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Thursday, August 17, 2017

In a bizarre press conference in Doral, Florida on Wednesday morning, Donald Trump seemed to urge the Russian government to find and release the 30,000 deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Trump, who seemed frustrated at questions about his involvement with the Russian government and Russian businesses, said he would welcome foreign cyber attacks on Clinton’s emails. Minutes earlier, he said that foreign governments who released the emails would be “rewarded” by the American press.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said, looking into the camera. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

He also refused to say he condemned possible Russian involvement in leaking DNC emails: “I’m not going to tell Putin what to do,” Trump said. “Why should I tell Putin what to do?” He followed up afterwards on Twitter:

The press conference came on the heels of numerous revelations of possible Russian influence on Trump’s campaign, including on his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who previously advised now-deposed pro-Putin Ukranian leader Victor Yanukovych.


Photo: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event at Trump Doral golf course in Miami, Florida, U.S. July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

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638 Responses to BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

  1. It’s time for the FBI and the Secret Service to look into Trumps role in this. This man is coming very close to treason.

  2. Trump is a true danger to our national security. At this rate he could be charged with treason before the election. This hack of the DNC is bigger than the Watergate break in. Encouraging Russia is outright dangerous & shows why there’s no way Trump should ever be President

      • Hip? Is that what you call a candidate that encourages a foe of the USA to spy on the USA, and use the material they find to influence the outcome of an election in the USA?
        Can you imagine what would have happened if a Democrat had said what The Donald said in Miami?

        • Trump isn’t encouraging Russia, he wants to know just how much intelligence was hacked. Would you still vote for someone if you knew they leaked top secrets & endangered OUR National Security? If Russia indeed has information we need to know.

          • He wants to know what’s in the emails? Good news, then – the FBI already has them.

          • What does that have to do with anything I wrote? The FBI is literally in possession of the emails Trump is whining were “illegally” deleted (they weren’t illegally deleted), and has been for months.

          • Wiki leaks has better hacking abilities than the FBI, which is controlled by the Federal Government. The deleted emails were illegally deleted, since they were supposed to be by Law, on a Government server, not an ubsecured, basement, secret private server. DUHHH.

          • Again, what does that drivel have to do with ANYTHING I wrote?

            1. The emails were not illegally deleted.
            2. They were not “supposed to be by Law” on a Government server. Not even if you use capital letters.
            3. When did I say anything about the FBI hacking anyone?

          • What capital letters? #2 you are incorrect, all top secret emails or classified emails are to be on the Government server, even Director Comey stated Hillary knew “at the time” they were sent, she KNEW they were classified. You know this damn well but continue to mislead others.

          • You are freaking delusional. Even ignoring how wrong you are about all that, the point that you are seemingly unable to comprehend is that the FBI already has these “missing” emails, they have already been investigated, and there is nothing there.

          • The point is, Hillary knowingly allowed classified emails sent on an unprotected private server, try to keep on topic. The FBI stated that her classified emails were very likely hacked, was extremely careless, in other words, gross negligence. But that’s OK with Democrats like you it seems.

          • Do you know anything about servers and the web? Obviously not! Unless you take extraordinary stops you can find everything that was on a server and that includes your computer. It is not actually erased! As for items on the web, ask those women who have been trying for years to remove pictures from the web.

          • If this statement does not constitute encouragement to spy on the USA, please tell us what he meant:
            “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said during a press conference Wednesday. “I think you’ll probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

          • Like mentioned, this is info the American People need to know. If they have Already spied her hacked emails, which FBI Director stated extremely likely happened on Hillary’s almost completely unsecured server.

          • Of course he did, everybody heard him say it. He did try to not answer it, but finally admitted it.

          • The FBI Director absolutely did not say that Hillary’s email server was “extremely likely” to have been hacked. This is – like EVERY SINGLE OTHER THING YOU HAVE SAID – an outright lie.

      • Sunday, 21 Oct 2012 04:37 PM
        Mitt Romney extended his lead Sunday over President Barack Obama in a much-discussed Gallup poll that shows the GOP challenger now leading by 7 points, 52-45, among likely voters.

        Don’t get too excited Spanky.

      • Yep, Hillary is a solid 10 points ahead of Dumpster Drumpf. With this latest infighting with Ryan, McCain among others including the Khan insults he’s doing peachy.

          • We all will lose 1/20/17 when Drumpf joins arms with Putin to line their pockets. Take a good look at his cabinet appointees for starters. Those of you who wanted change will see America’s top conman emptying our treasury while the uneducated become less both economically and status wise.

            America’s best chance is for Drumpf to be impeached and/or charged with treasonous acts. This country’s best chance for a future is for these events to happen and they will. He cannot help himself.

  3. right they hacked the DNC to hurt HRC BUT did NOT hack her private emails. WHO cares who did the hacking the emails ARE realo. SHE CHEATED

    • Must be nice knowing The Donald can count on Putin. You ever take the time to wonder what’s in it for Putin?

    • The Hillary haters like to claim that those deleted emails contain important government information. And you think it is not important who could hack her email and get that information?

    • Looks like Hillary may be denied National Security updates because of her violation of our Nation’s Security, not TRUMP.

          • A better answer would have been to link to some sort of evidence that she is going to be denied clearance. You can’t, though, because like every other claim you’ve made here it is entirely false.

          • Members of Congress have already stated they will try to deny Hillary security clearance, she is completely untrustworthy & according to Director Comey, Extremely Careless.

          • False, like every single other post you’ve made. “Members of Congress” have no such authority.

          • Are you that clueless? Lying to OUR Representatives during a Congressional Hearing is very serious, & perjury, which would render Hillary ineligible.

          • Good thing she didn’t commit perjury, then! Also, that would not actually make her ineligible under any existing law, and the “Members of Congress” you are talking about still have no authority whatsoever to strip her of her security clearance.

  4. Remember when Rush Limbaugh CLAIMED to have stand down cables?
    Why didn’t he show them to Trey Gowdy?
    Why didn’t Gowdy ask for them?
    Will the NATIONAL INQUIRER pay Putin for e-mails?
    Consider the source!!

    • DONNY DUMP is talking code’s with PUTTHEAD its the DUMPSTER that will pay him with the USA’s money some how some way he will go bankrupt( he always scums out money when he dose that ) and the money he makes off that he will pay PUTTHEAD

  5. Inviting foreign governments to hack into the emails of your own government officials!
    How did that become a strategy to get elected?

  6. What a liar! He can’t keep track of his own statements. He asked why he should tell Putin what to do when he had just told the Russians (Putin inferred) what he wanted them to do–to try to find Hillary’s emails and make them public. I don’t understand how anyone with a concern for this country could possibly vote for this man.

    • How could anyone vote for untrustworthy & lying Hillary, she is the one with all the scandals, not Trump. Learn to think on your own, not fall for political sound bites.

      • You don’t think multiple accusations of rape, refusing to pay workers for the work they have done or the materials they used in constructing his buildings, taking advantage of people with his fake university are all scandals? Hillary’s so-called scandals have been manufactured for the most part and she has been investigated ad nauseam. I didn’t support any of the previous Republican candidates because of the policies they advocated, but I could still respect them as decent people. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

        • Hillary is under multiple investigations by Congress & the FBI, not Trump. How can you ignore her many scandals & proven lies. Trump wasn’t a politician & created tens of thousands of good jobs while having more women than men in top Executive Positions, unlike Hillary that just panders. You really need to become more informed but you must listen to other news sources that just ultra left ones.

          • Hillary Clinton is under no current investigations, by either Congress or the FBI.

          • Had been under several investigations & proven a liar, however she still is under Congressional scrutiny for perjury, she did lie to Congress. She also hindered investigations & lied about the you tube video, but all these are ok with “Progressives” as yourself.

          • If Congress had anything at all on Hillary they would have charged her. As it stands now the Repubic Congress look like fools and vindictive children spending millions of taxpayer money for a personal witch hunt that proved fruitless even with a.partisan FBI director stating there was nothing illegal about her actions. You love to embellish. I bet your mommy made you stand in the corner a lot when you were growing up or corporal punishment through beatings as most uneducated do to their children.

        • p.s. As for the rape charges, are you talking about Bill Clinton? Hillary ignored all this for future political power.

          • Actually, I was referring to the 3 who have recently charged Trump with rape, two of them being minors.

          • Political desperation by the Clintons to divert attention from oaa of their scandals is all. Quit reading the dailykos.

  7. He also refused to say he condemned possible Russian involvement in leaking DNC emails: “I’m not going to tell Putin what to do,” Trump said. “Why should I tell Putin what to do?” /// sure DONNY DUMP dosent wasn’t to get Putthead mad because he want to do deals with him

      • It’s OK.
        Trump’s on the record talking about prior meetings and his good personal relationship with the Russian Federation President.
        It’s just another “non-factual statement,” as Reince Priebus would say.

        • But he did make up the whole story about how they were on 60 minutes together. It turned out they were on the same episode in separate taped segments from separate locations. Some of his staff have ties to Russia, including Manafort, who always attempts to tell us we didn’t see or hear what we actually saw and heard.

      • ya I know and things like this are so easy to research . and one watches the 2 conventions one is all about and cams are all on DONNY DUMP and if one lisson just the words thy can see hear and know (all but the brain dead GOP gang of idiots and the DUMPSTERS followers ) that the REP. are all taking away from the people hurting the people more and the DEMS is all for giving to the people and helping the people and the country . and ones cant understand the difference . the GOP gang of idiots side and the brain dead follows of DONNY DUMPSTER are just getting a free clown show . ive said time and time again to wait for it wait for it moment / theres something that the DUMPSTER’s has plan before he even started running for the house . and that ball will fall . he is just a sneaky slimly scumbag that has plans and it im sure will have something to do with again fraud’s, coning and scam’s the people some how and way . I can see one thing but its not the big thing by far . im sure he will be selling all kind’s of tapes of his running and the BS he says .

      • ya I know and things like this are so easy to research . and one watches the 2 conventions one is all about and cams are all on DONNY DUMP and if one lisson just the words thy can see hear and know (all but the brain dead GOP gang of idiots and the DUMPSTERS followers ) that the REP. are all taking away from the people hurting the people more and the DEMS is all for giving to the people and helping the people and the country . and ones cant understand the difference . the GOP gang of idiots side and the brain dead follows of DONNY DUMPSTER are just getting a free clown show . ive said time and time again to wait for it wait for it moment / theres something that the DUMPSTER’s has plan before he even started running for the house . and that ball will fall . he is just a sneaky slimly scumbag that has plans and it im sure will have something to do with again fraud’s, coning and scam’s the people some how and way . I can see one thing but its not the big thing by far . im sure he will be selling all kind’s of tapes of his running and the BS he says

  8. A few decades ago, what Donald Trump said today, would have been interpreted as treason. Hoping a foreign government, especially the government of a country that had thousands of ICBMs with nuclear warheads aimed at the USA, hack the server and database of a political opponent, is beyond bizarre. As amazing as his statement was, and what it implies, I doubt Congress will investigate Trump’s Russian connection and his fascination with Putin. They will all engage in distractions, and will ignore something that Eisenhower, Reagan, and every person with half a brain, would have considered evidence of idiocy, dependence on the support of a foreign government, or treason.

    • Oh, its worse. Listening to NPR this morning a woman called and said and I kid you not, if he has a relationship with Putin, that’s a good thing. What kind of village idiots came out of the woodwork for this fool? It’s scary.

      • Not to mention, he doesn’t have a “relationship” with him. Putin can’t wait to pull clueless Trump’s puppet strings.

    • What would having a illegal immigrant speak at a national convention be interpreted as? Also she admitted she is ignoring a order to leave. Protecting a illegal immigrant is against federal law. How can you justify the DNC housing a protecting a criminal? They have committed a felony. I guess the DNC is above the law also. They openly commit a felony and the left applauds it. Must be nice to pick and choose which laws you will obey.

        • His rhetoric identifies itsdum as a low achiever in high school and was lucky to carry a gentleman’s C and that was his teachers feeling sorry for him. This is ascertained from his grammar and sentence structure to express himself and trying to provide a cogent argument as a rebuttal to his protagonist. Sad but it seems a Drumpf Dumpster surrogate is of this level as described. Itsdum does provide a good laugh and practice dealing with such rhetorical jibe.

      • Right, the DNC violated our Nation’s Laws by aiding & abetting KNOWN Illegal Aliens. Our Law requires that they be arrested, then deported, not give speeches to the DNC.

