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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Why Bush Rejected A Travel Ban In Avian Flu Pandemic

Why Bush Rejected A Travel Ban In Avian Flu Pandemic

When Republicans denounce a decision by the Obama administration — especially when they sound shrilly partisan — it is often true that a Republican president once made a similar policy choice, which they either supported or ignored at the time. And now we see the same pattern with Ebola, with House members and right-wing pundits furiously attacking the president’s refusal to institute a travel ban on Western African countries.

Not so long ago, as Jonathan Cohn points out in this thoughtful post, the Bush administration confronted a similar quandary when avian flu threatened to become a deadly pandemic. After examining the arguments for and against restrictions on travel from affected countries, then-Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt — and presumably the president himself — became convinced that any travel ban would quickly become too difficult to enforce. As Leavitt explains:

It’s such an appealing idea, it sounds so easy. But it’s when you get to the second layer of activity and then the third and fourth it gets complicated. For example, imagine a Liberian citizen goes to Spain and in Spain he manifests symptoms and people in Spain get it. Do you now expand the travel ban to include Spain? Somebody from Spain goes to the U.K. and now it’s there, so do you include the U.K.? Now somebody who gets it there turns out to be a U.S. citizen and wants to come home to get treated. Do you let the citizen in?

Despite potentially high mortality rates (and much easier transmission than Ebola), Bush officials ultimately determined that any such rules would prove ineffective as well as unenforceable. Is it necessary to note that back then no Republican uttered a whisper of criticism against Bush or Leavitt — while they now vilify the president and CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden?


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  1. This is just one more example of the GOP’s “flip-flop on the crises”. Whatever crises arises, whether it be this Ebola crises, or Iraq trying to defeat ISIS, or a new crises that they contrive for each new day; the GOP will flip and flop to whichever side of the crises they feel will give them the biggest political advantage – or put Obama and the Democrats into the biggest political hole.

    • The fact that public opinion, and Democratic strategists, did not blame Bush for 9/11 or for any of the epidemics that occurred during his tenure, allowed the Bush administration to focus on other issues, such as the largest redistribution of wealth from the public to the private sector, and the need to execute Saddam Hussein because he, allegedly, still had some of the WMDs that President Reagan gave him during the Iran-Iraq war, when Saddam was considered our most loyal ally in the region.

      • Yeah! I think my biggest disappointments since 2000 have been just as you bring out: not enough was done by Democrats, Independents or any decent minded Americans who were involved in reporting and monitoring our government’s actions when the Bush administration and the irresponsible Republican Congresses were running rampant over everything that was decent/right in politics.

        Just some examples:

        1) starting wars based on lies and outright deceit,
        2) using/allowing torture which was against international law,
        3) colluding amongst themselves to rob the taxpayers by passing one piece of legislation after another that was unfunded and intended by the GOP to run up debts on a credit card for future generations to pay;
        4) blatantly shoving taxpayers money into the pockets of the wealthy and large corporations via unwarranted tax cuts & budget cuts and awarding subsidies after subsidies to companies that were making billions in profits,
        5) continuing to allow an outright devious administration to run up America’s debt like a skyrocket by keeping billions of dollars of their spending outside the “supposed budgets”, (a practice started by Reagan),
        and more.

        So many lies and deceitful things took place during Bush’s disastrous 8 years in office that I’m sure many of the nefarious activities he and the irresponsible GOP congresses were involved with won’t all be discovered for decades. .

  2. If you can find a single GOP bull who EVER admits to being wrong, making wrongful judgments or taking blame for their misguided decisions, let me know. Their record on the skill of throwing everyone but themselves under a bus is world class.

  3. What is particularly moronic about the right’s hysterical squealing for a travel ban on flights from West African nations is…. there ARE no flights from West African nations to the USA. So the only way this crazy paranoid notion could work would be to ban ALL flights from EVERYWHERE into the United States. Yes! And then build a WALL around all our borders! And then crawl into bed, pull the blankets over our heads and pretend that scary world doesn’t exist!

    • Right? It’s such a shallow plan, it doesn’t address the immediate follow-up thought any thinking person would progress to, which is:

      “But then what? How do we force other countries to obey our travel ban?”

      But then, shallow, unexamined plans appeal to their simple-minded target audience, I guess.

