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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hearing so much chatter about “change” in the Republican Party, the innocent voter might believe that the Republicans had learned important lessons from their stinging electoral defeat. On closer examination, however, the likelihood of real change appears nil, because the party’s leaders and thinkers can cite so many excuses to remain utterly the same.

At the Republican Governors Association conference last week, for instance, the favored explanation for the voting public’s emphatic rejection of Mitt Romney had nothing to do with issues or ideology, but only with more effective Democratic Party organizing and communicating. According to Wade Goodwyn, the National Public Radio reporter who covered the GOP governors’ meeting, their post-election mood was not one of shock, but complacency.

“It was widely agreed that nothing needed to be changed except perhaps the tone,” he found. “For example, the idea that more than 70 percent of Hispanics voted for the president because of Republican positions on illegal immigration was rejected by the Republican governors.”

That would be hard to believe if Goodwyn were not such an excellent and experienced journalist, because it is so stupid, so insulting, and makes so little sense. Could it really be true that the nation’s Republican governors — one of whom is quite likely to be the party’s next presidential nominee —  are so obtuse and so obstinate that they would reject change even on immigration?

Republican leaders also seem inclined to ignore voter sentiment on the issue of taxes, despite majorities of 70 percent or better that agree the rich should pay more (including many voters who identify with the GOP). Rep. Mike Pence, who will become the governor of Indiana next January, told the Republican governors that he remains firmly opposed any tax increase, especially on “those in the best position to put hurting Americans back to work,” which is GOP code for mega-millionaires and above.

Clearly the Republicans in Congress too feel free to ignore public opinion on this question, since Speaker John Boehner and his caucus have offered a “compromise” on fiscal policy that represents no change whatsoever from their earlier positions and the Romney platform. Government can accrue fresh revenues from growth, they say; nothing new or even meaningful there. And government can close unspecified loopholes and deductions to increase revenues, too. Where have we heard that before?

Meanwhile, the consulting geniuses who predicted a Romney victory — a landslide, even! —  are peddling alibis about why their party lost despite billions spent. Fox News expert Dick Morris says it is because their voter machinery failed, the Romney campaign didn’t fight back, and Hurricane Sandy persuaded all of the undecided voters to back Barack Obama.

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  • The inability to face reality is a very dark business. Is must be easier for those afflicted to just keep on keeping on in their delusion rather than to return to reason. If not to reason they should be willing to try and understand the reality of todays America. This would be a good time for some self-reflection and soul-searching and the putting aside of so much fear, distrust and hate. Unfortunately the Rove’s of this country are so trapped by ideology and short-sided beliefs that they can’t move beyond their despair. Instead they cling to their world view no matter the evidence to the contrary.

    • I think that it is nearly impossible for the Republicans (defined by the likes of Rove, Romney and Ryan) to do any soul-searching as long as they are have no soul….and from the things I heard spewing from their respective mouths like so much molten lava during the election, I doubt that they will ever stop erupting.

    • Lisztman

      Besides putting aside “fear, distrust, and hate” they also need to learn to actually tell the truth and present genuine factual material. And actually answer a question (positive advertising).

      Beyond creating fear (in this case, of Obama) by so much negative advertising — and failing to call the Trumps into line — GOP candidates (NO, not ALL of them) typically dodge the simple question by changing the subject. “Gov. Romney — which programs would you trim?” “[choose your favorite GOP candidate] — can you please present me with the arithmetic that shows that further tax cuts will balance the budget? How will decreasing revenue make up a shortfall? WHICH loopholes are you going to close?

      These questions were never answered. Yes. They’re tough questions. But the GOP doesn’t understand that Americans are, in many cases, tired of the old “Trust me” line. We’ve been bitten too many times. The GOP needs to present a genuine plan, with all the nitty-gritty details, and the budgetary arithmetic, that demonstrates that their perspective on American society is not only good for us, but will actually “work”.

      If they can’t show these details, the message we will continue to receive is that they are only interested in the interests of their deep-pocket business friends and not the citizenry.

    • Sand_Cat

      I loved the panic and desperation in Rove’s voice on election night. Almost all of the Faux News liars sounded as if they would burst into tears any second.

  • What I’m hearing from Republicans, such as Jindal and Rubio, is that they need to communicate their message better, not that they need to change their message. In short no changes to their overall platform–they’ll just put more lipstick on their pig hoping people will not see it as a pig. A complete defeat of the Republican Party is what is required, and we did not achieve that in this election.

    • Even Gingrich distanced himself from Romney’s remarks concerning the outcome of the election. I wonder how they feel when they consider who voted for them. I watched a program yesterday, on CNN, that included interviews with people in the Texas county that gave Obama the smallest number of votes in the nation. I believe it is called Kings county, and Obama only got five (5) votes there. The reasons given for not voting for Obama said it all. One said she does not support him because he is not an American. Another whispered that she did not vote for him because he is a Muslim. I have no idea how people like Jindal, Rubio, Gingrich and others feel about things like this, but if I were them I would focus on the need to open the doors of the GOP tent to allow people able of rational thinking to step in. The GOP problems are not limited to their political platform and policy proposals, but the constituencies they rely on to be elected.

      • supremebuddy

        Number one—-He is not Muslim…and who are you to judge? The GOP is dying due to their own nature and lack of progressive ideas. Quit being SO ignorant…you really know nothing about how this Country was formed or what it stand for apparently.

        • mjw1952

          Dominick is one of the most informed poster on this site. You did not understand the post of you are calling him ignorant. Or you are ignorant.

        • Supreme, I am well aware of the fact that President Obama is not a Muslim, an Arab or a foreigner. I apologize for not making my opinion clear enough.

          • idamag

            Dominick, I understood what you said. it was pretty clear.

        • idamag

          Why are you attacking Dominick? Maybe you should reread what he said. I think you missed something.

        • oldtack

          I read that same post -twice. Where do you get your convoluted interpretation of it’s intent and content.

          As for King County, Texas. This County has one town, Guthrie, HQ of the 6666 Ranch dynasty. Total population of the entire County is about 900 people and that includes the aged, infirm and children.

          The majority are Small time ranchers or employees of the 6666 Ranch. In King County one votes the way the power brokers wish or one may find themselves unemployed.

          King County is much akin to the neighboring Counties of Knox and Foard. One thing about these three Counties is – you wont find any Blacks or Latinos here. Now if you listen at Gentrys Grocery or the General store in Guthrie you will find that these counties do have a plethora of Niggers and Meskins but no blacks or Chicanos (latinos). No Mexicans either – just Meskins.

          Frequent visitors to the 6666 are George and Laura Bush. This is 100% GOP Country. I am surprised the writer found even 5 Democrats. For their sake I hope he held their names confidential.

          • barbarahugh

            WOW !! Do they still have towns like that here in the USA?? Of course there are many of these towns around .In Lexington North Carolina in 1997 there was a sign that read DAYCARE WHITES ONLY ,and in Fayetteville Georgia another one WHITES LIVE HERE ONLY..

          • FredAppell

            I know this comment may not win me many friends but yours and oldtack’s comments are yet another reason why we need to re-examine the constitutionality of states rights.

          • I’m not quite sure what you mean. Are you stating that States should have the right to be openly Racist?

          • FredAppell

            No Charlie, I mean the exact opposite of that. If you look at the two comments directly above mine you’ll see that they are describing extremely disgusting situations right here in the U.s. and as long as states have too much sovereignty from the federal government than we are going to see more of this. Look at what is going on right now with all this talk of secession. Entire counties and states are fomenting revolution with their lies and it needs to stop immediately. Thank you for calling me out though and giving me a chance to explain myself.

          • idamag

            Fred, I understand what you are saying. Some states did have laws that violated the Constitution. Murder was legal in Mississippi and the law was for the terrorists. That is why I believe in a strong central government.

          • FredAppell

            You sure are busy tonight. Thank you for your reply and I am glad that you understand where i’m coming from. I have said similar statements on here time after time but I don’t seem to get very many likes for my remarks. Most people on this site probably disagree with me about the power of the central government over states rights or they don’t want to admit publicly that they agree. There is way too much abuse to ignore as you’ve listed in your reply to me. American history has proven that every meaningful legislation passed in the last 200 years has come from the federal government. If not, than none of us would have been able to vote.

        • tobyspeeks

          They’ve caught the greed. It’s a seriously debilitating mental illness. It has the same symptoms as lead poisoning except unfortunately the patients can linger on for years.

      • adler56

        Those were just the people too dumb to even know how dumb they are.
        They really believe they’re fooling people when they deny they didn’t vote for obama because he’s black .

        • Mike Tierney

          Certainly some were not going to vote for him because he is black. But others still believe that he is muslim, was born in Kenya, that Saddam was behind 9/11, etc. And it is the Jindals who want them to keep believing this stuff. Ignorance is their friend. They believe they can have their own opinion and their own facts. As I have been told by right wingers I know, all the fact check web sites are owned by George Soros. With thinking like that why would anyone expect changes?

          • idamag

            Mike, since racism became unpopular, they don’t want to admit they hate him because he is Black, so they make up something else to hate him for. Their hate and hateful rhetoric gives them away.

          • I think it is as much fear as hate. Fear of the “other” generates hate.

          • idamag

            Sgt. Yes fear can generate hate. I am also a retired state worker.

          • geoelb

            And it is still going on via the intgernet

          • kdisg

            Idamag: I agree with you 100% my friend. They acted like children and never once thought instead of blocking everything they would do the job we pay themj for and try to create jobs, Obama tried creating jobs only to get every single republican vote NO to jobs over and over, then vote no on the debt celing and lose our AAA rating after they voted yes for BUSH for the very same thing. like I said they are children who should NEVER have political power so I will always vote no for any repubican from now on. They lost any chance of me voting for them.

          • BDC_57

            They were hoping of making Obama one term president.

          • dham69

            Just another way of saying bullshit, he is not liked because of his politics moron, he is a socialist and the democrat party is destroying this country. It is happening right before your eyes.

          • Socialist? Are you kidding me or are you believing your own hype? As far as destroying this country, how about the Republicans who took us into a two-front war and paid for it by lowering taxes.

          • adler56

            sorry righty- you’re the one with the BS.

          • STORMENHARD

            Hey dham69 you wouldn’t know a sosialist if he bit you on the butt, ‘cuse Obama ain’t even close…So I guess that makes you the moron and a loser too!!!

