoods” are on here are , they down voted a picture of a baby i posted…hahaha! seriously? a baby scares them so much they down voted him. Jan R who is I think related to the vulgar Fern Woodcock who also posts here, has some real nice posts regarding her view on unplanned pregnancies , likening them to car crashes that have to be dealt with. and here’s a quote from her after i suggest she take responsibility before sex to avoid pregnancy.. “News flash, Einstein: Women have no option other than to “take responsibility” for a pregnancy. They have to gestate or abort. Unlike their sperm donors”. So forget about condoms…. this girl is not too picky about sperm donors, so why worry? That’s her choice, but I don’t want to pay for it. Abortion should not be, in my opinion, used as contraception. It is a sick world…

          • The problem is that it is used as the fail safe final solution after not using the pill or condoms. This is a surgical procedure that can have bad consequences. Of course it should be used to protect the health of the mother, even rape cases can be taken care of very early…hours…not waiting 20 weeks. Abortions should be for these exceptional cases and are the choice of the mother. My opine.
            Her remark is amazing…as if a woman can not have a choice on having sex. If a woman told me to bug off, I would have some honor or humility to do so…there is no self honor left…..of course this never happened to me.

          • I agree with you. Of course, they don’t ask my opinion, they insist that i want to force every pregnant woman to have the baby under all circumstances and just continue to rant even saying i want to protect a “zygote” but then I want to starve children after they are born.. How do you have a discussion when they want to tell you what you think as well as what they think. And as per your the last sentence of your post, of course, there was no doubt abut that….;-)

          • It seems to be technique some use on this site…to put words in your mouth, rather than refute the issue point by point. A form of Alinsky-ism…a Journalism School technique….very obvious.

    • Fuc you. You don’t know shi^ about the subject but have decided that you should dictate what a women does with her body. Many women still die in this country from a pregnancy and many more have miscarriages from unknown causes and from not having prenatal care. You are an elitist prick with a superiority complex that thinks they know what is best for other people. Perhaps you should shove a little humility up your stiff as% and hope it makes its way to your brain?

    • It is very common for women to get an abortion if it is deemed unsuitable for them to carry a baby to term. Many women have health issues that would could be harmful or deadly for them during a pregnancy. If you are not a doctor and practice obstetrics you are uninformed and ignorant on the subject.
      Further, no one ever said that abortion is a standard health procedure but it is used and needed in many cases. My question is when did you become responsible for what other people do with their bodies? When did you become the “decider” to quote George W. Bush or the moral authority?

  2. The saddest part of this issue is that the same states that are determined to protect the lives of the unborn, do little to nothing to protect the lives of the living…including babies the moment they are born. The overwhelming majority of children suffering from malnutrition and disease in the United States, the richest country in the world, live in red states.

          • of course you don’t play, when you’re caught in a lie. I forgot using the word “responsibility” on democrats is like using kryptonite on superman or holy water on lynda blair in the exorcist.. IT BURNS…………………..

          • Playing with you is like playing with a 5 year old, so no we do not play. If you were serious about have a intelligent conversation you would open your eyes and ears and actually listen to what others say which is something you don’t know how to do.

          • using the word “responsibity” on Democrats is like using kryptonite on superman” Is that why the people in America showing the least responsibility are actually Republicans??

            You got it!! All of the ten states that get the least help with welfare as a percent of what they pay in taxes ARE DEMOCRAT STATES!!

            While 20 of the 23 states that have the most people in the state living below the poverty level – MORE THAN 15% AND THEREFORE SUCKING THE MOST WELFARE – are Republican governed states!!

            And of the 456 counties in America that use the most food stamps, 421 of them (92%) voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.


          • no need to be offended, I meant the shalom and happy thanksgiving. i just don’t like people that pander, that’s all. my last post just explained it, i was not being nasty, just telling you what i thought.

          • I cannot be bothered to dispute your “fact” because you are the type that is right and will not hear otherwise. I could point to this very thread alone and have you read your fellow democrats lies, but you would deny them just as you deny obama’s lies. That is ok. That is something you shall have to deal with. I am in a free country which I give thanks for everyday and will celebrate tomorrow by eating too much and being with friends and family and I can speak out on whatever I want and whenever I want and you can do the same, just don’t try to silence me. The hate and pure rage in your post over a bunch of words on a website is disturbing. I will not reciprocate with the same. I don’t hate you and won’t call you a scumbag, but it is not for you to judge and then try to spew out what little you can remember from the bible. Have a great Thanksgiving.

