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Saturday, March 23, 2019

On Tuesday we’re going to give a manager a new four-year contract to manage the U.S. Government. It’s a big job. The manager we choose will be running the biggest business on earth.

Mitt Romney thinks he’s qualified. In fact, he thinks he’s the only candidate who has actually managed a business and the only one with a track record of success.

As the Republicans are so fond of saying, Barack Obama “never even ran a lemonade stand.”

But what voters need to examine is an apples-to-apples comparison, showing how both candidates ran the same kind of business and how successful they were.

Luckily, we can. The business in question is a national pPresidential campaign. Romney and Obama both ran one in 2008, and each of them is running one now.

Let’s go back to 2008 and look at how Obama did running his first presidential campaign. Compared to his two main adversaries (and to Romney’s early failure), the results were spectacular.

Obama’s campaign was larger and more complex than most Fortune 100 companies by measures such as staff size and locations. His use of the Internet demonstrated an innovative approach to campaigning that paved the way for Romney’s current pop-ups.

The Obama campaign built up steam with a devoted base and never ran a deficit, while the Clinton and McCain campaigns ran into serious financial difficulty. This despite the fact that McCain was starting with a fortune behind him and the Clintons had done it before.

Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was a business with a million and a half  “employees” (active volunteers) and a billion dollars in revenue. Even more impressive, the business grew to that size in about a year. More experienced competitors who began with 10 times as much startup capital didn’t do nearly as well.

This year, the Romney campaign spent more money than Obama through the August reporting period. Yet they managed to open only a fraction as many field offices, all while having fewer than half the number of “employees” (volunteers working for the campaign). Fewer offices plus fewer employees means lower expenses in most businesses, but not when Romney’s in charge.

Arguably, Romney took a different strategic approach in the business of managing his campaign. He focused more resources on advertising and on “outsourcing” his on-the-ground efforts.

Was the strategy successful? Not with Romney’s nearsighted vision for the future.

His ads that imply American workers at Ohio’s Jeep plants will lose their jobs to China have backfired so spectacularly that the CEOs of two car companies felt they had to publicly take the Romney campaign to the woodshed for lying.

Romney knows a lot about “outsourcing,” but outsourcing voter registration drives to an accused fraudster in multiple states was a serious failure in business judgment. That supplier had to be fired, and the Romney campaign had no second source for that essential function. In Romney’s business circles, that’s known as “single-point failure” and managers are supposed to have a risk-management plan in place to avoid it.

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121 responses to “Choosing The Right Manager For The Biggest Business On Earth”

  1. nobsartist says:

    with willards record for going bankrupt (thats what he has in common with trump), he is the last person we need leading America.

    besides, willard is hiding something in his tax returns.

  2. bcarreiro says:

    The only job romney would create is the one that protect his portfolio and his inner circle. We dont need an (extreme)bush take-over, we have our president and he is doing a hell of a job. Thank You Obama for all that you have done and will do in the future. Someone has to make tough decisions and that is you who treats everyone equal. romney makes decisions based on what is good for him, not that country as a whole.

    • neece00 says:

      bcarreiro, I agree totally. We have a president and he is doing a great job.

      • Paul Colby says:

        “A great job” Obama?, You have got to be kidding. Quit focusing on class warfare and focus on all the terrible things and record debt & spending of the last 4 years. The 44 months of terrible unemployment, the unconstitutional Amnesty for a few million illegals,(more coming later), the cover-up in Benghazi, fast & furious, the hidden taxes in Obamacare that will hurt us in a few years………………
        By the way, the last recession “ended” June 2009, and BO’s recovery has been worse that that recession, and another one very well coming. We have had a bad economy for 6 years now and Obama even had complete control of Congress.

        • William Deutschlander says:

          Paul unfortunately you are not very well informed, either you are not to smart or you just choose to listen to and accept the warped, deceitful talking points of the venomous liars, of the ultra conservative regime know as the Republican Cartel.
          The once respected Republican brand of Lincoln and Eisenhower ceased to exist with Ford, turning into a deceitfull enterprise, that in the 21st Century is a Cartel much like the drug cartels in neighboring Mexico, it’s only interest is caring for the caretel’s leadership financialy.
          A cartel does not embrace Democracy or respect we the people!

