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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What do you do when the deficit is falling faster than it has in generations and the health care plan you’ve been comparing to the Holocaust/slavery/Armageddon for years is starting to look as if it will be more popular than expected?

What do you do when a large chunk of your party’s House caucus still wants to shut down the government or possibly default on the nation’s debt over the deficit and/or that health care plan?

What do you do when people in your own party are spending time and money letting Republicans know that the price of voting to keep the government functioning could be an expensive and possibly career-ending primary challenge?

In private, Republicans have begun to worry.

Off the record, some insiders have told journalists that they’re afraid to lose the House, even though the GOP should actually gain seats, the way the out party generally does after a president has been in office for six years.

Sensing his dilemma, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) did something extraordinary this week, something akin to a parent posting a positive drug test on his or her child’s Facebook page. Boehner had his pollster David Winston release a survey that shows the public overwhelmingly opposes a government shutdown. Women decisively oppose it 61 to 29 percent.

But Boehner’s problem is that this poll, the one that’s supposed to help him keep the government open, shows that one group supports a shutdown by a large margin, 63-27: very conservative voters, the people most likely to show up to vote in a primary and scream at you in a town hall meeting.


Thus is Boehner’s predicament. Republicans know Americans don’t want a shutdown, but Americans aren’t going to decide if Republican House members still have a job that comes with a free ticket to the State of the Union in 2014… primary voters are.

This has led Boehner to twist himself into all kinds of contortions to give his caucus some excuse for why they actually have to vote to fund the government beyond September 30 of this year. His latest plan involves the automatic budget cuts known as the sequester.

“The president is desperate to get rid of the sequester… so desperate that he says he’ll shut down the government if Congress follows the law and funds the government at the levels his sequester mandates,” Boehner said, according to Roll Call. “The president’s threat to shut down the government if we implement his sequester is not a defensible position. The American people won’t stand for it, and we’re not going to be swayed by it.”

This is the equivalent to the scene in The Naked Gun, when Lt. Frank Drebin responds to a suspect who has a gun to the head of a hostage by grabbing a random passerby to hold as his own hostage. Of course, in this situation, the hostage House Republicans are holding is the future of the GOP itself.

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14 Responses to Boehner Grabs A Random Hostage To Stop The GOP From Pulling The Trigger On Itself

  1. Well first of all, with the most gullible bunch of ideologues, and half wits for a
    core base. And to not be able to come up with some flimsy excuse as to why
    this whole mess is Obama’s fault, is ridiculous, and inexcusable! Boehner may
    be an experienced legislator, but as a fabricator of inverse logic, where up is
    down, and down is up, he is proving to be far from adequate. I’m serious!
    Where is the creativity? The false facts, no one can dispute because they are
    literally pulled out of Grover Norquist’s hind quarters? Well, there is one thing
    for certain. Speaker Boehner is clearly over his head here. And, if they don’t get
    some expert liars on this, and quick, to turn the tables, it’s not going to go well
    for them. Not well at all.

    • You can expect a spate of books from Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. on how the Republican Party can turn this into a bonanza. It has been a while since Coulter has been on Fox pushing her latest diatribe, and both Beck and O’Reilly are still coming down off their euphoric highs from the success of their faux histories about the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy. And what is disturbing, these upcoming books will undoubtedly catapult to the top of the NYT Best Seller list because it will be what the base wants to – has to – hear.

      • Oh, I agree! They will be out there, yammering, and stammering,
        and pandering to that fringe group of primary voters, the Hannitys,
        and Coulters, and the, Limbaughs have created to fill their own
        pockets as commenters, and entertainers. But it is to that, the GOP
        has stupidly hitched their wagon, and unfortunately for them, their
        fate, as well. Because now, they are trapped. Realizing too late,
        these positions espoused by these modern day snake oil peddlers, were never intended to be applied in the real world. But to sell books, and Nielsen ratings. And, of course now they are in trouble. Unable to find consensus, moderate their positions, bring their own Party factions together, nor, force the Left to accept their extreme ideology. Which is what all these threats are about. So the problem, or rather the Republican’s problem, is one manufactured entirely by themselves. However, this sad state of affairs the GOP has worked itself into. Does not mean the American Public has to accept, or otherwise put up with a lot of exceedingly bad legislation, or the threats meant to coerce that legislation into law. To even need to
        say such a thing, is an outrage itself.