  4. Why is it that whenever Obama does something stupid Liberal Media tells Liberals to spin and deflect it to something else . What does Bush or that flu have to do with Obama’s incompetence in inviting ebOla into this Country ? By the way Bush handled that situation correctly and there was no outbreak of that here . Back to Obama … He has not banned travel to and from those infected Countries . His CDC and his administration has allowed people on an ebOla watch list to travel and possibly spread this deadly virus to hundreds who will then possibly infect others . Meanwhile he has doubled down on infecting Americans by sending troops to Africa . WTF these people don’t know how to protect themselves and how many will they infect when they get home ???? Is he purposely trying to F us ???? Meanwhile he stated the other day ( I’m paraphrasing ) that helping Africa was his primary goal … Once again WTF he is President of the United States not Liberia however we would all be better off if he resigned and became their President …Looking at the fact he had no strategy for ISIS and the history of total incompetence his Presidency has been is it any wonder that people are scared silly ???? To seal that point home he now appoints a Lawyer Friend who’s biggest accomplishments have been to make money off of Solyndra and Bury the Votes of our Military personnel during Presidential Elections .. to be his ObOla er ebOla Czar … He doesn’t know Jack about ebOla nor does he have any administrative experience … He also doesn’t have any Executive Skill set either … Just like Obama .. does anyone have any confidence this ass pony will be effective ??? Remember this when you vote

    • You sure have a knack for posting a WHOLE LOAD OF GARBAGE!! Every word of your post is either a blatant lie or a total distortion of the truth!!!!!!

    • Let me just address one of your idiotic rants here: Solyndra.

      Solyndra was initially approved by the Bush Administration back in 2005 as a means for the government to become developed in more alternative energies. Although the Bush Administration hadn’t fully approved the 529 Million loan, the application had virtually been approved by the Bush Administration and was sitting on Bush’s desk waiting to be signed when he left office.

      Obama didn’t just sign the request, the Obama administration also revetted the loan; and based on what was going on when Obama took office, the company’s request checked out as valid and was approved. What the Obama Administration didn’t know, was that during the downturn, a couple American companies that were working to develop solar panels had been bought out by leverage buyout companies like Bain Capital, destroyed here in America and shipped over to China – ALONG WITH AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY ON HOW TO BUILD CHEAP SOLAR PANELS.

      So as Solyndra was trying to get their technology up and on the market, the Chinese solar panel companies that had once been in America started flooding the American market with cheap solar panels making it impossible for Solyndra’s panels to gain traction on the market, even though they were a better design, the price differences were simply to great and Solyndra had to fold. DO TO NO FAULT OF EITHER THE BUSH OR OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’S VETTING OF THEIR LOAN REQUESTS.

      AND, given that Solyndra was part of an R&D program, the failing of Solyndra was really a minor event given what Congress had really expected. Congress had allocated 26 Billion for alternative energy development, expecting about 40% of those ventures to fail: Congress had allocated an additional 10 billion to cover failures. Well as it turned out, the Green Energy stimulus had 93% successes and the total loan failures were less than 1Billion including Solyndra.

      And in the Solyndra failure, private sector investors actually lost more money – and even though one of those who lost was an Obama administration supporter, another big loser was a Wal-Mart associated fund which donated heavily to the GOP.

      If you want to check this all out, try this link:

      • You said it yourself Bush didnt approve it so why in the Hell are you trying to spin it to him and try to put anything about Solyndra on Bush … let me guess .. it’s all Bush’s fault and you are all racists right ??? I mean how silly can you get .
        This is what happened Bush never approved it . Obama and the Dems took control that they decided to turn the DOE into a front to do crony Capitalism in the name of moving their green agenda . So the DOE was tasked with giving out loans to companies to promote sustainable energy sources .. To ease the concerns of Tax Payers who raised real concerns that the DOE should not be in the Business of picking winners and losers and also that they shouldn’t be a Bank involved in Crony Capitalism the Dems passed a law that stated in any venture where Tax Payer funds were used that in the event of a Failure the tax Payers would be taken care of first . Solyndra became a shell company that wealthy Dems all invested in thinking that with all that Tax Payer money the Co would be a success . Unfortunately the Chinese were ALREADY producing panels far cheaper then Solyndra even tried to or projected to SO IT WAS DESIGNED TO FAIL .. Now when it went belly up the Tax Payers should of been taken care of first but since welathy Dem Bundlers had money invested the Dems circumvented THEIR OWN LAW and took care of their donors first and let the Tax Payers bite the bullet as they ALWAYS do … But who cares as long as it is wealthy 1% Liberals getting rich on the backs of the Tax Paying Middle Class …Obama’s new Ebola Czar has his finger prints all over this and that is been told in numerous stories …

    • And let’s address your idiotic rant about Obama not putting on a travel ban. The main reason is, virtually all health officials in America say IT WOULD BE A BIG MISTAKE!!

