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Sunday, September 23, 2018
Steve Chawkins

Carolyn Kizer, Pulitzer-Winning Poet, Dies At 89

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Carolyn Kizer has passed away, leaving behind a legacy as a strong feminist poet and sharp wit.

October 14, 2014

Ed Joyce, Former CBS News President Who Tangled With Dan Rather, Dies At 81

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Ed Joyce, a former president of CBS News whose brief, turbulent tenure in the 1980s was marked by threatened corporate takeovers and settlement of a damaging libel lawsuit from Gen. William Westmoreland, has died. He was 81. His death Saturday at his home in Redding, Conn., was confirmed by […]

August 7, 2014

Henry ‘Hank’ Hartsfield Jr., Space Shuttle Astronaut, Dies At 80

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Over his career as an astronaut, Henry “Hank” Hartsfield Jr. spent many years in training and only 20 days in orbit — but they were very good days. “I’ve never had so much fun,” he once said of his first mission, a test flight of the shuttle Columbia that […]

July 24, 2014

Karl Albrecht, German Billionaire Who Built Aldi Food Empire, Dies At 94

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Karl Albrecht, a reclusive German billionaire who with his younger brother Theo turned his mother’s corner store into a worldwide grocery empire, has died. He was 94. Albrecht’s July 16 death in Essen, Germany, was confirmed by Aldi, the no-frills discount chain that he and Theo co-founded. Separately, Theo […]

July 22, 2014

Arthur J. Walker, Who Sold Secret Navy Files To The Soviets, Dead At 79

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Arthur J. Walker, a conspirator in one of the biggest U.S. spy cases since World War II, was a surprisingly trusting soul. When FBI agents wanted to talk to him in 1985 after arresting his brother John on suspicion of espionage, Walker voluntarily chatted, over several sessions, for a […]

July 16, 2014

Actress And Civil Rights Activist Ruby Dee Dies At 91

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Ruby Dee, an actress known as much for her civil rights activism as for her powerful stage and movie roles in productions including A Raisin in the Sun, has died. She was 91. Dee died Wednesday of age-related causes in New Rochelle, N.Y., according to her Los Angeles agent, […]

June 12, 2014

Lee Marshall, The Voice Of Tony The Tiger, Dies At 64

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Lee Marshall wasn’t born Tony the Tiger. With his magnificent basso profundo reverberating in wrestling arenas and radio newsrooms for decades, he had to earn his stripes. Marshall, who first voiced the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes icon in 1999, died April 26 at a Santa Monica hospital. He […]

May 8, 2014

Bob Hoskins, Actor Known As ‘The Cockney Cagney,’ Dies At 71

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Bob Hoskins, a British actor whose powerful screen presence earned him a reputation as “the Cockney Cagney” and who, at 5 feet 6 and with a face he likened to a squashed cabbage, gave the short, bald men of the world a reason to swagger, has died. He was 71. […]

May 1, 2014

Charles Farthing, Doctor At Forefront Of AIDS Care, Dies At 60

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times LOS ANGELES — Charles F. Farthing, a physician who was at the forefront of care for HIV/AIDS patients and who drew attention to the need for an AIDS vaccine by announcing his willingness to inject himself, has died. He was 60. Farthing, who collapsed in a Hong Kong taxi April […]

April 15, 2014

Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist’s Anti-Gay Preacher, Dies At 84

By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Fred Phelps, a publicity-hungry Kansas pastor who picketed hundreds of military funerals because he believed America was too sympathetic to gays, died early Thursday in Topeka, Kansas. He was 84. His daughter, Margie Phelps, confirmed his death to the Associated Press but did not give the cause. With his small […]

March 20, 2014