          • Thank you for your reply. The term Socialist or Socialism is thrown around so much on this website and others by the right wingers, I’m guessing many of them getting some assistance from the Gov’t. At least at this webiste they are the more saner of the right wing crazies. Check out some of the replies on Huffington Post and you will wonder what reality these crazies live in.

          • idamag

            Bill, they don’t realize that anything they get from the government is a social program, including infrastructure, police, fire depts, regulating agencies, etc.

          • idamag

            They just can’t accept Obama so they use name calling and words they don’t really know the meaning of.

          • northroader1775

            I bet you don’t even know what socialism is. And BTW Obama is a slightly right of center pragmatist…not a socialist…In the 80s he would have been a republican…but now according to what passes for a republican these days he’s a wild ass leftist facist whatever the hell that is…leftist facist??? is that like jumbo shrimp???

            Just go sit and think of how you can actually get in office and make a difference…hint…it’s gonna take a real change…not a new tone…a new message and it better be inclusive or you are out the door completely 2014.

          • idamag

            The left extreme is Communism. The right extreme is fascism.

          • Sand_Cat

            When you’re out in Mussolini-Franco-Hitlerland, everybody else looks like the “far left.” And of course, all the “patriotic” right – especially the secessionists – hate elections, hate people’s freedom to choose in almost all areas of life, but they’re the “real” Americans.

          • idamag

            The far right is trying to take away our right to vote. They will use impeachment, lies, secession, etc. I have never seen so many whackos. And, now, intead of being just the whacko down the street, they have been organized.

          • No way can he destroy the country, Bush took care of that. Ignorance gets you nowhere!

          • J

            Are you for real dham69.?
            You can’t be serious about what you wrote!

          • ryueire

            You are the perfect example of the current republican, too stubborn, ignorant and enthralled with your own “facts” to see why your party failed.

            Republicans seem to be the whipping dogs of wealthy xenophobes. Their constituency are primarily wealthy whites/poor under-educated whites, or extremists of literal religious preconceptions that self-disable logical analysis, or dogmatists thinking themselves as well-informed (albeit from a narrow-minded selfish viewpoint), or racists who resent a person of color has ascended the nation’s highest office.

            Sorry to say you are unable to see whats happening in front of your eyes as you’re wearing blinders you voluntarily refuse to take off.

          • Please read the instructions on how to extract your head from your arse!

          • adler56

            Be a man- admit you’re racist and a little dumber than average.

          • dham69

            The only racist here is all you libs pulling out the race card just because someone disagrees with the socialist in office. The only racist around is the socialist/democrat party. The democrat party is the only party lumping people into catagories by race sex and sexual orientation. ‘The democrat party is the one who started the KKK. the democrat/socialist party is the only one who segaragated in the name of race. Sorry to burst your bubble but the facts are the facts and you can deny all you want, but it is true. Hell Robert Bird was a grand wizard of the KKK.

          • idamag

            We have had Republican Presidents. We have had Democratic Presidents. We have had Whigs. Up until this Adminstration, they were white and male. What gives your racism away is the utter hatred and disrespect you have for this President.

          • truthhunter13

            Oh yeah, the aliens are also invading planet earth as we speak, right Mr. Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh fan?. Sorry I don’t live in your universe. Mine is called REALITY!!

          • Did you not hear Romney said if he is voted to power he will work with the good Democrats to pass the budget, so the only question is who is the bad Democrat? Is this not racism or close to that?

          • I think to him, Good Dems are really people who think the same way he does, which is a non sequitor!

          • Yes, and they think the rest of us don’t know it!

          • dham69

            Since when has racism has ever been popular, ooo thats right with the KKK created by the democrat party. Robert Bird was the grand wizard you mean silly facts like that.

          • idamag

            I cannot say whether or not the KKK was created by the Democratic Party. I haven’t researched that one so if I haven’t, I can’t make that kind of statement. However, for your edification, I am not a Democrat. I do know the Deep South was Democratic until Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Bill.
            The KKK are a bunch of cowards. Another tidbit you might now know, they put a contract on Harry Truman’s head for allowing Blacks to serve with Whites in the army. Harry Truman went to a KKK meeting and told them, “I am not afraid of cowards in sheets.”

          • tobyspeeks

            I work for a university with four others in our department. Four of us are liberals, the fifth is from Mississippi. She openly advocates Saddam’s direct involvement and masterminding of 9/11. When asked about BinLaden, she has two answers. 1) BiLaden and Saddam are the same person… and 2) “If you’re so smart, then why did Bush go after Saddam and declare ‘mission accomplished?'”

          • latebloomingrandma

            Where did she get this stuff?

          • STORMENHARD

            Faux News of course!

          • Faux News – Passionate Purveyors of Post Intellectual, Plumb Dumb Positions and Passionate about it.”

          • Fox news or rush lipschits

          • northroader1775

            I know I get that same level of no thought answer when I ask my conservative friends….”i’m tired of sending all my money to california and new york..blah blah blah” But when you show them the numbers don’t support that at all and infact it is the red states that are gobbling up tax dollars at the rate of $7 in for every $1 out. they pretty much just say “So what?”

          • idamag

            Toby, did you see, on the news, the riots and the ugly anti-Obama signs on the campus of Ole Miss, the day after the President’s election. They can scream race card and deny their racism all they want, but it is there. I have a friend in Tennessee and she said that her co-workers said they did not want to vote for cult president, but they had to, because they couldn’t vote for a Black man. The racism is out there.

          • Sand_Cat

            It isn’t just “out there,” it’s the heart and soul of the current Republican cult.

          • july860

            I agree with you. I genuinely believe that there is still a sizeable amount of people that believe Obama is a Muslim, and/or African. They would probably believe he is a black nazi if someone from Faux news told them this….

        • barbarahugh

          That is the honest true , they can not imagine themselves being bossed by a Mulatto even if he has the best solutions .

        • Mulligatonney

          Exactly, Adler56 –

          Many statists don’t even realize they are just like the conservatives they accuse of being so intolerant. I certainly hear more name-calling from their camp than I do from the conservative camp.

          Basically, the message I get from them is “if you don’t think like us, you are stupid…”

          There is more than enough stupid to go around on both sides, but it is a bit laughable that liberals think themselves so “open-minded and accommodating” while they persecute others for their beliefs and opinions….

          …”professing to be wise, they became fools…” Holy Bible.

          • It’s not so much “if you don’t think like us, you are stupid”. It’s more, “if you don’t believe science and empirical data, you are stupid.” But I suppose I can only truly speak for myself.

          • Mulligatonney

            I see scientists misinterpreting data all the time.

            Perfect example: Global Cooling in the 70″s – Global Warming in 20012… Same data. Some of the same scientists and laboratories.

            Which is it? And who are the stupid ones, then?

            I am reminded of a certain childhood story named, “Chicken Little”…where something fell on a chicken’s head and he concluded that the sky was falling. He told others about it and soon there was a crowd of frightened creatures following Chicken Little about waving their arms and shouting for the authorities to do something about it.
            People jump to conclusions all the time about every subject under the sun.

            Doesn’t necessarily make them stupid. Just makes them people.

            If a scientist, or an MIT graduate believes in God, are they stupid? How can that be? Their education lad proving ground would indicate that they are not. Both might agree on the God issue, but disagree on global warming. Which one is stupid? Both for believing in God? Or just the one who disagrees with the popular global warming theory?

            Now – someone who witnesses a president promise a 3trillion dollar spending cut during his campaign, also witnesses that same president preside over an increase in debt of 6 – 7 trillion dollars, then allows the president to call that “progress” incredulously swallows the entire bottle of snake oil and re-elects him…THAT’S Stupid…

            There’s some empirical evidence for you.

            So – by all means, speak for yourself – stupid.

          • Sand_Cat

            Go ahead and show your ignorance while you try to project your intolerance and bigotry on us. Who was it that passed laws in 10-12 states and proposed them in lots more to prevent people from voting?

            You see scientists misinterpreting data all the time? Well, why didn’t you say so? That obviously means you must be much too smart for us, being able to judge whether scientists are interpreting data correctly or not with your [apparent] third-grade education.

            Try looking at it this way:a number of years ago scientists thought the world was cooling, but after examining better data, they realized they were wrong.

            Likewise, a number of years ago, a bunch of racists thought they were Democrats, but have since realized they were wrong. They’re still racists, but they now know they’re actually Republicans.

          • Mulligatonney

            Let’s see if I get your sophisticated, tolerant and open-minded response correctly:

            Republicans are ignorant
            Republicans are intolerant
            Republicans are bigots
            Republicans try to prevent American citizens from voting
            Republicans are not able to judge correctly interpreted scientific data like liberals can
            Republicans are uneducated
            Republicans are racists

            Quite an indictment on the dreaded Republicans. If I was a Republican such as you just described, I would immediately join your group. You are much more what I would be looking for than the normal bigoted, unthinking, racists in the Republican Party. I would be seeking out a group that is MUCH more intolerant and judgmental than the one I am in at present in order to fulfill my destiny of ignorance and racism.

            I think I just found such a group.

            As a member of the scientific community for over three decades, I have formulated a theory about liberals (or progressives, or socialists – whatever your “nom du jour” is) and the tolerant, open-minded creatures you make yourselves out to be. The only thing you absolutely will not tolerate is – anyone who disagrees with you. Here’s an idea – find someone who disagrees with you, tie them up and hold them underwater for 15 minutes. If they drown, they are a victim – if somehow they manage to escape through sheer Republican evil witchcraft, they must be a Republican and must be killed immediately before their evil spreads. Perhaps you can completely purge society from those bastards… Who will be next on the checklist of intolerance? Maybe you…

            But what about the victims? What about the people that killed them? Oh, well – collateral damage…

            You have become a religion unto yourselves. You should be able to see that, but apparently – cannot. Does that make you as bad as those you disparage? Or worse, for being so knowledgeable and educated, but allowing yourselves to become caught up in the same snare of “contempt prior to investigation” that you so venomously accuse the hated Republicans of…

            Thank you for supplying me with some more good data to interpret in the proving of my theory…

            …we humans are an interesting lot, yes?

          • That Bible sword cuts both ways. It’s hard for Republicans to sell “we care about real people while acting like 18th century aristocrats with a penchant for plutocracy. Their hard line stance on everything is hurting them and America and for them to pretend that “It’s the Democrats” that wont compromise is beyond tranparent and false. My way or else is not compromise and stops the conversation in its’ tracks. The preception that they would rather see America suffer than to help a Black President succeed is what did them in. And it is demonstrably true. The truth is not what you say, the truth is what you do. That is their Achilles’ Heel. They got what they deserved.

