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Monday, January 21, 2019

Clinton: ‘A Great Democracy Does Not Make It Harder To Vote Than To Buy An Assault Weapon’ [Video]

Former President Bill Clinton hailed the heroes of the civil rights movement and called for an end to the gridlock that has paralyzed American politics, during his speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

“This march and that speech changed America,” Clinton said of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech. “They opened minds, they melted hearts and they moved millions, including a 17-year-old boy watching alone in his home in Arkansas.”

“What a debt we owe to those people who came here 50 years ago,” Clinton continued.

“Yes, there remain racial inequalities in employment, income, health, wealth, incarceration, and in the victims and perpetrators of violent crime. But we don’t face beatings, lynchings and shootings for our political beliefs anymore,” he said. “And I would respectfully suggest that Martin Luther King did not live and die to hear his heirs whine about political gridlock. It is time to stop complaining and put our shoulders against the stubborn gates holding the American people back. ”

The former president went on to address several of the contemporary issues about which Americans are bitterly divided, including economic inequality, education, health care reform, gun reform, and voting rights.

“A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon,” Clinton declared to loud applause from the huge crowd on the National Mall.

President Clinton’s speech can be seen in its entirety below. A transcript of the speech is available here.

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5 responses to “Clinton: ‘A Great Democracy Does Not Make It Harder To Vote Than To Buy An Assault Weapon’ [Video]”

  1. bcarreiro says:

    Clinton well spoken ………..thank you

  2. Dominick Vila says:

    The ability of former President Clinton to convey a message and elicit emotions is unmatched. He is, by far, the greatest communicator and visionary of our time.
    Not surprisingly, not a single prominent Republican was present during the celebrations to commemorate one of the greatest moments in our history. I suspect some may be cheering that circumstance, while our nation laments the last vestiges of prejudice and hatred.

  3. Sand_Cat says:

    The US clearly isn’t a great democracy (or democratic republic, to be accurate), if it ever was, and it clearly is in steep decline.
    The fact that people are apparently sincere in claiming they support “one man, one vote,” yet support laws whose sponsors have pretty clearly stated are intended to defeat one man, one vote shows we’re really in trouble as the kind of place that people who care about real freedom and justice want to live.

  4. docb says:

    Mr. clinton is the king of one liners and parsing words. I will never forget ‘Depends on what the definition of what IS is’! The above quote about voting rights is on the good side.

  5. montanabill says:

    “A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon” What is he talking about? Doesn’t he know that you have to have an I.D. to buy any kind of gun? And for people who aren’t pre-approved, there is a waiting period while they check your request. I’m guessing he hasn’t bought a gun lately. Either that, or he knows the intelligence level of his audience.

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