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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

An overwhelming majority of American Muslims support Democratic presidential candidates, according to a poll completed by Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) last week. This isn’t exactly a surprise, given the blatant Islamophobia coming from nearly every Republican presidential candidate, but the poll gave some insight into how the Muslim electorate has shifted, politically, over the past two decades.

The survey reported that a majority of American Muslims, 52 percent, supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential run. “As an immigrant community, there’s a long memory of the work she has done abroad,” said Robert McCaw, Department Manager of Government Affairs at CAIR. “So, you essentially have two generations of Muslim immigrants who have been exposed to Clinton before they have even heard of Sanders.”

Strong support for Clinton also revealed that American Muslims are not opposed to female leadership, despite familiar tropes by the American right that Islam promotes a rigid, undemocratic and patriarchal social order. “When you look at Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, even Kosovo, these are Muslim oriented countries that have already had female leaders, presidents, and prime ministers,” said McCaw. “So this is nothing new, for Muslims to elect a female leader. This may be something new for America.”

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders placed second in the survey, earning the support of 22 percent of respondents. Sanders was one of the most vocal opponents of the Islamophobic atmosphere many Muslims have been forced to confront since the start of this election cycle. At a town hall with students at George Mason University, he approached the podium with a Muslim student and pledged to fight Islamophobia and all forms of racism as president.

The rising tide of xenophobia has propelled Islamophobia into the forefront of Muslims’ election issues. “Islamophobia went from being ranked third to ranking first. It doubled from 15 to 30 percent from 2014 to 2016,” said McCaw. “Muslims are going to support candidates that respect religious diversity and reject candidates who engage in the politics of fear.” Even before Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the country, a 2011 Gallup report revealed that 48 percent of Muslim respondents had experienced some sort of religious discrimination within the past year.

But Donald Trump, the merchant of fear himself, was ahead among the 15 percent of Muslims who said they would vote Republican. He polled at seven percent overall.

Republican-voting Muslims are a rare sight. Their political opinions have changed notably since 2000, when they were a key demographic in George W. Bush’s Florida victory. Prior to his party’s turn against the Muslim community, mildly conservative social values and a focus on economic growth made Muslims gravitate towards the Republican party.

Since the September 11 attacks, invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and subsequent increases in anti-Muslim sentiment, American Muslims have swung towards the Democratic Party. The transition was already complete by the 2004 elections, when 76 percent of American Muslims said they were voting for John Kerry.

American Muslims remain an extremely small minority in the country. A report by Pew Research Center published in December 2015 estimated there to be 2.75 million Muslims in America, less than one percent of the population. But there are large Muslim communities in swing states like Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Florida that could be a substantial help to Democrats in 2016, whether it’s a former first lady and secretary of state or a Jewish democratic socialist on the ticket.

Photo: Muslim students at San Diego State University hold a prayer before a rally against Islamophobia in San Diego, California. REUTERS/Sandy Huffaker 

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198 Responses to American Muslim Voters Overwhelmingly Support Democrats

  1. When someone (in this case most of the Republican candidates) says, in effect, I don’t like Muslims, who would you vote for if you were a Muslim? Almost anyone on the Democratic side would he better than a Republican — even the Jewish guy.

      • Why don’t you replace your avatar with a picture of a sheep? These Muslimes are commanded by their “God” to kill us non-converting infidels. Look how they treat their women and homosexuals. Look at what they are doing to women in Europe. They don’t integrate into a society, they fester like a cancer to destroy it. Is it any surprise that they find solace with the Demorats? Birds of a feather…

        • Don’t you guys have an original thought in your head? Simply reciting old Goebbels propaganda with ‘Muslim’ substituted for ‘ Jew’ is not only obnoxious, it’s tedious and dull.

          • Yes. The scourge of errant bathtub soap, far more deadly–now there’s something to get your knickers in a twist about

          • By the way, how is that “sharia” law working out for you over there in England? They raping and groping your women en masse?

          • ‘When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout’. God, you people are such candy ass, bed wetting chickenshits. Why don’t you crawl back under the bed? Oops, can’t do that, there might be Moooslims under there. Eeeek!