          • Mulligatonney

            Actually, I’m pleasantly surprised. Much of what you say is actually true. I think you lose credibility when you throw the word “black” in there…unless you are also willing to concede that “black” and “government money” were what got him elected. I’m sure there are those who oppose him because he’s black, but equally certain there are more that voted for him and support him because he’s black and they think it’s high time a black man should be president, not matter what his qualifications are or what kind of a job he did in his first four years.

            Clearly then, according your own criteria, the President does not meet muster for Truth, since the truth, as you correctly stated, is “not what you say, the truth is what you do”. Then this man, being untruthful and therefore a liar, was re-elected. Who re-elected him? Those voters who either knew he was lying and voted for him anyway, or those who didn’t know, and were therefore too ignorant to cast a meaningful vote.

            Or because he was black. Does any of this really make any difference? We act as though we are surprised when humans act like humans… Have you ever tried to take a walk through Watts at dusk?

            Exactly why our founding principles are so solid – and should be thought of as neither Republican or Democrat, neither liberal or conservative.

            This is what they thought:
            Our rights come from God, not government. Limited Government in power and scope. Individual Liberty. All political power emanates from the people, not government. A limited representative republic. Private Property Rights. Strong National Defense.

            Democrats don’t care about people any more than Republicans do. Politicians for the most part, care about getting themselves re-elected.

            When you use the words “transparent” and “false” in describing Republicans, do you not lose credibility by not including Democrats? Are you not describing humans in general, or do you actually think Democrats to be better people – more informed, more open-minded, more loving, etc.

            …and now do you not run the risk of being the very thing you condemn in the hated Republicans?

            Because they think the same about you.

        • dsand1445

          Code Break ….Obama he’s not an American= He’s black
          Obama he’s a Muslin= He’s black

        • You adler, are am ignorant biased boob to state that people didn’t vote for BO because he is Black. (Actually, he is a mulatto). If a White person or ANY other race had the same failed policies as Obama, I would not vote for him.By the same token, I would vote for a person of ANY race had they the correct policies of balancing the budget, cutting spending & thus our tremendous debt, and getting unemployment way down, which this President failed to do. Many of you so-called Progressives are so full of hate and uninformed biases that you continue to vote for him “anyway”. Maybe in a few years more time you will clearly see the wrong direction Obama is taking ALL of us.

        • dham69

          Obama is not even close to center he is far left and you know it. Spreading the wealth is not even close to what this country is, the obama care is a socialist idea. all that he has done is made the economy even worse. fact

          • Sand_Cat

            As I said before, when you’re sitting in Hitler’s lap, everybody else looks “far left” to you.

          • idamag

            dham, when the tea party wants to succeed in destroying our democracy, you will be the perfect dupid for them to lead.

        • jetfuel4

          I could have swore I saw a women on TV shouting up and down about her “Obama phone”. Dumb is not exclusive.

      • Hard to believe there would be a whole county of such unread people, I often wondered how Hitler gain such support, and then I watch the GOP through this election and heard the propaganda spread by the Republicans, and still being spread by the Republicans. I now understand how easy it is to convince people who don’t want to think out side the box, they are not smart enough to be leaders so they become followers and these are the same people who have benefited greatly from Obama and will continue to benefit from Obama.

        • BJ

          It is so said, that these unread people (as you put it) will not get off their lazy behinds and research this propaganda that is still being spreading by the GOP, and I guess they figure (GOP) if they keep telling the voters that what they need to do is reach out to Women, Hispanic and Middle Class they could win in the next election. I hope no one is buying this crap. Let their record prove me wrong – I’m not going to hold my breath.

        • idamag

          Liz, like you, I wondered and so I have read everything about nazi Germany and Hitler I could get my hands on. One good read is “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Hitler used fear and hate. He played the people very well. Then he formed a third party within a party. He also used voter supression.

          So, as I have said many times before, on these boards, It is scary when a party tries to destroy one party and take over the other one.

      • Governor Perry has them conditioned to like a “Texas Lotto Ticket.”


        Nice way of saying you are a “LOSER”

        It is not the people-it is the Governor–GOP!

      • idamag

        Dominick, if they were more in tune to people, they would know that this whackjob rhetoric demeans their party.

      • Jindal certainly doesn’t look like an American to me. Both of his parents were, I believe, from India. That makes it so surprising that he’s as right-wing as he is.

    • Yes, sounds like to me they are saying, The population of the country is wrong they just don’t understand its really us that they want.

    • That is right because Pence the Gov from Indiana came back and said he will not support Obama care for the state of Indiana, this is very upsetting to me and most of the state, once again they want to spread the propaganda that Obama care is costly to the state and to the small business owner, this leaving our state without affordable health care. Being a senior with children and grand children in this state it leaves us no choice if this is what he is going to do except leave the state.

      • mugwort2

        Feeling sorry for you and your family and everyone in IN effected by Gov. Pence not supporting Obama Care. Personally I like most the fact preexisting conditions are covered.

      • Alx1973

        It’s my understanding that the Feds will step in if a state does not want to set up its own insurance exchange. Texas has also refused to set-up its own exchange, and for me, that is good news. I would not want some official who is opposed to the new health care laws running programs under it.

      • barbarahugh

        No ! Do not leave the state next time you and others just like you should rally and when voting time comes back around you know who NOT to vote for Pence the Gov of Indiana ..VOTE DEMOCRATIC all the way and fight let your Voice and
        actions be heard .

    • aiglon

      What is the difference between Jindal and Obama…as far I am concerned I see two black persons with Obama being the smarter looking one

      • barbarahugh

        Jindal is NOT black he is from India and people from India are Asians not of the black race niether is President OBAMA black he is Mulatto .He is from a white mother and a black father that makes him Mutlatto not black .

        • He is black in color he’s not African. I’am African American he is darker then I’am. I’am from LA we stop using the term Mulatto a long time ago, and Obama called himself black. None of this genetically or scientifically absolute, however the U.S. and 4 or 5 other countries classify their citizens by race, so the long journey has taken us black folks from African to (Negro and Collard at the same time) to black and Afro-American to Black and African America. In LA where I grew up the terms for mix race folks were Mulatto or Creole. Mulatto was always some one that was very close to being white, Holly Berry or Alicia Keys not Obama or Lenny Kravitz. Obama might have been called creole, but not Mulatto.

          • barbarahugh

            Creole which is criollo and it is mainly with french mix w / black as for obama can say black but he is mulatto because he does
            not come from both black parents who ever likes it or not his mother is white so he can consider himself as black that is his choosing but he is mulatto
            and you do not have to be lighter in skin color it what parents race you come from that makes you mulatto or not no matter how long that Mulatto word has been used or not . Creole is mixed with French and there are a lot of Creoles in the Islands such as Jamaica , Dominican Rep . Spanish Islands , etc.
            Louisiana and such . I majored anthropology .

          • The thing is that all of these categories are social constructions. Genetically we are all basically the same and the differences between the so-called races are actually less than the differences among people within these groups. Someday perhaps we will get to a point of understanding that we are all members of the human race and that these manufactured differences only serve to create meaningless hostility that can be exploited by those who seek power at any cost.

          • karinursula

            I personally don’t care what your skin color is, or if you gay or straight. I voted for the President in 2008 and this year because I think he is the best man.

          • idamag

            Bart, actually we are all the same color with variations in shades. The shade of your skin depends on how much melanin is in it.

          • The Portuguese speakers in Brazil use the term Creole, some Indian and white mixture in So. America are also referred to as Creole. The same apply in this country some black and Indian were called mulatto its in my family. Bart Grossman is correct these are all social construct. The same way that no one call us collard and negro I’am saying the term mulatto is never us in Louisiana where most of it came from in this country anyway. When my little girl was in grade school she referred to mix kids as blended. Oid is simply as or alike, at some point someone called us negroid, as or alike negro land I guess. Obama social construct for himself is black.

          • Sand_Cat

            In this country, if you have any ancestor within memory who was black, you’re black unless you can “pass” otherwise. And the British and other racists referred to Indians (from India) as “black” as well. Splitting hairs about who’s creole and who’s mulatto may be an interesting passtime for anthropologists studying social customs, but for most of this nation’s history – and in many parts of it still – if you weren’t pure “white,” you might as well have been blacker than midnight.

          • barbarahugh

            If that is the way they think , it is so sad . The beauty of it all is the races that comes from within the races = “Beautiful people!!”

          • idamag

            The nazi party said anyone with one drop of Jewish blood was a Juden.

        • “The one-drop rule is a historical colloquial term in the United States for the social classification as Negro of individuals with any African ancestry; meaning any person with “one drop of Negro blood” was considered black.”
          According to this Obama is Black, I’m surprised you didn’t know this.

          • idamag

            One drop of Hebrew blood in nazi Germany sent a person to the ovens.

          • Sand_Cat

            Exactly my point, stated more clearly. Thank you.

          • barbarahugh

            Do not be surprise because I know this but just because the USA said this that does not make it correct.Or should be accepted as such
            So that means if I have one drop of Chinese and the rest white I’m Chinese ? Because my father is from the northern Spain white d my mother is
            Chinese , then what ?

    • barbarahugh

      Due to in part the Tea Party”s Fanatics , Congress should have a four year term just like the President .Maybe just maybe there will be some Republicans that are some what different and change the way of thinking and doing in Congress .

    • The so-called Tea Party was born as a result of Obama’s election – because he’s of mixed parentage and considered Afro-American. It didn’t matter that they all know he’s not a Muslim (which shouldn’t matter anyway) or even an American. Where was the Tea Party when Bush exploded the deficit and waged two un-budgeted wars plus a drug plan. So, these morons have talked themselves into these beliefs to mask their true feelings – racism pure and simple. The problem for the GOP is that they have always relied on morons, hate-mongering and racism to win elections BUT their constituency is shrinking in proportion to the rest of the nation. It will take a generation to change their archaic ideology or they will become irrelevant except for local elections.

    • These Two Nuts Are Talking The Same Crap Only Softer!!! I Say Get Rid Of As Many As Possible Every Election!!!

    • rustacus21

      … and that’s all well & good, but there’s no 1 to communicate that message to!!! The context hasn’t changed & the policies ALL remain the same. In other words, it “STILL” the mindless, unintelligable skreetchings of a primitive, savage species, that have only ‘learned’ how to dress the part as humans, but nothing more. Their behavior is “STILL” primitive, savage…

    • Sand_Cat

      How dare you talk about Sarah that way!

