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Monday, October 24, 2016

Here’s the thing about privileged characters like Mitt Romney: they’ve never really been vetted, indeed rarely challenged. Say you’re a senior at a posh prep school in Michigan, for example, and you think it’d be fun to pick on the weakest person in your class. So you get a bunch of guys to hold the gay kid down while you cut off his offensively long hair.

What happens? Well, if your father’s the governor of Michigan, nothing happens. A scholarship student from Detroit might have been expelled, but not somebody whose daddy ran an auto company. Years later, you can’t even recall the event, although none of the others ever forgot. Meanwhile, the tax deductible endowment funds keep rolling in to the old alma mater.

It’s the way of the world.

This is not to deny that Mitt Romney’s a talented and enterprising fellow. Country club bars everywhere are decorated with well-born failures, cursing the IRS and muttering about the moral failings of the poor. Mitt could have been one of those. Instead, he’s a striver.

Nevertheless, for a man like Romney, the money functions like some sci-fi force field, protecting its owner, if not from the snares and vicissitudes of life, then definitely from everyday inconveniences.

People laugh at your jokes, funny or not. Nobody says what they really think. Subordinates kiss your posterior 24/7. Consequently, you never really know who you can trust. Are they deferring to you, or your money

It can be a significant weakness. Romney’s strained affect, his awkward attempts to be seen as a “regular guy,” signal a certain discomfort with life inside the force-field. His life strategy, however, has been to amass ever more money and power, by almost any means technically legal.

Being Mitt Romney means never having to explain.

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  • It is not easy to tell the electorate “vote for me because I have lots of business experience” and then admit he was a CEO and President in absentia during part of his tenure at Bain Capital. It is even worse to admit that his business experience involved recommending shutting down plants, laying off thousands of people, cutting benefits and outsourcing jobs. Mr. Romney may have to reinvent himself, a tall order for an elitist.

    • SaneJane

      Don’t forget that he took his money and left creditors and employees holding the bag. This amounts to legal theft. Student loans cannot be included in a bankruptcy but Romney left behind billions of dollars in debt for someone else to absorb while he amassed a huge fortune. Conservatives oppose social programs because they don’t want their tax money to benefit deadbeats but bow at the feet of the biggest dead beat of all.

    • jerrimyers

      Hence, Etch A Sketch a/k/a Mitt Flip Romney

  • lyndawild

    As has been said, “Mr. Romney is applying for the wrong job”.

  • Mitt Romney hs got to understand hat Americans, despite the economic challenges, are smarter than he thinks. Americans are not that gullible to buy his fakeness. We need an authentic transformational leader like Obama who truly cares for struggling people.

    • SaneJane

      Unfortunately, it seems that about half the country are not that smart and are that gullible. Here in Alabama I don’t think it would matter if he was giving cocaine to first graders. They would applaud his generosity. I fear for our country when I think about the mindset of such a large percentage of our populace. I do not personally know another person here that supports President Obama. They actually hate him. I am becoming an outcast because of my political and economic beliefs.

      • I live in Central Florida and I see the same thing here. Sadly, a large segment of our population is more inclined to be persuaded by a cute 30-second commercial, or for other than what we ought to look for in a presidential candidate, than take the time to educate themselves and become familiar with issues pertinent tp the election. I could not believe it when one of my neighbors told me a week ago that she hates Barack Obama because he destroyed MEDICARE. When I mentioned to her that the person that proposed dismantling MEDICARE was Rep. Ryan and added that one of the most important reasons for the MEDICARE fiscal problems was the 2003 Part D reform all I got back was a blank stare. Her comment reminded me of the woman who asked Sen McCain four years ago whether or not he thought Barack Obama was an Arab! Unfortunately for our country, the high rate of high school dropouts augurs an increase in stupidity and, potentially, the end of U.S. global supremacy in the not too distant future. I guess we could delay things by incinerating opponents, but history suggest military force is never a long term solution.

      • SaneJane, I am in Alabama, I support President Obama. I understand what you are saying. It shocked me the other day when I heard Gov. Bailey say, Romney should release his tax returns. Will the Governor get reelected now? I doubt it.

        • M.

          Maybe Obama should release his academic records…cue the crickets.

          • jarheadgene

            You hear the crickets ’cause NOBODY CARES! The two subjects are “apples and oranges”. Corporations aren’t people my friend.
            corporations=board members / employees=people
            military=institution / troops=people
            GET IT!

          • thelonegunmanX

            I still don’t know why you had to taint the good name of fruit by bringing them into this, but I don’t think that whether or not a corporation should be treated like an individual is the most pertinent issue… Fact is, Obama hasn’t done a great job the past four years, less Americans are working and more Americans are currently in poverty, now looks like as good a time as any to hire someone else for the job. Since Obama said himself that if he did not succeed in lowering the deficit and getting more jobs that this would be “a one term proposition”…

          • Sand_Cat

            Especially somebody who’ll make things worse, right?

          • thelonegunmanX

            Especially if the only information you have on the 2nd option is from this website and Obama’s ad campaign

      • ObozoMustGo

        InsaneJane… you SHOULD be an outcast for your leftist politics and socialist economic fantasies… errr…. beliefs. All of you should be MUCH more marginalized and ridiculed for being leftist nutjobs and useful idiots. I’m just sayin…..

        But I still love you, InsaneJane! 🙂 🙂 You know I do!

        Have a nice day!

        • Socialist economic fantasies? The party that labels President Obama’s mandate to get coverage from for-profit insurance companies socialist, while doing everything they can to preserve getting freebies at ERs is either very ignorant or believes the rest of us are. President Obama’s mandate is the anti-thesis of socialism, conversely, the use of ERs to get free care is as socialist as you can get. You may not realize, but your position embraces the ocio-economic philosophies espoused by Marx and Engels.

        • Your just saying… Who are you? Why should we lsten to you? Since when did being liberal become evil? Since when did compassion become something to be ridiculed, usually by those claiming to be Christian? You are just saying, but you are not adding anything but baseless insults to the dialogue. So stop just saying till you have something worth saying.

          Have a nice day!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Actually Joan… being a liberal IS evil! Being compassionate is not. Believing that your compassion should FORCE others to be stripped of their private property (earnings are property for you leftist nutjobs) to support the outsourcing of YOUR charitable purposes to government IS evil. The inability to admit that your precious wealth redistribution schemes have been collassal failures IS the hallmark of a fool.

            Setting that aside, there was a certain tongue-in-cheek to my comment to Jane. She would know that. I actually like her and she and I have had some good exchanges.

            Now, go back to your bong!

            Have a nice day!

          • Please define “leftist nutjobs” for those of us who are not familiar with the term.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Millie… I’m glad you asked!

            Defining a leftist nutjob…. hmmmmm…. it’s pretty simple. Anyone whose worldview is shaped by the Holy Trinity of the left: Race, Gender, and Class. Typically that means they see the world through the lenses of victimization, are classically attracted to viewpoints that are born of jealousy and envy, and believe that man can be perfected through public policy. They believe in collectivism, and not individual liberty. That the state is more important than the sovereign individual and that the individual must subjugate his interests to the greater good of society. They also do not grasp the concept of profit motives or economic incentives, and mostly believe that profits are a bad thing.

            Remember, liberalism is a disease that presents itself as its own cure!

            Have a nice day!

          • highpckts

            So your all for the wealthy even it means you must suffer for their benefits??? Even if you know they have tax advantages you can never dream of?? Even when they lay off employees to boost their bottom line and then refuse to rehire because they have discovered they can get twice as much work out of the remaining staff because their afraid of losing their jobs? You are a piece of work!

          • ObozoMustGo

            hp… you have revealed that you are a perfect reflection of the very definition that I wrote. I know, you can’t help yourself. You are a fool!

            Have a nice day!


          • metrognome3830

            That would be us, Mildred. You, InsaneJane, me. Be proud, Mildred, that OMG thinks you are a “leftist nutjob.” It’s actually kind of a term of respect. In a “right wing” sort of way.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Watch it Metro… you’re blowing my cover! Shshshshshshshsh!