      Here’s just a brief excerpt from an NBC News Item:

      There are reasons the U.S. hasn’t enacted a travel ban on countries where Ebola has broken out: It wouldn’t work and could actually make things worse, health officials say.

      Read more on that here:

      • The most important reason for a ban on flights from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone to the United State is that there are none. Mr. Duncan, the Liberian immigrant that died at the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, flew from Liberia to Brussels, and from Belgium to the United States.
        We could, of course, isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, but not even the most paranoid among us believe that is such a great idea.
        Another problem involves the fact that Ebola symptoms, and contagion, are not evident until fever, vomiting, and diarrhea occur. A person with the virus can enter the USA, and any other country undetected until those symptoms appear. That was the case with Mr. Duncan.
        Instead of constructive ideas on how to limit the spread of the Ebola epidemic in some West African countries, finding a cure for that terrible disease, and ensuring our healthcare facilities are prepared to contain that crisis, there are some among us that don’t hesitate to use threats against humanity to score political points. I doubt they do that because they are ignorant, they do it because they know there are enough paranoid-schizophrenics and ignorant people around who will believe their rhetoric and react accordingly.

      • You are citing NBC as the reason Obama shouldn’t make a decision ????? Who is making the decisions for Obama and if he is basing them on what NBC thinks then that proves everything I stated in my previous post about his abilities . I mean is he that incompetent that he needs a media outlet that is nothing more then a shill PR Machine for Whitehouse,gov to tell him what to do and what Liberals like you should use as talking points ???? Come on now if that is what he and you think a POTUS is supposed to consider then you are as laughable as he is .

        • You’re even more stupid than I thought…you’re so illiterate you can’t even comprehend what you read.

          No one said anything about Obama deciding against a travel ban because of ‘WHAT NBC SAID’, it was all about WHAT VIRTUALLY EVERY HEALTH OFFICIAL THAT’S EXPERT IN EBOLA HAS SAID!!!

          What is it you don’t understand about: It wouldn’t work and could actually make things worse, HEALTH OFFICIALS SAY!!!!!!!!

          • Are you really that stupid? NBC is reporting on Health officials that are experts in Ebola. Independent1 is citing Health officials, NOT NBC.
            Just because you don’t believe in science doesn’t mean the rest of us are that stupid.

          • He is that stupid. We’re seeing the extent of his thinking skills at work right here on this thread. I’m pretty sure the world is not relying on him and his reasoning skills to solve crimes or create solutions to the world’s problems.

    • “He also doesn’t have any Executive Skill set either”

      Wow!! Obama has no “Executive Skill Set”??? Then what was Reagan, a bumbling idiot (don’t answer that because it’s YES!!)

      In any case, if Obama has no Executive Skill Set, exactly how has he become arguably THE BEST PRESIDENT SINCE FDR???

      Not only has Obama totally outperformed Reagan, He’s accomplished more in a little over 5.5 years in office than all of the GOP presidents in office since Eisenhower COMBINDED!!!

      Here’s a list of JUST SOME, of Obama’s accomplishments. Let’s see you look back over the past 5 GOP LOSERS and come up with a list that can even match these SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS!!!!

      – Obama’s policies have resulted in the
      highest level of consumer confidence in the past 7 years

      – Obama’s policies have resulted in a stock Market that’s at the highest levels in history restoring retirement accounts for millions of American seniors that were trashed under the Bush administration

      -Obama has been the smallest spending president since Eisenhower.

      -Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any president since Truman.

      -There have been more than 54 straight months of job growth with more jobs created in the last 5 years than Bush created in 8
      years (Bush left office with more than 400,000 less people working in America than when he took office)

      -Obama ended the war in Iraq – as he promised.

