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Monday, October 24, 2016
  • Tony Torres

    I wouldn’t doubt it. War is what Netanyahu wishes (dreams) and it is too bad some in the GOP are willing to agree with this war monger, just to spite our President. The GOP hates Mr Obama so much they are willing to commit sedition and treason to insult our leader. I learned in the Army that you salute the insignia not the man, this is something our GOP brethren forget by insulting our Commander-in-Chief but they are so insulted that a black man was elected POTUS that they are willing to take this country into the abyss in order to make Obama fail. Yet the little I know about Obama, I would venture to say that in the long run, he has crushed them and will in the future.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    As I have commented before Jeff Danziger is an entrenched and convinced enemy of Israel AND of Jews. He has never-not once-drawn any cartoon critical of the Arabs with respect to Israel…not even when they have committed any of their horrendous acts of murderous terrorism. When over years a cartoonist acts this way it is fair and accurate to describe him as an anti-semite…and like many anti-semites tries to disguise it with his manifest “anti-Zionism.” He sees nothing to draw about the Iranians’ constant and very plain declaration that Israel and all of its people must be “annihilated”; the same word used in Jan. 1939 by Adolf Hitler in addressing his Reichstag.