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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Again the Republicans debated, this time in Las Vegas, and again the dynamic of their presidential race remained static — a disappointing outcome for all of the candidates except Mitt Romney, who once more dominated his would-be competitors. Blitzed repeatedly on issues from health care to immigration, the former Massachusetts governor not only held his own but asserted his domination, pushing back only as hard as he heeded to, and leaving the rest of the field to bicker, snicker, and posture impotently.

Continuing his stiff march toward the nomination, Romney demonstrated why he is the most formidable figure amid a decidedly unimpressive group, a candidate with confidence and intellect that complement his personal wealth, fundraising prowess, and organizational skill. He is a supple debater.

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  • Dennis Binder

    Which person would you choose to become “Commander in Chief” of our military?
    What happened in this country to start the great Depression? Can we avoid those conditions”.with the candidates I’m not sure if we “Have a chicken in every pot” or a pizza for dinner. Please consider who was President at that time”.

  • Iris

    I thought he was horrible last night..No self control..playing to the audience not to AMERICANS,,a phony.his plastic looking face and body language says it all..

  • jarhead gene

    Who wrote this article…Romney’s campaign manager? I watched the debates…not a Presidential candidate amongst them….except maybe Ron Paul, but they never give him much time. Who was pushing Cooper’s buttons to keep things focused on Romney and Perry. O.K. so Romney is smarter than Perry, that’s not hard to figure out. Maybe Perry should take a hunting trip with Dick Cheney, down in lower Texas.

  • dbeccat

    I am a retired, married, 66 yr old, female citizen of the U.S.; the current President, O’Bama is not the best of the best past presidents, but he is much better then the candidates running in the Republican Primary. Everyone has the answers to all the issues, but once they are in the office of the President, things sure do change, don’t they. It is all rhetoric just so they can win the election. So, bottom line is keep O’Bama in office, give him and his fellow politicans who are on the same page as he is, the opportunity to accomplish what they started back in 2008. It is not the President who got us into the mess we are in, it is the Reprentatives, Senators and all of those who we voted in office that has run this country down to the level we are at. My opinion, get rid of them all and start with officals who really care and are concerned with the “health” of our country and not for their individual gain. We are all tired of this, and we want change. And you know what, us “senior Citizens” as we have been labled, are going to be around for a long time, and there are a great number of us who can control the outcome of the polictical lives of many of the people in office.

  • jarhead gene

    HEAR HEAR Run most of them out of office….get some HONEST people in there, FIRE all lobbyist, make it illegal.

  • peteserb

    The only reason the national memo goes so easy on Romney. Is because he’s more like Obama than a conservative.

  • Dave DiDo

    I am 59yrs. old, self-employed, no health insurance, independent voter. I think that the only Republican candidate who has been unwaivering in his beliefs, and the only candidate I would vote for, is Ron Paul.Naturally, the military-industrial establishment doesn’t like him because he wants to bring our troops home; and Wall Street doesn’t like him because he wants to reform our economic system so that it can’t be manipulated by the Yale- Harvard-Goldman Sachs Boys to their advantage.When I check his poll numbers online he does very well, often winning some polls, but the media treat him like a non-candidate.

  • Glorious Pocahontas

    When the founding fathers of this nation devised the Constitution it did not include anything about an Electoral College. I trust the will of the people, and think an issue of this election is the disestablishment of the Electoral College. I too prefer Ron Paul to all running for President. The function of a President is to LEAD and Mr. Paul is the only leader in the bunch and he’ll take us back to the Constitution.

  • maslar01

    So sayeth the wonderful Mohammed Ali. What can we say about the Above?

    They’ve gone from civil to biffle
    They’ve gone from some sense to nonsense

    Please! fill in your own.

  • Jon K

    The debate over the Republican Candidates are superfical to say the least. Neither the Republican or the Democrats are effective. Cains 9.9.9 plan doesn’t go far enough to disolve the debt that has been building from Regan’s time to today. The fact is that taxes going up and requiring spending to be cut, (except for Social Security & Medicare etc) is the only logical way to get out of this mess. People don’t realize that taxation is unfair but necessary. If one needs to tax then make it the same for every person, corporation and bank. We need to firmly regulate our spending. Firing all of Congress in general might put the fear of God into those who would take their place, especially if We the People are involved. Make “Lobbying” illegal and cut off the backdoor funding we all know is taking place in D.C.. Greenspan and Bernake need to stand trial for treason, plain and simple. We need to stamp out those greedy and crafty men and women who would keep us within the status as slaves we are currently in. Slavery didn’t go away people, it transformed itself into employeeism. Those same styled business people are still around but making them responsible to us directly for their actions is also a key to our survival. A lot more is at stake here than electing a representative. The truth is that we don’t have a future without we the people becoming more involved than going to work each day. Everyone knew we needed to keep an eye on Washington but we failed that responsibility miserably. What we have today is the result of our failure.

  • ayayaboy

    Where does this Mormon presidential candidate, God forbids, stand for or against polygamism. Romney congregates with the commander-inchief of Polygamism – Warren Geff’s mormonism. Romney thinks he can crookishly crook his way to presidency. God forbids, if it happens, will be first time to have a president without clear christian faith, who could allow us to marry as many under-age girls and women as we want. Isn’t this mormonism cool? America must be careful of this holy-danger.

  • acapoz

    How can Romney inspire a nation when he can’t get one of his 5 kids to mow the lawn?
    Also he wants to send 100,000 troops overseas, for the last 10 years he couldn’t get one of his kids to join the military and fight for these “noble wars”

  • carolyn foreman

    romney is one candidate who remains and maintains the persona of a gentleman … he compares favorably with obama .. if he would stick with his progressive ideas he would be even more likeable .. i’m still more impressed with our president .. he is definately a winner on today’s stage ..