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Friday, October 28, 2016

Attn. Young Blacks: There's A Message For You In This 'Lin-sanity'

An open letter to African-American young people:

So, have you caught “Lin-sanity” yet?

  • kit

    GREAT article! I commend the writer for his message to young blacks. I hope they take it to heart and stop promoting the ignorant stereotypes by their own use of language. Respect yourselves and others will also.

  • hgltraveling

    Thanks to you and to Lyn for the shot in the arm to all of us who have been “type-cast” for whatever reason.

  • OTTO

    I think you missed the point. It is not a racial matter! Your statements about young Blacks has some good points as noted by “kit”. But how you went from Lin’s athletic performance to that is …ridiculous and maybe you have issues.

    Athletes AND fans appreciate GREAT athletes. It is one area of life in America where race is a minor consideration compared to skills. Sure, there will always be a few irrelevant dissenters. (There are some that don’t like Kobe or LeBron)

    I will say if Lin had been Black, Indian, Eskimo, White, Arab, Persian whatever—–the performance, coming from nowhere, and with those kinds of skills and WINS for a less than .500 team, you would have gotten the same reaction!

    AND THE FANS WOULD GO CRAZY, as they are doing for Lin.