      –The 9/11 perpetrator, bin Laden, was eliminated and al Qaeda severely weakened.

      -The war in Afghanistan is almost wound down – as he promised.

      – Obama’s diplomatic efforts have gotten Iran to rework all their uranium into non-weapons grade form such that Iran is no longer a nuclear threat to the world.

      -Millions more students are receiving college loans cheaper than ever before because Obama cut the banks out of the loan
      process despite total inaction by the GOP members of congress.

      – Obama saved the American auto Industry from bankruptcy and it’s flourishing again despite GOP opposition; making profits not seen since Clinton was in office.

      -More than 150 billion in taxes have been collected from auto industry related companies and workers over the past 5 years that would have been lost if the industry went bankrupt.

      -More than 1.5 million American jobs were saved through the auto bailout helping keep America out of the GOP’s second created world-wide depression.

      -Obama started a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors with more fraudulently charged monies recovered (billions) and crooks brought to justice than had been recovered by the 3 prev. pres. combined

      -More PROBLEM illegal aliens have been rounded up and
      deported over the past 5 years than by any other president (more than 1.5 million).

      -Obama’s stimulus program energized America green energy initiatives such that alternative energies (solar, wind, hydro and
      plasma) may well make fossil fuels obsolete within the next 10 plus years.

      -More gas and oil have been pumped out of the ground the past 3 years than at any other time in US in history; America is now the largest energy producer on the planet surplanting Russia and Saudi Arabia for that title.

      -America’s relationships have been restored with virtually all it’s international partners after Bush had virtually the whole world hating America (and that included the British people).

      Obama has accomplished more in last 6 years than any president
      since FDR

      • You know this article was an attempt to spin the national conversation away from where it should be ( on Obama and his handling of the Ebola thing to Bush and his proper handling of that Flu ) . I pointed out that attempt at spin and deflection . Now you are trying to spin it to Reagan ? You do realize any attempt to compare the two is fool hardy on your part as each time you have done it you just devolve into calling me names and not being able to defend the comparison .

        Reagan had held several REAL Jobs before becoming President and showed a solid track record of having an Executive Skill Set as well as Administrative Ability ,Leadership critical Decision making ability and knew how to Delegate .

        Before becoming President he was President of SAG and he was the Governor of California

        Obama on the Other hand had no Jobs no Experience no Executive Skill no Administrative experience and doesn’t know how to delegate . He came into Office with no Executive Skill Set no Administrative Experience no track record of Leadership etc

        He was a Community Organizer before becoming a Sen for less the 160 days then announced he would run for President . He has a track record of indecisiveness and not being able to make critical decisions . His latest choice for Ebola Czar proves he views delegation as an opportunity to reward Political hacks and putting his people in place regardless of their skill sets .

        So once again you are not dealing in facts or reality .

        • I’m not even addressing this pack of garbage aside from calling it just that – ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!!!


          • Kind of hard to dispute facts. ..sorry I blew your defense of your Messiah out of the water …facts can be pesky

      • Damn! He really has been effective as hell! These are things I was aware of, mind you, but I’d never seen them compiled into a list. Wow!

        And this list doesn’t even mention all the positive effects (already!) the ACA has had on Americans’ health, the national economy, and future budget deficits.

        • Yes, on your last point, I actually sent a letter to Obama suggesting that he should ask for some prime time to update the nation on how much ACA has done for the country as a means of educating people especially in red states where the GOP has been feeding them so much misinformation (a survey by Rasmussen has shown that a plurality of Americans still believe not only that ACA will end up costing them more for health care but also end up with them getting worse health care). But I guess that my suggestion fell on deaf ears.

          I thought his updating the country would help the Dems in red states running for re-election and put the GOP back on its heels with respect to it’s ideas of repealing ACA.