          • Are you suggesting that defending Social Security, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, ACA, public education, and all the other programs that have, and will continue, to benefit our society is a sign of social irresponsibility? Looks to me like you just shot yourself in the foot…

          • sorry, you do not get to just jump in here and reply to me when you want and expect me to drop everything. You seem to only reply to me when you think you have caught me in a lie of some sort or as you say i have shot myself in the foot, I replied to one of your questions another time and you rudely said “you had better things to do” than answer me , a second time I responded to you with a lengthy answer , and you totally ignored my argument, which I assumed was a white flag. So, I will not be responding to you again. I do not care whether you and your “followers” on here approve of my posts. You write well and could actually sway someone over to your thinking if you didn’t have to always add a little snide dig in to your posts about the conservatives . I suppose you do that lest your fan base on here get mad at you. It seems to be important to you to write what THEY want to SEE, rather than what you actually believe sometimes. That’s fine. Just don’t expect me to be a part of it. You are the “monkey in the middle” not wanting to put yourself out on a limb because someone might not approve. It’s too bad, because as I said you write well and make good points at times but your pandering to your leftist base erases all of that. I wish you a happy thanksgiving.

        • Have you never heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”. Look outside your little bubble and you might feel something for someone other than yourself. For the most part, parents do take the responsibility of their own children and the ones who do not live in your sacred red states.

          • thought you didn’t “play” dullard? you just can’t help yourself can you? why? Because you are a fool and you just got “played” what a dope!

          • So your answer is calling names, great response. Prove me wrong with that fact, the one about red states not taking responsibility for their children.

          • I don’t reply to hypocrites often,. you have no credibility gettin all pissy about me callin you a dullard. You are a dullard if you think I would not see that you just highfived your buddy independent who had a “great response” as you put it, by calling me names much worse than what I called you. So you are not only a dullard, you are a hypocrite as well. Can’t have it both ways. And just because you repeat propaganda doesn’t make it true. States, no matter what color should not be raising children, if you want them, you take responsibility or don’t have them . Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Both sides tie in the abortion issue with women’s health in general. Take abortion out of the equation and the issue becomes more one of insurance coverage and access to health care, things that aren’t quite as partisan.

  4. Pretty ironic that these laws they passed to “save” children are probably going to kill other people’s children. You know, the adult children. We are all someone’s child no matter how old we are.

    • As an adult, we know what causes pregnancy, they are all not “accidental” pregnancies or ones that would put the mother’s life in danger if carried to term . A majority of the pregnancies could be prevented. But I guess you can rationalize it if you say it’s just a blob of tissue to be removed and then carry on… why bother with contraception? Good Times!

          • why? Makes perfect sense to me. Put into effect the remedies (birth control or safe driving practices) and you won’t have to have abortions or car crashes. You people make me sick. You are the first to condemn birth control but, you know, stuff happens, and pregnancies occur. Why not take care of business so abortions aren’t as necessary? In your perfect world (sic) I guess you can’t see the logic in that.

          • excuse me miss thing! when did i say i was against birth control? there you go again putting everyone who disagrees with you into a little labelled box. i guess that fits your agenda better..Think before you comment and definitely use birth control before you have sex if you want to prevent pregnancy.

          • If you agree that Texas closing health care facilities for women is not going to cause more unwanted pregnancies and serious health issues for women you did not read the article in question, did you?
            It clearly stated that it is serious problem and that the main objective of the Texas legislation was not to enhance health care for women but to restrict abortion. Further, Texas knew in advance that it would effect poor women much more than those that can afford health insurance and regular care. In fact those that have money don’t have a problem at all because they can get all of the treatment they want on demand. If you condone the closing of the many facilities that provided women’s health care because they also provide abortions then you have indeed said that you are against birth control because it is no longer available for many women once the facilities closed.
            It is a cause and effect situation, get it?