        • nobsartist says:

          You are an idiot. President Obama has actually cut the deficit by not spending as much as the AWOL coke head that lied us into 2 wars did. You like to ignore the fact that 12 TRILLION of the 16 TRILLION dollar debt was created by the AWOL coke head that YOU voted for twice.

          • idamag says:

            Nobs, and Romney is already making noises about attacking Iran. The Bush wars did not help the economy. It ruined it and made Haliburton and subsidiaries richer.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            Do YOU want them over here at YOUR front door????

            WHY DO WE GO TO WAR????

          • old_blu says:

            For Allll the WMD. hahaha.

          • grammyjill says:

            Guess I spoke too soon.

          • grammyjill says:

            We go to war because some republican asshole wants to prove he’s a big boy. And my son has twelve years left in the military and I want him safe. If Romney wants a war… he can go himself!

          • BDC_57 says:

            you know that would never happen he would just go on a mission.

          • grammyjill says:

            Yep, that’s why he needs to stay out of the white house!

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            What’s wrong with that???

            We have to show WE are the boss
            and WE are Large and in charge!!!!!!!!

            Not running around with our tails between our legs like you sissy boy Libs.

          • grammyjill says:

            I gather you have no children in the military. I do. And he has children. He’s a very good Daddy and his children deserve to keep him, and so do I. And there are ways to be in charge without bullets and bombs. Obama is trying to do it without them and it’s working. And we are NOT the boss. Each country has it’s own culture and we HAVE to respect that, just as they have to respect our culture.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            We just think any sacrifice is worth it to get “them” to show up at yours.

          • idamag says:

            You poor ill-informed backwoods bigot. Iraq was no threat to us at all. I suppose you and your kids will fight in a war with Iran. I wonder if Romney’s kids would. Bush’s daughters and Cheney’s nasty daughter did not fight in Iraq.

          • Hillbilly says:

            To make warmongers richer especially Vice President Cheney and the security company he was part owner of Halliburton that was given a no bid contact for security work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Along with the people in the arms business.

          • idamag says:

            Hill, Cheney had controlling stock in Haliburton. It is surprising that more people were not alarmed about the no bid contracts that were given to Haliburton and their subsidiaries.

          • idamag says:

            AlllKKK, you are a paranoid.

          • idamag says:

            Newsflash: Israel was planning an attack on Iran this morning and called it off.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            YOU ARE WRONG with your FACTS

            The U.S. government has run a budget deficit of well over a trillion dollars every single year under barack HUSSEIN obama.

          • Sand_Cat says:

            You are an ignorant MORON.

            Does putting it all in caps make it more convincing? Get somebody to change your diaper and give you your medication.

          • BDC_57 says:

            probly her kkk buddy will do it for her.

          • idamag says:

            Sand Cat, such an ignorance person is not worth talking to at all. Just ignore KKK

        • idamag says:

          Paul, as a r abid ideologue, you will focus only on things you think is wrong with the President and will feel guilty if you see anything good. If you inherit a house with a leaking roof and you have no money to fix it, you have to make a choice: Let the leaking roof destroy the house or borrow money to fix it. Obama inherited a leaking economy. It cost money but he plugged the leak and now it is time to pay down the debt.

          When he became president, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. For 32 months there has been job growth. It is not enough. We need more, but we will see more.

          When there were more Democrats in the House and Senate, they used the filibuster to keep him from getting anything done.

          The recession ended for Wall Street and they have seen record profits for their companies. It did not end for the many who are still looking for work.

          You would be one of them fighting any tax increase that might help the economy. The deficit is caused by not taking in enough revenue for what needs to be spent. Of course you are clutching your wallet with both hands as you think we should be able to run this government with no taxes.

          You want to cut social programs instead.

