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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The following is an excerpt of Twilight of the Elites, the new book by MSNBC host and Nation editor-at-large Christopher Hayes. You can buy the book here.

Barack Obama seemed to suggest he was on the side of those who favored radical overhaul, but he has governed as a man who believes in reform at the margins. This is the heart of why his presidency has been so disappointing for so many: He campaigned as an Insurrectionist and has governed as an Institutionalist. And how could he be anything but? He is, after all, a product of the very meritocratic institutions that are now in such manifest crisis. The central tragic irony of the Presidency of Barack Obama is that his election marked the crowning achievement of the post 1960s meritocracy, just at the moment that that the system was imploding in on itself.

Like all ruling orders, the meritocracy tends to cultivate within its most privileged members an abiding devotion, and so it is with those who have ascended its heights. Many of the figures who feature most prominently in this era’s chronicle of woe, are, like Obama himself, products of the process of elite formation we call the meritocracy, the interlocking institutions that select the brightest, most industrious and most ambitious members of the society and cultivates them into leaders of our major institutions. Ben Bernanke, son of a pharmacist and substitute teacher in South Carolina. Ken Lay, raised by a preacher and a farmer in Missouri. Angelo Mozilo, CEO of Countrywide and son of a Bronx-born butcher, first in his immediate family with a college degree. Bud Selig, the son of a first-generation Romanian immigrant who owned a Milwaukee car-leasing business. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was raised in a Brooklyn housing project. Condoleezza Rice grew up during the civil rights era, the daughter of a Birmingham minister.

Recruitment into the top ranks of the meritocracy also cultivates a disposition to trust one’s fellow meritocrats and to listen closely to those who occupy the inner circle of winners. This faith in the expertise and judgement of the elites has been the achilles heel of the Obama administration.  “Obama’s faith lay in cream rising to the top,” writes Jonathan Alter in his chronicle of Obama’s first year, The Promise. “Because he himself was a product of the great American postwar meritocracy, he could never fully escape seeing the world from the status ladder he had ascended.”

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82 responses to “BOOK EXCERPT: Who Broke America?”

  1. I agree with the author of this article, but I think it is important to remember that drastic socio-economic changes are quite often feasible only if they are implemented incrementally. All we have to do is look at the reaction of those outraged by what are, clearly, benign changes to the status quo during President Obama’s tenure to realize that major reform is a virtual impossibility in a society that believes their well being depends on how prosperous the elite is.

    • Elsa says:

      I agree, it is not possible and dangerous to instantly tear down a Country the size of this one. Slow, steady change is the way to go and it will cause the least amount of pain to the least amount of people. Change always hurts someone in the process.

  2. William Deutschlander says:

    The last paragraph says it all and is totaly valid!

    What I call the Eisenhower era, was a time when government leaders and industry leaders, while requiring a return on their investments, were also keenly aware that those who toiled to make those investments productive, are also the consumer who buoys up the investment, purchasing the goods or services!

    Today the MBA sits down at the computer, brings up a business model, enters data and forgets that if there is no one or anything that can afford what the business produces, nothing in that business model will succeed.

    The same is true in a different way of the Romney/Bain business model, that model removes CAPITAL from commerce, and places that CAPITAL in PERSONAL ACCOUNTS, in OFFSHORE tax avoiding funds. Without CAPITAL, OPERATING CAPITAL, business and commerce will not survive. Without taxs government can not survive, without government there can not be DEMOCRACY!

    • 13observer says:

      William, what about illegal aliens flooding our labor pools with cheap labor, living off our welfare, healthcare, education, etc. and then offshoring their CAPITAL to Mexico. Does this factor into your business model or do you live by a “double standard”? We are a long way from immigration reform because illegal immigration is what will bring down our country faster than anything. We can no longer subsidize illegals to COMPETE with OUR OWN.

      • 13observer says:

        It is not the duty of our government to LEGISLATE labor contracts! That is for LABOR UNIONS to do!!! The American worker must once again support ORGANIZED LABOR to do their bidding. We need to remove the illegal employee from the mix so legal workers will be forced to do these jobs and then they will fight for a decent contract. But we must stop the flow of cheap illegal labor that costs everyone.