          • you cannot keep lying and telling people what they said when the comments are right in front of your close set eyes…..

          • The hel* you didn’t. You can’t remember what you wrote from one post to the other. That is the problem with some people they post crap and then deny it. Sorry but your writing follows you.

          • that was my point……you said: “If you condone the closing of the many facilities that provided women’s health care because they also provide abortions then you have indeed said that you are against birth control because it is no longer available for many women once the facilities closed.” NOPE I did not say that..just because certain facilities close does not mean that these women have no where else to go…PERIOD…. get a grip They will still get health care, didn’t your messia solve that problem? duh

          • You didn’t read the article did you? It clearly states that health care for women is suffering since many health care and abortion clinics have closed. That is what Texas wanted and they got it.

          • dirtnappy… Killing babies in substandard facilities that do not measure up to the same standards that other surgical facilities MUST adhere to is NOT restricting healthcare.
            Your photo…

          • You’re a trashmouth little moron… all Texas did was make them live up to the same medical standards that ALL surgical centers MUST abide by. The law was inspired by that filth pig Gosnell in Philly and, I forget the name, the Gosnell equivalent in Houston.

          • LYING PLAGIARIST!!

            Stop lying!

            Stop plagiarizing!!

            P.S. Have I told you lately that your leader is black?


          • It’s called demagoguery, InfaD. This is the argmentive technique of presuming that your foe MUST be for the opposite of what you think. For example, if the leftist freaks wanted the Federal Government to own farms, and we objected, they would accuse us of not wanting people to eat. And they act like they claim the moral high ground because they are so compassionate that they want to feed people, and we don’t. It’s patently false, of course, but you see, the posters in here are so stupid that they actually believe this crap. They are morons. They think like this and this discussion reveals exactly what I say to be true. The leftist freaks have adopted this technique for decades, and it was perfected by Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals”… the book that Obozo himself became an instructor on while teaching ACORN community activists. Don’t let them sucker you with false demagoguery.
            Have a nice day!

          • Nice non-rebuttal. You know, if you actually knew anything
            about the policies you claim to agree with. All Right Wing,
            all the time. You might not come off as such a dork. What
            you said about the majority of unwanted pregnancies could
            be prevented, is absolutely correct. But, not when education,
            and contraception are both opposed by the same wrong-
            headed approach. That doesn’t seek to prevent pregnancy.
            But to prevent the sin of fornication, by forcing the woman, or as is the case with poor populations worldwide, including here,
            young girls, to carry their pregnancies to term, to punish them, and only them, for the act. It’s backward, regressive, and
            totally used as a political prop by the Republican Party. Which
            in reality, do not believe in healthcare for people who can’t afford it, period. The fact they use the pretense of morality to
            do what they would do otherwise, just makes them dishonest
            scum bags, instead of the general, run of the mill, kind.

          • nice that you leftist freaks all seem to know what i am thinking. When did i say i was against birth control? what policies did i say i agreed with? lie much? duh!You are just assuming. Just as obozo assumes he knows what is best for everyone and will cram it down their ungrateful throats and make them pay for it as well. Your entire post should be aborted…….it’s a blathering chunk of assumptions and lies. You sieze one little thing i agree with and you run with it, fabricating all kinds of other crap you think i believe. Well too bad, you are again wrong. I won’t call you a dork, your comments speaks to that……quite well. have a great day.

          • Ah excuse me, if I took your, “little blob of tissue,” comment
            and read something into it, you didn’t intend. So, what are
            you suggesting? Or, are you sitting on the fence here?
            Because right along with banning abortion, the politicians you
            vote for, will most assuredly make sure contraception is not
            available to those very women that can least afford a child.
            So, you don’t get it both ways. You’re either with the dumb
            asses, and the religious zealots, or you’re aganist them.
            Heaven or Hell, Pal. That’s the only way you get to remain
            a Right Winger.

          • and hey, let me guess PAL, your side is the “heaven” side right? bwaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa.. who’s self righteous now? So sorry you can’t put me into one of your little boxes for labelling…… keep assuming…….keep being wrong…

          • Oh, you’ve got a label alright. And it’s not a la carte here.
            You vote for Right Wingers, you get Right Winger policy.
            No, you’re going to heaven. You’re a Right Winger. It’s
            us Godless Liberals going to hell. I think you’d better get
            over to one of these Conservative sites, your radical mojo
            is wearing out.