          Class warfare was started when Citizens United and the Supreme Court enacted corporations are people. Suddenly big money had a bigger voice than those lowly working people.

  3. PokerKnave says:

    An excellent piece of writing! I cannot believe that Romney is so close to winning. Everything about the guy is so dodgy. Yet I have had arguments with his supporters over verifiable checkable facts such as if Romney is going to win then why do they not put all their money on him at 2/1?

    I was then attacked for his price, which I admit I had wrong because it went out to 3/1! Instead of going on message boards and saying blue is green and dogs are really cats, they should go and plunge on the betting markets with all their might.

    How often can you quadruple your money in 2 days?

    • nobsartist says:

      dont forget, the idiots elected the bush crime family 5 times in the last 30 years.


      I can NOT believe obama is as close as he is to winning after alllll the schemes he’s pulled and the EVIL LIES and having people killed and What he hasn’t done in the last 4-years.
      He hasn’t done NOTHING except give out Food Stamps and spend spend spend on WHAT?????

      • nobsartist says:

        for someone that spends so much time running your “big business” that pays for your BOMBARDIER jet, you sure spend a lot of time running your mouth.

        But thats why I call you allfullofcrap.

  4. old_blu says:

    There is more to running a country than there is to running a business, you have to have compassion and you have to care about other people.

    Mitt Romney has no character or honor, and couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it, and that’s not the kind of business man I want.

    Everyone go vote it’s almost time, and good luck to us all.

    Obama/Biden 2012

    • neece00 says:

      Good morning old friend, exactly….everyone go vote and good luck to us all.

    • Bill says:

      You are totally right. A country can’t be run like a for profit company. If that were so we would have to look at all the different areas that receive gov’t money and see if they are profitable. If not they get their budgets cut. Also companies look to increase their revenue by raising prices/rates (for gov’t that would mean raising taxes)

    • BDC_57 says:

      Good morning my friend. Romney will run the country for the Koch brothers.

      • grammyjill says:

        No, the Koch brothers will run Romney.

        • BDC_57 says:

          yeah but it will trickle to the goverment.

          • grammyjill says:

            Yes, the Koch brothers want to run the country. Watched a show about them the other night. They turn my stomach! They donate money to colleges, then tell them what teachers they can hire, who to fire and what they are allowed to teach. Those three old men need to take a dirt nap!

          • idamag says:

            Grammy, they are the most disgusting and dangerous, to American Freedom, people around.

          • grammyjill says:

            Well, they just lost a ton of money and their puppet(Romney). Now to get rid of Grover Norquist, Karl Roves puppet. I’m writing letters and there is a petition on care2. Hopefully something will work. Wrote a letter to McConnell today. Told him he failed his interview.

    • grammyjill says:

      Haven’t seen Alll since I told her about that helicopter!

      • old_blu says:

        You make me laugh out loud, good to see you my friend, tomorrow is the big day I am so ready for it.

        • grammyjill says:

          Going to vote as soon as I get up. Had one of those poll takers call today. Asked who I was voting for, I told him Obama of course, I’d never vote for that asshole. I thought he was going to piss his pants he laughed so much. Our guy is up in all states except Colorado. Hope we get a landslide tomorrow.

          • idamag says:

            Today is Tuesday. I voted for Obama early this morning.

          • grammyjill says:

            Me too and I took my husband, son and son’s girlfriend. It was her first time voting. In 2008 she had dinner with Obama and had a long talk with him. Even though they did not pass the voting ID law here they were asking for picture ID at the polls. I got pissy with them and my 80 year old father really jumped their shit. He told the guy that he read the paper and that law did not pass so you must be one of those lieing republicans. He didn’t have to show any ID.

      • idamag says:

        Grammy, I heard Alll is s female and a KKK. Is that true?

  5. docb says:

    Willard wants to rule … he does not manage and did not…He was over- ridden 740 times on his vetos in Mass! He has not one colleague or sibling stepping forward to support him..He presented in Prep School as a coward and bully ..Nothing has changed.

    Managers need to be liked..willard is barely tolerated.



