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Friday, January 18, 2019

April 26 (Bloomberg) — The dedication this week of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum was more than an opportunity for the five living U.S. presidents to compare notes on what Stefan Lorant called “the glorious burden” of the office.

It also was the beginning of Bush’s campaign for rehabilitation. As Bill Clinton said at the ceremony, all presidential libraries are attempts “to rewrite history.”

Bush’s ultimate goal — already hawked by his former political advisor Karl Rove — is to become another Harry S. Truman, a regular-guy commander in chief whose stock rose sharply about 20 years after he left office.

The superficial comparisons are intriguing. Vice President Truman only became president because Franklin D. Roosevelt died in office in 1945. The failed haberdasher and product of the Kansas City political machine was unlikely to make it to the top on his own. He was a plain-spoken, unpretentious man who cared enough about racial injustice that he desegregated the armed forces.

Bush became president because he was born on third base, to paraphrase Texas governor Ann Richards’ quip about his father, and because of the Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore in 2000; an unexceptional man who drank heavily until he was 40 probably wouldn’t have made it on his own. He’s a blunt, compassionate conservative who, as Jimmy Carter pointed out at the dedication, saw the ravages of AIDS in Africa and elsewhere and did something about it. (Bush also appointed two black secretaries of state.)

Like Iraq in Bush’s era, the Korean War was hugely unpopular when Truman left office in 1953, and his decision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan was at least as controversial as Bush’s support for torture.

Still, you don’t have to be Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to know that the differences between Bush and Truman are much greater than the similarities.

In Korea, Truman was responding to communist aggression, not hyping unconfirmed stories about weapons of mass destruction.

While Truman’s “Marshall Plan” (named for his secretary of state, George C. Marshall) produced spectacular results in postwar Europe, Bush apparently didn’t even have a plan for postwar Iraq.

His decision to disband the Iraqi army was catastrophic. Iraq and the simultaneous neglect of Afghanistan are only the best-known Bush administration fiascos that are all but airbrushed out of the museum, though not out of the historical record.

A broader list would include weakening bank-capital requirements and prohibitions on predatory lending that helped pave the way for the financial crisis; botching the response to Hurricane Katrina; gutting federal rules on worker safety, education, veterans’ affairs and other protections; endorsing a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage; editing climate-change reports to the specifications of ideologues; reinstating the global gag rule on family planning in deference to right-wing anti-abortion activists, and politicizing appointments to the federal bench and federal law enforcement.

All this is ignored by Bush apologists. Ed Gillespie, a longtime Republican operative who last year helped the party’s presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, offered a defense of Bush in National Review that sought to absolve him of any blame for the budget deficit. As if the trillion-dollar wars, unaffordable tax cuts, the $550 billion (unpaid-for) prescription-drug benefit and hundreds of billions of lost revenue in the recession that began on his watch could be erased from history.

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128 responses to “Bush’s Long-Shot Campaign To Be Seen As Truman”

  1. tranz2deep says:

    True Man?
    Bush has a Lie Bury building, as noted in the political cartoon today.

  2. Sand_Cat says:

    Please. Where’s the compassion? The National Memo should report these things, not join in on the fantasies.
    The man is a war criminal, guilty of numerous breaches of U.S. and International law, and – I guess according to the National Memo – a “compassionate” torturer and mass murderer. He didn’t “hype” unsubstantiated stories of weapons of mass destruction: he created them. And he was “plain spoken” because he was too ignorant and lazy to bother to improve his vocabulary or diction.
    The man belongs in a cell in a maximum security prison, and his “library” on the trash heap of history. There are more than enough morons who will believe the crap he’s trying to dish out without your repeating it for him.

    • Archie's Boy says:

      You are absolutely right. He is precisely a war criminal, and should be doing life in solitary, if not standing in front of a firing squad.

    • MerryMarjie says:

      Hear, hear! Excellent points. I especially like your definition of “plain spoken” because it delineates Bush’s underlying lack of interest in education, his own, more precisely, as well as the disaster that is No Child Left Behind. Testing children is no way to teach as teachers are now only emphasizing “what’s on the test,” a good way to stifle curiosity and inquisitiveness.

    • You Got That Right My Friend 🙂 Like I Said Instead Of Opening Bush A Library They Should’ve Open Bush And Cheney A Couple Of Prison Cells!!! Even His Mother Knows The Truth, NO MORE BUSHES IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!

    • I would much rather visit Nixon’s library than Ws? Crooks can be reformed, deceiving liars are like snakes in the grass. They hide and wait until you are not looking to strike.

      • You Got That Right My Friend!!! 🙁

        • exdemo55 says:

          We have now found out that Obama is not us a socialist, he is a
          fascist, just like Hitler. He uses his Nazi Gestapo (IRS) just like Hitler.