          • Parading known Illegal “immigrants” on National TV with millions of viewers watching certainly is aiding & abetting, where is our Federal Law Enforcement? Must have been told to stand down. After all, gotta get the special interest votes, even if in Country ILLEGALLY.

          • Sorry, still not a crime, and doesn’t change that you made a totally false claim.

          • People entering into our Country ILLEGALLY, against our Laws? Or are they just undocumented Democrat-Socialists? But if so, then they are required to produce those documents. Maybe one will someday harm you or a loved one, but even if not physically, by high health care, education, & crime costs to Citizens.

          • WHAT FACT? It is not a citizen’s job to arrest illegals or undocumented people. Cite the law that says it is!

    • Trump did commit treason by violating the Logan Act just as Nixon did with South Vietnam and a ceasefire with the North. Time for the FBI to investigate.

      • An investigation would have already started, if The Donald’s party affiliation had not been Republican.

          • Look it up! Ownership is usually listed not only on their mastheads but also on their websites. I know your overlords hide this kind of info from you low info right wingers. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • 75% of all journalists are Democrats. That is a fact even liberals confirm. Your ass sucks buttermilk buster.

          • But who owns it and assigns the editors? Not Liberals. Try again! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • I don’t need to try again. you, [by omission] admitted that I was right about guess is that you knew beforehand. Here is a list. Jeff Bezos; owner-Washington post,liberal. The Sultzberger family; owners-MYtimes,liberals. Tronc; parent company of the LA times,the Chicago tribune and the Baltimore sun,a liberal corporation. Disney;owners of ABC and ESPN,all liberal.Les Moonves;owner,CBS,-liberal.Stephen V.Burke,owner,NBC and Comcast,liberal. Is that enough Mr.know it all.PS. It was you who changed the subject in response to PatricHenry,not I. HINT; It’s easy to see. Its all in caps.

          • Most media corporations are not owned by an individual but by investors and use hired help. While some corporations, like Disney, are known for liberal things, those who run it are not, the Disney family! Jeff Bezos – owner of The Washington post is a liberal? Rupert Murdock – Fox News and News Corp. is a Liberal? Les Moonves is not the owner, Summer Redstone, who controls most of the stock, is a Liberal. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • I posted the facts. You ignored them.You claimed the media was owned by conservatives. That is provably false. You are STILL the one who changed the subject,not me. Stop blaming me for something you did.There is something you ignore. The post where you changed the subject is still there genius. It’s impossible to miss in those stark,black capital letters.

          • No, you just proved that you are the low information idiot!
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Hillary’s emails were already most likely leaked, stated FBI Director Comey. IF you listened to Trump’s “whole” comment you would know he was being facetious. As I said correctly, you are a useful stooge for the Democrat-Socialist Party.

          • That is the problem! Trump is always being facetious. You right wingers have no policies worth mentioning so you spend all your time cleaning up after Trump! Talk about stooges! So not presidential. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

  9. I watched the news conference. His comments were tongue in cheek. A bigger question is if the FBI can say the DNC was hacked, how can the same FBI say they don’t know if Hillary’s private was hacked. The director say they couldn’t find any evidence to either confirm or not confirm. They now say the Russians left footprints on the DNC server. Why would they leave footprints on one server and not the other. Another question is if the Russians or whoever hacked the server how can we expect the Democrats to protect our national documents and secrets. That kind of incompetence with our national security is inexcusable.

  10. Trump actually said he would like Russia to give the 30000 deleted e mails to the press . Why???
    Because the press would be able to keep secret anything bad about Hillary. The press is better than Hillarys servers !!! The only treason that was committed by Hillary by allowing her servers to be insecure. Even Putin responded ” do not blame us for your _hillarys ‘ incompetence “

      • You conveniently did not read the article”Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said, looking into the camera. “I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”….and the FBI. !!!!!

          • Zdravstvujtye, “nye ” is the informal , since we are ole friends. I be multi lingual, cunning lingual , also I be good. In Ebonics.

          • Lucky you since I know nothing about Ebonics.
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Try most Black preachers. It is a form of English (Broken or Pidgin) that reminds some American Blacks of where and where they have come from. See Herman Cain. In Jamaica it is called Flat, and is usually used by those with limited education. See most reggae musicians. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • I agree, it is Elozabthean English as saying ….Neearkeea ” I be sick ” , They be sick , my children” some Ebonics is a terrible form of Jamaican Patois as in Oakland, California.

        • BS. The NY Times and Washington Post have been attacking her for 20+ years! Get real! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

  11. Trump Dump has actually committed an act of treason by asking a foreign head of state to hack US email which belong to the federal government. Nixon did the same thing when he negotiated with South Vietnam to refuse a cease fire negotiated by President Johnson. In doing so he violated John Adam’s 1797 Logan Act. LBJ didn’t ask DOJ to press charges as he thought it would look improper and vindictive.

    President Obama could ask the FBI to investigate and it is recorded while Drumpf didn’t make note he was joking or didn’t ask Putin not to interfere in America’s politics. Already committed treason and the election hasn’t been held yet. This man is dangerous to the national security of this nation and her people.

    • I believe Hillary s the one who committed treason with her incompetence and actually knew the rules of engagement in securing her e mails. After all she went to such great lengths to hide her mails. But evidently she was done in by hackers. Her campaign is loaded with fraud and leaks , ask Debbie Wassermann Schitz.

      • “Incompetence” – not actually something Hillary is guilty of – cannot legally be treason. Also, how was she “done in” by hackers? The State Dept. was hacked by Russian intelligence. The DNC was hacked by Russian intelligence. Hillary’s email server was not hacked at any point by anyone.

        I hope that helps!

  12. Since it looks as though the Russian Government has hacked Hillary’s emails, which were on an unsecured, private server, putting our nation’s National Security at risk, Americans need to know just how much Hillary Clinton endangered us. We can’t elect someone that sent Top Secret emails that were hacked, as President. She would easily be blackmailed, & untrustworthy.

    Turning this serious matter into more political BS to take away the damage to Hillary, & have her try to put the blame on Trump is absolutely absurd. The people that fall for this from them are irresponsible, especially after we see what her & the DNC did to screw Bernie.

    • We should also know how much the previous cabinet members “endangered us” by doing the same thing. Right?

      • IF they did what Hillary did, YES. As a matter of fact, some ARE in jail for less than Hillary did, aND she is running for President!

        • What did she actually do? Is this like her refusal to send military help to Benghazi? You know that she had no authority over military personnel? You have proven nothing!

    • There was absolutely no evidence that her server was hacked. There is evidence that Russia may have been a part of the DNC hack. Trump is literally inviting Russia to hack us! You must be insane, thinking Hillary is the threat to our national security!

      • Uh, the DNC was easily hacked, just as Hillary was. Soon you will see more evidence. Why Debbie W’S was forced to resign, for screwing Bernie & Millions of his supporters. Now you are stuck with Lying Hillary.

        • Hear that, folks? Soon we will see more evidence. As soon as they get done compiling all the evidence on the:

          Paula Jones scandal
          FBI Background scandal
          Norman Hsu scandal
          Vince Foster scandal
          Jorge Cabrera scandal
          Sniper Fire scandal
          Personal Email scandal
          Travelgate scandal
          Theft and Valdalism of the White House scandal
          Whitewater scandal
          Monica Lewinski scandal
          Clinton Foundation scandal
          Benghazni scandal
          Cattle Futures scandal
          Public Speaking Fee scandal.

          So many scandals, so much proof, so little time…..

        • Hillary wasn’t hacked. The DNC was hacked by a government-resourced intelligence agency, but the DNC – not being a government agency – is not in possession of classified information.

    • There you have it, folks. The Official Dumba$$ position is that a file server is a bigger threat to our country than an American presidential nominee consorting and conspiring with a murderous Russian tyrant still bent on world hegemony.

      Need more proof than the comment of this moron, who apparently thinks he’s a patriot? Look below at the comments of the other wingnuts who haunt this rag. The file server’s the real issue.

      • Yes, sending top secret information on an unsecured server is a threat to our National Security. But to you, as long as it’s a Democrat it’s fine. Very biased of you, voters like you ARE a danger to our Country.

        • You’re the perfect Trump acolyte…. you never know when to STFU, because you’re non-cognizant of the fact that most everyone’s smarter than you are.

          • Perfect, expected that reply from a close-minded, gullible Liberal, instead of facing the facts you don’t want to hear, you resort to childish name-calling. Funny.

          • And I expected that reply from a know-nothing Turd Party wingding. All are punished.

            PS Sorry about the name-calling, but hey, when the shoe fits….

          • So what was leaked by Clinton or her server? Remember, there is a difference between her server ad that of the DNC. Nothing has ever been released about what was secret on her server despite all the Right wing noise!

    • It doesn’t “look” like that at all. Hillary’s emails weren’t hacked, and contained no information that would be dangerous to the security of the United States in any case. Where do you get this drivel.

        • And after nearly 30 years of phony scandals why should we care! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Lol, phony scandals, pathetic. Many lies already proven, more hacked emails coming, stay tuned.

          • So you actually believe that the Clinton’s are so powerful that 40 years of revelations have not touched them and that this new one will? You are truly pathetic and delusional! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • You are truly pathetic and delusional!

            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • But you prefer the deception of the Democrat-Socialist Party to keep you from hearing the truth? THAT is pathetic, & unpatriotic.

          • you are no patriot! Just a delusional clown making noise.
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Another attempt at ignoring the actual corruptions of Obama & Hillary with your blather I see. Pathetic.

          • You, like most right wing losers keep posting things you can’t prove! What corruption? No, not more unproven accusations! What indictments, arrests, convictions or sentencing. Facts not opinion please! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

  13. This frickin’ guy Trump is unbelievable!!!! He must be the dumbest swinging Richard who ever sh!t behind a pair of wingtips!!!!!!!!

  14. I wouldn’t been surprised if DONNY DUMP picked PUTTHEAD to be his VP he’d say im never going to die so he wil never be a Russian Pres. ( but DUMPSTER he would be the one to crosshair you between your beedy rat eyes

    • If I remember correctly it was Obama that was caught whispering to a Russian diplomat how he would be more flexible when President. You really need to make better judgements into what actually has happened, not propaganda.

      • Excellent cause for a charge of sedition and treason . death penalty is the punishment , No? Or just for Jews like the Rosenbergs ?

      • maybe so to a point that PUTTHEAD act and do things the right way . of course one can be (anyone ) flexible if others are making a seeable point of doing the right thing be all the country’s and people . at the point Obama said that Russia was getting blocked for getting all kinds of thing by the wrong way thy was doing things . me I think he said and did good (Obama) what would of happen if PUTTHEAD took what Obama said to heart and understood that if he was to do better to all then yes flexible . why not ? if the Russian was to change their ways to the way the country’s wanted them to don’t you think being flexible would be a good thing ? heck if one is doing the right thing by all that’s not a time when you block more thing to them rather if thy are doing right its a THANK YOU to them and being flexible . now I could see if Russia didn’t do the right things by the NATO OR UN or who ever then more blockage should be done . but if thy do the right ting then be flexible with them for it could have them doing even more of the right thing’s to all . one cant just thing like a GOP one of the gang of idiots . what do you feel if Russia was starting to do the right thing that the world leaders asked them to do would you feel better in a kind of reward and be flexible on thing to keep them doing good ?

        • as too what actually did happen I saw and heard DONNY DUMP tell Russia and or PUTTHEAD to hack THIS COUNTRY’S system’s for what ever reason one running for the POTUS dose not tell a long time enemy of the USA to hack into our system . do you feel that’s the right thing to do if your running for the POTUS of AMERICA ?

          • If Hillary has hacked, secret email then YES we need to know just what was leaked. We can’t elect someone NOT knowing this.

          • and while getting this for DONNY DUMP it would be ok if PUTTHEAD was to get other things (you know the Russian’s would be trying this ) the country’s security information . that would be ok just to get some emails for you ? nothing for nothing im wondering where your thinking is coming from and just how much of it truly matters to what you are stating ?

