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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cheney Praises Romney’s Foreign Policy Chops During $4M Fundraiser

Cheney Praises Romney’s Foreign Policy Chops During $4M Fundraiser

Whatever problems Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign may have encountered, there’s one thing that the private equity magnate has consistently done well: courting the big donors. In June alone, the Romney campaign raised $106 million, compared to $71 million by Obama’s team.

The latest GOP stalwart to join in is former Vice President Dick Cheney, who hosted a fundraiser for Romney on Thursday night at the Teton Pines Country Club in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Within just a few hours, Romney and Cheney raised more than $4 million.

Among the illustrious patrons at the fundraiser were Oklahoma City oilman Harold Hamm, 30th richest man in America according to Forbes, and New York Jets owner Woody Johnson. Foster Friess, the investment manager who lent his controversial but lucrative support to a pro-Santorum Super PAC earlier in the race, and eventually turned his support to Romney, was also invited to the event but did not attend.

The cost of attending the dinner was $30,000 per person, with perks like an invitation to the host committee reception and becoming a Founding Member of “Romney Victory” available for an extra $20,000. A more modest donation of $5,000 bought attendees a photo reception with Romney and Cheney.

Throughout the campaign, Romney has consistently avoided invoking the Bush presidency—even after four years, the Bush name remains toxic. Last night’s fundraiser was the first time Romney appeared in public with Cheney, the infamously jingoistic VP, who confidently asserted the Republican candidate’s mettle for foreign policy.

“When I think about the kind of individual I want in the Oval Office in that moment of crisis, who has to make those key decisions, some of them life-and-death decisions, some of them decisions as commander-in-chief, who has the responsibility for sending some of our young men and women into harm’s way, that man is Mitt Romney,” Cheney said.

Cheney’s support for Romney’s oft-derided foreign policy is not surprising; after all, Romney’s policy team is loaded with veterans of the Bush Administration. Furthermore, Romney’s stance on Iran — criticizing the President as weak for negotiating, and advocated instead for preemptive unilateral action in the event that the Islamic republic develops nuclear weapons — is right out of the former vice president’s playbook.

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  • Cheney will have his way with Romney.

    • hilandar1000

      Guess it had to happen — everybody else with a crazy idea has had their way with him.

  • Cheney will have his way with Romney if Romney wins. The GOP loves war more than health care for its own people.

  • Romney must be secretly planning war with Syria, Korea and some un named countries that he would think have weapons of mass destruction

    • Right on target Joyce, if Romney gets in they’ll be drafting middle school children to fight all the wars that these war mongers will start – all to put money in their already burgeoning pockets. Read between the lines to our average American citizens, these people who are now in the GOP don’t care about us little people, we are collateral damage.

  • nomaster

    The king of slime has returned from the dead (Cheney). If Romney wins he will be Cheney’s puppet and Haliburton will get richer.

  • karinursula

    My God can it get any worse? Romney has absolutely no experience in foreign matters.
    If he would become President we would be in a war against Iran in a NY minute. That thought just scares the hell out of me. Cheney and Bush got us in 2 unnecessary wars, that we still pay for with human sacrifice and trillions of dollars.

  • So, a vote for Romney is a vote for Cheney to run this nation like he did when he was VP ?

  • bcarreiro

    ATTENTION:- We the People had enough with 8 long yrs with Bush all because he had a brother in FL who pulled the strings. Mitt, We the people had enough with the all who you know and not what you know saga and that is you now. Barack is our president, he represents clarity, honesty and transparency. What do you represent….only the greed that overpowers love and that truly you cant have a battle of wits with an unarmed person because you lack brilliance and openmindedness. If u cant dazzle them then baffle them. Need i go on …to be continued. Follow the leaders and that is Barack who speaks for the people stands by the people, any questions?

  • 1AmericanHoney27

    Now we all can see where Dumbney gets his skills at lying, cheating, stealing, greediness, n stupidity from. Chaney helped start the war in Iraq while having his hands still very deep in the pockets of Haliburton… So much money n artillery unaccounted for…. One would be considered stupid not to understand why Haliburton was awarded those contracts even tho it was proven they over charged in so many ways…How many heart tests n pace makers n surgeries did the American people get stuck paying for so his sorry a$$ could continue to keep screwing America. I must say Dumbney was smart enough to take such advise from one of Americas more vial, pathetic, sadistic a$$e$ of all time. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

    • DukeDacat

      Honey, Well said…..right on the mark!!!

  • Cheney will have his way with Romney two retards ,,Cheney should give all of this money back to family’s back where him and Bush got all our troops killed for money,, Republicans they love war ,,,

  • Yes, Carlos, Google Dick
    Yes, Carlos, Google Dick Cheney. You will find out he is a “WAR” and CONFLICT afficionado. Cheney was fascinated with war at a very early age and read and studied all about every war. War is a huge moneymaker for those who will start it and the sacrifice that the little people pay is with the blood of their children and loved ones. That’s why they wanted to encourage Pres. Obama to go into Iran, and even stated that perhaps the US pulled out of Iraq too soon.

  • qbedits

    “The cost of attending the dinner was $30,000 per person . . . .”

    And Republicans dislike criticism that they are out of touch with ordinary folks? It is a party that caters to the filthy rich. It’s just wrong.