          • You have made the point. We know who and what you are. A low life loser that thinks she’s entitled to kill her own babies and expects everyone else to pay for your sheet. Your language and attitude come flying right out of your words. You are a low IQ low life. I have you pegged.

            Just think…. only 5 more days until your EBT card refreshes with money from other people’s earnings. Oh joy!!!! Believe it or not, it does NOT come from Obozo’s stash.

          • dirtnappy… the only pregnancies that should be prevented are those of future leftist freaks like you. I support compulsory abortion for all DemonRAT women…. hehehehehe
            BTW… the best part of you, dirtnappy, ran down your mommy’s leg…. just sayin
            Your photo below…

          • Not one single women in America is prevented from having access to contraception. NOT ONE!!!! That is a leftist freak lie that only low-wattage idiots like you and dirtnappy and other leftist morons on this site actually believe. This is why you are the classic definition of a useful idiot. You believe any propaganda from the left.

          • Every single store that surrounds any of these so-called “women that are being prevented from access to contraception” carries condoms or any other stuff for dirt cheap. You’re assertions are absurd. There is no such thing as a single person in America being prevented from getting contraception of whatever sort they desire. It’s all a made up BS issue designed as propaganda to use fools like you as useful idiots to be free dispensing devices of propaganda. You’re just a useful idiot. Admit it.

          • Right, and since you don’t have sex you don’t understand that every woman requires a different form of birth control. Thanks for playing.

          • You really are a low IQ moron. Every women does NOT require a different form of BC. That’s one of the dumbest things ever said in these comment sections.

            Fern, crackwhore of The Memo, is that you under a different name? Maybe you’re Fern’s trashy little sister…. hmmm

          • “Every women” does require a form of birth control that is safe and effective and tolerated by her system. Not tha tyou give a shit about women’s health.

          • There are nowhere near the number of varieties of BC that there are women who take it. Therefore, many women are taking or using the EXACT same BC. You’re ability to reason logically is severely impaired. That’s to be expected of a low-wattage idiot like you.

            Oh… and nice try at demagoguery, you dope. I don’t allow demagoguery to go unchallenged for the benefit of other readers. You’re assumption that because you like murdering babies, you are for women’s health, and because I dislike murdering babies means I don’t care about women’s health is a false argument. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the truth is probably the opposite because there are many female babies that are murdered, and many, many consequences of abortion procedures on the mothers, including death or dismemberment, not to mention the terrible mental health consequences that arise for many women. Your support for baby murdering could be said to be a war on women’s health. Hmmmm…. don’t like arguing with someone that turns your lies inside out, do you?

            Have a nice day!

            “Demagogue: one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” – H.L. Mencken

          • Yes. Car crashes happen. Pregnancies happen. Both could be avoided. Only one has a potential result which you believe should not be treated the way the patient prefers.

          • omg! the only advice i can offer is wear gloves so your knuckles don’t get too scraped up while trying to walk upright…………

      • Really, without even basic health care contraception isn’t available to many people. Perhaps you think they should just abstain from sexual activity?
        So in addition to eliminating health care for women you have now decided to be their moral compass. Maybe the women needing the most care are married and don’t want more children that they can not afford but do not have access to contraception?
        Never mind, trying to debate a subject with closed minded self righteous people is futile. Remember, you reap what you sow and eventually the health care crisis in Texas will come back to haunt them.

        • hello! knock! knock! knock! are you done discussing what i think with yourself? did you read that crap before you posted it? you just told me I think people should get contraceptives, and that i think they should abstain and that i am their moral compass.Why not just post your monologues as just a comment instead of as a reply. Your comment/self interview just proves it is you who are closed minded and self righteous. One thing I do agree with you on is “you reap what you sow”.. Shalom….. keep talking to yourself…………..

          • I was responding to the “A majority of the pregnancies could be prevented” line. And I wrote “Maybe the women needing the most care are married and don’t want more children that they can not afford but do not have access to contraception? What part of that didn’t you understand?
            With Texas closing many of the health care facilities for women where do you think they are going to get contraceptives or care for that matter?
            You are still a self righteous…whatever name you like.

