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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) — By now it seems everyone has chewed over Mitt Romney’s gaffe about poor people and spit out the ideologically determined opinion. Speaking this week to CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien after his victory in the Florida Republican primary, Romney blurted out, “I’m not concerned about the very poor.”

For Democratic partisans, the video, an early valentine, speaks for itself. But even conservatives criticized Romney for ham-handedness or for failing to articulate the proper vision of upward mobility. The news media, facing a dreaded lull in the presidential contest, naturally piled on.

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3 responses to “Romney's Tax Plan Isn't Concerned About The Very Poor”

  1. Lawrence Nannery says:

    I disagree that too much was made about the “inartful” comment. Proof lies in the fact that, a couple of lines later, Romney said that the rich are only two percent and the very poor one or two percent of the population. This is what should have been emphasized in the media, because it shows how perfectly out of touch he is with reality.

  2. Sleipnir says:

    What Romney and the republicans can’t seem to grasp is that more of the middle class are becoming the new poor because of 8 years of an elite, inept president that caused the financial meltdown, housing crisis, and high unemployment because of his policies. The rich have become richer and want to maintain that status as evidenced by the humongous amounts of money they are giving to the super pacs to elect a president that will maintain the status quo. Romney and Gingrich tax plans benefit the rich while throwing a bone to the middle class.

  3. Bruce_S78 says:

    Most Americans are only a couple of paychecks away from being poor. Ask all of unemployed that went from the middle class to being poor over the past 4 or 5 years. The rich, like Romney, Newt, Cantor, Trump, etc, have no clue what suffering they have caused in the United States by their political actions that encourage the movement of jobs out of the US, a tax system that harms only the middle class whiles it helps and encourages bad behavior on the part of Big Banks and Wall Street. We need a tax system that makes everyone contribute according to their wealth. If the top 1 percent get 50 percent of the income in the the United States, they should pay 50 percent of the taxes and if the poor have only 1 or 2 percent, they that’s what they should pay. I’m sure that the working poor, pay a lot more than 1 or 2 percent, since SS and medicare taxes far exceed that.

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