          • PS as to what do you think would be found in her emails secret planning with ISIS to crash planes into the White House ? another witch hunt to waste more time and money of the country . im sure you feel that just as much time and money should go into that as to the Benghazi BS ? do you know what might not be such a waste of time and money ? if thy (the GOP gang of idiots ) was to put even half the time and money into 9-11 or better how about the DIRTY BUSH and his war in Iraq , lets investigate the WMD that wasn’t there . and why it was put out there it even confused (the way the DIRTY BUSH AND CHEEZY CHANEY wanted it too ) all the people in office on their votes for the war or not the war . do you really think if the DIRTY BUSH didn’t throw in his big time B/S intelligence of WMD that the people in office might not of voted to go to war ? now those truly are things that people should know all about . the lives lose never mind the money and time . ONE LIFE IS TOO MANY LOSE and the GOP gang of idiots did the Benghazi thing yes 4 lives were lose . but what about the lives on 9-11 what over 3000. and the Iraq war how many there and still counting today of those lives there . and no one is investigating that . heck with half the money thy wasted trying to make Hillary just look bad (admitted mind you ) thy could have gotten so many answers about the Iraq war and 9-11 with id bet that just half the amount of money and time the country would have answers thy want to know as you stated yourself ((YES we need to know just what was leaked.) if not leaked then the B/S intelligence that came up with WMD ( that was not even there ) never mind messing in the middle east what was don’t there was the GOP gang of idiots took out the guy that was keeping IRAN in check . if its so important to go places for human rights then why not CHINA ?

          • I believe Hillary voted to go to war with Iraq, but TRUMP opposed it. As for Benghazi, she DID lie about the video, but what difference at this point does it make.

          • False, of course. Trump did not oppose the Iraq war; he was enthusiastically for it. Hillary told no lies about Benghazi.

          • You probably are, yes. I mean, I haven’t seen a single post of yours that contains anything true.

          • you truly need to do some research yes Hillary did vote for the war you got that right . but on the DIRTY BUSH intelligence of WMD with out that DIRTY BUSH’s B/S intelligence’s I don’t know how many would voted on it see it was the DIRTY BUSH and CHEEZE CHANEY that wanted the war more so for CHEEZE CHANEY . you can research that Chaney had stocks that climbed when the war was started . its said he made big bucks on it . and more research on DONNY DUMP saying he opposed it I myself watch an interview with the DUMPSTER him saying yes I would went for the war I JUST WISHED IT TURNED OUT DIFFERENTLY that’s what I heard and saw him say he is a compulsive LIER as for the video how can you say she lied ? what makes you think it wasn’t the video ? heck with those terror clowns it dosent take much at all to make them do their terror acts as for you saying she lied well I believe it was the video that was the cause of it all . ok might not been the only thing maybe other things also but the video was part of it for sure . and did you watch her say that ? (what difference dose it make ) did you watch that ? unless you did then you would know why and how she said it as for you are taking it out of context . watch the hearing on the Benghazi then you will know . yes Hillary voted for the war (but only because of the intelligence she was given (as im sure all that voted for the war thy all were scared of the B/S of WMD . And DONNY DUMP is a lier and he said he would of went to war . not that that clown had a vote or anything . but either way he still said he would went to war he just wished it turned out differently and it not a lie if the video had something to do with Benghazi (AND IT DID ) research thing it will enlighten you

          • STILL blaming Bush I see. Just like Obama the Blame for EVERY failure of his, which are many, why the constant blaming. Hillary would continue these failed policies.

          • are you truly that brain dead ? so you’re saying that the DIRTY BUSH left office and the country was in great shape ? and Obama did nothing at all to help the country but failed ? ive tried to hold back but you dragged it out of me . you truly have big time head problems more to the side of being a retard the only failed policies are the ones the GOP gang of idiots blocked to help the country and its people

          • That recession you blame on Bush OFFICIALLY ended in 2009, the “recovery” under Obama was actually worse than the recession.

          • ya sure , I can see that by just the stock market then and today. and you are saying that the DIRTY BUSH had nothing to do with it ? so actually your wrong once again I guess you think the Iraq B/S is over now too . the DIRTY BUST started with B/S intelligence of WMD ( his own im sure ) or with knowing too much about you and your mind set it was all Obama’s fault for that too .

          • STILL blaming Bush I repeat, as well as Hillary voted for the Iraq War, Trump opposed. How did you like Hillary’s many lies to Chris Wallace? WOW!

          • i blame who’s fault it is the DIRTY BUSH’s fault so much so he lead all that voted to believe there were WMD heck with intelligence like that it made it easy for him to get the votes misleading was his and CHEEZY CHANEY way to get the war . and CHEEZY made money on the stock he had on that war . its funny how you compare lies that cost 1000’s of lives and still counting today . to things the GOP gang of idiots (ADMITTED ) just to make Hillary look bad . as for lie’s you say Hillary made you cant say she lied for you wasn’t in her head . ill give you she may of misspoke some times but still cant say she lied . and say the misspoke she did thy find it to be lies or have thy came up with lives that were lose ? then again talking to you is like talking to a board

          • first off it really didn’t and still dosent matter what DONNY DUMP did dose or says at any time . 2nd research that B/S of the DUMPSTRER opposing it . ive researched that and got an interview with DONNY DUMP where he say’s yes I would went to war but I just wish it turned out differently don’t believe me look it up . just another lie from the dumpster he don’t remember what he said yesterday . so to that clown if he dosent remember it then it didn’t happen or he didn’t say it

          • you want to read about your B/F DONNY DUMP and the way he is the Washington post has this today read it >>>(There is something very wrong with Donald Trump ) <<< just that tells pretty much all that is needed to say still read it

          • again I know you go just by what the DUMPSTER says and the heck with research . well yesterday MSNBC had a spot on your B/F DONNY DUMP but your too blind and or dumb to want to know about it I pick the latter well what thy said was the DUMPSTER is mental more leaning to a retard again check it out your self . then again you don’t research you just wait for DONNY DUMP to say something and that’s your truth

          • So you want to ignore what the Liberal Washington Post said huh? Guess it’s hard for you to handle the truth, even when the Left admits it. Pathetic.

          • not I ignoring the W. Post you’re the one that bad mouthed the POST as for the truth I believe it when I see it as for Pathetic seems that should be your middle name . seems you’re as wacked out as your B/F DONNY DUMP

          • STILL can’t handle the truth I see. You just keep on ignoring it then get angry & name-calling. Quite hilarious really, except all the damage it causes to others.

          • as I can handle and know the truth its you that the truth is a block to you as to being funny yes I see it you truly are a joke but id lean to it being sad (for you ) for its so real as for the damage it only seem to hit your little if any brain . then again it cant get no more damaged so enjoy yourself clown . as for if any name calling I might do its just to entertain you being such a child in mind its the only intelligent (you feel anyways ) thing you like and want to learn crawl back behind your keyboard wanna be clown car driver . but DONNY DUMP has that job . ride shot-gun

          • PS air head it wasn’t me or them name calling thy was just stating the facts about your B/F . check it out your self clown <<((that wasn't name calling either just calling you as I see you letting the truth be known ) research it

          • she being such a liar then why isn’t she going to court for it ? heck the GOP gang of idiots should be bring her up on charges one would think . but what are thy doing ? NOTHING when thy do that (NOTHING ) it save’s the country and the people big time money and dose not waste the time . . funny when thy do something thy seem to get the same results beside wasting time and money thy still get NOTHING . maybe if thy was to investigate the GOP party them self thy get something thy should even using little time and money im sure thy would uncover big results with 9-11 and the DIRTY BUSH’s Iraq war he started from his lack of intelligence WMD that wasn’t there . see CHEEZY CHANEY told the DIRTY BUSH we need something that we can get votes on so if you lie with some B/S like WMD that will scare our people in office and then I can get ooops (you can get ) the votes you need for the war (the one I ) am going to make a lot of money on

          • Good news! The FBI has investigated and found that she was neither hacked nor leaked any classified information!

        • But Putin does not respect or like Obama, he takes advantage of him, but won’t be able to do same with Trump.

          • its not the point of PUTTHEAD respecting Obama heck PUTTHEAD respects no one . and the biggest joke of all is he wont be able to do it to the DUMPSTER . WOW heck cant you see DONNY DUMP want to climb in bed with PUTTHEAD that the perfect pair that swing from the back of a bull in his sack your mind set is to say the least interesting . BUT understanding it is a job for the GOP I guess thy are the only one I think would truly understand you

          • are you for real and don’t understand that ? a pair like 2 of BACK OF A BULL,, bull meaning male cow MALE THE BACK OF A BULL and what’s in a bulls sack ????????????? ok if your for real you have 2 in your sack if your a male 2 nuts 2 balls have you got it yet ?

          • Seems like a homophobic comment by you, making fun of 2 males in bed. And your party presumes to be for gay special priveleges.

          • it has nothing at all about ( homophobic comment ) you assume and one knows (not you im sure you don’t and never will know ) what the say when one assume . you take things the way you want them taking things out od context’s then again you have brain issue’s for how ever small it my be

    • His request to Russia on national television is the gloating of a man who so desperately wants us to know he’s behind these leaks and it points to there being truth in the rumors I’ve heard regarding four more leaks to be spread out over the course of the campaign. Trump’s treasonous act of soliciting donations from foreign governments on two occasions, coupled with this, should be giving people lots to worry about.

      • NOW do you see what FBI’s Comey meant when he said it was a reckless disregard for national security to have a home brew, unprotected, private server in ones basement and that it was safe to assume it was probably hacked? You Democrats have sewn the seed……now you are facing the harvest. Unfortunately, the entire nation has to pay the price due to your reckless presidential nominee who has forfeited any last bit of credibility she had a long time ago.

          • Of course he didn’t say it……in your world where you place your hands over your ears when news you don’t want to hear is spoken! Silly little fool!

          • Are you working for the Kremlin? You just don’t when to stop. Are there no companions in your hometown to go out with?
            Someone needs to enter your life to break up the dreary monotony and help dispel the gray melancholy hanging over your domicile like a dense cloud.

      • Are you serious? Hillary HAS taken Millions from foreign governments as a “representative” of the People as well as Millions from terrorist nations.

  15. And he is a contender for the Presidency of the United States of America? I saw part of the press conference and had to shut it down, I found it ever more repulsive and frightening to hear him, and to realize that so many people have bought into his values (or lack there-off), his rhetoric, and mental derangement “hook, line and sinker”. May God have mercy on us, better yet: on the whole world.

    • Hillary & the DNC refuse to admit to Americans how dangerous things are. Much more dangerous to bury head in sand for political purposes.

        • Uh, like the daily terrorist attacks all over the World in case you hadn’t noticed. Sorta like the DNC.

          • Oh good to know, let’s let it continue. Wonder how the victim’s families feel about it oh compassionate Liberal. And Blacks ARE MUCH more likely to be murdered by other Blacks than Cops. What’s your point?

          • I know that – like all Republicans – you are a coward living in a puddle of your own fear, but you are literally in more danger of being killed by a falling bookshelf. Or being shot by a dog.

  16. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Trump looking in the camera and encouraging Russia to do more hacking on emails. Is this nut running to lead the nation or cows? Is he loyal to his country? Does he know what he is doing? This is beyond being crazy. Am stunned.

    • “Trump encouraging Russia to do more hacking”…….

      Trump is toying with you and making you all look like fools as you play into his hands. He’s not encouraging “more hacking” because he knows if it occurred it’s already happened . Clinton’s private server was closed down some time ago and is not even online and active to potential hackers, and hasn’t been for some time. What Trump was saying was that he suspects that Russia probably had hacked Clinton’s system a long time ago and have a treasure trove of info, just like they did to the DNC email system….99% of Americans would agree with him, even those who are nervously having to accept the big pile of warm garbage they are being forced to sit next to and defend…Hillary Clinton.

      Democrats are going to be long suffering from the violation of national security guidelines by their nominee who they have tried to sell as the “smartest woman on Earth”. Before this is over she will be laying claim to the “dumbest woman in the galaxy”.

      • Yes he’s playing us for fools by committing an act of sedition on national television, then repeating it on twitter.

        • The sedition has already occurred sweetie…..and it was committed by Hillary Clinton when she allowed all those emails exposed to hackers worldwide. And all because she was running her own shadow government where she cared little about country and everything about her own secrecy from U.S. disclosure laws.
          Damn, I hate the irreversible damage this traitor has done to my country! LOCK HER UP!!

          • Except that your idiotic claim isn’t true. Hillary Clinton’s email server wasn’t hacked, and contained no information that would threaten the security of the United States. Not that that’s even relevant – asking a foreign power to commit espionage against the United States remains sedition even if you think you have a good reason.

          • When O.J. Simpson got away with murder and walked out of the courthouse after the verdict years ago, he had a big party that night at his Brentwood home with a crowd of wild, happy celebrators. They knew he was guilty as hell but it didn’t matter to them.
            When Hillary Clinton steps to that podium in Philadelphia Thursday and the crowd celebrates with her, they will be playing the exact same roles as those of those party goers at O.J.’s house years ago. They will be celebrating Hillary’s nomination even though they know she’s guilty as hell……but they don’t care!

