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Monday, October 24, 2016

Apparently inspired by Virginia’s ill-fated attempt to force women to undergo an invasive ultrasound before undergoing an abortion, Alabama lawmakers have been working hard to move a similar ultrasound bill through their State Senate.

The Alabama bill — which would require women seeking an abortion to first submit to either a trans-vaginal or trans-abdominal ultrasound, would give the woman no choice of which procedure would be performed, and has been labeled by one state senator as “state-sanctioned rape” — was moved through the Alabama Senate Health Committee last week by Republican chairman Greg Reed.

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  • rustacus21

    … the bottom of the barrel for irrelelevant crap to get low-information voters hysterical over, by beating up on women… AGAIN!!! About real, significant issues & policies, they’re mute, dumb & silent. Tax cuts & it’s relation to lost revenue? Spending on the military v. R&D spending on energy effeciency, renewable & its corresponding cost savings? Poverty reduction, which saves on welfare “ENTITLEMENT” spending, by way of education initiates? These are all big savings options, but no, we have to suffer thru worthless “gossip” about… nothing… again…

  • concernedusa7

    I certainly am not!


  • Bets4

    This is the “new” South! Ha!

  • Sleipnir

    Another teapublican pandering to the religious zealots in their war on women. They will not be satisfied until we’re all barefoot, pregnant and wearing burqua’s. And if they can make money doing it that’s just par for the course for teapublicans. Keep it up teapublicans and find out the power of the women’s vote at election time.

  • itsadogslife

    Not the first time vulnerable groups have been targeted as way to fill an elected official’s personal pocket book. I remember a governor who recently wanted mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients, of course using the testing kit made by his own company. But of course this takes it one step further by legalizing state mandated rape of women. Give these guys a finger and they take the whole hand.

  • dawnowens

    How about mandating all men who want a Viagra prescription have to undergo a rectal exam first? Y’know, just to make sure everything’s okay down there, and to remove the head they placed up there a while back, last time they voted for a Republican.