        • Eleanore Whitaker says:

          130…Not true. Government job as elected officials is to see to the needs of the people who pay the taxes. Not to hand over billions to corporations who then turn around and stiff their employees. It’s the job of government to insure workplace safety and not end up with a massive fire like the one that killed women and children in the early 1900’s because some employer thought moolah in his pocket came first. Stop bashing labor. Because labor will just get even and stop laboring and start entrepreneuring…pushing out a whole lot of tired out old corporate feeders at the federal trough.

        • sigrid28 says:

          We can all benefit from what you have to say, when you write like this. Everyone reading this can understand your ideas, even if he or she does not agree with them. I especially like the way you show not only the need for change, but a way to go about it. I wish you could write as well at the end of the day as you do at the beginning.

      • Elsa says:

        Illegal labor is a tool of the elite or increasing personal capital. They do not have to be paid minimum wage, they can be mistreated and they make good scapegoats to blame problems on. That is why it will never be stopped, if that is your goal. Even if you completely stopped people from coming into the Country illegally – our current problems will not go away. If you want to compare what someone who is making five or six dollars a hour sends to his/her family in Mexico to what Romney has sent off shore to hide from the Tax Collector go ahead, but I can tell right now if you did you would drop that argument. Why don’t you try comparing Romney to an illegal gardener or housekeeper and publish it. Illegals are the very least of our problems it the Robber elites who change the laws to benefit themselves and spend millions of dollars to get the politician they want in office and laugh at us from their private islands.

        • SaneJane says:

          Elsa, A staple tactic of the Republican Party is misdirection. They give us someone or something to hate. In the past they usually had one focus group to hate but now they have evolved into pushing hatred for almost everyone and everything.

          • old_blue_eyes says:

            If the Rebublicans are defeated this election, maybe they think positice about America, and quit the lies and deciet.

        • DukeDacat says:

          Elsa, well said…………

        • old_blue_eyes says:

          Right on Elsa.

        • dufuslofus says:

          The global marketplace is a dishonest therory. It is obvious that as soon as the USA could provide a more equitable and fair distribution of its wealth and resources to deserving citizens, partticularly black americans, the flood gates of immigration are opened (legal and illegal) work visas and the like are issued to non-citizens, jobs are shipped overseas in the greedy quest for corporate profits for bid downwards to the lowest wage that can be paid. Wake up America ! a GIANT ponzi scheme is at work here. Overseas markets, particularly so-called 3rd world markets have no money to purchase what we produce. They do howvever have a limitless supply of cheap labor, and that is where the corporate west manipulates; these wage cheap products are then imported/exported to the still solvent US marketplace under the guise of cheaper prices to supposedly benefit us while stripping away viable jobs. An example of this is Nike sports apparrel with its 5,000 percent cost markup from maufacture cost overseas. Walmart with over 70 % of its merchandise made in overseas markets and imported back to the USA. I conclude the sand in the hourglass for our ecoonmy is in its last hour. It is past time for a new direction. Not by any means the Poster child for this mindset Republican Mitt Romney. President Obama is a default benefactor, however his thrust of vision on this matter is weak, tepid and uninspiring.

      • EdC says:

        Actually it does, the migrent worker is brought here with the sole purpose to hurt the Amercian worker as are all the imports brought in, sure the migrent does send most of his money home, but he has helped beat down the American worker, This is exactly what William is asying. The powers that be, are no longer conserned that the worker is also the consumer. Therefor they do not care about theeconomy. They want the worker to be a begger and do their will, in fear of starvation. They want an absolute power, what the biggest part of this is these elietists don’t understand is that most of themselves will not be on the Royal pillow, and will have to fight tooth and nail to survive like the rest of us. As far as Wellfair, healthcare etc, they have their minions i.e. the republican leadership doing their best to get rid of those benefits anyway.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Wow. When he thinks he is replying to a man, 13observer doesn’t use any obscenity. He is respectful, even so far as to temper his xenophobia with a phrase such as “illegal aliens.” He actually seems to be trying to construct an argument and address the concerns of the person to whom he is replying, instead of railing at her and bullying. Good job!