          • Your reply is a series of disjointed sentence that collectively have nothing to do with anything I wrote. Your claim was idiotic and false, and you cannot provide evidence otherwise.

            I hope that helps!

          • Aggie, your candidate Trump ASKED Russian hackers to steal information.
            Trump is abetting the theft.
            Unlike the DNC hack, there is STILL no proof that Sec. Clinton’s emails were compromised in any way.

          • How do you steal information from a server no longer in operation? You are living proof that there ARE stupid questions!

          • Again, he didn’t ask them to hack the server now. The words he used are right there in the article.

          • What I am doing is pointing out the more glaring of your errors, in the hopes that you will learn something. Futile, I know, but even a white supremacist like yourself can strive for personal improvement.

            I hope that helps!

          • And doing it at the level of a 3 year old……never quite grasping the point, but enjoying the process of getting the attention of adults.

          • It’s true that I have to talk down to your level, yes. Sorry that your every claim has been wrong or an outright lie and that you’re resorting to feeble insults – you’re no better at those than you are at “jokes”, which is probably something you should strive to remember at times like this.

          • No….I’m in full joke mode right now because I’m watching one try to play a game he is very poor at (you)!!

          • Of course you are. Your candidate just committed the largest political gaffe – unforced! – in modern US history and rendered himself unelectable (not that he was ever electable), which is indeed hilarious.

          • Trump is like a tidal wave growing larger and larger and he is going to be such a huge force by November that he will sweep away a helpless opposition……polls trends clearly show it….they are all going one way and have been…upward! Get ready to celebrate the retirement of the Clintons on Nov. 8th.

          • Watch out for Hillary at the food bar…..don’t get between her and the food or you might get hurt because she no longer will be protecting that svelte figure!

          • I’ve mentioned this before, but whoever told you you had a sense of humour didn’t do you any favours.

          • No stupid questions, Aggie.
            Just bigoted inflamed retorts in lieu of answers.
            Your candidate clearly invited Russian hackers to steal information and/or divulge stolen emails. Denying it makes it no less true.

        • What sedition is that? Hillary treated classified information that belonged to the government as if it were her private property. She illegally kept it on her private server, and when the government demanded that she turn them over she proceeded to delete the incriminating ones before complying. If Russia already has the emails the only thing releasing them would do is reveal the sedition of Hillary.Is that what you mean by sedition? While the subject is sedition lets up the ante to treason. I would say that using the power of the white house to sell a blood enemy of the US ICBM tech. would qualify.

        • Haha yeah, your candidate basically soiled his adult diapers on national television, but the REAL problem is how people reacted to it.

          • Aaron doesn’t like black folk who make white friends….he calls them (quote) “Step n Fetch sell outs to their cultural identity”.

          • Aaron is sometimes ok, but watching Hillary smile in her knotted jock strap could make even a man be ill at ease. Unlike Michelle who seems used to it.

          • I see you appreciate subtleties. keep up the good work. It is easy to respond to these people , all you have to say is the truth from experiences .

          • OK, sorry for using a common phrase that is utterly unambiguous. I know how confused right-wingers get, and regret the error.

          • Yes, I understand that you are frustrated and angry at your lack of comprehension. Again, I am deeply sorry. I promise I will not overestimate you again.

          • You are indeed confused for why you need to apologize. From now on, I will use tiny, tiny words. This will of course limit the concepts which we can discuss, but c’ la vie. Oh, I did it again. [shrug]

          • In other words, you’re giving up on stalking me, which is OK. I just can’t be your boyfriend, so I hope we can just be friends.

          • Yes I’m stalking you by … actually, nothing you posts makes any sense. God only knows what you think you’re saying. Sorry Trump just lost himself the election!

          • I have literally no idea who you are, other than someone who said some really dumb things and is now incoherently trying to insult me.

          • Wow. How am I “stalking” you? Are people not allowed to point out your idiotic drivel is idiotic drivel?

          • It’s OK that you couldn’t answer that. I do understand that you’re highly delusional.

          • Nice projection. Your obsession with me continues…
            Take the last word, just promise that you’ll get some help. Check back in when you feel better,

          • Yes, my “obsession” with you – which apparently consisted of replying to one of your posts, because who even are you? – continues. It’s definitely not a bizarre meltdown on your part.

        • When Drumpf Dumpster became curt and short with the news reporter nailing him down on exactly what he was saying to Putin his panties were not only in a bunch but wet too. That’s when Pence and Lyin’ Ryan went on the defensive trying to downplay Dumpster’s act of treason in violation of the Logan Act. Seeing the senior GOP money men want him gone Congress can now move to indict the Dumpster Drumpf for treason and ask the FBI to take action. He has chosen a VP in the goober Pence who could step in as their nominee. His lack of intellect and integrity has finally pit Dumpster in the crapper with no way to lie this one away. This makes the RICO Act charges look like parking tickets.

      • Better brush up on your Russian, Aggie.
        Trump’s United Soviet States of American won’t let you in the bread line unless you’re fluent.
        Oh, and you have to pay Big Bucks, too.

      • The lefty blogs are in a death spiral , grasping for explanations of treason. They live in it, an can not recognize the Democrats, Skunks can not smell their own odor

    • Shows what a traitor he is and would be. This POS should be locked up so the rest of us can be safe.


    • When did he say anything about future hacking? Releasing the information that they [already have] is not the same. Your problem is that you don’t want to know the truth about your chosen queen, Her majesty,Hillary the first

  17. Trump, should be put in jail for tax evasion just like Al Capone. They could not get Capone for murder but they got him for tax evasion. With trump getting his money and letting his investors lose their money is tax evasion to me.

    • Perhaps if Trump would release is tax records, like most candidates, he could put to rest the questions about is alleged wealth and financial doings.

    • In addition to tax evasion I’m now thinking treason. Pleading with Russia to do more cyberattacks on the DNC is a much bigger invasion than the Watergate breakin leading Nixon to resign. We’re definitely in uncharted territories with Trumps lunacy campaign & he’s already lost several conservatives from George Will, John Kasich, Ted Cruz & the Bush family. He’s truly not in his right mind nor are his supporters

  18. Putin would love to see Clinton elected because he would OWN her as his personal servant. Common sense would indicate that he holds all her emails from her time at the State Department with the loosey goosey private server and we would have a situation where Putin would serve as our first Russian president because all he’d have to do is simply give Clinton a choice if she resisted…..”Do it my way or I’ll send you to prison by revealing the depth of your crimes” .

    • Sorry, your ludicrous claim has nothing to do with the facts: the petulant manbaby that is the Republican candidate literally invited a foreign power to compromise the security of the United States for his personal benefit. And then he repeated the invitation a few hours later.

      • Stupidity seems to be an inbred trait for you……unless you’re suggesting that Putin is going to physically steal the server that no longer is even plugged in. Do you still read comic books?

        • The National Memos resident complete idiot who has an IQ of less than 25 is claiming somebody else is stupid?? How does that work?? How does the most ignorant blogger on the NM get away with calling someone else stupid??

          • You have to be female. I say that because men cannot maintain the consistently high level of anger you carry with you!

          • Oh really?? I have 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren; and I’ve lived through the last 35 years of the GOP doing everything in its power to destroy America – AND YOU DON’T THINK THAT SOMEONE WHO HAS THE FUTURES OF THAT MANY DESCENDANTS CAN’T MAINTAIN ANGER AGAINST A POLITICAL PARTY THAT’S NO MORE THAN A BUNCH OF GANGSTERS AKIN TO THE ITALIAN MAFIA??


            How canyou low IQ mental midgets sit back and watch America’s 1 percenters manipulate Republican politicians like a bunch of puppets in every way they can dream up, just to rig the rules so they can siphon as much money as possible from those that have very little to those that have more than they deserve and not become angry??

            Are you a 1 percenter? or an upper 10 percenter so you’re getting a cut of booty that these GOP gangsters are siphoning from us middle classers and poor???

            If not, then you’re an even bigger dummy than I’ve believed all along. Because my guess is, that the majority of you nitwit right-wing trolls are being taken by the GOP just as much as everyone else BUT YOU’RE CLEARLY TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT!!

            Why do you morons think that the income inequality in America skyrocketed from the time of Reagan?? Why do you think that the 1 percenters in America own more money and wealth in America TODAY than 250 million people???

            What’s wrong with your mental capability that you can’t see how badly you’re being ripped off???

            And you question WHY I HAVE A HIGH LEVEL OF ANGER!!

            If someone walked up to you on the street and stuck a gun in your ribs and lifted everything you had on you, WOULD YOU BE ANGRY??

            Well, whats the difference between sticking a gun in your ribs and rigging the political system to do the same thing??

            There is no difference and that’s what’s been going on with the GOP for the past 35 years since Reagan started rigging the system!!


          • And I didn’t even get into the anger I have having to sit back and watch how the GOP goes about killing people in every state they govern by refusing them the healthcare and even social benefits they need to even just live one more year!!

            What kind of inhumane morons have you conservatives of today become where you care nothing about the thousands of Americans who are dying every day because you idiots want to feed more money to those who already have too much!!!

          • And in case you question my comment about Reagan starting rippffs by the GOP: here’s a chart showing how the income inequality really skyrocket shortly after Reagan took office.

      • You fell into Trumps trap , big time. The are no servers, to hack of course and any information , if any, can be released by those that have it. It could be released by an American born Moslem , so that would be ok, they live under different rules in most Countries like Democrats .

    • Also, how is Putin going to “reveal” the crimes contained in emails that he doesn’t have, but that the FBI does & has already investigated? Just a question!

      • Reading your posts is like looking at malware infected pages. They don’t make any sense and it makes one dizzy trying to make them readable…..

        • It’s unusual that you can’t understand a perfectly straightforward point yet feel qualified to have an opinion.

          There are no missing emails (a point that Trump clearly doesn’t understand either). The emails he’s asking a FOREIGN POWER to provide him with are already in the possession of the FBI, which has investigated them. Weirdly, they contained no evidence of your imaginary “crimes”.

          Let me know if you need any help with the longer words, there! I know your homeschooling wasn’t extensive, and I’ll aid you wherever I can.

        • maybe makes you dizzy I got it but then again from what I know of you your already spinning dizzy

          • No citation except the fact that DNC e mails were compromised by outsiders and resulted in the rightful down fall for Debbie Wassermann Schultz , there was some inference that foreign governments may have also have obtained Hillarys e mails before the servers were expunged . It would be interesting to see what was in those 30k mails to exonerate Hillary of exposing mails that may have been classified. So say I.

          • No hard emails as yet , but they may surface for your reading pleasure as the DNC e mails.

          • You didn’t claim that Putin MIGHT have the emails, you said he DID; this is untrue. And that still has nothing to do with the fact that the emails are in possession of the FBI and have already been investigated; there’s nothing in them, certainly not the evidence of “crimes” that you slack-jawed idiots have been saying for thirty years is about to turn up.

          • The FBI said approx 30k were destroyed and unintelligible , and there is a presumption that hackers may actually have the originals in their Intact form before they were expunged , by the scrub team

          • Except that emails exist in multiple places, and the FBI is not incompetent. They recovered the missing emails before September last year. Obviously, since that fact contradicts the conspiracy theory, it is immediately discarded by Republicans.

          • It is difficult to know who to trust in government , very disappointing in my pure world . I ampissed at the corruption from PACS, Corps and congress.

          • You could always look at the fact checker stats, which show that Hillary Clinton is one of the most honest politicians around and that Trump is an insane pathological liar. Just a thought!

          • Politifact has said as a politician that is campaigning, Hillary is very honest with at least 50% of her off-the-cuff comments being true or mostly true.

            While in contrast, Politifact finds only about 9% of what Trump says as being true or mostly true. And that for Cruz and Rubio those numbers were about 22%.

            So all things considered – Hillary is not only the most qualified, she is BY FAR the most honest candidate running!!!

          • Why do you nitwits make up all these fantasies??? Can’t you just live in reality WITHOUT MAKING STUFF UP!!!!!!

          • Trump never accuses Hilary , he states what seems to be the fact. So called outrageous statements become a fact a few days later.

          • BS. It is the usual repeat a lie enough and some low intelligent people believe it is true. But neither of us are that ignorant. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • I’m Not sure if you are open to watching a YouTubevideo called ” this is the video that will get Trump elected ” it shows Trumps ideas over 30 years and may surprise you.
            Tell Me what you think

          • Most of those are extremely edited or faked so why bother.