    This is not EVEN worth talking about—–A Businessman compared to a community organizer!!!!
    Get real!!!! Only thing obama wants to do is tax the rich and make them poor and give it to the scum bag lazy no good people too lazy to work!!!!!!

    These are some STUPID Libs reporters!!!!!!!!!

    • neece00 says:

      You better get ready for your shift at McDonald’s. You don’t want to be late or they will fire you.

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        neece—come up with something new!!!!
        You have said this many times!!!!!!!

        “If” I worked at McDonald’s

        • neece00 says:

          I know but it was funny!

        • Hillbilly says:

          You are begging for this Country to be destroyed which will happen if you, mustgo, montana bill and 2 others get your way and Romney is elected President. All he knows to do with companies and what he will do to this Country is destroy and ship jobs to China so he can be partners with the Chinese government. If you and the rest work the first jobs that he will get sent to China will be yours because once he has your vote, he and Ryan no longer give a damn about you. For those two to care about anyone they have to have millions in bank accounts, trusts, and off shore accounts other wise you are nothing but a speck of dirt to be brushed off and forgotten about.

          • idamag says:

            Go back to the time when people were consumable commodities and it was okay to kill, maim, make them sick, and discard them if they got too old to work. That is where we will be heading if the Koch Brother are elected via of thier mouthpiece.

          • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

            YOU are begging to be a HIllbilly your whooooooole entire life—-

            Don’t you want better????????

    • neece00 says:

      If it is not worth talking about it then, see ya. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • nobsartist says:

      thanks for your rant, allfullofcrap.

  7. The best personality to represent the BEST country in the world is one how need not fake emotion, caring and is capable of thinking strategically on National and international issues. We are not in need of a willful liar, greed driven businessman who would do anything to make himself feel good and support his cohorts in the 1%. We did that once and once is more than enough. A strong democracy ruled Republic is not a business, it is the standard of humanity and fairness in the view of the rest of the world, we have earned some of that respect back. Mittens is not viewed too kindly abroad, thus, would not have the ear of other world leaders who are struggling to climb out of the financial disaster which hit four years ago.

    POTUS 44 has proven even those World leaders who were against stimulus v austerity to kick start a turn around, regret that they did not choose stimulus. Our economy is slowly climbing, even academic economists say a recovery of such a deep and broad depression requires time, as much as ten years before it is stable at less than 5% unemployment and a significantly high GDP. Without POTUS 44 in the White House for another four years we would not see anything near a recovery with the GOP gutting all of the progress we have made. From Healthcare to the SCOTUS we would be stripped of all that constitutes a democratic way of life. We would become a Nation strangled by zealots, religious, financial, and social norms would disappear, all becoming privatized, or in reality, reconfigured into for profit businesses. That is not how capitalism is meant to function in a Democracy.

    We have a leader in the White House who is a caring human being, with logical and well thought out plans to move the USA back into the top of education, science, technology, health care, infrastructure renovation, ecology, and energy. All without weakening our National defense or strangling the private sector, the GOP are blind to thinking forward; a sign of personal greed which will destroy that party.

    • idamag says:

      Johnice, Good examples of what you speak: Greece and Spain took the austerity road and had to be bailed out by a country that made jobs and was recovering – Germany. Scandanavian Countries are the richest in the world. They focus on jobs.

  8. latebloomingrandma says:

    Funny how that much ridiculed community organizing gig showed him how to, well, organize.



      Organized WHAT??????

      How to get 47 MILLION people on Food Stamps– RECORD HIGH

      How to have 23 MILLION people out of work, 8% or higher unemployment for 42 months – 3 ½ years.

      Or how to get our Debt up to $16.3 trillion

      How to get gas prices at the highest ever

      How to get our Electric Bills highest ever

      How to get more than half the Americans at least partially financially dependent on the government (but that’s what he wants) then he can control YOU!!!!

      How to lose more than 300,000 educational jobs in the United States

      How to run Operation Fast and Furious


      How to have our US Ambassador kidnapped which turned into Americans getting killed and then LIE and say you didn’t know ANYTHING ABOUT IT

      How much more “hope and change” are we going to be able to endure?