    • onedonewong says:

      As opposed to obama/business model where every tax dollar that he didn’t earn is placed into companies that fail but reward his large contributors. I would much rather see 50 Bain Capitals than 2000 baraks contributor disasters

      • I am voting for our President, the hell with Mitt and the Bush Crowd. they have had there days.

        • onedonewong says:

          Yea he has done such a wonderful job for this country…the economy is an unmitigated disaster, record casualties every year he’s been in office, and a foreign policy that makes us the laughing stock of the world

      • DukeDacat says:

        onedonewong…………… you are one freeking idiot……………………..

      • dufuslofus says:

        Any USA citizen that believes we should put Republicans back in charge of government is either; A. Blind, deaf and dumb B.does not understand basic math C. An unpatriot traitor D. An Amoral republican
        Cirlce all answers they all are correct

        • onedonewong says:

          None of the above Dufus…Dems are responsible for the 10% unemployment the $10T they have added to the debt why are folks so afraid to stand up and say we did it??? Its what Barak and the Dem’s have always wanted a socialist country modeled on Germany in the 1930’s and 40’s

    • iAintNoSculler says:

      I agree, William. The key term you state is productivity. There is no productivity in shuffling paper around and creating false fortunes.

  3. mary says:

    It is very scary to see where we as a country are heading. Even if Obama is reelected, the change will only be slowed down. The elite don’t seem to realize that if the middle class has no money our economy falters. The middle class is the one who purchase goods and services in large numbers. The middle class pays for the government with our taxes. What will happen to this country when most of the people are poor and a small handfull have all the money? Riots like we are seeing in other countries.

    • Eleanore Whitaker says:

      The elite doesn’t care. So long as they can spend, spend, spend…they have no real assimilation to anyone NOCD (Not Our Class Dahling). Here’s a thought to ponder. Why don’t the swindlers in the banks end up in jail for their fraud? You do that and see how fast these swindlers would see you in the Graybar Hotel.

      There’s a vicious cycle going on in the US that has to stop and it begins with corporate swindlers who never are punished enough to make them stop their swindling. Instead, the government has consistently allowed them to pay “settlements” instead of sitting their butts in jail.

      Now…think about who is really paying for those settlements? You think JP Morgan Stanley is actually going to pay that settlement for their $2 billion “mistake”. Wrong…you will as taxpayers and consumers. Those settlements come out of your pockets the minute these thieves decide to jack the prices of their goods and services. So you get the double whammy…you pay higher prices to cover their settlements and fines and then again when they beg tax subsidies and tax cuts.

      So now you know why the Middle Class is struggling to survive…Nice Corporate Swindler’s game right?

      How about a law that puts a stop to jacking prices until all settlements are paid with existing corporate revenue?

  4. montanabill says:

    Government does quite well with taxes. It is the outrageous spending that no amount of taxes can overcome.
    The book is drivel. Very selective of the people demonized and some demonized just by mention in the same paragraphs with others. Eliminate anyone who has achieved and see what is left to run the world. The excerpt wasn’t real clear on just who should be in charge if meritocracy is disallowed. I am reminded of the French revolution.

    • johninPCFL says:

      The fedgov spends $3.8T per year. 12% of that ($400B) is not defined by previous contracts (like SS, Medicare, militay contracts, etc.) If you stop the entire fedgov in its tracks (no Congress, no FBI, no CIA, no NSA, no FAA, no president, no courts, etc.) the required spending still accounts for more than $1T over current revenues.

      CA currently receives $0.78 in federal spending per dollar of taxes paid, NY gets back $0.79. MS receives $2.02 per dollar, MT gets $1.47. Maybe we should just cut the spending in red states to be equal to the receipts in blue states?


  5. There is and has been a collusion among politicians, corporations and the media to consolidate wealth and power at the very top. One of the first things we must do is reform the media – we become complicite in our own victimization by accepting the lies, half truths and false equalizations . Each of us has a responsibility to keep ourselves informed that is why the internet will be the catalyst for change and a new democracy. In the meantime we must resist effort to turn us against each other, immigrats, or the nameless faceless “other”. We really are – All In This Together!