            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Well maybe , but this did show Trump from 30 years ago being a Dovre , interested inworking with common construction workers and relating to them . Also he indicated no love for politics but was willing to get in and do something positive ? Rather than have the country be raped and pilfered by the politicians . He was very much aware of the corruption required to get some jobs done. In NYC this is everyday business in the construction trades and contracts , always something under the table , I’ve been there observing , very disappointing , some eventually get caught.

          • BS. Without too much trouble you can find the total opposite. Trump does whatever he feels will get him what he wants. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Absolutely , opposition research can find things for each side. I’ve followed both and know of these two candidates over the years since I worked in the area fairy closely within thier domain. I can say that Hilary is most suspect in her intentions. Her interests in children and getting funds for 911 are no brainers , it is like a choir boy using this innocence to to sneak money out of a collection basket

          • Yet Republicans and some Democrats opposed both!
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • There are no Republicans for these Voters ,and neither congress are not needed if Trump gets elected. Most do not get it, this is not a political party election , it is an election by the people against the stupidity of past political corruption. All Trumps has to do is undo executive actions on Border Security, Keeping potential terrorist out, redo ACA, and NAFTA agreements to benefit US workers, eliminate EPA restrictions on Coal , Oil til cleaner energy is available, fossil fuels can be made very clean. Unless NYC and LAX want to Freeze or Fry respectively..

          • But what does the hacked DNC emails have to do with Clinton’s emails from her private server?

          • Why? You really think Clinton is stupid enough to erase Emails from her server, then put them on a server she does not control? If so you are the stupid one! Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • supposedly She only had one server for herself and the DMC had thier own . Her legal staff, lawyers , performed the deleting, according to Comey..

          • So what are Trump and right wingers hoping to find. The FBI has already said that they had recovered the 30,000 erased Emails. Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • And that would be news why?
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • Of course. That sells papers, magazines and produces clicks.
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

    • You are off to the wrong track. Putin is afraid of Hillary. That’s why he prefers Trump. Putin’s man in the Ukraine, Paul Manafort, is working for Trump. Trump himself is looking to expand his business interests in Russia. American businesses are reluctant to enter into contracts with Trump. Trump needs Russia where he can make payoffs in order to secure new business and keep his empire afloat. Trump is willing to sacrifice NATO, the bulwark of our defense against Russia in Europe, in order to save his personal businesses. Trump is not a patriot. Trump is a megalomaniac and a demagogue, Hitler reborn!

        • What this actually does is it leaves the Clinton Campaign in an untenable contradiction. If there was nothing to the missing e-mails, then no one should worry if the Russians miraculously recover them. Yes, Hillary would be Putin’s hand maiden.

          • Yes the Clinton campaign is terrified about the “missing” emails that aren’t missing and have been in possession of the FBI for months. That totally makes sense and also excuses Trump’s sedition, somehow.

          • All of a sudden the Left is worried about previously quaint terms like “treason” and “sedition.” It’s a little cute and a little sad.

          • Just observant. Now please stop. No one is fooled by your new-found “patriotism.”

          • Sorry you have to make up stuff about other people because your beliefs are so toxic! Not the fault of anyone but yourself, though!

          • Asking for Russia’s help is contrary to US Laws. Nothing else matters. Go and check it.

          • It will give Hillary something to worry about other than squelching the subject involved in Bill’s latest bimbo eruption.

          • And you just STFU Aggie aka Drumpf plant. You’re so robotic and predictable that you’re just plain boring

          • Aggie, are you Trump’s slave? You’re showing unusual devotion to a man who is depraved, a possible rapist, sadistic, lacks common sense, etc.
            Are those traits you admire and share with Donald, thus your undying devotion to a neurotic narcissist?

            Just remember: “…Like seeketh like and enjoys the company of its kind”.

          • Have you forgotten, Trumpette, your man’s three children by three mothers? His affairs and sexism are common knowledge, yet only Bill gets attacked as if he’s the only man to have an affair. It isn’t an argument anyway because he’s not running for office, your sleazeball is.

          • Oh my god!!!! Do you even listen to yourself??? This orangutan has asked a foreign country to spy on our own country!!! We are doomed to fail as a country if you represent even a fraction of how the American people think. I was having panic attacks as I listened to this jacka@@ jeopardize our national security. Please for God sake people WAKE UP!!!

          • what the hell are you talking about? I realize you’re just a moron and belong hand-in-hand with aglander as you walk yourselves into the sunset and off the cliff. Please will you do that and just stfu?

          • Oh dear. Why would you ever wish a fellow human being harm? Haven’t you heard that love “trumps” hate?

          • OH DEAR???? First of all, I am NOT your dear! Secondly, don’t you know sarcasm when you hear it? Apparently your “hair in chief” uses that as an excuse for all or his rhetoric. I seriously mean STFU, though. You’re a toad

          • That’s the understatement of the day!! Phil is a lot more idiotic than an ass!! I know donkeys that are much smarter than Phil!!!

        • Trump calls for Russia’s help today in order to discredit Hillary Clinton. Why would he ask for the help of a foreign power in order to defeat a domestic opponent? That’s not allowed under our laws!

          • If you claim it enough times with no proof I guess you consider that a substitute for proof…..the life of a wing nut radical Democrat.

          • The entire world heard it from the horse’s mouth today in Doral, Florida except YOU!

          • Revealing the truth is now discrediting someone? Wanting the truth about HILLARY’S treason revealed to the American people is treasonous?

          • If Hillary committed treason, it’s up to our domestic agencies to get to the truth and reveal it to the American People. A presidential candidate cannot seek the help of a foreign power and ask it to break into our homes, steal information that can be used against his or her opponent. Doing so would be a tacit authorization to any actors to damage America’s security. This would allowi a foreign power to meddle in our domestic affairs. Do you really trust Russia than our own agencies? If you do, you should move to Russia!

          • The problem is that all those agencies are under the authority of the justice department. The head of that department is the AG Loretta Lynch. Her boss is Barack Obama. Can you give me one logical reason why the ruling party would through their hope to win the white house in jail. When Eric Holder was AG he supervised things that were definitely illegal [fast and furious comes to mind]. Do actually think he would gave prosecuted himself? Get real. As for Trump; my answer is the same to all you who didn’t actually hear what he said. He wants Russia to release the emails THEY ALREADY HAVE!!!!!!!!!. He never asked Russia to continue hacking.!!!!!! Those emails don’t belong to Russians. They are the property of the American government and their employers,THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!! Why do you want those emails to remain hidden from their rightful owners? Are you afraid they might reveal things about Hillary you really don’t want to know?

          • Please refer to the Foreign Intelligence Act! Furthermore, I cannot hate a fellow American so much to the point where I will solicit the help of a Foreign Power in order to destroy him or her. That’s the difference between you and I. That also may be the difference between both our races.

          • And what section of the Foreign Intelligence Act are you referring to? A difference between “our races”? Nope, I just ask for specificity — can you provide it? I doubt it. So, again, go to your safe space and STFU!

          • Let me help you. I may hate an American like you or Donald Trump, but not so much that, I will solicit the help of Putin and the Bolsheviks in order to destroy you personally or politically. Our system is not perfect, but I rather be run by the principles of that system. Simply put, I rather be run by my own asses, not a perceived strongman from abroad.

    • “Common sense” doesn’t indicate anything of the sort, Aggie, and you know it.

      Your candidate is the only one facing trial. For fraud.
      Your candidate, Trump, is the one who is SO-O-O-O admiring of the Russian President.
      And the despot in North Korea.
      Too bad Trump couldn’t even get Dennis Rodman to attend his tawdry little convention.

        • Given the problems in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world. I’m sure John Kerry has far more pressing things to deal with than trying to fit in going to the Democrat Convention.

          But then all, morons like you can do, is just try to make something negative out of something that isn’t a negative.

          • Really DS? I guess he was “dealing with the problems in the Middle East” while in Manila. Are you that stupid?

          • What?? You also have reading incomprehension?? Who would have known you right-wingers can’t comprehend anything: I said: Middle East AND ELSEWHERE AROUND THE WORLD!!!

            You really are a total scumbag aren’t you!! Just looking for anything you can find fault with!! You people are outright disgusting!!

      • Before jumping into a conversation unprepared, presumptuously, and with rudeness, you should at the very least understand the definition of treason. Treason means to knowingly carry out an activity that leads to harm of a nation.
        Since its obvious even to a child that Hillary had no such motive you clearly are talking out of your rear end, much in the manner as Trump normally does.
        Trump implicitly encourages a decades-long foe of the US to carry out a cyber-threat to gather information. Are you that daft as to not see the difference?

        Next time, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

        • Your grade school poetry is not impressing me. Unprepared,no. There was no request for Russia to engage in future hacks. Trump wants Russia to reveal what they already have. If you can’t see that difference then you are the daft one. Tell me where Trump encouraged Russia to commit future hacks? Asking them to show the American voters the truth about Hillary’s criminal and illegal activities they already possess will show the truth that you obviously want to remain swept under the rug. If you want an example of actual treason by Hillary,here it is.

          • I see no evidence of superior intelligence or a logical thought process in you, only the stubbornness and gullibility you show by refusing to believe the truth even when it bitchslaps you right across the face. You are a no information voter with delusions of grandeur. You wouldn’t believe the truth if your life depended on it. You are what Lenin called a useful idiot. You relish the pablum of leftist lies being spoon fed to you as though it were gourmet fare. You’re being slowly poisoned and you are too stupid to notice. How a person as stupid as you can call anyone stupid is beyond absurd.

          • Pretty tough for someone like you with an IQ of less than 25 to assess the intelligence of anyone above that IQ level of 25, ISN’T IT!!!

          • A totally BS comment and as I mentioned before, referencing articles written by right-wing biased people PROVES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SINCE RIGHT WINGERS ARE TAUGHT HOW TO PATHOLOGICALLY LIE.


          • With respect to DEGREES OF LYING, YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!

            Of course being a politician Hillary stretches the point many times and also because she often responds to a wide range of issues off the cuff, she sometimes misspeaks and uses the wrong facts.

            But in contrast, today’s Republicans in even their prepared addresses, rarely speak the truth more than 25% of the time; and with Trump it’s far less like less than 10% of the time.

            So when we’re talking about DEGREES OF LYING, Republicans are hands down the pathological liars!!

            Mitt Romney in 2012 went through 3 debates with President Obama and did not utter one completely honest statement in over 4 hours of debating. When he said something honest, he couched it in a way that made it dishonest. Mitt is the king of pathological lying snake-oil salesman!!

  19. Traitor ! Sucking up to Russia for investment money to save his failing businesses, how un-Presidential !

      • I doubt it, especially considering the source. If it were true, it would have come out long ago, plus the same right wing “sources” kept falsely claiming that Obama was a “Kenyan born Muslim” & we all know that was BS, too.

          • Washington Post, another right wing rag. They moved on to BS E-Mail stories that turned out to be not confidential in content. US Senator Fred Thompson handled it ? Gee, he actually had time in between getting elderly people to take reverse mortgages so their kids inherited nothing ?

          • It looks like any publication that actually holds government officials accountable for their actions is a right wing rag.That is, unless that “rag” holds Republicans accountable,then all is good,right?

          • Yes, just like your lying Fox, Fux, Faux, News, Noise. The truth doesn’t matter, facts are disposable, & making things up to hurt liberals is their agenda…………until their CEO gets caught sexually harassing the female employes, & Bill O’Reilly/O’Really gets caught assaulting his wife & loses his kids as a result, hypocrisy exposed.

      • You really don’t believe any sane posters on this blog are going to believe anything a pathological lying right-wing media outlet publishes?? Do you???

      • You are becoming insane just like the independent sentinel. It reminds me of Trump bestowing the Pulitzer Prize on the National Inquirer. I guess you also believe that the National Inquirer publishes real factual stories! OMG, what’s this world is coming into!

  20. Why should he tell Putin what to do?
    Good point.
    Just get on your knees and continue blowing him, Trumpy.
    I’m sure he’ll let you know what he wants you to do.

      • And you know that as a fact how?? The IRS has been hacked too and lost a lot of emails that Darrell Issa was looking for from Lois Lerner!!

        And don’t forget, Hillary’s email server was never hacked but while she was SOS, the State Department’s servers were hacked more than once by the Russians.

