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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Mitt Romney is a very wealthy man with a proven capacity for avoiding taxes – but can he do simple arithmetic?

In the wake of the Democratic convention, the Republican candidate again promised to “cut the deficit and get us back on track to a balanced budget.” He even hinted that his own party bears some responsibility for ballooning federal deficits and debt. “We’re going to finally have to do something that Republicans have spoken about for a long time and for a while we didn’t do it. When we had the lead, we let people down,” he said the other day, presumably referring to the last Republican president, whose name must never be mentioned, and the Congressional leadership during that administration.

And “for a while” presumably refers to the past 30 years or so.

Romney also says that he watched none of the speeches at the Democratic convention. He obviously missed the one that might have helped him figure out exactly what his party has been doing wrong. “I hear Bill Clinton spoke for like, 50 minutes?” he snarked at a public appearance on Friday. Yes, the former president spoke for just over 49 minutes – and he articulated a message that could enlighten Romney. Clinton’s lesson might be titled “Arithmetic for Billionaires.” He could start with an accurate assessment of the origins of the national debt level currently carried by the U.S. Treasury. As Clinton noted, the federal debt roughly quadrupled during the 12 years of the Reagan-Bush administration, from just under a trillion dollars to four trillion.

When Clinton became president, that debt was rising rapidly with annual deficits of $400 billion. His first budget raised taxes, almost entirely on the wealthiest taxpayers, by restoring a top bracket of 39.5 percent. Not a single Republican in Congress voted for that 1993 budget, with many of them predicting that raising taxes on the rich would result in economic catastrophe. They were wrong, of course.

The economy boomed, incomes rose at every level, millions began to climb out of poverty, and the rich became richer too (although many of them never forgave Clinton for demanding that they pay up for the festivities of the Reagan era). Clinton booked four balanced budgets and began to pay down the national debt. The debt would have been paid down entirely, preparing the nation far better for the crash that we ultimately faced, had that unnamed Republican not succeeded Clinton with reckless tax cuts and extremely expensive wars.

By the time President Nameless left office, the nation was deeply in debt and on the brink of a catastrophe that wasn’t merely rhetorical. Now along comes Romney, with his sidekick Paul Ryan, telling voters that they will cut the deficit and balance the budget. Yet as Clinton noted, they propose still another round of tax cuts for the wealthiest households – including their own and those of their most generous supporters – that would cost the Treasury at least $5 trillion. And they insist on increasing the defense budget by hundreds of billions, too.

What Clinton asked is how the Republican nominees propose to pay for those lavish favors to themselves and their friends. Doing the arithmetic himself, he came up with three possible answers: They will raise taxes on the middle class by taking away mortgage, charitable and other deductions, so that billionaires can have another tax break. They will cut federal spending so deeply that infrastructure, education, science, technology, and health care will be ruined for the future. Or they will do nothing, and explode the debt, just as their predecessors have done repeatedly over the past three decades.

Whether in  their own 40-minute addresses to their party convention or elsewhere, neither Romney nor Ryan has offered a plausible solution to Clinton’s arithmetic problem. They talk about spending cuts and tax reform, but without any specifics.  The footnote to their budget claim says only, as Clinton put it: “See me about that after the election.” Clearly the Republicans intend to push off difficult questions about their budgeting, just as Romney intends to push through without releasing his tax returns. But those evasions may prove very difficult to sustain through the four upcoming debates.

Sometime before November 6, someone will ask Romney and Ryan to do the arithmetic.

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209 Responses to Arithmetic For Billionaires: Romney Is Rich, But Can He Add?

  1. hmm 2% against 98% hmm….im going to double down on obama!!! get a life that money cant buy and then u will know what it means to think outside the box. he can only subtract

  2. One of the most pervasive contributions made by the Tea Party involves the transformation of the Republican party into an organization intent on destroying our core values, institutions, and way of life by taking an approach to problem solving that would severely impact our economy and condemn large segments of our population to a life of hopeless poverty. Once upon a time, the main difference between the two parties was not the end result, or our values, but a difference of opinions on how to achieve a common goal. Today, thanks to Tea Party extremism, we have a nation divided, angry, desperately searching for answers, and unsure of what our ideological core values and goals are. Alas, after all the distortions, hyperbole, demonization, stereotyping and outright lies, many of us are having trouble differentiating reality from a chimera, right from wrong, and virtues from evil.
    The Tea Party movement has evolved from one focused on the need for spending reductions to end deficit spending and reduce our national debt, to an organization determined to change our entire socio-economic structure. They have moved from being a voice calling for fiscal restraint to an organization that demands the imposition of their economic and moral values and insinuates violence if a plurality of Americans do not embrace their dictum. Most of us shake our heads and wonder why anyone would listen and embrace the policies or precepts advocated by what is now a very radical popular movement, ignoring that there is increasing evidence that their calls for violence are not falling on deaf ears. People and organizations already inclined to reject the concept of government and law and order, in favor of anarchy, have already demonstrated with deeds that the messages we regard as preposterous and ignore with the same ambivalence that allowed tyrants to carry out some of the worst tragedies in human history may not be producing the same results in the land we think of as a bastion of freedom and democracy. Most of the tragedies we have experienced in recent years were the work of mentally unstable individuals, but it would not surprise me if what triggered their decision includes pictures of political candidates with cross hairs superimposed on them, insinuations of civil unrest and even civil war if the person they hate is re-elected, and a sense of entitlement influenced by ideological extremism, intolerance, greed and overt hatred.
    While a debate on the need to balance the Federal government budget and reduce the national debt is not only necessary, but desperately needed, our reluctance to discuss our differences of opinions in a civil and pragmatic way often becomes the greatest obstacle to progress. Relatives, neighbors, friends now look at each other with suspicion, the young don’t trust or respect their elders, students don’t respect their teachers, some men seem determined to reduce the role of women in society to procreation and baking cookies, minorities often become targets of vicious attacks, and citizens who not too long ago took pride in our governmental institutions, our social fabric and the incredible achievements we have accomplished as a nation, are now rejecting everything we have held dear in favor of an unspecified socio-political structure that ranges, conceptually, from totalitarianism to anarchy. Intelligent and experienced politicians from both sides of the aisle have been replaced with partisans or zealots who believe listening to the opinions of others, compromise, and governing by consensus are signs of weakness that must be rejected. Senate candidate Mourdock confirmed the latter a couple of weeks ago when he asserted that the only compromise acceptable to him involves Democrats embracing the GOP agenda. The fact that people like him, and extremists such as Akin, Allen, Tom Smith, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, to name a few, are either ahead or remain competitive in their respective races suggest a level of ignorance and indoctrination the likes of which has not been seen since the days of the Third Reich, and augur further disenfranchisement of segments of our society and the deterioration of a severely impaired political process.
    Everybody’s opinion deserve respect and consideration inasmuch as none of us have an exclusive on wisdom and the best solutions are those reached by consensus, but I confess that I find it difficult to remain objective when the solutions involve helping those who do not need help, pursuing an economic theory that has proven to be ineffective and downright dangerous, refusing to consider the need to raise the tax rates of our highest earners to help reduce our budget deficits, and proposing tax reductions that if implemented as written would destroy our government institutions, the middle class, our way of life and, by default, our economy. Mr. Romney’s proposed tax plan involves more tax breaks to our highest earners, and the elimination of tax deductions that benefit mostly the middle class to offset the revenue losses derived from a notion that the road to progress is limited to helping the wealthy get richer. The last thing we need is an austerity program that targets, almost exclusively, the middle class, the poor, the elderly and low income college students.
    The Tea Party refers to the Democrats’ commitment to raise revenues to reduce budget deficits, preserve and strengthen our safety net, educate our children, and honor our veterans as liberal follies, examples of evil socialism, and an agenda that must be destroyed, even if doing so hinders economic growth and lowering unemployment. In my humble opinion, our agenda is focused on guaranteeing the well being of ALL Americans, ensuring the elderly get the services they need without the indignity of depending on alms or becoming a burden to family members, giving the young the education and opportunities they need to succeed, building the infrastructure needed to compete effectively in the very challenging world we live in, and embracing the teachings of a man who, if he joined us today, would be called a naive socialist – or worse – by the Tea Party: Jesus Christ.

    • Dominick: You truly have a way with words and are very eloquentn, not to mention loaded with common sense. The people who represent us in Congress would be better persons if they could read and heed your words. Thank you. Do you have your own blog?

      • NUTS to u too. If this bozo was in Congress we’d really be in deep doo doo, and can u imagine someone who talks MORE that Bubba, aka, Billy boy the BLUE dress stained president!

        • Yeah Bill lied about sex but Bush LIED about WMDs and used it to get us into an unnecessary war that cost LIVES . I guess to SIMPLETONS like you THAT is Equivalent

          • Bush lied about an extra marital affair, Bush lied about the threat of WMDs, and Romney is still looking for his tax returns and waiting for his tax accountant to tell him where all his overseas accounts and investments are.

          • You Know They Found Love Letter In April InThe White House From Bush To Connie Rice SOS!! LOL Guess He Wanted To Sample The Races!!LOL That May Be Another Reason They Didn’t Let Bush Come To The RNC!!!LOL I Never Heard Of No Former President Not Being At Their Party Convention!!! Guess That’s The New American Taliban Way!!!