  6. sigrid28 says:

    I keep on trying NOT to pick up my copy of ” The Great Gatsby” (1925). When I realized that it had been published four score and seven years ago, over the same battle field Chris Hayes treads upon in his new book, ” Twilight of the Elites,” I couldn’t help myself.

    It is no mere coincidence that the social inequalities Hayes points to nearly replicate the social divide F. Scott Fitzgerald sets forth in “Gatsby.” The narrator, Nick Carraway, a Midwesterner, is not himself elite but is well enough off that his father has seen fit to tell him, “Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, . . . just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

    Even from his outsider’s vantage point, Nick can see the chief problem with the elites of his day: “They were careless people, Tom and Daisy–they smashed things and creatures and then retreated back into their money and their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.”

    Now that the Supreme Court has seen fit to let Tom and Daisy purchase the 2012 elections, the elites will have another thing to smash up before retreating back into “their money and their vast carelessness,” and leaving the rest of us to “clean up the mess”: the economy, the environment, health care, education, foreign relations. Will we still be at it in eighty-seven years? Was eighty-seven years enough last time?

  7. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Cream is supposed to rise to the top. Another Twerp of the “Silver Platter” generation all too accustomed to sitting back at keyboards instead of learning to break a sweat. How much sweat did it take Boehner, McConnell or the Kochs clones like Cantor, Ryan and Walker? Add Chris Hayes into that mix.

    How many years did he volunteer in Iraq? Afghanistan? Or is his entire life an addiction to bashing President Obama? Might I remind Mr. Hayes that he had a McMommy and McDaddy who merited his little butt into the position he now holds? Pot calling the kettle black? This kid looks as if he stepped right out of his Pampers and right into his self-important role on MSN and Nation. Hate to clue you Mr. Hayes, but life isn’t a silver platter where you stand in the elite line with your hand out looking always for more, more, more.

    Why does Barack Obama resonate with the real Middle Class children whose parents divorced? Because unlike Twerps of the McParent Generation, children raised by single parents don’t get anything handed to them. Nice try Hayezy Babes…You and your kind are seething with rage and envy that a child of a single parent can become president and you call that “merit”? Sorry, that’s known as working your buns off without two parents to always be there for you. Hayezy is doing a great many Middle Class children raised by single parents a huge disservice by trying to divide them into the McBrat Elitist he was fortunate to experience and children who learned that deprivation and struggle is only overcome by a whole lot of sweat. This is the same bunch who don’t serve in the military, don’t think they should pay their fair share of taxes and generally pump out their chests bragging about how THEY did everything right and kids from single parent families are all criminals who only do wrong. Now…we have 2, Hayzy Babes…2 presidents both raised by single parents. Clinton and President Obama…How about a little less “wealth entitlement” brattitude with that serving of self-important self-absorbtion?

  8. majong13 says:

    This is why the Citizens United ruling is so bad. It is not the illegals taking a few low paying jobs, it’s the concentration of wealth at the top. These people, now having more power than just one vote, can direct this country in any way they want.

  9. Bigspender says:

    We need only look at the current House of Representatives to see how flawed the meritocracy model is in the US.

    • TheRealityTsar1 says:

      While I agree Boehner sucks (weak, spineless), Pelosi and her herd of mutantdogdroppings were domestic enemies of the Coutry and the Constitution…..

  10. R. Paul Williamson says:

    Actually, illegal (and newly arrived legal )immigrants for the most part give far more than they receive. They pay social security and medicare, and will never see a dime of it. They pay a disproportionate amount of their income in sales and real estate taxes (through rentals), and a large fraction have no children in school. They often get paid $3 to $4 an hour less than US Citizens or green card holders, for the same job (I pay the same, however), and usually are hard working , never complain and are very conscientous. I have a manufacturing factory where I hire US citizens, green card and work permit holders, and yes, once in while an illegal unbeknowest to me is hired by using false IDs. US citizens usually last about two weeks because “the work is too hard” (it isn’t , they just do not like to work and would rather complain); whereas immigrants have a great work ethic. They often return to their native countries after a few years working in our “salt mines”, and yes, they do send money home, but it is a pittance, nothing like the trillions of dollars big business spends overseas for example, Apple is planning on spending $60 Billion (of our consumers money) to establish new factories in China.

