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Monday, February 18, 2019

This is a breaking story. We will update it as more information becomes available. 

By Donna Owens

BALTIMORE (Reuters) – Baltimore police officer Edward Nero was acquitted on Monday of four charges in the 2015 death of black detainee Freddie Gray, the second setback for prosecutors in a case that triggered rioting and fueled the Black Lives Matter movement.

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams, who heard the case in a bench trial, told a packed courtroom that Nero, 30, had acted as any officer would during Gray’s arrest in April 2015.

Nero is the second officer to be tried and faced misdemeanor charges of second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of misconduct in office. The first trial of an officer in the 25-year-old Gray’s death ended in a mistrial.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake issued a statement urging calm. The only incident in the immediate aftermath of the verdict involved protesters chasing members of Nero’s family into a parking garage, yelling, “No justice, no peace.”

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby had charged Nero with arresting Gray without probable cause when he ran from him and other officers unprovoked in a high-crime area. She also contended Nero did not secure Gray in a police transport van. Gray died from a spine injury suffered in the van.

Nero’s lawyers had argued that Gray’s arrest was justified and that the officer had little to do with it. He never touched Gray except when he tried to help him find an asthma inhaler and helped lift him into the van, they said.

During a 25-minute reading of his decision, Williams said Nero acted as a “similarly situated” officer would and that prosecutors had failed to prove their case. He said Nero’s partner, Garrett Miller, had testified that Nero had done little during the arrest.

“Miller stated unequivocally that he was the one who detained and handcuffed Mr. Gray,” he said.

Nero still faces an internal department investigation. There was no response from Mosby’s office since those involved in the case are under a court gag order.

In a statement, defense attorney Marc Zayon said Nero appreciated “the reasoned judgment” of Williams in his verdict and called on Mosby to dismiss charges against the five other officers accused in the case.

Gray’s death a week after his arrest had sparked a day of rioting in which nearly 400 buildings were damaged or destroyed in the majority black city of 620,000 people. The case helped stoke the Black Lives Matter movement and national debate over policing in minority communities.

Baltimore paid Gray’s family $6.4 million in a settlement reached last year.

William Porter was the first officer tried in the case and his trial ended in a hung jury in December. The charges against other officers range from misconduct to second-degree murder.

The hashtag #FreddieGray began trending on Twitter after news of Nero’s acquittal. Some black activists expressed their disappointment.

“#FreddieGray should be alive today,” wrote DeRay Mckesson, a key figure in the Black Lives Matter movement who unsuccessfully ran for mayor of Baltimore in April.

Tim Maloney, a Greenbelt, Maryland, lawyer who has handled police misconduct cases, said if prosecutors had been successful, any officer who made an arrest without clear probable cause would be subject to criminal prosecution.

“That would have an incredible chilling effect,” he said.

Reporting by Ian Simpson; Editing by Toni Reinhold

Photo: Officer Edward M. Nero is pictured in this undated booking photo provided by the Baltimore Police Department.  Baltimore Police Department/Handout via Reuters

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54 responses to “Baltimore Policeman Not Guilty On All Charges In Freddie Gray Death”

  1. Otto T. Goat says:

    He, and the other officers, should never have been charged.

    • Frank Pig says:

      Really? Freddy Gray was alive when he was taken into custody and the injuries he received while in custody were the result of they way he was treated. He did not kill himself and the city of Baltimore has paid his relatives 6.4 million dollars in damages knowing that the officers that detained him caused the injuries that killed him.
      Facts are: Freddy Gray is dead and the police killed him. Maybe this guy wasn’t involved in his death but he was involved.

      • Otto T. Goat says:

        There is no evidence the officers who detained him caused the injuries that killed him. A payout from Baltimore’s corrupt government is not an indication of guilt.

        • George Carroll says:

          Really, Otto? Then I suppose Freddy Gray snapped his own spine. Is that your argument? Really?

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            If he stood up, then fell forward, he essentially snapped his own spine, or if he was banging his head. Notice you don’t cite any evidence the officers who detained him caused his injuries.

          • George Carroll says:

            I’m unfamiliar with the autopsy report, but your argument lacks basic understanding of human physiology. Head banging does not sever the spine it causes concussions and I don’t recall reading anything about concussive injuries. If your argument is he fell, then it’s strangely coincidental that those types of injuries occur with far more frequency while one is in police custody than they do in general society. If a simple fall is all it takes to sever someone’s spine, 1/4 of the population would be in wheelchairs. Why are you in such denial about the obvious? Are you really so blind?

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            His hands were handcuffed behind his back.