        • Clinton lied – nobody died
          Bushie/Cheney lied – and thousands died.
          Dress can be washed and used or discarded, lives lost can not be resurected.
          Great logic. I guess you have nothing to defend, you start the name calling – typical Republican.
          You don’t have to win every argument. Just accept that you are not in agreement and that you can agree to disagree. No name calling.
          I will rephrase a qoute. “” All it takes for evil (Republicans) to prevail is for the good men (Mod.Rep.Dem,Indp.Lib) to do nothing”
          Facts can not be denied.
          The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has it’s limits”
          A. Einstein. Romney have no limits – he said he did not watch the Convention then later he commented on it, Hmm it’s like writing an opinion on a movie you did not see, quoting bible verses you never read the Bible. What wrong with this picture???? WIthe them man??? With You????

        • You just get worse and worse. “someone who talks MORE( that ?) Bubba, aka Billy boy”?

          Ah, masterful command of our language -WOW!

          You are definitely Tea Party “Patsie” . Do you need a definition of “Patsie”?

    • The GOP/Tea Party = The American Taliban, Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight , Lying And Hating Is What They Do, Fear Mongering And Terrorizing The American People Is How They Roll!!! 🙁 They Are Just A Bunch Of Racist , Selfish Low Life Money Grubbing, Lying Ass, Knuckle Dragging, Traitors To Their Own Country And Their Own People!! A Group Of Wealthy Liars And Thugs Who Only Agenda Is Control, Power And Money!! They Don’t Give A Damn About American Nor The American People Just Themselves And Their Wealthy 2% Handler The Koch Brothers!!!

        • It might behoove you to read the article and make a fact based criticism . You remind me of those idiot Tea party types who wanted the government to keep its hands off THEIR Medicare . Medicare is an example of the idea of single payer Health Care . Those on it LOVE it .

          One thing the article did was REMIND everyone that for their TALK of balancing the Budget NO Republican President in recent memory has done it . It was Clinton who did it and he was so successful that Greenspan was worried that we were paying down the Debt too FAST.
          Republicans claim it was because Bill embraced their Contract for America and that is yet another LIE . The article pointed out that the
          Clinton Tax Plan got NO Republican votes . If memory serves me it was a 50 /50 tie in the Senate with VP Gore casting the tie Breaking vote . There WAS a time when the Senate did Filibuster everything
          unlike today .

        • If you mean this blog must be OWNED by the commie party you are still wrong. Communists do not believe in ownership; it is the defining characteristic.
          This explains to me why so many think that our President is a Socialist– they do not know what the word means!

          • Joan, bear in mind that most of the insults voiced routinely by Tea Party enthusiasts are not based on facts or even logic. In most cases, they simply repeat whatever they hear from Rush Limback, Glenn Beck and others without a clear understanding of what they are saying. If they understood the meaning of their words and the long term consequences of what they support, they would switch parties.

          • I don’t think that they would change parties. They are a bunch of crazy Christian right wingers and Southern rednecks who don’t think much about anything, especially changing their views.

            Their motto seems to be “Don’t confuse me with facts.”

          • I just had a very well educated man tell me last night that if Obama gets back in that businesses will go down the tube, he is a SOCIALIST, that any Catholic who believes in CHOICE shouldn’t be a Catholic and all Obama wants is for people to be on Welfare. I cannot believe the ignorance of supposedly well educated people!!

          • Pragmatim and objectivity are the last things in the minds of most Tea Party members. Like Mitch McConnell said, the most important thing for Republicans is to make Barack Obama a one term President. It does not matter if he turns things around and we all enjoy unprecedented prosperity, that is irrelevant, the goal is to remove a man they consider an usurper from the Oval Office.

          • Your “very well educated man” sounds like a dogmatic individual who believes everything that he hears from a pulpit.

            He may be a “very well educated man,” but he’s not a very smart man. There’s a difference between education and intelligence.

        • “This blog must be OWNER by the commie party”?

          My My your command of the English language and you masterful articulation is “amazing”.

          The tone, the content and the rhetoric readily exposes you as a mindless miscreant Tea Party advocate.

          Give us more dialogue than a nonsense fragmented one line piece of bull or give us nothing at all..

        • Carsus, your writing shows you are uneducated, which makes you a part of the problem. Socialism and Communism are not the same thing but trying to explain that to the uneducated is futile. You have made your post so go collect your fee from the Republican national Committee.

        • Your obsession with “commies” and your poor English make me wonder if you are an out of work commissar nostalgic of the good old days when you served Stalin, Brehznev, Krushev and the rest of the gang.

        • Carsrus:

          Did you ever attend any kind of school in the United States? Your command of grammar is pathetic. I hope that you’re a foreigner. At least you’d have the excuse that Englash is not your native language.

      • Woow! Yes,Yes! I couldn’t have said it better my self. Your statement here is honest and completely true! I just pray that all voters eyes in this country were open as yours are! You are a true patriot! And for the record, I’m a 20 year US Army honorably retired vet.

        • Notice, Romney calls the ” military” not important! He and his ilk, would rather consider our heroes who fight in wars to make him and his ilk rich as impersonal. He does not see people like your self as people. DO YOU REALLY THINK HE CARES FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE FIGHTING THESE WARS? Veterans should think many times before they vote for people who put profit over people.

          • And you can bet GOP strategists are working overtime trying to figure out how give the illussion that Mitt, Paul, the Koch brothers and others like them do care for those willing to put their lives on the line to defend our freedom, our way of life, and our ability to prosper after leaving no doubt that they take the sacrifices our troops and their families make for granted. I don’t know what Mary Matalin and the rest of them will come up with, but they already showed how they feel, and trying to make up for it with smoke and mirrors is not going to cut it.

        • Thank you for your service to our country… brother, I say brother as I was 4 years active duty USMC. Spread the word Obama honors the troops, Romney says he would “Retain a strong military and that is pretty much the same thing.” To me …military=institution …. troops=people.

      • I can’t understand why we are defending women in Afghanistan from Taliban excesses, when we have the American Taliban waging a war on American women. What with the vaginal probes, mandatory abolishing of abortion, with no exceptions in cases of rape and incest and a variety of bills demanding the definition of rape etc. The Taliban ought to file suit against the TeaParty/dominated Republican party for infringement on their ideals!

        • It’s called ‘multi-tasking’ & Women are EXPERT at it!!! We Men are the one’s having problems w/such a seemingly simple cerebral function. Irrational, fundamentalist, tribally-oriented, superstitious men, I should say, are having problems w/such cognitive abilities – like both the Afghan & American (conservative) taliban males that is… It’s doable, but the war that should have never been is the nitemare reality of which we’re trapped & now, here comes Romney, trying to dress-up the same policies that very nearly destroyed the world (YES – the WHOLE WORLD’S) economy, but can’t, for the strangest circumstances, xplain how it’s suppose to work better this time around, or better than it did from 1981-1992. I am STILL going to continue to defer to President Clinton & President Obama on the hows & why’s Keynesian economics is still far superior (tho not yet relatively employed since 1933-1969) to supply-side madness, that is a wonderful theory, but unworkable in real-world economic realities. After this many tries & busts, U would think WE, THE PEOPLE would have learned to count now as well…

      • Well, at least you learned how to spell “blather” today. Other than that, the same vacuous commentary from the same weak mental capacity.

      • “Blah blah blah and more blah GO? do some charity work instead of this blather”.

        Blather – now that is something you have mastered – you are the best when it comes to blather.

        This reply from you is exemplary in that it reveals your inability to understand factual dialogue and formulate a logical and factual response.

      • Carsus, do you get paid by the message or by the ignorance you write?
        Maybe you get paid double for volume and ignorance.

    • I agree with you 100%. Republicans on here is blind and can’t see in front of their faces. They hate Obama period. They are blind sided of what Romney and the tea party have put forth. Which is nothing. Only go back to the previous administration and create more of the mess as it is now. That is why I won’t vote for tea party and Republican as adopted a saying, “Our Way or No Way.”

    • I always enjoy your blogs. By the way, Jeb Bush himself said that you cannot pay down the debt by cutting spending alone. You must have increased revenue. Too bad we didn’t have him instead of George, if we had to have a Rep. at all.

        • Wait a minute. I’m a Texan and we have some good Democratic polititians in Texas. We have one running for Hutchinsons seat now. I really hope he wins. If only because KBH said that Texas would never elect a democrat for her seat.

    • OK

      A bit wordy, but very on the mark. The American Taliban Republicans just don’t get the fact that ordinary citizens only want a safe, even keeled, non-partisan environment to exist comfortably without the fear of worldly involvement, financial collapse, or the rich taking advantage repeatedly.

    • Well placed and well said!! Now lets go to the polls on November 6,2012 and show them(Republicans) that we will not be terrorized and hell captive by their controlling agenda,power hungry, racist and money grubbing agenda!!