          • RUKIDENME

            Nobodies blowing your cover, everybody knows your an idiot.

          • ObozoMustGo

            rukidenme… urna$$hole

            Have a nice day!

            “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
            the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
            its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
            — Winston Churchill

          • RUKIDENME

            R U saying we R the USA is socialist? Have u enlisted in the armed forces yet? I’m still waiting for your answer. No need to use profanity, it only displays your ignorance. Of course anyone who reads your dribble knows this. Keep hating.

          • Keep in mind that “leftist nutjob” as used by BOZO is actually a badge of honor. So when BOZO resorts to his right wing clamoring nonsense, he’s unintentionally giving you a complement.

          • NoMoree

            Definition of “Leftist nutjobs” = Supporters of O’bama!

            After the DNC I am embarrassed and ashamed to be a registered democrat. How can anyone be stupid enough to vote for O’bama after his last 4 years of total failure? Four more years of him and we will all be at the mercy of the government. We won’t have a say in anything. O’bama keeps saying that the republicans wouldn’t work with him and pass anything that he put forth, but if I remember correctly, he had a democratic congress the first 2 years that he was in office. Why didn’t they get something done? They are all about excuses, blame someone else and lies. Why isn’t he doing anything in the way of energy to make America less dependent on other countries, afterall, we have more natural gas than any other country, and here we are giving Brazil $2 billion dollars to drill offshore, but he put a ban on the U.S. drilling offshore. He is doing everything in his power to break the backbone of the United States and four more years of out of control spending should do it. Why did he appoint a job council?? He has not met with them in 7 months…. That tells me how much he cares about creating jobs.. Oh, I forgot, he was too busy playing golf (104 times) and campaigning.. Ergo, leftist nutjobs!

          • greghilbert

            The inarguable fact is that wealth was being redistributed from the many to the few before Obama took office, and IT STILL IS.

            As to your insults and perverse characterization of liberals, at first they reminded me of the brown-shirt thugs the Nazis deployed in the thirties. The Nazis held that anyone to the left of Attila the Hun was evil. In short order they went from issuing insults to pursuing tactics of threat and intimidation and then a strategy of terror that didn’t end until 25 million were dead.

            Some modern-day would-be Nazis trolling the internet imagine themselves brow-beating and whipping liberals into submission, but settle for being annoying imps.

            As I see it they might reveal their impotence and perversity by professing affection for — and wishing a nice day to — people they say are evil.

            When I thought about that, I was reminded that people who might be said by others to be mentally ill,
            are free to comment on the internet.

          • ObozoMustGo

            greggy…. a few points to be made…

            1) there is NO concentration of wealth. That is a myth perpetrated by you leftist freaks who believe the economy is a zero sum game. That the economy is a fixed pie and your perception is that if someon has a bigger piece, that must mean that they took it from someone else that now has a smaller piece. Patently false!!!

            2) Where do you think there is greater wealth disparity? In North Korea or South Korea? You know the answer. The only wealthy people in N. Korea are those in the ruling class. Everyone else is eating rats and mice to stay alive. And the people have ZERO hope of ever getting out of abject poverty. The greatest land of opportunity to rise above one’s circumstances is right here, in America, my friend. Unfortunately for you whining beetch leftists, you want equality of results, not equality of opportunity.

            3) I’ll post this again for you and any other leftist nutjob that is stupid to figure out the plain meaning of words…

            And for all of you leftist nutjobs out there who are incapable of simple thought, let’s review the basic meaning of the term ‘Nazi’…. NAZI is an acronym for National Socialist Party. Knowing that, which of our 2 parties is most likely to be a home to people who identify more closely with the ideas of socialism? Come on…. be h0nest… which one? That’s riiiiiiiiight… The DemocRATS are the party for socialists in America. In fact, it can be argued quite well that the old party called Democrat sould be called the Socialist Party in modern times. So, before all you leftist nutjobs start trying hurl the ‘Nazi” label around, remember what it REALLY means!

            Nazi = Socialist = DemocRAT

            You’re only casting dispersions on yourself, you stupid moron.

            Have a nice day!

          • highpckts

            For fear of sounding childish, it takes one to know one!!

          • what is EVIL, is you!

          • Sand_Cat

            Congrats, Obozo. You managed to come up with another post instead of repeating the one you were stuck on. Not that the new stuff is any less idiotic and childish than what you wrote before.

          • RUKIDENME

            He can’t help himself, maybe with the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT he can get some counseling.

        • metrognome3830

          Welcome back from vacation, OMG. Glad to see you haven’t lost any of your edge. Just a quick question. I’m confident you will have an answer. How does one retire “retroactively?” You didn’t address that in your comments. It would be useful information. My fellow former bus drivers would like to be able to say, “I’m not the one who pulled away from the curb and left an 80-year-old lady running for the bus in 2005, I was retired retroactively in 2004. Even though the records say I retired in 2005.”

          To InsaneJane: “Hang in there. Someday OMG will be the outcast and we can pick on him.

          Sorry, OMG, but — to the victors belong the spoils.

          But you have a great day and welcome back!

          • ObozoMustGo

            Thanks Metro. It’s good to be back lobbing grenades into this sea of leftist insanity. Good times, YO!

            I wasnt really paying much attention to the news cycle, frankly, when I was gone so I sort of missed the whole “retro retirement” thing. Sounds like a stupid statement, doesn’t it? Who made it?

            Keep on trying to find dirt on Romney. After all, he did put a dog on top of his car 25 years ago. And 47 years ago, he alegedly gave a kid a haircut. I think he pulled a prank in a cop uniform too 47 years or so ago. All really bad stuff. You guys really need to make that stuff known throughout America.

            Re: InsaneJane — She knows I’m poking fun at her. I actually like Jane and have had some good exchanges with her.

            Since when have I NOT been picked on while on this site? Hmmmmmm??????

            Have a great day, Metro! Thanks for the welcomes.

          • metrognome3830

            Yeah, and you love every minute of it!

            I just wanted InsaneJane and Millie to know they have company.

            Have a nice day!

        • ObozoMustGo….THANK YOU….You and your hate makes me very PROUD to be a Democrat supporting a good and caring man,Barack Obama. I feel so sorry for you. You are so mean and hateful, just like most Republicans have become lately.

        • RUKIDENME

          Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Now grow up and stop the name calling or at least get your GED.

      • sigrid28

        I know you are personally capable of defending yourself against the kind of misogynistic, xenophobic, and often profane ramblings that are the speciality of ObozoMustGo, who becomes more and more ill-tempered as the day goes on, especially toward women and especially toward women like you, whose comments put them upstream in the conversation thread when it comes to accumulating LIKES. This way, he thinks, he is killing two birds with one verbal stone: get himself more attention and put down a woman at the same time. Not really an original idea, this. Stoning is still a punishment reserved for women in some parts of the world.

        SaneJane, I’m just another person hanging on to the word thread. I respect you for contributing to the discourse of “The National Memo,” for your insight about life in Alabama, and for your refusing to accept the role of outcast. This is a text stream in which you are safe and appreciated, no matter what your Republican neighbors or OMG might do to try to suppress your freedom of speech. His comments might be more welcome if he could (or would) express himself as well as you do and stick to the subject at hand, even if he does wish to speak from a Republican point of view. Your example makes a difference.

        • M.

          And how are things on the moral high ground, sigrid? Obviously, the rarified atmosphere hasn’t dented your laughable delusions of intellectual superiority.

          • Actually Sigrid pretty good writer able to convey his understandings of worldly things where as you my dear bastardy fellow “M”, you, on the other hand, are just another one of those ignorant REPOS these fine gentlemens are divesting their precious minds over. As a matter of fact Repugs would love to kick you around for pittance and lose you after they win. Go try them out . I am just a bystander in far away place away from all american stuffs. I feel sorry for the future of USA when that other 47% is kissing never-say-your-are-sorry-when-you’re-lieing-son-of rich-and-powerful-Mitts-bullybutt without knowing what they are doing. May God save your country..

      • I applaud you for standing your ground. Keep yourself informed , takes notes,and if asked a question you will have ammo. Good Luck !