      • middleclasstaxpayer says:

        I like your clever comment: “Crooks can be reformed, deceiving liars are like snakes in the grass, hide, wait & strike when you are not looking”
        You have VERY aptly described Obama & co….where you ask?
        Try this:
        “Mexican gun running?” Obama & Holder
        “The State Dept. lying about Benghazi? Obama & Clinton
        “The IRS targeting conservatives?” Obama
        “The Department Of Justice spying on the press?” Obama
        “Sebelius shaking down health insurance executives?” At Obama’s direction no doubt.
        “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, e-mails and everything else?” Obama, the man who promised the “most open admin ever”?????
        “The State Dept. interfering with an IG investigation on dept. sexual misconduct? Obama & Clinton
        “HHS employees being given insider information on Medicare Advantage? Obama
        And how about his phoney pre-election promises?
        Close Guantanamo? 6 years and still waiting??
        Gay rights? Michelle Obama answered this one when the Lesbian activist challenged her recently…..Her reply…”shut up or I’m out of here” She never even let the woman speak???
        What a guy Obama is…..a real man of his word, at least until he gained control of the (formerly) greatest nation on earth.

    • bpai99 says:

      Your assessment of W is far too positive for my taste. The man deserves worse.

    • exdemo55 says:

      Maybe we will now find out if Obama the Nazi is proven to be a domestic criminal while he’s still in office.

  3. John Pigg says:

    Truman is the greatest President of the 20th century, to compare him with Bush seems to be a stretch.

    • CrankyToo says:

      Harry Truman was President when I was born. I grew up admiring him as a good man and, in the final analysis, a pretty fair President. He integrated the armed services and gave birth to the United States Air Force (Go Blue!).

      But to suggest that he was “the greatest President of the 20th century” is ludicrous. In terms of what he did to advance American civilization (such that it is), he couldn’t hold a candle toTeddy Roosevelt (R), Franklin Roosevelt (D), Jack Kennedy (D) and Bill Clinton (D). Even Lyndon Johnson (D) who, in my view, was a despicable Texan of a man did more for America than did Harry Truman.

      PS – I still love you, Harry. You too, Bess.

      • John Pigg says:

        The only President that I think compares is Teddy Roosevelt. All the others I would be willing to grab a beer and cigarette and argue with you.

    • idamag says:

      I am happy to see that I am not the only one who reveres Truman.

  4. Presidential libraries are designed to highlight the positive deeds of the person they represent, and when there are none, they re-write history to project an illusion that more often than not does not represent reality. In cases where the person being showcased was a “virtual” president, the only choice is to adopt Disney principles.

  5. Archie's Boy says:

    Dubya another Truman? I smell flop sweat and desperation…to say nothing about Dubya’s new museum spinning history until it’s dizzy. As Eugene Robinson said in the Washington Post the other day, the incoming historical assessments are getting worse, not better.

  6. AlfredSonny says:

    Does the Baby Bush shrine include his efforts to disband OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to minimize the safety regulations that caused unnecessary explosion of the fertilizer plant in his backyard, Waco, that killed 15 Americans?

    • Gov Perry Was Here The Day Before That Plant Blew Up Telling Business Owners Here Come To Texas Free Markets No Regulations And Little Or No Taxes Then BOOM!! LOL I Bet These Greedy Owners Here Glad They Didn’t Take Him Up On His Offer!!! Free Markets And No Regulations= DEATH!!!

  7. waggaze says:

    Talk about a white wash job. G WMD Bush will never be able to divorce himself from his handlers, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld for his total failures including the rediculous “First Strike” white paper. Cheney held this piece of garbage paper back to the days of when he serve Bush, Sr. Even Bush, Sr. knew not to attempt such foolishness as it would have made this country appear to be weak and on shakey ground. The use of torture thus violating the Geneva Convention agreement and the arrest warrant for Powell put out by the World Court and the outing of an undercover CIA agent over a disagreement between her husband and the Bush monarchy over yellow cake and WMD’s in Iraq just to mention a few fiascos that would have imprisoned or at a minimum impeached any other sitting president.

  8. AlfredSonny says:

    Baby Bush would be an excellent candidate to perform as Alfred Neuman in the MAD Magazine movies!

  9. latebloomingrandma says:

    I’ve never visited a presidential library. Are they all merely shrines to the person rather than actual historical legacies and a learning experience for the visitor? If not, what is the point to visit them?

    • johninPCFL says:

      The Nixon library has the good and the bad. I didn’t know the extent of the good things he did because Watergate overshadowed them all. GWB could take a lesson.

    • pbrower2a says:

      The Ford Library in Grand Rapids is quite good. It is very objective about the times and the man — Congressman, Vice-President, and ex-President. Jerry Ford was not a great President, but at least he was meticulously honest. If one gets no indication that Ford was a great President one at least has an idea of what makes someone flawed. Basically he became President because Spiro Agnew took bribes and Nixon abused power.