    • jetfuel4

      “A complete defeat of the Republican Party is what is required, and we did not achieve that in this election.”
      Thank you, the difference was only 3%, Senate moved 2 seats and Congress 7 seats to the left. The Republican platform has much needed repair, but you’ll never convince the 47% no matter what they do.

  • The GOP took a beating on 11/6, but I would not count them out yet. I expect House Republicans to agree to a 3% tax rate increase for our highest earners, but that compromise is bound to come with a price tag in the form of significant spending reductions in entitlements. If this scenario becomes reality it will test the determination of both sides of our political and ideological spectrum like nothing else would. Reductions that may affect MEDICARE and MEDICAID benefits are as offensive and unacceptable to Democrats as tax increases, no matter how benign they may be, are to Republicans.
    Unfortunately, if we are truly committed to balance the Federal government budget and reduce the debt, major concessions and sacrifices will have to be made by all segments of our society. There is no easy way out to the fiscal and economic mess we are in. The damage done by the Bush tax cuts, two unfunded wars, without corresponding reductions in spending to offset the losses in revenue is not easy to describe. When receipts are substantially lower than outlays the only options are (1) defaulting on the debt, (2) out of control borrowing to fund what we refuse to pay for, and (3) out of control accumulation of debt. All should be unacceptable to any person with an ability to think logically.
    Similarly, if we are truly interested in strengthening our economy and creating jobs, three things must happen to encourage private sector investment and restore consumer confidence: (1) increase government revenues to help balance the budget and reduce the national debt. (2) reduce government spending to help balance the budget and reduce the national debt. (3) Fund capital investment. The economy needs public sector stimuli, such as investment in infrastructure, R&D and modernization to get things rolling. The key to sustainable growth and economic stability is a robust and profitable private sector, but when the private sector is reluctant to invest, the only recourse left is investment by the public sector until market forces take over.

    • truther4u

      It’s more that just a, “reluctance,” to invest. In too many instances over the past 30 years; it’s been the, “evil hand of Capitalism,” which has brought the Nation to where it is, today. We have not had any real growth during the past 12 years; even after Bush gave the Rich, the largest Tax Cut in History. An average growth of 1.5%, a year – – does not an Economy – – Sustain! Especially, when a Wall Street Bandit sells you a fraudulent investment that later Crashes and Burns; yet, at the Closing of the Sales Transaction; their Commissions are counted as part of Growth in GDP. Can you Imagine! The Rich are bracing for another Collapse. The World is in – – or near – – Recession everywhere. Layoffs abound, both here and Abroad. The Rich are not going to risk their precious Capital on follies; just to help Joe the Plumber, get a Job! Consumer Demand for anything but the necessities of life, is drying up!

      And, why not! Middle America has not had a wage increase for over 30 years; when, wages are adjusted for Inflation. Instead, the Selfish, and Manipulating Capitalists, sent us several Credit Cards to, “cover,” for their greed; and to further enslave us – – knowing, we just couldn’t resist all that, “STUFF.” And, again, the beauty of all of these, ” Siren Cards,” from the perspective of the, “Greeds;” they got to make the Usury Interest Rates charged to us poor and stupid, Slugs. Is this a Great Country or What?! OR NOT! We are a Nation now where everyone is in Control; and No One, is responsible for their Actions. Will the near Future bring Anarchy – – or a Police State?

      • Yes, the greed that passes for investment in Wall Street , our financial institutions, and some sectors of our economy, such as real estate and construction, are among the most important contributors for the economic malaise we are finally overcoming. Investments in derivatives, speculation, and the greed of developers who thought the real estate boom was going to last forever, coupled with ineffective regulation and controls, brought our economy to its knees. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t seem to understand the difference between investing in stocks and purchases of troubled businesses to realize a quick profit, and investing in new industries, new technologies and product lines, that contribute to the creation of jobs instead of accumulation of wealth by the privileged few. We dismissed the contributions of people like Bill Gates, in favor of those of people like Bernie Maddoff, and we are still paying a heavy price for our folly.
        I don’t believe our society will have to choose between extremes such as anarchy and living in a totalitarian state, but it is evident, at least to me, that we must make an effort to form conclusions based on careful analysis of facts and face responsibility for our decisions. Pretending the Bush tax cuts had no effect in the resumption of deficit spending is absurd. Similarly, suggesting that the only way to balance the budget is through the implementation of an austerity plan, while insisting on the retention of ridiculously low tax rates for our highest earners, defies logic. The latter becomes hypocrisy when the same people who advocate spending reductions promise to restore the reductions that have been achieved thus far to get a few votes by scaring segments of our population during presidential campaigns. When receipts are not enough to cover outlays, the choice is clear. We either pay for what we benefit from, or do without. Borrowing to compensate for our largesse and irresponsibility, and blaming the boogeyman for our failures, is not an option.

      • idamag

        truth, I wonder if it is capitalism that is our enemy. The truth is, we don’t have real capitalism anymore. We have an oligarchy. The man who gets a good idea and starts a business is in danger from big multi-national corporations running him out of business. It is not by his hand his business fails. An example: Wal-Mart moved into many communities and moved in where there were thriving businesses. They undersold the small business by selling for less than it cost them to buy the goods. This used to be against the law, but deregulators hammered it down. K-Mart and Ernst stores were going under where there were Wal-Mart stores. Our family farms are being surplanted by big corporate farms.

        If you have any home-grown businesses and restaurants, in your community, support them. I judge a business by the way it treats its employees.

    • Lisztman

      Well articulated, sir. I”m going to beat my drum here.

      I liked the 2000 budget. But I have an in-law who told me he voted for Bush in 2004 because he got extra thousands in tax cuts for his four children. He’s solidly upper-middle class; two professional incomes.

      The nation probably could have survived the tax cuts alone. But in the aggregate with slower growth and unfunded wars, we now have not only a deficit, but a rapidly increasing share of “new spending” goes to paying the interest on the existing deficit. And this “spending” is exponential and unavoidable. The 2008 crash took a nasty problem and made it horrendous.

      I believe all, and I mean ALL, the 2001 tax cuts should expire. No, you can’t just drop them all at once on most (yes, the 0.1% can afford them now). But you could phase them out over 3 years (33% per year). My in-law’s household will not appreciably notice a return to the original rate at the tune of a $1300 per year increase. (Plus whatever else was in that package… I don’t remember exactly.)

      What I find unacceptable is proposed cuts to SS and Medicare (and, no, I’m not on SS but I AM getting close). These programs are funded in large part as a separate contract with the government. The fact that Congress decided back in the 70’s or thereabouts to stick its hand in that great big cookie jar and move SS into the General Ledger does not permit it to now change the rules. We contributed, we collect. These are our insurance policies and our group retirement plans.

      The House of Representatives doesn’t notice, or care about, its (SS) basis in law, nor does it particularly care about that segment of our society which it serves. It sees this GIANT budget item — and that, in and of itself, makes it a target. I’d much rather drop a few hundred, or a thousand, of those Joint Strike Fighters at hundreds of millions, each, from that giant DoD budget. And some of the development stuff that the Pentagon has actually said it neither wants nor needs. And my message to the “right”? Sorry. Won’t drop our military capability to third-world levels. But I’d rather keep Granny on the plug and give little kids kindergarten than develop new ways of killing millions….

      • I could not agree with you more on the issue of “defense” spending. The Soviet threat is long gone, and both Russia and China, the only military superpowers that could give us a run for our money, are more interested in improving their standard of living and achieving economic and industrial supremacy than belicose approaches. The only threat to our national security at the moment involves terrorism, and trying to fight small numbers of fanatics and religious zealots that hide in caves and fire weapons from the beds of pickup truck does not require naval, aerial or ground expansion of what is already the most powerful military force in the world. Why do we need 13 carrier groups to defend ourselves when the rest of the world combined, including our allies, only have 13 carrier groups with less capabilities than ours? Why do we need F22s to fight a couple of thousand medieval morons?
        The best approach to fight terrorism is with deeds, but since that would take time, we should use our intelligence agencies to identify our potential enemies, their location and preempt their plans. A well placed drone can do more for our security than 100,000 ground troops in Afghanistan. No need to put our soldiers in harm’s way in countries where we are not welcomed and where our contributions and sacrifices are not appreciated.

      • SibyllasStuff

        I agree with your point about “military” spending. As I sat and watched the day-long assault by high flying jets on our skies recently, I could not help but wonder who was paying for the fuel to propel these high flying jets spewing out stuff that eventually blanketed the whole sky. Are we not also paying for this?

    • You are correct D and must be over 60!! The University of Chicago and Milton Friedman have demonizes KIeynesian economics in the public’s mind.Therefore the recently educated ar entralled with “supply side economics, laffer Curve and other silly notions.They have been convinced that economi theory with the assistance of computers ,economic modeling, can make economics a science and a predictable one at that.
      Earlier economic thought kept economics in the “social science” grouping and therefore useless to use for predicting future outcomes.(the reason being to many uncontrollable variables, i.e. human behavior)Therefore the only true value to economics is to explain what happened,past tense.

  • What a fitting picture along side this article, the gasbag Rove.

    • Karl is desperately trying to remain relevant, at a time when he is perceived as the laughing stock of the nation.

  • nobsartist

    How are they going to change? They have no other skills than chumping stupid people with too much money out of their money. republiCONs rely on scare tactics, that is all they have.

    I think America turned on the light and exposed the boogie man and determined that he just isnt that scary.

  • Jim Lou

    The message sent by the GOP is the problem as far as the voters are concerned, not the way that it was said.

  • Recoloniser

    Those gazillionaires who back the GOP with funds must expect some return on their investment, otherwise they wouldn’t fork out so much cash. There can be only one source of that return and that is the American middle class, both as tax-payers and as employees.

    So there it is, members of the American middle class, you are the geese and the rich are sharpening their knives!

  • Lisztman

    “Morris now predicts that the economy will suffer a ruinous decline over the coming year or two…” Well, of course. The House will see to it that nothing of moment is accomplished, and 18 months from now will disparage the leadership and the Senate.
    Sorry, GOP. We’ve tried the “sit back and wait for the economy to grow.” Didn’t work last time. Or the time before that. And it won’t work now.
    The GOP is busy changing the cover on their book. They haven’t figured out that the story inside doesn’t appeal to America.

  • The. Better. Man.Won.