    • Dominick, once again you have eloquently expressed what most Americans believe. We were once a great nation because democrats and republicans worked together for the good of the country. Now the republican party has been taken over by a bunch of tea party religious zealots determined to force their beliefs on the rest of us and have a ruling class. They believe if the wealthy get wealthier it will trickle down to the rest of us which has been shown time after time under republican administrations that it doesn’t happen. Instead of hiring and jump starting the economy big corporations are sitting on over a billion dollars of profits until after the election. They know if Romney and Ryan win they will be able to ship more jobs overseas while avoiding taxes on their profits. They know if they start hiring now the unemployment figures will come down thus showing that the President’s policies are working. If anyone is to blame for high unemployment it is the corporations that could hire now and don’t.

    • So articulate and well said. Thank you for writing such an insightful, truthful assessment without name calling, lies or exaggeration!

    • Good remarks and thoughts. I second what you say and add that the Tea Party members are punch of ignorant and opportunistic hypocrites, who do not know what they are talking about.

      I would recommend that they do not serve in a Gov. they do not want. I suggest that they should start by firing their mayors, councilmen, congressmen, senators, they would not need them. Perhaps they will dissolve the armed forces and used their ever mentioned militia. They will not need police, judges and courtrooms, they could settle their dispute at gun point.

      They need no teachers to teach their children that dinasaurs existed and evolution ever happened, and that slavary did exist and the civil war was won by the Union and the Constitution was never perfect.
      God bless the US for tolerating these idiots.

    • Thank You – This says it all !! This only enforces the fact that we need to spread the word about Republicans to Republicans and the Independent Voters. I’ve noticed that a lot of Republicans don’t know what the issues and debates are about. They are only voting for a Republican for the simple fact that he’s a Republican. They don’t realize the damage that this party would inflict on ALL Americans and Our Country. It’s really very sad. We need to ban together, talk to as many people as we can and explain the true outcome to us all, if these two take office.

    • Spoken like a true Democrat Socialist. If you want to talk taxes, check into the Obamacare plan and see what increases are going to be made on January 31 to support this plan. U.S. is on its way to full-blown bankruptcy, its not far from it now. Check the Lombardi figures. I can see by your ending that you are taking our Lord’s name in vain… yep, a true democrat.

    • You’re right. When I registered to vote many years ago, I chose to register Republican, because it was the conservative choice.

      But, the Republican Party is no longer conservative. It is redical right wing. It’s populated by groups like the Christian Right and the Tea Party, both of which bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the Nazis.

      We have a situation reminiscent of the country in the mid nineteenth century, when the Whigs stopped being a viable alternative to the Democrats. The solution was the formation of the anti-slavery Republican Party in 1854. Today, we need a viable alternative to the Republican Party, which has been captured by its lunatic fringe.

    • We have a divided country thanks to Obama who has brought racism to the fore front as a core value of his party couple with class warfare. His socialist idea;s mirrors his idol Hitler who used the same techniques in his run up to total power

  3. Luckily for the GOP, many of the Faithful do not think about just how the GOP will actually make their proposals work, just that Mitt Romney is a very rich man, so therefore, he is a job creator, and by voting for him, some of that wealth will somehow miraculously rub off on them.

    For many of the Faithful, any attempts to engage them in discussion results in name calling and personal attacks, as they appear mesmerized by GOP smoke and mirror machine which seems to disable their thought process with pure distortions of fact and failed economic trickle down theories.

  4. Ryan will and can do the Math ………and his will be accurate……….not FUZZY Math!!!!!!!!
    When Obama releases his collage, Pastport and theises only then should Romney show his Tax returns……after all obama wants fairness (BULL) then his records for Romney’s !!!Fair is Fair.
    Obamas’ slogan FORWARD then WHY are we hearing about the clinton area…….Please do not forget it was Newt Gingwish and the republican congress that made Clinton look good. Clinton went to the MIDDLE and Obama is so far LEFT he is hanging by a tiny knot. Romney BUILT his richness so he will be able to get the USA back on the right Track.

      • I am just a 75 year old but well informed BLACK woman who finally took off my ROSE COLORED GLASSES and saw the truth. Will not make the mistake I made last time.

    • Say what you want, I lived through Clinton and I lived through Bush! The only president who balanced the budget and realized a surplus was Clinton. He raised taxes on the rich and many jobs were created. Bush gave the rich tax breaks and before obama took office we were losing over 7oo,ooo jobs A MONTH! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that tax breaks for the rich, DON’T CREATE JOBS! BTW that is Romney’s proposed solution! Doesn’t this guy ever learn anything from the past? Answer me! What is the difference between the economic policies of Romney and those of George Bush? I can’t find any! As President of the USA I don’t want a business man who is focused on profit and fires at will! Governments don’t run that way! They are not in it for PROFIT, they are in it to serve their citizens, not just the rich!

      • CLINTON only Balanced the budget BECAUSE he went to the Middle and he had a R congress .newt Gingwich was the brains behind that. Bush was not the best but he only doubled the DEBT in EIGHT years BUT obama has Tripled it in less than 4 years. By the way has a poor/middle class person ever given anyone a good paying JOB. So tax the RICH more it will pay for maybe a day of the debt …..then what. Who is going to produce the Jobs if not the people who can afford to invest in the future? I respect your opinion at least you can respect others opinions. I am a 75 year old well informed BLACK woman. I will not make the same mistake I made last time. Take off your ROSE COLORED GLASSES and see the truth !!!!!!!!!

        • Nellylou, I doubt you are black or 75 because most black elderly people I know have far more sense than you seem to have.

          • Thanks for the complement !!!!! I am black and 75 (76 in DEC) I am just one that finally came to her senses………… No longer a Liberal ( who have a close mind) but a independent who speaks with an open mind. Obama has not performed well in his first term . so are we supposed to believe he will do better in the second one? He can promise us the world but does not have to deliver since he does not have to buy our votes for another term. You have your opinion and I have mine and respect for both should be given. I hope I have 4 /5 more years of sound mind and body to see which one of us is right.!!!!!!!!!!! In respect for you always.

        • WHAT?

          Tripled what debt in four years? The $3 trillion for rich tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, the $5 trillion for Iraq, the $5 trillion for Afghanistan, and along with existing corporate tax breaks?

          That is far from tripling the debt as you claim. As Thumper’s mother said, “read before you speak.”

          And, in case you forget, the American Taliban Republicans lie, and lie a lot.

    • We were hearing about the Clinton “area” because he was the last president who didn’t run up $trillion dollar increases to the national debt and probably has some good ideas as to why.

      Romney built his fortune by buying companies with borrowed money, larding them up with debt by borrowing even more money (from which he paid himself half a billion dollars) and then walking away leaving them in bankruptcy. Who picked up the tab for Romney’s half-billion dollar cash grab? The banks, vendors, and ultimately the taxpayers (after the banks went bust too.)

      You are the worst kind of idiot.

      • Thanks for the compliment!!!!!!!!! But at least I took off my ROSE COLORED GLASSES and now see the truth more than I can say for you. Stay in the DARK if it makes you happy. CLINTon is the PAST what we need is to go forward. Or so OBAma says is is doing. I”m sorry that you can’t respect others opinions but I will respect yours . After all we are entittled to free speech ………at least until that too is taken away. I am a 75 year old well informed BLACK woman. Sorry you seem like a bitter person………grow up

        • Controlling costs is required. So, who is best able to control costs? Seems like Congress would be best able, since they produce the spending bills that become law. With the election of the teabaggers to Congress, the growth of the national debt has increased from $1.1T in 2009 to over $1.5T today. Obama signs the laws Congress passes.

          Revenue bills also originate in Congress, specifically in the House (that pesky Constitution thingy.) So if revenue increases, even temporirily, are desired to offset the $400B in interest payments on the debt, who is best positioned to pay those increases. Well, the middle class wage has decreased 5% (or increased 5%, depending on which data you examine), while the pay package of the top 1% has increased 200% to 500% (again, depending on which data you examine.) So do we take some of the $2500 increase the middle class worker saw, or some of the $20,000,000 the average 1%er got?

          Then there’s the Romney plan to balance the budget in a few decades on the backs of the middle class by further cutting taxes on those with the most. After all, he argues, they’re the ones who start businesses and create jobs. If $250,000,000 is not enough money for Mitt to start a business, how much additional tax money in his pocket does he need?

          Maybe you need a new prescription for your glasses, whatever color they are.

          • No I have a clear view Thanks anyway for your diagnoses!!!!!!! I can tell you are a full blown LIBERAL who thinks your opinion is the right one and you do not care what is really going on . But that’s not everyone’s opinion and just possibly we might be right this time. Only time will tell ……..maybe your the one that needs glasses. At least respect others opinions as I do yours.

          • Which clear view do you see? Ryan “restores the medicare cuts” and Medicare expires in 2016. But that’s today’s alignment. In the past, as recently as his budget proposal, he advocated the same size cuts that the president has. To the dollar, identical.

            So, what are these cuts? Only in Washington-speak is a reduction in future growth in spending called a cut, but that’s what it is. So yes, expanding the rate of spending to today’s normal, as Ryan advocates now, terminates the Medicare program in 2016 instead of 2024 if the cuts are left in place.

            In Obama’s plan the cuts are generated by overhead consolidation and waste elimination. In Ryan’s plan they go back into the billionaires’ pockets through tax cuts. The theory is that putting the money in the billionaires hands will spark new businesses and job growth.