          • The “bed wetting chickenshits” are weasels like you who are allowing them to take over. At least for now, men like me are armed and will resist those assho…s. Aren’t you glad some of us have spines?

          • Yup. Cowering in the trailer park with your penile substitutes–or staging a courageous invasion of a bird-watching lodge. Don’t shoot your toe off, Cletus. Lol.

          • If you look up thread, perhaps your formidable powers of deduction will give you a clue–but I’m not banking on it.

          • What are you talking about???? Cowering in trailer park, penile substitutes , bird watching lodge and shoot off toe?? The only deduction I can come to is you are an immature high school drop out. I am sure this is not the case. So paint me dumb and explain.

          • “Penile substitutes”? How do purport to known anything about my penis or your imagined substitutes for it? Maybe you should concentrate on finding a ‘safe place’. You wouldn’t want to become too frightened. Would you?

          • Your knowledge of world religions seems some what limited. Sharia law was created as a path for true believers to serve their God. Only a few Islamic sects believe it should be universally applied. Read the link.

          • He doesn’t want to know the truth, Bob, that’s his biggest problem. You can TRY to give him the facts, but he’s got it in his thick skull that he’s right and everyone that actually KNOWS the truth is wrong! It becomes almost like arguing with a rock, which is about right!

          • Can you name those “many” who don’t or are you once again just spouting some BS you heard on one of those RW “news” stations or from some other RW source? Show me graphs, show me proof, David, that “many” don’t. I dare you!!!

          • Many? Well, uh…Paris (twice); Indonesia; Nigeria; San Bernadino; Chattanooga; Milwaukee; Garland…The religion of peace!

          • Actually, I found a website with over a hundred terrorist acts by your friends. Maybe you can scare them away with your bat and a strong voice.

          • Does the gun take the place of your spine…..REAL men don’t need guns to prove their points. When I see some idiot man walking around with a gun on his waist, I think that he’s an absolute coward or has this immense need to prove his so-called manhood!!! It proves NOTHING! You don’t have a spine, David, you have nothing!

          • What I don’t have is the inability to protect myself and my family. How does it feel to rely on your existence to the whims of the government? Need a ‘safe place’?

          • Actually, I feel pretty safe without a gun in the house, but I DO have a bat next to my front door and next to my bed…..a good swat will take care of any problem. As an ex-military officer AND an ex-police officer, I DO know how to fire a weapon, but I don’t need one to make me feel safe. My safety doesn’t have anything to do with the government, so not sure why you even brought that up. You’re responsible for your own safety above and beyond what the local police department offers. I have the security of knowing that if I DO need them, they’re just a phone call away, and that’s a GOOD thing. They’ve never let me down yet.

          • You’re right.
            I know a certain person who can’t spell “Muslim.” He’s a pretty scary guy for someone in the twenty-first century.

          • Sharia law is against crime against women. Islam gave women rights centuries before the “Christian World” did. Your understanding of what Sharia Law really is seems to be limited.

          • Ever hear of fellow Americans Ray Kot, Sunil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
            They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!

          • Ray Kot was murdered by Mark Magee.
            Sunil Rattu was murdered by Phillip Byrd and accomplices.
            Martin Caballero was murdered by Craig Arno and an accomplice.
            Consult the internet for more details!

          • Let’s add the Sikhs and other non-Muslims attacked or killed by good old ignorant white Christian Americans like you.

          • Had two Sikhs that were walking down the road that were shot by a car driving by who yelled something about Muslims in the town near me.

          • Again davie, grow up, adding an “e” to Muslim only makes YOU look idiotic and stupid, NOT Muslims. It makes you look like a child who has nothing but “I know I am (stupid) but what are you?” Yea, right, THAT make you look so smart.

          • And how many innocent Muslim women and children (and families) have been killed or maimed by the war that was perpetrated by your buddy, GW Bush? How many have been forced to leave their homes because of the aftereffects of the war caused by GW Bush? Do you want to count those because they FAR outnumber innocent people killed in 9/11 by Saudi’s, who were “buddies” of the Bush family! And, if you want to get technical, more US soldiers have been killed by Bush’s nonsensical war than were killed during 9/11, but I guess that is beyond your level of intelligence, isn’t it…..either that, or you have constructive forgetfulness.

