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Sunday, March 24, 2019

When Bill Clinton praised Newt Gingrich recently as the “thinking” Republican candidate, he wasn’t merely trying to plant the kiss of death on his old nemesis. No doubt the former president’s praise for the former Speaker was sincere, although he also noted that the intellectual bar in the Republican field for this cycle is extraordinarily low.

But as Gingrich surely understands, what Clinton respects is what Republican voters angrily reject: that is, a politician sufficiently thoughtful to have endorsed not only the individual health insurance mandate — as Gingrich did a few years ago — but to have promoted several other fundamental elements of the Obama health reform that he now loudly condemns. His demagogic attacks on Obamacare are bogus, of course, but the problem goes much deeper than mere hypocrisy.

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23 responses to “Is Anti-Mormon Prejudice Behind Gingrich Surge?”

  1. rayy says:

    It’s not “prejudice” if you’ve researched what Mormons believe in and have come to the conclusion that it is a strange cult.

  2. LouisTrujillo says:

    This guy has to voted as the winner of the No.1 Political Hypocrite of the year. Ask him to explain how he qualified and how he earned a million plus during the foreclosure period of the housing market as a consultant. If he can fool Uncle Sam then and now wants us to believe he can qualify to become president of the United States? Shame on him. The Unemployed could use that million.

  3. BC Texafornian says:

    Since several of the GOP 2012 Presidential Candidates made claims of having experiences of receiving Divine Guidance as their reason for running for the highest office in the nation…and have faltered badly.
    Perhaps, a more effective source of Divine Power, imposed a “Zaul of Tarsus” kind of transformation unto Gingrich, causing a major “Paradigm Shift of an Imperfect Man.
    Certainly, Gingrich is gifted with the “Lazarus Affect” as he has been revived from dead situations on other occasions.

  4. JohnJones says:

    Any serious student of nascent Christianity would know that for a couple of hundred years following the death of Jesus (while there was no organized form which later became known as Christianity) the movement was considered to be “a strange cult”. The labels of strange or not strange only apply given ever-changing norms. I’m neither in favor or not in favor of Romney (I think they are all hypocrites) but the issue of cult stands as a fundamental contradiction to the teachings of Jesus about the unconditional love of God.

  5. terango.lf says:

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution;*** but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification*** to any office or public trust under the United States.
    Yet here we are, however, it is my understanding that 4 of our first 13 Presidents were Diest/Universalist in their beliefs. They never would have been elected in this age.

  6. Totenkatz says:

    “The most plausible explanation is prejudice against Romney’s faith – an ironic reprise of the Republican Party’s historic exploitation of racial, religious and ethnic fears for political gain.” WOW look at the pot calling the kettle black, shame on you. I guess the Dems supporting Obama shows their historic support of clueless and inexperience candidates who become unelectable presidents. Jimmy Carter come to mind.

  7. Dimba says:

    For over half-a-century, I have been trying to figure out Conservatives. I have considered political conservatives, fiscal conservatives and social conservatives. At long last, they appear to have only one common characteristic – a fear of change…except where change profits them.
    In fact, I believe you can fairly substitute the word “exploiter” for conservative. They have a history of taking aggressive and unprincipled action against individuals and groups that they declare to be threats to their status. They are already supreme, so that could be anybody at any given time.
    Romney, like other Republicans, is searching for ways to convince them that, as president, he will not allow subordinate groups or individuals to challenge the status quo through the democratic process. They have no other interest.
    The status quo has not historically been Mormon or principled. Their stance on so called “moral” issues like abortion and marriage form a broad social facade. They like to impose their morality on other groups of the Public, but they don’t intend that they themselves shall be privately limited by any constraints.
    They have not yet seen a Mormon politician who can set aside his ethics to uphold their interests as “special.” So, Romney has the additional burden of assuring them that his Mormon faith and ethics will not interfere with guardianship of their status.

  8. Dianrib says:

    Cons do not like Mitt so that helps Newt. IN spite of Newt’s affairs,lies, flip flops low ethics. Pathetic that GOP has not find even one winning candidate to beat Obama. Bravo

  9. jgaska531 says:

    hat has happened to the Republican Party? The same party that tryed to crucify Clinton when he was in office want to push for one of their own with seemingly similar habits? Why doesn’t someone from either party debate the real issues, instead of attacking each others dignity?