            So, again, the question is if $250,000,000 is not enough for Mitt to start a business, how much more tax money needs to be deposited into his Cayman Islands account before he deigns to start one?

            BTW most small businesses are started on $30-40k of personal savings. 80% of new job growth occurs in this way. Mitt-scale capital becomes necessary only after the business has grown considerably, usually via bootstrapping and local borrowing. Mitt’s not making those multi-million-dollar management fees on three-person businesses, nor can he load them up with a few hundred millions dollars of borrowing to pay himself with.

    • Dear God Nellylou are you KIDDING . The reason Romney’s taxes are relevant is that every previous Candidate in recent memory has released MULTIPLE years of tax . That is called a precedent . BTW thus far we have only seen ONE year with the promise that last years will be released in late October .

      On the other hand No candidate for President has been asked to provide his College records or passport . It’s only the BLACK guy.

      If read the article you would know that the Clinton Tax Plan passed without SINGLE Republican VOTE . It is a FICTION that it was the Republican Congress that made Clinton look good . Newt spins that lie all the time but Newt has an EGO so Big that he thinks HE makes the SUN rise and set .

      • I’m sorry BUT ROMNEY DID NOT INHERIT HIS RICHNESS!!!!!!!!! HE gave his inheritance all AWAY. What he has now HE “BUILT” it himself by his hard work and knowledge of what works. where in the world did you get such untrue information? Please get yourself informed not rely on others.

        • Yeah, right. And i’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona that I’ll sell you. I am a 78 year old white caucasion and I have watched rep. presidents screw things up every time they come into office. Nixon came into office and my husband lost his job. Reagan came in office and my son lost his job. Dubya came into office and my grandson lost his job. The plants that my son and grandson worked at both closed. Sense a pattern. Of course, your going to say that it was the previous administrations fault. That’s how you republican thenk. Guess it makes you sleep better at night.

          • Ok OBAMA is now in office and my 3 sons, 5 nephews , 12 cousins and lots of friends have lost their JOBS too. There are good and bad in both DEM and REP. What we now are deciding is who will pull us out of this mess. Yes Obama inherited a mess “BUT” he has MADE it worse not better as promised. We gave him a chance but not Romney. WHY NOT He can not make it any worse but there is a chance he can do a lot better . Being Rich does not mean you do not know others are hurting. I do not know about you …but I am not better off than 4 years ago……….in fact I am holding on by a thread. GOD Bless the USA and the people who will decide what path they want this country on.

          • No, he has not made it worse. The only thing you have to go on is the fact that he had to spend a lot of money trying to fix Bush and his thugs mess. That war in Iraq was to save Halliburton from bankruptcy.
            The military had to use the laundry service that Liz Cheney owned. If it were not for Bush having political power from his father he would be in prison for Insider Trading.

          • THat is your LIBERAL opinion so be it Maybe you are better off than 4 years ago but I am not . We keep an open mind that is more than can say for The die hard LIBERALS………. opinion …….he did not make it worse but my opinion ….he DID is juist as value as yours is. When Iran puts a BOMB up our A.. Maybe you will see straight for once. you better not bet that it is not coming we both lose

          • Our president is on top of Iran. He knows exactly what is going on. And if Romney has his way and we go into war with Iran, how many of your relatives are willing to go and serve. There is one thing for certain, if we had had the draft, there would have been no war in Iraq. Congress couldn’t take a chance that one of theirs would have to serve.

          • Nelly, being a 75 year old black person must be difficult already so please tell us how you are worse off after 4 years. I mean, come on tell us, please?

          • I asked you why you are worse off but you didn’t reply. Come on Nelly, we know you are not 75 years old because you don’t express things that matter to 75 year old people.
            You are worried about Iran? Please!

          • I really am 75 years old. You want to know why I’m worst off ……..I’ll have no problem telling you.
            1. both my sons got laid off
            2. my granddaughter also
            3. daughters-laws just was given notice
            4. I also have two great grand daughters who live with me
            5. I am now the sole source of income (SS And my retirement check)
            6. Gas here is now $4.20
            7. cost of food
            8. cost of heating oil ( just got some which cost me $ 874.94)

            Everyone now(but granddaughter) now lives with me.
            Is that enough reasons?

            As for Iran…………I glad you are not worried about the possibility of a BOMB going up our A.s but it sure scares the hell out of me. I do not want my great grand children to have to experience a horrible situation . Do you( for your family)? want this.

          • if romney gets in, that bomb is a whole lot closer. he wants to start a war there. i have a son that has already gone through iraq. enough!

          • That is your opinion. and I respect it. Time will eventually reveal the truth.
            God Bless you and keep your family safe

          • No that is not my opinion. That is what he said! I pay very close attention to everything they all say as well as what I have experienced. Most people that don’t agree with me think I’m lieing or stupid, but I assure you neither is the case.I will give you some facts, that can be checked and backed up. I live in NH a half hour from Mass., so I get all my TV news from Boston stations. When Romney was governor, the news was always about what he was doing or rather not doing. The roads were full of pot holes, some of them big enough to loose half your car in, and not being fixed. They had to close a few bridges because they were so rusted they couldn’t be trusted, and they weren’t being fixed either. Romney raised taxes on so many things that he had more than enough money to fix these things. But he didn’t. He was 47th in job creation. He had low unemployment, but that was because people left, there were no jobs. And when he left, he left Gov. Patrick an 18 billion dollar defict.And he took all records with him including the hard drives from the computers. With the amount of money he had coming in and not spending any on infrastructure or schools (they went to hell too), there is no way there should have been an 18 billion dollar defict. There should have been a huge surpluss. And according to two independent organizations, his budget is not mathematically possible. Paul Ryan is doing his best to take your rights away from you and every other woman in this country. I’m sure you saw Todd Akins legitamite rape comment. Well, Paul Ryan  co authored that bill. I don’t know if that has been explained on whatever news channel you watch, so I will because I checked what Ryan voted on. Ryan co authored with Akin bill HR3 which redefines rape. It says if the woman was not shot, stabbed, or beaten badly, it was not rape. He also co authored bill HR212 which gives a fertilized egg all human rights. So even if a woman takes a morning after pill, the law will say she has commited murder. He authored 8 other anti rape bills, and two bills denieing women any preventitive health care. Now, I know you said things have not gotten better for you in the past four years. I fully understand that. Life really sucks for me and my family too, but I know what the president has done and what he plans to do. And I am willing to give him the time to do it. And after checking the records on the R&R bunch, I don’t trust them. And I have watched them. Because I check everything(I’m not a very trusting person), I know that their commercials are lies. Watch Romney when he gets asked a question. The first sign that someone is lieing is they blink alot. I watched him once before the conventions and I swear he could have flown away he was blinking so fast. So, since you are trying to be informed, please check everything, and don’t decide who you will vote for until after the debates, I think those will be great.

          • PS………… What things should I be thinking about………..being 75(76 in DEC) does not make me stupid ……….I like politics( not knitting) and keeping up with what is going on in the world………..I am certainly not a couch potato or a bingo fan. How is a 75 suppose to act? I like being well informed on most anything……is that bad………. I am not dead yet.

          • Really Nelly. Of course he can make it worse. All he has to do is double down on those things that caused the recession in the first place. It is nice of you to acknowledge that Obama inherited the great recession since, of course, he did.
            It took 13 years to recover from the great depression so I guess you expected Obama to be a miracle worker.
            Since you asked, I am much better off than I was 4 years ago and much more optimistic.

          • I really glad you are better off but remember you did not BUILD it accordingly to Obama. No I don’t believe in miracles but he DID and I was stupid enough to believe him and fall for his rhetoric that he was going to make things better in his first term. He said it not me!!!!! What happened? Why is He going to be more flexible with Russia and with what? What is he running on…………his economic record or is it Bashing the opponent? I hope you continue with being better off. Most people are not!!!!!!

          • PS……………. Regan had it worse than Obama BUT he some how put his wisdom to get us out in his first term!! But that is what being a leader produces…………..good results.

          • romney was on meet the press today. he said it would take him two terms, 8 years to fix things. but you wouldn’t give obama that chance? I live close to mass. and watched romney as governor. he really was bad, bad, bad. he almost bankrupted that state. the young people left the state because there were no jobs. for two years, if you called dmv you got a call center in new deli, india. when he left he took all records including computer hard drives. when he did the olympics, he did it with 1.3 billion dollars from the government, and when he left there all records were shredded. so what is the “i’ve got a secret” guy hiding? I don’t want to find out after he gets in the white house. and as far as all those records you seem to think obama should put out, why? no presidential canidate has ever had to do that before. besides, he had to be vetted before he could even run for senator. that’s how we know he was the first black president of the harvard law review.

        • Nelly, you and carsus have written all you need to today. I have your checks ready and have included a bonus for you Nelly for the nice touch of saying you are 75 and black. Well done. Later we can talk about Joe the Plumber and how he is going to become rich by supporting the Romney plan.

          • First of all I am 75 and Black………….does that mean I have to support Obama? Keep your checks you just might need them………….Joe will BUILD his own wealth…………by hard work and common sense ………….not by setting on his As- and waiting for handouts!!!!!!!!!!!! You work hard while others sit on their AS- you deserve to keep what ever you sow. Good night …………..I already have a bonus thank you……………I can still speak my mind without some telling me what to say!!!!!!!!!