          • if ya want self righteous that would be you since you are in lock step with charleo1 who thinks he’s headed to heaven and those who disagree with the left are headed to hell…..funny how you guys claim heaven yet you accuse those on the right of clinging to their bibles and bible pounding and you try to take anything Christian or related to God out of everything…..hmmm! funny that! And birth control is about $7 a month…… I am sure the ones not affording that are few and far between. That s less than a pack of smokes………

          • Oh so now you are going to play the “God” card.
            I wouldn’t do that since she knows you are not a nice person.

          • do you ever read a whole thread of at least the comment i am replying to? DO YOU REALLY? i was commenting on charleo’s comment. i am not going to explain every comment i make to you because you have poor comprehension skills. maybe an easier to read website like miley cyrus fanclub site would be more your speed.. ok? later puddin pop…….. you are almost incoherent at this point

          • OMG and his ilk do not understand that contraceptive care for women involves much more than buying a product from a vending machine in a public bathroom. Gynecological exams are required in order to get a PRESCRIPTION for most female contraceptive supplies and medicines. Doctors check regularly for several kinds of cancers and other non-infectious (as well as infectious) diseases. Over 60 percent of women using birth control pills are NOT using them primarily for contraception; that is only a fortunate side effect for them. There are VIRGINS and even NUNS that have been advised to take these medicines, and they are not just mindlessly refilled without checkups and lab tests. This requires REGULAR doctor visits, which is precisely what uninsured women cannot afford unless they have very high paying jobs.

            So for women, birth control is not just “one pill per night of sex” as you and Rush pretend not to understand (at least I HOPE you are pretending), it is something women have to take regularly, under medical supervision, for birth control AND FOR MOST, OTHER PURPOSES. And it does not work as birth control unless it is taken for MONTHS before and at least the remainder of the cycle after intimacy (or, for that matter rape; but who plans to get raped?) and it has risks that require medical followup care.

          • Hey Infa… How are you? I see that you’re jousting with dirtnappy. He has 2 posting names. Not sure why. At first, one might think that it’s Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde syndrome. But I dont think so because he’s an equal low-wattage idiot no matter what name he posts under…. just sayin….
            Have a nice day!

          • hahahaha………someone downvoted a baby??? OMG that’s a new low even for you people on the National Memo.. down vote a baby……….. wow! ……… just wow! Go look your children in the eye and tell them you down voted this baby……maybe if your child gets to be too expensive or “inconvenient” for you , you can abort them too- up to the age of 18 or so. very nice mom and dad………sickening……

        • dirtnappy…. more leftist drivel from a low-wattage idiot like you. There is not a single women, NOT ONE, that is prevented from getting contraceptions ANYWHERE in America. In fact, it’s difficult to go anywhere and NOT see contraception being offered.
          Go climb back into your casket, dirtnappy!

          • Really, so why is the Republican right wing religious bastar&s making big deal about birth control being provided under the Affordable Care Act?.
            Go tell someone else your BS.

          • Abortion does NOT equal birth control, stupid moron. Birth control is PREVENTION of babies. Abortion is murder of babies.
            It figures that an idiot like you cannot make that distinction in your little pea brain.
            Your photo attached..

          • Abortion is not covered under the Affordable Care Act. You are the fool. Republicans don’t even want birth control to be covered and are making it an issue. What the fuc is wrong with you are you dense or just stupid?
            Don’t answer that question. Incidentally do you still beat the monkey every day while you post your crap?

          • beat the monkey? ummm you’re mixing up the websites you visit late at nite with this one.. get a grip! oops, i mean don’t get a grip…….that would be your other site………

          • No, No. Any time Obozo posts it becomes a pornographic site.
            Pornography is Obozo’s chosen profession and he shares it with us with every paid post. He is a madam in a whore house that sells whatever people want him to post. He doesn’t care as long as they pay.

          • who is paying OMG? But seriously your comments come closer to pornography than his…..”beat the monkey” and “Your father should have rolled over and shot it out the window” Are you paid?