      One of the oddities that I won’t forget is that upon seeing one of the early ATMs he noted that people needed receipts to be sure that the transaction was honest. If you got $20 from the machine instead of $200 because you pressed one too few zeros, you were told that you withdrew only $20.

  10. charleo1 says:

    “Bush makes Nationwide disaster tour, to assess the damage, in the
    wake of his 8 year Presidency.” I paraphrase, but if one were looking for a
    little levity, on that Nov. of ’08, preceding Bush’s departure from office.
    “The Onion,” an online publication that parodies the real headlines of the day,
    was the only place to find it. Because, the real headlines were down right
    scary, throughout that bleak Nov. and Dec. Wall Street was bust? The iconic
    investment co. Lehman Bros. gone? Bear Stearns, then Merrill Lynch, too?
    What the heck happened? A word from the outgoing, although still President
    Bush, would have been reassuring. But, he was evidently too busy packing,
    and getting the Hell out of Dodge, to hold a press conference about our
    economy falling apart. Maybe, if we had an aircraft carrier close by, he could
    land on that, and give us a statement!? When ask, what he thought his legacy
    would be. And how history would treat his Presidency, a hundred years from
    now? And he said, “I don’t care, I’ll be dead.” And I thought that was a perfectly
    approiate answer.

    • adriancrutch says:

      “I don’t care, I’ll be dead.” Spoken like a true christian! The only thing bush’s presidency will be remembered for is the gigantic whitewashing job and cia-type tricks employed by his administration to further EVERYONE EXCEPT THE TOP 1%’s PAIN! Any Historians should tread lightly when contemplating this presidency as a sucess!

  11. Bush had a bullhorn at the WTC ruins rallying the people, a defining moment in his presidency. He also had a bullhorn when he was a cheerleader, rallying football players and shaking pom-poms—- damn, the similarities are striking.

  12. 100% better president then obama.and not a commie demarcate who is trying to destroy this country.who give more money to foreign countries then to our own people who are fighting to stay alive and feed there familys.more obama phones please that helps a lot

    • You Can Thank Your Low Life Knuckle Dragging Party Of Thugs For Where This Country Is At !! GOP/Tea Party The American Taliban Our Very Own Home Grown Terrorists Cells Operating In Plain Sight!!! They Are What Youi Call A Conflict Of Interest Most Are Wealthy And That’s Just Who They Are Looking Out For The 1-2% Wealthy!!! Quit Looking At Fox Fake News And Listen To Rush Limpballs!!

    • johninPCFL says:

      You’ve apparently forgoten that the phone program you denegrate was started by Saint Reagan, the Big Spender.

      • That’s From All That Snake Venom They Been Drinking Sold To Them By The GOP/Tea Party Snake Oil Salesmen Now They Just Brain Dead!! LOL Everything Is Obama Fault Lying Racist Buttwipes !! 🙁

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Another moron who doesn’t know that foreign aid is less than 1% of the US budget. Looks like the rest of your “knowledge” is about the same, or less.

    • LOL Those Phones Was Started By Your Hero Reagan Dumb Ass!!! LOL You Like So Many Have Been Brain Washed That Program Has Been Going On For Years!! I Know Cause I Like So Many Tax Payers Has Been Paying For It!! If You Ever Had A Land Line Phone You Would Know It Start Under The Universal Program Years Ago Before Any One Knew A Barack Obama Existed!!!! LIAR

  13. exdemo55 says:

    The dedication in Dallas on Thursday of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum has triggered a lot of talk about the legacy of America’s 43rd chief executive, and of the issues that arose between 2001 and 2009. But it should also be a time to reflect on the character of the man who occupied the Oval Office during this century’s first eight years.

    I’m obligated to state the obvious, which is that George W. Bush is hardly flawless. But those who want to focus on his flaws best turn elsewhere, his flaws are greatly overshadowed by his virtues, starting with his moral clarity.

    It was this trait that led him to use all the energy of his office to keep America safe after 9/11. It drove his response to the AIDS pandemic in Africa, where American leadership has saved millions of lives. On issues from immigration to education to stem-cell research, Mr. Bush drew on his understanding of America’s deepest moral commitments. Even his use of phrases like “the axis of evil,” which drove critics batty, was grounded in a true understanding of the North Korean, Iranian and Saddam Hussein-ruled Iraqi regimes.

    But moral clarity without courage is worth little in a political leader, and President Bush possessed courage in abundance. I saw it many times, such as when he touched the “third rail” of American politics, calling for Social Security reform in two presidential elections.