          • George Carroll says:

            And football players get SMACKED by 300+ pound guys regularly and constantly, but when did you last hear of one’s SPINE being severed? Just admit it, bro. Even if there was video of the cops jumping up and down on him, you still would defend the cops. What would your excuse be then? They forgot their contacts that day and innocently thought Freddy Gray was a pogo stick? You are blind and will never be convinced that COPS BEAT PEOPLE and LIE ALL THE TIME. The judicial system even has a name for it when cops are on the stand: it’s called testi-lying. You will never be convinced to stop drinking the koolaid so I’m done here.

          • AgLander says:

            It’s over……DEAL WITH IT…..hopefully without rioting and stealing stuff.

          • George Carroll says:

            There were no riots…I’m sure that disappoints you.

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            He incurred spinal injuries because he stood up, then fell forward, his forehead hitting the wall of the van, snapping his head back because his hands were cuffed behind his back. That’s the most plausible explanation.

          • AgLander says:

            And which the evidence clearly indicates by the judges decision. No need to debate with these Monday morning quarterbacks……the final score has been posted.

          • Otto T. Goat says:

            Why do you say “the cops”? There was one black cop driving the van.

          • Sc00ter5111 says:

            The black cops are the worst. They have to prove they are more racist than whitey if they want to be well thought of by their masters.

          • AgLander says:

            I’m sure the judge who made the ruling feels terrible he did not hear your critical testimony!

          • AgLander says:

            What part of NOT GUILTY don’t you understand?

          • George Carroll says:

            I see your point…and OJ Simpson was also found not guilty. Do you believe he is innocent?

          • George Carroll says:

            Yeah, I figured that would shut you up. Just because the cop was found not guilty does not mean he is innocent.

          • AgLander says:

            Why don’t you just stop playing games and say it…..this officer was found by the EVIDENCE to be totally INNOCENT. Your problem and the reason you whine and won’t accept the verdict has nothing to do with the evidence but is all about your anger and racism in response to officer Nero operating while white…..go ahead and say it, you’ll feel better and we all will see the reason behind your hissy fit.

          • George Carroll says:

            Actually, if you had the requisite reading comprehensions skills, you’d know I already said cops are questionable. I never said WHITE cops or BLACK cops, I said COPS as in all of them. This isn’t about the race of the cop, it’s about the fact that the VAST, OVERWHELMING majority of cops are ass cracks with power trip issues. They all lie for each other and their lies are protected by a judicial system that doesn’t care because if they DO find cops at fault it will cost the City/County/State millions of dollars per lawsuit. YOU are the one who brought race into the issue; I never said anything about the race of the cop. But I did ask you a question and can’t help but notice you didn’t respond. This cop was found not guilty, so you believe he is innocent, right? OJ Simpson was ALSO found not guilty: do you believe OJ is innocent?

        • Sc00ter5111 says:

          Those filthy pigs gave him a “rough ride” in the back of a van. If you’ve ever been in a vehicle and lost control; The forces involved are quite evident, especially if not wearing a seat belt. Mr. Grey was handcuffed and not belted in a vehicle with no padding. This practice of the pigs is well documented: They intended to cause grievous bodily harm. It is standard practice in other departments; NATIONWIDE
          Those pigs should get a “rough ride” as their payback! IMHO:That: would be real justice.

  2. Otto T. Goat says:

    Imagine the fun if Hillary’s base riots again.

    • David says:

      Probably not “if”, but “when”!

    • hepette says:


      • Sc00ter5111 says:

        That traitor likes it when things like this happen! She was behind the violence at a Trump function. Hopefully: that bitch will get so involved that the violence finds her and her rapist husband. We have her inbred kind, the “israel firsters” to thank for 911 and how the troops come home.

    • Daniel Jones says:

      Because all democrats are dirty stupid murder-blacks? Christ, would you at least watch more movies than “Birth of a Nation”?

  3. hepette says:


  4. Paul Bass says:

    Hey, Fools (otto & ag),
    This particular officer was on trail for ARRESTING Mr. Grey, with that act itself being illegal, which it has previously been ruled.

    THEN this BENCH judgement was on the motion that the arresting officer should be liable for illegal acts (including death) that happen AFTER the arrest. This would have been the first time in USA history that a LEO was held responsible for injuries that occurred after the direct arrest.

    So, no, most experts expected this result. This officer, may have illegally arrested Mr. Grey, but WAS NOT responsible for how OTHER officers acted afterward.

    BTW, cities, corrupt or otherwise don’t settle for millions if they (the police/city) are innocent.

    • George Carroll says:

      Amen, Paul Bass. My neighbor tripped on a City sidewalk that’s been buckled nearly a foot in the air by the roots of a City owned tree. Residents have complained to the City about it for years, yet when the neighbor sued JUST FOR HOSPITAL BILLS of around $7,000 (not for any other amount) the City fought her tooth and nail. It is unimaginable that any City would just roll over and give away more than $6 million dollars if they didn’t know they could lose a lot more than that if it went to trial. The City has a PLATOON of Attorneys and Risk Management specialists who must have advised it to settle for the reasons described.