          • Where’s any article that claims that Hillary’s personal server was ever hacked??? I’m sure that had it been, Comey, would have made that widely known just to bring up one more comment that clearly stretched the truth in his mean spirited efforts to make Hillary look bad.

          • Even if Comey said that Hillary had been hacked you would call him a liar. After all,he’s a Republican and they are all liars,right? You make sure all the bases are covered so no matter what you win the argument. Typical, another corrupt Democrat who fixes the results in your favor. Tell me lemming,do you use a two headed coin in tosses,always make the call and always call heads? Do host poker games and use a stacked deck? You have the nerve to call yourself an independent? What a phuckin hypocrite.

          • Comey didn’t claim the security of Hillary’s email server was lax – he only claimed she didn’t do a good job of handling classified information THAT WASN’T CLASSIFIED!! Now that’s really a stretch – being accused of not being careful handling information that was supposedly classified BUT WHICH HADN’T BEEN FORMALLY CLASSIFIED UNTIL AFTER IT WAS HANDLED!! TALK ABOUT A LOWLIFE!!! COMEY CERTAINLY IS ONE!!


          • You’re a tone deaf idiot who makes things out of nothing. I said earlier that I wouldn’t respond to such an idiot as you. I am now making good on that by blocking you so never see your stupid lies again. I am not a liar,you are a moron.

        • Mr. Wright
          It was just a joke to the original comment . I should have put ha ha ha at the end since I have no knowledge of either ones server security

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  22. this DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER clown talks about deleting emails (personal ones ) is and its was done to hide something . hmmmmm hiding something is that like the way the DUMPSTERS has anyone that has anything to do with him ( god help those fools and or ones that were fooled by the clown car driver ) thy have to sign some kind of contract and cant talk to any one about anything or he will sue them . (sound likes a sneaky scum hideing himself POS to me

    • It has already been revealed [by Comey] that classified information, some with the highest classification was in the group of emails the FBI recovered after being deleted. You are the one being fooled.

      • nope not me I got my don’t be fooled block on .if it be anything so bad then all things would be in a different book today other then the GOP GANG OF IDIOTS book lets do all we can to make Hillary look bad . now admitting that is a book it self

          • what maybe where the dry cleaning is done ? and this is totally too different things with the General not even close

          • You’re right. Showing your girlfriend physical classified documents and sending and receiving them in the form of internet emails that can be intercepted by an enemy are two different things altogether.

          • yup and until anything comes up with any type of the country’s security being harmed then it go’s in the file of a waste of the country’s time and money with Benghazi her old email B/S and this new GOP gang of idiots ploy just to try to make Hillary look bad (and thy admitted it also ) seeing what thy got out of all this BS (NOTHING but a waste of the country’s time and money ) you would thing (as for the country’s security of course ) thy might put just HALF the time and money into 9-11 and or THE DIRTY DUSH’s B/S intelligence for WMD with Iraq . with both of them being a high level of the country’s security not counting the lives lose and with Iraq lives still being lose till this day . what over 3000 with 9-11 and no one can even start counting the lives been lose with Iraq and the DIRTY BUSH’S B/S intelligence of WMD because those number are still going up today . now with these 2 thing all is right there in the dead . isn’t that a national security issue ?

          • Common Democrat distraction. When faced with the realities of today,jump into your time machine and stop at the Bush administration. There are some things you seem to be unaware of. Bush has been out of office for 71/2 years. He never kept classified information on a secret private server hiding it from the rest of the government. He isn’t running for president so you won’t have him to deal with,and lastly ,if you can show where in this conversation I [ONCE ]defended him then indeed quote me. You have my permission.

          • Bush has been out of office for 71/2 years. He never kept classified information on a secret private server hiding it from the rest of the government. yes 7 1/2 years out (thank god for the country) even that he is out of the house we still suffer from him being in there today by what he did when he was in office . lives still being lose . losing big money still to this day . as far as (classified information) how do you know there’s no secrets ? his Iraq war was never investigated and with the B/S intelligence of WMD (which was all lie’s ) and we should be thankful he isn’t running for Pres. I need no permission from you . but to make a quote of you and your choo choo train of thinking id start that quote from the start and to the end . as for the email server . she wasn’t the only one to have done that . and the secrets you talk about what about the other that did the same thing ? as for defending the DIRTY BUSH you’re comparing him . me I tell you just the dirty deeds he has done to this country (He isn’t running for president so you won’t have him to deal with ) you say this your truly a joke we the country have to deal with what the DIRTY BUSH did in office every day not only when he was in office but more so when he got out . what do you feel that now he is out of office that’s it no more of dealing with him ? you tell me (YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION) of any or even one life lose with her email server today . or heck even one and or any classified information that is there and has caused security risk to this country . you seem like your just a GOP one of the gang of idiots . what the DIRTY BUSH did we still hurt from it today . still people are being killed as for what Hillary did (and others did it also ) what has become of what she did ? beside the waste of a lot of time and a lot of money and got NOTHING , you know your like talking to a board . id tell you to just talk to your self but you could never get an intelligent talk that way

          • It’s hilarious how someone who talks like Jethro Bodine thinks he is intelligent and I am stupid. Tell me Jethro,are you still tryinn to gradiate from the sixth grade or did you drop out because you couldn’t spell your name? This is an exercise in futility. This conversation is meaningless and over. I refuse to argue with a mental midget like you further. I suggest you converse with a chimp or some other anthropoid;someone you can converse with on an equal level.

          • PS as you stated your self (and I am stupid) well if you take an elevator to the tops then you would be level with you being stupid but you kind of got it right besides trying to give your self brownie points . so YES YOU ARE STUPID go ahead add clown it would fit and you can use moron for your middle name

          • I commend you on your successful effort to minimize the amount of butchering of the English language in your post. That being accomplished changes nothing. Your childish and feeble attempt at a rhetorical comeback along with your continued grammatical errors and lack of punctuation only proves that I was right.

          • Don’t you know that the next several months are going to be fun with the Russians publishing more of Hildebeast’s emails?

          • i not need nor do I seek commandment from you . you state you don’t speak gibberish well from what ive read of your texts and or post to many others on here if you don’t have the gibberish you do have the B/S down pat as for childish I could bring myself down to where you may understand better and say I know you are but what am I ? that being at a level you can see eye to eye . as for you being right I agree you’re right only to you don’t speak gibberish . then how could you with all your time tied up with your B/S . seem no matter what you think of any my text just seem you are more like a DONNY DUMP and just seek attention and set back like a deranged ,arrogant , ignorant and pathetic problem retard child needing meds by the truck load . and seeing your post and text proves I am any always been right about you . cross your I’s and dot your T’s what ever way you like your still a POS and have to wipe the crap off your chin every time you talk . or should I say wipe the crap off the back of your legs for isn’t that where your head and mouth is . and before you play English teacher and want to keep me after school I wanted to do the thing with the I’s & T’s . so you will have to go find some other guy to stay after school . hey question do you get beat up a lot when you go out in the real world ? im sure you do. but look at the bright side if you cant make any little boys stay after school you still have this DAVIE clown boy following you around like a puppy . is he your boy toy ?

          • Actually I don’t know Dave from Adam. On the other hand it does appear that you are Hillary’s bitch. Does her strap on make you feel like a real man?

          • strap on is that your fantasy heck if you go get to know Dave and maybe an Adam save you money you wont have to buy the strap on and fantasy full filled (no pun intended ) more and more I see you are that child minded clown that has to feel you get back the world by hiding behind your keyboard and act the tough clown . ive have had the same problems child minded clown on here you should grow up but you never will . just stay and hide behind your keyboard like the deranged problem child coward . im sure you will find a guy on here (with your personality im sure it wouldn’t be a good guy ) but you have to take what you can get . who know you might just find that real man you seek with your attention

          • Unlike you my love is a woman pinche joto. You are the one who started the gay insinuations. If you can’t take the heat……………. PS translate the Spanish I posted,you’ll love it.

          • and why wont and didn’t the GOP gang of idiots put time and money into those too things ? because thy would got true answers and not pipe dreams

          • Which two things? I’m not sure what you mean. Also could you make yourself more clear? Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. I’m typing with one hand due to an injury to my good right hand. Are you having trouble understanding my points?

          • your bad hand seem to have spread to your head first for my spelling one arm English teacher blame the internet for it sends it out with out red flagging it so as the internet see it it’s right . so I think if you feel like there is a problem reading or understanding my text then don’t read it (see easy fix ) believe me I wont miss texting with you . and English teacher you seem to lack of common sense I guess when you read something you are just going forward and are on the word your reading at the time . you should take in what you already read and try to remember it ok for your simple mind that is on the word your reading right now 2 things first is 9-11 2nd is the Iraq war started with WMD that thy never found because thy was never there . im sure you will tell me you still don’t understand and knock my English its ok it just makes me see you more like the one in the back of a bull in his sack . one nut must of fallen out .( maybe it got tired of you and your B/S and jumped out of the sack) . too get away from you . now that would be a nut getting smarter

          • Sorry,I don’t speak gibberish. An English class with an emphasis on grammar,sentence structure and spelling comes to mind. In other words,remedial English. Courses in history and logic are also in order. That is ,of course contingent upon your ten brain cells having very good neural connections.

          • no I see you speak straight B/S but then again it dose not matter for you get the retard attention being a problem child that just seeks it like a junkie . and as I stated many times I wouldn’t miss you at all its you and your illness that seem to keep coming back for your FIX of attention . like the problem mental child you are .

          • So you see me as an attention junkie? Actually I am a truth junkie. I’m sure you wouldn’t miss me if I went away. You prefer to wallow in your little fantasy world where liberalism and government programs are the answer to your problems. Your obvious lack of more than a fourth grade education shows just how easy you are to be manipulated by leftist spin doctors. Go back to school. Take an economics course. If you can actually think then start using the brain God gave you. Then again, if you really are a dummy then none of my advice can help you.

          • yes that’s how I see you as a child minded big time problem child that has a fix and that is attention . you’re not alone there’s a bigger clown out there then you (yes believe it ) DONNY DUMP seems to have the same illness you have . there is help for you and the DUMPSTER it a Doctor (or many ) and heavy drugs do I blame you ? well I blame you for only not wanting to help your own addiction and problem . yes you might have points on your side . but being an English teacher and knocking as many people as you can . trying to make your self look , what better ? you that insecure . who knows well an English book is a good thing but one should use common sense look pass the I’s & T’s and maybe not try to make your self feel better . more in the mode of maybe just letting your attention side over whelm you . one can still get attention with out being an AZZ I see your child minded arrogant personality that feels better when you are knocking some one . when I felt you didn’t understand the swing in a bulls sack and climbing in bed and told you that you was taking those things out of context and did try to explain it to you . with out trying to put you down . until ignorant personality kicked in seeking attention and reading your text’s showing me that that’s all you want is a debate . something you can argue about as for my fantasy world you call it . I live in a reality world as for liberalism look it up its just a word that the GOP gang of idiots use to try to insult people that don’t agree with them . just another childish act (you seem to know so well ) and its not as much as the government programs ( those can and do help the country ) its the government problems that hurt the country more and thy are the GOP gang of idiots . are you that blind not to see this ? go back when the DIRTY BUSH was in the house . where was we then and now ? do you think that government programs just might of helped the country out ? with other thing also ) the stock market was 7000 then (is that the good job you find with the GOP and any of their government programs you believe that’s what we needed ? the stock marker is at 18, 500 or some where around that now . what’s your argument about what the hell are you debating ? you say to me go back to school . well you should stop acting the problem in grade school and grow up . and try to have an intelligent conversation with people (im sure its hard for you ) with you seeking your junkie fix of attention and all . you do as you do . food for though don’t talk down to people and heck who knows you just might get the same attention you seek by doing that unless its just negative attention you seek ( then I can understand how deep your problem is ) you will be the way you want to choose its up too you . but as the way you are and the way you talk to people (and knowing it and liking it ) just shows all its the child minded clown you wish to be . that’s why I asked you if you ever go out in the real world . because I see you going out side and with that personality you have here I believe you get beat up a lot and im sure its been going on for a long time for the child minded problem you have out side you get beat up in side you hide behind your keyboard and act the tough guy . heck try this then you might be able to go out side with out getting beat up use the comp. and your keyboard and try to be nice and help people want to talk with you . just a though . then again you very well could be too far gone to ever come back

          • AAAWWW Feeling sorry for yourself? I haven’t said anything you didn’t deserve. The fact is that you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s difficult to understand your jumbled confused gibberish you think is intelligible English.