    The most obvious example of his courage as a leader is the Iraq surge of 2007, a policy opposed by nearly every Democrat, many Republicans, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and some members of his own cabinet. The Iraq war was then deeply unpopular with the public. Success was by no means assured. Yet Mr. Bush persevered, put a counterinsurgency plan in place and turned around a war on the edge of being lost. In many respects, this was his finest moment.

    Mr. Bush once said, “Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called ‘walking.’ ” Critics saw arrogance, but those around him experienced something different: a man with enough self-confidence to encourage people to say what they believed, especially when their opinions differed from his. But they had to be prepared, since Mr. Bush, an insatiable information collector, did his homework and expected others to have done the same.

    Where Mr. Bush and I differed was in how to treat those who directed political abuse his way. For example, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid would phone the White House after he had insulted the president—such as in 2005, when he called Mr. Bush “a liar” and “a loser.” He said he didn’t know that his speechwriters had slipped “loser” into his remarks until he delivered them, so he wanted to apologize for using that word (but not for calling the president a “liar”). Mr. Bush didn’t take umbrage. I did. The president felt he had better things to do, starting with handling threats foreign and domestic.

    So Mr. Bush pressed forward on issues from reforming entitlements and the tax code, improving education, reining in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before they imploded, fixing immigration, strengthening the role of faith-based institutions, modernizing the military, and overhauling our counterterrorism systems. He sometimes made progress and sometimes was stalled.

    But even where he failed, I am confident that solutions he offered—on matters from reforming immigration to injecting choice and competition into entitlement programs—will eventually be embraced by policy makers because they are so sensible.

    Mr. Bush ran in 2000 promising to restore honor and dignity to the presidency. He took seriously the example of John Adams, whose words to his wife Abigail are etched over the fireplace in the State Dining Room in the White House: “I pray heaven to bestow the best of blessing on this house, and on all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof!”

    In his biography of Harry Truman, David McCullough wrote that CBS newscaster Eric Sevareid “would say nearly forty years later of Truman, ‘I am not sure he was right about the atomic bomb, or even Korea. But remembering him reminds people what a man in that office ought to be like. It’s character, just character. He stands like a rock in memory now.’ ”

    Character is what is being celebrated in Dallas this week.

    • Landsende says:

      Wow, after reading your remarks GWB would qualiify for sainthood. Unfortunately, you’re seeing his presidency through rose colored glasses. You don’t mention his lies about WMD, going after Sadaam instead of Bin Laden, instead of paying for two wars giving tax cuts to the wealthy. his handling of Hurricane Katrina, torture of captives, weakening OSHA, the collapse of the economy causing millions to lose their homes and retirement accounts and last but not least the thousands of service men and women that were killed and injured because of his lies.

      Did he do some good during his presidency? Yes, but the bad far outweighs the good and he will always be remembered as one of the most destructive presidents ever.

      • exdemo55 says:

        You’re the one looking through biased glasses. GWB is a good man.

        • Landsende says:

          He may be a good man but he was also a lousy president as evidenced by the fact that the GOP distanced themselves from GWB and he wasn’t invited to the GOP convention. The candidates knew praising him or seeking his support was the kiss of death for them. No matter how hard you try to change history the facts speak for themselves.

        • pbrower2a says:

          He might have been a good man had he chosen a path fitting his mediocrity. He would have been OK had he sold farm implements, RVs, or boats. Maybe not real estate. He failed as a politician, a diplomat, and as a head of the world’s greatest military power.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          Only problem was, he never wagged his own tail.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Yeah, and so were Stalin and Hitler, just poor, misunderstood slobs trying to do what was right.

        • Michael Kollmorgen says:

          The only good thing about Bush 2 was when he left office.

          • exdemo55 says:

            He is a good husband, a good father, a good son. He loves his country and he worked hard to protect us. You are a hateful biased left wing extremist.

          • You Must Have Missed The News Where They Found The Love Letters Bush Was Writing To Connie Rice, His Sec. Of State Huh?? LOL

          • Michael Kollmorgen says:

            Yes, he probably is a good family man. But, as President, he dam near ruined this country and threw us into wars no body wanted to get involved with.

            He ought to be tried for war crimes. And, get shot in the face if you go hunting with Chaney, should be too.

            Bush’s “smirk” ha ha all the time didn’t help his public image a bit either.

            I’m far from being hateful or biased. I’m certainly far left wing. You’re right about that. But, that don’t mean I don’t hold some conservative views. Not many though.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Not-rose-colored glasses; he’s looking through the lining of his own colon.

      • exdemo55 says:

        Obama is the most destructive president ever. His motto is divide and conquer, take from the producers and buy votes with the money.

        • Bingo That’s Just What Your GOP/Tea Party Of Thugs Has Been Doing In Order To Win Along With Lying , Cheating Gerrymandering, And Stealing!! Taking Orders From Their Handlers The Koch Brothers Two Hitler Supporting Greedy Thugs!!!