      • nobsartist says:

        thanks for the clueless rant allfullofcrap.

        Let me take issue with a few of your useless lying points.

        1. bush created the economy, those people are entitled to food stamps based on the agreement for the Farm Bill.
        a. you are an idiot.
        2. bush put those people out of work with willards help by selling our jobs to china. Plus the traitors that work for mcconnell have filibustered EVERY JOBS BILL.
        a. you are an idiot again.
        3. The debt was 12 TRILLION when President Obama was elected by a majority of Americans.
        a. you are an idiot again.
        4. Gas prices were higher in 2005 after bush invaded iraq “for 65 billion or so, to STABILIZE oil prices” Gas was $1.00 per gallon when bush was elected by idiots like you.
        a. you are an idiot again
        5. Thank the koch brothers for that and they will thank you for supporting them donating hundreds of millions to willard the rats failed 6 year election campaign.
        a. you are an idiot again.
        6. So you are saying that over 175 MILLION AMERICANS are deadbeats?
        a. you are an idiot again
        7. republiKKKONs cut education funding every chance they get.
        a. you are an idiot again.
        8. President Obama and Eric Holder have been absolved of anything to do with that.
        a. you are an idiot again.
        9. Benghazi? mcconell and ryan and the rest of the traitors are responsible for cutting the budget for embassy security.

        Congratulations! You are a certified idiot. You can now leave your mommies house and put in your vote for willard the rat.

        by the way, have you seen his tax returns?

  9. nobsartist says:

    I cannot wait for the “community organizer” to beat the “captain of chinese industry” by a landslide tomorrow.

  10. Ed says:

    WOW! What an analysis! GREAT STUFF!


    The ONLY way he will win is through allllll the scams!!!!!!!!

    Everywhere we go there are ROMENY signs EVERYWHERE

    There are NO obama signs —NONE!!!!!!!

    • bcarreiro says:

      romney claimed to left a balanced budget in mass, he left it 3rd worst in the nation(47th) as firefighters,responders and teachers lost their jobs all the while he still was making dirty deals at bain. he makes millions off the misfortunes of other(us)and still wont show all his tax returns because what he does is undermine the system designed for all us not just a selected few when bush made it where they can bank millions by doing nothing but ck a box at the end of the year mostly in the name of charity. see when you donate you should not receive any return this is where the truth lies and the bush tax cuts cant be adjusted to be fair and square because the republican party blocks the future. Obama will adjust the tax code to 20% on capital gains instead of the 14% in which millionares dont have to do a thing but ck a box at the end of the year i believe the only thing u read are the comments and not profound in anything you say just like him the ALL AMERICAN REJECT of 2012.

    • nobsartist says:

      i suggest that you pull your head out of your ass. your eyes work better better that way.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Let’s hear about all those “scams” you keep gibbering about but never describe. Or are you afraid specifics will show you’re a paranoid idiot without the imagination to even make up plausible lies?

    • Hillbilly says:

      That is because you only visit areas where people that are like you live. Stop your screaming and start doing your own research and you will find out just what type of people Romney and Ryan both are. You sound like a 5 year spoiled brat who doesn’t want to be told the truth and doesn’t know how to find the truth. All you do is watch Fox unnews and listen to Limbaugh because your posting sound just like them. Grow up and research things before believing them that is what reasonable people do they don’t believe everything they are told or read until they check it out. They check out the facts then post what they think about a situation. It is very clear you do not check out anything before posting your lies.

      • idamag says:

        Hill, if you tried to present her with real facts, can’t you just see her putting her hands over her ears and yelling, “nananannanan?”

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        I am sooooooooooo SORRY your just a Redneck HILLBILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ALLLLAMERICAN says:

        Here’s some FACTS you mgiht want to look up instead of telling me I’m wrong.

        From the very beginning they have been telling us that ObamaCare not only greatly expands access to but provides taxpayer funding for abortion.