      • The very same thing is happening in rural Kentucky. Those who would suffer most from a Romney presidency.

      • M.

        You mean kind of like being a conservative in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hollywood, Seattle, Boston, Chicago…? My heart actually bleeds for you.

        • JSquercia

          So M I guess that makes you a BLEEDING HEART
          Welcome to the Club

      • >> I do not personally know another person here that supports President >> Obama. They actually hate him

        Just means he is too much like them, and that horrifies them, because
        they know what he is capable of. Think about it.

        If they hate him, it is because he is the same as them, not because he is different. That is why they have to pretend he is different than them.

        So, the question becomes:

        What do they hate him (i.e. themselves) for?

        What did they do that was so bad that they fear it will catch up with them?

      • faster

        Keep on plugging, girl! What Republicans will never do is recognize that what you are doing takes COURAGE. To them, courage is only shown during physical violence. Their loss.

        Obama showed very rare courage when he gave the go-ahead to the mission to nail bin Laden. In doing so, he was putting EVERYTHING on the line. His presidency, his standing among Americans and in the world – everything. Yet he did it. That is the kind of quiet courage YOU are demonstrating in refusing to go with the mob and being outcast as a result.

        It is rare for liberals to subject a person to this kind of treatment. It can happen, I suppose, but I know of no specific incidences of it. If someone could direct me to one, I’d look at it. And if it was so, I’d have some bronzed words for said liberals!

        What marks a coward is that they go with the mob, even when there is plenty of evidence that the mob’s attitudes are wrong, malevolent and harmful. Refusing to see that, when it is right in front of them takes deep cowardice. Everyone wants to be socially acceptable. Even you do, but your acceptability doesn’t come to you at the cost of your basic decency and human conscience. THOSE are not for sale, even to the mob, even if that includes everyone you know.

        You’re brave. I just thought you ought to hear someone say it.

    • What Mitt doesn’t understand is that he’s not fooling anyone. He just has the convenience of being allied with a political party that is equally as corrupt, equally as fraudulent and equally as hypocritical, who are perfectly willing to pretend that they are buying into his B.S. for as long as he looks like a valid presidential candidate.

      As long as Mitt can fill an auditorium full of tea-baggers, and as long as FOX News is willing to pander to him, he will remain convinced that he is the master manipulator.

    • greghilbert

      While Obama is preferable to Romney, Obama is no authentic transformational leader. Independent progressives make a very good case that by virtue of a litany of acts of omission and commission, Obama is a failure if not a fake in the transformational leader department.

      • FLeFlore

        Obama is a trailblazer on so many levels. In becoming the first man of color in the highest office and dealing with all that has entailed, he is indeed transformational. Independent progressives need to expand their definitions and perspectives, IMO.

    • You give American more credit than they deserve. A former friend stated that he will vote for Romney no matter what he’s done. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t want a black president. (my words, not his) He’s still waiting to see Obama’s real birth certificate. This is an intelligent college educated individual. Yesterday he posted an article insinuating Obama’s dad is from Detroit. I told him that solves the birth certificate issue. Now he’s stating the the fake birth certificates shows his Kenyan father while we don’t really know who his real father is. Really? As I said, “former” friend. I put limits on stupidity.

      • Theodora30

        Sadly I have relatives like this so I can’t just drop them without dumping the whole family. But it sure makes me less likely to visit. These people are educated and should know better but the Republicans have been selling seductive messages that appeal to their worst instincts – particularly the ones that imply if you are affluent it is because you are inheritantly better than all those losers below you on the social ladder. My mother-in-law clearly feels this way even though she has never earned a dollar in the past fifty years and mainly lives off an inheritance from her husband’s family. To be told that you are special and that others want to take your stuff appeals to her and many others who need to feel like they are high status.

    • J. yes many of us are smarter than he thinks but with the big corperate investers and the knee-jerk redneck reaction this election won’t be a cake walk. ask people if they’re going to vote. just to keep them on point that every vote matters. then ask if they’ll vote with their brains! and sane-jane listen you are not the only supporter in Alabama it’s just the other smart people keep it on the down low.we are in Texas, Tenn. Kentucky,Georgia even West (by God) Virginia. how do you think we won the first time? people are tired of gov. of the rich for the rich on sale to the riches. WE THE PEOPLE !!

    • faster

      You just stated the best reason to vote for Obama. I’ll take it an inch further. He not only “truly cares for struggling people,” he RELATES to them. He, too, struggled more than once in his life. He knows, at the gut level, how it hurts to be stomped on.

      When people have been abused, there are two paths to take in the future.
      1. I’ve been stomped on; now it’s MY TURN.
      2. I’ve been stomped on; I know how it feels, and I NEVER want anyone to think of me the way I thought of MY personal stompers! I will therefore not stomp.

      I have a friend who never wanted to have children. She’d been abused as a child and believed the stuff that says abused children grow up to be abusers. She took it to heart. But she didn’t consider my #2 statement above. Frankly, I think that she was SO afraid she’d be an abusive mother, that she could have borne children and treated them very well indeed – because she knew – and acknowledged how wrong it is to abuse a child – so she’d never want to be one herself. It’s sad she didn’t have children, because I know her and know she’d have been an exemplary mother. She learned – the hard way – how NOT to treat a child.

      Obama, too, has learned the hard way – how NOT to treat America’s less fortunate. And his policies show that his caring is genuine.

      Romney is a predator. A superlative stomper. Nor will he care how many people in his own base get stomped on. To him, they’re not fully human. He doesn’t say so in so many words, but didn’t need to – his 47% comment said it for him. You may note that he did NOT exclude his precious “base” from the venom of his comment.

      Romney is the one who won’t hesitate to throw grandma under the bus. If she’s on SS and Medicare, she’s one of those moochers who take no responsibility for their lives. She’s one of those 47%’ers he doesn’t need to worry or care about, as president. He’d throw ME under the bus, too, because I have SS Disability. I’m a moocher, too, you see? His callousness toward half of our people should have disqualified him from the nomination, all by itself. Yet they DID nominate him. The GOP will fight tooth and nail, lie like rugs, in order to put this man – whom they ALL dislike personally – into the White House!

      To quote a cliche, “it just doesn’t get any stupider than that.”

  • Mitt Romney,jobs should be in America not over seas?

    • And his loot should be in American banks, under the close scrutiny of the IRS, instead of in Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, or Switzerland. The fact that he put his overseas investments in a blind trust under his wife’s name does not change what he did, in fact, it highlights the cowardice of a man who instead of accepting responsibility for his actions makes his wife the sacrificial lamb for his despicable behavior.

      • highpckts

        Oh I doubt his wife is a sacificial lamb! She is no better than him! Remember we are ” you people”!!

  • William Deutschlander

    A very TRUTHFUL and compelling article!

  • jarheadgene

    MR. Mormon be honest….JESUS said, “…the TRUTH will set you free.” He also said, “I am the Way and the TRUTH, and the Life.” Oh but wait Mormons don’t REALLY know Jesus, they are a cult. So we can insist he come clean about his legal, but morally wrong, doings at Bain. But with his over
    privledged, spoiled rich kid attitude he doesn’t have to answer to us little “pe[ed]ons”. Our view is skewed from the TRICKLING [tinkling] down upon us.

    • NoMoree

      What about O’bama and the democrats removing the word GOD and JERUSALEM from their platform! Tells me who believes in Jesus Christ and who doesn’t!!!!!! I’d rather be a Mormon than the democratic that I registered as. How ashammed I am of that party, not too mention embarrassed!

      • jarheadgene

        If you saw when Obama found out they added the words in. Plus I have no problem with keeping politics secular as long as they fully allow you to worship as you wish. The problem I have with Romney’s mormonism, is it shows where his head is at…..UP his arse.