    • rustacus21 says:

      … & so it begins… the propaganda that is… “… all the energy of his office…” I hear teams like that & quickly think of the swapping of the white collar crime unit w/the anti-terrorism team, conveniently before 9/11. Obviously U haven’t read Richard Clarke’s ‘Against All Enemies’, or U would have left out 2/3’s of the above. His ‘reform’ of immigration was to do nothing – i.e., not punishing employers who illegally used undocumented aliens for 8 straight years, doing what to the American labor pool? The tax code ‘answer’? Tax breaks only to the top 2%, while the rest of us get… crap! But it’s ezy to have courage w/other folks’ children, sending them into senseless, needless war, where diplomacy was the OBVIOUS best response – knowing they were both based on lies (the Afghans wanted bin Laden sent to a neutral 3rd country for trial; offer flat rejected by the 2001-2009 W.H. ‘guys’; to date, we still looking for WMD’s in Iraq. Those total roughly $5-9 trillion worth of bungling – in his ‘finest moments’… so called. But taking the oversite & regulatory ‘police forces’ off Wall St. allowed the pension, investment, banking & mortgage bubbles to swell to such a level that when they exploded – they took the nation & the world economy down simultaneously! History has been washed clean of the fact that the EU bought up those snake-oil commodities b/c they were sold as ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme… & speaking of, what ‘WAS’ the value of a ‘pet rock’? Now that’s charactor 4 U…

    • Why do you start counting on 9/12/2001. That horrendous event happened during GW Bush’s presidency. I do not know if facts matter to you, but on the assumption that they do check out the following. 8/6/2001 presidential daily briefing and Richard Clark’s warning to GW. Bush has no excuse for not being prepared. In addition he knew that the World Trade Center had been attacked in 1993 and might be attacked again. I knew and I had far, far ,far less info. than the pres.

      Moral clarity my foot.

      • Independent1 says:

        And that’s not even the worst of it Karen – after those 7 warnings in about 3 mos with the last one on 8/6 about al Qaeda planning an imminent attack on the homeland, George sort of thumbed his nose at the CIA by going on the longest vacatlon a sitting president has taken all at once – 30 straight days. (He tied Nixon for that one – longest span a President has been on vacation.) – How could a President who has just been warned 7 times about a terrororist organization planning an imminent attack, not only refuse to let the CIA focus on stopping the attack (which is what he and Cheney did – the CIA just wanted permission to focus on stopping the attack but Bush and Cheney wouldn’t give their approval); But on top of that, after those 7 warnings, Bush actually downgraded briefings from the CIA to “deputies only”; he and Cheney didn’t even sit in on the briefing that took place in early September just a few days before the planes flew into the Twin towers!! To me that is just so brazenly clear that what Bush and Cheney did was Dereliction of Duty, plain and clear and they both should be in jail for that, and for the 3,000 plus lives that were lost on 9/11 because they didn’t fullfill even the basic responbility of President and vice President – protecting the homeland.

        • He may have had clarity but it was of a very limited agenda.

        • My friend, its called long-term planning. Bush was president, but he was a mere side-kick compared to Cheney. Cheney is a war-hawk and war-profiteer. Cheney and Bush was well aware of the red lights flashing and alarms going off warning of am imminent attack on America, and really wanted to take out the batteries to shut them off! They knew of the wealth war would bring them and was chomping at the bits for the attacks to start. That’s why there was no planning for war, no idea for the cost of war, no exit strategies, only on how much they and their friends could profit from the wars off of our backs. America is suffering from their insurmountable greed to this day.

      • pbrower2a says:

        Indeed. I can think of a many alternatives as {resident in 2001 who would have put two and two together and not gotten three as Dubya did. Or was it five?

        The plotters should have been busted earlier and the President should have exposed the seriousness of the plot. After all, one would not want jetliners flying into St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow or some tall building in Shanghai — would we?

    • dtgraham says:

      Former U.S. diplomat and acknowledged Iraq expert, Peter Galbraith, revealed the details of Bush inviting 3 members of what was described as ‘Iraq’s opposition’, to a Super Bowl gathering in January 2003. During the course of the afternoon and evening the 3 were astonished to come to the realization that not only did Bush not know there was a difference between Sunni and Shiite, he was barely cognizant of the words at all, and couldn’t seem to even relate them in any meaningful way to Islam. This was later relayed to Galbraith, by them, with a sense of alarm as they had an inkling of what was to come.

      Are you sure of this description of Bush as “an insatiable information collector” who “did his homework.” Are you sure of that?

    • I think you have drunk the cool aide and are under the table now.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Yeah, just that one little slip-up, where more people were killed than all of the other attacks put together managed, that little thing where he had warnings that he and his cronies chose to ignore.
      You’re a moron. Why don’t you go down to Texas and kiss his ass personally; that is, after you get your head out of your own.

