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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Charity President Blasts Ryan For Staged Photo-Op

Paul Ryan’s attempted photo-op at a Youngstown, Ohio soup kitchen has blown up in the vice presidential nominee’s face, after the charity’s president publicly criticized Ryan for barging in without permission and re-washing clean pots and pans for the cameras.

Brian J. Antal, the president of the Mahoning County St. Vincent De Paul Society, told The Washington Post‘s Felicia Sonmez that the Romney campaign “ramrodded their way” into the soup kitchen without permission, to set up the photo-op.

“We’re a faith-based organization; we are apolitical because the majority of our funding is from private donations,” Antal told the Post. “It’s strictly in our bylaws not to do it. They showed up there, and they did not have permission. They got one of the volunteers to open up the doors.”

Once inside, Ryan and his family set up in the kitchen. Explaining that they once spent a summer washing dishes, Ryan began scrubbing and rinsing pans that were clearly already clean.

“The photo-op they did wasn’t even accurate,” Antal added. “He did nothing. He just came in here to get his picture taken at the dining hall.”

Video of the charity visit is below:

The video quickly went viral, perhaps because the spectacle of Ryan pretending to wash dishes serves as such a tidy metaphor for the Romney-Ryan campaign’s empty promises to the Americans they privately deride as “takers” and “victims.

Besides the obvious ridiculousness of Ryan’s stunt, there’s a broader point about Ryan’s position on charities such as the Youngstown soup kitchen. Although Ryan claims that charities and churches should “take care of people who are down and out in our communities” instead of the government, Ryan’s extreme right-wing budget would actually decimate their ability to do so. Many faith-based charities rely on federal funding to operate, and Ryan’s budget would instantly overburden charities by slashing the budget for welfare, food stamps, and other critical programs that help to keep working families afloat.

Additionally, Ryan and his wife Janna’s tax returns show that they donated 4 percent of their income to charity in 2011 and just 1.2 percent in 2010 — hardly suggesting that supporting those in need is among their highest priorities.

If Ryan is looking for advice for how to overcome an embarrassing incident at a charity, perhaps he should ask his running mate Mitt Romney. During his 1994 Senate campaign, when the director of a homeless shelter in Boston told Romney that he struggled to pay for milk to go along with the homeless veterans’ meals, Romney dismissively replied “maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.”

To make up for the insensitive remark, Romney anonymously paid for half of the shelter’s milk for the next several years.

UPDATE: Antal now says that his comment that Ryan “did nothing” was mischaracterized, and that — while Ryan did little work compared to the rest of the volunteers that morning — he did wash dirty dishes. In the video above, however, the pans do appear to be clean before Ryan begins washing them.

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  • Lyin’ Ryan has once again proven that he is the “Great Pretender.” His ramrodding into this shelter’s kitchen for a photo-op, pretending that he and his family are washing pots and pans that are already cleaned and having any true empathy and concern for the homeless and poor, is about one of the most pathetic scams one can attempt to pull off. This is symbolic of the entire Romney/Ryan campaign. After dissing 47% of Americans calling them takers, victims and lazy people, now they want to try and fool Americans into believing that they care about these people. The only purpose of this charade is to win over the most gullible voters in our country. How anyone can vote for these two frauds, after all of the lies, flip-flops, and pandering to every group and constituency, is beyond me. It will be the downfall of our country into an abysmal economic cesspool if, God forbid, these two con artists were elected to national office.

    • neece00

      Hi Stop, I am with you all the way and disgusted with this but they have been able to fool many Americans with this horse and pony show they are putting on. I would love to scream it from the roof tops until these people listen but I might as well talk to the wall.

      • old_blu

        That’s the first time he ever put on a kitchen apron because they tie in the front.

        • And you always take your very expensive watch off.

          • Very expensive watches now days can be waterproof to get depths and as I said earlier this is wrong the article was corrected on nbc

      • highpckts

        Neece- half the population believes this show! That is truly unbelievable!!