      • Typical male response…..why is it always the males that are so anti-abortion? I bet if ONE man got pregnant and had to carry a child for 9 months, their whole idea would change significantly!!! We ALL know what causes pregnancy, but we also know what can prevent it……by not allowing birth control, you allow babies to be born (even to parents who, oops, have “accidents”) into families that can ill afford them. The State is great at cutting down food stamps, welfare, etc. for these people, but they won’t help them to avoid “accidents.” Do you expect married couples to stop having sex? That’s about the only reasonable way that these “accidents” don’t occur!

        • You people assume much,. that I am male, that I am a southerner, that I am a Republican, that I am against contraception, that I am for abstinence You don’t know any of those things to be a fact do you? None of them matter ……… Grab a brain! read comments! Don’t READ INTO THEM! put the koolaid down and save your leftist talking points for someone else. Quit blathering on about what you think I am and what you think I believe. Mark Twain said : It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know
          for sure that just ain’t so.


          • It’s whatever the pregnant woman wants it to be. If she wants to call it a “child,” she has that right. Obviously for the millions of women who abort with no moral problem, they don’t feel it’s a child. *shrug* Why do you argue with biology?

          • No it isn’t whatever a women wants it to be. It’s a human being. A life. Just like yours. By your rationale, there is no right and there is no wrong… just whatever someone says is right for them. Correct?

          • What if she wants it to be a shiny unicorn covered in fairy dust that poops rainbows ? That would be cool wouldn’t it?

          • Not only did I not “stick up for her,” I pointed out she is irrelevant. Got reading comprehension problems as well as grammar malfunctions?

        • You know this based on what? You know my ilk ? What ilk would that be? Please provide facts not just your leftist talking points or imagination.

          • You’ve hit rock bottom on stupid, and you’ve started digging again. How many grocery stores or pharmacies that sell dirt cheap condoms or pills does one pass on the way to the clinic?

  5. So as long as a women gives away the right to determine what is best for her body and her health Texas will come to her rescue. What nonsense. Texas does not care one iota about the average person and certainly nothing about poor women. All they want them to do is disappear. They don’t care about abortion; it is just an excuse to deny health care to women.
    Texas is the armpit of this country and doesn’t care that it stinks.

  6. Tell me again that there is no war on women. Why would a zygote be more important that a live baby or the mother that is essential to their life?

        • Is that what you told the women you slept with? They couldn’t get pregnant if you did that? If so you probably caused some unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Probably why you protest so much.

          • How would you know anything about sleeping with anything but your hand. Maybe the rear end is your favorite place to put your member? It is possible your father did that to your mother and you were born a turd, but that is just speculation.

          • Hahaha! Hit a nerve did I? Well my job is done here for today. You probably want to get back to that other website now. You lamely try to dish it out but can’t take it. So carry on with yourself blathering incoherently and making things up that people didn’t say. Cu 🙂

          • You really ought to seek mental help. Your delusions of rebuttal are nowhere to be found.
            I have no idea what you are writing about and neither does anyone else.

          • of course you have no idea what i am writing about. That was my point. You cannot comprehend what is posted so you add your own little spiel about what you “think” was said, and then proceed to rant about how the other person is wrong and needs mental help. That’s all you have. it’s quite sad really. You make some lame attempt at insulting someone by referring to their sex lives and then accuse them of injecting pornography onto the website? And try to deal with your obsession of the whole rear end sex thingee. No one except you mentioned anal sex- if you want to discuss that you might want to see your other buddy WhutHeSaid because he obsesses about that as well as nambla which is quite disturbing to me, but I guess you’re ok with that too because he is a democrat right? yep, anything goes with you guys as long as you all stick together. Abortions, child sexual abuse and anal sex, pathetic. hypocrites. I’d say it’s you who needs the mental help.

  7. This makes me embarrassed to say I was born in Texas; thank goodness my parents got me out of that horrendous state when I was 3-months old! If I were still there, I’d be forced to move because of their politics! It’s sad that politicians are so concerned about pregnant women and their fetuses, but after the baby is born, they abandon the family and the child to a life of desperation! How does that make any sense to the average person…..or ANYONE for that matter!