  11. The Greedy 1% Broke This Country With Their GREED!! And Mitt Romney Is Part Of The Raping Of America!! Obama/Biden 2012

  12. onedonewong says:

    3 pages of liberal nonsense

  13. howa4x says:

    Basically the new elite broke the capitalistic social contract that held, if we allow you as a society to accumulate large amounts of wealth, you will employ people and share that weatlh that way. The labor unions that were formed and strengthened after WWII made that grand bargin, and America dominated the world in production of excellent products. Then in the 70’s we were over run by accountants and lawyers who basically said that we can make more money in the aftermarket if we produce crappy stuff and used to lawyers to hold everyone else in place. By the 80’s the elite realized that they could maximize their profits by out sourcing the labor and the bargin with labor was forever broken.
    Now The elite has convinced the children of the middle class that unions are terrible even though they were the basis of the formation of the middle class itself. Today we have blatant power grab by the 1% that both politcal parties support. There really can’t be a president that dosen’t support their existance and their power. All you have to do is look at the super pacs and realize how the super rich are out to buy America, it’s elections and its leaders. They want a nation of serfs who are only there to increase their wealth while fighting over the crumbs they toss our way
    Welcome the the new America

    • TheRealityTsar1 says:

      The intrusion of the goverment into our lives is the cause of our econimic problems. The Great Society, Medicade/Medicare, Dept of Energy, EPA, etc. All loser initiatives that detract from the smooth functioning of our economy. Trillions wasted for nothing….So sad.

      As for unions, once upon a time, although they were corrupt, they did some good for the working man. Now unions are totally corrupt. The benefits of a union accrue almost exclusively to politicians and Union bosses (and their families). The “brothers” pay their dues and they get lip service and jerked around.

      • howa4x says:

        Considering you are a social darwinist , I can see where your veiws are coming from. So you want a world where the elderly fend for themselves, with no medical care and no support system. Is that right? One where corporations could once again pollute our waterways and air, or dump their waste anywhere, or make drugs with no oversight, or be able to feed cattle cement dust to fatten them for market. You would let the free enterprise system loose to make money however they wanted. Use pesticides that cause cancer on your food, maybe make your children deathly ill.
        All the oversight agencies are there because greedy people like you would destroy anything and anyone if you could just make money unfettered. correct?

        As for unions I grant you some like the teamsters became corrupted but not all of them. They came about as an answer to hazardous workplace conditions, getting decent wages for work, not having to work 60 hrs a week. You tea party types want to turn back the clock on working people, because the job creators as you call them might build a plant in your state if you free them from enviornmental restrictions and make it a right to work state which only means that the workers will make much less. You would like to turn America into a giant walmart that where ever they go they bring down the economy of the area

        As for SS and medicare. I would like the Tea party members to volunteer to give up their benefits publically 1st. Renounce your rights to any benefits, even health insurance, and have your parents if they are older give up theirs and your kids give up any protections and grow up in a polluted world, with no enviornmental protection , where the water is not fit to drink, and the food supply is not monitored by anyone.

        Put your money where your mouth is! Let’s see if you have the courage to live by your convictions!!!

        • TheRealityTsar1 says:

          Oh Puuuleeeeaaase stop the propaganda. You present the typical Obama straw man arguments presenting false alternatives.

          First Dealing with SS/Medicare first already SS and Medicare will be insolvent/ bankrupt/GONE by the time I am 67. They can not survive. Obama hastened the demise of Medicare by pulling $50 Billion a year out of it every year for the next ten years to fund OBAMACARE.

          The only hope for SS is privatized accounts.

          Wait, wait… I can hear you bellowing now, something to the effect of “If the accounts had been privatized in 2008 the money would have been lost….”