  10. Lasbrey says:

    The Republicans direly need the 9-9-9 publicity stunt of Cain without the sexual misadventures of Herman. The GOP longs for the creative adaptations of Romney without the prevarications of Mitt. What to do? Go for a super lobbyist that earns $1.8 million from toxic mortgages. Best bet is the shrewd negotiator Newt without the expensive jewels of Gingrich. Perhaps it is better to think of crossing the bridge when you get there. At Iowa, try the hackneyed Obama-one-term-Presidency refrain of Michelle without the shallow foreign policy perception of Bachmann. That leaves out the best pair Perry Huntsman. Who is this? If in doubt throw in the THRUMP card – John Paul. He is GOP’s fittest to challenge Obama in this comic show.

  11. dawnowens says:

    Why don’t we elect the person we think has the best First Lady/Husband candidate?

    Choose between ‘Pray Away the Gay’ Marcus, who would be certain to bring good dancing skills to the important White House parties, or there’s both Mitt and Jon’s preternaturally perfect looking Mormon wives, or maybe you’d prefer Herman’s stay-at-home wife Gloria… then there’s the multiple hairdresser employing, perfectly coiffed Mrs. Gingrich, a twin sister to the ‘almost made it’ Mrs. John McCain. Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way, and it’s not about the candidates, but who they bring to the White House with them. After all, 4 years is a long time. We may get sick after a day or two of the new President, and want some good comedic material available in their family…

  12. Shaun Costello says:


  13. rustacus21 says:

    …since Conservative bigotry is their core hypocracy! Never mind seperation of church & state issues, what is happening here is pathological. Hate, at every turn, is their “un-American” way of being…

  14. Grady says:

    I am Republican, though not Mormon. I have known Romney is Mormon and do not care. I have grown up around the LDS religion. What is there about Mormonism that would make me worry or object to his becoming president. He seems decent (The jury is still out for me on his policies but nothing shocking there by any means). The characterization of Republicans at large as racist or prejudiced in regard to religion is both incorrect and a very low tactic. The move by Republican voters to someone with solid Washington establishment connections (See Bill Clinton’s gushing endorsement) like Gingrich, for better or worse, is only to be expected following media representation of all of the other candidates as inexperienced yokels (OK Perry’s OOPS didn’t help I grant you), fanatics and sexual predators (interesting the sexual abuse allegations only come up about Cain when he got ahead of the pack. Sort of like it was with Clarence Thomas. Guilt or innocence aside for the moment, how cynical does one have to be not to feel a little odd to see “that” particular media lightning strike in the same place twice – only when a conservative black man demonstrates he had a chance of winning – forgive me for thinking the timing leaves a great deal to be desired – come on, how long has he been running now and this only just now comes up? Is it OK for a sexual predator to run the restaurant association but not OK to be president? explain that one to me. Assuming for the moment, as propriety and justice require, that he is still innocent until proven guilty, and I would be quite angry if I learned the allegations were true and would at that time agree he is unsuitable for the office-, it would not be the first time that a candidate, right or left, was destroyed this way and our choice subverted and not always honestly; were Cain to have become the Republican candidate or a major contender for the nomination, granting him for the moment his much battered presumption of innocence, how much good would that have done to the heretofore racially dysfunctional right and to racial politics in America generally – no wonder conservative black men are reluctant to run for office. All I can say is he’d better have done what he is accused of or else something very very evil has been perpetrated by people that really should know better (I mean, come on, pick a Kennedy brother), and even if Cain were guilty, the exploitation of alleged sexual abuse, not for the honest reason that these women were hurt, but solely to destroy a rising political figure, is low -it was low when it was done to Clinton and Thomas and it is low now. No wonder we turn to Gingrich – his skeletons have long been out of the closet. What more can you do to him really?) And the not entirely seemly smug look still on your faces about Cain, now you have a go at the Republicans over our supposed hatred of Mormonism? Sorry, now that is an outright fabrication. I do not know or care what Pat Robertson or a few select others may think. Mormons are patriotic in a suitably modest and responsible way and in my experience at the same time are unexpectedly open minded in the modern era about inclusiveness. I have seen young LDS men on missions to bring people into the church all over the non-white world. And you need to know “we” know this muckraking is unseemly and dishonest. In my opinion with this editorial piece you have willingly forced your editorial standards down to the lowest levels ever exhibited by the American extreme right and if possible, sent them lower. Shame.

