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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Chalrley Walker

    Republican President Calvin Coolidge left the White house for a South Dakota Black Hills fishing trip. His headquarters was a “lodge” ten miles from the nearest telephone.
    S.D. officials “planted” all the presidential fishing streams with LARGE trout, making it certain The President would catch limits daily.
    Coolidge spent nearly the entire summer fishing in South Dakota [Before Air Force One], ten miles from the nearest telephone. He never personally used that telephone.
    Good Ol’ Ike, played at least two rounds of golf at Burning Tree every week, as many as four rounds on Camp David weekends. [By the way, the camp was named for his Grandson] and was on vacation at the Gettysburg farm [Bought for him by wealthy friends] about 25% of the time during his terms. Ike spent more time on the Golf Course in any one month than President Obama has in his entire term.
    Nixon was constantly in the San Clemente Western White House or at his wealthy Cuban pal Bebe Rebozo’s Florida estate during his time.
    Reagan was at the Santa Barbara ranch [Bought for him by his Billionaire’s Kitchen Cabinet] about 25% of the time he was in office.
    Both Bushes — Kenneebunkport, Maine at the family mansion, at Camp David, or DubYah spent at least 25% of his terms at the Crawford, Texas ranch.
    President Obama takes two weeks in August for a seaside family vacation, with a full office immediately available — and two weeks in Hawaii with a full office in a nearby military base.
    According to the DixieCrat/RepubliBIGOTS — “Obama is taking too many vacations.”