  • i have heard the republicans talk about reaching hispanics and younger voters ,but the one tone i have’nt heard is them trying to reach black voters . i guess we don’t exist , seems to me a political party would seek to reach all peoples . or have they forgot blacks vote too . to not mention this is to say black votes don’t matter . ( just saying )

    • zeldaq

      romney and ryan both live in a world where they look at themselves as plantation owners.
      they don’t think that the ”slaves” votes count, or that is beneath them to ask a black person for a vote. i hear the dog whistle, loud and clear, every time they speak. please know anthony, that not all white people are like them. the election results show that.
      they are so pissed off that a black man is is the white house, that they can’t see straight.
      mr. obama to me, is a very inteligent man. on one could have done what he did to save america from certain ruin. he saved the economy from the doom that BUSH created while fending off all the BUSH racist followers. most of the GOP agree with romney and ryan.
      they are either racists or real stupid people.

  • Robert There is no money in solution only money in problems.The thought that Democrats and there minnions are not focusing in on solutions to the national debt,unemployment ,higher gas prices,higher food prices,higher health care insurance preminium,a tax hike,a War that’s costing us billions of dollar per day,andmen providing special waivers of tax increases for special groups.
    The celebrities,BET,Sport Professionals,and the Lawyers Lobbyists are makeing a killing. The way to finnancial accountability is to cut spending,less government interference,increase private capital investment,cut the house and senate to a six month paid session,cut the EPA Dept .
    Approve 50 permits for drilling oil,cut the billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries.Build a manfacturing base with private capital that included,Textiles,Shoes,Furniture,Tires,Toys,Clothes,Sneakers,and Plastics.

    • zeldaq

      to who ever posted this to robert,you forgot that tax breaks for the 2% must be included in your theory. otherwise, that is the same horse shit that romney and ryan were trying to sell. you do know how that ended up don’t you? 334 to 203. you say there is no money in solution. then why does it sound like every dime you are talking about goes to the wealthy, and it all comes from the poor and middle class? typical GOP crap that the country is NOT BUYING. america doesn’t care how many different ways you try to say the same thing. we a AIN”T STUPID.
      WE AIN”T BUYING IT!!!!!!!!!! nothing the GOP has tried, worked. get the hell out of the way, and let mr. obama do his job. trickle down= trickle down to off shore tax havens.

    • Sand_Cat

      Yeah, more of all the things that cause the economic crash in the first place. The reason the banks sold fraudulent packages of mortgages is that those job-killing regulations forced them to.

      You show your ignorance in the “foreign aid” thing. The US gives less in foreign aid than any other industrialized country, and virtually all of it goes to American companies to supposedly aid the “recipients.”

      Sorry, but you haven’t got a clue.

  • adler56

    Roly poly rove and most other republicans remain un-american. Dick Morris is still being quoted?
    That whore toe sucker needs to be removed from America.

  • zeldaq

    the GOP is really slow in accepting defeat. i think that by the end of the year, the DEMS. need to really hand them what’s left of their asses. i am like most americans, i can’t understand who the GOP is politicing to. their defeat was massive, 334 to 203. that should tell them where the country is on the issues. paul ryan said in a tv interview last week on fox news, ”it was a very close race”. the majority of the country is behind mr. obama, and i think mr. obama should use everything he has to put the GOP completely out of the picture. i’m no expert on presidential powers, but, it does seem to me that with the kind of majority behind mr. obama, he should be able to squash the trouble makers for good. the GOP has demonstrated many times that they don’t care about the state of the country. mr. obama should show no mercy to them. if he does, they will take it as a weakness. time is very valueable. the sooner he puts these trouble makers out of the picture, the sooner he can start fixing the problems. the speaker is dictating what THE GOP will allow in negotiations. in what world does the loser make the rules? this is SO ASS BACKWARDS. it is up to mr. obama to take their scalps, and it’s up to us to support him. we should end this bullshit now, and get america moving again.

  • truther4u

    Cults do not listen to either the People or, REASON! They only Double-Down! These Far Right Tyrants must be stopped at any cost. They, clearly, are the greatest threat to Democracy and Free Market Capitalism the Nation has ever faced.

    In the beginning there was the Word! And, the Word was LAW – – God’s Law! Even now, some of the Evangelical Christians have sold out, to the Power of Money and Deceit. Keep a watchful, EYE, and reject the Right Wing’s support of the Anti-Christ! For, the Evil One Lurks among them!

  • taedium_vitae

    I don’t have a problem with any of this – I gleefully look forward to the 2016 GOP shellacking!

    • If only that could come true but I fear our “fearless leader”,aka “the Great Concilliator”,will give the RECONS enough so that they will claim Victory and remember they did receive 48% of the vote only small shifts in independents bring victory.

  • Mimi2kool

    It is amazing that what they took away from their resounding defeat on Nov. 6 is not that they need to change their message but that they need to learn to state it better. The problem is that many Americans do not agree with their message nor how they deliver it.

  • de61mon

    I keep wondering why the job market ever dropped or continues to change slowly. Haven’t the individuals earning more than $250, 000 annually been receiving all the tax benefits for almost 10 years? (When the “Bush” tax cut went into effect) If so, why haven’t all the jobs supposed to be created by extending the tax breaks for the wealthiest people already in existence?

    • idamag

      de6, I have been asking this for a long time. The Bush tax cuts were supposted to jump start the economy and create jobs. They are still in place. If something doesn’t work aren’t you supposed to try something else?

    • barbarahugh

      It must take time ..Time that many do not have ..

      • johninPCFL

        Apparently, over a decade…

  • the best and only change should be for the ppl. of this country to see the GOP ding dongs dont care about them only the greeedy bastards 2% and the best change will be for the ppl. to see that the GOP are idiots and change by voteing them out of office . give it time vote them out and if things dont go well then after vote them back in . if the ppl. look at it this way , if the vote the GOP out for 8 years and things dont go right thy can reat asure those 8 years will never be worse then the 8years the DIRTY BUSH WAS IN THE HOUSE . SO THINGS COULD ONLY GET BETTER get rid of the one that fight for only 2% of the country and help the 98 % of the country

  • The ‘publican d’heads just don’t get it: We the People are not buying the shit you’re selling!

  • Meanwhile, the consulting geniuses who predicted a Romney victory — a landslide, even! — are peddling alibis about why their party lost despite billions spent. Fox News expert Dick Morris says it is because their voter machinery failed, the Romney campaign didn’t fight back, and Hurricane Sandy persuaded all of the undecided voters to back Barack Obama.//// BLA BLAAAAAA BLAAAAAAAAAAAAA THE REASON IS BECAUSE THE ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY DIDNT FOOL THE PPL. AND THE ONLY FOOLS ARE THE GOP DING DONGS

  • ID like to know just much money the superpac untrain dog rover made off the work of blowing their money . thy should be sueing Rove eather that or for the money thy lost with him . just put a hit out on him

  • I dont believe in compromise too. Tell congress no new spending. No more give a way money the US has to borrow. If you do not know how you are spending tax payer money and or why we have a problem. Look at the twinky Management they said take a pay cut if not we will go out of bussiness. You should listen to them. The US spend more than a Trillion Dollars evr year more than they receive in taxes. To the point you can cut taxes, raise taxes, cut spending. Mid term is 2 years away. Congress has been talking for over 40 years. Stop talking and do your job are resign and get someone that will do your job. i do not care if they are Republicians or Democrats just do your job. Either that are go out of bussiness.

    • johninPCFL

      For decades Congress has used SS and Medicare trust funds for general revenue. Thus when the baby boom generation began to retire, the projections of SS being underfunded came to pass. Unfortunately, instead of simply drawing on the funds that had been contributed over the decades (i.e. cash in the bonds that were issued) or using excess general revenue funds for the requireents, we have to borrow the money now to meet our requirements (i.e. sell the bonds or borrow directly against them.)

      If, instead of today’s $650B per year spending on the military, it was the $200B we had during the beginning of the Reagan years, the real deficits would be smaller than Reagan’s (Reagan added $4T to the national debt over his terms.)

      Today if you close up all the fedgov (no FBI, no border patrol, no courts, no Congress, no president, no NOAA, no weather service, no FAA, no coast guard, etc.) we would still be spending $600B more than revenues (assuming a $1.1T deficit this year.)

      • idamag

        Actually, Social Security has 2.5 trillion dollars in trust. Well, that is 2.5 trillion dollars receivable. Some of it was borrowed to finance a war. Without doing anything, the money will last until 2040. Instead of letting it fail in 2040, we should be taking measures to fix it. One thing that can be done is to raise the cap so that a person who makes $120,000 no longer has to pay in. That person who making a six figure income gets more out of Social Security as it pays on the highest earning quarter.

        Another thing is tightening the rules on who can draw SSI.

        • johninPCFL

          The problem is that it is a receivables account, payable by fedgov. With the reduced tax revenues available, fedgov issues more debt to finance parts of its operations.

          Money is fungible. We can either pay for SS and Medicare from tax revenues, or pay for the Pentagon, but not all three. The Pentagon is arguably a Constitutional requirement, though some of the programs are questionable (Guantanamo for instance.) In any case, whatever can’t be funded through tax revenues is funded through borrowing.

          Some of the debt is sold to foreigners, but most is still owned by American citizens. Of the $16.1T owed by fedgov on 10/1, $4.85T was “intragovernmental” and includes the money committed for projects but unspent (i.e. submarines, aircraft carriers, etc. that have contracts issued for delivery that are incomplete.) Of the remaining $11.31T that was sold off as debt, $0.4T is held by Taiwan and Brazil, 0.25T by US inscos (risk-free investment for their “float”), $0.25T by Carribbean banks (including Romney’s money looted from the Pension Guarantee Trust), $0.25T by oil exporters (including OPEC countries), $0.29T to large US commercial banks, $0.32T in the Medicare trust, $0.44T by state and local governments (not GOP controlled, I guess), $0.8T by mutual funds (which may have foreign investors), $0.9T in US pension funds, $1.08T by Japan, $1.1T by US Savings Bond holders, $1.17T by China, $1.66T by the US Federal Reserve, and $2.67T by the SS Trust.

          China holds $1.17T of our debt, US citizens hold $8.43T.

  • These old fat white guys are not only ugly but stupid.