  15. gary13136 says:

    I’m certain that Romney’s Mormonism is the reason that so many seem to favor Gingrich. Just as race is the reason so many appear to be against Obama.

    But what really concerns me is that Americans don’t know or don’t seem to care that they have been lied to by politicians since the founding of our republic. And in this generation where information is more and more available, we still cling to the hope that someone is telling the truth. As Jefferson supposedly said: “Do not trust politicians. Rather, wrap them in the chains of the Constitution.” However, it may be too late. The judicial branch of the government is probably as corrupt as the legislative branch.

  16. ayayaboy says:

    Think about it. Are you excusing Romney about all that Mormons do to under age girls? Are you excusing Romney about all the ongoing sexual torture going on in his mormon church? Romney was even a minister in Mormon church? Who wants to see Romney become president having his faith and belief together with Warren Jeff? Remember Obama was an ordinarily attending Wright’s church and he went through the scrutinny that we all saw. Who says Romney worshipping with Warren Jeff is ok betrays the innocent children forced into early marriages. As Jeremiah Wright’s tapes surfaced so Warren Jeff’s tapes would surface in 2012 if Romney is candidate. Romney changes posiitions twelve times a day … that’s awful. Romney must talk about his faith because America is founded on God. As a christian, Romney is not comfortable talking about his faith which is important to Americans. How do you want associates of warren Jeff to subdue innocent underage girls the more? What will you say if Romney was a muslim? Would you give him the same support? Let’s call a spade a spade. Romney has quite a lot to hide. Trust me, Democrats have lots of Romney’s hidden stuff. Romney surrounded himself with Democrats in New England. Democrats have his blue print. Marco Rubio has already shown his back to Romney because Hispanics are already angry with Romney. Will Romney change again. I know he changes like chamelion. Too bad Romney is for the Rich; he has never tasted ordinary person’s difficulties. Son of a governor; born into billions; only fired people from work but was never exposed to poor people experiences; he backs only millionaires and billionaires like himself.

  17. noreasterbybirth says:

    I just want to make sure I got this working hypothesis proposed by Mr. Conason correct.
    First, Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich are so alike in every way: ideas, policies, platforms, past political records, speech, mannerisms, looks, backgrounds, etc.
    Second, if the first hypothesis is true (?) then it holds that the only difference that separates the 2 candidates are their religious beliefs.
    Third, therefore, by virtue of the first 2 hypotheses the only conclusion that can be drawn is that anyone who votes for Gingrich must be voting against Mormonism!
    I get it! You’re off your rocker!
    And they call conservatives shallow, narrow-minded and bigoted! Welcome to the conservative movement Mr. Conason.

  18. ed Clemensen says:

    While the evangelical right, (which according to them) is always right, does not like Romney. If they are playing the religion game,they should take into account, that if the Mormons believe that Romney is voted against for that reason, they, the Mormons will vote against the Republicans in the General.

  19. imquiltercb says:

    I have read about this religion that uses underage children in its businesses and not only forces young girls into marriages with old men, they take the young men and drop them off in the streets – untrained, uneducated, with no resources. The “official” church distances themselves from the practie but have done nothing to stop it. This alone is a reason to shun Mormans. However, Romeny is a less desireable candidate (as is the Newt) because of his ties to big buiness and his willingness to support the status quo to the detriment of the most of the citizems of this country.

  20. noreasterbybirth says:

    Yes. All of you writing comments on this column are ridiculous. None of you understand the fact that this article is ludicrous from the start. That it’s premise is not only erroneous, but inane. Instead of realizing that the article is talking about the bigotry of the right by comparing Newt and Mitt and making the argument that they are alike in every way except their religious beliefs, you all ignore that fact and write on and on about Mormonism and it’s pro’s and con’s. Wake up and really read the drivel you are being spoon fed!!!

  21. godbdian says:

    I do agree this article is ludicrous and there is strong bigotry against Mitt,which is unfair.