        • If it were truly “birds of a feather” they would be 100% for the GOP. Every one of your “points” above (hating women and homosexuals, the inability to integrate into a society, the festering to destroy) perfectly describe today’s Republican party. The GOP is the party of hate and fear, greed and corruption.

          • Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattala?
            He is an actual, Benghazi, murder defendant.
            Ever hear of the movie, THE INNOCENCE OF THE MUSLIMS?
            Pastor [?] Terry Jones was deeply involved in that.
            Will their e-mail be demanded at the trial?
            YOU BETCHA!!

          • My kind? You have no idea who I am so, to put it bluntly, please FO. (For your information, I am a combat vet of the war in IRAQ)

          • Then we should be able to talk like two adults but I’ll leave that up to you. I don’t talk to people on here just to argue so if you just want a fight, pass me by and good day.

          • Give it up. You’re trying to have a rational argument with the sort that believes stories about talking snakes, talking foliage and a 600 year old dude who built a supertanker-sized floating zoo out of scrap lumber in his backyard, are factual historical accounts.

          • CripesAmighty….I do believe there is a higher power, but, like you, I don’t believe many of the “stories” in the bible. I had a friend who was going to school to become a pastor, and he told me that the bible was merely a book of “stories” that were basically written to help people learn how to live moral lives. He said you shouldn’t take everything in it as gospel, but to try to find the moral of each incident. I kind of believe that…..what do you think? I also feel that you can believe in both creationism AND evolution…..after all, can’t you consider that God caused the “Big Bang?” It’s a thought……unfortunately, MY pastor doesn’t agree with me and says I have to go on “faith” alone…..sorry, I’m more scientific, and I have to look at things in a more critical manner.

          • Then let’s talk…The Democrat Party, among many other shortcomings, has been against the military and Veterans for years. How do you explain the effort by the Obomo administration to not count votes by overseas service members in the last election because of the time difference and therefore, were “not timely”?

          • Okay, how about the vote to deny veteran’s employment assistance, or the vote to lower the monies given to the VA, and I could go on and on about what the GOP has done to block ANYTHING that would help our veterans. Unfortunately, you seem to have conveniently decided not to check into all the BS that the current House and Senate has done the past 7+ years to block veteran benefits. Try checking this out before you show your total ignorance!!! Go on the MOAA website and you might be able to learn something, if that’s possible. Your brain is full of cement in that you refuse to even consider that you may be wrong in some cases…..but that’s a typical GOP devotee!!!

          • Bill was in school at Rhodes at the time….he didn’t “run” to England to get out of being in the military. Wow, you just keep spouting uninformed BS with each post, don’t you?

          • Try again. Please read about Billy Boy and how he got his deferment in Arkansas by lying and using the system. Do you seriously not know about Bill and the draft?

          • Bill Clinton didn’t “run to England”. He had a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford which is extremely hard to be offered. Look up what a Rhodes Scholar is. Educate yourself.

          • Or Trump and the others who never EVER fought in any war and were able to get out of it by a so-called “medical” reason (Trump) or because daddy paid their way out (GWB)

          • I find that extremely hard to believe, and if you are, that just proves that you’re one of those angry white men who support Trump! I am ALSO a veteran of the Vietnam War, and I’ve NEVER supported any GOP candidate, especially when they’ve done nothing but block anything that would help any of the Vietnam or Iraqi veterans!

          • You were? In what branch? In what capacity did you serve? Were you stationed in Vietnam? When? I was a Flight Engineer on a Jolly Green Giant. Stationed at Udorn TAFB. Flew missions over the Ho Chi Minh trail in Linebacker II.
            Why would you support the Demorats when they tried to have the votes of the overseas service members not be counted because they were “not timely’?