          1) that depends on what you had invested in and If it had been in your personal account and you invested in equities or leveraged cmos you would be have a problem, but if you had invested in Treasury bonds you would be in very good shape. and;

          2) (most importantly) Everything you have contributed up to now is already gone. Spent, kaput, put in the general fund and used to pay day to day expenses. When the time comes to pay you (if they decide to pay you), they’ll just print more money or take it from the poor schmoe working and contributing at that time.

          Prior to the creation of the EPA corporations did not pollute or dump waste anywhere they wanted, and once we eliminate it they won’t. The EPA is now a radical enviro. terrorist group seeking to control every facet of our lives.

          “You have a puddle in your yard? Heck, it is a waterway, clearly they have authority over it.” “Close all those coal power plants and drive up the price of electricity 250%” . “Gotta stop that FRACKING. Sure it has been around 50 years without any documented problem but the gas and oil we get from it are evil and we need to eliminate fossil fuels”. The Obama and his appointees are enviro-radicals

          Dept of Energy -Created to make us energy Independent- How is that working out for us Sunshine????

          The Great Society, Medicade/Medicare, Dept of Energy, EPA, etc. All loser initiatives that detract from the smooth functioning of our economy. Trillions wasted for nothing….

          So no, I am not an EVIL social Darwinist, I am a rational person who has seen the damage that government is doing to our economy and society, and who wants the government to return to the size and reach that it had 45 years ago and operate within the boundaries set up for it in the Constitution.

          • howa4x says:

            That’s a republican scare tactic that the SS fund is going bankrupt to once again scare the middle class into giving the criminal element on Wall st hundreds of billions to ingraciate themselve with, and give themselves giant bonuses with your money.
            I was in public health and enviornmental protection for over 30 yrs and don’t even tell me that people won’t dump their waste anywhere and everywhere. Before the clean air act the air was so bad that special lights had to be put up so you can see the road. Taxpayers are still paying for the bankrupt companies that dumped toxic chemical in open lagoons, back from that time to protect underground water supplies. The coal burning plants that were shut down by the EPA, are the ones wihtout scrubbers and are spewing mercury over the populations and the plumes from their stacks is blowing to other states. The ones that weren’t shut have the proper scrubbing devises. Every plant dosen’t have it because the profit of the few is more important than the health of the many. This is why asthma rates are going up in childrens. Childrens health is important right?

            As for the food supply if there were no government oversight and greed was the only measurment, I would never eat a meal that I personally didn’t grow myself. I’ve seen too many things go into the food and investigated too many foodborne outbreaks, and kids died from E:coli. Is that not important to you? want to do away with that?

            As for fracking 85% of the companies do it right and 15 very wrong. the problem is you don’t want to be around one of those 15%, or drink the water near them. Ohio which is a state that is taking in fracking waste is experiencing earthquakes near the disposal sites and in NJ both republicans and democrats voted not to accept the waste, so something must be wrong for republicans to vote for an enviornmental issue.

            As for medicare. the biggest problem is that the healthcare sysyem is a for profit undertaking, so the doctors and big pharma are giving the elderly so many meds , it’s scary. 80% of all healthcare dollars are spent in the last year of a patients life because the offspring won’t let them die naturally and keep them alive on vents at $5000/day. or operate on 85 yr olds to give them new knees and joints. These operations cost over 150,000 per knee, but doctors want to grab another fee on the way out. This is the problem . Medicare pays for testing and doctors constantly test these people. The ACA is bending the cost curve by paying for outcomes rather than just testing but you won’t hear that on Fox news. Also the digitizing of medical records will save money when patients move from one medical home to another they won’t need another round of tests
            and besides the Republicans are lying to you. they won’t repeal the act because they have no alternative

            The dept of energy should be seeding new technologies that will create future jobs. We will eventually move from coal to cleaner fuels. 75% of NJ energy comes from nuclear. NJ leads the country in the installation of solar, and we have a republican governor. this is where the future is going.
            So don’t always listen to fox news. Try reaing a book by Paul Krugman. He won the nobel prize for economics

          • cabadas says:

            For someone that has a lot of words all I read is blah blah blah blah blah blah

  14. harrysepstein says:

    Mr. Hayes has a very interesting argument here. I’ll be interested to see how he works it out in detail.