          • dont need to fell sorry for myself have nothing to be sorry about I wouldn’t even feel sorry for you for your just a punk clown that wont get all you really deserve . until you go out side then you will open that full of crap mouth of yours and you will start getting what you deserve . as back to your gibberish seem its getting easy to understand when you mix it with your full of B/S you are and always will be just a punk coward hiding behind a keyboard acting the tough clown and you will never be that tough BUT YOU DO HAVE THE CLOWN LOCKED IN and as for you being confused heck that was from birth and like a cancer just keeps growing until one day your in the real world and you open that B/S trap of your who knows you might get lucky and get the B/S slapped out of you . then again unlikely for there is way too much B/S in you to be slapped out at one time you could be getting it slapped out of you for as long as you been sprouting it out (and that time will be at birth ) . just set back and accept the face you are and always will be a problem POS child minded loser ( feel good for im sure you are and can be the best one there ever was is and ever will be )

          • I never claimed to be as smart as you [think] you are, but you are definitely as stupid as I [know] you are . Actually I know that my IQ surpasses yours by at least 50 points.Someone who shows your rudimentary level of thinking can’t possibly grasp complex or abstract concepts. My guess is that you strain to score 100. Comparing your intellect to mine isn’t merely like bringing a knife to a gunfight, It’s more like comparing neutrino to a Jupiter.

          • if being your so much an English teacher shouldn’t you be trying to keep little boys after school ? if one has 10 brain cells it beats you by 10 folds . you might have more in that deranged head of your but im not talking about the dead brain cells . the ones alive have to be on life support for sure

          • Keep talking Forrest. Stupid is as stupid does. This is fun. Please keep up with the grade school comebacks,please.

          • or the GOP gang of idiots might think we don’t want to check out 9-11 or the DIRTY BUSH’s WMD if we checked that out we’d get facts and then thy say enough time and money was and still is being wasted today with Iraq never mind the lives whats the price tag on Iraq $$ trillion or x 5 or 10 and still counting so thy go with something else and get NOTHING but still are able to waste time and money on nothing . cant bring back the lives of the time and money lose with 9-11 and Iraq but could get facts and answers . but the GOP gang of idiots don’t want that if its going to make their people look bad

      • Sorry but you’re lying!! The only classifications FOUND ON ANY EMAILS, were small Cs on about 30 of them which someone thinks may have meant ‘classified’. BUT NO EMAILS FOUND CARRIED THE ACTUAL APPROPRIATE CLASSIFICATION INDICATIONS FOR PREVIOUSLY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS!!


        So prove your nonsensical lying accusations with links TO REPUTABLE (non-rightwing) media outlets!!!!

          • Of course Comey would say all that BS given he’s a Republican. You don’t expect me to believe what he said, DO YOU!!

            Just like every Republican, Comey fabricates reality and stretches the point beyond recognition. Hillary DID NOT knowingly handle very highly classified information. That is total BS!!!

          • I’m sorry I can’t waste my time reading this right-wing biased BS that you love to post. Comey went out of his way to make Hillary look bad. He conveniently forgot to mention THAT THOSE 😯 DOCUMENTS YOU CLAIM ARE NOW CLASSIFIED WERE NOT CLASSIFIED WHEN THEY WERE SENT TO HILLARY!!

            Hillary did not willy nilly handle documents that were appropriately marked as classified!! The impression that Comey clearly was trying to make WHICH WAS A FABRICATION OF REALITY!!

            The only people who can classify documents are people who work for the Defense Department and are authorized to classify documents. Hillary did not have the authority to classify or even question the classification of a document.

          • Executive order 13526 gave Hillary “original classification authority”.That order gives the president and vice president that authority too. so much for your last totally erroneous statement. As for Comey,he went out of his way to show the things she did. Hillary made herself look bad for doing them. You are blaming the messenger for delivering the message and declaring Hillary blameless. Comey didn’t mishandle classified information,Hillary did. You say that Comey fabricated reality when he stated that Hillary mishandled those documents? Why do all you leftists always call people with inside knowledge liars and give Hillary a total pass? I must conclude that you would forgive her for any crime. Your last defense is that others are just as guilty as Hillary. If you know their identities then name them.Otherwise you are just blowing smoke. The fact that you refuse to go through my evidence shows your bias and lazy attitude when getting to the truth. No matter how reliable the source is, if it hurts Hillary it is lying right wing propaganda. The post above has a link to the white house website. Is an executive order issued by Obama and posted by Obama’s official white house .gov site authoritative enough for you? Is Comey’s testimony given under oath enough to persuade you? Is the explanation of how intent to commit a crime is determined by prosecutors enough to convince you that Comey gave Hillary the benefit of a doubt that someone in a much lower pay grade wouldn’t have received. Why is it that a nobody doing something that pales in comparison could go to prison but Hillary can be president? Why are you so willing to back such an obviously corrupt person? I must conclude that any crime can be forgiven by you as long as a Democrat committed it. As a Former Democrat,I am ashamed of my former party and feel justified in leaving it at the age of 49. It took me that long to see the truth. When will you open your eyes? Never is a good guess.

          • You have got to be kidding, That is a complete Inversion of reality..

            Comey was appointed by Obama, Comey has many many links to the Clinton foundation, Hell he’s just another black mailed lap dog of the Clinton’s and Obama.. If history is reported accurately the Obama administration and his injustice department will go down in history as the most corrupt EVER!!!! I mean even leaving all of Erik Holder’s BS out and picking only one of Loretta Lynch’s transgressions, she met with Bill Clinton the husband of someone under a active investigation by the FBI and the injustice department and do you really think all they talked about was Bills travels and the grand-kids? just the fact that they are OLD friends should of been reason enough for Loretta Lynch to recuse herself..
            Had anything even remotely similar happened under a republican administration heads would of rolled but not under a criminal liberal administration.. You people are unbelievable!!!

          • Sorry dumbdumb, but Comey Became director of the FBI back in 2004 under Bush2; he’s the one who went to the hospital to confront Ashcroft about the goings on back then. Obama DID NOT APPOINT HIM!! Obama simply didn’t replace him.

          • Obama appointed him as FBI director in September of 2013 DumbAss.. Bush appointed him as Deputy Attorney General from 2003 thrugh 2005…

          • Obama’s justice department will go down as the most corrupt ever?? What?? Are you making a joke??

            More than 130 people working in the Reagan Administration, including a number in the justice department were indicted for felonies with a number of them ending up with prison time,

            More Reagan Administration people were proved of being outright corrupt than under all the presidencies since 1900 combined!!

            What kind of an idiot are you??

          • Things have become so much MORE corrupt now that anything those folks did in the good old days looks like child’s play in comparison. But with a loving blind constituency who believes anyGodDamn thing they’re told by government, and a paid off and equally loving media that asks the administration if they did anything wrong and then repeats their answer-excuses as though they are honest and actually mean something, this administration has gotten away with murder and much much worse crimes against humanity and the division of the country on almost every level imaginable… The entire government is lost gone sold out, we have been conquered the Bush crime family the Clinton Crime family and the Obama regime are ALL on the same team, The criminal Globalist Corporate Government Crime syndicate team…. And thanks to dummies like you they are getting away with it..

          • The point being that a Republican administration will hold members of their party accountable while Democrats always circle the wagons under similar circumstances. Nixon–Republicans were ready to impeach. Clinton– not one Democrat guilty vote. Idiocy is not in play here. Blind party loyalty is. Obama has committed these impeachable offenses. He will never be held accountable because the Democrats hold more than one third of Senate seats and no Democrat would vote to convict. I’m sure you see no pattern of behavior here. Am I in error?

          • “The point being that a Republican administration will hold members of their party accountable”

            That’s the most ludicrous and ridiculous comment I’ve ever seen made on the NM. Republicans don’t hold any other Republican accountable FOR ANYTHING!!

            Where did you come up with this total fantasy???

            If Republicans hold GOP politicians accountable – why wasn’t there even one iota of a Congressional investigation into why Bush and Cheney allowed the 9/11 attack by al Qaeda to happen when they had been warned 7 times by the CIA that the attack was coming?? Weren’t 3,000 lost lives enough to warrant an investigation?? The GOP managed to create an investigation circus around 4 lost lives when a Democrat was in office!!

            If Republicans hold GOP Politicians accountable, why wasn’t there even one Congressional investigation about the more than 13 embassy/consulate attacks during the Bush 2 Administration where more than 70 people were killed. Especially since 3 of them occurred in 1 consulate (Karachi Pakistan) with the Bush Administration DOING NOTHING TO INCREASE SECURITY AFTER 6 WERE KILLED THERE IN 2003. And two attacks later in 2006, six more were killed including a diplomat just like Stevens – AND YET NOT OWN OF THE HYPOCRITICAL REPUBLICANS WHO WENT BALLISTIC OVER BENGHAZI SAID ONE WORD!!!

            And if Republicans hold GOP politicians accountable, why wasn’t more done with respect to a Congressional investigation when it was made clear that the Bush Administration WAS VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL LAW by using torture on prisoners who weren’t even charged with anything other than being a suspect??? Isn’t violating International Law serious enough for a Republican Congressman to get off his fat but and charge another Republican with something??

            And if Republicans hold GOP politicians accountable – why wasn’t there a Congressional investigation when Reagan was playing footsie with the Saudi’s and but over 300 of our Marines in danger by agreeing with the Saudi’s that our military guards couldn’t carry loaded weapons while on guard duty – resulting in 241 Marines in their sleep??
            Weren’t the lives of 241 Marines enough to get Republican Congressman off their butts enough to find out what Reagan was up to?? Especially when he did nothing about trying to find out what group actually killed our Marines – essentially Reagan just cut and ran from the situation like the coward he was!!!

            And need I go on, because i could go on with example after example of Republican presidents and politicians who have gotten away with even murder AND NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT!!!


          • And I missed pointing out one of the most important examples of how REPUBLICANS DO NOT HOLD OTHER REPUBLICANS ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING!!

            If Republicans hold GOP politicians accountable – why was no Congressional investigation held in 2005 when it became clear that 22 members of the Bush White House had used a NON GOVERNMENT SERVER (their political party’s (the RNC’) server FOR AT LEAST 85% OF THEIR GOVERNMENT BUSINESS INCLUDING YEARS WORTH OF SHARING CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ON THAT SERVER??? AND THAT INCLUDED GEORGE BUSH, DICK CHENEY, CARL ROVE, CONDI RICE, COLLIN POWELL AND ON AND ON USING A PRIVATE SERVER FOR THE MAJORITY OF THEIR GOVERNMENT EMAILS!!!!!!!!

            And especially when it was found at the time that more than 3 million emails were missing and could not be accounted for; a number which eventually grew to 103 million unlocatable emails!!

            AND YET, not one Republican Congressperson called for an investigation – even when Collin Powell deliberately erased all his emails; and it was clear that Condi Rice had also used a private server and thousands of her emails were missing!!

            And yet, Republicans HAVE THE GALL, to make a glorified fiasco out of Hillary Clinton using a private server!!


          • So Comey lied under oath at a congressional hearing. Will you lefties EVER fail to make lame excuses to defend Hillary. You see all Republicans as liars and all Democrats as 100% honest. Your naive notion that the parties are that far apart is laughable. I

          • First of all, I didn’t say he lied under oath “He fabricated reality”. he painted a picture of Hillary mishandling confidential information WHEN NONE OF THE INFORMATION HAD BEEN FORMALLY MARKED AS CONFIDENTIAL.!! THAT’S A FACT!!

            And you have to be pretty stupid to believe that when a Republican lies in front of a Republican-led Congressional committee that anyone was going to CALL HIM ON THAT FABRICATION OF REALITY!! SORRY DUMMKOPF!! BUT COMEY CLEARLY PAINTED A MUCH WORSE PICTURE OF WHAT HILLARY DID THAN IS REALITY!!!!!!! GO STUFF NITWIT!!!

          • The statements you call a “fabrication of reality” were sworn to under oath a week later you pinche pendejo!!! That would be perjury. If you are referring to the statement he made when refusing to recommend prosecution, he repeated the same things in a house session UNDER OATH!!!!!!! If the things he said in the former statement were as you say a “fabrication of reality” then confirming them under oath would be untrue. That would make it perjury. How,without having inside knowledge directly from government sources can you conclude that Comey magnified the severity of Hillary’s crimes? The only you have answer is the claim that all Republicans are liars. your opinion is not evidence. Your biased, one sided opinion carries no weight to anyone but you. Hillary could commit murder on live T and you would claim it was a doppelganger. You are too stupid for words. Goodbye DIPSHIT. I will no longer debate reality with a resident of the twilight zone. I’m outa here.