          • Yes, I was. I was in what was then called the Women’s Army Corp (WACS) and was a stenographer at the time. I went to Vietnam a couple of times as a stenographer for the then General of the Army when he went on inspection tours. As for why I support the Democrats, maybe it’s because they do more for the country and veterans, in general, than any Republican has done in 40 years!!! When you look at all the blockages they put forth for bills that were for veteran’s, they FAR outweigh anything that the Democrats may have blocked. And, if the Democrats blocked it….it must have been because there was something wrong with it!! I plan on researching this to find out the truth…..

          • I just checked on up on the particular problem you mentioned. Actually, the Democrats (and President Obama) passed a bill called The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE), which was signed into law in 2009 by President Obama. Under this, there’s the Federal Voter Assistance Program, which is supposed to assist service members with voting on military installations. It also requires that STATES mail absentee ballots to their servicemen 45 days before an election so that there is sufficient time to count them. The Justice Dept. can file suit to ensure compliance, but in 2010 was content to grant failing states “waivers.” As a result, one-third of overseas troops who wanted to vote in 2010 couldn’t. Basically, it was the fault of the states because many of them failed to send out the ballots 45 days prior to the election, thus, many of the overseas military did not get their ballots in on time for them to be counted. In fact, the worse states were Wisconsin, Mississippi, Michigan, and Vermont, and at least 30 municipalities in Wisconsin failed to send absentee ballots to military voters at all!!! The Obama for America Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and the Ohio Democratic Party filed suit in that swing state to strike down part of that state’s law governing voting by members of the military that gives them 3 extra days to cast their ballots. Democrats objected that the exception discriminated against non-military voters. This was the ONLY item that the Democrats did not support due to the exception.
            As for the Republicans and the veteran’s bills THEY voted against…..(1) Against Providing our Troops with Equipment they Need; (2) Against Stop Loss Payment for Troops; (3) Against Support for our Troops; (4) Against Extending the New GI Bill for Children of Fallen Soldiers; (5) Against Veteran’s Job Creation and Economic Help; and (6) Against Activated Military Reservists and Pay Cuts.
            Additionally, because of the Bush Administration’s piss poor planning for the Iraq War, soldiers and their families were forced to purchase their own body armor. Republicans also voted against a $1,500 bonus for troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan while voting for a pay raise for themselves (HR. 3289). The Bush Administration also cut off veterans’ health care for veterans who make as little as $26,000/year in the lead up to the Iraq War, which resulted in more than 1.6 million veterans being denied VA health care over 4 years. As the Iraq War began, the House Republicans voted to cut $14 billion from veterans’ health care and $14 billion from veterans’ benefits, including veteran’s pension, compensation, and education. This could have denied health care to 168,000 veterans or cut the number of VA nurses by 8,700. They also managed to oust Rep. Chris Smith from his chairmanship of the Veterans’ Committee because he was too strong a proponent for our veterans, despite a letter of opposition sent by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. In 2007, Republicans voted for the FY2007 budget that hurt American’s veterans, including cuts in health care totaling $6 billion and as much as tripling TRICARE health care costs for military retirees under 65.
            Need I go on???
            Just as a conclusion, the Republicans have blocked 375 bills that had been passed by the Democratic-majority House. It just takes ONE anonymous Republican Senator to block a vote if he objects to it, and it takes 60 Senators to undo that. In other words, if you were frustrated with the status quo…..blame Republicans, not Democrats!!!

        • I love it: the judgmental religious fanatic who approves of abuse of, and discrimination against, homosexuals and discrimination against women condemns Muslims for doing the same, only a little “better.” Indications are that if you and your fellow zealots ever got real control in this country, you’d do similar things, or at least not oppose a government that did, so long as the victims were blacks, gays, “libtards,” or women whose independence offends your “holiness.”
          Why don’t you get an avatar: a large pile of manure would do for a start, until you could find one that really represents hatred, paranoia, hypocrisy, arrogance, and busybodiness on the grand scale.

          Sinclair Lewis said it best: when Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. You, like many “conservative Christians,” seem to have a lot of difficulty distinguishing the cross of “Jesus” from the one with the bent ends.