  15. old_blue_eyes says:

    Obama has recognized that people, not millionaires, drive the economy. When CEO’s fired people or outsourced work to raise profits, they destroyed the engine that drove the economy: Americans, working in America, spending their cash in America. Don’t blame Bush or Obama. CEO’s, bankers and brokers did us in

  16. TheRealityTsar1 says:

    Obama, a fraud and incompetent, is a product of the meritocracy???? Is this guy smoking crack.

    Obama is an affirmative action student, and hire as POTUS. Show us his grades in any school after high school. Show us his writings while on Hvd. Law Rev….Please stop with the BS and propaganda, by now every thinking person knows this guy is a hoax.

    • ExPAVIC says:

      HOAX? HOAX?

      So where is Mittens Romney? In Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, or Switzerland checking on his $ billions of low taxed cash. What a fraud. Anyone who argues for this guy is stupid or sick.

      Maybe he is busy sending offshore another thousand jobs. Who knows since he flits around like a hummingbird looking for a flower to steal from.

  17. 2346817 says:

    The shift of the manufacturing base to chase cheap labor in foreign countries was financed by our own tax money and has robbed us of good jobs, natural resources, and has led to the downfall of our economy! Thru NAFTA , GATT, and fast track the shortsighted rich industrialists can produce components , material goods, and finished products at very cheap prices and increase their profits tenfold over using domestic labor. Who is left with a good job to be able to buy all those foreign made products that are sent back assembled from our raw materials and natural resources that are sent overseas to be refined, smelted, cast and forged into the goods that come back? Oh yeah does it take fuel to transport those materials over and ship the finish goods back? What a waste! All those one worlders from Nixon and Johnson to Bush I and II and Clinton have fed at the greed hog trough of profits at the expense of domestic production and labor. Those dollars have value only insofar as the country produces what it consumes. Every economist from Adam Smith, Thomas Malthus, John Maynard Keynes, John Kenneth Galbraith, and even Thorstein Veblen said that the economy is dependent on production by those in the country that can by their labors buy what they produce. I hope that the Oligarchy of the rich can use all that they make overseas and ship back. I sure as hell can’t afford to buy it with the measly pension that is left to me from labor jobs I worked for fifty one years!

  18. gargray says:

    The mexican immigrants are not stealing your jobs but the republicans are, they vote no on everything, they don’t want Obama to get the credit.

    • Romney No Doubt Hired Many Illegal To Clean His House And Raise His Kids!! His Wife Ann Sure Didn’t!!

      • 13observer says:

        Are you jealous Fern? Can I call you “Fern”? Did you want an illegal to clean your house? Maybe it wouldn’t look so unkept if you spent more time cleaning and less time blogging on behalf of people that don’t care one way or another if you dropped over dead tomorrow.

      • TheRealityTsar1 says:

        No, he didn’t.

        On one occassion he hired a landscape firm, under a written contract (in which it was acknowledged that the landscape firm had ensured that all of its employees were legal) and firm did not; a couple of the employees were illegals and Romeny fired the company….

        • How The Hell You Know !! Do You Think If You Kiss Romney Butt That He’s Going To Look Out For You!! Don’t Talk To Me Or Get Ready To Get Your Ass Cussed Out!!!

    • 13observer says:

      Oh really, they aren’t stealing jobs? There probably isn’t really 12 million illegals here either, and none of them are subsidized by our government ,and “the private sector is doing just fine”, and the sun sets in the East. Come on, denial hurts everyone.

      • johninPCFL says:

        In fact, the tech sector is at record employment. They are having to get MORE H1B visas than ever before just to do the engineering work they need to. It appears that the 12 million illegals haven’t affected that at all…

    • TheRealityTsar1 says:

      Illegals are stealing jobs and lowering wages particularlly in the fields of unskilled labor (construction, yardwork, janatorial services, kitchen staff….). This hurts the legal domestic poorer class (undermining their earnings) while it helps the domestic upper class (services that they are buying cost less).