    • Oh, he did it to kill the soup kitchen, likely as not.

      After all, the video is leading to their funding drying up!

  • bcarreiro

    Veterans know how to teach a man to fish for a lifetime…………..romney/ryan do you? Hope you like to eat crow cause its the main course.

  • nobsartist

    ryan hasnt worked that hard since the servants went on strike for minimum wage at his mansion.

    by the way, how can a guy that worked for a couple of months at mcdonalds and drove the wiener mobile afford to live in a mansion?

    • dtgraham

      His family became wealthy a couple of generations back in the road paving and construction business. He then married a woman whose parents were also rich.

    • grammyjill

      we unfortunatly pay him ALOT. Plus he is seventh generation rich.

  • jazznj

    He’s despicable!!

  • Faraday_Cat

    You know the saddest part of this, they didn’t even think to volunteer for an actual day’s work and just have the photos taken at some point during the day…if you want to just look like you are doing something, I’m sure there are photo studios out there with the right props and access to “extras” to be in the background…otherwise, do the frickin’ work to get the picture.

    • CAThinker

      No kidding… this is on the same scale as NitMitt talking at the coal mine with those tired and haggard looking miners standing shoulder-to-shoulder behind him… These guys are posers, fakers and liars – how does anyone not get that???

      • Those miners were there because their boss told them if they didn’t show up on their time they would be fired. They weren’t there because they wanted to be they were saving their jobs. The Koch brothers and several other millionaires owners of companies have sent their employees letters if the right people weren’t elected they would be laying people off and closing businesses, then gave them a list of people to vote for. They claim they aren’t telling their workers who to vote for but they are and are using scare tacts to get Romney and Ryan elected.

        • CAThinker

          EXACTLY!!! Thanks for expanding and clarifying my point… Those miners weren’t there to support NitMitt… They were there to keep their jobs… Everything staged and contrived to APPEAR that he’s one of whichever group he’s in… Absolutely disgusting…


          That’s RIGHT—you want a job, you want to work, you want to eat, you want to support your family????

          YOU HAD BETTER FOR ROMNEY or the company will be shut down bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!

    • Only idiots would think that any politician running for office would spend a day washing dishes.
      No more money to soup kitchens from me. What did they care if he posed or not? Be thankful they show your charity, idiots. But their disguting partizanship has no limits. I guess they were afraid someone from charity might like Ryan but they have to produce their zombis to vote for Obama.

  • faxt42

    What a great actor, Drama at the Soup-kitchen . Did you see that the tray was already washed by somone before, the Big Lion Liar Rayan just got some soap to go around, well done drama. Why not stay to dry and put things away…….lol …badly so desperate to get people votes. Film maker could hire him to act on a film, just give it a name The Big Fat Liar in American History

  • Romney likes to talk about all the jobs he’ll get, but peopl like him like the unemployment rate to be no lower than 6%, after all, poverty insures a cheep labor force. he won’t do anything to help the unemployed, his rich doners won’t want him to!

  • CAThinker

    Not surprised… woefully UNsurprised that he would sink so low… While I agree with this is a “tidy metaphor” I would say that an understatement. I would say a “comprehensive metaphor”… Everything they do, he and his running mate, is pandering to someone or some group… That’s the essence of pandering – saying or doing something to appear something you’re not to win favor with someone or some group… Classic – hopefully those undecided catch the “virus’ and are equally incensed and disgusted… If not, there’s going to be four years of these guys pretending to help us while they help themselves… Can’t wait to see how the Talipublican trolls that lurk around here spin this one…

  • Are we supposed to be impressed by the fact that Rep Ryan can do dishes and Gov. Romney buys groceries in hardware stores? What’s going to be next in the transformation of these elitists into normal middle class folks, doing windows?

  • Now Paul! You could’nt wash not one dirty POT? These people think we’re stupid, lies,lies and more lies more lies. Stop peeing on us telling us its rain.

