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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • whodatbob

    Very Funny!! Sad but funny! Reminds me of old movie ‘Black Board Jungle’.

  • Erik Nash

    I wonder how long its gonna be before mass shootings become a pastime here?

  • Allan Richardson

    Rulers? We don’t need no stinkin’ rulers!

    Johnny, say hello to Teacher’s little friend, here!

    That statue on the wall? That’s the last kid that gave us a hard time (in a Catholic school).

  • Mark Forsyth

    The next time that damn little bastard comes down the hall without a pass from his teacher,I’m gonna blow his ass away!

    • sigrid28

      There’s a second level of irony in the cartoon as well. Teachers of the vintage shown in this classroom no longer work in most schools, having become “over-qualified” (read too expensive) within the corporate models that have taken them over. A more accurate illustration would show perky new college graduates with nice manicures and a little more fear on their faces.

      • Mark Forsyth

        Agreed,I don’t have to look very far to see what you describe,sadly.

  • whodatbob

    I am not a educator but I am married to a retired public school teacher, three of our dauthers are public school teachers. None own guns, but all smiled and said might help when they heard the news teachers mighy be able to carry guns in school.

  • Barbara Morgan

    When I went to school, more years ago than I like to think about, I knew I had to behave at school or I would get a spanking at school and another when I got home because if you got in trouble at school you got in trouble at home no matter why. That is what is wrong with school kids now days if they get in trouble at school they don’t get in trouble and get punishment for getting in trouble instead the parents jump the the teacher or the principal that the child got in trouble with for punishment of their child, they don’t back the school even when it is clear that the school was right in what it did. If parents of today would be grownups and not try to be the age of their children and be their friends not their parents,they would learn more and be better equiped for life than most of them are now. No Guns in schools, on school grounds, control gun ownership and types of guns owned by complete background checks not a 30 sec background check that is done at gun shows today and no getting the gun until a complete background is done and the seller knows that the person buying the gun is the person whose name is on the ID shown and not a forgery. Protect the rights of non gun owners also, we are not second class citizens despite what gun lovers think.