      • rustacus21 says:

        Once we get straight who hires illegals, we’ll begin to formulate why there’s such a HUGE wealth gap – grown far wider than ever possible, had there been NO conservative in the White House from 2001-2009. The illegals aren’t the issue anyway – its American voters voting on the basis of fearful hysterics & big talking dumb a@#’s in all over corporate media. Encourage every 1 U know to STOP THIS & we’re back on track to a Democracy that functions the way it’s spelled out in the Constitution…

  19. When You Strip American Companies And Ship American Jobs Overseas For A Living Along With Hiring Illegals All For Profits The 1% Are The Ones Who Is Destroying This Country And It’s People!!

  20. dufuslofus says:

    The article is on spot. I feel a debri of consensus gathering and speeding like a meteor into the twilight of the elite, where like 150 yrs before there was a great civil war that righteously god saw favor for our country and the winning side.

  21. 13observer says:

    Hey, the 1% fought to get and keep theirs! How come you just want to “dream”, bitch, hope, pray, blame etc.? Get of your asses and do something for yourselves…ORGANIZE A UNION AT YOUR WORKPLACE unless you’re not working…if not, go find the illegal alien that has your job sucka.

    • sigrid28 says:

      Three lines. Three obscenities. Three types of right-wing Republican hatred: misogyny, xenophobia, religious bigotry. Better not be a woman who dares to complain, an immigrant who works for a living, and an unfortunate who should be so audacious as to hope or pray. You will make 13observer very, very mad.

  22. greghilbert says:

    I very much appreciate Chris Hayes’ thoughtful reflection, but personally find it insufficiently ferocious in condemnation of elite malfeasance and corruption. In other words, I gain impression of Chris himself as a “good guy” but also part of the cohort, securely buffered against brutal poverty, detachedly observing a “Twilight of the Elites”, as though predicting the worst of them will now quietly fade from the scene. They will not. They are collectively proving themselves cunning, ruthless and voracious, and they already have blood on their hands.

  23. rustacus21 says:

    1 thing we must remind ourselves of is how utterly, barbarously violent conservatives “CAN” be. The entire period of 2001-2009 was about just such. From the immediate dismantling of America’s protective apparatui, to tax cuts, to the wars (against poor people of color – NOT against the criminal tyrants they victimized), to the looting of the nations institutions, to the intentional sabotage of the economy (speculators on wall st., selling “junk” financial instruments which still 2day, are wreaking havoc on Europe’s economy!!!) & we want, still, to try & lay blame w/THIS President?! We, as a nation, should be ASHAMED we didn’t give this man a Liberal/Progressive Congress in the ’10 Midterms, considering what conservatives have served up (the same thing the nation got between 2001-2009) since being in the majority! If President Obama hasn’t been able to move the ball forward since being in office, it’s OUR FAULT, NOT his! He’s obviously capable enuff to formulate policy for the nations affirmative benefit. That we don’t collectively know how to vote in returning the favor is NOT his fault. We all understand money in our politics is a huge, MAJOR problem! So what’s wrong w/people that we won’t vote like we know this?! Look in the mirror, those who vote Republican – or DIDN’T vote in 2010 – that’s where U can find the answers to this articles primary questions…

  24. iAintNoSculler says:

    Follow the money. Who said that? We now have a new class of cultural elites who believe in globalization and multi-culturalism. Please, say it aint so, Joe. They were created within the last three decades. The members of our dominant culture steadily dismantled all gov’t policies that were set up to protect consumers from themselves. The current international trade agreements are tied to this dismantling. Brave New World is here in full bloom. We have all been socially democratized and financially micro-managed and controlled. Is one world gov’t just a theory, or, are some people really planning it? Where, now, is the American Dream? Is it, any longer, a reality?

  25. iAintNoSculler says:

    onedonewong, what? Whose business model? It was the Bush bailouts.

  26. iAintNoSculler says:

    Not so, you are NOT 100% accurate.

  27. iAintNoSculler says:

    2346817, you may have done labor jobs for 51 years but you have made one of the more intelligent comments here. In fact, your statemnt or argument, is an explanation of why you cannot cut taxes, throw social planning out the window, or immerse yourself in bean counting concepts that are not at all productive.

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