    • I pray it doesn’t take an economic collapse of this country for people to understand that the way the country is being run now we’re headed for doom. Forget about all the politicians and their talking points, both Republican and Democrat, and just look at the numbers. At this rate of spending it’s only a matter of time before our economy takes a nose dive. I have a PH.D in history and a second in political science. No country in history has ever existed long term following the social structure and taxing policies Obama wants to implement. This is not just my thoughts, it’s history. If you taxed the rich in this country at 50% or 60% it would only run this country for about two weeks!! This is just plain math. Do you realize that almost 75% of the money this country receives in taxes goes to entitlement programs, i.e. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other social welfare programs. I don’t have a problem with that. But I want all these programs to be here for all of us and at this rate they won’t be. This is a fact. Like we’re going now, in less than ten years the government will be paying out over a trillion dollars in interest alone on the national debt. It’s just plain numbers, the government has to get the budget under control.
      I’m an old man that can’t get work, I live off social security and I have five grandchildren. The debt this country has now is going to affect my grandchildrens’ lives…..and everyone else’s.
      And in regards to Mitt Romney, I’ve never had a poor man write me a paycheck and right now I can’t get anyone to write me a paycheck.

      Quote for thought:
      “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured (as in Obamacare)… but not everyone must prove they are a citizen. ” Now add this, “Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens.” This was written by someone a lot smarter than me.

      Everyone have a blessed day!

      • Yep, the teabaggers have continued to spend like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe that’s because they actually believe it’s true…

      • Vkman, it is funny but I hear many older people express your thoughts. First, Social Security and Medicare are not responsible for the deficit. Both of these programs, right now, are fully funded from the taxes they collect and the trust funds that they hold. Under Obama’s plan Medicare will not deplete the trust fund money for another 12 years and then, assuming the rise in medical costs has not been reduced will still be able to pay 75% of expenses. Within the next 12 years evaluations can be made to see how well Obama care has reduced costs and increased wellness and where, financially, these programs stand. At some time in that time frame adjustments can be made to keep Medicare secure for all American without resorting to a voucher program which everyone knows will end Medicare as we know it. If a program using vouchers is so good why not suggest going to it immediately? We know the answer because current recipients would rebel and that a voucher would not even come close paying actual costs after insurance companies get involved. It is disingenuous to suggest something that is totally inadequate for senior citizens while wanting more for those that have the most already. Also saying it won’t effect current recipients but knowing those 54 years old or younger in ten years are getting screwed.
        As for Social Security it is secure for 25 years without any changes at all. Attempts to scare people like you and me is unconscionable. During the 1960’s taxes were as high as 70% and the economy soared. In the 1970’s it was reduced to 50% and the economy grew. Now at 35% it is said that only by reducing taxes even more can we have prosperity but I have heard no comments suggesting that the rich are not prospering now or have not been doing so even during the great recession. What the rich are saying “is give me more, more more; greed personified; and maybe I will gave a little to you
        You talk about the deficit like the money collected from the rich would have no effect? Over ten years it would amount to 800 billion dollars of reduced deficit and that is significant. Other things will have to be looked at also. like tax breaks for oil companies and those companies that ship jobs overseas.
        It is time to balance both government expenditures and revenue and not just say that even lower taxes is going to solve the problem.
        One last thought. When you construct a home or building you start at the bottom with a strong foundation and then build upward from there. No one builds from the top down. When you build an automobile you start with the frame or uni-body and build upon that. The same is true for an economy in that a foundation must start with a strong middle class upon which everyone can prosper and not with a premise that says make me rich and I will, maybe, help you.

  5. What other President or presidential candidate released their college records, passport, or theses, or BIRTH CERTIFICATES? Yet all release several years of tax returns.

    • Other than become president of the US, you mean. Maybe if you really try, you can achieve one of your life goals, like moving out of mom’s basement.

  6. How many SENORS Know “ABOUT” the 15 panel members that will DECIDE if we get the treatment we need or want. It includes Knee, hip replacements, Heart and cancer treatment and lots more. They will “DECIDE” if we are too OLD or if it will only prolong our life if we will get treatment or given “DRUGS” to make us a little more comfortable. We will be at their mercy as it will be out of our Doctors hand to help us in our needs!!!!!!!!!
    Also Medicure as we know it WILL NOT CHANGE under Romney’s plan. 55 and older will “REMAIN” as is. Under 55 they will HAVE a CHOICE……..”KEEP” medicure OR CHOOSE your own PLan. At least you will have a choice and not “FORCED on what Obama WANTS to do. I hope anyone that can VOTES”BUT” with Knowledge of what is really is happening to our country . Really inform yourself about what will be the BEST for this country and not what is personally good for ourselves. In other words “WHAT CAN WE DO FOR OUR COUNTRY NOT WHAT WE CAN DO “FOR OURSELF”
    VOTE your choice But with some knowledge about both Obama and Romney . We got to get it RIGHT or THE USA will no longer be a Free country where WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE what is BEST for us NOt the GOVERMENT!!!!!!!!!!

    • The panels evaluate medical procedures to see if they actually work, kind of like the FDA does for medicayions today. You may remember that they keep snake-oil from the market.

      Under Romney’s plan it will go bankrupt 8 years faster than with the president’s savings. Why does the concept of consolidating overhead, eliminating waste, and controlling costs so terrify you? Oh yeah, it actually doesn’t. That’s just what Rush has told you to be afraid of today. Why not start thinking for yourself for a change? Oh yeah, Glenn says that’s a bad isea according to his chalk board.

      Just sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

      • NOT at all . Keep wearing those ROSE COLORED GLASSES. No the panel decides on your age not on snake oil. But I respect your version have the courage to respect mine. I am 75 have a heart problem and will find out who is right about the panel in time if Obama has his way. I.m also BLACK.

          • Nellylou has not lost her way I just started to come to my senses and saw that this country is going to HELL with no leadership. I took off my ROSE COLORED GLASSES and saw the stark truth starring at me. May I suggest you do the same before you tell others they lost their way. But I still respect your opinion hopefully you do the same. But I am now on the RIGHT PATH………..not lost

          • Nellylou,
            Your right, there are panels that decide what kind of medical treatment you will get. They’re called insurance companies and if the Romney/Ryan plan is passed that is who will be deciding if you can have a hip replacement, heart bypass or any other expensive treatment. And if you have a pre-existing condition, which most people do by the time the reach 60, it won’t be covered and your premiums will be raised every six months, and if you start costing the insurance company to much money they will drop you. Is this really what you want?

          • There really is a 15 panel to review (SENIORS) cases in the obamacare . Haven’t you read any of the health care policy? There is no such panel in Romney/Ryan Plan. Also the obamacare takes away from most seniors the medicare advantage plan………..which will cost them a lot more……..
            The USA is on the verge of becoming a combination of Greece and Sweden where fiscal responsibility is a joke. If that happens the USA will continue to undergo a radical social and economic upheaval under this present administration.

        • If you are 75 and your odds of surviving a heart transplant are 5%, do you do it? If your total pay-in to Medicare across your working life is $40k and a heart transplant costs $250k and you’re 75 and your survival rate is 5%, do you do it? The panel would undoubtedly reccommend against the procedure and you’d be finding some other way to get it done.

          Now the Ryan plan is to give you a voucher for $5k to buy insurance on the open market. I have a friend nearing 70 who still buys insurance (he likes the choice of doctor, hospital, etc. and can still but his own policy) but his wife had a near-fatal heart attack four years ago. Emergency care for her included a life-flight and ultimately cost him about $50k on top of his insurance pay-out. His policy premium is $30k per year. Could you afford the $25k difference per year from your pocket? Most can’t.

    • Of course that doesn’t apply to FEMALE people who want to access a legal ABORTION .
      As for your reference to What can we do for our country perhaps the wealthy could pay a bit more in taxes . Romney’s tax plan cuts HIS taxes to less than 1% because he would not tax money made from money Obama’s tax plan would increase HIS taxes
      So WHO is doing something for their country.
      As for the idea of keeping the current Medicare for those 55 and older that is just to mollify the Tea Party types . They have said they don’t care about the others JUST Themselves.
      Did you perchance watch the Oylmpic Games Opening Ceremony where the British presented a TRIBUTE to the National Health Service (which really is SOCIALIZED medicine ). They LOVE it and even Thatcher couldn’t undo IT. Did you know that the IRAQI Constitution which we WROTE provides Universal Heath Care .

      • I respect your opinion. But what about CANADA’s socialized health care………they advised against it. I do not want to see a European Health care here. But everybody is entitled to their opinion. THE USA needs to have their own policy not fashion on some other country,

        • Canadians love their health care system. As do those those countries in Europe that have the same system or similar. I was in Spain 2 years ago and they love their system. They pay a premium from their paycheck the way we pay for medicare. We actually should have Medicare for everyone. Unless you have talked to more than one Canadian, then you have nothing to go on for your statement.

          • OH I have talked to many including a PRIEST who came from Canada to get better health care. Plus I have family there.

