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Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Paul Bass

    The issue of Bowe’s 5 years of captivity is separate from the issue of HOW he ended up a captive.
    We, the US do NOT leave our men/women behind to be captives of the enemy in a field of combat. Period, end of discussion.

    • Unless they are in Benghazi.

      • ps0rjl

        You sir are a jerk and a troll.

        • I know liberals have short memories, and only want to remember things that they view helpful to their agenda of supporting a tyrant. I bet you also forgot about how you liberals treated returning Viet Nam vets. This stunt is just to once again devert attention from all the lawlessness of this regime.

          • ps0rjl

            I hate to burst your bubble kenndeb, but this liberal was a Marine doing Vietnam as were many others. I served from December 1969 to September 1971. Be careful about making blanket statements.

          • So you liked coming home to be called “baby killer” and having liberals spit on you? I also served during Nam.

          • ps0rjl

            No one spit on me or called me a baby killer. Did they ignore me or look at me like I should be ashamed of serving? Heck yes. But I don’t recall it was just a bunch of liberals. In fact I think it was most people regardless of their political affiliation. We all came home like thieves in the night and the hurt we suffered had no political agenda. Quit trying to blame it on just liberals. It was the general public. They were tired of the war and we were a symbol of the war. Personally I don’t think people knew how to treat us.

          • LotusJoan

            The difference is that they “returned”. How many young men and women would enter military service if you told them ” If captured we will try to secure your release, only if we approve of your life history.”
            Those of us who have served in the military know that we fight for the men and women beside us whoever they may be. Lets support ALL of our troops, lets honor all the promises we made to them.

      • Paul Bass

        Completely diversionary statement.
        There were NO POWs in Benghazi, so the issue of should we, the US, try to retrieve our POWs from captivity has NOTHING to do with attacks on our foreign compounds.

        • They were still American citizens in need of help, on American soil, yet the Emperor did nothing because it might hurt his election.

    • ps0rjl

      I agree most heartedly. It is our job as US citizens to leave no military man or woman behind. As for how he ended up a captive that is for the military to investigate, not congress, not the media, and certainly not the public.