        • Unfortunately, charleo1, this is where the large majority of Republican voters live. Limbaugh and the other conservative mouthpieces prey upon the fears of their followers, such as a woman who is willing to stand up to them, an immigrant who wants to move into their neighborhood, a black who wants to be friends with their child in school, and ACLU that is willing to fight for the Constitutional rights of everyone (even them), or anyone who wants to take way their blanket of self-interest and self-importance. We hear them SAY that we are all in this together, but, when push comes to shove, they will ALWAYS deny their universal humanity.

          • Exactly. There’s nothing that denies their humanity more,
            than nominating an XT3E-47%, carbon based humanoid,
            to be their President, and lead the Country.

  2. Here is something that lets me sleep comfortably at night – the people screaming loudest for the government shutdown (self-described conservative voters) are more likely to be adversely affected by a government shutdown. A significant number are retirees who would see delays in processing their medications under medicare. Those who are property owners of Section 8 housing would see a delay in their rent payments. Small business owners would find if they do subcontracting for government contractors would find themselves with no work. So maybe a government shutdown would have some good. It would make these idiots realize how dependent they are on the federal government.

    • Not that they would admit to their dependency. They would see the necessity of swallowing that bitter pill of allowing the government to help them, for a time.

  3. Paul Ryan John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch Mcconnell have the “best solution” for shame! If you can’t afford shame, in politics! You can’t afford shame anywhere else! But if, you can’t follow this advise! Maybe you should take the advice of Mitt Romney. Pity and Empathy can be your best excuse in a book called “No Apologies”!

    After all a “Born Again Christian” today is “absolved” of Shame. Just ask the God of Rand Paul, “Ayn Rand”? Governing shall pass no law against “Shame”. In a capitalist
    free enterprise system of ALEC and its Tea Party! When it comes to oppressing
    and exploiting your fellow man!

    Ayn Rand in her own words: in an interview with Mike Wallace.

    “There were men: industrialist who uses Government power as
    a” club” to help them against “competitors”. They were the original
    “collectivist”. And the regulations are creating “Robber Barons”. They are
    creating “capitalist” with government help which is the “worse” of all economic

    Just what is Conservatism versus Liberalism all about
    today??? Government seeking to protect the well-being of good and honest
    living! Or government protecting, the well-being of the Robber Barons [private
    equity and venture capital]! And can we sum up all this chaos as the “collectivism”
    of our present now?

    How is the path of deregulation in the signing of a pledge? Laid against a Constitutional Oath unto we the “We the People”. Working out for the common good and honest living of the American Family today? Where are the jobs? Where is the prosperity? Where is the opportunity? What the Robber Barons. ALEC and its tea party keep tell us about? As we witnessed: the out sourcing of our manufacturing base. As we have the out sourcing of American jobs. As cheap labor is defined as “Competition” today! But as the saying goes “Government isn’t the Solution! Government is the Problem”! As we conclude “Where is the “Shame”?

  4. And the principles they insist on adhering to are what? Can these immutable principles of the Republican Party be seen as furthering the goals of the Founders, of those at the Constitutional Convention of 1785, of those who gave their lives by the tens of thousands during the Civil War, of Dr. MLK, jr, of Nelson Mandela or Mohandas Gandhi? I really don’t think there is a current principle in the Republican chameleon pantheon of mutable principles that assures the majority of people in this country those rights that have been guaranteed them through either the Constitution OR its several Amendments. What the Tea Party REALLY wants is a return to life under the Articles of Confederation under which the federal government could levy taxes ONLY in the form of tariffs, and states’ rights superseded the government in ALL areas except the waging of war. The Constitution and its first Ten Amendments changed all that, and REQUIRED the states to join one another as a UNITED States of America, NOT a confederation of loosely knit individual political entities.

  5. The corporate take-over of countries, ours included was a creation of rich disloyal anti-democratic people. Corporations = Frankenstein monster built to destroy the human race, all corporates aim is the same. Pay no taxes, obey no laws, bribe elected officials to get protection and freebies in huge unwarranted contracts. Is it time yet to take the entire system down using our government and army? Corporations are a global threat to national security , the planet wide gutting of this system is a must. if the human is to continue. it’s as simple as that. Down with all corporations [death to all tyrants] and years of jail for their human scum lackeys!

  6. So, for now, America’s only hope is that he can trick his party into thinking that they care about the hostage he grabbed.

    But Republicans DO NOT care about the hostage, nor the country, nor the people that vote for them the day after the election. They only care about 2 things. Their masters wishes and that Obama get absolutly no credit for anything positive. In that order. The country be damned.

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