        • NoMoree

          Obama signs off on his own platform. He is the one that took the words out to begin with. He is hoping that everyone is stupid enough not to realize that. I could not believe that the delegates voting on whether to put God and Jerusalem back in the platform actually did not want those words put back in. I guess it’s just a coincidence that the words were taken out and the vote showed they didn’t want the words put back in. That is some coincident! Why hasn’t he put severe sanctions on Iran? They are 6 months away from a nuclear bomb and have made the remark that they are going to blow Israel off the face of the map. Why hasn’t he taken advantage of all of the natural gas that the U.S. has? Afterall, we have more than any other country in the world. That would surely help lessen our dependence on foreign energy and create lots of jobs, and more drilling for oil would do the same, but he would rather give Brazil $2 billion dollars to purchase drilling equipment and help finance their offshore drilling so we can turn around and buy the oil from them. He could have put the $2 billion into our own offshore drilling. Why has he turned against Israel and when his mike was open he was heard saying “tell Putin I will have more flexability after I win the election.” He has thrown Israel under the bus, he is making promises to Russia, he is not doing anything to stop Iran by crippling their economy with severe sanctions. He has borrowed, borrowed, borrowed and if he gets back in he will borrow more. This country is in shambles. I have been a democrat my whole adult life, which is more years than I care to say, but this party is not the party that I was part of for so many years. Just the fact that they took a vote to see if they should put God back in speaks volumes to me. He kept none of his promises from 2008 and now he is saying, trust me for 4 more years. If he couldn’t get the job done the first 4 years, why do people believe he will do it in the next 4, afterall, he will do pretty much what he wants if he gets back in because he can’t run for president again. What does he have to lose? Nothing! What do we have to lose? Everything………………………

  • I fly for a major airline that has recently filed bankruptcy. Before filing they hired the Bain company with the main purpose to bust up the unions. We just received a message this morning that airline management has filed to have the retirees medical benefits eliminated. Benefits that they spent years earning and then left the company thinking that they had coverage for the rest of their days…… don’t know how Bain employees sleep at night?

    I didn’t like Romney the minute he appeared on the political scene. I trust my gut on many decisions in my life. Romney and Bain are giving me major rumblings….. never liked him…never will.

    • Gammaanya

      Sorry to hear that, but also Bain is shipping out jobs and closing down Co here in Ill. in Freeport (cute little town NW of Chicago). They used to be owned by Honeywell (my former employer way back in Arizona). Bain CO nic name is Strip and Ship out Co.
      Rumor goes that they will incorporate in another country so they don’t have to pat any US taxes but will be selling their products here. American Airlines will be resurected (so United) but at the expense of pilots, crew and cost will be much higher. Already is. NO more free peanuts ???? LOL

  • bcarreiro

    brown nosing outweighs whistle blowing

  • Thurston Howell IV, that’s Slick Mitt R’money.

  • ObozoMustGo


    This is all irrelevant. What is relevant? Obozo the utter failure in Chief who cannot talk about his record so the useful idiots at The Memo try to distract us from what is really important in this election year… Obozo’s record of failure.

    BH Obozo has had a sum total of 1 (one) success. Ordering the killing of OBL. That’s it. There is nothing else in 4 years. Nothing. And even that isnt really as big a deal for him as it is for the soldiers who actually did the mission. But the narcissist-in-chief is always quick to claim credit for himself.

    Lets take a look at some of Obozo’s other “successes and accomplishments”…….

    1) Obozo comes into office $10T in debt. 3.5 years later, $16T in debt
    1A) Obozo is first President in American history to be so fiscally irresponsible that he and his DemocRAT Congress caused US Credit Rating to be cut. Nice accomplishment Mr. Obozo!!!
    2) 2 years complete control of the government. NO budget as required by the Constitution. Still has no budget. The one budget he presented that was actually voted on by the Senate wend down to defeat by a vote of 97 to 0. Nice work Mr. President!!! THAT IS an accomplishment!
    3) A new bankrupting entitlement program called Obozocare jammed through congress against the vast majority of Americans who were against it (and still are) and with the blessings of the idiot Nancy Piglosi who said “we have to pass the bill before we know what is in it”. And after all that, the crowing achievement of this president will be struck down like a rabid dog by the SCOTUS. Nice work, Mr. President!
    4) Persistent unemployment that has been the worst since the Great Depression, especially among blacks and young people. His administration keeps claiming unemployment is going down, but in reality, they manipulate the formula by reducing the # of jobs available. And then they claim that over 8% unemployment is good! Quite an accomplishment in propaganda, but not economics, Mr. President.
    5) Promises to close Gitmo…. instead, he spends $750K on a soccer field for terrorists. Dont get me wrong, Gitmo should stay open. This is an example of how stupid and naive Obozo really is. Nice accomplishment, Mr. President!
    6) Gas prices are up 100%++ across the nation. And Obozo is so dumb he actually believes that increasing supply has no effect on prices… what an idiot! Blocking EVERY permit that has come before his administration and blocking pipelines that increase supplies does HAVE consequences, Mr. President. Gas prices are through the roof! Nice going Mr. President!
    7) Real inflation rates are close to 8% or higher. Who measures inflation without food and fuel??????? Obozo does! Another strong achievement in propaganda, Mr. President!

    [the following items 8 – 11 are about Obozo’s failed PUBLIC EQUITY business]
    8) SOLYNDRA!!!!!!!! need I say more? Nice job paying off your rich buddies who bundle campaign cash for you, Mr. President! You can probably count on some of those dollars coming back to you.
    9) SOLAR TRUST… another BILLION DOLLAR boondoggle in your attempt to play venture capitalist with taxpayer money that actually goes to your FAT CAT financier friends who are big donors. Nice money laundering accomplishment, Mr. President! Should I say more? OK.. I will…
    10) ECOTALITY – Another “green” Obozo investment disaster. Obozo gave them $115 MILLION. The SEC investigates fraud at the company. While that’s going on, Obozo gives them another $26 MILLION…. What an idiot! Nice accomplishment Mr. President!
    11) Fisker Automotive – yeah, that company that you gave $200MILLION to so they can build cars overseas, right? Great job creating jobs overseas, Mr. Obozo, you friggin clown!
    12) Fast and Furious!!!!! If this was a Republican Admin, all of you nutjobs that write on this web site would be going justifiably ballistic!! It would be the lead story on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSLSD, CNN, etc. etc.
    13) Same with the crook Jon Corzine. He steals $2B in client money, much of it farmers money, to cover his own bad bets. Then he gets to continue on raising money for Obozo like nothing ever happened. Where is Eric The Incompetent Holder? ……… crickets………. crickets……….. crickets………. Thought so!
    14) 88% of Americans say they are spending way more on groceries now than we were 4 years ago.
    15) 50% of Americans have had to give money to a relative at least once to help them get buy in the past 4 years.

    I’ll continue to refocus the discussion on what is important and not these foolish smokescreens the left throws up to obfuscate Obozo’s true failure as a socialist in the White House.

    Have a nice day!

    • johninPCFL

      1. The current fedgov expenditures is $3.8T, of which $500B is discretionary. The overspending is due to old people?
      2. Where in YOUR VERSION of the Constitution is a budget required? (You may want to ask Rush about that)
      3. Struck down? Get your eyesight checked, idiot.
      4. Same “manipulation” as every administration since Reagan started it. Nice job Reagan!
      5. Congress keeps Gitmo open. Get your facts straight.
      6. The president doesn’t control gas prices. Gasoline is our largest export. Maybe we should ban US companies selling it to overseas buyers.
      7. Reagan inflation plan.
      8. We send over $1T per year to Saudi Arabia. Alternative energy is a must.
      9. We send over $1T per year to Saudi Arabia. Alternative energy is a must.
      10. We send over $1T per year to Saudi Arabia. Alternative energy is a must.
      11. The plant in the US is still operating.
      12. Started with GWB, shut down by BHO. Get your facts checked.
      13. Bernie Madoff.
      14. Spending on groceries is way more than 30 years ago too. I blame Reagan.
      15. Where? Red states collect $2 of benefits per $1 of federal taxes paid now. Shouldn’t they begin carrying their own weight sometime?

  • jerrimyers

    He’s a scary dude, but then so is the entire Republican Party.