        • I might add that the Muslim “god” is the same monster described in the “Old Testament.” At least Muslims usually give people in countries they invade the chance to save themselves by converting, or even allow them to live with some restrictions.
          No such option was offered to any of those peoples whose extermination down to their domestic animals was ordered by YOUR god, and most of the places in the world colonized by Christians suffered far worse fates than those conquered by Muslims..

          • What?!?!?!?! The Muslime “god” is not the same as the one who created the world and sent his Son for our redemption. Please feel free to move to a Muslime country and be treated with such honor and respect. Don’t forget to cover your face!

          • (Laughing)
            Your denial – which of course ignores the points that show your god is at least as bad, even if he weren’t the same – doesn’t change the fact both Muslims and Christians who aren’t crazed fanatics who deny science and history agree, regardless of your insignificant and ill-informed opinion.

          • My God is not “at least as bad” as whatever the Muslimes are worshipping. So what Muslime country do you think you would be treated well in?

          • I referred to those Christians “who aren’t crazed fanatics who deny science and history.” Obviously you aren’t among them. Your question, like most of your alleged “replies,” is completely irrelevant.

          • Well, I lived in Libya. And Indonesia is a great place to go. The UAE is amazing to visit. There are a lot of Muslim countries you ignorant RWNJ ‘Murican.

          • What happened to God the HOLY GHOST?
            Both President John Adams and President John Quincy Adams were UNITARIANS!
            They believed in ONE GODHEAD!
            Not THREE Gods!

          • By the way, the spelling is “muslim….” if you’re going to talk about them, at least learn how to spell!!!

          • David is trying to be clever by deliberately adding “slime”, see he is about as clever as a 2 year old…

          • I see…..he’s just another rightwing, racist trolling on line to get himself heard. Unfortunately, he’s only showing his lack of knowledge and uninformed nature!!! Probably has a brain turned to mush by listening to too many of the RW talk show idiots!!! It’s just too sad that there are so many of them and none that are truly bipartisan out there! For once, I’d like to watch a news program, read a news magazine or paper, etc., that is written by a bipartisan group that looks at BOTH sides and not just liberal vs conservative! How refreshing would that be? The only publication I can recommend that does this is The Week magazine.

          • Sand Cat….I agree. The bible, if read completely, is very violent in some places. Much like the Koran, it can be interpreted differently by different-minded people. The Taliban and ISIS interprets it much differently than the American Muslims.

          • Just who do you thinks is fighting ISIS? It’s the Muslim world that is doing most of the dying. This is not a Christian Vs. Muslim war, It’s a Muslim Vs. Muslim one. Think of it like the Southern Baptists vs. the Catholics.

          • Or you can think of it as black on black crime here in the US. I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the article, but why don’t we hear from Black Lives Matter when a black person kills another black person? It seems to happen MUCH more often than black on white killings?

          • Most people who are shot know the shooter. It’s not the strangers you need to be afraid of it’s friends and family. Most whites hang out with whites and most blacks hang out with blacks. The countries ISIS is fighting in are Muslim nations so they are fighting Muslims. This is nothing new, the different Muslim sects don’t get along very well. Islam is as unified as Christians are. Look at Northern Ireland.

          • Understand….I was being totally off-subject from the article attached, but it was on my mind, so I said it. BLM is an important movement, but they also have to realize that it isn’t ALWAYS whites shooting blacks…..just saying.

          • There in fact has been such an outcry by a number of Muslim scholars worldwide, not covered by our sensation and conflict-seeking media, but do YOU feel compelled to raise an “outcry” against “Christians” who murder and oppress others? If so, we here have missed it. You are responsible for your own actions, not those of some nut who kills a doctor, unless of course you applaud or condone such actions.

          • Why should I? You’re the ill-informed bigot. Look it up yourself.

            Of course, you also ignored the part about why YOU haven’t raised an outcry about the evil done by “Christians.” If you cared, you could easily look that up, too.

          • You are not answering the question. You said that there were a number of Muslims worldwide who have made an outcry about the terrorism. I asked you to name some of them. You can’t because you dreamed that “fact” up and now you are being shown to be an ignorant liar. Try again!!!

