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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Interior Secretary Zinke Waging War On Animals

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Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has taken aim at iconic animals like the bald eagle and the elephant with his policies andpressured subordinates at Glacier National Park in Montana to reopen the park’s lakes to motorized boats after invasive zebra mussels were found in the state.

Zinke, who grew up in Whitefish, Mont., likes to talk about how hunters and people who fish help conservation. As Montana’s representative in the U.S. House, he received $79,068 from gun rights groups like the National Rifle Associationduring the 2016 election cycle, second only in the House to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.)

On Zinke’s first day in office, he signed an order overturning a ban on using lead ammunition and fishing sinkers on federal wildlife refuges that was meant to help prevent animals from being poisoned by lead left on the ground or in the water.…

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#EndorseThis: Bee’s PSA Offers Second Amendment Crazies A Better Cult To Join

That neighbor you’ve got, who keeps incendiary pro-gun bumper stickers on his car and waves his NRA membership (and a bizarre, brutish interpretation of the Second Amendment) in the face of anyone with a different point-of-view?

Maybe he had a tough upbringing. But Samantha Bee knows that isn’t why people join cults. Cults grow because cult members are allowed to think they’ve got life all figured out. And for decades, no two cults have had it all figured out like Scientology…and the National Rifle Association.

The NRA’s most hardcore devotees have been waiting for an answer, and here it is! Gun-control advocates aren’t just wrong, their bodies are infected by aliens, killed by Lord Xenu millions of years ago!…

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From Harvey Weinstein To ‘Black Panther,’ Some Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Best Zingers From His Oscars’ Monologue

From Harvey Weinstein to ‘Black Panther,’ some of Jimmy Kimmel’s best zingers from his Oscars’ monologue

Jimmy Kimmel returned for his second stint hosting the Oscars, hopefully this time without the wrong film being named best picture at the end. Here are some of the best bits from his opening monologue: After thanking the academy for having him back a second time: “Some of you will be going home with an Academy…

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