  • 1.2% of his income to charity?and he claims to be a man of God? Now he wants to take away his tax money that goes to help the poor and disabled and make the middle class pay for it? Along with cutting medicare for those that will need it? The rich should not get medicare or Social Security they should not want it! Greedy bunch of theves, I would be ashamed to show my face if I where Ryan or Romanie

  • When I was 14 I was working at Summer Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I washed dishes and pots and pans bussed tables and carried in luggage, plus moved the grass. I did all of this for room and board and made around 500.00 month working 7 days a week, 10 to 12hrs a day. After 2 summers of that I got a job after school working at a hospital kitchen for 1.35 hr. I washed dishes , pots and pans put up stock took trays of food to the sick mopped and cleaned floors after everyone left. 6hrs a day 5 days a week and 9-10 hrs a day on weekends. I graduated in 1970 went into the military and served my country for 3 years. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. That is the difference between the wealthy and the middle class for the most part they do not no what is like to work for minimum wage and live on it. Some of them go rich off the backs of the poor and middleclass now they want to scare them by saying they will close there factory or busness if Obama gets in?The rich love this economy dont let them fool you they are living good now they want to make interest rates go up so they can make more money. Greed is going to distroy this nation.

  • I bet he went home and took a bath after such hard work

  • Look at this. you’re driving from D.C to Fla, you maped out the route you would take. now some thing got in way,You ran into road work and had to change directions. The car broke down, you had to have it fixed. All this happened when you were halfway there, so it taking more time to get there, it cost more than you plan for. You stopped to ask the police for help once or twiced and got none. Do turn around or stop, no you keep going and before you know it Fla. is dead ahead. Give the man a chance to finish what he started. No one could have fixed what was wrong in four years. We’re almost there don’t stop and go back.

  • morgan520

    look! He’s shaking hands with the volunteers and pretending they the homeless – and I love how quickly those “dirty” pans become clean – Lyin Ryan/baron pantsonfire at it again – what a crock!!! Wake up people R/R are no good for this country – cannot even be honest about helping the homeless – they make me sick!!!!!!

  • jms724

    Is Antel a Romney follower by back- tracking his original comments, he is beginning to sound a lot like the lying Romney/Ryan twosome….lie…lie….lie and lie again.

    What surprises me is why would the senior citizen followers of this cult believe these fools, when their benefits are in jeopardy..Ryan is the right extremists, their yes man to rape the medicare and social secuirty funds.

    • CAThinker

      I agree… but what’s even more inexplicable are the undecided women that are leaning towards NitMitt – in some of the interviews they cite the economy… I don’t understand why they don’t understand that they won’t get to participate in a NitMitt economy if they find themselves unexpectedly pregnant or are stricken by a female illness (Planned Parenthood will be defunded)… And the ones that manage to avoid those two pitfalls won’t be paid equally for the work they do… So how does a woman square her best interests and align with NitMitt? I don’t get it…


        Cat licker—-

        How do you unexpectedly get pregnant?????

        DON’T be a dumb idiot and have unprotected SEX!!!!!!

        Do research and find out how do you get pregnant

        and how to AVOID pregnancy.

        Get your own Doctor in case of Female illnesses LIKE HERPIE or VD.


        It’s NOT our problem that you are uneducated on the matter—

        Why should WE pay for your ignorance?


        • grammyjill

          you are such an ass!

  • jms724

    Forgot to add that Lying-Romney’s charitable contributions to his cult organiztion (not a church)
    goes only to a few of their morman members with most of it going into businesses the organization owns. We as taxpayers are paying all these so-called churches contributions..The IRS should crack down, but am guessing the IRS is being controlled by the crooked Republicans.

  • What a disgusting, pathetic excuse for a man!

  • reetamae

    As was in evidence at last night’ s debate, Romney,et al feel as though the rules don’t apply to them. They (at least Romney) grew up privileged,and his body language, perpetual interuptions, and lack of respect for the sitting president tell me loud and clear how he will treat us “underlings” if he is elected. He is so condescending its nauseating!! The scary part? So many do not see through him!!!! They are overlooking the facts. I mean, if he did such a great job in Massachusetts, why wont they vote for him?