  14. ObozoMustGo says:

    Bush TRYING to be Truman??? hahahahahahahah…. another joke by the useful idiot, Jonathan Alter. They’re both big government progressives and they both suck!!! They are already alike.

    Now for some real news on corruption in government. It seems the favority gun grabbing piece of garbage of the leftist freaks in America is quietly going about enriching herself even more. Read it ans weep, leftist freaks.

    It has recently been disclosed that the United States has entered into a contract with one firm to sell 56 buildings that currently house US Post Offices. The government has decided that it no longer needs these buildings (many of which are located on prime land in towns and cities across the country). The sale of these properties will bring in billions of dollars and, with that, millions of dollars in commissions for the one company that is in charge of handling the sale and negotiation of the new leases.

    What makes this such a matter of concern is that the company that the Government has contracted with to conduct the sales (and the corresponding leases for the new locations of the displaced post offices) is owned by Richard Blum .

    What? Didn’t that name mean anything to you? Maybe I should re-phrase and say that the person that owns the company that is solely in charge of this multi-million- dollar transaction is Richard Blum, the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein .

    Diane is too busy with her stupid feel-good gun control laws to be concerned with a conflict of interest and don’t look for Wolf Blitzer or his liberal ilk to rat her out.

    Amazing!!! Even Berkeley CA is outraged.

    Daily Kos: Selling off the Post Office: Berkeley calls out Richard Blum

    Have a nice day!

    Corruption is alive and well in the United States.

    “It is not the young people that degenerate; they are not spoiled till those of mature age are already sunk into corruption.” – Charles
    de Montesquieu

  15. George W Bush has been a jackass all of his life and he will die a jackass!!!!

  16. elw says:

    Bush and the rest of the GOP can lie all they want, the lies they are trying to push are coming to ears of too many people who personally watch what happen during the man’s Presidency. We heard and saw him after 911. We watch video of him sitting in front of a class of small children reading them a story while the towers were falling; we know he hid in Air Force One until the danger was over. We saw hundreds of hours of video of the responses of his government to Katrina and the suffering of the people there. He is a self-serving man with little compassion, which is shown by how little he has contributed to the Country and the world since his retirement. Just compare him and his father to the two other past Presidents who attended his libraries opening. President Carter, who has worked tirelessly and use his time and wealth to contribute to those in the world who are less fortunate and President Clinton, who has use his time since out of office for the greater good. Both are loved and admired Internationally and by us here at home. Bush did little to improve American lives while in office and is doing little now but painting pictures of people in toilets. Barbra was right when she said “we have had enough Bushes in office.

  17. Michael Kollmorgen says:

    If it wasn’t for his father Bush 1, Bush 2 probably would not been able to run for a position even in Janitorial Services.

    In plain simple terms, the man is a No Body. Unfortunately, he was born with a Silver Spoon stuck up his ass.

    But, try telling this to a large portion of the American Public. They deserve what they got. After all, the American Public elected the jackass. Goes to show what the typical american’s intelligence amounts to.

    • charleo1 says:

      You’re exactly right, of course. This, dull witted, man child, that is
      G.W. Bush. Without his wealthy connected family, would most likely
      have passed his time on Earth as a quite ordinary person, of little
      consequence, outside a small sphere of family, and a few friends.
      Which is a perfectly honorable way for any one of us, to be, and live,
      and then to go. But there is, in his Presidency, a cautionary lesson
      for future Presidents, and the American Public at large. If we dare
      to learn it. It seems, at least to me, that most Presidents upon finding
      themselves at the pinnacle of power, of the most powerful Country
      in the world, seem a bit taken aback, surprised even. And as many
      have admitted, usually upon leaving, being terrified, by the awesome,
      responsibility. Not so with George. I remember just a few weeks before
      the event that would shape the remainder of his Presidency. He
      was saying to newsman, Brian Williams, how much fun he was having
      being “The President.” Everywhere he went, people stood when he came into the room. (His words.) Living in the White House, he said, was
      wonderful. Air Force One, was unbelievable. And the job, he said,
      suited him. Jay Leno said if he were President, he wanted to watch the movie, “Air Force One,” while flying on Air Force One! Very funny stuff.
      But for me, it described perfectly the way George W. seen being President,
      before 9/11/01. He was not being President of the United States. He was being George W. Bush, playing the President of the United States.
      The terrorist attacks called for a President. Something he realized in
      those first harrowing hours, he had never prepared for. Something Dick
      Cheney had been thinking about, and dreaming about for years.