          Here are some of the “positive effects” America has already seen from ACA – it’s an excerpt from my letter to the president:

          I’ve attached some excerpts from articles that I’ve come across which support, at the least, these following successes of ACA; I’m sure there are more which I’m not aware of:

          .BOOSTING THE ECONOMY – In the early part of 2014, when the economy was actually stumbling because of the bad winter weather, it was ACA
          that helped boost the economy by freeing up spending money for millions of Americans who no longer had to pay, or worry about paying, for the healthcare they were getting or may need in the future. Even in the red state of Arizona, experts are predicting that ACA will boost the Arizonian economy by billions over the next few years because Arizona chose to expand Medicaid. And it’s also projected that ACA will be the driver for creating about 15,000 new jobs in Arizona over the next 3 years

          .SAVING LIVES – A projection has been made that ACA may already have saved the lives of as many as 15,000 Americans by having provided
          them with insurance they never had before, which prompted them to see a doctor who determined that they had a medical condition that may be fatal if it wasn’t treated in time. And in some cases, by forcing hospitals to be more careful of their treatment so fewer patients have
          gotten illnesses while in the hospital which have been fatal. I’ve attached an article describing this better. A projection has also been made that in the red states where Medicaid has not been expanded, that as many as 17,000 Americans may die prematurely because of their decision to not expand Medicaid.

          .SAVING HOSPITALS AND STATES MONEY BY REDUCING READMISSION RATES – ACA has been found to be driving down readmission rates because hospitals are not fully reimbursed for the cost of treating patients that are readmitted to a hospital when it’s evident that they really weren’t well when they were discharged, or they actually picked up an additional illness while in
          the hospital. And hospitals are finding that reducing the reimbursement rate is saving them, and the state, money. I’ve attached a couple articles that describes this in more detail.

          .SAVING HOSPITALS AND STATES MONEY BY REDUCING THE UNINSURED RATES – ACA is also driving down the uninsured rate which is in some cases greatly reducing the number of people that are coming into emergency rooms who cannot pay for their care, and instead,
          allowing these people to be examined in a doctor’s office where they should. The combination of reduced readmission rates
          and decreased uninsured rates, has resulted in not only greatly improving the profitability of many hospitals in states that have embraced ACA, but has also resulted in many states seeing millions and maybe billions in savings because
          of the reduction in the monies they need to send to hospitals to reimburse them for the healthcare patients have been unable to pay for (I’ve attached an article supporting this success in Arizona, Washington and a few other states).

          .SAVINGING AMERICANS MONEY –ACA is saving all Americans money today by having contributed to slowing down the rate of increase of healthcare costs since it was enacted. I
          couldn’t locate an article I read on this some time back but I remember reading some experts projected that today’s average healthcare premiums would be at least 25% higher than the are had healthcare costs continued to rise at their normal pace. Your staff should be able
          to substantiate that. And in addition, millions of Americans are saving money not only because of the healthcare subsidies but also because the increased competitiveness created by ACA has
          forced more health insurers to provide Americans with lower rates than they would have without ACA.

      • I read this as well as you other post trying to compare Obama to Reagan . I guess you don’t remember the last time you tried to do that and by the second post were just calling me names . This is why I dont usually respond to you . I dont care for the immature intolerant name calling and just the shear level of ignorance you display .

        For the record under Obama we still have fewer Americans Employed then when he took office and we were venting a lot of jobs back then . There has been increases in Jobs created but that is ONLY because you need more Part Time Workers to do the same Work Load as the Full Timers they replaced . You can see that in Dept of Labor stats and by the Bureau of Labor Statistics . We now have the greatest Number and Percentage of Americans working Part Time and Minimum Wage Jobs in this Nations History . If you tale the time to study the Aug Jobs report you would find that they claimed 280,000 new Jobs . Liberals loved that .. However if you go further in that same report you will find that we VENTED over 500,000 FULL TIME POSITIONS .. So that means to get to those 280,000 new jobs that the people who lost full time jobs were transitioned to PART TIME JOBS . You need more Part Timers to cover that same work load and the Bureau of Labor Statistics bore that out . Companies are getting out ahead of the Train Wreck of Obamacare by following the rules the Dems purposely wrote into that law to make us a Nation of Dependents . The Tea Party and Conservatives warned this would be the result of the Part Time exemption in Obamacare and the Unions warned it would be the death of the middle class and they were both right . THEY TOLD YOU THE TRUTH and you are taught to hate them . Meanwhile the Community Organizer LIED to you and used you Liberals as useful tools and you prove your loyalty by continuing to defend Obama and Obamacare even though NO DEM IS RUNNING ON OBAMANOMICS or OBAMACARE … Yet here you are trying to defend that … Look Independent I already pointed this out to Dom and he couldnt defend it either so dont even try … He just came back with spin . If your own Partyy wont run on it then they KNOW they could never sell that Soap to America so why are you letting them use you to try to do that ? Is it just cult like devotion ? His record and his LYING make him a person who does not deserve your loyalty … Meanwhile Conservatives didnt LIE to you and EVERYTHING they predicted is coming true .Maybe you missed that Walmart announced that they would abide by the Law and transition most of their workforce to Part Time … and please dont blame corporate greed for the way the Dems wrote the law …

