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Friday, March 22, 2019

Connie Schultz: Silence Is Not An Option In Contraception Debate

Connie Schultz writes that Rick Santorum’s attacks on women’s health have gone too far, in her column, “A Woman’s Womb: America’s New Sports Arena”

In advance, I apologize to my grown kids for what might be, for them, an embarrassing discussion about their mother’s sex life and contraception.

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One response to “Connie Schultz: Silence Is Not An Option In Contraception Debate”

  1. rustacus21 says:

    … contraceptives are needed, to help women maintain control over the only “property” conservatives haven’t taken – their bodies! The hearings B4 Congress, as well as all prior & subsequent debates were/are a disgrace & an insult to ALL women, as they are silenced & unable to get even a word in edge-wise, in this dialogue. People of this nation must surely understand that Conservatives have created this situation of entrenched poverty, while creating great wealth on the side of the 1%. Empoverished women are at a particular disadvantage, since they not only have to care for themselves, but the children, is a husband/partner has decided to bail on them. There is no safety net to rely on, so what are a woman’s options? Conservatives have no answers & don’t care!!! To select a Republican at this point (this upcoming election) will be the equivalent of national suicide, if we still haven’t recovered from the last, most recent (2001-2009) Republican debacle. Women, being endowed w/a particular talent of wisdom, far & above that of men, have sat on the sidelines long enuff as we men have messed up the world for far too long. The debate on contraceptives is but 1 example of legislators wasting time on issues of settled law, when the nation is drowning in joblessness & poverty. Any sane, rational person can see this, but a woman’s insights, being far sharper than those of men, would not waste time on such foolishness…

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