  • omarthebull

    Romney: “I can create millions of jobs. HOW? Well, I’ve done it before. Just trust me.”
    Romney: “I can turn this economy around. HOW? Well, just trust me.”
    Romney: “You want to see my tax returns? How silly, there’s nothing there. Just trust me.”
    Real people of America: “You really care about the struggling people of this country? Really?
    Real people of America: “You want to take away our health care plan and put the insurance companies back in charge? On day one. Really? Well, you sound like just the man we need in charge up there. I think I’ll vote for you in November.”
    Romney: Really?

    Well sure Governor. TRUST ME

  • etitus22

    Unfortunately, I think this; which is a sad and uncomfortable view that no one wants to talk about, but our country still has a lot of racists that want the president out of office at any cost, even by electing an unremarkable candidate Romney. I think this is particularly sad but true of many more Republicans then Democrats. They will deny it until they are blue in the face but one has to wonder why the senate minority leader vowed right after Obama was elected that his main focus for the next four years was to make Obama a one term president. What had the president at that time done to this man and his party to make this remark? He had only just got elected. I do not mean to accuse Mitch McConnell of being rascist , that would be presuming too much of me. But one has to wonder why this pledge was made right after the inauguration. Our president has faced a Republican controlled house of representatives for the last two years who have tried to block every thing he proposed. Indeed, they were successful most of the time. He tried to be nonpartisan but it did not work for him. I am not saying here that all this was racially motivated, I am sure there are many fine Republicans as well as Democrats who just have opposed his policies or his bills because they think they were bad for our sountry. That is their right as elected officicals. But, with a Romney presidency we can expect Roe v Wade to be challenged, a possible repeal of the Affordable Care Act, no more funding for Planned Parenthood and boots on the ground in many places we do not belong for which he does not have enough understanding of foreign policy to be stating that.. I am frightened by a Romney presidency, living next door to Massachusetts, I saw what he did there. Of course, he may bring out that etch a sketch and change his mind on some of the promises he has made. Not to mention what he will do to our tax structure, the top 1% will have to pay less than anyone.


  • The republicans have taken the American public down a path for years and now we the public are educated; therefore, Mitt Romney and the rest of the republican party must deal with our awarness of their power, control, and manipulative behaviors that is intensified by the use of projection. Our awareness of the Republican Party lies and their manipulative behaviors will lead to their own demise.

  • Gammaanya

    Partial list of Romney’s business accomplishments in last 8 years till 2003 in alpha order.

    AMP AD – Profit of 102.1M – bankrupted in 2002
    Dade Behring – profit 36M – bankrupt 2002
    DDI Corp. – profit 36.5M – bankrupt 2002
    Damon Corp. – Profits 1.6M – bankrupt in 2002
    Deatils – profit 93M – bankrupt 2003
    GS Ind. – profits 65.5M – bankrupt 2001
    Stage Stores (short lived) – profit 100M – bankrupt in 2000
    Worldwide Grinding Corp. – profit 16.5M – bankrupt in 2001
    For each fired person, Corp. profited $20.50 per person.

    Each bankrupcy was unfortunately left for the taxpayers to pay. That’s why Romney denies that he was in charge of Bain after 1999. Poor record. Each money he and his capitalists investors made it on taxpayers backs and pensions. In some corp. Gov. had to step in and rescue their pensions.
    Staples is floating and they pay minimum wage to their employees, so is the Sports Authority (hardly anybody shops there, high prices and Made in China Products) – also if you shop there you adding more money to Romney coffers), Burger King and others doing OK but change ownership.
    Unfortunately, we have about 55% of population totally ignorant, and gullible brainwashed and I call it The Stockholm Syndrome
    Bain Capit. helped the LDS invest in many US Corp and in the world. LDS owns Beneficial Life Ins.. Co., they invest in cattle ranches in US, Supermarkets, processing plants, for profit hunting lodges in Utah/ Oregon/ Nebraska. They also own thousand of acres of land in Florida, Hawaii, Oregon, they build shopping malls, hotels etc. They are considered church therefore they don’t pay taxes, they are exempt from taxation. What your church owns?? How do they functions and pay their bills. Does your church have a donor that give them few millions??? Romney does, because it comes back to him. He can’t show his taxes because the truth will come out what his million of donations (tax deductible for him- needs to fill out special IRS form for big deductions so he can have a refund). Americans are followers, lazy and gullible, that’s why we have rich getting richer and the poor poorer and they still vote against themselves. You can’t fix stupi. Ignorance can be cured but stupid is forever. Mind is like a parachute, only works when open. Republican’s are not concern what is good for America. They are concern about what is good for their financial gain and their contributors. Congress has no respect for for the Country and it’s voters, because they care gullible and can be easily influenced by commercials, ads, empty promises that big money pay for. Check their vboting records on issues important to you, their financial dealings while they are in the office. Go facts vs Faux News, Limbaugh, Beck, Bachmann (both just infuenced small revolt against US in Egypt). Very Patriotic by our own COngresswoman and so call radio personalities.

    • highpckts

      Well done!

  • I wish Obama would add this to his rhetoric when talking about Moron Mitt Romney
    We’ve heard these from Obama but Obama MUST add the part in quotes
    Yes, it was legal for Mitt to destroy companies, and ship jobs over seas to deprive Americans from making a living is LEGAL BUT NOT ETHICAL

  • AMERICANS must like being DOMINATED and ENSLAVED, and then BLAMED for their own inadequacies. This is the only reasonable explanation of why anyone would look up to a man like this.

  • The only kind of human being who can be trusted with power (and wealth) is one who sincerely wouldn’t want it in the first place.

    • highpckts

      Romney wants this soooooo badly!! Poor fellow! Nothing will ever make up for the fact that his Daddy couldn’t get the position so he thinks it belongs to him!! Dillusional!

  • The election for Romney hinges on whites being racist even though they want to think they are judging Obama on his record. Nothing he does is good enough, and complain when he does the exact same things BUSH did. They cannot get over having a black president, a position reserved for white’s only, so they focus on birth certificates, etc nonsense. I actually believe that GOP would vote for an admitted serial murderer or rapist if he claimed he was against Obama and white. They have no interest in helping themselves and even when GOP plan to eliminate jobs (their jobs) they still don’t budge. If women, gays, the elderly, students, minorities, teachers, public workers, auto workers, and many more support Romney and find themselves out of jobs, educational opportunities and hope, too bad. Then when they start whining I for one will be pointing out to them (everyday and IN EVERY WAY) that they screwed themselves so lay back and enjoy it. But until then, white racist don’t care about anything other than color. Th GOP whine about negative ads but then post them themselves. They whine about not talking about the issues, but Romney won’t do as other GOP have done and release his taxes (why–what is he hiding–maybe he doesn’t want folks to know that he took a tax credit (deduction) for $77,000 for his horse?) They complain about lowering spending but refuse to cut anything but social problems, while they cut taxes for the rich; and yet many GOP, who are on the bubble in their own life, want to act like they sit at Romney’s table. They have no safety net, will lose their homes, insurance, and food on the table if their jobs are lost yet support those who will do just that. Is this national madness or what?

  • mhuff255

    another singing commerical against mitt.. done to imagine john lennons song….
    imagine no auto in dustry ,,,you no mitt tired….(pictures of shuttered auto plants) ha ha ha…
    i m a g i n e

  • greghilbert

    Sig Heil Bozo! Part of me hopes you will continue to comment, because each time you do you enrich reader comprehension of the terms “ignorance” and “rightwingnut”, and demonstrate their relationship to Nazi brown-shirts. The Nazis were as
    “socialist” (in the sense of the term you employ) as Stalin was a capitalist. Your assertion “there is NO concentration of wealth” is straight out of the Nazi propaganda playbook. They held that it was important to tell not small lies, but big lies, and to repeat them often with a straight face. It’s pathetic but also comical to read a brown-shirt assert there is no concentration of wealth.
    I especially enjoyed your Archie Bunker statement “You’re only casting DISPERSIONS on yourself, you stupid moron.” Coming from you it’s one of the highest compliments anyone has paid me in years. (“Mom, honest, a Nazi brown-shirt actually called me a stupid moron in public, and he even wished me a nice day!”)
    Sig Heil Herr RightWingNut Bozo!