    • barbarahugh

      They should retire or just plain Voted Out of congress , their thinking is still from the
      time of slavery was and I mean WAS around , they should WAKE THE HELL UP !!
      AMERICA HAS CHANGED , the few that are left to think that way are the old ,
      white racist that do not want to let go of how they see other non whites .But I realized that their are some white people that hate and ignore other whites , like the poor white that survive due to being humble or having people of color helping them because they are ignore by other whites by not having rich white or middle class friends they are seen no more then white people that have people of color friends so they are out cast or ignore by their counter parts .

  • They lost because the placed their bets on a “Texas Lotto Ticket” YOU ARE NOT A WINNER!

    Nice way of telling you are a loser! Now they want to blame “Hurricane Sandy”

    It is time to get rid of all the deadwood in Congress–VOTE THEM OUT!

  • , Rove agrees with Morris that the Romney campaign’s failures were mostly to blame. He is full of advice for the party leaders, urging them to change the date of the convention, try to avoid “sounding judgmental and callous” on social issues, and “do better — much better” with Hispanics, younger voters, women, and middle-class families./// if he feels and agree,s with that then how stupid isd he for not seeing this before he blew all the rich greedy bastards money ? not to btight you greedy bastards giveing an idiot the run of ur money . seems Rove dosent know his butt from his elbow . well maybe he dose to some point for his butt is where he talks out of . the stupit-pac are just as much jack butt and there pet dog rover . one has to wonder how ppl with that much money be so stupid with their money and say how the heck did these brain dead ppl. get that much money in the first place . there money might of lasted longer if thy used it to burn for their heat for there homes . instead of letting rover blow it all up like a bomb

  • Finally, Rove insists that his donors will continue to pour good money after bad into the coffers of American Crossroads, his SuperPAC. His current bleating sounds nothing like his confident bluster a decade ago, when he looked forward to a Republican realignment and unchecked power for decades to come./// or untill the superpac hit man contract gos into play

  • William Deutschlander

    As a Democracy we need to face some facts:
    Earned income is earned income and must be taxed for FICA and Medicare, without regard to the amount, no exceptions.
    Investment income is for all intents and purposes earned income and should be taxed as such, no exceptions.
    Dividends are investment rewards and should be taxed at 15%.
    All foreign investment income should be taxed as earned income, no exceptions.
    All income over one million dollars should pay a 5% surtax.
    These fair and equitable measures would go a long way toward reducing the Republican National Debt, Social Security Solvency, Medicare Solvency and Medicaid reality!
    The Affordable Care Act will over the long term, bring the reality of Health Care for all and health care costs down to a reasonable precentage of our gross economy.

    The Republican Cartel with their greedy billionaires will fight all of these measures out of pure selfishness and insatiable greed.
    The Republican Cartel is doomed to extinction, these minorities who have been blessed with good fortune, do not understand how their good fortune was derived.

  • 1bythebrooks2

    Apparently, the Republican party IS the party of 1%. When 70% of “we the people” want higher taxes on the very wealthy, they continue to turn a deaf ear. Something I read on National Memo yesterday, Bohner, or someone said that people would get freee health care into perpetuity. What about everyone in Congress getting free health care(the best) while they are in office, and forever after?

  • Dion Morse

    Amazing, well yes but perhaps even more predictable than anything. What I get from Roves Rants is that he and others like him, are classically guilty of fighting the last war, rather than the current one.

    Oh – but didn’t they loose that one too?

    The infamy of it all …

  • coliwabl

    “Morris now predicts that the economy will suffer a ruinous decline over the coming year or two”. If there is ruinous decline, it will be totally because of Republican arrogance and stupidity. If they don’t make significant meaningful changes, their “no” philosophy will continue their decline and result in a democrat controlled house after the mid-term elections in 2014.

    • 101strac

      I don’t see the republican leadership, or the party as a whole for that matter, making any changes to their stated philosophy. The next two years will be a continuation of their obstructionist practices. Nothing, short of sweeping them all out of office in 2014, will repair our broken economy and put people back to work in meaningful numbers.

  • Well, it would be silly to think that a leopard would/could change it’s spots. Most of these republican “leaders” have had their dogma imprinted into their brains from the time they were little kids(a la many over-zealous religious fanatics), so it would be pure folly to think that they might have some kind of epiphany on their political views.
    They may SAY they’ve become more moderate…..but don’t believe them. They’ll say anything to get into power. Then, if they do, the real pus will spew forth again.

  • Ramrod1

    The Democrats re-elected President Obama with about 48% of the vote. It seems to me that the Democrats also need to recognize that they need to change to broaden their appeal. They need to seriously consider how they can address the needs of small businesses and religious groups without sacrificing their ideals.

    • Ramrod Romney got 48% Obama and the Dems got 52%

      • Ramrod1

        I stand corrected! Point is – it should be much higher.

        • Sand_Cat

          Absolutely correct, but for precisely the opposite of the reasons you propose.

    • idamag


    • idamag

      Unless a religious group is being persecuted, we do not need to address the needs of religious groups. There is a separation of church and state for a reason. And during this election, some religious people, on these boards acted anthing but Christian.

  • to act like a “Texas Lotto Ticket.”

    We need to vote him out of office during the next election.

  • Dominck the fall of the republican party is evident by there philosphy.

  • The issues that many people have against the Democratic party
    are moral ones like gay marriage, and the whole sale slaughter
    of the unborn.
    The issues that many others have against the Republican party
    are the hypocritical views on health care (for all Americans)
    harsh immigration reforms, and the unjust tax system.

    • idamag

      Marcie, I know you are probably afraid to discourse with Democrats, but try it. Their views are varied on the moral subjects. I, for one, seeing as how we are a diverse country, think that morality should not be legislated. It isn’t any of my business if Gay people want to marry. It does not affect me in any way. My personal feeling is that abortion should not be used for birth control. I don’t intend to force that opinion on anyone else.

      The Republican party used to be a dignified and grand party. They have let themselves be taken over by the tea party. The tea party is a bully party. It is their way or no way and absolutely no compromise. The ugliness stemmed from that group.

    • Sand_Cat

      So denying health care to the poor and taxing the poor and middle class to subsidize the wealthy’s purchase of our government aren’t moral issues?

    • ExPAVIC


      Like who among any reasonable group of people advocates “the wholesale slaughter of the unborn” as you have dramatically stated? No one this writer knows or even exists on this planet would misstate the real fact that there are occasions when full term birth presents a threat to the bearer.

      And now with the morning after pill the question of unwanted births occurring is also out of the picture. So in essence, there has been a big bang up for an issue that should not be addressed in a political arena, but rather in the privacy of the home. Leave it to the old, old, used up and outdated GOP to take up such a cause. Stupid them, I say.

      • johninPCFL

        Yes, sometimes a birth is a life-and-death circumstance, like the Irish woman who just died in childbirth.

    • idamag

      Marcie, the Bible does not say, “Thou shalt not lie.” It says, “Thou shalt not bear false witness.” So, if you carry a lie or make up a lie, that is bearing false witness. The Bible also says that if you break one of the commandments you break them all. So, when you talk about moral issues and say the Democrats are immoral, What about the mountains of lies told by Republicans to win an election? Your emotional wholesale slaughter is an example of a false witness.

  • Canadiangirl57

    Why are these people still talking, haven’t they notice yet that they’re just dumb and that America did what they had to do on Nov 6, why are still talking?

  • phil1122

    The republican party seems to be ignorant of the idea of government for the people and by the people. Perhaps the only way for them to learn is a lose of most or all the seats they presently hold. I am sure they will still say they did not get out the message correctly, rather than maybe we should listen to the people we represent (all not just the mega millionares who do not want to pay taxes, as some see no reason not to pay taxes at a higher rate or equal to their employees). Some people only learn the truth the hard way, and it seems the republican party, the one I use to believe in is one of those. Wake up and smell the roses, change with the times and stop whining that you have to pay for what you created by sending jobs over seas, starting a war, and attacking education, and security in the hope of making it a profit making buisness for a few.

  • Bill King

    Why are Democrats so insistent that the GOP must change? The answer is that they are whistling pass the graveyard. Deep down, they know Republicans can still sell the unthinking public a pig in a poke and that they need change nothing but a few mechanics to prevail the next time around. The GOP has demonstrated an ability to play a losing hand better than the Democrats can plan an Inside Straight!

  • In my opinion Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were poor candidates that behaved in an extremely poor manner while campaigning. In my opinion neither earned trust and it appears to be indicitive of the 1% that the Romney/ Ryan ticket wanted to give gifts too. All I can say to good old Karl Rove is your money made the television channel executives very happy. I heard they laughted all the way to the bank and continued to laugh all the way back home. If the republican party wants to get back in the game then they will in general tell the 1% to change. First step in the process is begin to EARN trust of the nation not just your 1%.

    • barbarahugh

      The middle class made these people very rich , if we stop buying what they sale , and stop working in their industries stop hearing their radio station and watching the t.v. channels
      they operate they will end up lower then middle class. Then they will want the higher up to be taxed just like i am taxed .

  • a80a

    there are still people out there who actually believe the asinine rubbish thrown out by the republicians, that OBAMA is a muslim and is not a citizen of the united states how many times do these lies have to be proved untrue, for the mis informed to stop listening to the greatest liars in the world.
    if the pied pipers of the g o p told some people thet goat dropping were m&ms the would say ummm good. oh by the way what faith does bobby jindal claim to be?

    • idamag

      You can’t use facts to prove things to the duped. They want to believe the worst because the President is Black.

    • ExPAVIC

      Just Like the Nazis

      As ex-Nazi great Dr. Joe Goebbels used to say, “If you can’t beat their politics, go after their persona.” Like Karl Rove slandered Obama as a Muslim, Socialist, Communist, Racist, immigrant, tax cheat, and other names.

  • LS

    This is nothing short of good news for the Democrats. For as long as the Republicans try to explain their situation – which they don’t even understand – you get to lead the country! We can guess the outcome of an event in which a blind person leads other blinds through a mine field. Democrats, get ready to rumble!!!

  • Michael Kollmorgen

    Why should the Republican Party learn or grow?

    Simple answer is, they don’t need to. Afterall, most of them believe the world is going to end very soon. So why bother getting any education whatsoever.

  • The Change Need the GOP is Kick Out to Karl,Him make this country in Recesion,him and his Elite,Being the Bush Brain.Get Out Karl,is Better you Retired with your Millions.


    R.I.P. GOP

    So the old, old, used up GOP is not going to change? So when is the funeral and where do we send flowers.

    Is that fat little pig Karl Rove going to lie in the open casket so that Mitt Romney and his few followers can spit big lungers on him? Of course, what does Rove care since he picked up a cool $50 million for running Mitt’s screwed up campaign.