          • Of course, you conveniently overlook that you never answered the question I asked, probably because you approve of murdering doctors but don’t feel responsible for, or driven to condemn, actions committed by “Christians,” assuming there are any such actions of which you disapprove.
            I also get it that, as a supporter of a party whose stock-in-trade is ignorance, prejudice, fear-mongering, character assassination, hatred, exaggerations, and lies, you want to believe the opposition is just as bad, but the simple fact is, I don’t take notes when reading for pleasure, and I don’t recall where I read it, but it was 1) from a more reliable source than you appear to use, and 2) listed a number of Muslim groups and individual scholars who had strongly denied that ISIS and other terror groups are acting as Muslims on theological grounds, not that their beliefs or any fact would likely change your mind in the slightest.
            Since you claim every Muslim should apologize for everything done in the name of Islam, we’re waiting to hear your condemnation of the “Christians” who figured prominently in the recent African genocides, the bombing of women’s health clinics, including the delayed action bomb set to kill police and medical personnel arriving in response to the first blast, the “Christian Reconstructionists,” and a host of other unsavory groups claiming “Christian” affiliation.
            But go ahead and continue spewing your hatred for all to see. You don’t need me to continue, so be my guest.

          • Can’t provide an answer? Gee, I guess that confirms that you are an ignorant liar. How does it feel to spout off nonsense and get it shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine?
            I guess you better google your bleat and try to find a response. Because right now, you look pretty pathetic.

          • Again, David, we’re ALL still waiting for you to answer Sand Cat’s original question….why do you keep sliding over it and complaining because he can’t give you names, dates, and times? I, like Sand Cat, read the same articles, and I can’t tell you the names of all the groups who are against the actions of ISIS and the Taliban, but there are many American Muslim groups who are ashamed of their Muslim counterparts that are willy nilly killing both their OWN people and other people because of their beliefs or disbeliefs!

          • I am not aware of any Christians killing people “for the glory of Jesus Christ”. There have been attacks on abortion clinics by those claiming to be Christians because of the murders being performed there. I do not feel compelled to raise an outcry because those actions were 1) very few in number; 2) conducted by maniacs NOT following the Bible; and, 3) not part of a world wide system of beliefs commanding the killing of those who do not share them.

          • Gosh, David, haven’t you read the New Testament (and even the Old Testament)….how many times did God or his son, Jesus, kill entire communities (Jerico, etc.)? There are many examples in the bible of Christians killing others. Also, there’s the Crusades, for example. Although not in the Bible, it’s still fact. I could go on and on, but I work for a living and don’t have the time to re-read the bible for you.

          • Obviously, you haven’t read the New Testament. Where in the New Testament does God or Jesus kill anyone, much less entire communities? Are you seriously that intellectually challenged? The Crusades were a response to the Muslimes attacking Europe; and, capturing Jerusalem. The Crusades were HUNDREDS of years ago. How does that equate to what ISIS and the radical Muslimes are doing today?

          • I regret that in my anger against what I call “Christians” – those whom I believe flaunt every command on human relations attributed to “Jesus,” and who I believe would likely crucify him if he were to return – I may be offending those people who take their “savior” seriously as a teacher and exemplar rather than a “get out of Hell free” card or a bludgeon to batter others.
            While after long consideration of Christianity and its alternatives (Buddhism and Taoism seemed attractive), I reached the conclusion that I didn’t believe in any of the supernatural stuff in any of them, but I can respect sincere practitioners of all faiths who meet three criteria:
            1) The religion gives them genuine peace
            2) It makes them better persons
            3) They recognize their own fallibility and refrain from attempting to get their religion more favorable government treatment or passed into law
            The first should assure the second, but doesn’t seem to in many, many cases. ALL ARE ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. A “better person” is someone who cares about and has compassion for others and manifests this in her/his behavior, and is self-aware enough to realize that others hold differing opinions in good faith.
            I would never claim to be unbiased, but I cannot reconcile what is currently deemed “conservative” with “better person,” especially among some of the lunatics who troll here.

          • I just look at people like you and pick the opposite :>)
            Actually, I said it in the post, but I guess your reading comprehension is acting up again.