  • Just another day in the life of a serial liar.

  • Mitt´s unphotographed meeting with Cheney says it all. As for the “Faux News Rantings” of “Obozo must go”- its just more of the same sterotype, hysterical, authoritaria-narcissistic, neo-McCarthyism you can find on just about every American blog these days. Rush Limbo brainwashed numbskulls. perhaps high off a wrong mix of “redneck crack- crystal meth and perhaps a bit too much booze in his belly. Sober up, please.
    I hate to say it, but political events this summer are being outmatched by global warming climate change disasters – like massive tornadoes devastating Texas to start of the warm season, followed by the worst widespread, global warming caused draught in U.S. history. Anybody familiar with climate science – will know that will be brutally punctuated by arctic low presure fronts coming of the Northern melted ice arctic coast and the Hudson bay, bringing more than enough rain to end the drought in the mid-west- but unfortunately, as they will be cold fronts moving over very hot dry heated ground- it means more super-tornado weather.

    And, lo and behold, we have a greenhouse effect in the oceans, meaning the CO² in the ocean holds back evaporation until temperatures really rise, increasing energy potentials. So s after getting battered by draught and massive fires all over the place, the cold front super tornado storms will come down from Canada, and some massive hurricanes will be crossing the Atlantic from the west Moroccan coastline unleashing the massive force potentials currently building there.

    Like it or not, global warming climate change disaster and setting out sane serious policies of dealing with it are going to be the prime issues throughout mid September, October, and up to the Election.

    Mitt´s past comments in that direction show him to be totally incompetent to be the “Commander in Chief” of a “Global War Against Global Warmng.” Obama is a lawyer, but there are people in his team who comprehend the scale of the problems we are immediately facing there.

    He can also count on the consulting support of men such as Geoffrey Immelt, CEO of G.E, or Peter Loescher- CEO of Siemens who not only understand how to develop technology to meet the challenges of global warmig, but also how to profitably run a global corporations. (Unlike Mitt.)

    Recall that Mitt derided the Chevrolet Volt. And, he derided the idea of wind power possibly charging e-cars to run -with an innane comment about putting “wind mills on cars”. Yet, G.E. and Siemens are already running high speed trains off of wind power. And, in Germany, when the wind power is built out, more solar goes up, and nuclear is converted to deep geothermal- aqueous fuel aided – diesel electric drive hybrid trucks, with brake energy recycling, developed by Siemens will automatically run up dual pantograph power pick ups to the anode and cathode lines running on the right lane of German super highways- and the diesel shuts off, so that wind, solar, geothermic will even run Germany´s trucks as well. How is that for ecology and economy?

    Goodness, George Romney- Mitt´s dad, was CEO of American Motors, which went down for structural reasons. Maybe the childhood trauma of that is what put Mitt against companies like G.E., Ford, and Chrysler. And, even that automotive industry heritage did not prevent Mitt from opposing the “Cash for Clunkers Programs” and the G.M. bailout which preserved the American automotive industry.

    Then, good Koch Brothers friend that he is, Mitt bashed the innovative Chevy Volt because it cuts fuel consumption. (And yet Mitt wants to teach us about economy and efficiency?)
    It was developed by GM Opel subsidiary in what U.S. “teabaggers” like Obozo9 deride as a “European socialist economy” with Federal German and Northrhein Westphalian research and development subsidies, by the way, in good, public-private partnership.

    (Goodness, in what Tea Party partisans deride as the EEC socialist economy- V.W.-Porsche has managed to become the biggest car company in the world, overtaking Toyota, through innovative technology. (Its board chief, Ferdinand Piece, maternal grandson of the legendary Ferry Porsche, knows a little about successfully running and building up a global business, doesn´t he? Look at their product line- Bugatti (Piech´s baby), Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT (Spain) SKODA (the Czech Republic, M.A.N busses and trucks- Germany, Scania Trucks and busses – Sweden and Holland.),
    (So much for the maligned “European” “”socialist???” model not working.)

    If Mitt did not like the fuel efficient Chevy Volt, he is going to hate the VW XL1 even more. it is a special project by Ferdinand Piech, The VW XL1 is a lightweight carbon fibre, plug in diesel electric 4 seater hybrid with brake energy recycling: Good performance. Top end over 90 MPh… Good range, and- a mileage of 240 miles per gallon of Euronorm diesel, ,meeting Piech´s goal of less than one liter consumption per 100 kilomters (60 miles per quart.)
    (Euronorm is 10% water, 5 % rape seed oil, 85% diesel.) Another group is working on getting it to run off 90% water, 10% Euronorm diesel – for a phenomenal 2.400 m.p.g. which will help meet some of the challenges of global warming as well. (But I doubt Mitt will like that anymore than he likes the “Volt”. This article establishes that Mitt Romney was a hit and run specialist- a Gordon Gekko specialized in taking over profitable companies, bankrupting them, leaving the employees and creditors hanging in the air, and then selling them on at a discount, Romney cannot claim he is qualified to re-industrialize America. And, with his comments on green tech- he is definitely not qualified to be “The Commander in Chief of a Global War” against Global Warming either.

    Its July, and most Americans can´t stop off and buy fresh corn at a local roadside stand because the crops dried up in the fields in the new dustbowl caused by global warming. But people like Obozo hysterically ignore the reality unfolding under their very noses every day these days.´

    President Obama does not.

    Kent O. Doering, ex-pat, U.S. Mil. Vet. in Munich Germany.

  • pja1961

    I just wonder why Mitt thinks he can run this country if he could not manage the Olympics and Bain Capital at the same time?

    • Something tells me you don’t manage anthing worth anything…

  • AliceR51

    The more I read of Romney,crap gets deeper.Many feels hes doing the right thing. OMG!We should really vote for this guy. Well HE hasnt been on both sides the track.Obama has.He knows how it goes.Hes been down so low it was hard to go on.We all make mistakes & work to build.NOT
    to take away from people.Its plain,it says it-Baine.Look what he did.Had jobs ,yup-overseas ok.We need them here.

  • ruggster

    What a bunch of sheep. Acting as though Romney is the bad guy. He has a history of some wins and losses but luckily, his wins outweigh his losses….. unless you’re a jealous person that can’t stand to see someone else succeed or maybe you’re that guy that thinks you or those like you should be the holders of the key to success and you’re angry that someone was able to make it without your say so. I am reminded of your idol’s statement that no one that did anything did it without someone else’s help. Romney has many more successes than failures which is hardly what you can say for Obama. His failures have made Romeny’s look like losing your dollar in a vending machine. This jealous author complains that Romney never has to respond yet it took months and months of badgering for Obama to release his birth certificate, has never released work from college or his transcripts and though he claimed that he would have the mosttransparent administration, has claimed executive priviledge and offered to make backroom deals with dictators. Yeah, I am sure the sheep will follow your lead but at what cost to the country? Come on people wake up.

    • Has Omessiah opened his school records yet?

  • shonti

    President Reagan became extremely forgetful especially in his second term. Has it occurred to anyone how often Romney says “I don’t remember; but if I said it then I stand by what I said”? He becomes agitated when questioned about the things he cannot remember. I find it very curious.

    • Like high school pranks vs Rev. White, Bill Ayers, Dreams of My Father…

  • M.

    Uh-0huh…right. And being Obama never having to take responsibility.

    Interesting that everything that this writer tries to stick on Romney – being rich and disaffected, being out of touch, trying so hard to be a “regular guy” – could well be said of the empty suit currently haunting the Oval Office.

    Don’t project, Gene. It’s the sure sign of serious mental issues.

  • Supporting R’money is like buying a Megamillions lottery ticket… your chances of getting ahead are just about the same.

    • Actually, promoting successfull businesses does help everyone because people need to be employed, not on the dole.