    • pbrower2a says:

      George W. Bush was completely unfit to be President. He was a mediocrity who overestimated his own virtues and failed to recognize his vices. He is the Buzz Windrip of American politics with Karl Rove as the Lee Sarason. (The book in question is Sinclair Lewis’ It Can’t Happen Here).

    • idamag says:

      People do get the government they deserve. However, we who have a triple-digit IQ have to experience the fallout from he who did not have a triple-digit IQ.

    • kanawah says:

      You wrote, “the American Public elected the jackass”.
      No, the Supreme court appointed him.

    • plc97477 says:

      They didn’t really. When the count was finally finished in florida, Gore won. The American people didn’t elect him the supreme court appointed him.

      • Michael Kollmorgen says:

        You are both right, of course. Gore would have won, if it wasn’t for the supreme court.

        Maybe its time to abolish the Electoral College, even though it got Obama elected.

        Ultimately however, the responsibility still falls on the public for these people getting into office. It’s not saying very much for the public mindset when we almost got a Mormon Bishop elected to the Presidency. WE got really really lucky this time around. Next election, our luck might not hold up.

        And, the way, the political winds keep shifting directions, anything is possible.

  18. Lovefacts says:

    The Bush administration never considered prior to invading Iraq or ignored the CIA information concerning the following:

    1. That all Muslims aren’t the same. That the Sunnis–who were in control–were the minority. The Shi’a are the majority, hate the Sunnis because of their oppression, and believe the Sunnis are heretics. Therefore, you could reasonably expect a civil war and an Islamic Republic to form after the all of the secular Saddam Hussein.
    2. Due to Saddam Hussein’s 10 year war with Iran–which we helped finance–he was a balance re Iran in the region. Once he fell, there would be a vacuum which Iran would fill.
    3. Conservatives, until Bush and the neocons, didn’t go to war unless the US was attacked.
    4. Saddam Hussein didn’t support Bin Laden, in fact, the terrorist had put a price on Hussein’s head and considered him a heretic.

    Iraq was a disaster for our treasury and our military’s young soldiers. We went into Iraq for one reason only, because the oil companies thought they’d be able to get their hands on Iraq’s natural resources. Surprise! They didn’t.

    • pbrower2a says:

      Indeed — and contrast Barack Obama, whom I would have never expected to cultivate cordial relations with the CIA, has been able to get more out of the CIA than any harm that it could do him.

    • kanawah says:

      What you speak of is so far over the Shrub’s administration’s head, they do not have any idea of what you speak, even today.

  19. rustacus21 says:

    Truman? Really? Or is it b/c there’s so little historical descriptions out there that it’s simply convenient to just pull someone out of a hat & say, ‘…yeah, he’s kinda like that guy…’ Well, no, fraid not! Truman cared about people. Had virtues. Morals. Revered his nation & was a staunch believer in the Constitution. While there’s not alot of Truman history out here, we needn’t tarnish it w/such way ‘OFF-BASE’ accusations that junior had any of the above qualities in common w/such a great & ‘actually’ elected President…

    • CrankyToo says:

      Sounds like you got a wild hair, rustacus21. The history of the United States will be written by serious scholars, and I don’t think they’re going to be kind to Dubya. My guess is that twenty years from now he’ll be regarded as the worst President since Warren Harding, which will be about 110 years backward from then. And the story’ll be in all the history textbooks of the day (except those in Texas, of course).

      • rustacus21 says:

        AGREED!!! Xcept we need to SERIOUSLY rescue Public Education so we have serious scholarship to base ours & world history, as well as science, math, economics & sociology – all of which are being sacrificed at the alter of the ‘money changers’ pimping ‘privatization’ of schools. & their focus? Business. My question is how does that work – all our children going into business when no one has skills for any other profession, equating to no jobs & thus, no one to sell products/services to. A well rounded, comprehensive education is NOT what charter schools & voucher-ized private school funding are all about & we’d better get hold of this crisis B4 it turns into another conservative-era catastrophe…

  20. jtxl says:

    sadly people will forget, just like they forgot Reagan’s subverted support to the ayatollah khomeni to overthrow a free living vacation destination that was Iran with drug money, weapons,explosives etc. Everybody forgets the Iran contra scandal where he bankrolled the invention of crack & targeted the poor blacks of LA and paid the ayatollah to keep the hostages to make it look like he was their savior. everybody forgets bush1 savings & loan scandal which emptied the savings of hard working americans.bush1 was at the top and somehow was insulated from prosecution. They forget the proven stolen elections of bush2-ie: senate hearings which proved election fraud in ohio where when the missing ballots were finally found, showed bush losing by a landslide. It was sickening to see the panel (hearings shown live on c-span) say why not just drop this since just changing the results of ohio would not have changed the election, and when the state of ohio replied that they wanted it on record because if it was so easy in ohio, how many other states did the same? the panel rolled their eyes. – yes people want to pretend things didn’t happen and we are in serious trouble if we keep letting republicans have their way with truth.