          • Hmmm…is that why the “American Muslims” are so vocal in their denouncing of the terroristic acts committed by ISIS and the Taliban?

          • Are you familiar with Malya? She, and her groups have been speaking out against it. She even got shot in the head for her speaking out …. And survived. She is a tough woman.

            Are you vocal against the crimes Christians commit? Anyway, I think some of the American Muslims fear retribution against possible friends and family if they speak out. But some do?

          • Sorry, DS. This woman was shot by the Taliban because she was in favor of women being educated. That position pissed off the Muslimes so much, they shot her. She did win a Nobel Peace Prize. Her being shot had nothing to do with objecting to the terror attacks by the Muslimes.

          • Actually, they ARE quite vocal if you ever read a newspaper or listened to an actual news story outside of FAUX News.

          • Still spewing more bull s _ _ t!
            Now who enslaved all the Africans to ship around the world?
            Just another inconvenient truth.
            You said: “At least Muslims usually give people in countries they invade the chance to save themselves by converting, or even allow them to live with some restrictions”. Like castrations of black males, rape of black women. You are right they were protective of dhimmis until they couldn’t pay the taxes then they could be enslaved. Muslims would not let the slaves to convert because once they converted they had more rights.
            No religion is without fault. To this day ISIS and their affilates are killing, enslaving all nonbelievers.

          • Sorry you see fit to get into this. Are you an anti-Muslim bigot, or do you just feel you have to defend them? Hopefully you are not a “Christian Reconstructionist,” which I believe goes beyond what even David would openly support.
            I think the argument is about American Muslims, to which “David” has added ISIS, the Koran, and Muslims throughout history, as you appear to be doing.
            The point on which David chose to attack me was a joke suggesting a new avatar to a commenter here who has repeatedly shown himself to be a racist and who chose to add Muslims to that.
            Since David apparently wanted to compare scriptures, I simply pointed out that the Christian Bible endorses genocide at least as much as the Koran. I think you might agree, based on your comment on “all religions,” but I’m not too sure.
            Despite what you and David say, “Christians” have at least as high a body count to their “credit” as Muslims, and while there are bad people in all religions, American Muslims have done very little, especially compared to the number of Muslims, killed, injured, or deprived of their homes and livelihoods by the Bush war alone.
            I’m no fan of either religion myself, but don’t care to listen to ignorant partisans of either accuse the others when they have done as bad or far worse.
            People should be treated as individuals under the Constitution, not as groups who are all alike. I know you have claimed that I am an anti-white racist, but I think you should be bright enough to figure out that isn’t true, especially given that I am a member of the group I supposedly hate.
            Sorry, but your comments about slavery are irrelevant, unless you also want to talk about who bought them; actually, it’s irrelevant to this “discussion” in any case.

          • Good answer, Sand Cat, but it’ll go over most of these people’s heads, especially David, who totally is uninformed about the difference between “Muslim” people and the “Muslim” religion…..much like people are uninformed about the difference between “Jews” and “Israelis.”

          • Give it up, Mike.
            Obama is far better informed than even you, and – as I said before – most people who support him do so not out of ignorance, but out of the rational calculation that with all his faults and missteps, he is still far, far preferable to anyone the GOP has offered as an alternative.
            But once again, you have allowed your angry partisanship to lead you miles off topic.

          • Then it must be a great deal better than yours.
            Sorry to see that someone I thought intelligent and reasonable is just another willfully-ignorant and partisanship-blinded hack.
            Once again, continue to rant and rave all you want. This is the end of my part of this “conversation.”

          • LOL!!!
            You are just wrong with your pseudo-intellecual bull s _ __t. “My ranting and raving” just shows how delusional your statements are.
            I am very reasonable and smart I just don’t think your are realist.

          • Unfortunately, David doesn’t know how to spell….kinda shows his age or educational level. He’s actually trying to be funny, but it isn’t working.