    Funny that Romney only had an acceptance speech ready and had to write his concession speech on the fly. What world was his brain in thinking he would win the election. Shows what space cadets Mittens and his followers really were, not to exclude Paul Ryan in that fairy tale.

  • Can you imagine what chaos would reside in the White House had the Republicans won the election?

  • contented1 is 1000% percent correct…the GOP needed to be completely routed in order for a change in the Republican Party. What angered me about the elections was the fact that GOP moderates, who’d spent more than a year complaining about how the GOP had “left them” and that they were going to vote for Democrats, ended up voting for the GOP, anyway, which allowed the GOP to keep the US House majority (though gerrymandering helped a little) and disallowed the Demos to get a badly-needed, filibuster-quashing 60-seat supermajority in the US Senate. The GOP’s radical elements, the Cons (Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs) and the Baggers (Extremist and Ignorant Idiots, aka, the Tea Party Militia) have no interest in helping the President or his party. We’re just getting started with going through a GOP Civil War that will rage for at least two years (until the 2014 midterms). What needs to happen then is for a finishing off of the radicals and the moderates taking back the GOP. We shall see if that actually happens.

  • Make no mistake, the Republicans are looking forward to another 2010 style mid-term election in 2014 where they can pick up seats in the House and Senate, and sell it as vindication of their policies. Right now, they’re in a pickle over their drive to cut spending. Soon – if the Dems hold fast – the Republicans will have to talk about cuts in detail. They’ll have to tell their base it’s not “foreign aid” that’s the driver of the deficit (which most of their constituents believe), but Medicare and Social Security. How in the world will they sell that to their elderly constituents?

  • Dick Morris is a pathetic joke. Karl Rove has always been over rated. Getting George W elected Governor in Texas was not much of a coup. Bush’s election in 2000 had more to do with outside groups attacking Kerry than Rove’s machinations. Maybe Rove played a part in King George II’s reelection in 2004.

    However, Rove showed his true worth in the 2008 election. Karl kept insisting he had secret knowledge which showed McCain was winning. Needless to say, we did not just finish the reelection campaign for President McCain. How Rove convinced all those billionaires to give him millions to squander is beyond me.

    I do not think Karl Rove nor the Republicans learned any lessons from their defeats in 2008 and 2012. In 2010 the Tea Party swept the Republicans into control of the House. It will take at least one more major defeat to wake up the Republicans to the need for change. Maybe if they lose the House in 2014 that will do it. More likely it will require another presidential loss in 2016.

  • Unfortunately republicans are not smart. If they were, they could have made changes immediately after losing the election. By the time they will come with something, it will be too late and not able to sway those they desperately need.

    • idamag

      Frida, they should have learned something from the election. Instead, they make up lies and excuses.

  • elw

    Why is everyone surprised The Republican extreme Conservative doesn’t get it? Can anyone ever remember a time they admitted they were wrong? They will use spin, half truths and lies to prove to themselves they really don’t need to change anything of substance. They are radical and like all radicals, of any flavor, they cannot bend one inch from their “so called” beliefs. They have dug their hole and will not come out of it. No big deal, they will not be the first political party to fade away nor will they be the last. The US will outlive them and somewhere, right now some smart people are talking about what they can do to take the Republican Party’s place in our two party system. Let us just hope they are smart enough to leave the Republican Crazies behind. This Country has never gone for extremes from either side of the political fence and it never will.

  • geoelb

    The answer to the Republican party’s problems are contained above. “Reality has changed, but Republicans won’t. They insist on creating their own reality, like Rove and his friends at Fox News always did — but fewer and fewer Americans will still pretend to live there.”

  • As long as the Republicans continue down their chosen path, and Democrats LOUDLY SHOUT repudiations to those same mantras, the picture for the Democrats on the National scale seem very bright.

    Even if the Republicans start to mellow their messages, the Democrats MUST focus as much light on the true Conservative agenda as possible.


    Their message is extremely clear, regardless of the tone of their speech.


  • honesrabe

    Rove is just like a stockbroker ,he is paying himself a wage no matter what.
    He will continue to spew his hate as long as people are willing to pay him to do it.

    • johninPCFL

      Exactly correct. Once the puppetmaster got his marionette elected president, he got a position for life.

  • honesrabe

    I took my basic training at Fort Knox, in my platoon we had mostly recruits from Kentucky and Mississippi. I can tell you that these guys hate Yankees and black people.
    These guys are still fighting the Civil War.

    • barbarahugh

      I am not surprised at all my nephew that is in the Navy said the same thing .These types
      should not be in the military and if they have the right to be there ??They should be put in the front line . And no it is not mean to say this when that was done to the black people in Nam and the Latinos and Hispanics in Desert Storm , Iraq and before that when the Korean or Japan war they use the American Indians to do the codes being that the language had dyed years before and few knew how to speak it so American Indians were used to send messeges incodes but if they thought that they would be captured they were
      to be killed before the enemies got their hands on them . WAR who needs it ????.

    • Recoloniser

      From what we’ve seen in the run up to the recent elections and the distribution of the votes as well as the clamouring for secession after the result, it is clear that after 150 years the Confederate States still refuse to acquiesce in their defeat in the Civil War and want to do the whole thing over again.

    • idamag

      I was at the Biltmore Mansion and went to the gift shop. My grown grandson was with me. The man, in front of me, said to his companion, “I hate northeners.” I come from a part of the country that speaks to strangers and I said, “That is not very nice of you. I am a guest in your state.” My grandson whispered, “Grandma, he doesn’t mean you, he means Yankees.” Since my great grandfather was in the Union Army, I said loudly, “I am a Yankee and proud of it.”

  • blueskies13

    I was hugely encouraged by this article and by hearing Sean Hannity talk about how the party can’t compromise their “principles”. Great! That only means that they will remain out of touch with the populace and will continue to lose presidential and Congressional elections, and maybe we can begin to turn this country in a progressive direction and move forward. Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Coulter, Beck, etc….whatever you do…DON’T CHANGE!!

    • barbarahugh

      the best comment and advice of the day !!!!!!!!

    • idamag

      What principles?

  • These jokers are not going to change their ways! This is why theyhave to result to trickery and dishonesty to steal elections! Until they learn to do right; wrong and misery will continue to plague this political party!

  • I think the Republicans on drugs or just a bunch of rednecks

    • barbarahugh

      I agree 100%

  • oldtack

    Oh Yes! Lots of them here in this part of Texas – worse over in far east Texas. Only down in those parts they call them “East Texas Blue gums. And that’s the Truth. They really do.

  • howa4x

    you can’t use texas as a baromiter. this is the birthplace of the tea party

  • dham69

    Yup the democrat party will destroy this country just like the left in greece and so many other countries. Then who will you blame?

    • Justin Napolitano

      I just hope that you, Dham69 are one of the first to go.

    • idamag

      I suppose you read or heard an item and now are an expert on Greece. Greece went from far left to far right several years ago. Instead of looking at who provides the revenue for a government, they initiated one of the most austere social programs and cut, cut, cut. Now, compare Greece to Germany who values revenue producers. They focused on employment and ended up loaning money to Greece.

  • Mimi2kool

    Clearly they have learned nothing at all from the results of the election. They are obviously in Denial about what it all means.

  • hey Rove get back in the boat and “row’ back to where you belong

  • @Dominick, I thought your opinion was clear but was wondering how others could believe that the President was a Muslim.

  • When you talk about Supply Side, I was really surprised that David Stockman (Reagan’s OMB Director and strong proponent) no longer believes in Supply Side. But the Republicans still believe in Supply Side to fuel growth through consumer demand. I haven’t really seen it work in the past forty years.

  • howa4x

    The republican party will delude themselves long enough to loose again and be on the way to becoming a minority party of older white men and their subservient wives. Where will all the billionairs go then? Currently aside from tx where the tea party was birthed, the republicans lost every contested battle. Arizona still has 300,000 uncounted ballots in a democratic area. Linda McMahon(R) spent 40 million and lost. The young are put off by them and the war on women’s reproductive rights. How do you sugar coat it? You are either for abortion or against it. They, the young, are also agast at all the climate deniers, so it’s not just one issue it’s many. Jindal is still against public education and wants creationism taught and he is considered a moderate, imagine that? Even if Rubio puts forth his version of the dream act it will still be watered down compared to the democratic version. Young Latinos will see right through it. As more and more people become educated , the republicans have lesss and less appeal . They are still the party of fear, and ignorance. But I don’t mind really that they are doing this and I hope the dellusion carries on and on and on.

  • It’s like trying to sell a box with a dog-turd in it; no matter HOW you phrase it, no matter how much marketing you do, you’re still selling a dog-turd; no matter how pretty the box, or whether it’s got a ribbon on it or not.

  • adler56

    i believe ron white explained that when he said “you can’t fix stupid”

  • When the likes of a clown named Rowe is the backbone of a party then the GOP needs a housecleaning from top to bottom.
    He and his kind have polluted a once great party.

  • marciano3rd

    Let them believe on what they think! That’s their own lookout.

  • marelbert

    You can’t fix stupid or polish a turd!

  • People like Carl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Rilley have not understood what happened. To this day they are in denial of the existence of minorities. These significant minorities do not have big microphones and cameras.
    The Republican Party, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh control the air waves of hatred and whitewash.
    The reality is different.

  • Carl Rowe and all the rest of those over-the-hill flintsones like John “Insane” McCain, Speaker Boehner, Chump Trump, etc. are nothing but a bunch of groupies in suits that hang-out and get high on the American people suffering, they’re always propagating disaster but never offer any solutions to their endless forecasts of doom. My recommendation: DROP DEAD INSTEAD !!!!


  • Rove is a piece of shit that needs to wiped off the ass of the GOP but the GOP is going to be history shortly anyway so good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • karinursula

    God help me if I only vote for candidate because he went to N.J.

  • Face it the Republican party has seperated its self from the non white people. America is a rainbow nation.

  • Zoe

    Personally, I pray that they never change! It’s the only sure proof method to keep their old , bigoted, antiquated asses out of office!

  • Now this guy is a bigger IDIOT !

  • It’s up to us non-Republicans to get this nation back on its feet! We will do it IN SPITE of the Republicans and in another four years there won’t be a Republican in Congress!

  • “The one-drop rule is a historical colloquial term in the United States for the social classification as Negro of individuals with any African ancestry; meaning any person with “one drop of Negro blood” was considered black. ” – Wikipedia
    According to this he’s Black.