        • I have Canadian friends and they love their health care plan. They spend much less than we do and live longer and healthier lives so what is not to like.

        • —– I respect your opinion. But what about CANADA’s socialized health care………they advised against it. —–

          Who are ‘they’?

          We have had ‘socialized’ health care in this country for decades. What do you think the VA is? Medicare? Medicaid?

          ’15 panel members’ – latest incarnation of the death panel claim?

          It is easy to see the faux news indoctrinated folks. They spread doom and gloom but cannot provide a single fact to support their claims.

          Why don’t you call a few insurance companies and ask them how much a health policy for someone 65, that provides exactly what Medicare provides, will cost. I have. Good luck even getting a quote.

          Immediate results of the romney-ryan plan:

          Block grant and cut Medicaid by one-third.
          You do know that Medicaid is what pays for seniors in nursing homes, right? Seniors will be kicked out of nursing homes today. Not at some time in the future.

          Medicaid pays co-pays for seniors that cannot afford them. romney-ryan will deny these seniors prescriptions and needed medical procedures today, not some point in the future.

          Medicaid helps the elderly, disabled, and poor children. Who do you suggest gets kicked out of the program?

          Medicaid helps children with Down’s syndrome, Autism, and other serious genetic disorders. Who is going to pay for the surgeries for Spina Bifida sufferers? You? Romney? Ryan? The romney-ryan plan signs the death warrants of these children.

          I watched the health care debates. It took the repubs months to find one person in Canada that claims to be dissatisfied with their system. ONE PERSON. I challenge you to find a family in America that does not have at least one person that is dissatisfied with their health care.

          The UNFUNDED Part D republican plan has done much damage to Medicare. That was the intention. The romney-ryan plan to repeal The ACA and replace with NOTHING will bankrupt Medicare by 2016. Of course that means that the folks under 55 won’t be faced with making a decision. There won’t be anything left for them to choose from.

          —– THE USA needs to have their own policy not fashion on some other country, —–

          Where have you been? That is exactly what we now have. Can you say it is better than any other system on the planet? Maybe it is better than nothing at all but I have doubts about that.

          If the repub plan is so great why do they want to wait ten years before implementing it? Tell the repubs to sell their idea to seniors now. Today. Not ten years from now.

          And for pity’s sake, please start getting your information from some place besides the False News network.

          What you can’t seem to see is that the repubs are controlled by greedy rich people that think they should pay NO taxes. Why are conservatives so easily led down the path to their own ruin? Why are conservatives so ignorant? Why can’t conservatives think even one single thought for themselves?

          • I do not get my information from false news channels……….as I don’t watch ABC, NBC , CBS or CNN………..You ever heard of books………….researching the Internet for information…………and keeping an open mind? Sorry I forgot Liberals know everything. I have several’s relatives that live in Canada . Plus the church I attend …..the priest is from Canada and he told us a lot about their health care……….not too good but I guess they do not know much either!
            Tell me have you read even part of the obamacare? I was happy with my health care but my cost has tripled and the eye Dr. now refuses to accept my insurance…………….By the way what is Obama running on………….his economic record or Bashing the opponent……….since you tell me we don’t think for ourselves……….I need you to tell me!!!! Thanks for the information I’ll make sure I fact check it again………I really do not want to make another mistake and vote for the wrong person. By the way I am a LIBERAL BUt one who likes to keep an OPEN mind and give everyone a chance to present their case. Keep the faith.

    • Sorry Nellylou but that is not what the 15 member panel is about. It is to look at actual costs compared to results. In other words are you paying for some health care that is not doing anything to heal you but instead is running up costs for you and profits for insurance companies. No one but your doctor or yourself is going to decide anything about your personal care.
      As for those 54 and younger you just admitted that they will be screwed and not get the medicare program you currently have. This is just another example of “I have what I want so screw everyone else”. That is the heart and soul of the republican party; “I have mine so go get your own”. That is not what a nation is about; that is not what America is about; and it certainly is not what made this country prosper.
      The Republican have done nothing but spread misinformation and fear.
      As for those 54 and younger, they will not have a choice because the Republicans will repeal Obamacare and if you have a preexisting condition insurance companies will not insure you.
      You do remember the part about preexisting conditions don’t you. Children will not be able to stay on the parents plan until they are 26, lifetime limits on insurance benefits will be restored and the part D donut hole will once again widen. Please educate yourself, it is the best defense against misinformation.

  7. Deregulating the banks, stock market, housing industry, food chain would be like removing all the stop signs, one way signs, street lights on all the roads in the country, it would lead to mayhem.

  8. The fact that Romney didn’t even listen to the speeches given at the DNC speaks volumes. So he, like Bush, isn’t going to bother educating himself, but rather, is going to have his input filtered through the eyes of similar folks like Rove and Cheney and other ruthless people. BIG mistake! HUGE mistake! The kinds of errors that would make a smart person take a second look. Romney is a puppet ( ala Bush ) and he is so busy indulging in his fantasies about being president, he is stepping in the cow pies! Go ahead Mitt! Make our day!

  9. Please Republicans voter wake up and see what your party is doing. You are blind sided by the smooth talkers of Romney and Ryan, and by Religious organization, Koch brothers and Alderson which by the way they are pulling all of the strings. Even though you don’t like Obama, he is much better than Romney. At least he is for the middle class and poor, women and minorities. The economy is coming around slowly, and will continue, but with Romney getting in the White House, look for more of the former President agenda to come into play and we will be going to war again. Republican are war mongrel.

    • More like they are brainwashed by the drug addict Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Faux news. I’ve seen it in the workplace when I had to listen to 4 hours of limbaugh ranting and raving. People only watch Faux news. They get mesmorized by these hawkers and they can’t see any other side of an issue.

  10. The Republicans have many problems but ignoring history that most voting people lived through goes beyond a problem. Romney and Ryan are either knowingly lying or are mentally challenged. By appealing to the less stellar amongst us, they play on racism, hate, and plain ignorance to push an agenda that has been proven to not work, defines the math and helps only themselves and other like them. Telling people that another tax break, of 5 trillion dollars, for the very rich will cut the deficit is a promise full of blue skies and has never worked before. Saying that they will make the money up through spending cuts everywhere but for the military can only mean to those programs that help the most vulnerable amongst us, the disabled, elderly and the poor. It also means endless war in which our children and grandchildren will die. Romney and Ryan never served, nor have Romney’s sons served, they leave that for others not as privileged as they are. They have chosen to not talk about Reagan, Bush I or II and they don’t even want to talk about Clinton. Even worse they answer questions about the details of their plans with a cynical “I will tell you when I am President.” I do not know about you, but I would like the details of a candidate’s plans before I give my vote not after.

    We do have an honest need to reevaluate how we are spending our money, to do a honest assessment of what we need to do to keep this Country strong for our children and grandchildren and about what is important to us as a Country and individuals. But the key here is the word “honest.” It is not enough to say you “love this Country.” Tell us what that means to you and show us by being honest and answering questions with details so we “the voters” can make up our own minds. Personally, if you are afraid the truth will hurt you and hide your tax return and keep your details to yourself, I have no confidence, Mr. Romney, in your ability to be an honest broker of what is good for me and good for this Country.

  11. I would like to know, “Why no one that have interviewed them(like the News Media)have not ask for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan to do the math/arithmetic,release his tax returns, explain his position on; “women rights as a Mormon” and “polygamy”!!

    Now lets go to the polls on November 6,2012 and show them(Republicans) that we will not be terrorized and hell captive by; their controlling system,power hungry schemes, racist and money grubbing agenda!!

  12. I would like to know, “Why no one that have interviewed them(like the News Media)have not ask for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan to do the math/arithmetic,release his tax returns, explain his position on; “women rights as a Mormon” and “polygamy”!!

    Now lets go to the polls on November 6,2012 and show those(Republicans) that we will not be terrorized and hell captive by; their controlling system,power hungry schemes, racist and money grubbing agenda!!

  13. Since John Kennedy 1961, the DEMs created 42 million Jobs in 24 years, the GOP created 24 million in 32 years. Romney created 40,000 jobs in MA in 4 years, during a time when the economy was good, translated it means 2 million jobs in all the 50 states. OBAMA has created 4.5 Million in this bad economy that he inherited.
    Romney, the just trust me guy, increases fees and other State Gov services to close the budget Gap. The MA Romneycare is being subsidized by the Fed Gov. His tax cut to the rich and limiting the Fed spending to 20% of GDP will lead to recession, the current tax rate is only 15% of GDP, that is meaning 5% GDP uld be borrowed, then add the tax cut deficit and the current deficit will be 1.2 trillion per year for years to come. What a fix for the economy?
    Mr Romney said that he will balance the budget, and looking at the whole picture be sure that they will cut SS to the current receipients, cut Medicare and Medicaid, and welfare too. In addition to science, which they do not believe in anyway. Education will be targeted as well, an illitrate nation will serve their GOP better.
    The GOP speakers repeatedly claimed the need for energy sufficiency and allowing re oil exploration , well, Gas and oil production is more than 150% of that 4 years ago, but we need pipelines to transfer it, something the GOPspeakers ignored in Tampa.