    • oldfed says:

      Nonsense there has been no judicial ruling just an uneducated state attorney

      • Daniel Max Ketter isoldfed says:

        But Linda Rae Ketter had an affair with a black man who was packing more meat than 1-inch Dan was! No wonder you are angry!

  5. Sc00ter5111 says:

    I’ll lay you a dollar to a doughnut that officer is a war vet. I’ve met a few returning vets from our latest illegal occupations. All of them are racist to the core and have no respect for human life. They have been so heavily indoctrinated (brainwashed) they are willing to spill innocent blood for any, or no reason. None of the returning vets should be in Law Enforcement or any occupation that requires a firearm. The military has turned most of them into psychopathic mass murderers who won’t stop killing. The military leadership condones Rape, murder,and torture of innocent children as well as of “suspects”. Our military deliberately targets hospitals, orphanages and wedding party’s. For every “suspect” they kill; over 50 innocent people are also murdered. Now that they have learned it is OK to murder a “suspect” “over there”, it translates that it is OK to murder “suspects” “over here”. The racist ideology is taught in the military academies and force fed to the troops under threat of prison or personal harm to not adhere to the dictates of those Nazi thugs.
    This is what you get when you “support the troops”. There are no heroes here, move along.
    Michael Moore released a movie a short while back titled “Where To Invade Next” It should be a must see in every high school history or civics class. It is accurate, truthful and a real eye opener, For those “on the fence”: Most, with an open mind, will know what side to be on.

    • George Carroll says:

      I agree with you in part, Scooter: I do question the true motivation of anybody who wants to be a cop. Statistically there have to be a few who became cops for honorable reasons, but I’m equally convinced at least 80% go into law enforcement for the wrong reasons: they got picked on as kids and now want some payback, they have power trip/ego issues and enjoy pushing people around, they failed at everything else so becoming a cop was their “fall back” job, etc. I personally know TWO cops who joined the force solely because they failed at becoming pro bodybuilders. Yes, there are “good cops” out there…but they aren’t as “good” as they like to think they are because they see the crooked crap their buddies pull and remain silent–or worse–join the cover up. They get away with it because that is the easiest course of action. Prosecuting a cop can be a career-ending move and is DEFINITELY unpopular as you can see by the comments of the sheep Otto and AG. It’s easier–and cheaper–for cops and the judicial system to band together to cover each other and lie, lie, lie. When was the last time ANY law enforcement agency came out and said. “Our officers broke the law”? That NEVER happens because it sets the City up for a million dollar lawsuit. Such an admission is unheard of because that level of honesty would be foolish.

    • disqus_Cc20uRF6eN says:

      Illegal occupations……YOU P.O.S.

    • oldfed says:

      Its obvious that the only people who are racists and no respect for life are the colored ilk of Barak, Sharpton, Jesse, Holder, Michelle

      • Daniel Max Ketter isoldfed says:

        Dannnn Ketter. Still bitter about being passed over for a fed job by black folks who were better qualified than you. Perhaps your business skills were lacking.

  6. disqus_Cc20uRF6eN says:

    VICTORY !!!!

  7. oldfed says:

    Just another political lynching to satisfy the colored in this country no matter how many people it ruins

    • George Carroll says:

      Who was lynched? As I recall, the victim is dead and the cop was cleared of all charges. So who was lynched?

    • Daniel Max Ketter isoldfed says:

      ←But you’re lazy dan ketter, a 68 year old white bigot from Williamsburg VA. Dan’s application for a federal job was rejected many years back, and he blames black people and women for it. In reality, Dan was a Vietnam Era draft dodger, evading military service with a college deferment. Sad Dan thought his MBA would get him selected for a USPS Postmaster…but he didn’t get it, nor could he get any federal job he applied for. After living on welfare for 6 years, with the tax payers supporting him and his family, loser Dan’s brother got him on Ford Motors payroll as a parts clerk, which he held for 30 years until retiring in 2007.

      Besides being a military draft dodger, Dan is also a military impostor, falsely posing as a retired USAF Colonel after only 5 years of alleged service, which is a lie. Dan also falsely poses as a former college professor, but he was just a part time teaching assistant during his unemployed welfare years.

  8. A_Real_Einstein says:

    It appears we are finally making some progress. Although no conviction today at least these officers were charged and had a to live a full year in fear. We must respect the decision of the judge and that there simply was not enough evidence to convict. Freddy , the citizens of Baltimore and the police have and will have their day in court. Since I am not familiar with the details of the trial I assume the correct decision. My guess is only the driver will be convicted. The good news is that the Police in progressive jurisdictions now know they be investigated, arrested and charged if they appear to break the law. In my opinion the KKK has traded in their hoods for badges. The blue code must end. This is step in the right direction.

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