  • Many Republicans feel that they would be unasble to make money with a liberal in office. they care too much for the benefit of the people instead of their own benefit. Mental illness is a terrible disease, where illusion attempts to create its own reality, where dreams and reality get twisted in the attempt to create normalcy of the delusions and distortions of what one wants to believe or sees, even if it is not what everyone else is seeing. When we see Mitt Romney attempting to act normal, we’re seeing the pitiable symptoms of mental illness at work. That is why he feels he doesn’t have to answer to anyone but the voices in his head, the voices telling him that everyone else is insane asnd he is the most sane individual on earth. That is why he is able to distort the truth so easily because he has no respect for the people he is lying to. We should all pray that Mitt romney doesn’t choose one of his campaign stop-overs, an overseas trip, or the GOP Convention to go off andf unravel before a national or international audience. Our prayers are with his family.

    • Robert – ? Oh, to live in a world of makebelieve like you do…

  • tmccabe81

    Mr. Foeday, if you are still a believer in Obama’s policies than you could not possibly be smart at all. Instead of listening to left or right wing medias put in a little time and fact check the numbers that this administration claims pertaining to “jobs Created”, economic growth, unemployment, and lets not forget deficit! If you just take the media’s word for these statistics and are too lazy to actually look them up yourself than I understand how you could be so misinformed. After all, you shouldn’t have to take your precious time to do anything, let someone else put in the effort and work for you. You speak of fakeness, …really?? Are you not aware of the Chicago politics that are taking place in the most important office on this planet? I would very much enjoy any supporter of this administration to tell me just one area that has improved over the last 4 years. But if you cannot do this don’t worry, I understand completely… …It’s the previous administration’s fault still right?! I wonder how long this argument will hold water, I imagine for people like you Mr. Foeday, a very long time.

  • tmccabe81

    YEAH! Socialist America, Vote Obama! Maybe instead of worrying about what Romney has done with his own money we should be more concerned with what Obama is doing with ours! Romney donated over 3 million to charity last year, Obama less than 1 percent of his income, but wait… it gets better… Biden, a hefty and whopping 300 dollars. The bottom line is if all of you want these entitlement programs to carry on then there has to be a limit to the uncontrolled spending our politicians are taking part in. Frankly we cannot afford the programs that are running us billions of dollars in the hole, even if it is a “nice” thing to do. Republicans and Democrats are both responsible for the reckless spending, but at this point if there is to be any order restored to the best Country in the World we have to pick the lesser of 2 evils. Do we want big brother making all the decisions or are we as citizens in the greatest Nation in history capable of doing it ourselves? I have a real good idea where all of you stand. I feel sorry for you.

    • It gets even better, aren’t Obamas relatives on the dole? He would rather force the tax payers to take care of them.

  • RealTeaMan

    Dear Mr. Romney,
    We have contacted you now several times regarding your missing tax returns for years ending 2000 through 2011. To date we have only received a partial return for year ending 2010 and a “projection” of taxes for year ending 2011. Unfortunately this is inadequate documentation to evaluate your financial history and allegiances, which are critical to understand your previous behavior.

    Given the disappointing Swiss bank accounts and Cayman shell corporations that we have previously discussed, these documents are now critical to better understand your past financial background. This understanding is in turn required in order to make an informed decision regarding your capability to perform the financially sensitive position that you have applied for.

    If you have recently released the tax returns for years ending 2000-2011, please accept our sincere apology and we will continue to evaluate your application. If however we do not receive your tax records for the years ending 2000-2011 , we regret that we will be unable to process your application, and unable to consider you for the position for which you have applied.

    If this is the case, we want to send our appreciation for your effort and application and encourage you to reapply when you are better able to meet with our admittedly high standards.

    Thank You and Best Regards.

    The American People

  • RealT – Whacko. You don’t have to look any furhter than all the companies that Romney saved with his own money vs all the companies that Obama gave tax money to in return for donations before they went belly up.

    • Sand_Cat

      Why don’t you enlighten us about “all the companies that Romney saved”? Or are actual facts a little too challenging for Mitt-wits?

  • Cattruck

    typical dumbocrats, they feel the noose tightening around their necks so here come MORE lies and decption. OMG has a new meaning OBAMA MUST GO

    • Sand_Cat

      PROJECT AWAY! Although maybe that’s not quite right: you don’t really seem smart enough to make lies and deception work.

  • If all the disastrous decisions were made by someone other than CEO Romney through 2003, then he wasn’t a very good manager now, was he? Cuts both ways, Bucko! You might think you can have your cake and eat it too, along with your Marie Antoniette -like wife, but everyone with half a brain knows you are a double -speak weasel.

  • Obviously you think that should make a difference. It doesn’t. Lincoln never went to schools as we have and nobody asked him for his transcripts. Give the rest of us a break.

  • How brilliant of you OMG! Please educate the rest of us on how your lofty agenda to keep your rights and strip away everyone else’s who doesn’t agree with you. Please go and do yourself a favor. Read “Conservatism isn’t Capitalism” by AJGalambos.

  • Sand_Cat

    Call it “Casino Capitalism” all you like, that doesn’t change the reality: it’s called “T-H-E-F-T”; got that?

    Is that what economic freedom is about?

  • NoMoree

    Right On!

  • NoMoree

    Must not be too smart if you are supporting O’bama after his performance for the last four years. Promised to cut the deficit in half, promised to create jobs and reduce unemployment, promised to make America self-sufficient in the field of energy and so on.

  • blu4u


  • The fact that some people still question the birth place of our president further exemplifies the need for upgrading the educational process in this country. Or maybe it’s just bad genes. And on another note, how can anyone take Romney seriously when no one really knows what he stands for since he doesn’t seem to provide any consistency in his beliefs and positions. And what we know about the Romney/Ryan positions is pretty scary for the average American and the future of this country.

  • The fact that some people still question the birth place of our president further exemplifies the need for upgrading the educational process in this country. Or maybe it’s just bad genes. And on another note, how can anyone take Romney seriously when no one really knows what he stands for since he doesn’t seem to provide any consistency in his beliefs and positions. And what we know about the Romney/Ryan positions is pretty scary for the average American and the future of this country.

  • A7BABEA1

    the one thing Mitt has not flip flopped on is his religion. He wont talk about it, why? lets take a look….Islam has been around about 16 centuries, Christianity for about 20 centuries, the Jewish faith about 40 centuries. Mormonism was founded in the mid-1800. Founded by questionable characters…..Joseph Smith who had 87 wives the youngest was 14. the second Brigham Young who had 70 wives and instigated a “war” that killed 120 men women and children. a ‘war’ over control of the faith. This faith teaches that satan and Jesus Christ were brothers, the Garden o f Eden was in Missouri and many other strange ideas. Check out Mormonism. This is a Godly country do we want this person in the White House?????????????????

  • I am extremely happy that Republicans exercised such bad judgement in choosing the prime candidates rather than another more adept at concealing their failings. Desite huge campaign contributions from fools and nefarious characters Americans now have a chance to continue enjoying a slow but steady economic recovery and slow caucious well thought out approach to foreign policy without disenfranchisement of those 97% of entitlement recipients who deserve them and worked for them when they had jobs not yet lost due to mismanagement and profiteering by many of those contributers. Since Eisenhower no Republican administration has come close to bringing as much long-term prosperity to the American people except maybe the first Bush as every Democratic administration has. A simple check of the growth figures of the national debt will reveal it when one keeps in mind that the figures of the first year of each administration are a result of the previous administration’s budget taking effect. All but one Republican administration increased the rate of increase in total debt while under every Democratic administration the rate declined with only one year in which total debt actually declined and it was with a Democrat for president. The only president to COMPLETELY wipe out national debt was the first Democrat whose picture is on one of our money denominations. The only president since WW2 to not contribute budgetary money to retireing WW2 debt was one revered by the GOP party as responsible for pulling the nation out of a recession, he did it with policies saddling our nation with a faster increase in debt than ever before or since and the long-term effects of that are major cause of our experience now. Check the figures if you doubt me. The figures are published right up through 2011. I vote based on the TRUE record and not what I get from biased media of any type.

  • Bob Williams

    At least Romney doesn’t have to explain why his birth records and college records are sealed. Once we have rioting in the streets like Greece and Spain, the voting public will finally realize that this country needs more than a slick talker.