        • No, “these” Muslims are NOT commanded by their God to kill us….the only ones that are extreme are the ones that are members of the Taliban or ISIS. American Muslims do NOT interpret the Koran as being as violent as the Middle Eastern terrorists (and not ALL Middle East people are terrorists, by the way). You need to get your facts straight! As for what happened in Europe with women…..those individuals who harassed women were Somalian refugees…..not from the Middle East.

          • Not in the U.S., and the ones that you are speaking about, again, were Somalian refugees for the most part. And, what does this have to do with the Koran. Have you actually read the ENTIRE bible lately…’s full of violence against groups of people done in the name of God. It’s all on how you perceive it and interpret it, but that’s way above your intellect apparently.

          • I just wrote that, just before I saw your post. I don’t think Christians have ever read their entire bible.

          • You’re definitely right about that one……they got through the Old Testament and got bored and quit!!!

          • Have you read the bible? I mean really read it? Anyone could make the same case about Christians if you are going by their book.

            Anyone want to be stoned?

          • You can’t possibly read the Bible: you disgrace the Good Book with your rancid heart and perverted mind. It is people like you who turn the youth off of religion: they are turning away in droves because of liars and hypocrites and haters like you.

            You will rot in Hell and the anyone who knows you will cheer.

          • The BOOK OF REVELATION is in KING JAMES!
            It is in the VULGATE!
            It is NOT in the BOOK OF MORMON!
            Is God as good as HIS WORD??

          • No Christian ever stoned anyone, stoners were all Semites, Jesus espoused forgiveness and humanism, turned your cheek and other cheek , if you run out of cheeks …then you kick ass and kill the MF.

        • It was a joke.
          I agree that a goat and an army of racist murderers are not equivalent; I was referring to you rather than your current avatar. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  2. How about that? Imagine voting for the party that isn’t interested in sending legions agents in black sedans around to spirit you away in the dead of night.

  3. PWT in America, ‘we’re so stupid, Fox can convince us to vote against ourselves’

    Muslims, mostly educated, and Americans by choice, not so easily fooled. Thank you!

  4. Sir Winston Churchill was a great judge of character!
    Lawrence Of Arabia was one of his friends.
    Ike was another.

      • I suggest you read their writings.
        Both HATED NAZIS!
        Nevertheless, Churchill insisted that they be given trials.
        Ike insisted upon prison camps.
        Churchill wrote CLOSING THE RING.
        Ike wrote CRUSADE IN EUROPE.
        They made themselves PERFECTLY CLEAR!

      • Ever hear of Ray Kot, Sunil Rattu and Martin Caballero?
        They were murdered at Trump Taj Mahal!
        Ever hear of police officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo?
        They were murdered by Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller!
        Their gang leader was Clyven Bundy!
        Ever hear of Ahmed Abu Khattala?
        He is an actual, Benghazi, murder defendant!
        What is the difference between a “Moslem” murderer, like Jihadi John, and a “Christian” murderess like Karla Faye Tucker?

  5. Before, the in vogue “hate” was epitomized in “Every good Indian is a dead Indian”; then there was anti-Catholicism”; then various anti-Jewish sentiments and other vitriol preached by the “father” of hate radio, Father Coughlin(“The Radio Priest”).

    Most recent hatred by extremists(who largely are Christians who are instructed to love even their enemies) is directed at people of African descent(despite the fact that all humans migrated from regions inside of what is called Africa).

    The Party that aspires to reflect the more virulent and extremist potential that lies within all humans is looking more like the Nazi Party in style and sentiment with each
    passing day.

    So intent are they in distorting the reality of what it means to be a human being that they no longer “recognize” the “Shepherd”, and use the Book as a battering ram, and supplant its Message with “verses”(man-made amendments) from a substitute “bible” called the Constitution.

    This extremist element in America looks more like the “old men” and the “Magistrate” portrayed in Aristophanes’ play “Lysistrata”; the more reasoned and logical approach presented by Lysistrata and her fellow cohorts stood in stark contrast to that band of petty-minded “little men”.
    That petty-minded and immature attribute has been resurrected by a small band of merry “little men”(and a similar number of ramshackled “little women”) of today.

    Little wonder that the “Extremist Tribes” are confused and angry.

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