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Monday, March 25, 2019

BREAKING: Ohioans Allowed To Vote Early, Republicans Bummed

The Supreme Court has handed Democrats a huge victory by refusing to block early voting in Ohio, which over 100,000 Ohioans took advantage of in 2008.

After the 2004 election saw long lines and widespread voter complaints, Ohio implemented early voting for three days before the election. This gave many Democratic-leaning voters a chance to cast a ballot over the weekend, infuriating Republicans.

As part of what can only be called the Republican War on Voting, Ohio’s Secretary of State  Jon Husted has been fighting to have early voting limited to veterans, who tend to vote Republican.


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11 responses to “BREAKING: Ohioans Allowed To Vote Early, Republicans Bummed”

  1. nobsartist says:

    i expect the John Birch Society to be very upset once they figure out that they flushed hundreds of millions down the toilet supporting willard.

  2. lana ward says:

    Obama wants votes now. Alot of people will decide not to vote for him as more scandels could come out in the next 3 weeks

    • MichaelVandiver says:

      Yeah,.. which ones? Have any in mind specifically, or are you just implying hopeful speculation? I’m sure he personally went to Ohio to make sure that everyone can vote early.

    • Maerzie says:

      What’s a “scandel”?? Did you mean “scandal”? Are you planning to start some?? REAL Americans love our country and don’t get into the hate games started by devisive Republicans. There are far too many “r”epublicans (the ones who don’t make anywhere NEAR the $250,000 EACH or $500,000 per couple each year to EVER get any advantage from any Republican legislation written for the REAL Republicans) who don’t even know enough to vote FOR themselves and their families, so they vote for those wealthy. Good thing someone worries about those multi-millionaires and billionaires, but voting to benefit THEM is not going to make you one! During the years when the Middle Class income voters were smart enough to vote Democrat (for themselves and their own families), we had a much more loving, peaceful country. It was actually one you would call “American”, but people are too lazy now to use their OWN brains and research/study the FACTS. They fall for every hateful propaganda they see or hear because it “sounds” so believable, as if they have never learned about the snake oil salemen. They fall for everything because it’s so much easier to just “believe” and hate than to research facts. They like the ease of just using someone else’s brain and lies. Like the joke that isn’t even a joke: When looking for a brain to transplant into a brain-injured patient, a Republican brain is always more expensive than a Democrat brain. Why? Because the Democrat’s brain has been used! Republicans never use theirs, so you have to pay “brand new” prices! I am so happy I went to college and learned how to THINK! I used to vote Republican, but THEN I took “Critical Thinking” and Political Science.

      • lana ward says:

        Under Obama, the middle class has been crushed. We should be in a full recovery by now, yet we’re worse off than 4 years ago. He’s killing us on purpose!! Everything you own is worth less, everything you buy cost more. 4 more years–NOT!!! — you don’t know what a “scandal ” is? We’ll all learn from Obama what it is

        • lana ward says:

          Republican are smarted, that’s why their brains are used. They have common sense too, Dems don’t. You need to get your money back from college, “Critical Thinking” did you a terrible disservice!! Communist Professors are useless!! Dems change history and facts. They are talking about Dems, but insert Republican in it’s place

          • easton says:

            Tell us why after 8 years of Bush (essentially Romneyomics) we even needed a recovery at all? The stock market has doubled under Obama, corporate profits are at an all time high and housing has begun to rebound after the worst financial crisis since the great depression (caused by people like romney). And yet you say Republicans are “smarted” (sic)

          • kingsley says:

            Know your facts compare administrations between democrats and republicans, clinton years, bush years who has brought surplus to this country, let Obama finish what he started, its not easy to complete the recovery in four years. I bet you in the next four years you wouldnt be saying what your saying now, by the way why do people ignore facts. Republican policies favors the rich period. Democrats favors the middle class. Please can someone tell me why republicans are crying over spending spending and reducing the deficit, but when the president wants to cut down military spending to reduce the deficit, the republicans refused. I am still shocked about the whole thing. Mitt Romney wants to add more trillions to military budget that is not even needed, he is given us a fuzzy math which we are not willing to buy. So republicans wants us to think they want to bring down the deficit just by mouth not by action. Prove it show us the way your going to do it. Action speakes louder than voice. Th recovery is ongoing and it will continue whether the republican congress wants to work with Obama or not and they should be called “PATRIOTS” lol.

        • Gambler2 says:

          There are two main reasons the middle class has been crushed. First is the Republican policies under eight years of Bush – massive tax cuts – two wars that were not put into the budget – Medicare part D not funded.

          The second reason is Republican obstructionism in congress. President Obama has repeatedly tried to get jobs bills that involve rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. But the Republicans won’t even allow a vote on them. They are too busy passing abortion restrictions and trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

          Please don’t talk about scandals. Under Bush we had one of those every week.

  3. frankelee says:

    Republicans talk about loving America, but they don’t love anything it stands for.

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