  14. Well they may call it “fuzzy math” and with some luck, the moderators would pass on to the next question; and the zealot follwers will vote them in for another 8 years of contract on America!

  15. My oh my! When I reply to the disingenuous falsehhoods written on this commie blog, u fools show your true colors! PURPLE from having hissy fits over my truth!Now since u r so brilliant re: spelling, my brain thinks far quicker than my fingers ,so sometimes a finger slips to the wrong letter, hence owner and not owned. Whatever, this blog is NOT my cup of tea, Ha,ha, but as long as it pops up on my e-mail, I will RESPOND!

  16. The Repealicans have lost already. The main thing now is for Mr. Clinton to keep Obama under rein for the next four years, when Hillary takes over. Randall J. Marlowe, Buenos Aires

  17. The only advantage to Mr. Mitt Romney releasing his returns is that the average joe might learn the tricks that would allow them the 13% tax! The problem is that the country would loose revenue if the average joe pays such low taxes. It is better to keep the lower taxes for the upper earners like Romney and let the lower earners bear the brunt of the tax burden.

  18. Robert
    I read your liberal column.Obama never ran a Hot Dog Stand,a law professor for the mental disorderDemocrats.Bill Clinton lined his pockets with China before he left office,further more he was a flunkie who appointed Eric Holder another left wing socialists.Obama has nothing to hide thats why he and his wife sealed their records.The attack on Romney is about him knowing business with hands on experience,Obama is a guy on the OJT program another entitlent program learn as you go.The points you make about the rich sounds like a bad word.Divide and conquer between race.The progressives have beaten down the rich ,to make them look like tys.hey are the bad guys.50 % of the nation pays no taxes while the other50% pays there share and more.
    Lets begin to look at the Black communities the birth rate in our country,with no stopping,unwed mothers ages between 13-18 years 74& of the young people go to section 8 housing,food stamps,and welfare along with free schooling,free transportation,and free cell phones.While the taxpayers foot the bill. Where is the accountability,and responsibility of the parents.There is none.Romney will chang that rodeo.After forty years as a professional working with poverty level families,I witnessed more abuse ever in fraud than ever.We have families living in New York moving to another state collecting double welfare checks.Every month theygo to New York picking up there welfare check and traveling back to the state were they reside.Let get real Clinton has ties to China and Japan,with business in both countries,he is a fraud.The solutions vote Obama out of office,pass a law to have the senate and congress serve 6 months paid without perks.Eliminate the 6000 lobbyists,in DC.Clean out the czars,Triple the Import Tax for imported goods coming into the US.Enforce immigratation laws,repeal by executive order ammnesty for Immigratation.Repeal Obama Care Health plan.Stop all aid to Countries that produce Oil.Begin to give permits to oil electrical energycompanies that will keep the oil in the US. Allow 20 permits a year for Oil Gas refineries.Use Coal fired electricity plants to produce.Eliminate the EPA Dept.End the War in Agfaghastian.Enforce the repayment of Iraq War to pay inthe US back in oil for our involvement in creating a democratic society.Cut the Education Budget in Half.Place all Education,Police ,Fire
    councilors freeze there pay.

    .Eliminate 7000 workers in DC White house.Use one flat tax 0f 10% imposed on all taxpayers.Enforce all those collecting welfare to work in the private sector and public sector 35 hrs per week. drop outs a program Military boot camp school where they live,eat sleep become educated,graduate and grow and move on.Remove from television programs that do not promote a positive message.Any show that promotes sex,violence,drugs,or rap music remove them.The promotion and emphasis must be on family values not worldly values.God message must be an important part in school,jobs,community service work.

  19. What I really don’t understand is the double standard by the IRS. We ,as common poor smucks & obviously morons, have to keep our tax papers for a minimum 3 of years & the IRS can request and audit for 7 years. Now, how come they can’t do the same for Mitt Romney & that bright but lunatic vice-president to be, M. Paul Ryan that I respect very much his obscur intellect?
    Could anyone explain to me in plain language since I am not as bright as Mitt & Paul?
    Does anyone still respect our Constitution or it just became a toilet paper?
    A Patriot

  20. Clinton, the Cold War peace dividend and Comgressional Republicans balanced the budget. Clinton cut capital gains tax rate and stock mkt boomed and tax revenue increased. Republicans forced Clinton’s hand (after 3 vetoes) to sign Welfare Reform, which put millions off the dole and back to work. Clinton did NAFTA. Clinton did these things because –unlike Obama– he was a centrist and changed course to the center-right after the 1994 elections. Obama is no centrist and he will drive this economy further into the ground if he wins a second term.

    By the way, keeping current tax rates is not a “tax cut”, and letting people (millionaires or otherwise) keep more of what they earn is not doing anybody any “favors.” Favors is what Obama does for his cronies when distributing othwr people’s money.

  21. The Republican agenda doesn’t have time for useless things like facts, arithmetic, or the truth. Things like that just get in the way.

    More important things like fear, personal and racial insecurities, and frenzied nationalism are much more useful in achieving a goal that is based on misrepresentation, blurred facts and a total disregard for what this country really needs.

    Throw enough money at a problem -or at a confused electorate through blatantly false adds and you can pass laws that stink and elect dubious candidates. Do that for years and you can control State houses and pass even more dubious laws-perhaps even prevent your opposition from voting on tight issues or even presidential elections.

    Hey! That sounds familiar!

  22. If williard is backtracking he sees the handwriting on the wall- now he’ll start sounding like a Democrat to get the prize he would give up his magic underwear to get.

  23. “”””HOT DOG MITT””””The Republican presidential candidate visited a NASCAR race on Saturday night in Virginia, targeting white male voters with free hotdogs lol Republicans what a joke lol GET YOUR MITTEY HOTDOGS LOL Virginia NASCAR fans GET YOUR HOTDOG IF YOU VOTE FOR MITT LOL WHAT A SICK RICH MFR LOL LOL YOU Virginians keep that mfr up there ,,lol trying buy Virginians vote with a dam hotdog FEMALE NASCAR fans get two hotdogs lol YOU REPUBLICANS GET HIM IN THERE WE WILL HAVE TO PAY THIS MONEY BACK LOL MITT doesn’t know how to fix the economy buying you republicans a footlong hot dog lol.”

  24. GOP victory = populist insurgency. The ‘populist’ movement will be anything BUT conservative. Since the genetic mutation of the GOP from a conservative into a plutocratic movement, this country has inched toward a major social unrest.

  25. Romney will just do to the debates what he did to Bill Clinton’s speech:

    1) Refuse to answer any questions he doesn’t want to.
    2) Imagine how he wishes the debate had gone.
    3) Talk about the debate in his imagination when the press asks him how he thinks the debate went.
    4) Cry liberal media bias when everyone but FOX News talks about the complete curb stomping Obama delivered unto him.
    5) Reiterate his arithmetic-challenged promises at a campaign stop the next day.

  26. I just listened to Mitt on meet the press – More “no there – THERE” He is in no qualified to go near DC, unless visiting the monuments or to look at the cherry blossoms. He is the A- typical “takes money to make money” guy born with the silver spoon and thinks it is HIS enntitlement to be President. As in Mass. where he almost tanked the state on ALL levels he was more interested in getting the job – Not- doing it. He is ready to kill everything and MORE than ready to attack Iran, We REALLY need another war, right?

    His alter ego was on Meet the Press with Nora O’donnell (Schiefer was off) She called him out on sequestration and foriegn affairs – I have wanted to say this since the Gingrich interview on CBS. Nora, “were YOU calling Paul Ryan a LIAR, YOU’RE calling Paul Ryan a LIAR” – You were and he is, AND you have proved that you are a true journalist, not just a pretty face that reads prepared Q’s from network producers mouthpieces. It appears that the ONLY thing that R&R are on the same page on – We need to attack IRAN, they are going to get us – I was waiting for the GOP invented BOOGER MAN scare tactics, there they are. I got news for the GOPBAGGER liars – Two wars for the last 12 years, the American people have all got their “been there, done that” ribbons. The BOOGER MEN are the Radical Right wing liars and insurectionests spreading consternation and offering FAILED policies to kill our country from within. Iran? What are you joking Mitt – Really – I can never tell.

  27. I am working on the Obama Campaign and making phone calls. We are very polite and if you would hear the talk from the Republicans, you would be amazed. I’m an old lady but I believe if you are for someone, just say “I’m voting for Romney, thanks for calling” and let it go at that. I wouldn’t dare try to persuade any one to vote for Obama if they did that, its their choice. But I do question why if people know the facts of Romney/Ryan and what they have done and what they plan to do, why they are voting for them. I lived through the 50’s and 60’s and believe me they weren’t all that good! I just hope and pray that people take another look at what they’re doing. Enough said???

    • Sorry you’re having to go through so much as a’s hard to understand how people supporting a party that’s supposed to be religious…I say that because so many in their party even claim that they’ve been called on by God to run for office…can be so crass and unChristian like. My only answer is..the GOP is make believe Christian. In fact, it’s the largest anti-Christian organization in America. With it’s main focus on Money..keep money in my pocket at all costs…whether it’s at the expensive of the country or the needy is about as anti-Christian as it can get. And when you add the GOP’s level of judging people..that sends it over the top. So when you encounter one of these…pass it off and just consider the source.