  • jjrjon

    Why would this Multi millionare (Mittens Romney) want to become President of the United States? He must be board of playing Monopoly and looking for a new game to play. That game is our lives and our livelyhoods. He is not playing for fortune, he has that. I guess he wants to go down in history and a President. He figures if George Bush could do it he can do it. Lets make this “Want to be” go back to Bain Capital.

  • lana ward

    The National Memo has ALOT of nerve saying Romney has never been vetted. We still DON’T know anything about Obama. He has all of his records sealed and has paid millions to keep them sealed.


  • lana ward

    Putin and Chavez both want Obama to win the election–because Obama is just like them, a communist

  • ayayaboy

    It is time for Americans to understand that Republicans create problem, they don’t solve problems. They spent year in vain noisely trying to remove Ghadafi wasted billions of dollars; They were in power and America was attacked and they could not hunt down Bin Ladin and his associates for eight years and Ghadafi for more than three decades. Obama came in and quietly removed Ghadafi, Bin Ladin and his senior operatives without making too much noise. welch want romney because he wants to suppress news about not paying his taxes. America could have been better of economically today if Republicans did not take over the House and huge number of seats in senate in 2010 elections. All Republicans did was mount Road Block against economic recovery just to hurt Obam presidency. it is time for voters to grow up and vote out all Republicans with exception of McCain.

  • Luis Rodriguez

    how can any idiot vote for him…

  • SaneJane & Dominick Vila, I share the same experiences in all the rural places I work across the Midwest. Truly, our society has been dumbed-down by all the media distractions such as numerous TV channels and video games. People have tuned out what’s really going on here, relying on short, hate-filled sound-bytes for their information. Republicans’ cronies like Rush Limbaugh are right in sync with the dumbing-down, knowing if they keep repeating these lies long & hard, they will eventually be believed by many. Political history tells many tales of Republicans’ wishes to get rid of virtually all government programs except law enforcement, judicial courts and the military. They have bn trying to dismantle Medicaid, Medicare & SS as long as the programs are old. I am seriously considering moving to Canada or perhaps Scandinavia. All that will be left here are poor peasants and wealthy Republican elitists!

  • Do you remember how Kerry lost the election, Swing Boat…The Obama Team or DNC needs to do a “Will The Real Mitt Romney” Please Stand UP” add, showing this man cannot be trusted, all of a sudden he is so liberal,one minute he does not care about 47% of the people and the next minute he care for 100%., etc. The veterans are better off, they are not at war, and more provisions are now being provided for them, the folks who had preexisting condition are better off now than 4 years ago, some might have been dead, I am now employed after 4 years and many many more will be, our immigration reform is coming along slowly but surely. As President Clinton said “No President whether it was Barack Obama or not could not have turned the economy around and our President is doing the best he can. Unemployment lowest over the last 8 years, wait until you all start getting vouchers for Medicare..that is a disaster. Mitt wants to be President so bad he has swing and lied so much especially in the last 3 weeks. Let hope Tuesday night it will all shine in favor of the only choice Barak Obama for all the people.

  • nobsartist

    I did an investigation myself.

    while willard was at bain he created 1,314 jobs.
    fired 6000
    transferred 100 million in pensions to the “pension guarantee fund” where taxpayers are forced to pay them even thou willard is worth 250 million.

    willard is a useless, lazy, millionaire welfare baby.

    Plus, he walks funny, dyes his hair like a siberian husky and gets daily manicures.

    I would have to say that willard is a sissy boy.

  • nobsartist

    I also have worked in China. In China, the RED CHINESE ARMY owns ALL manufacturing. When you start a manufacturing company in China, the RED CHINESE ARMY is your MAJORITY partner and you are the minority partner. They do this so they can take over ALL manufacturing in time of war.

    when willard moved American manufacturing jobs to China, he went into business with the RED CHINESE ARMY. they have no doubt helped him to hide hundreds of millions in China banks.

    willard is hiding his tax returns because if he made them public America would find out that willard is in business with the RED CHINESE ARMY and is laundering money thru the Bank of China.

    when mccain reviewed willards tax returns that is what he discovered. that is why he picked palin instead of the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard.

    willard is a rat.

  • It seems to me that Romney could ver well be a tax cheat, and be prosecuted for tax fraud, leaving us with Ryan as President, and that scares me more than anything in American politics. I think a major reaso Obama did so poorly in the first debate is romney”Etcho-sketched” himself-pivoting on core campaign promises-hell, the man will say anything-And Has! Also the altitude is no joke-Obama should have been in CO much sooner to acclimate. I had my own experience in Mex city-a little higher-7000 feet-but it knocked me out, I was only 18, and in the best shape of my life! Biden laughed and called Ryan out for his nonsense. I just cannot believe the race is close. do people really want to go back to W or Clinton? 23 million jobs vs 4 million jobs in 8 years. The stock market has doubled, over 13,500, more than doubled. Bush and his stupid wars! Romney’s best achievement was his health care program in MA, and he disavows the same exact plan nationally. Obama ended the war in Iraq, and he will end the war in Afghanistan-Biden is right-time for Afghans to step up for their own security. 2014! Should have been gone long ago-but its better than perpetual war-Afghanistan has no port-not really in our National Security interests. 9/11? 19 idiots on a suicide crash 4 jets in the USA. Tragic. But an 11 year war-130,000 troops? And these people do not lke us! Time to declare victory and withdraw! Iran is a legitimate threat-maybe Obama can work out a deal with these nuts! Russia enjoys the money from the civilian part of the nuke program, but I do not think Putin wants a nuclear armed Iran either! Also Putin helped resupply our troops-over Russian territory-while our glorious ally Pakistan let our convoys stood idle for 7 months! With no press either. Obama has been solid on foreign policy-remember W? The world mocked us, and for good reason. This will be a diaster under a Romney administration. I cannot believe Obama is not 30 points ahead!

  • Cocaine to first graders, wow! Well, I guess if Mitt can do that, then maybe he can actually walk on water. The messiah returneth, “fake in form and substance”; and the weak and simple minded rush to his feet, overwhelmed by lies, but yet mesemirized, as if it is the truth. That can’t be nobody but ol’ Mitt.

  • the true story is coming out..wake up america..if romney wins its ruination for us !

  • Romney did not “create” business, he bought existing business’s and either shredded them or kept them going. There is zero “job creating” there.

    But who wants to triffle with mere facts. 😉

  • As of tis morning, Obama has 303 electoral votes…thank God…smart people have not taken their eyes off of his character..and his wife’s character…

  • jaybeetwo

    12 amish in illinois were convicted last month of a hate crime for cutting off the hair and beards of other amish men .Mitt Romney is a Felon . Lets investigate how he got away with it.

  • E.W

    Still demonstrating his party’s views. What an idiot.

  • atc333

    Poor Mitt, he never considered the remote possibility that he could actually lose to Obama. Millions to burn in collateral support from Super PACs, unbridled arrogance, no filing of tax returns, even though his own father did it. But then his own father was warning the GOP against candidates just like Magic Mitt and Paul Ryan. Obviously neither “47% Mitt” nor the GOP bothered to listen.

    Oh well, perhaps if he ran for Governor in Texas, or other such state. All he has to do is stay away from the West or East Coasts. I can just see New Jersey and New York managing and funding their own emergency responses during a Romney Administration, thanks to a GOP/Romney dissolution of FEMA, and making each state solely responsible for its own disaster cleanup, employees, supplies, and equipment, as well as rebuilding. Just think of all the duplication of equipment, staff, and supplies each state could maintain at the ready.

  • mitt and rest of the gop,s understand americans , realy when ?, we aways thought that the best
    party wins, not so, when u have to lie try to supress committing vote fraud trying to buy a election
    cheat talking down to womens lying to the american people , the gets mad when u lose , lie about
    gifts lying on a storm, lying on chris christy, every body except you’re party, the hard line crap
    you tried to sell the american people, now u want to lie to the hispanics 2016, young voters
    asia peoples blacks, u can,t sell that lie again , ti won,t work, no pandering gop,s, we what u r
    up to, just to get votes, u will lose again in 2016,