  8. Hmmmmm…. what about the health of those female babies that are being slaughtered? I suppose that’s good for them, huh?

    This is all much ado about nothing. Making surgical centers that murder babies uphold the SAME STANDARDS as any other surgical center is NOT placing restrictions on murdering babies. It’s trying to prevent horror movie murder shops like Gosnell’s in Philly and the other one in Houston. You leftist freaks just like murdering babies. Admit it.

    Have a nice day!

    “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

    — Margaret Sanger’s December 19, 1939 letter to Dr. Clarence Gamble, 255 Adams Street, Milton, Massachusetts. Original source: Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College, North Hampton, Massachusetts. Also described in Linda Gordon’s Woman’s Body, Woman’s Right: A Social History of Birth Control in America . New York: Grossman Publishers, 1976.

    • Yes, OMG, They also claim it’s a “war on women” It’s easier to wage the “war on women’ if you kill them before they are born………….yes?

    • Christ, I could always count on the dumbest bastadr& on any message board to chime in. you never disappoint. Please go collect your check now that you posted?

          • you don’t care what she said? how bout hitler? do you care what he said? he was all about exterminating a certain group of people too? you sound like a swell gal……..

          • Ohh… you care, alright. That’s why you get so worked up here. It’s a way for you to aleviate your conscience for killing your own babies.

          • I’m worked up because jackasses like you actually convince people that abortion is not a popular, safe, legal procedure.

          • *crickets* on the number of embryos and fetuses that spontaneously abort for no reason. Why? Because you can’t bash women in those circumstances.

          • You’re an even lower-wattage moron than I thought if you cannot draw a distinction between a natural process and an intentional murder of a defenseless baby. There is no moral equivalency, you idiot! No matter how you slice it, baby murdering is the killing of a defenseless person. Everyone knows this, even you. I understand that you’re simply trying to alleviate your own guilt for killing your own children. Hopefully God has mercy on your soul.

      • ouch…. NOT!!!…. Jan throws out the race card…. you must not know that the Founder of Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger, a racist and eugenicist, that believed abortion was the way to get rid of the inferior blacks. Those are her words quoted above. Perhaps you cannot read well. PP was founded with the goal in mind of getting blacks to be responsible for killing themselves off. You and Obozo support an organization who’s original goal was killing blacks. Face the facts. Don’t believe me, look at the photo below.

        Have a nice day!

        “[Our objective is] unlimited sexual gratification without the burden of unwanted children … [Women must have the right] to live … to love… to be lazy … to be an unmarried mother … to create … to destroy… The marriage bed is the most degenerative influence in the social order… The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
        — Margaret Sanger (editor). The Woman Rebel , Volume I, Number 1.
        Reprinted in Woman and the New Race . New York: Brentanos Publishers, 1922.

        • Sure, I threw out the race card.

          WAIT! No, you did. Do you forget what you write?

          PS: That pic is Photoshopped. Unless you think the bulk of Klansmen are midgets.

          • The quotes are Margaret Sanger’s, not mine. No one has ever told you of the real reason PP was formed by her. I am doing that now and you just don’t like accepting that what you have been told for so long has been an outright lie built on propaganda.

            And the pic is NOT photoshopped, you idiot. She is tanding on some sort of platform or table. Are you blind? Or high? I’m betting the latter.

            Here’s another pic with a quote for you.

            And here’s a link to a selection of Margaret Sanger quotes, all thoroughly cited and attributed with dates.


            Time for you to wake up and learn the truth about your support for baby murdering.

          • You are just a vile and despicable liar.

            Margaret Sanger lived at a time when there was rampant racism, yet she is well known for her work with African American community health programs, securing funding and staffing such centers with black doctors, nurses and social workers. She was also praised by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his 1966 acceptance speech for the Margaret Sanger award.

            You despicable racists will stop at nothing in your sordid mission of hate, but in truth you are being methodically stamped out. Squeal on your way out if you must. I personally believe there is no music more beautiful than the squeal of bigots headed for extinction. Good riddance.

          • Fern has her bvd’s in a bunch because the fire dept keeps coming out and hosing down her cross burnings at the trailor park………

          • You’ve got that right. Did you see whut… I mean Fern… defending Margaret Sanger? Unbelievable!!!! Just goes to show you what a racist bigot and hypocrite he/she/it really is.