          • So he was willing to lie in front of a group of outright pathological lying politicians who believe lying is okay!! So what’s your problem??


            Like I pointed out, Hillary worked for the State Department AND HAD NOT AUTHORITY TO CLASSIFY OR QUESTION THE CLASSIFICATION OF ANYTHING- WHICH COMEY CONVENIENTLY NEGLECTED TO POINT OUT – means that Hillary was not required to give special handling to ANYTHING THAT WAS NOT OFFICIALLY MARKED CLASSIFIED!!


          • Like I said dummy, she was the recipient of emails THAT SOMEONE LATER DETERMINED SHOULD BE CLASSIFIED!!



            There was nothing to all this EMAIL BS PERIOD!! STOP BEING STUPID!! IT’S JUST ONE MORE GOP FAKE SCANDAL!!!!!

            Government servers are no more secure than the PC I’m using!!! ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU DIFFERENT IS AN IGNORAMOUS!!

            Our government’s servers have been hacked far more than any other servers on the planet!!!!!!!!

          • Right…not her place to know what is classified information or is not. We need her as President!

          • I commend you on your ability to point out liberal hypocrisy in such a subtlety effective way. Please don’t stop.

          • And I commend you on your effort to impart a sense fact and reality to these “useful idiots”.

          • Are you calling these bleeding heart redistributionalists [ I think I just invented a new word] followers of Vladimir Lenin? Damn, you just stole my thunder.

          • Lol…they wouldn’t know the names Lenin, Trotsky, or Marx because they weren’t classified correctly. Now, if you called them “Progressives” instead of “Communists”, then the Hillary/Sanders mob would be flocking to be identified with them!

          • It seems strange that liberals don’t know the names of the ‘gods’ they worship. they probably don’t know the names of the Americans they worship either. Alinsky, Cloward/Piven, Sanger.

          • Lol!!! I had forgotten about that work of art, Margaret Sanger! The liberals join with the Nazis in glorifying her!
            By the way, thank you for your service to our country. I am USAF Vietnam Vet. Flew as a Flight Engineer (gofor) on a Jolly Green. Stationed at Udorn, Thailand during the Linebacker II air assault in Dec ’72.

          • Thanks for your service too. I saw no combat. Hawk missile battery,Scheinfurt, [pig crossing]Germany. 71-72

          • Did you actually read Comey’s testimony? I do not think so! Under oath Comey said that only three were actually classified and they were sent to her.

          • Actually I watched it. At 1:50 in this video Comey testifies that Hillary indeed DID email classified material. The next post shows that Hillary had something so top secret on her server that even our closest allies couldn’t see it. It was classified;”TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN” It was information gathered by an NSA spy satellite. All NSA documents are covered with the appropriate classification markings. Hillary or a senior staff member removed the classification markings from the document. THAT is a crime. The classification of this document required it to be stored in a hardened room safe from physical or electronic intrusion,not on the server of an unsecured server in the basement of a private home. THAT is a crime. Here is the article about that document. ……………..…………………. The number of documents is irrelevant. The level of classification is VERY relevant. Hillary’s nonchalant,devil-may-care attitude about the handling of extremely sensitive national secrets illustrates how irresponsible and untrustworthy she is. The fact that the severity if her irresponsible actions makes them criminal in nature shows that she should AT A MINIMUM have her security clearance pulled indefinitely if not permanently. Not having a top level security clearance would disqualify her from the office of president. Is it a case of wild speculation on my part to believe that with the combination of the “chance meeting” between Bill and Lynch,the statement that she would accept the FBI’s recommendation and Comey’s subsequent recommendation to not indict to believe that the fix was in? These corrupt people have weaved a very complex web of deception. I have unraveled it. People on this site accuse me of stupidity and lying. They are naive enough to believe that there is nothing to this story. I have put the pieces of this puzzle together for you. Not examining it is your fault,not mine.

          • You are truly delusional!
            Subject: Re: Comment on BREAKING: Trump Asks Russia To Leak Clinton Emails

          • I am well aware of the headline of this story JERK!!!! I didn’t change the subject a$$hole,your fellow liberals did!!! Now tell me BOZO how am I delusional? Are your fellow liberals accusing trump of wanting Russia to commit further espionage or are the things they said just part of my delusion?

          • She didn’t “knowingly” handle very classified information? Is that because she is too stupid to know what is classified?

        • Prove it! You can’t. Show where I am wrong or admit defeat. I’m annihilating you in this duel. Statements and denials are your only ammo. You lose.

          • I don’t have to prove you wrong; the onus is on you to back up your claim. You cannot, because the FBI director did not say that.

          • I’ll even help you out; the “highest” classification level (not actually something that exists, btw!) would be “Top Secret” PLUS a CIA-administered codeword level. Which codeword clearance did the FBI director say was violated?

            I’ll wait right here.

          • Actually, you are full of $hit. “Top secret plus” is NOT a government classification. You probably got it from this website article. The information referred to in this article was of a classification that allowed foreign allies access to it. Hillary had such highly sensitive information that it can only be shown to Americans. Specifically she had NSA spy satellite information designated TOP SECRET//SI//TK//NOFORN In English it means it was top secret//special intelligence[intercepted intelligence] tk //talent keyhole—[obtained by satellite] and// noforn [not for foreigners eyes]. SI is a subset of SCI [SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION]. This type of information is required to be kept in a special hardened room located in a government facility safe from both physical and electronic intrusion; not on an unsecured private server in the basement of a private home. These kinds of documents come [covered] with the appropriate classification markings. The NSA document in question was found devoid of any classification markers. The NSA [ALWAYS] marks these kinds of documents and never removes the markings until the information is declassified.Those markers would have had to be removed after receiving the document. Neither Hillary nor any member of her staff had the authority to remove the classification markers put there by another agency, or to declassify such document unilaterally, let alone one so highly sensitive. The storage on her server and the removal of the classification markers are both federal felonies. The fact that Comey and Lynch refused to prosecute her for something THAT criminal [something a lower ranking official could go to prison over] illustrates the double standard in government and the [in]justice system. And the fact that people like you refuse to take the word of the FBI, legal scholars and intelligence experts and choose to demonize the sites that post their information shows how you choose to side with your party over your own country. That is shameful and disgraceful.

          • Wow. I didn’t say “Top Secret Plus”, I said Top Secret plus a codeword. You literally can’t read, and yet you expect me to read that un-punctuated wall of stupid.

            And your statement from before remains an outright lie.

          • Classifications don’t use code words. that is a lie!!! They use abbreviations. How do I know this? I was in the Army and had a secret security clearance. I was in the 32nd ADA. That is short for 32ND Air defense Artillery. The theater command was USAEUR. UNITED STATES ARMY EUROPE. No code words,just abbreviations. Anyone who ever served in the military knows this. Where did you serve,in the cub scouts? The government has used abbreviations since at least WW one.And you didn’t say [without quotation marks] Top secret plus a code word. You said “Top secret” plus a code word. Hell,you don’t even proofread your own posts. So my post is unreadable? Is it because complicated,detailed reading is above your limited abilities? That’s the way it looks from my perspective. If the designation top secret plus a code word is actually a true term used to classify documents then it should be child’s play for a “genius” like you to find a source backing your claim. That is something you have failed to do over and over. You’re all mouth and no substance. And Comey didn’t say Hillary violated a “code word clearance”. Hillary didn’t violate code words or clearances. She violated something you seem to think doesn’t apply. They are called laws!!!!! They are listed under title 18 of the federal laws covering the handling of classified information. Tell me Einstein. What classification does “Top secret//si//tk/noforn” cover? You’re the expert,out with it. That is the actual configuration classifications will appear on a classified document. No code words, just abbreviations. That is the top level classification NSA satellite document found on Hillary’s server.

          • Aside from your bizarre inabilities to understand the written word or post anything other than a solid wall of text, you still haven’t quoted the FBI director saying anything like your assertion; this is because it is 100% false. Feeble insults won’t change that.

          • A solid wall of FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! isn’t enough? Tell me the quote you demand and if it can be found will you accept it from his own mouth? Or will you change the subject again?

          • A better answer would be to quote the part where the FBI says what you claimed he said. Of course, you can’t do that as he did not.

          • I don’t think I can, no. You have issues, the greatest – or at least the most immediately relevant – of which is functional illiteracy.

          • Just as I thought,all mouth and no substance. I have said MANY things in this conversation. I have let you get away with murder rhetorically speaking. You demand I show proof and won’t or can’t specify exactly what you want. I’m not a phukin mind reader. Do you want the quote or not?

          • I literally have not varied in my position one iota, and no amount of insults will make up for the fact you are incapable of backing up your lie.

          • The truth is never an insult but it can hurt when someone is as consistently wrong as you are. No amount of evidence is enough for you. Everyone who frequents this site uses the same tactics. Anything that makes a liberal or a Democrat look bad is a lie. Historical facts are the fabrications of evil right wing revisionists. Even longtime liberal sites like the Washington post are labeled right wing attack extremists for revealing something unflattering about a Democrat no matter how verifiably true. I have come to the realization that I have wandered into a site populated by mind numbed,glassy eyed zombies of the left. I am leaving as of this post never to return. I fear that some kind of contagious political virus new to science has turned normal people into hopeless leftist lemmings. I just hope that I haven’t been infected. It would be be a shame to wake up in a couple of weeks and get the irresistible urge to burn the stars and stripes and run the hammer and sickle. up my flagpole. Stick a fork in me,I’m done. PS, don’t bother with another post of lies. I will block you and delete it.

          • Weirdly, you still don’t seem to have provided the quote that backs up your 100% made-up assertion. Probably an oversight on your part.

          • The answer to the question is “you’re a gross idiot racist”.

            I hope that helps!

          • WOW!! You can really concoct a total bunch of BS!! Surely you don’t believe any of us sane people to believe one word of your pathological lying description!! Do you!! Sorry but patholoogical liars have absolutely NO CREDIBILITY ON THE NM!!

            As a pathological liar, if you’re looking for credibility go over to a right-wing nutjob blog site where everybody is a pathological liar and believes the BS each other posts!!!

          • Gosh, how do you find time to deal with another person in between having a meltdown directed at me and all your spittle-flecked screeching at minorities?

      • That is not what Comey said under oath! You got confused by what was told to the press by a former Republican.

        • Comey gave no details as to the classifications involved other than to say at 2:49 of this video that eight chains recovered from Hillary’s server contained top secret information at the time it was sent or received. am not confused as to what words came directly from Comey’s mouth,are you? Hint…… secret is the highest level. This article points out information so classified that it is required by law to be kept in a hardened room in a government facility safe from both physical and electronic intrusion. Is this level of irresponsibility ok with you?

          • There is no use in trying to prove you are correct. If these people with there own eyes seen Hillary shoot someone they would swear the person got in the way of the bullet

          • Agreed. I already posted a similar comment to one of these lemmings. I told him that he would claim a Hillary doppelganger was the shooter. Thanks.

  23. one watches the 2 conventions one is all about and cams are all on DONNY DUMP and if one lisson just the words thy can see hear and know (all but the brain dead GOP gang of idiots and the DUMPSTERS followers ) that the REP. are all taking away from the people hurting the people more and the DEMS is all for giving to the people and helping the people and the country . and ones cant understand the difference . the GOP gang of idiots side and the brain dead follows of DONNY DUMPSTER are just getting a free clown show . ive said time and time again to wait for it wait for it moment / theres something that the DUMPSTER’s has plan before he even started running for the house . and that ball will fall . he is just a sneaky slimly scumbag that has plans and it im sure will have something to do with again fraud’s, coning and scam’s the people some how and way . I can see one thing but its not the big thing by far . im sure he will be selling all kind’s of tapes of his running and the BS he says
    tommy allen: when ll is said and done and DONNY DUMP the DUMPSTER loses his run that’s the time you hear the moron say , I never wanted to be POTUS in the first place with the pocket change one makes heck I make that kind of money screwing coning and scamming stupid people in a week . then he will say this was all done to show the country just how many stupid morons there are in the country that followed me . (yes then doing what the DUMPSTER dose best is insulting as many as he can ) he will say you all think there is something wrong with me . when you should just look at your self’s I set back here and I put down VETS insulted race’s and pretty much told ones faith to go to hell ( or go F#$@ themselves ) and what did I get ? cheers and you all think there is something wrong with me but there’s something wrong with you

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