  22. peacemandude says:

    It is clear that the anti-Mormon element in our Country is hurting all of us. They disregard candidates based on prejudice. The excuses vary little. Still, regardless of alleged flip-flops, alleged dishonesty, etc. Most turn a blind eye at the other two options: Obama and Newt. Obama flip-flops on little things like the legality of him declaring war, etc (see U-Turn President, there’s a big list) yet his supporters still call Mitt the flipper. Newt flips on small things like being a liberal (not just representing them), marriage etc, and he dishonestly received lots of our money as noted above (mac, as “historian”) etc.

    in Mitt’s case, his Church teaches that the Constitution is inspired, and that leaders are not to dictate rules and laws against the will of the People. As Gov of Massachusetts he was elected to represent the people there and he did a good job of that. If he simply went with what his Church teaches on abortion etc he would be suspect. What he has done though, is represent. America is not a monarchy or a dictatorship; it is government by the people. I think he has shown backbone in representing people that disagreed with him on certain topics.

    The big question is, why all the hate? The answer can be seen everywhere. There are hateful people encouraging hatred by intentionally posting misinformation. these people are not honest and if you really want to know about LDS try reading the Bible, Book of Mormon, or go to LDS org. If there is anti-Mormon propaganda posted here, do a search on FAIR lds for any questions you might have about false allegations against LDS. Luv ya’ll, but I don’t think it’s right for people to stir up hate against religious minorities, it reminds me of the early 1900s in Europe etc.

    Now, as far as Mitt: America is in a dire situation and everyone wants to post their reasons for disliking Mitt. Those who don’t like his Church should not join it, but we should not let America fall due to petty prejudices against Mormons. I’m a factory worker, in one of America’s few surviving manufacturing industries (food). The company I work for has 20,000 employees. They have been bankrupted by greed. Our leading competitor was just bought out by a Mexican company that is now the largest and most successful in the world. They pay their employees more, and CEO’s less. Many people will probably lose their jobs under the next president, due to issues created right now. The numerous vice presidents, managers, etc in the Company I work for are presently taking bonuses etc from the pension funds and paychecks of the people who make the food you eat. If you think this will not affect you, think again¦the jobs lost due to their poor management, the price increases etc will. I have always been supportive of Obama, but he has done nothing about this. I can only hope that Mitt will. HE is a great man, has taken nothing from us (Newt reportedly got 1.5 million of our dollars from Fannie, for services as a “historian”), he doesn’t hate behind the scenes (Perry reportedly asked pastors to spread the Mitt’s religion is a cult rumors, the Cain scandals etc). Again, please don’t let hatred destroy our Country.

  23. Julia says:

    “Permalink Submitted by ayayaboy on Thu, 12/01/2011 – 4:06pm”
    “Think about it. Are you excusing Romney about all that Mormons do to under age girls? Are you excusing Romney about all the ongoing sexual torture going on in his mormon church? Romney was even a minister in Mormon church? Who wants to see Romney become president having his faith and belief together with Warren Jeff? Remember Obama was an ordinarily attending Wright’s church and he went through the scrutinny that we all saw. Who says Romney worshipping with Warren Jeff is ok betrays the innocent children forced into early marriages.”

    Are you SERIOUS that this is what you think? Where did you get such an outright false story??? You are ABSOLUTELY WRONG that Romney has anything to do with Warren Jeffs. Warren Jeffs is in a completely DIFFERENT church all together! Do you not listen to the facts that Jeffs and his community of people are NOT members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? They are NOT a part of the Church whatsoever! This is exactly the type of CRAZY rumors that are so far from the truth it is absolutely hilarious, yet disgustingly SICKENING, to think people could be so naive.

    PLEASE, God in Heaven, will you please stop people from spreading these outrageous lies. These people bear false witness and claim to KNOW what we do and believe without EVER trying to find out if what they have heard is actually true.

    Are pastors and preachers actually telling their congregations these lies? Are they that afraid of the truth? Will they lose their livelihood if their church-goers know that Latter Day Saints (that is the OFFICIAL NAME … see are not actually the mongrels and heathens they want them to believe they are?

    We don’t even allow our daughters to DATE until age 16, for one thing. Sexual misconduct and/or infidelity in marriage is reprimanded by being disfellowshiped or by excommunication by church leaders. We have millions of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (approx 13 million) all over the world. Warren Jeff’s church has a few hundred. Don’t clump them with us. We think they are misguided, extreme and immoral in what they have done in their community and Warren Jeffs is a criminal.

    Mitt Romney is an honorable family man, married to one wife for over 42 years. They have 5 sons who are each married to one wife… that means Mitt and Ann have 5 daughter-in-laws, and they have 16 grandchildren.

    Conservatives need to check their facts and their sources. We need to UNITE and defeat Obama.

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