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Saturday, March 23, 2019

American Democracy Is a Corruption: How .05 Percent Of Our Population Have Bent Our Republic Into An Oligarchy

vast majority of America wants spend money to create jobs while preserving our safety net and ending tax breaks on the rich and corporations to pay for it. Yet most of Congress wants to do the exact opposite.

How did our democracy get so broken? Of course, gerrymandering plays a role. But the truth is there are two elections taking place all the time: the general election and the money election. The money election is the one that really matters, and only .05 percent of country truly has a vote.

A tiny percentage of Americans have hijacked our country for their own purposes, according to Lawrence Lessig. This TED talk, “We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim” may make you feel a bit hopeless. But in the end, if we cannot see what we’ve become, there’s no hope of fixing it.

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15 responses to “American Democracy Is a Corruption: How .05 Percent Of Our Population Have Bent Our Republic Into An Oligarchy”

  1. Mark Forsyth says:

    Bottom Line- Our country is messed up! What are I,You,Us,We,going to do about it.

  2. Share this it’s a start. Let us start now

  3. Jill Boniske says:

    The messages the money sends must be countered with better messages from the
    People. As long as the money is able to keep putting out messaging that resonates, they win.

    • That’s all well and good but the problem is that over half of Americans are too lazy to contemplate what is wrong with this country! They like being told by their favorite politician and then running with it! They never have a good reason just blind following! Until that changes, nothing wll change.

  4. adriancrutch says:

    That’s a FACT!

  5. Kari says:


  6. First we have to say no!……….. but what if the fascists say no back?

  7. nothing is gonna change because ppl are blind,

    “What do we want?”

    “We dont know!”

    “And when do we want it?”

    “After we finish watching all of our tv shows!”

    this is what i see most American people saying… sad but true

  8. samshile says:

    Republicans have no power. Since the 1990s, most of the rich are Democrats, the party of control.

    • Wrong universe. Pls provide supporting facts.

      • samshile says:

        there seems to be a tipping point where the ultra-wealthy begin
        leaning Democratic. The most famous example would be the entertainment
        industry, where star-studded events have become a significant part of
        Democratic culture.

        But this phenomenon is not limited to Hollywood. A review of the 20
        richest Americans, as listed by Forbes Magazine, found that 60 percent
        affiliate with the Democratic Party, including the top three
        individuals: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison. Among the
        riches families, the Democratic advantage rises even higher, to 75
        percent.The Democratic party now dominates the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as
        well as the wealthiest neighborhoods in the most powerful cities. According to labor statistics, in “blue” states with a
        majority of Democrats, the average income is $100,000. While in “red”
        states with a majority of Republicans, the average income is $30,000.
        The biggest supporter of the Democrat Party, George Soros, is a billionaire. The other major supporters are High Tech elites.

        Among the wealthiest presidents to occupy the White House are:

        John F. Kennedy (D): $20 million ($124 million today)
        The Kennedy Trust: $400 million ($2.6 billion today)
        Lyndon Johnson (D): $14 million ($82 million today)
        Herbert Hoover (R): $8 million ($88 million today)
        Franklin Roosevelt (D): $1 million ($11 million today)

        In the 2004 presidential election, the order of wealth, starting with the wealthiest, was as follows:

        1) John Kerry (D): Billionaire ($1.2 -$ 3.3 billion!) – includes Heinz Ketchup fortune
        2) John Edwards (D): Millionaire ($70 million)
        3) Dick Cheney (R): Millionaire ($50 million)
        4) George W. Bush (R): Millionaire ($15 million)

        you hear Democrats complain about “Republican” wealth, note that John
        Edwards’ wealth alone exceeds the wealth of President Bush and Vice
        President Dick Cheney COMBINED.

    • Samshill . . . you live in a fantasy world. You would not know a fact if it bit you.

      • samshile says:

        What are living in the 1980s? Seriously a snotty Jr High response? Oh I’m hurt. I know facts I am not a Democrat. With all that projection you have to be Democrat. Democrats visit civil liberties once every couple decades. They joined the republicans once in the 1960s. Some in the 1990s and now gun control lunatics, 6,000 EPA regulations in the last year. Health insurance control. Soda control. Lunatics believing they can control the climate. Pathetic.

        The type of transportation you can use
        What roads you can drive on
        What lanes you can drive on
        hat gear you must have on to ride a bicycle
        Type of license you need for the transportation your are driving or riding
        The amount of water you consume
        The temperature of your home
        The number of times a toilet can be flushed in a 24 hour period (
        The number of children you can have
        Who you can hear on your radio
        What television shows you can watch
        he food you can eat
        They will outlaw meat consumption, due to cruelty of animals, and to limit the methane they emit.
        The food you can buy
        The food you can sell

        • Garymother Freekincoleman says:

          “We owe it to the hard work done by billionaires to lobby away all regulations, export all jobs to cheaper labor countries, eliminate the minimum wage. To pollute freely, openly and everywhere without guilt or consequences. To gamble the life savings of the nation and world on risk laden get rich quick schemes. To lobby for war so our MIC clients burn through stored inventory. To dictate foreign policy that puts their interests first over the well being and safety of the population who have to fight those wars. We owe them blind allegiance even though they claim to owe us nothing to the point of paying zero or next to zero in taxes. We are told to believe that multinational corporations are American just because they say they are while they headquarter in tax haven nations. We should expect them to self regulate the chemicals they put in food and believe that they hold our best interests at heart while headlines scream environmental devastation and companies destroyed evidence of their negligence. We are to believe that the great American ideal is the idolatry of those that made it big by ripping off the planet are good and noble while people working 2 jobs to make ends meet are freeloaders and we have to divert the nest egg safety network of all American workers into Wall Street casino chips and if they lose they still reap rich rewards but we are expected to bail them out. Who will cry for the mega wealthy and the struggles they go through daily, devising new and complex ways of draining us of our labor and assets. It’s hard to be rich with a straight face so lobbyists have to do the lying for them, write the bills for them and pay off congress to pass those bills. ”

          ~a blogger~

  9. sunmusing says:

    We need to re-target our scorn and derision to those oligarchs, not reward them with political positions and big payouts…we probably need to find and incarcerate some corporate certificates in the states…treat them like “people” so to speak…maybe if you line up enough certificates against a wall….who knows? What about the “Tree of Liberty” again? Tyrants and Who?…

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