  28. I used to think i liked Mitt Romney for who he is and what a savy business man he was…these days i could care less about the SOB….and when he selected Paul Ryan as his running mate i thought how much worse can this be?…looks as tho i was right,,,its gonna get much worse and sure enough it has…what man in his right mind would spend as much as he did on an election he knows he wont get elected…i mean come on….is this just throw away money for him that he can play with instead of truly giving it to needy boys and girls that are homeless and hungry when they go to bed…even God himself talks about sharing with one another and i cant understand why we have a greedy nation the way we do…afterall there was the sermon on the mount where all the people shared bread and water and fish…Jesus lived by his example not by any greed or ambition to become something you are not….The Romneys and the Ryans of the world are so greedy and they have ambition to become even more greedier…i cant digest all this…one day when they stand before God, will they say awwww man come on…it was just politics…God’s gonna say right …and off to hell with ya…Mitt selected the wrong person for him to run with as far as i am concerned…he has become to the country what is called trickery and traitorism…he has betrayed and offened alot of people in this country just because of his tax invading and making money off the very poor of this country and he should be sent else where to live out his days in exile…Russia has a very good place Mitt could go …we need to have a place like this as well to send these high powered playing crooks to…what a relief it would be to know they could never be set free on American soil again….we could also send the Bachmans of this world and the Boehners and Ryans with him….what great pleasure that would be…Just my thoughts on the subject of Mitt…

  29. It seems that a few screwballs got together to start the tea party, trying to be somebody important, and the thing just completely got out of hand. I think the Democrats will be grateful when they take office, because the party threaten a better way of life, and finally the American people are seeing through the tea party. The Republicans can thank them for losing November 6th election. Another thing that makes me wonder About Republican logic is that it is on tapes from when the six Republicans hadn’t agreed yet about who was going to be the the one to represent them for President, Romney said if they was looking for a rags to riches story, he wasn’t the one because he had been forunate all his life and had plenty of money. Then about a week ago, we hear his wife talking about how they started in a basement apartment,one where the ironing board came down out of the wall, and they worked their way to where they are now? Is that character and honesty, the kind of people we want in the WhiteHouse? Sart out misleading in the beginning, sounds like another George Bush to me.

  30. Well, as far as owning a house and deducting enpenses on the income tax, we all need to move into apartments to show Romney how bad the country will be and how wealthy they will be

  31. on meet the press he said he needs two terms to get things in line!!! wow only one for OBAMA, Clinton was right nobody could do it

  32. Romney Blatant Lie
    He is running ads stating Obama has had four straight 1 Trillion deficits.
    The first 1400B deficit was in Bush 8th budget ended 9-30-09

  33. Daniel Defoe wrote that in his youth, there were 10,000 men in England who had sworn to fight popery to the death without knowing whether popery was a man or a horse. In our day, it’s the vastly greater number who swear that President Obama is a socialist without knowing … well, much of anything having to do with that order of objective reality known as fact.

  34. Today he mentioned making the tax rates on dividends and capital gains less for the middle class. As if we have much left after the free fall of the market under Bush. Plus most middle class investments in the stock market are 401k plans or IRAs which have different tax rules anyway. He is just not facing or knowing the reality of the middle class. He said he won’t raise taxes on the middle class but he will change some deductions but he won’t say which. Don’t think he really has a plan.

  35. I trust in Mitt Romney I will not dis- trust him with what is being put against him.
    This man has been put down from day one.So take your trashing LIES some where else.
    What get’s me the most about this whole set up from both side’s Obama is the bigest LIE !
    on earth I have ever known. He has done so many hurtful thing’s to all of us here in the USA
    Everything Obama has done in not keeping any of his PROMISES ! to any of us all that is being put under the rug ! it’s being kept hush hush.!!!!
    So from here out don’t set trying to Run Mitt Romney down as low as you keep trying to do.
    Your the ONE’S that’s gone to be the LOSER’S.

    Darlene C Daily.
    I Stand for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

    [email protected]

    • I’m guessing that you watch too much Faux News…Be specific about “He has done so many hurtful things to all of us her in the USA”. I’m not aware of anything he has done that could be classified as “hurtful”. Getting us out of Iraq as he promised..was that hurful? Or openning up more oil drilling so America uses 1,000,000 barrels less of oil per day…is that hurful. Or, deporting more illegal immigrants than any president since Eisenhower…is that hurful? Or, following through on the Auto Bailout and saving the auto industry and 1.5 million people’s jobs…is that hurtful? Or, recovering more fraudulently charged Medicaid and Medicare monies than any other president…is that hurful? Or winding down the war in Afghanistan so we may be out of the country in 2014 which will save American lives…is that hurful? Or, managing the economy so there have been almost 30 months of job growth and the stock market has more than doubled since he took office…is that hurful? Or, drastically improving our relations with other foreign governments after Bush’s arrogance made most of the world hate us…is that hurful? Or getting a comprehensive healthbill passed that will cover 30 million more people and is saving millions of seniors lots of money now…is that hurftul? Or following through to kill many al Qaeda operatives and killing bin Laden which has severely crippled the terrorist organization…is that hurful? Or managing things so that more jobs have been created since he took office 3 years ago than Bush’s administration created in 8 years…is that hurftul? I’m sorry but I could go on with this…but you have to be living on another planet….Mitt Romeny is the biggest fraud that has been perpetrated on the American public…he doesn’t care about you or about me…Mitt only cares about his pocketbook and he sees the presidency as just another way to get in a manipulate America’s taxes and budgets so he and his cronies can pocket more money just as he’s been doing for years by hiding his income offshore. He won’t show his tax returns because he’s afraid someone will use them to show that he’s been a tax dodger and really should be in jail and not running for president.

  36. And the federal debt under this incompetent boob nearly doubled in his 3-1/2 years….Is Romney rich? Yes…he earned it as a business man. Harry Ried? He’s worth 10 million in spite of entering public service a pauper…hmm thats a little odd isnt it? What about Pelosi? Lets dig into her tax returns. And what about queen liar Wasserman-Shultz…offshore accounts anyone? The dems are hypocrites.

    • Sorry friend but you’ve got it wrong…at least 3.5 to 4 trillion of the deficit increase under Obama is chargeable to Bush. For starters, 1.4billion were included in Bush’s last budget that expired on 9/30/09. Then there’s ongoing deficit increases chargeable to legislation that Bush had passed while he was Pres: for example..two unfunded tax cuts, a medicare drug benefit giveaway to the drug industry that wasn’t paid for, Fed commitments to the states for the disaster No Child Left Behind Law and TARP which Bush negotiated along with the Auto Bailout ; then add to that the ongoing charges for an unwarranted war Bush started (Iraq). So to sum it up, three GOP presidents are responsible for almost 90% of the current 16 trillion deficit: Reagen and the two Bushs.

  37. Duh, this yahoo is nagging that the debt quadrupled to 4 trillion in “12” years… What the heck are they thinking about the 6 TRILLION in less than “4” YEARS!!?? Maybe y’all should have watched Mitt’s interview today to figure out his “math”.

  38. Mitt’s really getting into the flip/flop mode these days: now he’s saying he won’t lower taxes on the wealthy and he’s criticizing the budget deal that Ryan agreed to…he’s saying whatever he thinks will work to get him elected. Remember in one of the debates earlier this year…when Gingrich accused him of running lies in his robo ads …Mitt said it was okay to lie if you’re trying to win votes. Next week he’ll flip/flop on something else if he thinks it can buy him a vote. But if he gets elected…watchout…anything goes…doesn’t matter what he promised during the election.

  39. This is a very enlightened group of respondents. I hope each one of you are helping to re-elect The President and elect some democratic and independent congressmen that he can work with to move this country forward. I have supported the effort with small donations and will donate time at a phone bank in October and November.

    Let’s not take this election for granted the Republicans have a massive voter surpression effort underway in the battle ground states. This is what I fear the most about this election.

    I am looking forward to the debates. The Republicans have also attacked the credibility of the debate moderators. The truth will come out.

    • A study by the New York Times shows that if there is heavy voter turnout, that the Democrats have a 91% chance of winning. The Republican movement to suppress the vote of poor voters is unconscionable!

  40. Oh yes Mitt can add very well, the question is can America’s 99% add ? Some one said the tea party is our own home grown taliban ruling with an iron fist and the Republican party has become anti American against women, non white Americans and the poor of any ethnic
    persuasion. Screaming their love for God, but following non of His teachings, love your neighbor as yourself. It appears intimidation, fear, and lies are the norm of the day.

  41. look i was watching t.v. the other nigth an a mitt ad came on. Where he said that he was about innovation. My question is how can you have innovation without education

  42. Reagan increased the deficit by over $2 trillion in 1980 dollars according to wikipedia, if you look at a graph showing the deficit by year you will see how deficits balloon under Republican Presidents, Clinton was right, Republican Math is ruining our Nation’s ability to take care of basic things like roads and schools. Repulicans want to privatize our Schools and public schools go back to our founding. Good news is they have maybe one more election they could win with this demographic after 2016 their demographic has shrunk so much they won’t be able to win legaly with that demographic, not enough votes!

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