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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Bidding War Breaks Out For Ronald Reagan’s Blood

A British auction house has caused an uproar over its plans to sell a vial containing former President Ronald Reagan’s blood.

Peter Fraser Collectibles claims that the vial of dried blood residue which is now up for bidding was taken by a woman who worked at Bio Science Laboratories, which did Reagan’s bloodwork while he was recuperating from an assassination attempt in 1981.

According to CBS News, bidding for the vial passed $11,000 U.S. dollars as of Tuesday afternoon. The auction lasts until Thursday, but some want to see it stopped immediately.

“If indeed this story is true, it’s a craven act and we will use every legal means to stop its sale or purchase,” said executive director of the Reagan Foundation John Heubusch in a statement. “Any individual, including a president of the United States, should feel confident that once they enter into the care of a medical system their privacy and rights are held inviolable.”

The auction house claims that it contacted the Reagan National Library about selling the blood sample to them, but was told that it could only be accepted as a donation. The vial’s owner — a self-described “Reaganomics” fan — told CBS News that “President Reagan himself would rather see me sell it rather than donating it,” leading him to put it up for auction.

None of the bidders for Reagan’s blood have been publicly identified, but don’t count out Sean Hannity — who is a noted collector of insane conservative memorabilia — or Mitt Romney, who may hope to use the blood to win over right wing Republicans once and for all.

15 Responses to Bidding War Breaks Out For Ronald Reagan’s Blood

  1. Henry Decker… you are definitely the slime that rings the bowl in this fetid cesspool of so-called journalism at The Memo. You’re nothing more than another useful idiot parroting hit pieces on behalf of the Obozo reelection propaganda machine.

    How is it that you take a story from the UK about an auction of a wierd item like a vial of blood and turn it into a hit piece on Mitt Romney? What the hell does Mitt Romney have to do with this? NOTHING!!!! It’s just an opportunity for a useful idiot like you to take a shot at a Republican.

    Have a nice day!

  2. I guess we can now add “goulish” to the list of recognizable attributes of the republicans like Sean Hannity. Imagine that Reagan has been finally reduced to a pathetic eBay auction.

  3. This is horrific we don’t need an out of control Extreme Right Wing Conservative run Science Laboratory who might attempt to use Reagan’s blood to clone him. If this country think its bad now just what do you think a clone Reagan will do as Mitt Romney Veep? All my American family lives will change in ways unimaginable. Dried up blood is no good to anybody its dead like Reagan and hope both him and his dried blood remains dead.

  4. Bunch of Morons, if anybody believes its Regans blood. Anybody can say anything and any damn fool will believe it. How much money will the winning fool spend? Ha Ha

  5. Only some deludes asshole would even think of buying this.Reagan was a pathetic actor, cheated on his wife,dishonored the Screen Actors Guild,bought his way to the governors mansion in Callifornia and then to the White House where he did do a good job, a good job of fucking up this country.Treason,sedition and murder, but hey we seem to reward these acts .

  6. Never said it was the presidents blood might be Joe Reagan’s blood. Let the dumb A$$ es mind fill in the blanks.

    Mainman61 stop holding back tell us how you really feel? After all you may even think we care how you feel

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