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Monday, June 18, 2018

Trump Probe Began With Russian Messages Intercepted By NSA

As Trump and his minions poured out mesmerizing disinformation last weekend about the origins of the Russia probe, a bracing slap of reality was delivered by, a news website owned by the Kushner family (and once known as the New York Observer, a weekly newspaper where I formerly worked.)

Observer columnist John Schindler, a former National Security Agency analyst and professor at the Naval War College, is a  controversial figure who worked for years in U.S. counterintelligence. He is a #NeverTrump conservative with deep ties in the intelligence community, whose devotion to official secrecy he shares.

In his latest column, Schindler not only debunks Trump’s “Spygate” charges against the FBI, but reminds us of a crucial clue about how the Russia probe began.…

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Trump’s North Korea Failure Was Predictable — And It Won’t Be The Last

So inevitable was the implosion of Trump’s North Korea initiative that many observers — notably in these pages — predicted it with utter certainty. Their negative expectations were not based on ideology, since experts from across the political spectrum and across partisan differences reached exactly the same conclusion. This outcome was ordained by the incompetence of the president, the officials he has gathered around him, and their shared dismissal of diplomatic procedure and advice.

Many of the same experts who warned Trump that nuclear negotiations are inherently complicated, especially with a rogue regime, had likewise feared that John Bolton would wreck whatever progress might be possible.…

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Trump’s Big Lies About The FBI Collide With The Real World

Article originally appeared on Creators.


Arguing with Donald Trump and the president’s most fervent supporters is usually a wasted effort. If they truly believe his paranoid whining about “the deep state conspiracy” to oust him, they’re not much interested in facts or logic.

Trump’s increasing efforts to promote confusion over the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation nevertheless deserve to be refuted. So do his repeated complaints that he is the victim of a political scandal even worse than Watergate.

He can continuously bamboozle his Fox-befuddled followers because the Russia saga is complex and convoluted — and because they all live in his world of “alternative truths.” It is not the real world that the rest of us inhabit.…

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