  • ridemybroom

    so many Repubtards….so little purpose !

  • Ignoring the interests, issues and concerns of the vast majority of the American people is what the GOP does most and best. Why then, should ignoring the will of the people as expressed at the polls be any different?

  • Is Republicanism genetic? Is it a recessive gene? Why are intelligent Republicans afraid to shut down therse ignorance factories that serve as their mouthpieces? It is way to late for damage control or resusitation. They will continue their”we hate America because they like Obama and we’re going to thwart your will anyway we can till we all fall down” strategy until the last donor dollar is spent. They conned these rascists with lies and they deserve what they got. The “We the People” ship has sailed and they missed the boat. The spawn of the European Aristocracy have finally died. and all I can say is ” A damn men ” to that.

  • Problem here is that these losing repubs are trying to figure out how to “manipulate” the minority voters. They don’t really give two craps about them but are only trying to create a strategy to win. That is where the fault line is. You see, people know that the current administration truly cares about all people from whatever background, creed or color. That is why they didn’t have to “buy” votes. If the GOP goes forward with this hypocracy, they will lose again and again and again. First order of business for them should be a total, full-on catharsis. Purge the hate, greed and arrogance from your systems.

  • Good article. Ryan also espoused the same rhetoric that while Obama won fair and square he did it with a better managed campaign and that the GOP candidates or policies were not the reasons for the defeat. Incredible! It may take many more elections to wake-up the GOP. The current GOP leadership is so entrenched in their archaic ideology that it may take a new generation.

  • The really sad thing is if the GOP nominates a candidate who doesn’t flip-flop daily (if not hourly,) they may be correct about not needing to change. Obama didn’t win by a large margin and many people of all political stripes didn’t trust Romney. Give the a Republicans a candidate who has been consistent with the ideological principles of trickle-down economics, racism, small government, and misogyny, and they may very well take the next election. With the help of Rupert Murdoch, of course.

  • In the 60’s when we fought for our civil rights we were all influenced by communist. Now we are fighting for Healthcare and asking the rich to pay their fair share of taxes, we are now Socialist. The key is the white male need to control our country by sending our manufacturing jobs to China and getting our parents to pay for our college education. WOW

  • Here is the Republicans better message to the Hispanic voters. We will not force you to want to go back home by way of walking thru the desert. We will give you a nice ride on a Greyhound bus back. That is our new policy on immigration. Sorry woman we will be staying up your butts and Blacks what do you think about Africa this time of the year? Gays get straight! All in favor of our new platform say I. That the new polices on all that.

    I just hope they stay right there with they’re way of thinking. Maybe we can get all they’re azzes out of office soon.

  • The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Corporation in 2010 scared the bejezus out of me. I was sure the GOP would find it possible to buy the election up front, with the Koch Brothers and a bunch of unknown corporations. But the people won, and Karl Rove did not prevail in Ohio, despite refusing to concede even after Fox called the state for Obama.

  • This do nothing Congress needs there pink slip. They should be put on notice. Two more years. Shape up, or ship out.

  • rustacus21

    As this article so aptly points out, Republicans have no intention on adjusting to the realities of the present, but what this means more than anything else, they lack totally, the ability to adjust to changing circumstances, which makes them excellent candidates for self imposed extinction. About 25,000 years ago, the last remaining Hominid species species was dwindling in numbers. They too, were a self-contained, exclusive & relatively antisocial genus. It could be archaeologists & anthropologists were wrong that Neanderthals died out all those millennia ago – Republican’s could very well be the last remnants of that obscure hominid species of the equivalent of living fossils…

    • hottrika

      And let you Obamasque Cultist remain complacent and lazy in the hope of getting manna from Obama, free medicare, free Macs food stamps, free education, free Marriage allowances, waiver of loans of all kinds to all class, free transportation including occasional space ride to view the beautiful Obama’s America, free entertainment with honeymoon allowance as bonus, free fornication for singles with no responsibility for consequences, free everything to everyone from birth to funeral. Your St. Obama is a modern day Santa clause, only a Muslim, left leaning apostate.

      Dems, just sit back and relax, Obama will come knocking at your door with gifts galore.

      • idamag

        hot, people, like you, sit around drinking your beer and complaining about things you imagine. I am not a Democrat, but I voted for Obama because the current Republicans (at least those who have the loudest voice) have become so hateful and distrustful. I have never been on welfare. I don’t need birth control. I don’t have my nose in gay people’s crotches so it doesn’t matter to me whether or not they get married.

      • rustacus21

        … & yes, w/the gift being a ‘purer’ form of Democracy & the subsequent interaction that flows ‘NATURALLY’ between citizens & their elected representatives. That’s the ‘GIFT’ U’r really referring to. All that other ‘stuff’, that’s the crazy, Fox-manic psycho paranoia U guys have been peddling 4 the last 4 yrs that somehow, has turned out to be figments of U’r tormented imaginings! Face it, President Obama is head & shoulders WAY above the guy who occupied the W.H. from 2001-2009 & conservatives were only blocking progress b/c they too knew it. Now, as the PRESIDENT said, it’s time to get to work fixing this nation broken (during 2001-2009) by conservatives. Obstructed (during 2009-2012) by conservatives. Now, w/more support (in the Senate), it’s time to do what should have been done on 1/21/09 – ERASING ALL REMNANTS of the 2001-2009 executive abomination. Unlike the previous administration, this W.H. knows the value of an ‘HONEST’ days work – & so does its supporters. Conservatives are the problem in the job creation arena, so if that as well, is the ‘gifts’ U mean – FULL EMPLOYMENT – then YES U are 1000% correct… & thanx for U’r perspectives…

  • That the Republican constituency can be lead by the likes of Rove and Norquist makes it impossible to believe that they are capable of thinking constructively for themselves. If you’re brown or black or yellow, you are deemed inferior. Whites are supreme. Yet, Jingal and Rubio do not appear to be ignorant. So, the big question is why do they go along with this line of thought? Is it possible that they are so immersed in the Republican ideology that they cannot see wrong from right? Or are their aspirations so great that they will eat out of any hand in order to survive? The next leaders of the Republican party need to set examples, not just follow the old rules.

    • idamag

      Janet, those that shout the loudest, in a party, becomes the poster boy for that party and soon people associate the entire party with the loud whack jobs.
      I heard rush limbaugh referred to as Mr. Republican.

    • amazonfan

      Not just any whites. Christian, wealthy, male whites are considered to be superior to non-Christians (especially Muslims), the wealthy are considered to be superior to the poor, and men are considered to be superior to women (except for women who are willing to give up their rights to control their own body, earn equal wages, and who don’t want to be treated as equal citizens.)

  • ribbet124

    let them keep thinking the way they do, when they are voted out in congress next time .

  • ribbet124

    let them keep on thinking they are always right and dont need to change, whe they are voted out of congress next time , see how unchanging they are then.

    • hottrika

      Yes, indeed, unless they “change”, how do “Neo-cons” expect to win votes of Hispanics, Blacks and those sections who would indulge in playful crime while America took care of all their economic needs , Women wishing the state take care of all their fornicating and licentious needs with all its consequences, illegal immigrants wanting to flood american streets, unless Republicans promised free everything to everyone, how do they get votes? Indeed, they need to change and change fast. America is changing.

      • Stop offering suggestions as to how the Regressives can/must do better. Just let them die off and prove once again that Darwin’s Theory works.

        • hottrika

          With them America dies too. What remains are the relics of past. May be Darvin was right after all.

  • adler56

    Everyone in the country but airheads like you know that President Obama is center or even a little right of center. You have no clue what left is because you’re to the right of Attila the Hun.

  • Stop offering suggestions as to how the Regressives can/must do better. Just let them die off and prove once again that Darwin’s Theory works.

  • Let sleeping dogs sleep! Out of the ashes of the GOP will emerge a more relevant center-right party that does not live in the past and believe in grotesquely immoral sense of entitlement and privilege! The current “owners” of GOP are dinosaurs who have distorted perception of the society and the contemporary political dynamics that shape the ideologies of leadership of the Greatest Nation on earth!

  • BarbL

    Let them go on being fools. More and more Americans are going to realize what they are doing and have done and in turn vote them out come 2014……and they can forget about 2016! More Americans want the hate to END than have it continue. They have such nerve calling Democrats un American. We the people want our country FIXED……not torn apart by our elected officials. What is the matter with these people?

  • O.K., John ‘Mr. Death ‘ Boehner began his first term, when he promised he would only be running for four terms max. Well that shows that he has now gone to expensive tailored clothes, and what do you think his bank accounts (YES ‘S’) are now. And what does he have for health insurance. far better than I have ! iHe will not change, because the constuants in his area of Hamilton, Ohio, really believe “He’s a nice guy.” Yes he sure is for the people like ROMNEY, who should have ran for the president of CHINA, he is even more of an UN AMERICAN as any Chinese leader ! But the republicans (small ‘r’), please.
    My father was one of the three men who talked and supported Boehner to run for his first term. I am glad he did not live to see what that man ended up doing for the people of America. Leave it to the republics and and the rest of the world will spell it AmeriKa. That is the same way Germany became, in 1930 the Nazi Germany, we defeated. The republiKans took careful lessons from the Nazi prorpaganda maxchine. I am amazed that the American public can not see how Rush’Joseph Goebbels’ Limbaugh distorts ALL truths about the progress and the positive person OUR President has presented to the WORLD after that fiasco before him.
    My family has voted Republican since the days of Lincoln, but never a straight ticket, EVER. My grandmother was a decendent of Dr.Ben. Rush and was the first woman to vote in my town, in West Virginia, a proud woman who worked the polls every year until she was
    over 80, Signed: Geral Elmore Martin, a REAL REPUBLICAN who voted twice for Obama, and proud I have helped him by at least one vote. And one heck of alot of real American who are capable of thinking for themselves, REPUBLICAN AMERICANS did so also.!! What a DUMB PARTY !! GEM.

  • The GOP & Repubs will not change, they don’t want to but they have no choice-the american people have spoken, their positions are to come up, & they have put themselves in hot water, they will never recover they have put to much hate, lies, deceitfulness out there where they cannot take it back, for we have heard & seen their wicked ways, so we are not falling for it now or in 2016, I am sure they will lose their positions & rightfully so.They will say & do anything to be in office then turn right back around & change their small minds again, no we should not trust them at all, at least I don’t.

  • Carl Rove will not recover, he better be paying back them donors, he to must gooooooooooo.