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Thursday, October 27, 2016
  • FireBaron

    And as I have said in post-after-post, this pipeline was not going to help the US oil needs in any way whatsoever. The pipeline was to bring Canadian Shale Oil to the Gulf Coast so it could be sold overseas in Europe, Asia and Africa.
    All we would get out of it was the environmental cleanup on the largest aquifer in the Plains States.

    • highpckts

      Amen! This pipeline is an ecological disaster waiting to happen! The mid west and the west can ill afford all the water it takes to get to this shale and even some of Canada’s providences refuse the pipeline!

  • ralphkr

    I noticed in the original prospectus by the XL people that among the plus results of their pipeline would be that the price of crude would go UP $10 bbl and that there would be ELEVEN permanent jobs in the US. They now claim FIFTY permanent US jobs without specifying what those additional 39 jobs entailed but I strongly suspect that the additional positions would be to organize spill cleanups.

  • Buford2k11

    It seems to be more than “it’s just a pipeline”…It is a power play by Multi-nationals…Foreign Corporations seem to be getting what they want…Look at what the corporate purchased republicans propose to do in Arizona and the Native American Tribal Lands…The Nebraskan Republican Governor gave away Eminant Domain of farmers’ lands…and they are pissed…and there are Native American lands involved there as well…The Canadians don’t want this pipeline either, so, the Koch brothers have been buying up gop governors and state houses along the intended pipeline route…oh well…