    As for Paul Ryan’s photo-op stunt–he’s just trying to right the wrong of the “47%” remark. And, not very well…after all, those are the people in Mitty’s 47%, right? Just sayin.

  • Yappy2

    If he really was going to wash dishes and pots and pans, he would have rolled his sleeves up higher and he would have taken his watch off. What a phony!


    • grammyjill

      But he’s wonky. That means doesn’t work right, something is wrong with it. Fits doesn’t it!

  • mkzp

    Ugh, you can just tell he’s putting on a show and that he’s completely insincere. See the last couple of seconds of the video, the way he talks to / walks by the elderly man who is trying to talk to him – you can tell he doesn’t give a s**t.

  • metrognome3830

    WOW! What a guy! He barges in, washes two pans that were obviously already clean or not very dirty. Now we are supposed to believe he put in a shift as a dishwasher. How many real dishwashers put in a full shift (or even half a shift) wearing a white shirt and tie and walk out with the shirt still clean and unwrinkled and tie still perfectly tied. I assume his watch is a waterproof Timex. This has to be the phoniest act of all the phony political acts ever perpetrated on the public. What an ass!

  • S-3

    How nice – of the liars… Meh. I spit at it all, especially if these fakes even think they can help a charity – a place that truly takes care of its needy.

  • Well at least he tied his own apron. I bet he has a Filipino maid in his house, wonder if her SS and unemployment are paid and if she gets her required time off?

  • highpckts

    The head of the soup kitchen is now recanting on the “dirty” dishes? Don’t suppose someone had a little “talk” with him like cutting ANY funding he may get because they know people?? No, they wouldn’t do that!

  • wonder if he is pratic

  • I wonder if he is training for a $7/hr job. He needs practic for a JOB, never had one dispises anyone who works for a living.

  • So I guess when Obama or Michelle pick up a baby or help out it’s criticized? Some of you people are amazing to actually believe any of these gestures are NOT photo-ops. What’s now being reported is that donations have slowed down. Yes, the mean people of this town have decided to sock it to the poor and stop donating money. Great country we have isn’t it.
    For people to further politicize this and make the poor suffer because you don’t like a particular political party…we’re done.

  • Fix this article NBC did a correction it his saying that the dishes were indeed dirty.

  • im so glad that other people see them for what they truly are liars, fronters and two of the worst people there is, rudy guiliano said dec,2011, that romney was has no ethics, and that he will say anything to get into the white house. now hes campaigning for him what a bunch of hypocrites.

  • This site will not let me paste the link to the corrected story but if google Ryan did wash dirty dishes you will see a link to NBC and the real story.

  • Inawynn

    And this guy could possibly end up being vice president? Like someone said, I don’t see how any women, any sane women can vote for him and Romney. They don’t understand poor people and obviously can’t relate to working folks. This is just a photo op to them, a wealthy family mingling with the dirty, invisible masses. Wow!

  • How can anyone vote these two uncaring, callous jerks into offices whose primary purpose is to take care of all Americans?

  • dianebkht

    Odd how I never saw this on the National News! I did see it on MSNBC but I am sick and tired of NBC,CBS.ABC tipping around as though they are scared to say anything about Romney/Ryan! ABC is beginning to sound like FIX news with all there mess,especially Wednesday morning when reporter talked about President Obama had not even talked to the American People about the Future. What a Lie! I would like to see reporters hold down people who say things and take it back…like Flip Floppers. Republicans were upset with the Moderator on Tuesdays debate, due to things not going there way, they have yet to stop the lies, and by the way………who cares?

  • “He began rinsing and scrubbing pans that were clearly already clean.” ( read it folks, that is what actually happened). Plus he did not get permission from his advisers to even go there. Those kids don’t care about a dish. Whom is he kidding? However, SOMEBODY is going to believe t
    his malarkey.