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Friday, October 21, 2016

In news that should thrill the rest of the Republican Party’s White House hopefuls, chronically wrong pundit Dick Morris is predicting that Texas governor Rick Perry has the inside track for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination.

Writing in Newsmax, Morris argues that — based on the GOP’s history of nominating candidates who have run and lost in the past — Perry is the party’s likely nominee:

What does this predict for 2016? Of the defeated candidates left over from 2012, Santorum is probably too focused on social issues to win. Cain and Bachmann can be dismissed as flashes in the pan, and the problems that knocked them out of contention have not gone away. Romney probably won’t get a third chance. Even Nixon only got two. Newt inflicted too many wounds on others and on himself.

That leaves Rick Perry. Acceptable to Latinos based on his Texas record. Draws strong Tea Party support without being defined by it. A Southerner, he is clearly ready to play on the national stage. A big state governor whose record on jobs has only gotten better. He can’t be dismissed.

Will his debate brainlock disqualify him? Not if he doesn’t repeat it. Clinton recovered from a disastrous 1988 Convention speech. He’s probably had enough time to recover from his dismissal of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” in his book.

The Republican voters are agoraphobic, fearful of new situations and people. It takes them a while to get used to new candidates and those who have run once and learned their lessons have great appeal. So keep your eye on Perry.

Of course, if past is prologue, then Morris’ endorsement is the worst thing to happen to Rick Perry’s presidential hopes since the word “oops.” After all, Morris isn’t just bad at predicting elections — he’s quite possibly the worst pundit in the history of political gasbaggery.

Morris’ latest prognostication seems unlikely to turn around his brutal record. While he’s certainly right that Republicans tend to pick second-time candidates as their presidential nominees, they tend to pick candidates who were serious contenders in the past. Perry — who failed to secure a single delegate in 2012, and by Morris’ own admission “showed the same lack of depth and laziness in issue preparation as Sarah Palin did in 2008” — was as far from serious as one could get. And Perry hasn’t exactly transformed himself into a policy wonk since his failed campaign; the Texas governor is essentially the same candidate, save for a new pair of glasses and a grand jury investigation hanging over his head.

Furthermore, it’s not as though Republicans have caught Perry fever over the past three years. While it’s too early to glean much predictive value from 2016 polls, literally none of them have found Perry near the top of the field.

Is it possible that Perry will bounce back from his humiliating 2012 loss and become the next Ronald Reagan? Sure. But it’s much more likely that Dick Morris is just wrong. Again.

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  • AJinNYC

    There are 3 things wrong with this article. The first one is Morris. The second one is Perry. The third one is…….???????? OOPS!

  • terry b

    I think it is pretty funny that Romney was quite often referred to as Hitler Lite and Perry is much worse. I would refer to him and Santorum as Hitler clones. Their political rants are very similar to Hitler’s on his run to become chancellor.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Dick Morris predicting Rick Perry is a shoe-in is a good cue for Ted Cruz’ wife to start measuring the White House for new curtains, because it means Ted has a hell of a lot better chance!

  • Annemb

    Another TGOP nightmare? NO WAY! We’ve had enough – and enough is enough!

  • albertdaniel

    Dick Morris , OMG must be a slow news day ….

  • dmhlt_66

    Nate Silver said something to this effect:

    Another idiot pundit with a hopeless track record who ignores empirical evidence in favor of his own lazy anecdotal evidence … and a LOT of wishful thinking.

  • Jambi

    The Key word here is “Worst”…Gov. “Good Hair” is a has-been Governor and a “Wannabe” President…

  • longtail

    Although Morris may be the worst pundit, if you believe government should be run like a business you have to admit that Perry has made more money while in office then anyone since Newt Gringrich.

  • Charvi3

    Over my dead body…will he get in…I will be meditating and praying my recipe of Psalms for four hours as usual…and he will not get in….he yells at his women employees…and thinks he is going to hurt the middle class and the poor and the needy..wrong…and he is from, Texas like someone else we all know…even, Lyndon B. Johnson, was in a Satainic Group as, Rick Perry is the IIIuminati Group which deals with the occult and witchcraft…junk…it was George Washington’s idea….but, today it is the anniversary of when it was started…but, it was under, Teddy Roosevelt on, May 1, 1776 and it controls big banks and big businesses and much more they only help the elite and the rich…no way will God let him in office of the president.

  • Stuart

    No more Texas presidents.

    • Allan Richardson

      Let them secede and there won’t be any more!

  • nana4gj

    Morris and Perry = Dumb and Dumber.

    Being Dumb is one thing. Being Dumb and willfully Mean, is another.
    Perry is Dumb and Willfully Mean. I should know. I live in Texas.

    I could just as plausibly say that because of the Hispanic population and what Perry has done re healthcare, ie, take more of it away and deny the rest, women, children, quality of life, the Hispanic vote is nothing to take for granted.

    One would never suspect all those great jobs have come to Texas, not if you live here. Worse thing to ever happen to Texas. Crooked as the day is long.

  • Ann-Marie Poli

    I have been amazed at how many of my conservative friends were either completely unaware of Dick Morris’ history, or ignored it because of the way he frothed at the mouth and curled his lip when he said, “Hillary”. He was the left’s biggest embarrassment, and it gave me great pleasure to see those people on the right hanging on that toe sucker’s every word and buying his books. Every time I saw one of his books on a friend’s coffee table, I thought, gee, if she knew the truth about this guy she’d put on a pair of rubber gloves and haul that out to the trash. Now it seems both sides have had their fill of him. Good riddance!

  • Rob_Chapman

    Dick Morris believes that without his platform as incumbent Governor of Texas, anyone will listen to Rick Perry?

    What has ol’ Dick been putting in his Diet Pepsi?