  21. Jim Myers says:

    There is one good and powerful thing that George the Second managed to do, albeit not intentionally.

    He paved the way for what followed.

    Without him, Obama would NOT be the President of the United States today.

  22. pbrower2a says:

    Harry Truman had problems of style. Dubya had problems of substance.

    The Korean War turned into a sort of victory – at the least there still is a South Korea that is a democracy and an economic powerhouse. In contrast, North Korea is a tyranny and an economic basket-case. Iraq is a huge mess nearly ten years after “Mission Accomplished”.

  23. InsideEye says:

    Clinton library: Monica’s blue almost blue dress, no cigar. Only Harry Truman is Harry Truman.

    • At Least He Left Office With A Surplus And Then Along Came A GOP Fuck Up And Fucked It All Up!!! And We Are Still Paying For It!!!

    • idamag says:

      When Clinton lied, no one died. Every time someone criticizes a Republican President, some dip starts with yahbut looka whut Clinton did. If I chastised my children for something they did wrong and they said, “Yahbut looka whut Johnny did.” woe unto them.

      • InsideEye says:

        Clinton was the dipper, and he established re-set the bar to the low standards that we see today amongst some. At least some resign in disgrace….then become talk show hosts or ministers, or journalist if all goes down to the bottom.

        • Nobody Set The Standard High Like The War Mongering GOP Presidents They Never Turn Down NO WARS!!! They Never Seen A WAR They Didn’t Want To Drag This Country In!!! 🙁

  24. Nucular. Lie-berry. True-man. Afriker. Readin’, writin’, n’ arit-matics. Inner-net. Just to name a few.

  25. I will be there when they dedicate the Bush memorial courthouse in The Hague and the Bush memrial cell in the maximum security prisons in Spandau where other notorious war criminals ended their lives. I will be there when Karl Rove is arrested for complicity in acts of terror against the American people and when Cheney is waterboarded. I really want to be there.

    • jarheadgene says:

      Unfortunately you may have to wait for THE DAY….The day of THE LORD. All those like Cheney will bow on their knees crying….but it will be TOO LATE !!!!

  26. Is there a spitoon at the Bush mausoleum, apart from the guest book I really would need a place to express what I truly feel for that rat bustard!

  27. bpai99 says:

    “Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

  28. bg1435 says:

    I think the event really made Americans stroll down memory lane and it wasn’t a pleasant walk. When you consider how low the GOP went last year. Forcing Americans,senior citizens to wither in triple digit temperatures, in order to vote, they didn’t care whether these people keeled over and died. In Texas the GOP, has passed a bill making it even harder for senior citizens to vote by gerry mandering legislation for mail in ballots. Anything to make it harder for those disabled and senior citizens to vote.They have no shame.They have the Bush Legacy to continue to promote. How low will they go ?

  29. From the moment I saw the press release confirming Bush was considering a run for the presidency – my blood ran cold. My advanced research told me he was bad news but, I couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of how horrible it was to become. He’s a Godless, reckless, evil parasite. At least now he isn’t lying about spending time in a “library”, even though the place is more a tribute to how he ran the Whitehouse as a ‘den of iniquity’.

  30. John says:

    You folks have said it all and more. History IS history, regardless of how much some
    want to whitewash it. The stains are REALLY hard to remove.

  31. The next time I see a sign with this assholes smug a– picture on it with the comment ‘Do you miss me yet ?’ I will drive my vehicle straight through it or absence my ability to do it will purchase red paint and splatter it all over the m—–f—— picture even if I have to climb a tower to do it, and I am 70 years old ! This SOB along with Cheney and Rumsfeld are out-n-out war criminals for starting a war based on lies perpetuated by that m—–f—-Cheney and his lapdogs. I am a peaceful man but give me a gun and an opportunity and I would blow his f—– head off as payment for the thousands of unnecessary deaths and maiming’s of our troops in Iraq.

  32. idamag says:

    Let us take another look and Harry S. Truman. During WWII President Roosevelt declared war profiteering would be treated as treason. VP Harry S. climbed in his 9 year old Plymouth and visited all the war plants and audited their books.

    During the lied into war, Dick Cheney’s old firm, Halliburton had a subsidiary that got a no-bid contract. Black water was found cheating the government. A billion dollars sent to Iraq disappeared.
    Because President Harry Truman de-segregated the armed forces, the KKK put out a contract on him. He crashed a meeting and told them, “I am not afraid of you cowards in white sheets.” Of course they weren’t going to assassinate the president in front of the press.
    When 9-11 hit, we didn’t see hide nor hair of either the Pres or the VP.

  33. kanawah says:

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. The same for George W.

  34. Louisa says:

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    reading this web site’s post to be updated on a regular
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