        Meanwhile we have the greatest Number and Percentage of Americans of Tax Payer Handout in this Nations History … All while having the lowest Labor Participation rate in 36 years .. Please dont TRY to compare this to Reagan you only make yourself seem the fool … Just trying to do you a favor in that… Maybe you should come to the side that doesnt lie to you

        • “For the record under Obama we still have fewer Americans Employed then when he took office and we were venting a lot of jobs back then .”

          Lies and lies and lies and lies – every single word is a LIE!!!!

          I’m only going to disprove this lie, the rest of them you can stuff YOU KNOW WHERE!!

          At the end of Mr. Bush’s second term, private employment was collapsing, and there were net 462,000 private sector jobs lost during Mr. Bush’s two terms.

          Private sector employment increased slightly under President G.H.W. Bush (purple), with 1,510,000 private sector jobs added.

          Private sector employment increased by 20,955,000 under President Clinton (light blue), by 14,717,000 under President Reagan (yellow), and 9,041,000 under President Carter (dashed green).

          There were only 1,998,000 more private sector jobs at the end of Mr. Obama’s first term. Just over one year into Mr. Obama’s second term, there are now 4,690,000 more private sector jobs than when he initially took office.

          • Wrong. If you go to the bureau of labor statistics you will see there were more Americans employed the day Obama took office than there are today ..oh and most of those people had full time Jobs

          • And just another lie!!

            From the BLS website:

            Americans working – September 2014 – 146,600 mil
            Americans working – January 2009 – 142,009 mil

        • ” I dont care for the immature intolerant name calling and just the shear level of ignorance you display .”

          Bikejedi, this statement is ALL THAT YOU EVER DO!
          Your name calling of the LEGALLY elected President is beyond belief. Every post of yours usually “name calls” the President.
          What a hypocrite.

          • Uh .. Excuse me but I never start calling names first that is a Liberal thing and when it devolved into that the blame Bush or the Race card I usually stop responding to Immature Intolerant and Ignorant posters .. K

    • You didn’t read the post, did you? If you did, you didn’t comprehend it.

      Your giant comment looks like the nonsequitur-riddled muttering you might hear from a person having a fever dream.

      That doesn’t embarrass you? It should.

      • Are you referring to a post or the article? …I read the article and correctly deduced it was a slam piece designed to spin and deflect what everyone in America should be concerned about right now.. .Specifically Obamas incompetence on the ebOla …but thank you for your false air if superiority.. .and no I am proud of what I posted and my vote values

  5. I see only two possibilities to explain this:

    1. Either they understand the hypocrisy of their behavior and do it anyway, dismissing the fear they inspire in citizens as they cynically exploit this as a political opportunity, OR

    2. They’re too lazy and/or reckless to pause and review the similar situation Conason presents here so that they can calm their own reactions and present more constructive, complete explanations about what’s going on behind policy decisions being made w/r/t Ebola and safety of public health.

    Either way, they do a tremendous disservice to the American public.

  6. Not only do they vilify those who at least are doing something, they clearly are refusing to accept responsibility for having done nothing for well over a decade, and in fact, for possibly having contributed to Ebola’s spread now because of their constant cutting back of the funding over the past decade for those involved to trying to find a cure for the disease. Since 2003, the GOP has decreased funding for Ebola research from around 520 million/yr to around 255 million today. A decrease in funding which many scientists believe may be why a cure for Ebola has yet to be found.

  7. “Despite potentially high mortality rates (and much easier transmission than Ebola), Bush officials ultimately determined that any such rules would prove ineffective as well as unenforceable. Is it necessary to note that back then no Republican uttered a whisper of criticism against Bush or Leavitt — while they now vilify the president and CDC chief Dr. Tom Frieden?”

    Of course no Republican said shit against GW but are oh, so quick to jump on Obama. If Obama were to resign today, by tomorrow every Republican out there would say the same thing: “See? I told you he was a quitter!”

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