          • Caught you telling lies again, now didn’t I?

            You need to offer an apology for plagiarizing the work of others and then lying about it. You have no defense, and you know that to deny it will only prompt me to post links to prove your lies — so you may as well just fess up and apologize, you lying racist plagiarist.

          • Shows what a loser you are. All you have is the same old tired lame insults Quit projecting your fantasies of incest on others. And you should be ashamed making fun of child sexual abuse , but then I guess if you condone babies being murdered there is nothing wrong with a little abuse right? You are sick. Get help.

          • Incest? Who said anything about incest?

            Listen, just because your sister is on your mind again tonight doesn’t mean everyone else is thinking about incest.

            And nobody is out here making fun of child sexual abuse. I find you NAMBLA members to be entirely vile and despicable, and, in your case at least, stupid — which is a good thing for your intended victims, I guess.

            Your problem is you’ve just become too boring. You rant and rave without any coherence. But I must say, it’s interesting to see how women react to you NAMBLA nitwits: they despise you just as much as everyone else.

          • It’s you that is boring. all you can do is lamely attempt to insult people using the same old tired topics: racist, bigot, liar, incest, pedophelia and beastiality. I guess that shows where your mind is all the time. I could care less what “women” like the vulgar ones that post on this site think of me. The foul mouthed ones replying to me yesterday would be the kind of women you are attracted to because they aren’t so picky about who they hook up with and don’t give a rat’s patoot about std’s or unplanned pregnancies.So they are all yours. As for making fun of NAMBLA, that is despicable on your part. Laughing at those poor children being abused by older men. It’s disgusting. And your obsession with having sex with your sister is a little concerning too. You may want to discuss these things with a qualified medical person. I can’t help you.

          • It really took you quite a while for you to figure out how to respond when I outed your NAMBLA membership, now didn’t it? Nobody else has used the term ‘lad’ in 50 years. I could see that it unsettled you, and made you realize that you aren’t as anonymous out here as you might believe.

            You know, not long ago people used to give sordid miscreants like you a cell with a view to the site where they were building the gallows, so that you could think about your vile existence — right up to the moment that the noose snapped tight.

            Sadly we don’t do such colorful things to people like you these days, but we do have methods that are every bit as effective.

            You can see that people here don’t like you — except for your vile NAMBLA buddy Obozo. That’s because you are despicable, and this world is determined to stamp your kind out of existence. Welcome to your future.

          • i don’t always respond to people that have such an extremely limited brain function as you seem to have. And sometimes I just ignore you and let you foam at the mouth and blather on incoherently to yourself. I can picture your eyes bleeding as you fill up your drool bib. it’s amusing at times. As for outing me when i said you were not a clever lad, it is quite obvious by the way you think and speak that you do not get out much. Lad is quite commonly used. I was not aware it was the “secret password” for NAMBLA, the group you seem to know all about and are obsessed with. It’s disgusting -you making a joke about sexually abused young children. But most of your posts are disgusting and vulgar . I realize it’s because you have nothing to offer in the way of defending the petulant empty suit in the white house so I just consider the source. I can’t bother to reply any more today, this was just a pity post because I am a nice person and it is almost Thanksgiving. so Happy Turkey day… Continue ranting . maybe someone else will listen.. frankly it’s boring. Now be a good lad and don’t bother me.. hahahaha ‘-)

          • Nice person? Now that was a funny joke.

            Yep, it really got your goat — so to speak. You didn’t LIKE being exposed, because real people have places that aren’t so nice for you NAMBLA freaks. That’s why you work so hard to stay hidden — just like most of the KKK.

            I’ll just keep feeding out the rope, and you can build as elaborate a noose as you’d like. It always works out the same way in the end — I promise.

  9. Does anyone really think that the bible wielding republicans of Texas cares anything about women’s health ? This is the place that applauds Ted Cruz. Nothing will change till Texas turns at least purple.

    • Unfortunately, it’s not just related to women’s healthcare, Texas has the worst
      healthcare services and deliveryfor everyone’s healthcare in the nation according to the federal Agency for Health Care Research and Quality.

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