        THIS IS A FACT!!!!!!!

        Look it up and maybe YOU will understand !!!!!!!

        Regardless of what some in the media, representatives of the abortion industry,
        or legislators that support abortion say,

        does provide
        taxpayer funding for abortion
        and greatly expands access to abortion.

        ObamaCare requires every American to purchase health insurance, it requires every state to establish health insurance exchanges, and it dramatically expands Medicaid. Each of these – private health insurances programs, exchanges, and Medicaid – can, and in some case are required to, provide coverage for abortion. The result is hundreds of millions of dollars being funneled to the abortion industry every year and the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.
        In fact, the law specifically provides that state health exchanges may cover abortions unless the state enacts specific legislation prohibiting abortion coverage. Moreover, the law’s requirement that insurance providers cover “preventive services” and preventative care are so broadly defined that they could be used to force coverage of abortions and abortion related drugs. Thus, all Americans are forced to purchase health insurance that could cover abortion and in some cases is required to cover abortion.

  12. bcarreiro says:

    you have earn your vote……. not buy it!!!!

  13. ObozoMustGo says:

    Obozo a better manager? Huh?????….. bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahah!!! ROFLMAO!!!!

    This article is proof that they DO NOT drug test as a prerequisite to write for The Memo. In fact, with the embarrasing drivel of constant Obozo campaign propaganda being peddled herein and disguised as journalism, I’d say that we have a strong case to say one MUST BE stoned out of their mind to be given article space on this site. Clearly, Howard Hill has been hitting pipe a bit hard lately.

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.” Valerie Jarrett, closest advisor to President B. Hussein Obozo

    • bcarreiro says:

      We love haters……We are ready to move forward, people like you and all american reject are part of the problem. i have a solution, if mitt were in be ready for a civil war my friends. THE END!!!!

    • Jim Myers says:

      Replying to ObozoMustGo –

      Thank you!!!!


      Your attention span must be extremely short. The ONLY reason Obama was elected President is because of George the Second.




      Please, don’t stop your stupid rants.
      There are days that they are the only good laughs I get!!!!!!

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Jimmy… I am here to help! And it actually is pathetic that Clinton is the only DemonRAT that has to come save Obozo’s butt. I mean, think about it. Your hero is the only President to be impeached since 1868 and is a known scumbag. That’s pathetic.

        Have a nice day!

        “Fathom the hypocrisy of a political party that has a convention focused on abortion, contraception, and so-called women’s rights, AND has as their big speaker and hero an admitted sexual harasser and accused rapist that was impeached for lying in a court of law about it.” – ObozoMustGo

      • idamag says:

        Jim,on another rant obozo let it slip he is a racist.

  14. nobsartist says:

    republiCONs –
    sold weapons to Iran
    sold weapons to Iraq
    sold nukes to israel
    gave the chinese a top secret spy plane
    lied us into 2 wars
    trampled the Constitution
    trampled the Geneva Convention
    made it legal to spy on Americans with no warrant
    created 9/11
    collapsed the economy
    and now, want to elect a president in business with the red chinese army

  15. nobsartist says:

    Top ten reasons mittens is unelectable:

    10. Collected welfare and didnt pay it back
    9. Evaded the draft
    8. Avoided taxes
    7. His job creation program cost American tax payers $76,000 for each low wage job
    6. Lies constantly
    5. Refuses to make public his tax returns even though his own father started the custom 45 years ago
    4. Hates 47% of all Americans
    3. Deducted another $77,000 for a “therapy horse”
    2. Fired 6000 people

    and finally

    1. Takes money from the racist, anti-civil rights John Birch Society.

  16. idamag says:

    It is late, here, and things are looking good!

  17. Larry Hill says:

    Gary Johnson ran a successful business AND cut and balanced a government budget.

    The real shame is that a nation of 300 million people have been brainwashed to believe that there are only TWO choices available for this important position. If you were hiring someone for a management job, how many resumes would you consider? How many candidates would you interview?

    TWO. That’s REAL smart.

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